But wait…this is not Pakistan, nor Musharraf (pixs), but Terengganu and Idris Jusoh.

What happens when UMNO is “disloyal” to the Sultan of Terengganu, who is also the country’s present Monarch (as in Agung), over his choice of Menteri Besar? What happens when UMNO accuses the state ruler of ‘unconstitutional’ behaviour when his Majesty appointed someone not of UMNO’s choice to be ‘head of state’?

A state of emergency, I would say, as all hell seem to be breaking loose in the east coast state. UMNO cannot accept “NO” for an answer, you see. Not even from the Monarch, or the Sultan, himself. Which makes UMNO…?

A constitutional crisis is about to explode in that small eastern state. And who will be the first casualty? The people, of course. This is the only state without a Chief Minister at the moment. You can imagine how bewildered the people of Terengganu are at this sorry state of affairs.

(Hey, I remember seeing old Malay movies about traitors who went against the royal kingdom. Do you know what happenned to them? A very painful punishment, I would say – sodomised publicly with a young bamboo shoot – correct me if  I am wrong).


Why is it that UMNO can go against the Terengganu royalty and no one make a big fuss about it? Why is it that no one calls PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Tun Razak ‘traitor’ or ‘biadap‘ (as in bad/ill mannered) when they refuse to accept the Sultan’s decision? 

Remember what happenned when DAP Lim Kit Siang asked his party to boycott the appointed Perak menteri besar because he was from PAS?

In Terengganu, Kijal assemblyperson Ahmad Said has been appointed Menteri Besar but all those 22 UMNO goons (BN state representatives) have decided to boycott him coz he was not their choice as in “Idris Jusoh” (who according to Sheih @ Kickdefella, is a corrupted guy).

Worst still, UMNO had sacked Ahmad for ‘disobeying the party leadership’ (read Abdullah/Najib) and says his appointment by the Sultan is “unconstitutional”. This is despite the fact that Ahmad has got grass roots supporters, according to Malaysiakini.

Najib, however, rebuted this and said Idris has the support of 23 out of the 24 state assembly persons, therefore he should be the state chief, and this was constitutional as UMNO had the majority seats in the state (Bernama). Isn’t he accusing the Sultan of being ‘unconstitutional’?

So what now? Does UMNO own Terengganu or the Sultan? Heaven forbid, if it is UMNO, or are we already too late?


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  1. kai says:

    As a constitutional monarch, I believe that rejecting a particular candidate for the MB post is the prerogative of the Ruler. However picking one of his own choices without first consulting or the approval of the winning party (BN), in my opinion is not correct. I don’t think anyone from both side of politics can support that kind of decision. The Sultan should have asked BN to submit an alternative if he was not happy with their first choice. It looks like the Sultan is stirring up the pot!


  2. Feroz Merican says:

    Umno is forcing the Yang DiPertuan Agung’s hand. Badawi is obviously listening to Najib’s counsel. Badawi is so clueless he does not know he is signing his own death warrant within the party. Classic Othello, Badawi falls and Iago(Najib) takes over. Obviously Badawi was sleeping during English Lit class in Penang Free School. A little Shakespeare goes a long way. Problem is Khairy cannot wait to tell the Media the real story behind Altantuya’s murder. State of Emergency? No, our country does not have that history. Backroom deals and backstabbing is more our style. OK, Susan, I tell you what , within 6 weeks Najib will be Prime Minister. Khairy will be forced out by Najib , too.

  3. Feroz Merican says:

    Isn’t it great to see Malays fighting with Malays for once? Padan muka and the Melayus can shout Daulat Tuanku all they want. Let’s see if they know how to settle without crying like babies.

  4. hutchrun says:

    Nuraini writes in her blog:

    Abdullah said the appointment by Kijal assemblyman Ahmad Said was unconstitutional.

    Read the Bernama reports here and here.

    And read the views of a consitutional law expert, Shad Faruqi here.

    They’re right on Perlis but not on Terengganu?

  5. hutchrun says:

    the Sultan of T`ganu should `Buang Negeri` the whole lot of UMNO Assemblymen for `derhaka`. Then fresh elections can be held.

  6. hutchrun says:

    UMNO operatives may have learned their lesson with this election, but it is already too late. The implosion of UMNO has begun.

    That said though, there are still some slow learners within UMNO; the lesson has yet to sink into Abdullah Badawi, for example. He still thinks he had a thunderous victory and vows to carry on with business as usual. Unfortunately his ministers and UMNO Supreme Council members are all lembik. To them, their naked emperor is still immaculately attired in fine embroidery. There is no jantan left in UMNO to disabuse Abdullah of his delusion. That is, until now.

  7. caravanserai says:

    Oh Terengganu!
    You wanted a piece of the action
    Stand up to your rights
    The UMNO guys won’t let it go

    Perlis did it her way
    She got what she wanted
    The UMNO guys agreed
    She knew how to make her way

    Perak got her wisdom
    She asked the coalition to sign letters
    Supporting the choice of the kingdom
    Nobody loses only UMNO couldn’t say
    It is the Malay NGOs
    Talking about marginalized of Malays!
    Just 2 weeks into the coalition rule
    How so I can’t understand!

    Oh Terengganu!
    Better call for snap election
    Let the people teach them lessons
    For being so rude to the Sultan
    The present Supreme Ruler of the country

    Wrong steps you took
    The law stated you were wrong
    Your choice wasn’t in the law
    The UMNO isn’t letting you go

    So the new MB
    Declare a state snap election
    In 90 days let UMNO sweat awhile
    Maybe this is what you intended to do
    Oh Terengganu!

    The people wait
    The way you want to go
    You make your stand
    Let see what UMNO will do

  8. James Joyce says:

    The Sultan (the Agung) can choose whosoever he likes. That is his perogative. I think UMNO (not BN) should submit another name (there are 22 other idiots to choose from) to appease the situation.

    Jusoh can then be the nominated puppet master, everybody happy.

