“Ask the tribunal to apologise.” (Mahathir Mohammad, on 28 March 2008)

He said the dismissal of former Lord President Mohd Salleh Abbas and Supreme Court judges Wan Sulaiman Pawanteh and George Seah were not his doing. He, therefore, feels no obligation to apologise. If any party were to apologise, it should be the members of the tribunal led by Hamid Omar which sacked Salleh.

I can’t believe those who would absolve former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad from this absolute crisis and criminal act – the 1988 judicial crisis, which started the rot in the very institution that seeks justice. The decline in its credibility is impossible to reverse now, until we sack all those in the palace of (in) justice. 

Blind loyalty to the man (for many, including many prominent bloggers)has blinded even one’s sense of justice of what is wrong or right. How can you trust such creatures, ever.

For these kind of people, justice can be compromised, negotiated, perhaps even bought and sold.

How can you let someone off, just because he has stepped down? Then we may as well shut down the International Criminal Courts which prosecute crimes against humanity. Only those who stand to lose like China, India and USA are critical of it. And you can guess why.

We cannot move on to carve a bright future, without dealing with the past. We cannot forget the rights of victims without making the past accountable for its wrongs. This is compassion. This is justice.

As always, DAP Karpal Singh has his mind in the right place. He said that calling the present government and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to apologise for it was a wrong step. It is Mahathir who should say “sorry” and be held accountable (STAR).

“It is not the present administration which convened those tribunals.  The two tribunals in 1988 were initiated by Dr Mahathir. So he should apologise,” said the Bukit Gelugor MP.

He was not alone in his thoughts. 

Param Cumaraswamy, a former Malaysian Bar president, named Mahathir, Attorney-General Abu Talib Othman (currently chairperson of the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia) and Chief Justice Hamid Omar as those deemed accountable. (Malaysiakini)

“There were other personalities who carried out what in military terms is called ‘superior orders’ for fear of being dismissed from their positions,” said Param, who was also former United Nations special rapporteur on the independence of judges and lawyers.

This is the history, lest Malaysians forget:

In 1988, Mahathir had convened a special tribunal to try Lord President Salleh Abas (photo) on charges of misconduct and for questioning constitutional amendments that seriously eroded the powers of the judiciary. Salleh was subsequently sacked.

Supreme Court judges George Seah and Wan Sulaiman – who had ruled that the tribunal was convened unconstitutionally – were also sacked after being found guilty of misconduct by another tribunal.

Three other judges – Azmi Kamaruddin, Eusoffe Abdoolcader and Wan Hamzah Mohamed Salleh were suspended. Some have described the dismissal of the top judges from the Supreme Court – then the highest court, now renamed the Federal Court – as Malaysia’s darkest hours in its judicial history.

To me,  Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s proposal that the Federal Government apologise to the victims of the 1988 judicial crisis is really naive. Doesn’t he know history? Please think again.

Zaid was also quoted as saying that although the crisis was 20 years ago, an apology was needed as it was wrongly handled and that the then Lord President’s sacking was inappropriate. 

Everyone knows this, what we want is an end to impunity, and the ones responsible be accountable and made to pay for it !!!!

This is the only credible manner in which to set an example for all future wrong doers. If we allow the past to remain ‘past tense’, we are merely allowing the present or the future to have a precedent.

I hope those who think that they are doing the world a favour by allowing the past to escape justice, will not regret when their future generation turns around and ask them: Why didn’t you say anything when you had a chance to?”

In short, sorry no cure. Punishment is.

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  1. anna says:

    This whole ‘who should say sorry’ issue is somewhat similar to what happened in Australia recently, when John Howard refused to apologise to the Aborigines because the damage was done by previous administrations.

    I do believe that an apology, regardless of who makes it, would be both an appropriate and welcome gesture. Because the apology is not just about the wrongs committed against these formed judges. Its about the current government acknowledging the fact that these judges, the judiciary and the people of Malaysia were wronged by these despicable acts. It would about paving the way for reconciliation and a testament to their commitment to cleaning up the judiciary.

  2. Andrew says:

    Whilst they’re at it, could someone also apologize to Anwar Ibrahim for the sodomy conviction?

  3. kittykat46 says:

    I’m a bit cynical about this whole episode.

    I think Zaid Ibrahim’s talk about apologising for the 1988 judicial crisis is just a ploy to embarass the Mahathir camp, which is actively working to undermine Bodowi’s position in UMNO.

    It’s a warning to Mahathir that Bodowi has ammunition on his side, too.
    I expect the outcome of the Lingam-gate enquiry will be slanted to put counter-pressure on Mahathir.

