I find it disturbing that someone (maybe more) should copy my blog (with similar template, tagline and url name – with very little variation). The creature has even used the name ‘sloones’, to upload articles on the said blog.

Look at this copy cat. (After my report to WordPress, the said blog was suspended on 27 March, for violation its terms of reference).

What is the intention of this copy cat? Several of my articles – on Anwar Ibrahim and UMNO – have been posted on that blog, along with an article, in Malay, on the New Economic Policy (NEP), here.

I would like to inform everyone that this – is my official political blog. I have a more personal blog at free woman (not updated) and a poetry blog at where the wind blows (unfinished).

I am only responsible for the contents on these blogs. I expect either foul play or sabotage, from whoever who has started this disgusting act of copying my blog, and I do not take this kindly.

I have lodged a report with wordpress. Let’s see what happens next.

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  1. Julian says:

    Indeed, a creature which doesn’t have ITS own opinion. Frag it!

  2. wits0 says:

    The person might need some Sloan’s liniment. Hahaha!

  3. Lingam says:

    Aiyoh… dah jadi macam Petaling Street ni!

    But don’t worry, we support original!!!

  4. Kerp says:

    wooo…a doppelganger at work…be very afraid…hehehe…

    i wonder what this fella’s intention are all about.

  5. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Dear Susan,

    You become so popular that everyone attempted to climb the hall of fame will plagiarize your replica (or near it).

    When I was 8, being a Superman fan, I managed to cheat my junoirs that I was Superman. Tryin to prove that I am, I dressed up in a Superman costume and jumped from the verandah about 15 feet tall. The next thing I know I was in the hospital with a broken leg.

    How could I failed to fly? I am sure I did shout “Up Up And Away!” 🙂

  6. […] Read the whole thing here. Mar 26, 2008 | | Uncategorized […]

  7. thinkvision says:

    It looks like Sloone, sounds like Sloone but is definitely not Sloone.

    Hmmm…… sounds familiar.

    Some kind of conspiracy theory @ work?

  8. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Further reviewing Susan loone’s monicer-Sloone, yeah, probability of foul-play. Watch your back sister, as we will be watching out for you as well.

  9. James Joyce says:

    Could it be the UMNO way of mirroring (without consent) popular sites with evil intensions?? Never know what they are up to.

  10. amoker says:

    I think we have counter bloggers around.

    found out one of the comments in my blog goes something like this..

    Anonymous said…
    Check out Malaysia’s newest website for news. Lots of original content about the elections by experienced and famous reporters and it’s stuff you won;t find anywhere else!

    The blogging fraternity is cautious about this wannabe site for its link to NST aka goverment dogs. “Famous”reporters ? hahah. I guess someone is working to get bloggers to take the bait. UNless the owners come out to clear the air on tactics like this and NST quoting them as a credible source of alternative news ( the writer of this particular article is married to one of the Insiders but written as if it is an independent judgement). Should i continue buying NST? hemm…

  11. Roy Selvan says:

    The copycat has no original taste.He/She or #@$ is up- to no good.
    A copycat website or blog is a website that was spoofed, with the intention of misleading readers with fraudulent objectives often associated with phishing or e-mail spoofing/comments . So be cautious.

  12. Laurence S says:

    Could it be linked to the douchebag who sent you a death threat recently? You should be honoured that you are so famous people wanna imitate you. Think about it, only brands like Nike, Gucci, Armani get this kinda treatment. You better start patenting sloone.

    Or it could just be those dumb UMNO cybertroopers

  13. RAJ RAMAN says:

    wellcome to reality are famous for your nobble cause but there will be others will take the credits.LIKE THE POOR INDIANS AND THE HINDRAF 5 WHO IS THE CATALYST TO THE MALAYSIAN TO BE UNITED AGAINST BN.this is life all about.DONT BE UPSET BUT CAREFULL THIS COPYCAT MIGHT BE THE AGENT OF BN.I BUY PIRATED CD BUT NOT PIRATED NEWS.thanks.raj raman.race;still dreaming to be malaysian putra.religion;i anwser to god when times due for me.

  14. Chan Choon Kit says:

    There’s nothing funny about this doppelganger blog site, Susan. I definitely smell something sinister and dark in the air.

    Person(s) new to blogs will type your name into the Search funtion and voila! they may get the copy-cat instead. And if something heretical is brought up in that blog, there goes the real Susan Loone’s character.

    I’d suggest you go far and wide to spread the news there is a doppelganger. Email to as many forums, blogs, news community etc that you know. Get the word out. That’s how you protect yourself. Just waiting for wordpress to take action on your behalf may be a little too late.

  15. Margeemar says:

    Information Minister Shaberry Chik said today that people turned to the Internet and Blogs because they were deceived by the Opposition. He further went on to add that the MSM was fair and impartial in their coverage in the run up to the Elections.