    But if UMNO is still adamant on their selected ONE candidate, then the Agung is not given a democratic choice (ie to choose) from the lot. Then he is forced to call him his Royal Guards and even the Army to banish the said “band of fools” from HIS state.

    Call for a snap election and then see the new outcome. You never know – the rakyat is watching.

  9. imwatchingu says:

    When Lim Kit Siang made a little boo boo on Perak and inspite of his profound apology to the sultan, they still came down on him like a ton of bricks. Demostrations, curses, the works. Look what is happening now in Terengganu and against the Agong?

    Inspite of the severe beating in the recent election, they still go on merrily with their old ways. They can face reality.

    Why are they so set in Idris Jusoh being the CM? It’s all about money, billions of it I bet.

  10. whispering9 says:

    (Hey, I remember seeing old Malay movies about traitors who went against the royal kingdom. Do you know what happenned to them? A very painful punishment, I would say – sodomised publicly with a young bamboo shoot – correct me if I am wrong).

    Hahahaha…very likely I think not ‘cos my dad was in the P.Ramlee age film industry and I probably have seen all the old malay movies there were. However, they did send for Hang Tuah to do the dirty job. But wait…I think the roles have switched. Today, thhey are treating our King as a Hang Jebat…rather disrespectful.

  11. hutchrun says:

    Whispering9: – `sodomised publicly with a young bamboo shoot`
    I think that was for adultery.

    I`m not very sure of the exact punishment for lese majeste (i.e. offense against the dignity of the sovereign), but you are right it would have been very painful.
    As the Queen of Hearts in `Alice In Wonderland` would say:
    `Off with their heads`

  12. thinkvision says:

    Why are UMNO now referring to the constitution as their guiding light to deny the King, his rightful power to appoint the MB? Doesn’t the king has the right to interpret the constitution as he wishes? I am sure his majesty is not taking his leisurely stroll along the beach just to spite Abdullah & his cronies in Terengganu.

    Didn’t they for the past 40 years interpreted as they like the NEP for the benefits of UMNOputras?

    Oh well, they could just refer to their “constitutional copy writer” who was recently out-of-a-job to amend the constitution again. I am sure they could reduce the power of monarchy to mere ants in their respective states. But then again, they have lost their power of 2/3 majority in Parliament! What to do? Hmmm….. beg DAP, PAS to PKR to support their motion?

    If everything else failed, Abdullah should just step down quietly and get lost. Even a royalty whom his party deemed to be powerless & only good for postage stamps can be seen to go against his wishes. And it’s not just one royalty, mind you. It’s the whole lot! Now that is humiliating! What is he waiting for? For the rakyat to dragged him down like a dog and shoot him in public?

  13. Panglima Awang says:

    Like Husam said there could be one very major secret that explains why Dollah really must have Idris as MB. Apparently it is linked to bumiputra like Patrick Lim Badawi and the state’s Oil Royalty-turned-Wang Ehsan.

    The Sultan and the Regent Advisory Council are not robots.

    In making their choice, they have to be sensitive to the wishes of the grassroots – the ordinary folks- Terengganu’s Makkal Sakti. Terengganu subjects of whatever persuasion will never accept those who are biadap to the Sultan, doesn’t matter if they are from UNMO.

  14. joo ngan says:

    So is UMNO going to protest now and label themselves as biadap and kurang ajar? Are they going to march on the palace and demand an apology from their own buffoons?

    Why is the PM so insistent on Idris being the MB? Is Idris privy to some juicy secret that cannot be laid bare? Is Badawi’s nether region being squeezed in a bind by Idris because he (Idris) knows about all the dirty laundry floating around in T’gganu? Obviously the T’gganu palace is extremely unhappy with Badawi’s choice. Very curious indeed.

    A person ie our PM who has nothing to hide can easily recommend another candidate who is more acceptable to the sultan. The fact that AAB is so adamant on Idris and is willing to go head to head with the sultan is particulary fishy. Afraid that a Pandora’s box will be opened?

  15. brave citizen says:

    ha ha ha… umno are FOOLS!

    umno ship is already half sunk! Do NOT PIJAK the SULTAN’s decision!
    those with otak, bail out while u still can.. bring all your umno money with you!

  16. He who has the last say
    Will be victor for that day
    He who has the final ‘nay’
    Will still have his own way

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240308
    Mon. 24th March 2008.

  17. Do we still have puppets on a string
    Or is there now a string around the puppets?
    Are there still people who for power wring
    Without fear of being put on the carpet?

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 240308
    Mon. 24th March 2008.

  18. chand says:

    Yes. Let the opposition parties -collectively- their support for the sultans. Let them now demonstrate to show the respect they have for the sultans. The royalty will then know that the chinese are more civilized.

  19. taksin says:

    The appointment is by convention and not prerogative. Maybe we can have another ” Gomez show ” before the problem is settled. We are a Constitutional Monarchy so let us remain that way or we prefer the ” Brunei Model “. The choice is yours.

  20. Before all this blew up, Idris Jusoh said something to the effect “I accept any decision made. I leave it to God.” Now he is singing a different song. Is he going against the sultan’s decision or is he playing god? Both obviously.

  21. KShan says:

    “Remember what happenned when DAP Lim Kit Siang asked his party to boycott the appointed Perak menteri besar because he was from PAS?”

    Ya, let’s see what that racist Rocky Bru and RPK have to say about the fiasco in Terengganu!!

  22. klmc says:

    MSM is deafeningly quiet about any condemnation of these geezers…. but when it was LKS, …. c’mon …. can’t everyone see this supreme unfairness? Somemore it was just some 10 days back! Surely people can’t have forgotten and have since drawn their own parallels? C’mon the makcik and the pakciks in rural malaysia! See BN and the MSM for what it is !

  23. Margeemar says:

    Ketika Lim Kit Siang mengeluarkan perintah untuk semua 18 ADUN DAP untuk memulau perlantikan MB Perak, para goblok UMNO telah mengamok dan mengecam pemimpin DAP tu. Ada yang menunjuk perasaan di Selangor dan Perak kononnya menjaga martabat institusi Beraja . Segala sepanduk telah dikeluarkan dan segala dakwaan telah diluahkan dari isi perut mereka demi bangsa dan agama.