    Classic military tactic – when you are under extreme pressure – counter attack in another direction.

    Zaid Ibrahim is now just another cog in the UMNO sleaze machinery.

  4. Andrew says:

    Don’t care. Just want to hear three words: I AM SORRY

  5. JUGHEAD says:

    Ask Mahatail to apologise is like asking the Sun to rise from the West. His reply will be – Not sure, cannot clearly remember and all the bullshit stuff when things are against him. But when thimgs are for, he will go for the extra mile.

  6. ghenjis khan says:

    Mahathir rather die first than to apologize to anybody …… even to his God .

    We have seen this sort in the course of history …. recent and past.

  7. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Karpal Singh,as a lawyer has always been careful with words. Susan wrote reflecting Karpal’s call-“Mahathir SHOULD apologize”. (the capitals)

    Susan, I thought Malaysiakini.com recognized you as a hard-hitting blogger. Where’s the “lethal-punch?”

  8. caravanserai says:

    An episode let it be
    What’s the point to dish out misery?
    Tun Salleh Abbas crossed the bridge
    Decades ago he knew his rights

    This is UMNO way to divert its problems
    Losing 5 states no 2/3 majority
    Tackling torny issues of state constitutions
    When the Sultans shoving their muscles
    UMNO leaders can’t take it

    If they want to apologize to Tun Salleh
    Just do it and start working on the issues at hand
    It is no use talking and forming committees
    This administration is famous for it
    Until the people’s power hit them
    Only then they woke up to find

    Tun Salleh may have mellowed now
    All those years he may forgiven those who dished him
    His life has to move on as surely he wants it to be
    Maybe Dr M should say sorry to him and closes it
    The bitter episode in the nation’s history

  9. sloone says:


    On second thoughts, it should be “Mahathir MUST apologise…”


  10. Parameswara says:

    The culprit has always been Mahathir. He dismantled UMNO and made himself Party Member Number One in UMNO Baru. He bought his own justice by taking out the Good justices and then his maverick Finance minister will squander for himself not only old UMNO monies in Fleet Group but also plunder our rakyat monies. He owns a

    Off tangent a bit, He even allow a Chief Minister (sitting in office) become a super billionaire by owning another Bank.

    We need to look into this and if possible convict him. He is the architect of UMNO demise. Badawi is merely the contractor.

  11. F. says:

    Zaid is a politician and he is not honest at all. He is an UMNO member and a Badawi supporter and a minister to boot. He is playing dirty tactics on Mahatir and and his camp and also trying to undermine the opposition by saying MPs shouldn’t defect. He should have asked Mahatir to apologise earlier. He should have convinced people on the merits of political maturity and party politics earlier. He is shit! Utter shit indeed.

  12. katataknak says:

    No That is not enough. Apologise is a prerequisite. Put him on trial to expose him. Then if they want to hand him a suspended sentence I don’t care. The people must know the man.

  13. muslim says:

    Its time that they revamb the whole judicial system. Its Mathair goverment is to be blame for this shit. Every Malaysian knew about this .
    Its time that AB should bring all this people to court put them on trail and punished them for their mistake. No one is above the law.

  14. malayamuda says:

    why should Mahathir apologise if he has not been convicted yet for any wrong doing.

    Put the B**T*RD on trial and let him go through the whole corrupt system he introduced when he was PM.

    Apologise after found guilty and then throw him in jail. All whats going on in the counrty now is hos doing.

    He has the audacity to say that everyone is living in a climate of fear now as no one can speak up against the PM, he’s forgotten his time when anyone who speaks up is jailed under ISA, and the one person who was man enough to stand up against him was thrown in jail, beaten up and charged for sodomy.

    Mahathir your time has come

  15. jedyoong says:


    Ya-lar. What does UMNO All Blogs CLUB president has to say from the party’s point of view?

  16. wits0 says:

    Mahathir is not one who knows how to apologise. That would destroy his own egoistic self image and his legacy would lose its imagined hype. He can only admit to small, select and insignificant errors of his grossly self-righteous and willful ways.

  17. hl says:

    To dismantle or undermine the foundations of key democratic institutions is a subversive and traitorous crime; To “close one eye” or clandestinely involved in changing the demographic make-up of Sabah without approval from the citizens concerned, is similarly, a traitorus crime. Much like the Russian dictator Josef Stalin. How many other crimes remain buried in the files?

    If Malaysia is to chart its course into the future, it must learn to do the right thing. Thus when our children, grand children and great grand children read the history of Malaysia, they will feel a swelling of pride in their chest for Malaysia did the right thing when confronted by it. They will feel that Malaysia is a good country, a great country; One which they will be proud to be associated with in the world community.

