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I believe it’s really difficult for Malaysians to go beyond racial lines of thinking. This is evident in Malaysiakini’s top news headline: Selangor Exco: 5 non-Malay, 2 Women.

While I appreciate the historical context of it (as government executive posts were often dominated by Malays under BN), I don’t see the relevance in making a bis fuss about it, and highlighting the racial slant.  Perhaps, it is the terminology ‘non-Malays’, which bothers me.

Malaysiakini says:

Selangor’s 10-member state executive council looks likely to open a new historical chapter with half of its line-up being non-Malays.  It is understood that PKR have been allocated four exco positions in which two members – Dr Xavier Jayakumar (Seri Andalas) and Elizabeth Wong (Bukit Lanjan) – are non-Malays. Three more non-Malays in the list are Ronnie Liu (Pandamaran), Teresa Kok (Kinrara) and Ean Yong Hian Hua (Seri Kembangan) from DAP.

Hey, paper, all the above mentioned are Malaysians! 

When do we stop identifying each other by race? The media should be pioneer in guiding a new train of thought. Especially an ‘independent’ media. 

To me, Xavier, Elizabeth, Ronnie, Teresa and Ean (who I haven’t met) are all Malaysians. And the sooner we start thinking that they are, the better!

It’s not useful to go on perpetuating the racist slant and the racist mind. To me, the better word to use is ‘minorities’.

Selangor Exco – more voices for minorities?” – would have been a really nice headline. It would have indicated the real issue at hand. That indeed, we are lacking of minority voices in the state assembly and Parliament.

But I am not the editor, eh.

Indeed, the question to ask is: what about political representation for the ‘Orang Asal’ or indigenous people in Selangor. How about this group of citizens, who have lived longer on this Malaysian soil than any of us Melayus, Cina or Indians. I believe they are many of them in Selangor as well.  

Truth is, we do not lack Malay, Chinese, or Indian voices. We lack Malaysian voices! We lack voices who speak for Malaysians as a whole. And really, the sooner we realise this, the better!

Ps. Raja Petra says it better here in his article: Ugly Malaysians

Look at Malaysiakini’s latest report on the Selangor State EXCO line-up. Malaysiakini reported that out of the ten EXCO Members, six are going to be non-Malays and four of them women. Who the hell cares whether six are non-Malays and four are women? Are these people being chosen to run the state because of their race and gender? Should they not be chosen because of their qualifications and capabilities? Who are these six non-Malays and four women anyway? Are they the best of the lot? Will they outperform and outshine the previous Khir Toyo administration? Are we going to see Selangor grow and prosper by leaps and bounds? Is Selangor going to be paradise on earth?


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  1. drrafick says:

    I agree with you 100% susan

  2. ANg kong says:

    UMNO’s regime has done its best in imprinting our mind in paying more attention to our skin colours and has been quite successful so far.

    well, but how could you undo 50 years of wrong doings? 8th March is the beginning. Eradication of racism in Malaysia is impossible, it’s in our blood whether we like it or not although some would tend to be more tolerant than others.

    Sorry Susan, racism and marginalizing the minorities go hand in hand in this country, the day when the UMNO’s interpretation of ‘bumiputra’ is erased is the day when all hopes of all races in this country uniting becomes 1 step closer to reality.

    Good for you for raising the issue of ‘orang asal/asli’, it’s so easy even for the chinese/Indians to overlook these ppl who have been robbed of their land/wealth/identity.

    Unfortunately, just like their fore fathers, most of us ‘still live’ in the dark ages…..

  3. kai says:

    Good Morning Malaysian!

    Wooow! you 2, drrafick and ANg kong. Why so early…arh? Can’t sleep, or not bed time yet LOL!?

    I may have to disagree with this posting when the author says that why not use the terminology of ‘minorities’ rather than ‘non-Malays’. To me there is not much difference between them. When you use the word “minorities’ it also tells me that these people are non-Malays, therefore what’s the difference? In this content, a minority to me referred to a smaller group of people or race living in a society dominated by another group of people or race.

    Perhaps the reporter should have just reported the 10 State Exco names and from which political party they are representing and let the readers to decide for themselves would be a much better choice of words.

