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Everyone wants to kiss some bloggers’ ass now. Every minister, tom-dick-harry and sally, wants to buddy with a blogger now.

The latest one is Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi himself, who says today that he had made his “biggest mistake” to ignore cyber-campaigning on the Internet which was seized by the opposition in the recent general elections (AFP). Nasi sudah jadi bubur. Isn’t it too late?

Earlier, Youth and Sport Ministry wants to start blogs to ‘channel information’. New minister  Ismail Sabri Yaacob said that if the government ignored blogs, we would one day take over the mainstream media. Hahaha! We already have.

Before that, in fact, right after the new cabinet was formed, information minister (read: umno propaganda minister) Ahmad Shabery Cheek, went all friendly and fuzzy and said he wants to meet with bloggers soon to get their feedback. “We are not going to control them,” he said. Then why want to meet us for?

Of course, some blogger(s) is (are) already jerking off, hearing all this. One has even recommended the minister go and meet his buddy – thinking that he is the taiko of all bloggers. Puhleez lah.

Little do they know, no one can and should represent all bloggers. Bloggers like me, and many others, don’t want to meet up with any minister, especially one who comes from UMNO/BN. In fact, I don’t even want to meet with those Opposition-government officials.

I blog with my own name, and what I want to say, I’ve said it all in this blog.

Truth is, I dont think I want recognition from a corrupt government system. That will be quite an insult actually. Having tea with these ministers means nothing. That’s so mainstream. And a bloody waste of time.

What we really want is a guarantee there’ll be freedom of speech in the blogsphere. Abolish restrictive laws like the ISA (internal security act) and its brother, the OSA (official secrets act), abolish the Printing Presses and Publication Act (PPPA). Abolish the “Aku Janji”, which puts a noose around the necks of students and academics. Allow us lah to rally without a police permit. Can or not?

That is all we ask for and need. That is what bloggers should be fighting for, instead of setting up a club house in a big bangalow, and waiting to have tea with ministers and politicians.

If ministers want feedback, look into blogs. Set up their own blogs and maybe they’ll get feedback. Other than that, let us mind our own business and let us blog away.

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  1. mitosblog says:

    It’s too late already haha…I bet the PM does not know how to play computer and does not even know what a blog is….

  2. koolgeek says:

    this is exactly why we should distant ourselves from these politicians. we operate differently. these ministers just do what they’re supposed to do. it’s stupid to have a minister sitting in office to read and comment on blogs.

  3. wits0 says:

    They are still mulling the possibility of having “accepted” bloggers as against “non-acepted” ones, betcha.

  4. DanielYKL says:

    You are right. No one can and should represent all bloggers. If that is the case, then all will be blogging the same thing. It will be like a club, with rules and regulations. Bloggers are individual and independent. We write what we want to say and not to be limited on our personal views and perspectives – and not neccesarily agreeable to all.

  5. ANg kong says:

    So, is this what the inept in-house analysts telling the PM why they fared so badly in the GE?
    The PM/UMNO not only are ignorance, oblivious to the rakyat but also arrogance. These are the main reasons why they want to clamp us the ‘bloggers’ down. We won’t even exist and vent our grieves here if BN were fair and just.
    I doubt campaigning for the blogger votes would make much difference, u can’t undo decades of wrongdoings, injustice, racism etc etc by just sweet talking to us prior to GE. Now u want to be our friends….what a bunch of morons.

  6. Andrew says:

    It really has to come to this, when blogging is the only way to voice our opinion. Trying to appease a blog site is like filling a pothole. As soon as you’ve finished, another pops up. Best of luck.

  7. JY says:

    They still think bloggers are people from a different planets. Bloggers are Malaysians – the rakyat. Anyone can blog. Bloggers do not deserve more or less attention.

  8. observer B says:

    Bloggers of the world unite! It’s true, don’t go Susan, these buggers will have their C4 explosive ready.