    Tell me what you would do if you were to dorn the robes of a Privy Council Judge?

    Tell me, what is “Malaysia”?

  18. headache says:

    Dr. M is NOT sorry. Period.

    BTW -under which piece of legislation do you want to punish him under? If there is, fine. If not:

    Hate him if you must, but close the chapter, put things right, get on with it. Be forward looking.

    And make sure it can never happen again.

  19. micon02 says:

    Apologize is not enough

    Most compensate Tun Salleh Abas and the others for the wrong dismissal

  20. freewave says:

    I don’t understand, Tun Salleh Abbas was found guilty of misconduct, and the two other judges also found guilty of misconduct. It was mentioned the sacking of the Lord President and judges were not appropriate, but why? why not appropriate? The were found guilty, weren’t they? The reason is not strong enough that he has to apologise unless there are proofs he was wrong at that time.

  21. alrawa says:

    No need for anyone to apologise. Set up a Royal commission and right the wronged.
    All those ‘players’ are still alive and kicking. Are’nt they?
    As for Mahathir, foeget about him. We all see how he acted when called to face the Lingam’s Tape Royal Commission.
    Go for the others who still has some ‘shame’ in them!

  22. IronRabbit says:

    But Rocky Bru support mahathir and demand Pak Lah to steo down .

    Rocky Bru had become the spokeman of Mahathir ?

    Damn Mahathir , damn Rocky Bru !

  23. James Joyce says:

    Refer to Headache

    I just can’t understand why we must move forward and let Mahathir & his cronies escape punishment. Sorry. The scars he has created is too deep that even plastic surgeons couldn’t heal.

    Recently, he mentioned he wanted to change the UMNO constitution so that the President is more accountable. Observed, he wanted to change the UMNO constitution. The same as he wanted to change a lot of other things like the judiciary, during his time.

    In short he changes the rules to suit his agenda.

  24. malayamuda says:

    Mahathir has become a Pariah

    No one, not even the UMNO goons support him now, he is irrelevant.

  25. bamboo river says:

    With his naive and incoherent attitude , do you think he will apologize?
    Nahhhh, he is the man with high eyebrows and even if he wants to show some compassion (after he is cornered) he will sarcastically say ” He felt very bad on what had happened in 1988, but he don’t think this was his doing alone.Whatever it is , it has already been done with. Further more, he is not the PM now”

    So, for Tun M to apologize? Dream on lah guys.
    Quoting Black @Amin Iskandar ” Mahathir Mudah Lupa”

  26. James Joyce says:

    Re: Freewave

    Sorry I had to write twice. Salleh Abas & 2 other senior judges were dismissed because of misconduct. They could not dance to the illegal tunes of Mahathir, whose cronies wanted to win the Ayer Molek case. As per current Lingam’s dilemma. Correct x 3

    Logic tell you that if so many “prominent” judges were given the boot, something must be very wrong. They are supposedly to be custodians of the law – and they cannot stomach crooked deals done. Mahathir must have insisted that they toe the line or be sacked… the rest is history

  27. wits0 says:

    James Joyce: “In short he changes the rules to suit his agenda.”

    That is exactly the very Machiavellian soul of Mahathirism. He might have done a few right things like promising no censorship on the Net but that wasn’t meant to promote free expression as much as it was for $$$$ reason wrt the MSC at that time.

  28. headache says:

    James Joyce

    I asked if there is any law that allows for the desired punishment. if there is – go ahead.

    Else rule of law…or anarchy?

    By the way, there are so many many many cronies of so many many umnoputeras peppered all over the country. Who shall we start with first…and what about the defacto leader of PKR? His past records…

  29. micon02 says:

    Defacto served jailed term more than 6 years already, but whether he’s involves in corruption or not ???? I don’t see anyone of the cronies UMNO, MIC, MCA, Gerakan and others being brought to court.

    Logically Defactor cleared already.

  30. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Mahathir will never apologize. That’s true. I can’t help myself from posting a comment on Anwar’s blog for his interview and perspective by Newsweek magazine. http://anwaribrahimblog.com/2008/03/19/liputan-newsweek-back-in-the-light/

    When asked about Mahathir, Anwar replied “You brought him up, not me. I have forgotten him. He is old, he is ill and he is not an issue for me. I am not out to prove anyhting from him. IN ORDER TO SUCCEED, WE HAVE TO LOOK BEYOND HIM (Mahathir).”

    Everytime I heard that venomous old man (Mahathir) rants on TV or the print media, I swithed channels and rustle over.

