What a great comedy for a Saturday afternoon. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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  1. koolgeek says:

    OKT lost his seat?

  2. kittykat46 says:

    Yeah, that was one factual error in the video, but the whole thing was good clean fun…

    Hehehehe…MCA should just gulung tikar.
    The useful social work which Michael Chong does can be spun off into an independent foundation…I’m sure they will get plenty of financial and practical support from the public.

    The rest of the MaChAis can go home and sell Fried Mee or do some useful voluntary charitable service to atone for their sins.

  3. ANg kong says:

    this comedy court duo is so niamah funny…….. wish they would do a tour around m’sia.

    if i were to meet OKT (not Oh Kui Tau (pimps) but Ong Ka Ting), he sure will kena my rotten duck egg missiles for letting the chinese ppl down, for being the running dogs, for misleading the chinese and for filling up his pockets (with tissues lah!)

    i bet you if this comedycourt goes to air, it will be an instant hit! so who said the media is free again? so dont tell us what to think or what we can think, we all have otak you tau?

  4. Hey…

    Can we all persuade Ong Ka Ting to leave MCA and join our oppositions?

    Ong Ka Ting is a good leader and his heart is with the people like what some of my Chinese friends had said. MCA is not for him if he’s really that kinda guy. We have to remember that not every basket has bad apples, some are good and we should acknowledge that.

  5. Ong Ting Ting says:

    I am sister of Ong Ka Ting. He has no balls lah. Everything Pak lah says he ok, ok, ok. When chinese brings up the keris problems, he said good lah, the education minister is setting up good example for students. Pencils must also sharp. Sharper than the Keris so that they can study better.

    What kind of bull is he talking.

    When Pak Lah buys aeroplane, he ask the chinamen to buy more bicycles.

    Pack Lah

  6. anonymous says:

    Good Chineses join the Malaysian Chinese Association. Which means bad Chineses join the Opposition. That is not right. There should not be any racial talk if the politicians genuinely work for the good of all. But sadly in reality, they work for themselves firstly, secondly for their own people and lastly for the rest.

    MCA kau tau one too many times. One of the latest piece of news after the elections is that all the promises given to the Chinese schools are not fulfilled.

    When are we going to stop playing and think that time is eternal and we could play forever, joke forever and let others playfully decide our destiny or no destiny at all ?

  7. 无限空间 says:


    wait and see mca…

  8. wits0 says:

    “Good Chineses join the Malaysian Chinese Association. Which means bad Chineses join the Opposition.”

    In umno’s eye they are always pendatang, all the same.

    The MCA has been irrelevant for some 40 years and existed for its own interests’ sake – the self interests of its elites. The sad part is that it took so many years for this reality to sink in. The good part is, it finally did, howbeit belatedly. The MCA ppl smart at being called running dogs but the fact is that real K9s are actually noble and loyal unlike fake 2 legged ones.

  9. sebastian says:

    apa macam, susan loone?
    where are u and where is kozi?
    I think she is in penang.
    take care.


  10. klmc says:

    It’s well known among chinese circles ( well, the chinese circles that i know of anyway ) , that the only reason one would join the MCA is , if you would like to get contacts , increase your business opportunities and the like… I have never ever heard of anyone joining the MCA because of a need to ‘serve’ the people.

  11. Siew Eng says:

    What a hoot! Possibly the best of the latest hits from the Dastardly Duo!

  12. lovely tune. i bet most of them are so free now to be able to listen to nice music like this.

  13. Lim says:

    Hi KLMC, that’s why their slogan of joining them as member is sing kun fatt choi.
    skfc=getting rich by being a government administrator @ minister

  14. puakangkang says:

    This is truly hillarious… but as they say in Malay..”tikam dalam” as well

  15. Lim says:

    BTW, I think we need MCA and UMNO to survive too, but as a good opposition party. Cauze we need to have check and balance of the government system to make the system more healthy and benificial to all. This only can be done when there is no super power that hold majority more then 2/3 in parliment seat. Through out all this years we have all these funny problems with BN governing the country might be due to supper power we granted for them for 50 years, I think.
    In US, heard from them they have no oppostion party. Two politic party mostly alternatatively exchange with each other depending on election.
    In Japan, though a party win in election will form government, but their parlimentry policy do not allow any party to have majority more then 2/3.
    My point of view is that a healthy government should not have hold super power.
    Correct me if I an wrong.