  9. lobobreed says:

    This is a major victory for Susan Loone, for bloggers worldwide, for Jeffersonian Freedom of the Press, for Libertarianism. American Libertarian Bloggers (at least this one) salute Susan Loone, and all the intelligent bloggers in Malaysia who have proved that the keyboard is mightier than the State.
    Of course, economics is never far from the surface. Now the Malaysian stockmarket (and world markets) are on the way down, thanks to the inflationist policies of the world central banks, the State will be osculating your gluteus maximii.
    Silverwolf is happy for your victory, the victory of the Renaissance Man and Woman. Liberty will trump Collectivism. — Silverwolf

  10. Fikri says:

    While official seals of approval is not needed or wanted, I’ve always been interested in the legal aspects of cyberspace, which has always struck me as a grey area, at best (could action be taken against someone who comments on a post, etc). Perhaps if a meeting could further clarify these grey areas, then maybe it won’t be all bad. Just a thought.

    Furthermore, it assumes that most, if not all bloggers write political stuff, which I don’t think is true.

  11. Damocles says:

    “Truth is, I dont think I want recognition from a corrupt government system.”

    Remember, it was not too long ago that this very same government condemned bloggers very roundly.
    They even dragged two bloggers to court!!
    So, now that they have lost the GE (due in no small part to bloggers), they are lovey dovey to these very people whom they condemned!
    I think that they would like to somehow infiltrate the bloggosphere to destroy it from within.
    Susan, spread the word that bloggers should not (repeat should not) have anything to do with these slimeballs!

  12. facial says:

    Hi bodohlah I noticed that you slept during the recent sworn in -TV3, can you behave yourself first. If not how can you show example to your 2 M minister to study English and computer.

  13. rapido says:

    blow them all, i want to start a new party for bloggers. PKM, party communist malaysia, we run from thailand like before.

  14. rapido says:

    wow, u r so democratic, no screening on reply, get those fools to reply to yr blog.

  15. Barista says:

    Who benefits most from this meet-the-blogger thing? The bloggers? What can they possibly gain from the minister? Words of encouragement to carry on and whack the government? Or is it the ruling party who gains by giving some ‘friendly advice’ to toe the line and having a photo op that MSM will spin to kingdom come? How do you think MSM will headline this the day after the meet? “Bloggers to aid government in nation building”? “Bloggers to tone down rhetoric”? This whole charade is just a calculated PR exercise lah, and the beneficiary is not the bloggers.

  16. ivansim says:

    Who says?
    PL actually also have a blog – called PLSB

  17. rudy says:

    Isn’t it obvious? The gomen juz wanna control bloggers…bring them under one roof to do their bidding. They juz realise they lost becuz of bloggers and wanna get into the game. Remember how they look down on bloggers before the elections?

  18. imwatchingu says:

    Calling bloggers monkeys, bored hopusewives and all other names they could come up with. The signs have been there for the past 3 or 4 years that things are not right with the government, all reported by blogs. They chose to ignore all. Serves them right. Now they want to cosy up with bloggers. Susan is right by giving them her middle finger. Ask them to go and read the MSM.

  19. atanck says:

    do whatever they all want. i still blog the way i want and im sure susan too. let the drama unfold and we can blog away!!!!

  20. bamboo river says:

    The gomen wants to award recognition to bloggers for kicking some a.s.s. that is sleeping on the job.

    Later felt, the kick was not hard enough. So, meet bloggers to create a gomen sanctioned bloggers club (crest provided) so that more a.s.s can be kicked.
    The question now is , whose a.s.s they want bloggers to kick?
    Bloggers kick bloggers?
    I got the feeling , they are going to use bloggers to achieve their agendas since blog is proven to be successful in the political scene.

  21. clearwater says:

    If the mainstream media were to practice fair, unbiased and intelligent reporting, as well as provide a forum for dissenting views, bloggers would just be another media voice vying for public attention. As it is, some Malaysian bloggers have become almost a legend and some may attain cult status in due time, thanks to BN’s myopic media policies.
    Should bloggers engage with the government? The answer is…why should they ? What have they got to gain? If the BN regime carries out meaningful political and administrative reforms for the benefit of all Malaysians, if it addresses issues on crime, costs of living, ethnic discrimination, poverty, education and the like, it would have removed many of the reasons bloggers criticize the government about. How about it, Mr. PM? Walk the talk now. REFORM your party. REFORM your government. REFORM yourself.

  22. lucia says:

    i agree with damocles, barista, rudy, bamboo river.

    bloggers should not be fooled by the gomen! be wise! the gomen is now pretending to be sweet to bloggers… wanna meet them and all that and yes, later on… hey presto! bloggers will be under their thumbs! well, some bloggers are willing, what to do.

    yes as someone said, the gomen now realised the effectiveness of the net and of bloggers so it could be their hidden agenda to be nice to bloggers and then use them as propaganda for BN!