  31. Rae says:

    This morning while on the way to work I felt that Mahathir needs to be sent to prison for at least a year for all his atrocities that created by him. He is unforgivable. For all the crap he has done , all the damages is really going to take some time . Badawi is solely not to be blamed for all of Mahathir’s nonsense , I would like to see him rot in prison.

  32. max says:

    I believed the present gov’t administration should apologize as they are now the gov’t of present day, and it would show a genuine sense of wanting to change.

    Whether Dr M wanted to apologize or not, it’s up to him & his conscience.

  33. micon02 says:

    Let’s be fair to all

    Whoever, political leaders, Adun, government officials will have to go through the investigation processes if there are evidents that they were involved in corruption, aboused of powers & etc.

  34. WTF says:

    Mahathir has the “Negative Midas” touch. Anything he touch turn to cancer.

    Judiciary System = he planted the ROT.
    Cronism = He started and promoted UMNOputra Cronism.
    Tolls = He created the legacy to rob people to fatten UMNO Cronies.
    Petronas = He started Total Non-Accountability of Petronas.
    There are just too many to list them all.

    But He is old, he is ill and he is out. He even has his planned retirement perks snatched by his successor. Today he is irrelevant. And I am not hardup for his apology.

    He is answerable to himself. And also to the One up there when his time come.

  35. Feroz Merican says:

    I’m a bit cynical about this whole episode.

    I think Zaid Ibrahim’s talk about apologising for the 1988 judicial crisis is just a ploy to embarass the Mahathir camp, which is actively working to undermine Bodowi’s position in UMNO.

    It’s a warning to Mahathir that Bodowi has ammunition on his side, too.
    I expect the outcome of the Lingam-gate enquiry will be slanted to put counter-pressure on Mahathir.

    Classic military tactic – when you are under extreme pressure – counter attack in another direction.

    Zaid Ibrahim is now just another cog in the UMNO sleaze machinery.

    Well said, KittyKat.
    Totally agree. Why worry about Mahathir.
    One Mountain at a time. Mandela promised
    Reconciliation when he came to power; or else
    the blacks of South Africa would still be hanging and lynching
    whites till today. It’s a simple diversionary tactic by the
    biggest losers of all time.

  36. Roy Selvan says:

    Dear fren,
    To ask Mahathir to apologize is the same as to ask the Goverment to apologize.It was Barisan who was in power at that time.All the Old Farts are no more.They have made their millions /billions and we are here bickering away for apology. Everyone should apologize.All Leaders during Mahathirs era. We have one Idoit still refusing to step down from his party post ,requesting young blood to be injected in by this 67year old $#@$% youngster. Mahathir is a TUN now.One of the Untochables. Any way let him take his guilt to the Grave.Like the Goodbook says, Whats to a man to gain the whole world and then loosing his life.I think that happen recently to a Politician in Pandamaran.
    Mahathir also did a fair share of good things for this Nation:-
    Mahathir is credited with spearheading the phenomenal growth of the Malaysian economy, now one of the largest in South East Asia. Growth between 1988 and 1997 averaged over ten percent and living standards rose twentyfold, with poverty relatively almost eradicated and social indicators such as literacy levels and infant mortality rates becoming almost on par with developed countries.

    During this period, Mahathir embarked on various large scale national projects, such as the North-South Expressway, Multimedia Super Corridor, the planned capital city of Putrajaya, Johor’s Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and the Petronas Twin Towers.Malaysia 1st Car Proton. F1 and so on.

    What I am saying is reinstate all the Judges with full Compensation. The Goverment should apologize to their Familys and to all Malaysians.
    We in Malaysian from now on should ignore Mahathir.That it self should be a lesson to such a glory seeker.

  37. Damocles says:

    No matter what happens, Dr M must be put on trial and if he is convicted, give him whatever he deserved.
    Now, when that is done, go for the rest of his gang who are still in power.
    If such an attempt fails because they are still in charge, then wait for the next GE during which, I’m sure, power will be wrenched from them.
    Let them know that justice will be served!
    That’s the way to go!

  38. SteMY says:

    Mahathir is a despicable humanoid (with no heart) who just bulldoze his way and flatten anyone who is in his way. Anyone who has read the book “Mayday for Justice” will know his arrogance and injustice done to the wronged judges . His handling of the Sabah affair in 1985 was also monstrous. His famous line ” We will sink or swim with B………. ” and he was the one who took the life jacket . That tells a lot about his character.

    Will he apologize ??? I doubt it .

  39. Doitnow says:

    No apologies needed. Absolutely irrelevant, unnecessary and trivial.
    Apology is cheap, easy and in our country MEANINGLESS,
    what we need is ACCOUNTABILITY and JUSTICE TO BE DONE.