    Tiba-tiba muncul pula, 25 NGO Melayu yang kononnya bertanggungjawab untuk menjaga kepentingan kaum Melayu di negeri-negeri yang dikuasai pembankang. Pada pemikiran kolot dan sempit mereka hanyalah yang UMNO boleh membela bangsa Melayu. Bagi anasir-anasir ini, hanyalah orang Melayu Islam yang cintakan Raja dan negara dan kaum-kaum lain bukan 100% rakyat Malaysia.

    Wahai saudara-saudari Melayuku bangunlah dari tidurmu dan menghidu udara kenyataan yang orang bukan Melayu dan bukan Islam di negara ini bersedia meletakkan nyawa mereka demi Raja dan negara demi kesejahteraan kita semua.

    Lebih menyedihkan lagi terdapat orang Melaayu di negara ini yang lebih mempercayai Tok Arab, Indon, Pakistan dan Bangla daripada saudara-saudara kita dikalangan orang Cina, India, Kadazan, Murut, Bajau, Bidayuh, Melanau, Serani, Orang Asli dll. Inilah yang dilakukan oleh rejim BN-UMNO ini untuk memecah-belahkan kaum majmuk di negara ini. Dalam era globalisasi ini, kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia tidak boleh melihat kepada warna kulit atau agama. Kita perlu bersatu dibawah naungan Dulu Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda sebagai lambang perpaduan Bangsa Malaysia.

    Tibalah masanya untuk semua rakyat Malaysia tak kira bangsa atau agama bangkit dan meminta agar tindakan undang-undang diambil terhadap Kerajaan Barisan Nasional dan pemimpinnya kerana tindakan biadap dan penderhakaan terhadap Duli Tuanku. Akhir kata, dimanakah sekarang 25 NGO Melayu tu. Memang mereka ini didalangi UMNO. Daulat Tuanku! Hidup Malaysia!

  24. HKengmacao says:

    The reason behind for all these fiasco is due to unfairness of Umno for hijacking oil royalty of 5% which should rightfully goes to rakyat of Trengganu. As per an article by RPK, Idris Jusoh was the main player for this hijacking during TDM time.

  25. Borak says:

    UMNO = Melayu = Islam?
    bila UMNO kena kritik org bukan Melayu, depa kata bukan Melayu anti Islam, anti Melayu. Nak mansuhkan DEB yg penuh rasuah, orang lain cabar hak Melayu? cabar hak bumiputra and etc.
    Apa yg tak manfaat pada UMNO adalah tak baik bagi Melayu?
    Tulah UMNO yg khayalkan selama ni

  26. SuaraAku says:


    Itulah tajuk yang saya fikir sesuai diberikan dalam drama di Terengganu.

    Remember!!…Remember!!!…UMNO like a piece of RAKYAT’S SHITT.

  27. SuaraAku says:


    Itulah tajuk yang saya fikir sesuai diberikan dalam drama di Terengganu.

  28. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Sent all UMNOrites who unflinclingly go against her Majesties decision to Kamunting Detention Centre. No, no, no. I am against the ISA. Let’s just say “Sack em all!”

  29. SuaraAku says:


    Itulah tajuk yang saya fikir sesuai diberikan dalam drama di Terengganu.

    Remember!!…Remember!!!…UMNO like a piece of RAKYAT’S SH*T.

  30. Azman M Rizaluddin says:

    Si Deris Jusoh dan 23 kuncu-kuncu nya ni betul-betul bodoh dan biadab. Sudah menderhaka kepada Sultan masih lagi nak tinggal di Terengganu di bawah naugan baginda Sultan. Kalau orang ada akal dan maruah, selepas menderhaka, bawa lah diri. Angkat kaki dan pergilah ke negeri yang tidak beraja seperti Melaka ke, Pulau Batu Putih ke ataupun Pulau di tengah-tengah laut Cina Selatan yang tunutan bertindih (lupa apa namenya).

    Saya syor Idris Jusoh dan kuncu-kuncu nya, buka lah negeri baru. Tak perlu besar di Tanjung Rambutan atau Tampoi. Nah di sana di Istana merangkap Balai Rongseri nya, Derih & 23 Adun BN tersebut boleh mendabik dada, ” Ha Ha Ha…. aku Raja….aku King of the world…aku berkuasa….Ha Ha Ha…aku Imam Had tigasuku Hari….lebih hebat dari Imam Had Hari…Ha Ha Ha…” sepnajang hari, sepanjang malam kecuali masa santapan yang di layan oleh gundik gundik berbaju putih.

  31. […] and UMNO responded by protesting that picking anyone but Idris is ‘unconstitutional’. They threatened to boycott the swearing in ceremony. They threatened Ahmad to obey UMNO’s […]

  32. sam says:

    Why is federal gomen so adamant about having Idris selected?

    Are the State Secretariat files and documents still in good order or are they all shredded?

    Please DAP, PKR or PAS – offer your assistance to the state to safeguard the valuable information

  33. lucia says:

    kshan, apart from that 2 ‘famous’ bloggers name you mentioned, there were also a few other ‘famous’ bloggers who bashed LKS like mad – and yes, all of them are very silent now on this matter. well some may blog on it but then why didn’t they bashed UMNO just as they did to LKS?

    whatever it is, there shouldn’t be 2 different set of laws – if in perak, people (esp. the UMNOputera) believe the law say final decision is up to the sultan, so should it be in terengganu too!
    (but sad to say we all know there are 2 sets of laws in bolehland – one for UMNO and one for the DAP/PKR/PAS and rakyat)

  34. Lim says:

    Hi guy’s, I dot to know that Sultan have no power to choose a candidate by The Royal Highness (TRH) on his ownl, if UNMO & Bodohwi disagree. UMNO claim TRH act confliting with democracy. But in our Perlembagaan (I state below for reference), the Raja come first even before negara, undangan & perlembagaan. So now it is how, Raja first or democracy first.