  23. caravanserai says:

    The sky is looking bright
    The shaft of ray golden light
    The bloggers basking in glory
    We feel we have done right

    Now the government of UMNO
    The leaders trying to collate them
    Maybe to identify who these gobloks are
    We are the ones making waves
    So the sleeping beauty admitted
    We shouldn’t be ignored

    This is the U turn
    The UMNO led government runs
    It is already too late to change fortune
    The BN and UMNO will fall
    It is time to go…….

    On borrowed time
    They UMNO led government better fly
    There is no hiccup any more
    Do the right thing
    Atone for your sins

    It is for Malaysia
    Nothing about race
    Look at us
    The class of Malaysians

    In blogs we share
    About fighting for Malaysia
    In one unity as Malaysians
    We march for our country
    Not for race base party

    Time it is changed
    No more race base party
    Merged into 2 party system
    Challenging each other as Malaysians

  24. wits0 says:

    Bamboo: “..Bloggers kick bloggers…?”

    Bullseye, man, what else do you think? Patronage and inducement will be accorded suitably to the devised and ‘mainstream’ sympathetic blogger club. Infiltrate and divide local Blogosphere. They know that cyber trooping has failed miserably and they need to attempt to create 5th columnists.

    A leopard is hardly likely to change its spots. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts!

  25. wits0 says:

    If Shabby wants to engage the Truth, well, try freeing up the Media. Why just want to engage the Blogs? Therein lays his insincerity hiding in plain view.

  26. Andrew says:

    Exactly my sentiments, clearwater. What’s on offer is, at best, an afterthought. I say: go away.

  27. pemantau says:

    Baby, I’d kiss your sweet ass any day of the week including Sundays. Yum!

  28. kittykat46 says:

    Bedol and company still don’t get it.

    Its not about engaging bloggers, its about all the lies they propagate through the MSM. The final week of the election campaign was the worst.

    How did the MSM editors face themselves in the mirror every morning ?

    I felt like vomiting after reading the Star and NST during those last days…

  29. DR SURESH KUMAR says:

    well said susan,this politicians think they can say what ever they want like calling bloggers liars,nuisance and even threatened with ISA and now calling them for tea.the reason given is’to get feed back’???Cant the minister read the blogs himself for feed back???The actual feedback he should seek is from the editors of the MSM as to why the rakyat are shying away from it.Pleasa leave the bloggers alone,hope azalina is watching this.

  30. MAHAGURU58 says:

    I am with you Susan when I disagree about the Govt or who the hell ever go and speak to any particular blogger supposedly representing us?

    That is so outrageously stupid and uncalled for?

    Bloggers are individuals with our own mindsets, points of view, perspectives and principles.

    I for one speak for my own self no matter that I am the Protem President of the Muslim Bloggers Alliance.

    The BN has no chance in hell to try and salvage their rotten reputation for the way they have destroyed Malaysians sense of freedom and for their crimes of lording it over us and suppressing the right of free access to information!

    If not for the internet, we will all be grumbling like hell in our hearts and who knows might have resorted to other means of fighting back at the Bloody Nuts!

    I say to hell with anyone who tries to muzzle us or claim to represent us?

    I am with you in this!

    Bloggers should remain free and voice out without fear or favor, no matter who comes and tries to kiss our ass?

    Viva Bloggers!

  31. EddieTheHead says:

    Bloggers are hip!

  32. EddieTheHead says:

    Bloggers are hip!

  33. ahpekcina says:

    Wa! sekalang bologer bologer ada manyak kuat loh. Kalu gomen salah bikin bologer bagi hamtam lah. Bologer mesti jaga oh, itu cybertrooper bolih kacau lu olang. Itu ketua Azalina.

  34. ghostline says:

    Well said Susan,

    Even after the election debacle, BN seems to be completely unable to understand the real issues at stake. We NEITHER NEED NOR WANT the govt to reach out to us, we just want the govt to do a proper job and an end to corruption and racial politics.

    BN is still stuck in the mindset that they can ‘friend-friend’ with bloggers so we’ll say nice things about them. “Bloggers are unhappy, so we should treat them to a nice dinner or tea.” Dey! Want bloggers to stop sniping? Then do your freakin’ job and address the real issues!