    Zaid’s suggestion on apology is pulling wool over everyone’s eyes.
    I am even more disappointed to read the Bar Council supporting this suggestion. Does this mean the Bar Council will also support that murderers merely apologise and go scot free???

    Wake up!! there is a new paradigm in Malaysia. We the people want

  40. democratic says:

    Just because it happened about 20 years ago does not mean an apology would do. The culprits are around. Why not charge them . Can you imagine how much the vitims have suffred not to mention their families their reputation to mention a few. If one counts dollars and cents it would be billions worth of damages caused by some greedy selfish politician/ s. If LKS or Karpal did t while in power you think they will just aske him to aplogise???
    Justice is for all at all times. dr.M built his empire and behave as if he owened the country and and he would be PM forever. In a way its good Dr.M is still around to see the mess he has made, and shamelessly criticising AAB.
    No one should be given mandate for tool ong to rule. I am sure that the reason the American presidenship only allowed 2 terms. Imagine if other wise what would have happened to the world now….

  41. Roy Selvan says:

    Be Realistic!!!!

  42. Roy Selvan says:

    Be Realistic!!!! Even America , SuperPower, Democrats,Christian Nation-(In God We Trust.) To-date have not taken such drastic action against their Former Presidents for their mis-deeds.Look now ,the Wife of Former Under The Table Lewinsky is running for President. Dont know who will be under her Table at the Oval Office….He Hah,What goes around comes around.Its my turn now,Honey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  43. Andrew says:

    Anwar’s answer in the newsweek interview served its purpose. To a dictator, to be ignored is a fate worse than death.

  44. RAJ RAMAN says:

    hi sloone,make it simple,mahathir have to minta ampun,badawi also have to minta ampun.the whole BN MUST MINTA AMPUN.to every malaysian due to their divide and rule,corrupt and the foremost badawi still in denial mode of changing topic of failure to keep his promises to be pm for all malaysian regardless race.thanks.raj raman.race.dreaming to be malaysian putra.religion;my problem to anwser to god when times comes by.BY THE WAY,I THINK ZAID IS VERY2 CUNNING.FOR HIS POLITICAL GAIN HE NOW BACK INTO BADAWI CAMP.I DONK KNOW WHY? HE IS RICH ENOUGH….Ooops power,he want power.POWER IS MOST CORRUPT.

  45. apalahsamy says:

    my fren told me anybody with the title TUN cannot be trial in court-he/she got the immunity ,ada betuikah??

  46. Roy Selvan says:

    That is the reason our Samy No Value was looking forward to before his retirement,for the Goverment to bestow him the title TUN. But dia tak dapat TUN but the public gave him PUN%&# pangkat.This so that he could also escape from the Law.

  47. malayamuda says:

    put DR M ON TRIAL


  48. ginrunner says:

    Justice means that the one who committed the crime face the consequences. So, it is perfectly fair that mahatir face the music. By whatever legal and constitutional means necessary, correct the wrongs, mahatir charge for abuse of power, compensate the victims.

    Roy selvan espoused mahatir’s achievements for the country. So what? At the expense of destroying the very foundation and fundamental core of the nation’s pillars? At the cost of sacrificing the soul of the country? At the expense of the suffering of the very poor while enriching the crooked?

  49. wits0 says:

    There’s nothing to prove that Mahathir’s achievements could have been achieved by another normal leader and with much less stress and damage in their wakes. He has set the country back by projecting his way as the only way. His way has been far too costly. It’s only now, with him out of the way, that a glimmer of hope beckons and the people breathes easier. What has he not repressed to assert his way?

  50. wits0 says:

    Correction: “There’s nothing to prove that Mahathir’s achievements could NOT have been achieved by another normal leader …”

  51. Roy Selvan says:

    The way you put it, makes one think that we are like the Ethopians now.Take it easy,we can shout and scream for Justice till the crows fly south or have to stand upside down fasting or when a camel go through a needles eye.The matter of the fact is sometimes only true Justice is done when we meet our maker.Tun Mahathir is untouchable.Period.Thats the Fact.Like Datuk Seri Anwar IBrahim said,when the Politician takes or rakes in money from their side dealings its call Commision,but if a Street Cop is caught taking bribe its Corruption.
    What I really respect about our Prime Minister is even when his always provoked and put down by Tun Mahathir, he never fights back.Imagine if it was the other way around. Datuk Seri AAB would be put in Operasi Longkang(Lalang).

    Lets hope our Rukun Negara remains the strong foundation as our Nation Pillars for our future and our Childrens future.