    Either Shaberry Chik has just arrived from Mars or he is a bloody idiotic liar! This moron thinks we are stupid just like his boss Pak U Lah. Any idiot can tell how bias the MSM was and is continuing to be today. We don’t need Wong Chun Wai, TV3 and Utusan Malaysia to remind us how sickening and bias the MSM is in Malaysia. Why can’t this idiot get out of his denial mode and accept that the people are sick and tired with all the lies and spin from the MSM.

    Wanna know something sunshine? One of the reasons the BN regime did badly in the GE was because of the crap that we were fed by the MSM. Thamby, what you idiots did was an overkill! If you guys think that by setting up BN blogs gonna help you, you must be dreaming. Only an idiot would want to read your trash and spin on the Net. We already got enough of it in the MSM. As for your dreams of blogging,”Keris my ass!”

  16. jedyoong says:

    what to do. all the can do is COPY-mah. really bankrupt of ideas liao. 😉

  17. james says:

    The next time Hishamuddin Hisham waves his KERIS in Parliament, he will be punished under ….. laws by forcing to circumcise himself (again) with it instead. If he is has to wave somethiing due to shaky hands – Parkinson’s disease, he can wave Pak Lah’s sarong.

  18. robin hood says:

    If the doppelganger’s tracks lead back to Barisan Najis, it can only mean one thing. lock and load people , war has been declared.

  19. bonesta says:

    There’s definitely an ulterior motive, possibly to misrepresent you and/or to mislead readers.

  20. lesterchan says:

    It’s a good sign. You’re becoming famous. 🙂

  21. james says:

    How come our MCA politicians (incl Ong Ka Ting) are always inspecting dirty drains and potholes (just watched OKT on Dateline tonight – TV2)? Same was for Chew Mei Fun and others. Is/was this their main job function? No wonder, bad feng shui for them…in the recent elections!
    Anyone with clogged drains… please call MCA, OK?

  22. Heliconia says:

    That is one real power of a woman blogger.
    I pray from afar that everything OK and God be with you.

    See what Matt and gang of WP say about this.

  23. Vincent says:

    I think this is a serious crime. It’s political assassination.

    The idea is to create doubts and destroy credibility of the target blogger. This is Cyber Warfare at its dirtiest level.

    I would lodge a police report on this, and get WordPress to track down the ip and the individual involved. Throw in a huge lawsuit to boot.

    This is not the first copy-cat blog i come across, I have seen one on RPK.

    Better take print-screens of that fake blog and its related links and bogus email addresses. That will be the evidence you need.

  24. DanielYKL says:

    I got in to the copycat site. And when I checked out the comments, I see my name and my address at the “Leave a Reply” box. ???

  25. sloone says:

    That was a copy cat too. They are even copying commentators. How devious!

    I see everyone considers this a serious matter. So, do I. I really appreciate all the support. Hoping to find answers to this evil plan.


  26. Bontot Najis says:

    Well, well well. Looks like it’s open season on anti-establishment bloggers. Somebody just set up a blog called ‘Raja Mongrel’ claiming to be ‘Raja Petra bin Raja Kamarudin’ (a name the real RPK is unlikely to use) which contains nothing but demented rantings and badly photoshopped images of RPK. And I just read that some high court judge passed a “judgment in default”for RM7 million against RPK and the editor of PKR’s ‘Suara Keadilan.’ Earlier today some SB goon left a vaguely threatening comment on my blog. Now this “Sloones” abomination! Tell you what, peoples… WE CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT 4 or 5 YEARS FOR BN TO DIE! That’s why I’ve been rooting for Anwar to step up to bat in the next few months, whether the BR is ready to govern or not – because there’s deadly poison in the sting of a dying Bee’s End. We have no choice but to deal Umno-BN a deadly blow real soon. They are far too evil to be allowed to continue governing.

  27. Please leave sloone bloody dumb,foolish, idiot, stupid, nincompoop, moron,namscal punya copy cat. Kalau lu mau copy lu pi copy sama itu pak lah punya cara tidur..looo

  28. observer B says:

    This happened to (january archive 25th, 2008), think he had wordpress to remove the copy-cat.
    Good luck, Susan.

  29. Phishing says:

    Maybe not a copycat after all if it is used as a phishing site to get at users emails who posts comments like this on your site.

  30. bennyloh says:

    Hi Sweet Loone,
    Now that you brought this up, someone did a similar site (but I am not furnishing the links here yet) on RPK-it’s still at my email. But what can I say there are sickos around lately. Badly brought up, can only sympathize with their parents.

  31. Discrimination69 says:

    Why worry so much? Just continue your love of reading and read even the copycats works but make sure you reply honestly. After some time their blogs will look more like the original, with lots of comments potraying the TRUTH. To fight the enemy we must know what they do. Surely Lies cant be covered all the time. Tell a lie to keep the original lie a lie. Hope that allays everyones fears about UMNO cybertroopers. Lets learn to have a nanofilter in our brains to filter truth nand lies. If you need to do a brain transplant, please dont buy the cheapest brain, thats UMNO brains. kakakakakakakakakakakakaka

  32. wits0 says:

    To beat phishing, astute commentators usually use invalid email addy. 😉 They can always contact the genuine blog owner with another valid one.