    If they cannot understand this, then their only fate is to be thrown out altogether at the next GE.

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  36. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    “Truth is, I dont think I want recognition from a corrupt government system. That will be quite an insult actually. Having tea with these ministers means nothing. That’s so mainstream. And a bloody waste of time.”_Sloone

    That’s why I like about Susan. Pak Lah looks soft nowadays unlike his infamous inversion “Aku Pantang Dicabar!”, but regardless of how “soft” he gets, I hardly see anyone is going to fall for his prosaic bluffs.

    Asked any politicians, most will admit that the blogosphere plays a crucial role in the history of BN’s piss-poor GE results.

    Long live BLOGGERS! (Sorry for being stingy, but only for those who really
    disseminate and champions the “The freedom of emancipation” under the recognition of the United Nations.)

    However I re-enact Zainudin Maidin’s words- “Blogeers are like Karaoke singers, and it all depends whether readers are singing along with them”.

    Looks like I am a chorus singer here, most of the times 🙂

  37. Raven says:

    Well said, Susan. Agree with you totally.

    Just hope no bloggers are foolish enough to meet these freaking ministers.

    Did any of the BN jokers apologize over their remarks about bloggers?!?!?

  38. Roy Selvan says:

    Bloggers must be a cancerous cell. Nothing should effect and theres no cure. Bless the truth fighting Bloggers. Susan ,I am with You.

  39. limpeh says:

    give me a break, bloggers speaks the truth…so just reveil the names of ppl that you are shooting at…why not? why hide?

    Rocky represents ALLBlogs, i think there’s some bloggers supporting it…so he can represent them all right, if you’re not in…then fine but don’t attack them your fellow bloggers, you guys are in the same boat…hmm…actually not, they risk their “life”…rocky and jeff ooi actually was held by police and charged…but hell susan…u’re not even in the country…i think its really unwise to divide sopo bloggers…so you think you’re more democratic and better fighter than others? come home and blog

    hmmm…actually what is wrong to meet and have a talk with the government? dialogue is always good…they’re not giving out datukship so wtf with the recognition thing? or you guys just want war and complain in your blog?reason why they wanna meet very simple, those BN dino dunno how to use internet ma, you expect them to post comment at your blog…lol

    i bet they can give u war if you guys really wants it…you guys may have won the battle, but certainly not the war so don’t start to be cocky…hindraf5 is still inside jail despite all the hoo haa…so what makes you think they’re gonna be soft on bloggers just bcoz they admitted that they lose in GE due to the cyberwar ?

  40. arifabdull says:

    Bloggers like me, and many others, don’t want to meet up with any minister, especially one who comes from UMNO/BN. In fact, I don’t even want to meet with those Opposition-government officials.


    aku tak ada masalah kalau setakat lepak-lepak & minum teh dengan kawan lama mcm Amir (Batu Caves) atau Eli (exco Selangor) dan lain-lain.

    tapi kalau dengan orang-orang Ameno, baik aku minum teh sorang-sorang… lagi aman!


  41. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Among the matters long overdue by Bodohwii is to table the IPCMC bill in the next sitting at Parliament.

    Ling Kit Siang pushed hard for AAB to make changes which prioritises above all-The release of the hindraf 5. -

  42. ikan bilis says:

    woi limpeh .. is there a need for a minister to discuss something secretly with bloggers? if a minister want to discuss something .. be open lah .. the minister(s) should just start blogging .. simple as that !! or ask the minister to read blog and post his comments to any issue brought up by a bloggers most of the gov politicians are simply idiots to the max .. they are not only ignorant of the people but also very very ignorant about blogging

  43. Roy Selvan says:

    To Mr limpeh,
    Theres no need for any bloggers to meet the Minister. All they want to do is plant a chip in our ass and to know all our- where abouts.Like Mr Bilis said Open your own blogging channel and discuss what ever cocker mi mi storys you guys want.
    Leave the bloggers alone.