  52. James Joyce says:

    Actually as an after thought. The Jews never gave up looking for the Nazis – so why should we. Are we so forgiving??

    ISA is the instrument for the man. To Kamunting will be the deed – where a lot of his enemies are. I am sure they will give him an arousing welcome there.

  53. Roy Selvan says:

    Sometimes we watch Football Critizing all the players who make mistake.Imagine if suddenly we are transported in to the same field, we would be worse than most. Such is Politics. Compared to Indias Infrastucture ,even though they are considered Super-Power ,we are far better.That is thanking our-fore fathers.Everyone played a part from YAP AH LOY to TUN MAHATHIR. Compared to Suharto,Marcos,Estrada and many more, Tun Mahathir was a better Prime Minister.But, to much power and to long in governance corrupts the core value of a person.Lucky Sadam Hussein was not Malaysian……………

  54. asset man says:

    Mahathir is the no:1 liability to Malaysia. Malaysia was a total bankrupt country under this bankrupt Mahathir tight fist rule.

    Mahathir, Suharto and Marcos were the dark and evil forces for their respective people/ counties.

    The shenanigans of Mahathir are best illustrated by Soros, his nemesis..

    Soros: The corruption of Mahathir

  55. Lim says:

    Only apology???
    What about damage done???
    Any compensation???

  56. Lim says:

    From asset man, the ” Soros: The corruption of Mahathir ” is the letter everyone should read.
    Know why Mahaldeal sould become a TUN @ Ti*W, cauze just to cover his shit. Apology??? Our expectation is very much innocent

  57. wits0 says:

    Old timers could tell you of tales the late seventies wrt Mahathir when he was DPM. One was how he used the army to put up tents for his children’s wedding instead of rightfully paying for such services. Another from the gomen servants and union about that pay revision(which came after a long spell) under his auspices then, how he accorded the higher percentage increase to the top rather than the lower category of staffs. Wasn’t he simply bangsat?

  58. ex govt servant says:

    Agree – mother of bangsat

  59. KJ Clone says:

    Guys wake..Zaid was dropped when they thought they are powerful..after losing they have to appoint him..(nominated & recommended by KJ)
    They are trying to divert rakyat attention frommaking Pak Lah to resign..

    WAKE UP!

  60. Samson says:

    Suggestion…detention witout trials. Let him taste his own medicine. Period

  61. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    malayamuda Says:
    March 25, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    put DR M ON TRIAL


    I can’t help myself to say that why am I always agreeing with your viewpoint.

    The inference mostly by commentaters here is to tried Mahathir Mohamad in a Royal Commission Tribunal or the court of law for the misdeeds during his rule that his handpicked “Mr. Charltan” was proven too lame to redress. And he calls for AAB’s regignation and regretted Bodohwi’s appointment of what should have been Najib as PM.

    Hahaha. It’s all business lah. It’s all about business. Of coz he’s a “bangsat”.

  62. wits0 says:

    What was Anwar’s “abuse of power”, as compared with Operation Lallang? This is Mahathir’s greatest selective abuse of power because it affected many innocent lives and their family – a much greater sin than his persecution of Anwar.

    And what was it all purportedly about? Because some people questioned the matter about the indigenous status of another that they have to be behind bars? Today the veracity of the matter is everywhere well known that only the Orang Asli has real claim to be indigenous.

  63. citizen Kane says:

    What MM did was far far worse than Watergate. Impeach him. We make a mockery of our systems of justice if such a person occupying a high chair commits high treason and gets away scot free. Two standards of laws in the country? We will be ashamed of ourselves!

  64. anonymous says:

    already enriched himself and family so much with policy for himself. amounting to abusing of power. should prosecute him and confiscate all his money so that will deter others in power . strip off his tun title and place him under isa detention

  65. satay man says:

    Mahadog should be ch@8 into pieces, skewed into satay and sold on roadside in Penang.

  66. jie says:

    Our government know how to solve it… Just wait and see.
    Everybody have their own reason.. depends on their point of view.
    So, as a Malaysian..we have to unite together..

  67. John says:

    Did Zaid Ibrahim not lead a group of Muslim lawyers in opposing the Bar Council’s stance re the 1988 scandal and supported Dr M then? Has everyone forgotten Zaid’s stance then? Has he really changed?

  68. hkengmacao says:

    Mahathir must apologies to Tun Salleh Abas, other judges and all Malaysians. I just can’t understand so many people still ‘look up’ at Mahathir, and puzzled why he still can still ‘walk straight’ after doing so my wrongs.

    Mahathir also must apologies to Anwar Ibrahim for the sin he admitted in this video. Mahathir said Anwar did ‘no wrong’ and yet he has the power to put Anwar in prison. Go see this video for yourself.

