Typical of our political leaders – denying rumours when they are actually truths. Denying rifts between them when the rift is all too obvious to the public eye. Can this be applied to the possible rift between PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy Najib Tun Razak? We will soon see in days to come…”No rift with Najib, why are you asking this?” and “Najib reiterrates support for Abdullah“.

But then, Abdullah has this to say:

“I have the latest information from ACA and the police with regards to the candidates,” he said when asked to react to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s allegations about Najib (NST). This is regarding the Altantuya’s case.

Is this why Najib is so subdued? So quiet, so supportive of Abdullah? Think people, think.


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  1. mitosblog says:

    I am curious to see what will happen in Terengganu palace today. Will it be the PM vs the Sultan or the PM vs the new MB?

    BN is on the road to destruction. The politics in Malaysia is gearing for tsunami the second. I hope the new MB will be sacked after this and he joined the opposition, followed by a new elections once again.

    This also give chance for PAS to recapture Terengganu creating more humiliation for BN.

  2. RAJ RAMAN says:

    morning sloone,nothing new about our politician on denial mode.Most of them always deny nothing is wrong.they are always right.in our country about politician 90% of romours are true.just look into our big bro sammy velu.when hindraf started,he said the are terorist and a groUp of gangster.lately he ask the pm to implement all the promises made to indian community as soon as possible.SEE WHO CHAPIONING THE INDIAN NOW? THIS IS POLITIC,VERY2 DIRTY GAME.ALL OR MOST OF THEM WANT TO BE POLTICIAN JUST FOR EXTRA2 $ PLUS SOME POWER.I DONT KNOW WHY LATELY I GOT INVOLVE WITH ALL THIS COMMENTS TROU U.ITS VERY STRESSFULL BUT HOPING YOU BLOGGERS WILL CHANGE OUR COUNTRY.THANKS.RAJ RAMAN.RACE.MALAYSIAN.RELIGION; MY PROBLEM ANWSER TO GOD.STILL DREAMING TO BE MALAYSIAN PUTERA.

  3. caravanserai says:

    One is the sleeping beauty
    Snoring his way to his dreams
    Thinking he has his party support
    He says he shouldn’t be afraid

    He says he is the pm
    For all Malaysians
    Yet when he decides
    He’s lopsided on his way

    Along his years
    He meets the “Silence of the Lamb”
    Carving the images waiting for his opportunity
    When sleeping beauty walks on the wrong alley
    The gate will close for him

    In the political cauldron
    The bubbling balls and ripples flow
    The sweet and sour taste inhale
    The sleeping beauty knows
    He is hooked every part of the way

    The only clear signal
    He has to start afresh
    Sack all of them
    Bring in fresh talent
    New ideas from the political divide
    NGOs and opposition
    Make a new flag in his time

    But he is sleeping
    He never knows what to say
    Like a puppet he is hooked
    Until he can get away

    So he says
    “What riff?”
    We come a long way
    Sad but it’s true

  4. The Fact Is This says:

    Both are also useless and failure. They should resign and retire from all post. Stay at home and watch the one-sided tvs.

    By the way, why does the bahasa malaysia version on Malaysiakini FREE?? The malay are so poor to subscribe? Or what???

  5. kittykat46 says:

    The earnest declarations of mutual support, the sworn loyalty…before the fallout..We’ve seen it all before, haven’t we ?

    Mahathir-Anwar, Mahathir-Musa Hitam..

    The are both hopeless. Bedol the sleepy fool. Najib the amoral power broker.

  6. kai says:

    Hi The fact Is This

    What? The Bahasa version on Malaysiakini is free?? Mann, some readers wrote to Malaysiakini asking them to provide the service free and they posted 101 reasons why they can’t do it, which I believe some of the reasons given is quite valid. If only my Bahasa is up to a certain standard!!


  7. thinkvision says:

    One is a moron and the other, an imbecile. What can you expect out of this marriage made-in-political-heaven?

    Anyway the imbecile has the moron by his b@lls due to his many indiscretion with many beautiful women. Which Mongolian women or famous artists could resist such powerful and balding man? Since the imbecile said publicly that his deputy is very clean and there is no proof to state otherwise, corruption is certainly not the issue for the moron and will not impede him in anyway. Moron only has his wife to blame for being such a greedy b*t*h that looked more like Humpty-Dumpty rolling through the corridors of idiots.

    Since the moron will not publicly betray his master, it is unlikely that they will bash each other up openly and in full glare of the media. They will appear lovey-dovey until the ship sank into the bottomless ocean, oblivious to the second Tsunami which is steadily gaining strength and momentum as we speak. The writing is already on the wall. A big fat sacrifice is needed to appease the God of Power! Who will it be?