    And you said:-
    i bet they can give u war if you guys really wants it…you guys may have won the battle, but certainly not the war so don’t start to be cocky…hindraf5 is still inside jail despite all the hoo haa…so what makes you think they’re gonna be soft on bloggers just bcoz they admitted that they lose in GE due to the cyberwar.———————
    Well what I want to say is……Emmm come to think of your posting, I just have no strenght to reply to such an Idiotic remark.
    The meaning of Idoit is-

    To individuals with overall bad judgment–individuals who are “stupid”. In modern English usage, the terms “idiot” and “idiocy” describe an extreme folly or stupidity, its symptoms (foolish or stupid utterance or deed). In psychology, it is a historical term for the state or condition now called profound mental retardation.[8]

  44. says:

    yeap yeap bloggers are great, mads cann’t do anything ha!ha!
    have more sweet dreams day and night

  45. Dime says:


    I have read all their comments. Yeap! Almost all of them did kiss your a.s.s. Repeating on what you have said.

    Ah! what a waste of time!!!!

  46. puakangkang says:

    whooaa susanaahh..itu menteli mau jumpa sama buluger.. dulu dia olang ada jumpa sama itu loggers saja (tauke balak) sikalang sudah lain. pokok sudah talak manyak, (taukey balak pun sikit saja untung) jadi tadak loggers, bloggers pun borehlah.

  47. Timmycumstimely says:

    Harrison bin Hansome Says:
    March 26, 2008 at 1:23 pm

    The avove comentator said that the current PM is getting “soft”‘.

    Since when and how? Your commenteries are misplaced.

  48. Ahila says:

    Cybertroopers have some -tive intention..i can smell it ! Ada udang disebalik batu…its not a treat dear bloggers. A sure trick to control.The al tiduri still in slumber kot…still cant grasp WHY BN failed ! Not the bloggers PAk Lah…hangpa punya pasal….kroni2 hang punya pasal…..Sick of the injustice in the country ! Sick of the rich getting richer and poor getting poorer. Sick of not having a true leader to voice for RAKYAT ! Sick of UMNO,MIC and MCA ! …………
    Bloggers gave hope…bloggers4change made Malaysia2day !
    I salute all bloggers……dont participate with BN.

  49. JUDE says:

    U dont wastee the timee hearlah, go kiss some other blogger asses loh.U dont like the Heat get out of the Kitchen loh. May be eat taugeh loh. hahahahaha .Lu kulang sioman nah.

  50. jedyoong says:


  51. All they care about is your vote next time round.

  52. bamboo river says:

    Aiya, Limpeh ,
    Your handle sounds exactly like your comment lah.
    Why do you have to specifically pick a point which in general does not necessarily cause friction to other bloggers?
    Susan already said ” I blog with my own name, and what I want to say, I’ve said it all in this blog”
    This also cannot understand meh?

    Any bloggers too can do the same mah. Only thing is bloggers do NOT need /have to share the same opinion.
    Each blogger has their own personal stand on certain issues especially in politics.

    If like this cannot blog, like that cannot blog, all blog must be the the same flow with other sopo bloggers, then this is no more calling BLOG.
    May as well just blog like a log!

  53. sloone says:

    what is the difference between blogging in bangkok and malaysia? i return to malaysia almost every month. my name is my own. most people know what i look like and where i am. if they want to get me, they can anytime. i’ve been speaking out since the 1990s – in various ways. All-Blogs via rocky et all just spoke out recently and it is mostly in support of Mahathir. so dont give me any bull shit. if you want to defend them, it is your right. but dont be patronising to others in this blog. there is no difference where you blog. the same law applies.

  54. sloone says:

    By Dean Johns (malaysiakini)

    The prime minister’s response to the voters’ vetoing of former Misinformation Minister Zainuddin Maidin has been to replace him with Ahmad Shabery Cheek, a man who seems to imagine he can somehow neutralize bloggers or win their support by meeting them, saying that “I wish we can sit down and talk to them and think openly what’s best for the country.”

    As some of the bloggers he has in mind have already pointed out, he could save himself and them a lot of time and trouble by simply reading what they and their visitors write.

    There may well be a few who’d succumb to the Shabery Creek’s undoubted charm, or feel beholden to him for a free coffee or some other petty payment or favour.

    But most bloggers worth their salt wouldn’t give the time of day to a man whose job is to ensure that the news is slanted in the government’s favour. If they had the slightest inclination to sell out, surely they’d have already signed-up for a steady salary and perks with one of the “mainstream” media organizations.