  69. John says:

    Zaid Ibrahim and the judiciary: Apology plan
    By : ZAINUR ZAKARIA, Kuala Lumpur


    THE proposal by the de facto minister for law to get the government to apologise for the serious transgression of the law and the injustice committed by the previous administration against Tun Salleh Abas, other judges and their families is to be welcomed. I applaud Datuk Zaid Ibrahim’s proposal.

    However, I feel that the apology should not only be made by this present administration on behalf of the previous “management”.

    The minister himself should also tender a personal apology not only to Tun Salleh Abbas and the other judges, but also to the Bar Council.

    This is because, at the height of the judicial crisis between the Malaysian Bar and Tun Hamid Omar (the then lord president), Zaid, who was then the president of the Muslim Lawyers Association, issued a press release (NST, Nov 6, 1991) criticising the Bar Council.

    He called upon the Bar Council to dissolve itself or have its members quit en masse.

    Zaid also suggested that the government seriously consider setting up an alternative body that could work with the judiciary if the rift was not settled.

    To prevent further public acrimony between the judiciary and the Bar Council, Zaid further proposed the formation of a Malaysian Law Academy to replace the Bar Council.

  70. donplaypuks says:

    this is the problem in m’sia. we think an (probably insincere) apology will suffice when reputations have been shredded, spirits broken and lives shattered and destroyed. do not forget financial losses to tun salleh, george seah and wan sulaiman pawanteh.

    no, ‘the good dr’ must be made to pay by being put on trial and convicted for corruption, nepotism, misrule and gross abuse of power and made to serve a few years in prison. only then will the slate be clean and there be reconciliation at the national level.

    don’t forget the hundreds who were arrested on orders of ‘the good dr’ under the ISA and held in prison without being charged. how do we begin to compensate them for the deprivation of their basic, inalienable human rights, the loss to their families, children, relatives and friends?

    almost every contributary reason for the march 2008 electorate revolt has its roots in the 20-odd years of the self-proclaimed ‘benevolent dictator’. aab’s mistake was in assuming that the people will be cowed forever. so arrogance set in, and we saw increased corruption at high levels, kris abuse, blatant racial threats and taunts. the straw that broke the camel’sback – disrespect for Deepavali & CNY festive celebrations, and unfair increases in petrol, road toll charges and runaway inflation.

    so please, let’s not go soft now!!

  71. shuntoro says:

    i don’t know ur mean….

  72. Roy Selvan says:

    This is a new Information for me about Senator Zaid! Thanks-John, He must be the Chief of all Lalangs.Becareful. We need Operasi Potong Lalang. Cut the root before it takes head……….

  73. Roy Selvan says:

    I guest a born a mamak is always a mamak. Mamak, Teh Kurang manislah, Aiyoo Tambi , harga gula sudah naiklah. Mamak can never be a Melayu.

  74. This Mamak owes every Malaysian at least one so#@*y!

  75. wits0 says:

    In the eighties people were fearful to ask about his father and his mamak origin. This was only largely whispered…thanks to the long infamous Most Slavish Media!

  76. tbsbidayuh says:

    Mahathir has “saya tak ingat” disease. What to do?

  77. All the old folks have already retired: Mahathir, Ling Liong Sik, Lem Keng Aik, Lim Ah Lek, Musa Hitan…. etc. Why this Lim Kit Siang and Karpala Pusingh are still around main politics? Don’t they have other better things to do other politics?

    This just proves that these two are no different to Mahathir or worst than Mahathir, sama2 erh…

    Mahathir had resigned/ retired but still mired in politics. It’s time the people demand these old folks confine to the old folk home. They are just too old to get involved in modern politics.

    Dey! Baike and old rocket eunuch, both of you can go to the moon ‘main politics’ with the moon lady lah!

    Really damn sick and tired hearing all the obsolete rhetorics from all these expired skewed pork/ mutton in rusty canned politicians.

  78. observer says:

    Whether or not Mahathir apologize is not important. What is important now is to rebuild our nation.

    If we keep on doing the “look back dance”, we will never get any chance to put our feet forward. It’s the Forward March that we must take.

    Furthermore, even if Mahathir apologizes, so what? This guy has no heart, an apology from a heartless guy is meaningless.

    I rather put my time rebuilding my country than to hear a heartless man murmur his fake apology.

  79. CHRISTIAN says:

    Correct Correct Correct”

  80. wits0 says:

    Observer, to rebuild the country, there is need to identify where, when and how it has gone wrong. As it happened, Mahathir played a big part in that.