    I know that a lot of viewers have been calling for the terminology of Malaysian Malaysia. Unfortunately I doubt I will ever see this. Call me pessimistic, narrow minded, or even bigot, moron etc, but as long as we have a Government continues using the word ‘Bumi’, the Sultans wanted a Malay Muslim as MB, and I am a ‘Cina’ written on my IC and Birth certificate, there will be no Malaysian Malaysia for a very long time to come. I don’t know if they have changed that now but please correct me if that is the case (a thousand apologies!)

    On the other hand what do I know after all I have been out of touch with Malaysian politics for so long and this recent election has changed the political landscape for the first time in 50 years. If you think that I am an ignorant person, perhaps you are right, running away from home (I still called Malaysia home) and posting this comment from a foreign land of Far Far Way (Shrek the Second) lol!


  4. atanck says:

    susan u r right.
    actually melayu ke cina ke india ke….. tak main lah beb!!!
    if there’s any bumiputra, it should b the orang asli.

  5. Enough of the “non” this and “non” that
    All of which are nothing more than non-sense
    When citizens of a country are assigned coloured hats
    So-called leaders still don’t realise racial/religious polarisation doesn’t make sense

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 220308
    Sat. 22nd March 2008.

  6. ghenjis khan says:

    but why should Christians make a travesty of the excellent character of Jesus a.s.


  7. puvan says:

    Bumiputeras = Orang asli. They should be given the privileges. But since you know, “orang melayu masih jauh ketinggalan” even after DEB was introduced “MORE THAN 35 YEARS AGO” which UMNO claims i guess you cannot help it. So yeah, according to UMNO, malays remain orang asli. And they want the priveleges ripped from the aboriginals. Long live DEB, Long Live RACISM, Long Live UMNO!

  8. clearwater says:

    I suppose it is newsworthy more non-Malays and women are appointed to the Selangor Exco, and it has been reported accordingly. Sometimes, we should not be so sensitive or suspicious. Given time and reform of the entrenched system, hopefully there will come a day we are all Malaysians, equal in every respect to each other. On such a day, we can all leave our emotional baggage behind. Till then, live with it. Ethnic or gender identification is not going to disappear overnight.

  9. klchan says:

    Its darn sad to see that democracy is a fantasy when the party with the most seats is denied a leader because of an archaic system where believe it or not is reserved for a certain race. Though the Ruler wants to see a strong government and all that, its high time meritocracy is put in place so that people who bleed the rakyat and government companies are denied any involvement in them. Let the best people run the country and its related machineries. Though the opposition front is new to administration of any State (safe PAS) I think they have people’s welfare foremost in mind and we as citizens share a similar vision and should play our part in helping and guiding them to good governance and jointly see that the next 4-5 years of unequaled development to the 5 States they now govern then its the end of the UMNO led bs. God Bless all of you in the new States – we will soldier on together with you and through you to new heights and frontiers.

  10. YJ says:

    I agree as well. It does not matter if the exco are Malays, Chinese ,Indians, Iban, Kadazans, etc. We are all Malaysian.

  11. Ahmad Navi Abdullah says:

    I suppose that the writer was only trying to imply that things are better with the new government for Selangor. Things had been otherwise under the BN set-up.

    However, I agree that its time we drop the idea of playing up races and religion and think of ourselves as Malaysians.

  12. Mart Garbera says:

    if you want to eradicate “skin color racism”, please open your mind and eyes and see if it has been done anywhere and successful!

    singapore discriminates malays
    israel discriminates israeli-arabs and whole of palestine
    usa discriminates blacks/hispanis/asian
    and the list is l0ng

    to susan and yr supporters: live in reality, ok! read the right books and mix with the right people.

  13. Mart Garbera says:

    are the non-malays better than malays? why is it that we keep on hearing that the non-malays are better? is it a perception and an assumption drummed up to be an acceptance? what are the values used to make that perception and assumptions? is that value accepted by all?

    one simpleexample is this: dap manifesto is to eradicate islam as national religion and malay rights. dap is also a chinese-only party fighting for the chinese “rights” did they fight for malays? so, should malays concede to dap wants under the name of malaysians?

    will singapore chinese concede to malay demands? will usa concede to hispanics/asian and black demands? will israel concede to palestinian demand? will australia listen to the aborigines? will the burmese hears the hmong demands?

    susan, your blog is cheap and irrelevant. you are asking for the impossible. close it.