  8. cancan says:

    A Letter To The Prime Minister

    Link: http://www.kingsmary.blogspot.com/

  9. DY says:

    What???? Malaysiakini in Bahasa Versiaon is free??? What am i subscribing to malaysiakin??

  10. That was a very funny video, Susan… 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it. Sure made my day!

  11. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I am really enjoting the power tussle within UMNO. You can’t trust anyone on this silent discord between Abdullah Badawi and Najib. It’s for the cameras.

    Remember when Anwar Ibrahim, when he was still DPM and Mahathir Mohamad whom both refuted any claims of dispute between the two, and it was reticent until Anwar Ibrahim was being publicly sacked.

    I am really enjoying this. And it’s easter. My Christian friends told me that the re-surection of Jesus will cleanse mankind’s sin. But I ain’t sure it can clean Mahathir or Najib’s sin coz both are the fallen angels and never repented.

  12. Fasthand says:

    Got these comments by email FROM Malaysia. Is there any truth in this? “BN lost because they are arrogant and only take care of their elite group. Free education and segregation of the elite children by sending them to fully sponsored residential schools. Even in normal schools the elite children are given the only privilege ‘A’ class with better teachers.”

  13. Lim says:

    Hi The Fact Is This Says:
    “March 23, 2008 at 9:10 am
    By the way, why does the bahasa malaysia version on Malaysiakini FREE?? The malay are so poor to subscribe? Or what???”

    I think firstly it is because English attract all the race readers. In order to make some funding to maintain the operation, it is quite a good strategy to go.
    Besides chinese & malay version are free, cauze they still wanna provide free service to M’sian. There are few chinese and other race do not know chinese language but compliment with Bahasa, believe this language is not strange to all M’sian.

  14. JUDE says:

    Hypocrisy (or being a hypocrite) is the act of opposing to a belief or behaviour while holding the same beliefs or behaviours at the same time.

    When Lim Kit Siang call for a boycott for the swearing in of Perak MB….Wahhh ,HOO ,no recpect.Unethical,tak Hormat Raja/Sultan and 2day UMNO members mau boycott the swearing in of the Terengganu MB.!!!What do you call that! Hypocrites of the worst Kind.!! Election not 2morrow! Bada-bom, Election is held 2morrow. No rift with Najib…???

  15. Lim says:

    Regarding Altantuya case? It is misteriiously interesting. During a small election in Ijok last year, the local malays there are singing song titled
    altantuya to Nagib when he was making a visit there. Just wait and see, might be DSAI will have some evid’s too besides bodohwi. Remember who is the one release AI and who passes his pasport to AI. Intersting…interesting…
    It seems that UNMO’s politic have come to a stage where they kill each other not for benefit but survival too. Pathetic scene.Dun you guy’s felt funny too for the death of Zakaria? He is still ok though Sultan S’gor fired him but he is anoused death right after election. The funeral never made public and only the two (N.Altantuya & Bodohwi) attended the grieviance.
    Realy died from heart attack???

  16. mochaquest says:

    I am surprise because Altantuya’s case seem be burried under the grave. No suspect has been bought to justice, no news from Razak ‘not-so’ baginda and then, what? If Razak is the one behind this, he should be in the prison by now. What is the police doing? Sedang senang senang makan duit, sudah buta ar?

  17. Lim says:

    Hi mochaquest, playing politic or waiting for news sometime you need to be patien a little. Just wait till AI get back to parliment and see. But this also depends on the current stretegy. Some time you have the bullet/bom but it is not the right time, scenario, place… etc & etc to use certain weapon to kill your enemy

  18. Lim says:

    “If Razak is the one behind this, he should be in the prison by now. What is the police doing?”
    The police is doing nothing because those groud worker who incharge to kill Altantuya was also from Bkt Aman Kayangan. They are the special force that have the authority to get wepon such as bom. They are no ordinary police.
    If politician YB Ahmad (backed by sultab terengganu)can be sacked cauze disobey the party, I think you are a little naive to aspect the police to do something

  19. justie says:

    Dont understand why the altantuya case takes so long to find the culprit. The court is beating around the bush. The whole idea is to drag the case until all of us lost interest and forget about the case and the main culprit(s) get away with it, as usual. Justice must be done to Altantuya and the Canny ong case (already close case? how come the culprit not executed) story sealed and the MSM left the readers high and dry! The Bar Council members should nail the culprits and those abetting or behind it. Anwar, LKS & Karpal plz pursue the Altantulya case. We want the verdict and justice. What about the other cases unsolved? The murderers are still at large. Justice must be equally done to those missing link cases and all those not so high profile cases. Their families would not be able to rest in peace until culprit is caught.