    We learn from history and the (often hidden) lessons within. If we blindly praise non heroes as heroes, we are not doing posterity any good.

  81. black dog says:

    I want to makan this Mahathir flesh and minum his blood to dissolve my deep deep hatred towards him.

    The former wicked Agong also played collusion with Mahathir in toppling the then Lord President.

    The Royals are just parasites. Time to ‘bungus’ the Royals before they destroy our nation!

  82. peace in hope says:

    I totally agree with what observer Said – we seem to be wasting time dwelling in the ‘unproductive’ issues when we need to be building the nation.

    Coudn’t agree with you more Observer.

  83. shuntoro says:

    my be i know in ur write ,,but i’m stupid to write..
    because,i don’t a child cleaver to eanglkish leaguage..

  84. Peace says:

    Someone pls enlighten me (only an ordinary netizen).Forgive my local english. How come all those big shots can get away so easily. When Dr M condemn AAB and Dr M’s son give official letter to AAB to step down and go against the Malaysia Government, how come they are not lock up by ISA or OSA when ordinary citizen like us go straight to jail when we go against the government?How come got double standard, ah. Got special privilege for these people, ah.Now Dr. M knows what it is like when no one listen to him. During his era, when the ordinary people protest he lend a deaf ear eg. toll plazas, when 10 residents associations protest he and his uncle sam bulldoz their way and shut all of us off.Every dog has its day!
    Btw, how come Dr M still look like in his 50’s when he is already 80 going on 90. Very deceiving look,eh.People say if you take the SHEEP PLACENTA (only for the v rich as it cost a bomb to consume), you will look 20 years younger. Cannot believe if he say he didn’t take the placenta or botox. If true, then, he is hiding his wrinkles under the sheep skin. In other words, its like a wolf in sheep skin. Same goes to his administration. Paint a nice smooth picture on the front but inside full of worms and maggots. Its time that all the “worms and maggots” are spilled from the cans to clear the wounds and heal the wounds.
    Just say sorry is not acceptable by the public. All guilty and commit CBT (i.e. taking public funds) must go to court and prove their innocence. If Dr. M & cronies are guilty then must be penalised and return all country and people’s money and the money could save so many lives and feed so many poor and sick people of Malaysia. Must root out all those country’s money that is flown and parked overseas by these people and put to good use and save our country. Dr M said we are a bankrupt, actually he and his cronies and his Umnoputeras are the ones that bankrupt this country and leave the shit to AAB after taking the gold! Dr. M is the cause of racial disharmony by having Umno party, MIC party and MCA party (racial segregation and distinction) and threatening the people with racial issues and threathening the people of colonisation when the world is in globalisation. Threatening and brainwash the Malays by reminding them of colonisation when in fact there is no such threat and threatening racial tension when in fact all the people live in muhibbah except those in UMNO,MCA &MIC(fighting among themselves for power and more money and Ali Baba biz).If Malaysia Government wants to promote racial harmony and Muhibbah (what our Bapa Malaysia’s vision) then they should dissolve the 3 racial parties and have only one BN comprising all races. (Too many cooks spoil the broth)!Save our lovely country before too late.We are all colorful Malaysians.Create a rainbow nation(too dull if only with one color).God bless us.Peace not war.No more Umno vs Umno, Umno vs MCA, Umno vs MIC, Umno vs coalition, Umno vs Opposition. All are but Malaysians. Please STOP FIGHTING. Our enemy is not within.

  85. dlquill says:

    Apology is not enough, he must be trial and if guilty, he must pay for it. If you commit a crime, it is always there and this is a crime that amount to being a traitor of the nation. Marcos, Soharto & Sadam H has paid for it.

  86. merlin says:

    A person with a conscience and humility will understand the word SORRY when he is wrong.
    Do you think madhatter belongs to this category?
    AAB must now show his strength and INVOKE the ISA on ANYONE who tries to create choas in our beloved Nation while the Police is still with him and the ARMY is at the AGONG’ s command. If any other Umno members try to cause disturbances also let them go in.
    After that CHARGE him and his CRONIES with all the the evils they did over 20 plus years. Not only domestically but internationally.
    Put LINGAM and Vincent TAN to be queried by the Internal Security Branch and they will sing like a canary. ( Credit to RPK his words.)
    There is no other way for us to get on with our lives normally If AAB do not ACT fast and firm. There is no other way period.

  87. True Grit says:

    If Mahatir and Diam are not in jail, no amount of talk will be good.
    Anti-this anti-that, anti-what?
    Stop the crooks first and put them in jail.
    Then start anew from there with a clean slate.
    Else all talk is a mockery, a fake, emmmmpty drum beating only.

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