  33. lebaijanggut says:

    PM admits his “biggest mistake” in elections was to ignore cyber-campaigning on the Internet……

    so its now the time for them to bring down the blogger’s credibility. First they threaten you, then they hack your site, imitate it, make some false statement, or provocative one and then they sue you. Be careful sis..

  34. dorjee says:

    I did received a comment form a fake RPK in my almost non-active blog.

    How low these people will go?

    These people never learn… they still think that Rakyat are stupid!

  35. all-for-one says:

    While it is good to find someone who keeps your good works, i hope this is not an attempt to discredit you later. All the best to you..

  36. bamboo river says:

    Basketball :-). This idiot cloned the blog.
    Even my nick and e mail also identical.
    Must have ‘picked’ Susan’s IP and cloned the blog.

  37. Julian says:

    Watched Arlington Road before, sis?

  38. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I think this copycat (Hahaha) may have malicious intent in replicating and plagiarizing Susan Loone.

    Like I said before, someone is taking a cheap ladder to the “Hall OF Fame”.
    UnfortuNATELY for that idiot, we prefer the original.

    Susan’s action in reporting this person/s to wordpress is an appropriate step in case the malice and slander or any sorts of vilification manifest. 🙂

  39. Scott Thong says:

    I agree on the suspicions of malicious intent in copying your blog.

    Spam blogs are very common, harvesting posts from the most popular blogs and posing as them in order to draw in more hits and clicks on their paid ad banners.

    But this fake site has no ads to speak of, so that rules out the motive of profit.

    Just look at the mockery he/she/it aims at your post about the coyping, the day after you post yours:

  40. kittykat46 says:

    Don’t post anything on the blog.
    If its the work of cyber-troopers, they may be trying to harvest IP addresses of our commentators.

    Of course, there are other ways of doing it, but don’t make things so easy for them. OK ? Remember, UMNO is really IT savvy…

  41. sloone says:

    Kitty kat, you are right. Thanks for the heads-up.

    Although there is a comment there with my nick. I have NOT posted any comments there and dont wish too. I suggest everyone else stay clear of it as well.

    The one who did this is just a creature from a low life form. Maybe worst. Can’t compete with ideas and debate, so the best thing is to copy. What to do, nearly 40 years of NEP. All they can do is copycat.


  42. sloone says:

    Well, well, well…
    I’ve discovered who copied my blog. The guy with multiple nicks (all big names). It’s easy now to lodge a police report :). The blog has a posting on this topic too.

    Sick mind.

    Here he is: Jambu | | IP:

    Susan? Are you a champion freedom of speech or socialist?

    “Socialists have historically been denied freedom of speech in a number of countries.”

    Mar 27, 1:18 PM — [ Edit | Delete | Unapprove | Approve | Spam ] — What are you up to, copy cat?

  43. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    1st – To establish (download all the copycta’s content) whether this scoundrel has concocted any mala fide intent.

    2nd-The laws of plagiarism applies in this case.

    In the event of witnesses’ calling, I am ready to testify against this scoundrel.
    I am quite good-looking but I promise I won’t accept any sexual offer if the Judge is giving us an upperhand or underhand verdict in exchange for myself to please her.

    Excellent work Susan. Any police force worldwide will be happy if you render your investigative skills. Do you know who is really behind or order the murder of Altantuya Sharibuu? I was not wrong in assuming that you are some kind of detective. 🙂

  44. Tirath says:


  45. Tirath says:

    the “fake RPK” is at least obviously fake, and it’s clear what the agenda is (anti-royalty… the anti-RPK sentiment is just a sidenote I think).

    But sloones… is just… creepy.

  46. Julian says:

    Good job with the IP. Lots of IP tracking sites online and Jambu is indeed a Malaysian using TMnet. Otak batu.

  47. Frank says:


    Need a video clip to prove it.

  48. sloone says:

    Hi everyone;

    That vicious blog has been suspended.

  49. Happy to hear that Susan but I can’t refrain myself from creating a blog (sister blog?) to negate the Mahathirisms from mushrooming.

  50. ANg kong says:

    Jambu apparently reside near Hospital Kuala Lumpur… should we go and knock on his door?? tht should scare the shit out of him/her… lol

  51. ANg kong says:

    origin of Jambu’s IP apparently located near Hospital Kuala Lumpur… should we go and knock on his door?? tht should scare the $hit out of him/her… lol

  52. ANg kong says:

    er.. just a ‘thought’…well, may be some of u guys have ord done it…
    may be someone out there should take a peak what’s in jambu’s computer? ‘wink’

  53. Kevin says:

    this is what i call true ciplak!

    Sue that barger.. sue that barger….

  54. sam says:

    the formation of this copy cat is really the best flattery for you

    keep on with the good work

    we all know that ori is best

  55. Scott Thong says:

    This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

    Congrats, fun while it lasted lol!

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