  55. JUDE says:

    limpeh, limpeh….Hahahaha, whos the Ass kisser now.Good one Susan….

  56. Dime says:

    Hey Jude!

    Remember the song. Maybe not coz u still a baby…..

    Hey! Dime can take the heat, even inside cement silo…. what i need is something intellegent where my brain can consume…… not that same old ‘garbage’ comments! You know, more smelly than her a.s.s. lorrr……


  57. No FEAR says:

    I like your style and passion. Keep it up! Fear No One.

  58. Timmycumstimely says:

    jedyoong Says:
    March 26, 2008 at 2:56 pm


    Yeeeeeeeeeee, Aiyoh, Jed, I really hate to say this, but are you a

  59. JUDE says:

    John Lennon was my class mate. Thats why he wrote that song. Why dont you squeeze that brain of yours to see if you have some juice and write something constructive for everyone to read or are you just a pea brain who can only comment on others???

  60. JUDE says:

    Actually Paul and John wrote that song. It was one of Beattles greatest heat.

  61. bongkersz says:

    the politicians are going for our asses now.. so bare your ass and let them kiss it 🙂

  62. […] Susan Loone – Come On, Kiss My Blogger A.S.S.: Of course, some blogger(s) is (are) already jerking off, hearing all this. One has even recommended the minister go and meet his buddy – thinking that he is the taiko of all bloggers. Puhleez lah. […]

  63. Justice says:

    What a naive PM we have. You really missed NOT a point but a thousand and one points. It was a solid can full of worms poured out through the cyber-cafe. To name a few, unnecessarily sending that NUT to cyber-space was the biggest mistake ever, that created hysterical talks in cafe. Even if you missed the campaign in our cyber-cafes, the truths were out also in our kopi-tiams. Malaysians are everywhere, not only in cosy air-con rooms like most of our YBs. We discussed all your short-comings even in toilets – can you catch up with us. Just be humble, do your job and be fair to be all – then we don’t need campaigns, put aside cyber-campaigns – save the money – to save our hardships… Sorry for you…

  64. Susan, & all previous contributers,

    I must qualify myself first – I’m very new to this blogging stuff. So pardon my naivety if I miss your point in objecting to another blogger (presumably Jeff Ooi recommending his buddy Rocky) meeting with new Info Minister. or is it the other way around – you object to Info Minister meeting bloggers. Being new, I start from the point of having no pre-conceived opinion about this Minister fella – but my weakness is perhaps I tend to see the good side in people. So to desire such meeting I suppose it’s a good start for the Info Minister to get to know the blogosphere. I’m not talking abt his sincerity but to take it as face value – isn’t this a good thing?

    Having said this, I’m saddened by this debate about should or shouldn’t bloggers meet with new Info Minister – & this Rocky Bru All-blogs thingy.

    You have right not to associate with his All-blogs & he has right to talk to the minister if he so chooses. I am sure what he is going to discuss will have no future binding on your right to continue what you are doing. Hence my ignorance abt what all this debate is all about. Of course you reserve your right to your original posting abt the usefulness of such meeting – it’s your part that implies other think/do likewise that caught my curiosity. If you have no such implication, then I beg your pardon.

    I also have not read his All-blogs entry on this or whatever that made a certain Jed Yoong barking mad.

  65. Edi神 says:

    Phillip, you are really missing the point!!!
    Bloggers who earn respect are those who point the wrong doing of others.
    Bloggers who fren with the government or the opposition lose the bloggerness…

  66. Pegasus says:

    Way to go Susan,Keep it up…the ASS I mean. I do not know if I should laugh or scream ,we have the most incompetent PM, this guy is simply a SOTONG!.For the good of the country , he should step down, bloggers are not stupid and we can see what they are up to miles away. BN leaders are behind time,they have lost touch with the people and till today are living in a state of denial and practically living in their own world surrounded by maggots ,pest who are living like a parasite on BN’s extravangance.
    Bloggers should be left alone to be independent Check and Balance team of the goverment and oppositions. They have certainly realise too late on how valuable the bloggers are and what they are capable to do in a country being mismanage by the ruling party. Cheers Bloggers!!!

  67. Lim says:

    HEI Bodowi wanna bring UMNo to BLOG??? Nanti their bog site jamup; cauze all ppl wait no more to condamn. Yes or not bro @ sis???