  16. Fasthand says:

    I hear this Tengku Razaleigh person is going to challenge Pak La. Isn’t this Razaleigh person linked to some dam controversy in the 1990s?

  17. Lim says:

    Hi Fasthand, can you explain abit more on him, Tengku Razaleigh?

  18. Lim says:

    BTW Ahmad Said, the newly appointed MB Terengganu, is he from UMNO itself or from opposition party? Why UMno have to boycott this matter since is the choice of sultan.

  19. Lim says:

    BTW, excuse me for out of topic. I just wanna ask who is this Ahmad Said, that appointed to be MB Terengganu by Sultan? Is he from UMNO itself or from opposition? Why UMNO exco in Terengganu have boycott this matter since is the Sultan’s decision?

  20. Fasthand says:

    Lim, I thought I read this name in a story about the British arms for aid controversy many years ago.

  21. Lim says:

    Fasthand any info posted in You Tube, you have?

  22. Fasthand says:

    Lim, nah. Sniffing in the wrong place. It was the Pergau Dam in Kelantan. That was about 20 years ago. More to do with wastage than this guy, I think. Lots of books on the matter in Google.

  23. Lim says:

    Hi Fasthand not really successfull in searching those news in Google, might be the news is already too old @ outdated.
    BTW “MULIA TENGKU TAN SRI RAZALEIGH HAMZAH, D.K., P.S.M., S.P.M.K.,S.S.A.P., S.P.M.S. (Gua Musang).” he is ahli dewan rakyat in 1994 information from one of the PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES.

    Can feel that he might be “one of the sleeping beauties” from UNMO, cauze with few PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES I had gone through, never see him participate in the debates at all.

  24. Feroz Merican says:

    Ong Ka Ting should join the Opposition because he is a good man? What on earth gave you such an idea? I remember that he was a loudmouth in parliament in the mid 90’s , a sort of Chinese Nazri Aziz, only not as gangsterish. He was a deputy Minister I think, always thought he was very funny, when he was just what most youth leaders are, the thugs and hooligans of the main Party (UMNO/MCA). Seeing him in charge of the biggest debacle to hit the party since 86 gives me intense satisfaction.
    He sure ain’t laughing now.

  25. EddieTheHead says:

    “…In Britain, there were allegations of corruption over the way in which development funding was granted to a British consortium which partly funded the project. In the case R v Secretary of State for Home Affairs ex parte World Development Movement, a pressure group challenged the decision to grant funding to the project.[2]…”

    Courtesy wikipedia:

    Also here at NewScientist:


  26. Lim says:

    Hi Feroz Merican, wherether he is loudmouth in parliment I am not sure.
    But to find out “MULIA TENGKU TAN SRI RAZALEIGH HAMZAH, D.K., P.S.M., S.P.M.K.,S.S.A.P., S.P.M.S. (Gua Musang)’s Pergau dam project.” I have read few copies of 90’s PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES. I can see he is active in parliment at that time. I don’t read the detail cauze it is too mush to read.
    But funny to see that he is such a lame duck now’days after he had taken over as leader of MCA from LLSik.
    Might be that there are too much opportunity for this opportunist to explore in BN, that make him think it is better to shut his mouth.
    Serve him right to have this day come. Sadly he still don’t realise his mistake and try to push the wrong doing around within MCA for this 12th general election failure.
    Chew Mei Fun, candidate who defeated to Tony Pua has comment that it is due to poor respond of MCA to potential voters on election campaign. She proposed MCA to consider send their candidate to taiwan to learn election campaign advertising and marketing method to trigger voters emotion, therefore to buy their coffee (gutless slogan).
    For me they are just bunch of opportunist and corn artist in there.
    Let them lost another term and learn to be a good opposition. I think by this they will learn how to be a better person and hear from what we are expecting

  27. klmc says:

    have u guys noticed during the elections, on the BN side, the norm would be everyone standing on the BN side will have titles ( datuk/datin/ whateverla) and on the opposition side it’ld be just ordinary names .. screwing up the whole title system by letting just any undeserving tom dick and harry be titled. Garner no respect at all.