    Kepercayaan Kpd Tuhan
    Kesetiaan Kpd Raja & Negara
    Kedaulatan Undang*2
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    Sesopanan & Kesusilaan

    Someone who are sure please give an answer.

  35. Lim says:

    In Perak
    Sultan vs LKSing = sure Sultan win

    In Terengganu
    Sultan vs Pak Lah = who win???

  36. Lim says:

    opps some typo mistake and fragment make my above comment confusing.

    What I mean is, does the Sultan have power to choose his own candidate to be MB if the candidate offer by UMNO is not satisfied by the sultan.
    According to our Country’s perlembagaan (stated beleo for reference),
    the Raja come first even before negara, undangan & perlembagaan.So is The Sultan above or below the democracy.

    Kepercayaan Kpd Tuhan
    Kesetiaan Kpd Raja & Negara
    Kedaulatan Undang*2
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    Sesopanan & Kesusilaan

    Someone who are sure please give an answer to this.

  37. Antares says:

    Slowly the juicy stuff is leaking out of the Terengganu impasse. There’s a piece on Malaysia Today that reveals why Ahmad Badawi has a personal interest in keeping Idris Jusoh as MB. Apparently, him and his SIL – in cahoots with Patrick Badawi Lim – have been treating the RM1 billion annual oil royalties that rightfully belongs to the people of Terengganu as their own bottomless purse for spendthrift projects like the Monsoon Cup, Crystal Mosque, and a slew of other useless schemes that benefit only the Badawi-KJ-Patrick Lim clique. Idris Jusoh has been an accomplice – not always willing – but he’s been paid enough for him to go along with the dastardly scheme. In this instance we can see that Badawi has only been carrying on the famous Umno tradition of crony capitalism firmly established by his predecessor. This is why, regardless of the legalistic nitpicking over Constitutionality and the Sultans’ royal prerogratives, I am delighted in this instance that the Agong (in his capacity as Sultan of Terengganu) has chosen to put his foot down hard. Another stone has been
    turned by the tsunami of March 8th… and, as to be expected, the Dacing has been forced to expose another can of wriggling Cacing!

  38. greeneyesjelly says:

    Denying the BERSIH rally is not “unconstitutional”.
    Denying the HINDRAF rally is not “unconstitutional”.
    Denying the newspapers to publish the truth is not “unconstitutional”.
    Denying more schools and temples for ethnics other than Melayu is not “unconstitutional”.
    But denying a corrupt-to-the-core piece-of-$**t is “unconstitutional”.
    I wonder if the constitution was written by UMNO and UMNO alone and no other than UMNO.

  39. Waaa…

    Looks like the non-Malays are having fun watching Malays fighting over each other here. Very good, this is only to prove that the non-Malays are racists deep down inside. Typical idiotic Malaysians! 🙂

    Welcome to Malaysia!

  40. Alex The Great says:

    From standard one, I was taught we must respect our Agong and Sultans.

    If our Agong or Sultan say it’s black, then it is black. Why people still say white when they see it’s black.

    I dun know. After the dismay performance by BN, which was absolutely measured and given much weighted points by the Rakyat, the more so we must follow the Agong’s wisdoms.

  41. hazel says:

    What can you say Malay Women in Malaysia, that is very typical Malay sick behaviour right from zaman purba, before the coming of Islam to Tanah Melayu. Give them an empayar and they sold it away 😀

  42. javabean says:

    Ala.. Malay women in Malaysia… go solve your internal issues first before worrying bout what the neighbours are saying… 😛


  43. kittykat46 says:

    Come on…why do we have to bring in the racial issue…this episode involves The Constitution, the power of the Rulers, the power of the Executive, ah..yes…corruption, abuse of public funds, cronyism.

    Why have to bring in Malays/non-Malays issues where there is none ?

    Just 3 weeks ago I managed to convince some old Ah Ee relatives of mine it was OK to vote PAS in their constituency…are we back to square one ?

  44. pemantau says:

    So now you’re a royalist, Susan? Hate is soooo easy, isn’t it? Just hate whom you like – lots of support for all hatred among your followers.

  45. Kok Yoon Lee says:

    Not a non-malay laughing at Malays. Just a non-BN supporter laughing at UMNO and their double standards.

    Daulat Tuanku!

  46. fucai says:

    yalah , RPK , ROCKY,ZORRO – why so quiet huh???

  47. James Joyce says:

    Malay women in Malaysia is a natural racist.

    The race element is right infront of her – if she doen’t bring it up, what other subject to talk about. Malay women still in Malaysia??

    Jangan marah…. you started it. We were all monarchist not UMNOist .

  48. micon02 says:

    Don’t quarrel

    Good move by Agong
    The whole UMNO leaders & ADUN must apologize to Agong, otherwise BN is no longer relevant

  49. andrew das arulsamy says:

    i heard that Abodohlah Bodohwi is setting up Nenek UMNO for Rafidah aziz… is it true?

  50. ANg kong says:

    the plot is getting thicker and thicker…..

    forget abt the tv drama…UMNO has everything… sex, murder, money, power and monarchy somemore…. better than the Princess Diana’s story lah…

  51. micon02 says:

    Malaysia today

    But the new Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, would not tolerate one man managing the state’s coffers. He wanted Idris Jusoh’s hands out of the RM800 million a year cash box. However, to revert to the 5% royalty only meant that the money would come directly under state control. That would not serve their purpose. They wanted direct control of the RM800 million. Now it is under the control of the Prime Minister’s Department but passed down to Idris Jusoh’s hands. What they needed to do was to get Idris Jusoh’s hands out of the equation.

    Then Khairy Jamaluddin, Abdullah’s son-in-law cum adviser, came out with a fantastic new ‘umbrella concept’, better than even Mahathir’s. They wanted control of the RM800 million a year. But they did not want to get it out of Idris Jusoh’s hands by putting it into the hands of the state. That would merely be a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire. They wanted direct control of the money without Idris Jusoh deciding on how the money is spent.

