“We’ve checked them out, they need to be blacklisted”.

So far, we’ve only heard about it. Friends in government service did gossip about it. But how far it is true, one cannot tell for sure.

Here is a letter on an UMNO letterhead addressed to the Works Department in Batu Pahat, Johor, informing the latter about a list of class F contractors who needed to be blacklisted because they are Opposition supporters. The letter was also copied to Johor Chief Minister Ghani Othman.


Hope our friends in the newspapers can help get feedback regarding this blatant and shameful discrimination.  Or, is this old news already? Never mind, for those who have not seen it, this is a historical document, cherish it.

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  1. J.H says:

    This is old news. I read the letter last year. Everyone knows NEP has turned into UMNO-Putratism. Even Malays don’t benefit from it. Only the UMNO Putras. If you don’t pussyfoot them, then woe unto you. But they know how to manipulate people. UMNO Biadap!

  2. koolgeek says:

    send it to the Star

  3. mitosblog says:

    One form of blackmail and threatening for not supporting the government. It does not work now, unfortunately.


  4. koolgeek says:

    send to wong chun wai

  5. ANg kong says:

    ‘send it to the Star’

    for what?

  6. Helping hand says:


  7. Andrew says:

    Don’t send. Throw it.

  8. Helping hand says:

    sorry too late

  9. malaysian says:

    Send it to the Star and ask them publish it. I am sure the balless Wong Chun Wai will not dare to publish it.

  10. Lim says:

    See this is the gift Mahadeal have given to the rakyat with his good bring up of his UNMO young generation leader.

    Hail to our TUN @ Ti*W Mahaldeal
    Wish you long live with all these blacklist and shamefull news on you

  11. kittykat46 says:

    Still playing the same old games.
    Wake up you dolts. Its the Rakyat’s money. Contracts should be given to capable contractors – not just UMNO cronies.

    I guess that’s why they are squealing in Penang now.
    What, contracts awarded based on merit ?…habislah…..tutup kedai..balik rumah…

  12. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    This is a political persecution. That Badawi never learn, will he?

  13. VotedForChange says:

    Send it to the Star… the BN Govt will set up a 3 member panel of cabinet ministers to ‘ascertain if the letter is genuine’… after the public outcry, there will be royal commission with a very limited scope enquiry to determine if there was ‘tampering in Batu Pahat with specific Class F contractors’. We’ll get the good senator saying ‘it looks like my letter, it sounds like my letter but i can’t be 100% sure it’s my letter without expert witness’!!!

  14. cyphuell says:

    it was a shameful and unprofessional conduct. voting is an exclusive rights given to every citizen in this country and it is guaranteed by the constitution. we have the privilage to vote for any party we support, and should not be punished for that.

  15. metro kajang says:

    Metro Kajang is looking for free illegal land. If you know any call me. We alienate cheap/ free land, then sell @ sky-rocketing price to the public. We also employ illegal thugs on sites to look after our projects/ interests.

    If you want to be our security, you have to be an illegal thug/ robber to join us. We provide cheap lodging and accommodation.

  16. Roy Selvan says:

    I wonder how the hack did this Nimwits knew,who the blacklisted F Class contractors voted for?? Tell me,tell me somebody tell me ??

  17. Lingam says:

    Patutlah all things up-side-down!

    Projek-projek besar bikin sini, bikin sana, pun masih bocor sini, retak sana! Repair banyak-banyak pun sama jugak!

    So, the contractors engaged for all those jobs are those useless blood suckers that only know how to bodek UMNO, even if they know nothing about construction!!!

    See … duit rakyat di”hijack” begitu saje! Patutlah tak sampai-sampai ke golongan miskin yang benar-benar perlukan pertolongan!!! Patutlah objektif DEB tak tercapai-capai meskipun sudah merdeka 50 tahun!!!!!! Another 50 tahun or 1000 tahun pun sama saje kalau hijackers yang juga racists tu tidak dibasmikan!

  18. cyphuell says:

    Roy selvan, do you still remember how the 2004 GE was carried out? the ballot paper was marked with serial number, and when we were given the ballot paper the serial number was recorded to our name? this is how they manage to know about it (although it is only my presumption, but it is logically acceptable since SPR have the control and access to the ballot paper and list of voters before and after the GE).

  19. hazel says:

    Have one similar to that dated long-long ago, except the contents was more on how to ‘discipline and teach’ the Muslim so they can’t be aware of Malay-Muslim-UMNO wrongdoings.

    bious lot ! busuk punya kaki !!

  20. tbsbidayuh says:

    This is what Maharhir have said.

    “If we support we will get the contract but we keep on opposing than we will not get the contract.”

    It is normal in BN.

  21. jedyoong says:

    Cherish the historical document.

  22. JUDE says:

    But, I thought they abolish the Serial No thingy this GE08.
    Well anyway ,
    Kepada semua Contractor UMNO Kelas@@# ada kelas ke tak ada kelas,Ini pemberitahuan:- Terima lah padah ,jika kamu menyokong UMNO.
    Mereka tak tengok qualification tapi hanya tengok Kulitfication dan Bodekfication . Jadi,Sokonglah Barisan BA…………….

  23. sam says:

    Check out the writer

    He may very well own a few construction outfits.

    Killing off the competition, they call it.

  24. Alternative Front Rocks says:

    This is another disgraceful act of UMNO.. they are like an organised crime syndicate. Who voters cast their votes for can still be traced, phantom and postal vosts are still used rampantly. HOW COME AH!!! Support the Alternative Front, the truely harmonised and integrated Malaysia coalition. At least there is still a ray of hope.

  25. Abu Rafiq says:

    Mind you, this guy is now an elected MP for the Batu Pahat seat. Things could get worst.

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