  28. Feroz Merican says:

    KLMC: the problem is not with ordinary Malaysians like you and me, we are not VIP. The problem is with Royalty. They are the ones that give out
    these idiotic titles; probably bought and paid for. You tell me who is deserving of respect, lah. Why do you think football sucks in Malaysia? Because only Menteri Besars can be the heads of the football associations of our States, even if the only game they know is blackjack and poker.
    Let a Chinese be in charge of Football and I guarantee you we will beat South Korea again. Third class Melayus created our third class National Team and that is a fact, my friend. That Sultan of Pahang has got such a thick skin he won’t resign or get lost. Any other Asian country would have sacked him 16 years ago. Until that happens we will be worse than Myanmar. I ask you, who is in charge of Squash?

  29. Feroz Merican says:

    When I grew up , Soh Chin Aun was the Captain, Santokh Singh was centreback, Arumugam was goalie, Wong Choon Wah was in midfield, Hassan Sani and James Wong were in the forward line. I ask you.. do you remember who was the last Chinese Captain of Malaysia? Get a Mat Salleh coach, a Chinese Manager , keep politicians away fron the rakyat’s game then perhaps we can be proud of our country. I cannot be proud of our team when 9 out of 11 are Malays and the Coach and Manager are Malays, no way man, never, never, never, over my dead body. Selangor and Malaysia forever! Pahang, get lost!!!!

  30. wits0 says:

    Feroz Merican , unless I’m mistaken, OKT was a deputy internal security minister for a short while and would have access to the files regarding who’s who in the underworld. There was the allegation about Triad activities linked to the MCA which was of course denied, starting with his tenure as president of the MCA. Quite a coincidence, it seems.

    Anyway the MCA is like a mafioso outfit. Imagine yourself a market trader without a valid license having some differences with another who happens to be a MCA member. Chances are you’ll get into trouble and the other will gloat. As if the municipality enforcement isn’t bad (corrupt)enough, there’s this MCA partisan interference too.

  31. Darus says:

    haha…that video was so funny!! really cool except for the mistake that they made about OKT losing his seat…make a song about Samy Vellu next!!
    and hey, please drop by my blog, I’m turning it into a bigger one soon with some interview sections… : )

  32. Fasthand says:

    Lim, the pergau dam controversy came in the late 80s when Kelantan was under BN rule. It seemed British public made a big deal of it because the dam was allegedly built with Brit aid, to entice Malaysia. They considered it as a form of sweetener for arms deal. According to Google book search, the dam was controversial the cost of generating electricity would be higher than building just a gas-fired plant. The Kelatanese only wanted a gas-fired power plant, which was said to be more cost-efficient in generating electricity. In 1990, Pas recaptured Kelantan. So, it seemed that wherever BN went, there were controversial projects, if not scandalous.

  33. JUDE says:

    All the Developers in the 4 states ,Koyaklah. They can get their CF as easy as before.It could be a bit difficult to Kow Tim………

  34. JUDE says:

    Hope the house buyers get better quality houses. OKT cant cover -up for this Developers anymore. Theres alot of abandand Projects in Selangor and alot of Heart sick people. Now another Ong has taken over. … Why MCA….. I want say ,WHY MCA………..

  35. kajang satay says:

    The MCA are like snakes, when they have swallowed an animal, they need time to digest. So it’s a good time for the MCA’s snakes to digest their loots and consolidating their money making systems. They got too many easy/ automatic making golden geese in their hands and now they find it difficult to handle and now it’s beyond their control.

    Do you think they feel heartache in losing their MP seats and State’s power? Not a bit. As long as they still control the federal government, they will continue reaping easy gold from their easy-making money golden geese.

    Why did OKT, LKY, Samy, Raapidah, Nazri, etc, still want to cling onto their party top post? Yes! To manage these easy golds from all these golden laying geese.

    Looking at the highway tolls, Petronas, TNB, Syabas, etc,. generating $billions, do you think it’s a joke? Who is paying all these parasites/ suckers? Off course, it’s the Malaysian people!

    Why all the politicians are fighting for political powers/ positions? Why a dying Mahazalim like Mahathir in his last phase of life (any time or a few more years the most) still relentlessly fighting for power?