    And this is how they did it. First they appointed Wan Farid, Khairy’s ‘running dog’, as Abdullah’s Political Secretary. Then they appointed Wan Hisham, Wan Farid’s brother, as the State Exco Member in-charge of tourism. Then they gave Patrick Lim, Khairy’s business partner, the sole monopoly of all state tourism projects. Now the network is intact and Idris Jusoh has been cut off.

    Patrick Lim’s job is to create all sorts of state tourism projects at hugely inflated prices. He would then propose these projects to Wan Hisham, the man in-charge of tourism. Wan Hisham would then pass them on to his brother, Wan Farid. Wan Farid would then pass them on to Khairy. Idris Jusoh would of course be left out of the loop and he would only know about them when it was a fait accompli — as the Malays would say, “Nasi sudah jadi bubur”

  52. Michael Sun says:

    I refer to

    “Feroz Merican Says:

    March 24, 2008 at 7:44 am
    Umno is forcing the Yang DiPertuan Agung’s hand. Badawi is obviously listening to Najib’s counsel. Badawi is so clueless he does not know he is signing his own death warrant within the party. Classic Othello, Badawi falls and Iago(Najib) takes over. Obviously Badawi was sleeping during English Lit class in Penang Free School. A little Shakespeare goes a long way.”

    Those early days the brightest students after Standard Six, went to Penang Free School and Badawi has never been to PFS. It is apparent now, that Badawi was not even bright during his school days and was not qualified to enter the hallow gates of PFS.

    Phew! that was close. Many Old Frees won’t like to be associated with such a dumb PM.

  53. micon02 says:

    4 Sebab mengapa Tuanku sangat murka Idris!
    Posted on Monday, March 24 @ 17:58:44 MYT by greenboc

    Oleh kerana Idris Jusoh dan kuncu-kuncunya sudah terlalu biadap dan derhaka pada Sultan, maka disini diperturunkan sebahagian sebab musabab mengapa Tuanku sangat murka kepadanya. Maklumat ini diperolehi dari sumber yang sangat rapat dengan pihak Istana Terengganu!

    Tuanku SANGAT MURKA kerana :

    Idris Jusoh memasukkan duit royalti minyak sebanyak RM800 juta ke dalam akaunnya. Duit itu diuruskan oleh Wan Farid, Wan Hisham & Khairy Jamaluddin!

    2) Projek Monsoon Cup adalah silap mata sahaja. Ia untuk Idris dan puak-puaknya mengaut duit dengan sebanyak-banyaknya!

    3) Sebelum PRU-12, Idris telah menjual seluas 30,000 ekar tanah pada tauke cina dengan mengambil jutaan duit lagi untuk diri dan kroninya!

    4) Dan ada sebanyak 25 KES lagi dalam tangan Tuanku Sultan!

    Tuanku Sultan melantik Datuk Mat Said kerana hanya beliau seorang sahaja yang berani melawan Idris Jusoh dan puak-puaknya. Pak Lah pula pertahankan Idris kerana beliau mempunyai kepentingan dalam projek-projek untuk baham duit rakyat!

    Wahai rakyat sekelian, marilah bangkit menyokong Tuanku Sultan! Baginda bertindak demikian semata-mata untuk mempertahankan hak rakyat! Jangan biarkan Tuanku bersendirian berdepan dengan puak-puak yang selama ini berlagak membela rakyat, padahal merekalah perompak harta harta rakyat!


  54. partistar says:

    Hey fellows, are we talking about facts or our interpretations of events?

    What if the Sultan, who is now King of Malaysia, have no power in the State and the Regent who happens to be his brother makes up his mind to appoint his own proxy to the oil money? What happen then?

    If what is said by the writer is true, who have the power under Federal Constitution to determine the Executive power? Please remember the Supremacy of the Parliament and the amendment to the Constitution to that effect!

    Tregganau crisis may be motivated by greed from one side or the other, but never presume nor judge until we have the facts right! Now are we sure we get the facts right?

  55. wits0 says:

    Malay Women In Malaysia, you project your own racist negativity again on to others. In fact, you display that your own innate Schadenfreude is based on and rooted more in race and bigotry, rather than on the deservingness arising from human crookedness.

  56. Kedaulatan Melayu says:

    UMNO ni memang BIADAP dan KURANG AJAR terhadap Raja dan Negara!!!

    Although it may not be constitutional right for the Sultan to appoint an MB that doesn’t command enough support from the state assemblymen, the matter could actually be resolved in other better amicable ways than being so BIADAP and KURANG AJAR!

    Hey, is UMNO waging a war against the King???

    Why aren’t the mainstream papers reporting these true facts about UMNO when they actually made a mountain out of a molehill on LKS’s case??

  57. chuah ken leong says:

    based on his comment towards Malay, i believe that Feroz Merican is either a Jew or a Nazi. or perhaps, a devil in disguise. Feroz, it’s time for you to change your nationality. you can choose any countries that you like to live in. and please respect other races and religions! loser!

  58. simon lee says:

    Mr. Feroz, your statement is dangerous! I wish someday a car will run you down like a stray dog! you are totally not a Malaysian! daulat tuanku!

  59. hutchrun says:

    Bad`s a dead man walking. The T`ganu affair will only serve to further weaken him. Now:

    `The 21 Terengganu assemblymen, headed by Datuk Rosol Wahid, have agreed not to boycott the swearing in ceremony, meaning more trouble for the besieged prime minister.`

    I see a pattern of sorts developing. Those UMNO divisions that lost, are gunning him. Latest is Muar.
    Bad-awi will be migrating.

  60. hutchrun says:

    Malay women in Malaysia is a natural racist. – James Joyce

    Very true. That blog even took KTemoc to pieces once. It was so disgusting that I never go that blog anymore. It`s full of pus oozing sores.

  61. hutchrun says:

    This is what the rabid rascist writes at Nur`s blog:

    Anonymous Malay Women in Malaysia said…

    Look at what UMNO has become nowadays. A far cry from the UMNO that our past generations had known in the 50s and 60s.

    What will happen to the Malays now?

