Altantuya dad, Stev Shariibuu, will be in Kuala Lumpur to attend his murdered daughter’s court case from now on.

He will be in Kuala Lumpur with an NGO representative, who is also a lawyer.

The Mongolians were informed by their government that the verdict for Altantuya’s murder will be out soon, and that they should be in Kuala Lumpur to hear it.

Word has gone out that the verdict may not be to anyone’s liking except for those who can escape justice.

However, Mr. Stev Shariibuu is hoping that justice will be served at last, and the perpetrators of her murder be brought to their knees. Let’s hope for the best.

Currently, the court in Shah Alam is into cross examing their 75th witness, a Tonny Lunggan (asst superintendent), senior investigating officer in the murder case.

He said that on Oct 23, 2006, Abdul Razak, charged with abetting the murder, came to the Brickfields police district headquarters with his father and private investigator P. Balasubramaniam.

He lodged a police report stating that he suspected Ang Chong Beng (a private investigator hired by Altantuya) was threatening him. 

Lunggan said he also received a call from an officer at the Jalan Travers police station on Oct 26, regarding a report about a foreign woman who was believed to have been abducted. 

 Earlier, Altantuya’s cousin Namiraa Gerelmaa testified that she had followed Altantuya to Abdul Razak’s house and office after arriving in Malaysia. 

She also admitted lodging a police report when Altantuya failed to return to her hotel room after going out to meet Abdul Razak (Bernama).  

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  1. facial says:

    If the verdict ‘ may not be to anyone’s liking except for those who can escape justice’

    The S.I.L and the sleeping PM ( he event took a nap during the recent sworn in-TV3) will be regretting for not uprooted the Mango tree in Pekan.

  2. Death Note says:

    justice be served?
    and najib will not be dpm?

    meh.. hopeful, but not holding my breathe.

  3. tuahyong says:

    WTF, after dragging the case for so long the “main” actor is not even questioned by polis. It is a sure foregone conclusion and a waste on our rakyat’s taxed money. What is the new de facto law minister and sleeping beauty going to do about this??

    Better use the money for petrol and gas susidies!!

  4. Roy Selvan says:

    Justice is dictated in Altantuya cases.

  5. The verdict might turn out to be a big bloody joke! Ho! Ho! Ho!

    I really feel sorry for Stev Shariibuu. I don’t think he will ever see Malaysia the same ever again. 😦

  6. malayamuda says:

    no justice will be served in Malaysia.

    The politicians stick their finger into every aspect of Malaysian life, including movies, holding hands in public etc etc.

    Thats bcos we are immature people who cant think, we always make wrong decisions, hence we need the Government at every nook and corner of the street.

    Besides it’s not our culture to make our own decisions, we have colonised minds after being colonised for so long, so we need BN to help us think.

  7. Carrie says:

    “Verdict may not to be to anyone’s liking…?” Whoa, that’s giving me an inkling that Razak and the cops are not going to be spending some time in jail or on Death Row. Then again, anything can happen on Judgement Day (provided that the defence lawyers, jury and judge are NOT bribed or corrupted).

    Like Malay Women in Malaysia, I pity Altantuya’s father, Stev. I won’t be surprised if he’d hate (or anything near that…) Malaysia after this.

  8. Ahila says:

    If the Judgement day proves injustice to Shariibuu family…its another Tsunami day in the history of Malaysia.

    One may escape the justice system in our country….mark my word, the ones responsible will have to answer to the Almighty.No matter how great or how big his post maybe ! He is answerable to the karmas committed!
    But by then it will be too late for him to seek forgiveness. Let the Divinity of the Universal Law be the jugde ! There’ll be no escapees. Rest assured !

    de ol mango tree in Pekan….can be blown off anytime if GOD decides. HE (God) does not need C4s.

  9. Karmen Lee says:

    Nah, it will be business as usual. Everybody goes free….lack of evidence. Perhaps 1o years later they’ll open up the files again and say they owe Stev Altanya’s father an apology…..depending on how politics go in Malaysia

  10. ANg kong says:

    ‘the ones responsible will have to answer to the Almighty’

    what IF the almighty god does not exist..? or r we living in the ‘matrix’?

    let’s wait and see…i am still dubious n suspicious abt justice in malaysia-land.

  11. ghenjis khan says:

    No hanky panky from the Judge, AG, Police, Immigration, Chemistry Dept. any more ….

    and lets get the ADC to Najib and even Najib and Rosmah herself on the stand ….

    and lets get the whole Bloggers’ World on Alert ….

    in the name of JUSTICE for that Ms Altantuya and her Family.

    Let’s start with the new Minister of Justice Zaid Ibrahim and test his sincerity and also the Honourable Members of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition in Parliament…….

    1, 2, 3 go …..

  12. cpwaterman says:

    According to the testimony of Altantuya ‘s cousin, Razak & Najib weren’t the only people present at the same dinner table in Paris. Who were these other people? Who arranged for the dinner? Who booked for the dinner reservation? Who were the quest of that dinner? Is it that difficult to find out? Don’t they have a conscience to speak up the truth for justice?

  13. MS says:

    How many more women need to be murdered in Malaysia before we see a sincere and true judicial and legal system that is independent? Where is that murder case about the GRO girl from Perlis? Is murder a joke now?

  14. azisirikit says:

    Beautiful Malaysia… Malaysia Boleh!

  15. Anne says:

    Saddest story on Boleh Land in my life time


    Time to pack up and leave this god forsakken land!