    Yes! It’s all boiled down to greed at the expense of the poor Malaysian LKS metrokajang.com.my

    Looking at this Lee Golden Lion @ Lee Kim(Pang) Sai, even though living from borrowed time, but still wants to plunder prime lands, making tons of money while employing cheap illegal security thugs to look after his projects, in Prescott Metro Inn, 8 Avenue, Plaza Metro Kajang. Wow this LKS was only a small principal but now a big time MCA Developer misappropriating lands through the MCA political traitorsmetrokajang.com.my

    Do they bother the slightest losing some seats in the GE? Not a bit because they need to lay off from high profiling, consolidating their loots and at the same time, enjoying their loots, holidaying overseas with their family/ cronies (like the picture you saw in Vincent Tan, Lingam & Eusoh Chin).

    They know that the oppositions aka Dap, Pkr and Pas would be busily fighting among themselves for political powers/ infighting like before. LKS and son will be consolidating their powers in the party, so ‘ethnic cleansing’ is imminent. This has been the pattern of a reversible process in the political cycle for Malaysia for the past 50 years.

    So the MCA snakes would comeback come next GE13 GE and they will slaughter the opposition ala the 11th GE and the Malaysian people would be willing to continue letting the MCA snakes swallowing them….

    Why MCA? How MCA? Bye MCA…

    Hello MCA, welcome back…… (after another 5 years……. ) He he he he he he he ………..

  36. Lim says:

    TQ Fasthand

  37. WeeWee says:

    Can someone please get rid of that WEE KA SIONG ?

  38. lebaijanggut says:


    hey.. why kill that indian fellow?? nobody should be killed. Just call the BOMBA to catch the snake la…

  39. sam says:

    Is MCA still relevant?

    MCA should pull out of Barisan National.

  40. k119 says:

    MCA never recovered after krisimuddin problem and Chua’s porno show….they are wiped out for now…….until an issue comes and a MCA hero solves it…..but for now…..MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP….must wait for the biggest fall of them all…..UMNO when it crashes and burns after Trengganu becomes the sixth state to fall into opposition hands……isnt there an old Chinese proverb that says that playing with knives will bring you disaster………..

  41. Andrew says:

    Today, we are blessed by another gem from Malaysia’s own John Holmes aka Dr. Chua Soi Lek : changing the constitution no small matter. If that were the case, then why has our constitution been amended so many times? This, from a man who freely admitted that he doesn’t even know how to book an airline ticket in his farewell interview with the star not so long ago. That about makes him on par with Prince Charles. For more examples of arrogance and pretentiousness, please visit http://www.thestar.com

  42. headache says:

    damn funny.

  43. Andrew says:


  44. harry pillai says:

    As much as OKT took the Chinese for a ride in his bandwagon so did that black devil from MIC. Saying “yes” to those fools in UNNO who were born just yesterday. They want to achieve everything overnite at the expense of the non-bumis who are one of the leading taxpayers.Just image a bumi student sent to the US by UMNO power on non-bumi taxpayers money.Dear Nelson Mandela,are you hearing us in Malaysia.You helped to wipe out apartheid and here you have a rebirth

  45. G L says:

    Simply entertaining.really wonderful to know that we’ve such talented artists.Keep them coming.

  46. Firebreather says:

    Actually, who the hell cares. Just let the entire BN die a tsunami death. MIC not taking care of the interest of the Indians, MCA the Chinese & now UMNO the Malays. “HIDUP PAKATAN RAKYAT” Now to view the Video!!!!

  47. wordsmith says:

    I don’t think it’s fair, what “sister of Ong Ka Ting” said. I believe he did his best to protect the rights of the Chinese race as best he could. It is not true that he did not rebut during the keris incident. When questioned, he responded proudly that he will stand by his people’s decision. The analogy you provided: I think it meant that OKT was referring to education – the only way to challenge ignorance and encourage progress is by education. I agree with him and really do not see any reason to doubt his loyalty to either Chinese Malaysians, or Malaysians at large.

    PS: Inciting anger is always inferior to a calm, composed response/ debate.

  48. marc wallace says:

    john holmes aka chua soi lek good one

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  52. comprehensionclass says:

    PS: Inciting anger is always inferior to a calm, composed response/ debate. – wordsmith

    Ther are fine examples to live by…..MCA,MIC who after many decades are now in hot water……..Gerakan no need to say anything

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