  68. tunabdulrazak says:

    You got the point Sue

  69. fred says:

    Can’t give two hoots about organizations and all that – and I’ve nothing particular against such organizations, but think about this:

    1. Don’t you feel insulted that the government keeps talking about bloggers like we were a class apart, like aliens from another planet, or like lepers in a leper community? I do.

    2. Malaysia is probably the only country that seems to need a ‘blogger association’. Hallo. We aren’t the “new 5th estate”. We aren’t major sources of information. We’re just webpages with opinions. And there are as many opinions as there are “assh0l35”, you know what I’m saying? Bloggers association for what?

    Ask gomen go talk to people on the street lah. If these people had the interest, they could be bloggers too. I get stitches every time I think how people actually think bloggers are somehow special.

  70. eway says:

    Love the graphics. I love it that the gomen wants to meet bloggers, the problem is what is a blogger? I read a blogs that have no social political commentary and only do Hello Kitty themes, food themes, make up etc. So what can the gomen offer these bloggers and vice versa? Free Hello Kitty limited edition underwear etc?? I really don’t know who Shabery cheek was refering to when he talks about bloggers. He is still freaking clueless about blogging! Does he want an Association of Bloggers for the Freedom of Hello Kitty? By the way I am no fan of hello kitty but I read this blog called “Hello Kitty Hell”, just made me thought of it!

  71. wits0 says:

    Shabby Cheeks want regulationing of Bloggers according to UMNO diktates and philosophy. This is crystal clear enough. He’s fishing for conformist renegades.

  72. Dime says:

    Hey Jude,

    I’m no pea brain ma….or am I!!!

    That old man has a gut to admit his mistake. There is nothing wrong about it. Or is it???? A..ah! Nope! He is not gonna lick Susan blog a.s.s.!!!

    This is part of his political strategies to regain support. Playing with peoples emotion. Susan did mentioned that there are 3 types of bloggers i.e. BN, BR and the so call freelancers’ blog like Susan. So pick your choices.

    By now that old man should already have a list of those who are inclined to the above grouping. He would not give a damn to BN or BR bloggers. But what about the 3rd group? This is where he gonna spend his time….blog, blogging until you OR that old man bloated! Spending his time blogging. It will depend on the popularity of that blog itself! Soon you will see these bloggers inclination of support towards BN. That old man will brainwash these bloggers till ‘pea brain’!!! Either by emotion or money! Money can talk ma….! Ha, ha, ha…..

    Susan said she preferred to fight on what she called “a guarantee there’ll be freedom of speech in the blogsphere, abolish restrictive laws like the ISA (internal security act) and its brother, the OSA (official secrets act), abolish the Printing Presses and Publication Act (PPPA), abolish the “Aku Janji”, which puts a noose around the necks of students and academics and allow us lah to rally without a police permit” on her own without having to tie herself to these political parties. Go fly kite la…….

    Remember BUSH! You either with us or with them!

    There is no such thing as non partisan!!!! IF YOU WANTED TO SUCCEED IN YOUR CAUSES!!!!

    Huh! My ‘pea brain’ tired already ma!!! Need a nap….eeeezzzzzz………..

  73. sam says:

    Let the blogsphere remains free.

    Free from gomen interference.


    The gomen wants feedback – wait for the election results (any coming by-election?).

  74. Damocles says:

    “Its not about engaging bloggers, its about all the lies they propagate through the MSM. The final week of the election campaign was the worst.” – kittykat46

    Well, the MSM did a very good job in losing seats for the BN.
    The harder they portray the opposition in a bad light, the angrier it made the electorate.
    The whole plot backfired very badly on the BN.
    I believe that until today, they still didn’t know what hits them!
    They can be this stupid!!

  75. Jude says:

    It took you nearly a day to extract all this info from the Net and Blogs. WELL DONE.

  76. Obi Wan Kentucky says:

    Pak Lah admitted his oversight on bloggers dictating the course of the recent election. Well Pak Lah, I have news for you…it isn’t the bloggers fault really, its the corrupt, incompetent practices and ill doings within your administration that has turned the direction against your favor.

    Now he wants to talk to bloggers? Whatever the hell for? I do recall, one member of your family called us bloggers ‘monkeys’?

  77. minister of doesn't care a damn says:

    I love your ass gal…..

  78. […] via Suni on […]

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