  16. RAJ RAMAN says:

    sloone,justice in malaysia long gone with the wind.its a bygone era.i do have a strong case againts the goverment and glc company.but in the end its not worth the harrassment i might face from bn juctice department.i got all the proof but,in the end i believe when the last supreme of law is control by bn,i will wasting my time and money.waiting patiently until new goverment in waiting to perform and justify us they are pro rakyat.then the witch hunt start.dont know its will happen in near terms.thanks.raj raman.race;malaysian.religion;i am the one going to anwser to god.

  17. RAJ RAMAN says:

    anyway sloone.your timing is one hour our time in malaysia 16.53pm.not 15.53pm

  18. klmc says:

    can the PM afford another strike now?
    Doesn’t the PM want to get rid of najib – as the closest contender to his post ?
    But then according to Najib ” Najib said all parties including Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi knew the actual situation.”

    Really really sickening to know that so many high placed hands are in this particular pie.

  19. casper says:

    Hi Sus and all

    This case and its verdict is a forgone conclusion.

    This is a trial that carries with it capital punishment and in the name of justice, defendant/s, must be given a fair shake. In criminal cases, the evidence must be absolute before a verdict can be ascertain.

    What I meant by the above, facts pertaining to the case, must be proven beyond any reasonable doubt. Has the AG and the office of the prosecution done enough when all the while the scope of inquiries was limited/orchestrated right from the off ?

    Also, we must also note, a Judicial Comm was appointed to hear this case while the judge where this file first landed was sidelined. Again, we can observe the hidden hand hard at work.

    All the above has me thinking ‘they’ will get away with murder, just because the prosecution screwed it up, once again. And it is doubly sad and tragic if the headlines from MSM is to be believe.

    Early days when arrests were made, the NST reported on its front page a plot to extort USD$100,000 ! If that is the rational, to sway public sentiment as just reason to kill and blow the poor girl up, the hidden hand and all vested interest better have a rethink if a verdict has already been put in play.

    Makhal Sakti my fellow citizens.

  20. malaysian says:

    Najib has been a good boy lately. So no onw will get hurt, except for the deceased. Anyway, there is no prosecution in the case. The public prosecutor, witnesses, judge are also the defense team. How to lose the case? It’s one of its kind in the world where there is no prosecution team. Probably the defense lawyers will write the judgement like Lingam. May Altantuya’s spirit rest in peace even though justice is unlikely to be served.

  21. CHRISTIAN says:

    Deuteronomy CH 5 Verse 17.:-Thou, shall not Murder.For all the murderers out there,you will pay the price for your sin.

  22. kinson lee says:

    the whole country know it is old mango from pekan’s wife job because of sheer jealously. and a lot more people know that the old mango like lovely girls. razak baginda is also a bastard acting a pimp to arrange this type of high profile prostituition. but then, in this country where the judical had been all pre-arranged so its anybody guess of the verdict.
    pity altantuya family members. however god is great. punishment will be forthcoming, dont worry

  23. Lingam says:


    Did anyone mention my name???

  24. Pegasus says:

    Knowing Malaysian justices,the verdict will be “Altantuya committed suicide by blowing herself up “! ,I’ll be least surprise after reading the way this case is going. Simply mind blowing,there were apparently a lot of twisting were going around,lets wait and see how this case is close and who gets what ,as Najib seem to have escape the net. Hopefully Altantuya’s murderers are given the sentence they deserved and dare we dream justices is served.

  25. siva says:

    well if the verdict is biased or over protective of some vvip,DR Sharibuu should take up this matter to the international court ,as a father he reserves the ultimate right to take this matter to any heights,we in Malaysia know who is behind this senselless murder,but we doubt the judiciary of this nation even the 100th and last witness to be summoned won’t be the murderer, crime investigative standards in malaysia is well below par.Malaysia next PM could be a person with a international arrest warrant,watch out some countries might emmbaress malaysia for its judiciary standards.

  26. Discrimination69 says:

    Have u ever wondered why the 2 accused police personell were always covering thir heads and faces while facing a murder trial? hehehhe so they can go to jail for few months and come out free incognito, make sense ya? No hanging cos hanging also not done immediately and not publicised like Botak Chin, so can escape lor. Razak cn get Pardon later.

  27. Edi神 says:

    tHESE politician are destroying everyone life!!!

  28. Richard teo says:

    Razak baginda will eventually be acquited.The two body guard whose identity and face have been properly concealed so that when they are convicted they will be freed. No body has seen their face so when they walk free no one knows who they are. If Razak is convicted in the High court and court of appeal the parachute federal court Judge Zaki is waiting to free them. It was already planned long ago for Zaki to be there in the apex court to free the perpetuators.In the end all will walk free.For the moment everything is a sandiwara.

  29. anonymous says:

    Hope Razak Baginda will go beserk again and spill the beans.What was that outburst in court on the 20th Feb 08 all about.How come the main stream media left out Baginda’s”kau matilah Pak Lah” and just reported that “I’m innocent” bit.Let’s all pray for divine intervention in this case.Just like the tsunami of elections recently God can turn things around in response to our prayer that the truth will prevail.If this trial does not culminate in revealing who ordered the hit then this whole trial is simply S*** !

  30. Bontot Najis says:

    Anwar has promised during a pre-election ceramah that if he becomes PM, Najib and Rosmah will be appointed ambassadors to Mongolia. That ought to take care of them.

  31. sam says:

    Dear Lingam,

    Time to make big and fast bucks if you are to write the judgement

  32. sunnybuoy says:

    Dont to be to sure. ZAKARia thought he could escape with a slap on his wrist and see what happened. There is the law of ALMIGHTY which will be dispensed off fast and quick. Those gulity prepare yourselves

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