    ‘Gajah sama gajah berperang, tikus non-Malays berjoget on the sidelines’

    Malay Women in Malaysia

    4:21 PM

    So full of hate and NEP cacatness.

  62. hutchrun says:

    TANAH MELAYU telah jatuh dalam tangan kaum pendatang (Tanah Melayu has fallen into the hands of the immigrants)! – Razaleigh

    Just another racist.

  63. Borak says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia !!
    Tulah tanggapan yg UMNO selalu bentukkan selama ni, dah berpuluh tahun. bila UMNO dikutuk, jadikan kutukkan pada bangsa Melayu.
    UMNO = Melayu ?? tak tahan lagi org sokong buta tuli cam tu.

  64. Patrick SA Chai says:

    All it takes is for the army to do a “Thaksin” on Palalala.

  65. micon02 says:

    9pm latest – Terangganu MB for work tomorrow, attorney-general doesn’t get to see Sultan

  66. Richard teo says:

    I dont see any UMNO members demonstrating for being biadap to the sultan.Why is there the double standard?
    Why cant the legal dept from the A.G dept advise the sultan what is the correct way to form the govt. i.e on the advice of the P.M or the discretion of the Sultan.

  67. James Joyce says:

    Talking about the AG advising the sultan, why can’t he advise the sultan diplomatically and quitely instead of through the media.

    No manners.

  68. JenniferLoo says:

    My brothers and sisters,

    The time has come for us to show the UMNOputras another lesson. The first lesson that we taught them during the PRU12 did not seem to penetrate through their thick skulls. Therefore, let us hurt them where they are most vulnerable: money.

    Since the UMNO ass lickers love to boycott and “show solidarity”, let us give them a taste of their medicine by boycotting all UMNO and crony owned businesses. Let us drive a stake through their hearts and hopefully come PRU13 they will cease to be relevant.

    I am now compiling a list of companies owned by these unruly fear-mongers and their cronies. If you have information or knowledge of any companies owned by these corrupted people, please do not hesitate to email me at

    Soon, I will publish a list of UMNOputra related companies for action (boycott) to be taken against them. Jom boikot!

    Hidup Barisan Rakyat!

  69. LoveMalaysiaRakyat says:

    C’mon guys, is this a case of UMNO and Pak lah versus SUltan of Terengganu?
    Or is this the case of money corruption and that is the truth and nothing but the truth?
    Definitely, it has nothing to do with what Malay women in Malaysia “thinks” it is…
    There are many decent people , Malaysians of all races, having different religious beliefs who know this is a matter of MONEY!
    It is just that since there are cracks in UMNO, now is the time to act, the Sultans who had been “disrobed” of al their powers by Dr M, can now take back their powers.

    Also, the money has leaked out of the State’s coffers to “other people”…Betul tak???

    Let us be reasonable to realise that no one can truly have all power, for absolute power corrupts, and it corrupts absolutely. So the Sultans and the Constitution/Parliament have to understand how that works out… who has what power and who can exercise what power at what time?

    By the way, I am not happy nor laughing at this matter, whilst all this is going, the other nations are laughing at us, but we will be crying cause we the ordinary rakyat will suffer when the economy is down. So Malay women in Malaysia, there are many like me who love our country, by the way we hail from Sabah, Sarawak, Peranakan and many others. This is our country. And we are concerned over this matter.

    Just don’t be a katak dibawah tempurung OK? Go out there to other nations and see for yourselves what is real life…unless you have grouped and huddled together whilst studying overseas and not mixed due to your being “Malay”. I am sure that is not the case?? so quit the racist comments and be more logical.


  70. freewave says:

    “TANAH MELAYU telah jatuh dalam tangan kaum pendatang (Tanah Melayu has fallen into the hands of the immigrants)! – Razaleigh”

    I should’ve known Tengku Razaleigh is not any better, another f*king racist inside UMNO.

    Now, I’m starting to understand the fall of UMNO is not because of Pak Lah, but ALL the people around him including Tengku Razaleigh.

    The malay leaders should learn how to respect other races if they want others to respect UMNO. They represents the party and that was what they want people to believe what UMNO is, a bloody racist party!

  71. wits0 says:

    Mahathir was correct to say that UMNO cannot be reformed but he said it for the wrong reason, as usual. Ku Li’s demagogery isn’t even historically correct either. Racism is UMNO’s raison d’être, and none of its leaders can be not racist. Ku Li happens to be a fossil hoping for a comeback despite his own heavy baggage.

  72. mitosblog says:

    It’s approaching April where Anwar would be eligible to contest as MP again. One more month for the MPs to enjoy their honeymoon before the parliament starts in May. I just hope that Malaysia will form a new opposition government during that period. BN is rotten to their core and is only the matter of time before ‘UMNO BARU’ be formed again.

  73. hutchrun says:

    Talking about the AG advising the sultan, why can’t he advise the sultan diplomatically and quitely instead of through the media. James Joyce

    How can the mattress man do that? His modus operandi is to show that the Royalty are ill advised and poorly educated. Then the Lone Ranger will ride and suitably advise the Royalty, who will have no alternative but to follow the more educated AG.

  74. lucia says:

    see also anil netto’s post on this issue. interesting. he asked if ahmad said becomes the MB, will we see a case of missing files again (like what happened in selangor and penang).

  75. hail ceasar!
    daulat tuanku!

  76. micon02 says:

    What’s the point of getting advices from someone that’s being paid of his salary by corrupted by BN UMNO


    Whada the

  77. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    Why must it be Idris? Since the Sultan has rejected his name, UMNO (BN) should have offered an alternate instead of using threats and ending up damaged. Accept that the Sultan has no confidence in guiding Terangganu the next 5 years, especially will all the petrol money unaccounted for.