  20. Lim says:

    Hi justie, thats why we need brave heroes like AI, LKS, Karpal.S, Nik Aziz and his assistant and others. Not lame duck leaders like LLSik, OkTing, Sami.V and others

  21. Lim says:

    BA are proven brave heroes through out the period they serve the nation as opposition

  22. JUDE says:

    BA was Heroes when they were not in power, now we will see if they are still heroes wgen they are in power. Theres no concreate evidence on Khir Toyo or others in power in the 4 states.WE WILL WAIT AND SEE.

  23. justie says:

    Yes, Lim. Those leaders are our true heroes now.They struggled for the ordinary people like us and for justice and these are the people who love the nation and her people regardless of race, culture and religion. Umnos are playing God, trying to change everything including the race; eg if your race is Malay, how can they change the race to Bangsa Malaysia (Malaysia race). Laughing stock.. there is no such race. They are the only privileged ones that can change everything under the sun including the religion as if they are the only ones exist in this world and do things at their whims and fancy.Umno Bolih. We are still a Malay, Chinese and Indian Malaysians. All it takes is to create Muhibbah(our late Tunku Abdul Rahman’s trademark) not racial issues and May 13, which the past and present Umnos leaders are fond of threatening the people particularly the non-Malays to protect themselves in power and using the keris as a warning! Keris only for Hang Tuah-lah.Only for those in the jungle. Are they practicing the law of the jungle. Remember once, Mahathi condemned his favorite enemy Bush of using law of the jungle ? A pot calling a kettle black. Anyway, we continue vote for the brave heroes unless BN kick those racists like our no. 1 hypocrite Mahathi, Khairi,Hishamudi, Mohami the one amassed millions to down under,iron lady and those corrupted ones. If their faces are there, no way we vote BN again. It hurts but we do this for the sake of the nation and future generations to come including those non-cronies Malays.Its time the PM wake up and enrich the people and not thy self and thy cronies and thy famili. We vote for justice and true democracy. Oppression, suppression, fear and threats won’t work anymore in our cyberspace era and new generation.All those unproffessional old fashioned outdated and corrupted old generations should step down gracefully and retire in Hawaii. Correct? Correct? Correct?

  24. Lim says:

    Hi Jude, this should depend on how well we, the voter maintaining the 2/3 game for them. If you wanna have a healthy governement, there must not be party who have the majority say in parliment.

  25. JUDE says:

    What I am saying is will they(BA) bring out the skeletons from the closet for the public to see??Than,we can see what has transpired for the last 50 years when Barisan was in power! Well, that might help BA to further strengten their grip in the Political Realm.Thats nothing to do with the 2/3 game.Even if you minority you can do that.Good Night.

  26. Lim says:

    Hi Jude, please explain more on whay you mean by “bring out the skeletons from the closet for the public to see”. I might have.

  27. Kay says:

    Land deals/Corrupt Practices/Ilegal Gains from State Contracts/Ambesselment of Funds and many more wrong doings.Selangor goverment should spend some money sending all the shereded Files and contracts to CSI Miami….Ha ha.

  28. Andrew says:

    We should have a CSI Penang, Perak……

  29. tuah yong says:

    Why is the Altantuya case taking so long and dragging on at the expense of taxpayers!! Have the “polis” quizzed this Najis presumed to be the main actor in the C4 drama?
    I am also feeling “uneasy” over the “sudden” and fast track death of Abang Zack of the infamous Klang palace? Anybody have any secret information to share?

  30. susmaryosep says:

    This is a great year for NEWS!!!!!

  31. LoveMalaysiaRakyat says:

    Everybody knows that the Altantuya case is connected with Najib. Just too bad because UMNO is in charge of the whole Bukit Aman machinery etc. so…Najib is protected of course.

    But he is also in a precarious position now, cos when Badawi comes down, he comes down with him… No one right now in UMNO dares speak too much, are you aware? The rather subdued silence?
    Now they may get “caught” by their own tongue and actions so they are very careful… all have skeletons in the cupboard, too many, once a door is opened, all will fall out.

    Their money, their women, their excesses, their overseas jaunts etc.

    That is why we vote PAS. It is not religion. It is “clean”. CLEAN! We don’t go for the hudud laws etc. and if PAS does that, we won’t vote for PAS anymore! We want a good clean and efficient government. If leaders want to lead for any other reason, stay out. Stay out of politics, if you are power-crazy and money-grabbling.

    The rakyat has had enough nonsense.
    Serve the people as politicians, not lord it over them.

  32. Kamal says:

    UMNO – Untuk Manusia No Otak !!

  33. @#$% says:

    I just say why MCA, you just lie MCA, So you Die MCA. You just Fry MCA,

  34. azzarro69 says:

    I love u all!! I love Malaysia!! full of drama!!!Year-round circus!!

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