  78. hazel says:

    Yeah all the negeri maju has been bolot by BA, only T’ganu resources left for BN to use freely. It’s always been about money, not race nor religion. We didn’t punch each other up on the street nor do we lock ourself in when other religions are celebrating…instead we mingle peacefully along everywhere, everytime. Like someone said earlier, US still cannot fight racism after over 200 years of independence, and we, Malaysia is only 50 years old, and most of our old timers probably still remember the segregration of races that the Brits introduced to Malaya…we’re over that, really! (can’t u see your races are no longer where they were after more than 50 years ago?) so why keep discussing our past? let the history be a guidance but don’t ever be a fool to let it repeats itself. UNMO for malays, MIC for indians and MCA for chinese, if thats not racist then what?
    Any party any race, if they can rule wisely then it’s good enough. Our YDP Agung surely aware of that….

    Never forget that racism is the best political issue/ tools to create havoc inside a nation to gather support for any party (other than terrorism, which of course not so appropriate to be applied here in peaceful Malaysia 🙂 )

    Daulat Tuanku!!!

  79. Feroz Merican says:

    Chuah Ken Leong and Simon Lee:
    “A Jew or a Nazi”???? Very strange bedfellows! Seeing as you might need a History lesson , may I remind you that Nazis were anti Jew and Jews were murdered by Nazis. Perhaps you should spend more time with the History channel, then if you want to tembak, you can tembak with more sense. Mericans from Penang and Kelantan are Muslims, anybody can tell you that. I do not appreciate my religion being hijacked by fundamentalists and racists. I’ve had to put up with that for almost 30 years. It is time for real Muslims to take their religion back from the ignorant , shallow and stupid Malays from the East Coast.
    Antares! My Buddy, so glad to see you again, you thought I disappeared didn’t you, well I’m out of the existensialist jail of suburban KL and I look forward to renewing our friendship and to see your name in Susan’s Blogs.
    Long Live Kuala Kubu Baru, Selangor and Malaysia!

  80. kula says:

    Sodomised publicly using bamboo is a punishment called ‘sula’ or hukum sula. It’s a death sentence, as the bamboo stick is supposed to penetrate all the way to the mouth.

  81. hazel says:

    Islam is the ONE religion dear Feroz, anybody can embrace it and it’s not yours alone. Sure your great-great grand fathers, the ‘real Muslims’ would turn in their graves seeing how you fail to follow their foot steps in uniting all these races into one religion like they did, poor Feroz…we will pray for your dark soul…

  82. Feroz Merican says:

    Don’t pray for me, Hazel.
    I am a Socialist. Indians and Chinese
    do not need the Umbrella of Islam.
    I would not be so arrogant as to think
    Islam is the Religion for all mankind.
    Learn a little humility, then give others
    the benefit of your advice.

  83. Out of Africa says:

    “TANAH MELAYU telah jatuh dalam tangan kaum pendatang (Tanah Melayu has fallen into the hands of the immigrants)! – Razaleigh” ???

    Hey, has anyone wondered why Malays (no offence meant, really!) are not called Orang Asli?

    That’s because they’re actually “kaum pendatang” also.

    History has it that Tanah Melayu started off with Parameswara and his entourage from Indonesia coming to Peninsula Malaysia, via Temasek, and settling down in Melaka. In addition to that, even before that, there were already other non-malay settlers from surrounding countries. Some even brought their own religions here, as evidenced by the places of worship, long before the advent of Islam. Peninsula Malaysia was also a favourite place for Aceh and Bugis warriors.

    The “keagungan” Kesultanan Melayu came into being when traders from China and the Middle East came for the spice trade years later. Then, greed had it when certain sultans wanted to conquer other states, and siblings fighting amongst themselves to get the throne, etc. They started to gang-up with outsiders, either getting protection from enemies or getting support to conquer weaker ones. Civil wars broke out every now and then. Rakyat yang sengsara!

    History then evolved further when the Portugese came in 1511, then the Dutch in 1641 and the British in 1864. Without them, we may still have civils wars under raja-raja yang zalim today. And mind you, there would certainly be no such things as Malay rights, as all things on the land would belong to the rajas. U makan a mangga by the roadside, you risk being pancung kepala as the mangga belongs to the raja. We would be like Darfur.

    Then there was WWII before the nation that we know of was finally born in 1957.

    So, each and every event (both recorded and unrecorded) that took place in the past hundreds of years has contributed to what we have and what we are today!

    Thus, no one should claim to have better rights to be in Malaysia than others, as far as Malaysia is concerned. If Chinese are asked to balik to China or Indian to balik to India, then the Malays to balik Indon? For all you know, the non-Malays ancestors may have been here first! And if the Out Of Africa theory is correct, then our ancestors were all from there…

    So, it’s just endless and meaningless if we were to be racists and remain in the state of denials. Such “kebudak-budakan” mentality and attitude would only be a laughing stock to others!!!

    Regardless of race, religion and language, we are all Malaysians striving to bring our nation to greater heights!

    Political parties and leaders who are racists MUST be eliminated once and for all!

  84. hazel says:

    That’s much better Feroz, now I understand your main ideology. I wouldn’t be so arrogant too, as yet, even if history and present circumstances has stated otherwise. And yes, I greatly believe that what’s Quran has cited will and in some, have become true 🙂

    Have a good day!

  85. brave citizen says:

    to all Malaysians
    – the King and Sultans should NEVER kowtow to umno!

    all those umno nazguls who screamed “hidup melayu” – look at yourself in your mirror, u cant even stand up and be counted to defend the King. the only thing these umno scums recognise is money, money, money.

    umno is a DISGRACE to the King & country! Dont ever talk about maruah bangsa & negara – umno traitors!

  86. hazel2 says:

    Yes Feroz. Go read the Quran and you can start with Surah Jin….shame on you claiming to be Moslem and ridiculing your own brothers…where’s your Ukhuwah? (Or do you know what it means?)

  87. lelaforpeace says:

    Hi out of Africa ( posted on 4.26 pm),
    I noticed few people including you keep on chanting with the same opinion and idea about Malay, bumiputra and native/origin. To keep it short n save my time ( because life is goes on), kindly refer to the comment about the Malay , being native of Malaysia that had been given nicely by Ayob posted during discussion entitled : Malaysian, stupid, non “non Malay”. His comment was given yesterday ( 24 march at 3.53 pm) . Dont even try to change history, fact and geography. Dont ever chanting the same song, not only or you, and the others as well. So many other things to discuss and dont try to change fact.

  88. Out of Africa says:


    The oldest Malay settlements have been discovered in Sumatra and not in the Malay Peninsula.

    The word Melayu originated from a river with name Melayu River near to Batang Hari River of today’s Muara Jambi, Jambi province of Sumatra, Indonesia.

    The founder of Malacca, Parameswara was a prince of Palembang which was once owned by a nation called “Malayu” back in the seventh century.

    Yi Jing (635-713) had recorded in his journal book a nation of name ‘Ma-La-Yu’ existed. According to archaeological research of Jambi, large numbers of ancient artifacts and ancient architectures of Melayu have been found with photo evidence.

  89. ANg kong says:

    eer…… is this the ‘history channel’ ??

    no wonder i failed my SPM sejarah. Although i do acknowledge the orang asli, who cares who’s the native? I only believe in justice and fairness. If one wants to competes, lets competes on an equal ground, not tying the hands of yr oppositions. Even if u win, u don call tht ‘glory’

    besides, dont we all want the best for Malaysia? BN has driven so many telented non bumi anak malaysia away fr their country, why ?

    I grew up with many malay friends but ironically, we became more and more distant as we grow older, why? (Nic, Asif, Ramizi u hear me)

    trust me, I do not hate the malays but what i do disapprove is the constitutional discrimination filtering thro every single ways of life in malaysia.

  90. xxxx says:

    .ahmad said is not a santo, neither do idris….so rakyat trg is in the lose lose situation…….at least the true colours of UMNO people emerge from this chaos…..

  91. luxen says:

    the punishment you wrote about “sodomised publicly with a young bamboo shoot” is actually punishment for maksiat (adultery), not derhaka (treason) if I’m not mistaken. In the movie Semerah Padi, P. Ramlee is send to capture an adultress couple. They were sentenced to death by being impaled by a bamboo pole. The bamboo pole goes in from the groin and upwards into the torso.

    The Siamese army also used this painful form of execution to execute rebellious Kedah soldiers. When Kedah was part of the Siamese empire, there were many unsuccessful campaigns by Kedah princes to liberate their country. There are old black and white pictures taken by the British of soldiers getting executed that way. Quite grusome.

    The punishment for treason in old Malay customs is death I believe. The method of punishment is stabbing by keris if I’m not mistaken. When Sultan Mahmud was murdered by Laksamana Bentan in Johor, the whole family of Laksamana Bentan was put to death. That included his two young sons. Laksaman Bentan’s family grave in Kota Tinggi, Johor stands as a testament and warning to all those who would be traitors.

  92. Billau Chris says:

    The Terengganu crisis in my opinion was badly handled. By just having an audience with YDP Agong and convening a subsequent UMNO Supreme Council meeting, Badawi declared that the Council decided, without any reasonable excuse(s), to recognise the RAC’s appointee as the MB of Terenggaanu.

    The public view the matter seriously. We expect theBadawi as a reasonable man to tell the public why the Sultan/King did not recognise the BN’s candidate. You can pull wool over the eyes of the discerning public some of the time, most of the time but certainly not all the times. You still do not seem to understand the meaning of “winds of change”.

    I have great faith in the monachy and the sultanate for they are just and fair when they must under the prevailing circumstances. This is one time where I am afraid the PM and his cohorts could not defend themselves against the undesirable activites perpetrated in the State of Terengganu during the past years. Need I say elaborate further?

    I feel that the whole of BN including the 23 State Asemblymen must apolgise in public to the Sultan of Terengganu cum YDP Agong for the disrespect and improper decorum displayed by members of BN or rather UMNO during the past two weeks.

    I wish to thank YDP Agong on behalf of his subjects in Malaysia for the steadfast, royal and professional way in which the MB’s matter was dealt with.

  93. Alternative Front Rocks says:

    When the opposition suggested a boycott during the swearing in of Perak MB, UMNO started bombarding with various critisms. Look at UMNO themselves now. PERAK already settled, Terengganu still at it!! Who is the BIGGEST hypocrite! UMNO!!.. Most disrecpectful to the monarch.. and the banner!!! most unacceptable.

    We always say MALAYSIA BOLEH, but UMNO took it one step further,

    UMNO BOLEH.. obect KING pun boleh!!

    What a shame! Is this the kind of government that we want!?

    All my respect to the YDP AGUNG.

  94. Pegasus says:

    What transpired in Terengganu is mind blowing, never before such a thing happened. BN is shameful,not only they were arrogant ,Bodowi must be so stupid ,not being able to settle the issue elegantly. He has simply lost control of Umno and how to run the country. The Royalty has stood the ground this time and this should be a new beginning, the people’s respect for the Tuanku is unquestionable. Bravo to the King !!.Umno is playing with fire and they will be burnt sooner then expected. The “Goverment in Waiting” with DSAI as the PM are waiting for the time to arrive. BN will be buried for good. Let the Opposition be the goverment and rule the country. The new dawn is here.

  95. gnaw says:

    If u all keep talking about race and keep offended about race, then you are all true racist. Racism is dead when a malay can speak up his right by conmening the chinese and the chinese don’t feel nothing at all and vice versa. Racism is dead when a malay can throw a joke on an Indian about his skin color or calling him Keling and the Keling laugh with him. Racism is dead when we all can stage a comedy that ridicule on certain race and we laugh with it…Please think, stop RACISM

  96. Terengganu issues have shown that our leader from UMNO are not professional in dealing with sensitive issus like that. They even dont want to accept tahat they were out from people`s heart!
    See the biggest crowd ever in Stadium Melawati Shah Alam @
    see it more at Flicker!

  97. simon lee says:

    Dear Feroz,

    You are undoubtedly a maniac, an atheist, gay and a pathetic loser. Welcome to the real world, gayboy!

  98. Racism is dead when a malay can speak up his right by conmening the chinese and the chinese don’t feel nothing at all and vice versa.

  99. all those umno nazguls who screamed “hidup melayu” – look at yourself in your mirror

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