  14. caravanserai says:

    It will be a long way home
    On the brand we have made
    On racial line we want to forget
    The marketing tools never playing into it

    We are bombarded with race
    Every day into our lives
    The BN policy of caste differentiation
    The policy rules of class and divide

    Now we may have seen
    A new light to caress the sky
    What it will be in the end?
    We can’t go blind I am sure
    A small shift it makes wave

    Racism about race
    It will take awhile to shackle it
    It is the people of Malaysia
    When they sing ‘We are Malaysians’

  15. the pits says:

    From what I gather it is the Selangor palace that is setting pre-conditions on the racial composition of the Exco and likewise the racial/religious qualification of the MB and his deputy. Is this stated in the state constitution?

    The palace is above politics. Its duty is to protect the constitution and its subjects. In this case it appears to me that the palace is practicing BN/UMNO politics. The govt is elected by the people and the people’s representatives are being appointed to run the state govt. So long as the appointments do not violate the constitution, the palace should leave it as that. The palace should just perform its contitutional duty if it wants to be respected by the people. It should not read into the constitution what is not stated.

  16. lelaforpeace says:

    Hi all, just for the info. I,m working towards a client/ population whereby social, ethnic identification is very important to determine their problems. It is also happen worlwide ( In a scientific field as a matter of fact). Every ethnic n ppl from different geographical area, carry a different genetic typing and chromosomal structure. Whether they are Caucasian, Chinese, Indian, Malay etc. All of the information about ethnicity and other identification is very important to help my client. Thus for me, I still need to know the important identification please.

  17. kai says:

    Hi Mart Garbera

    You touched on Australia and I quote ‘will Australia listen to the aboriginals?’. With that comment, I feel like I have to say something. What do you really mean by that? Do you mean that we have to give back all the land back to them? Or do you mean that the Government have to pay compensations for land taken away from them? The famous land rights case was bought up almost 20 years ago. If you check on the web for ‘Marbo’ court case you may find some reading material there. If you are not from the ‘land of Long Weekend’ (just in case), last month, the PM of Australia Kevin Rudd, on behalf of the government, apologised to the indegious people of this country for hurt and suffering bought onto them for more than 220 years. I know it was a bit late but the indegious people finally got what they have asked for so many years. Previous Government under John Howard refused to do that citing that this generation should not be held responsibilty for any wrong doings by our forefathers etc. Most people believed this is not the true reason. We believe by saying ‘Sorry’ could open up the flood gates for financial compensation claims by the indegious people. On the day when the word ‘Sorry’ was said in Parliement, it was a very emotional day for all indegious people. The apology was well reveived by all walks of life in Australia including the ‘colourless’. It’s time that we close this unfortunate chapter in this country and move on.

    There are other issues facing the indegious people of this country, such as drinking, raping young kids, petrol sniffing, incest to name a few. Believe me, the federal government of this country does help them mainly in social benefits, housing and schooling subsidise. Unfortunately whatever you do, it does not seem to have much positive outcome from your efforts. What would you do this this kind of situation? Pouring in more money? I am not an expert and I do not have an answer for them either.

    I agree with you that the topic posted seem a bit irrelavent now. We are just going around in vicious circle, and it all come back to the theme ‘Malaysian Malaysia’, ‘race’, ‘colour’ and so on. Howerver I find your comment on closing her blog is a bit unfriendly on your part. This is an open forum to express your opinion. Why close it just because the topic is not your cup of tea?


  18. Julian says:

    Come to think of it (excuse me my malay friends), I use to think malaysians are equal in that there is no such a thing as 2nd class citizen. but then again, if everyone is equal, no one race is going to have privilege, right? It’s very difficult (I shall speak for myself) for one to forgo the racial thingy given that it’s been hammerred into us since long ago..
    I was having a chat with my Malay friends the other day and we actually think that these racial thingy is caused by politicians drumming them up for reasons only they’d know; ‘cos I don’t have any problems living, eating, studying with them…. well, almost all. But then again, no one race is perfect.

  19. iggy says:

    shame on those who give up easily, asking susan to close shop thus implying all ngos to close up and begone.

    bravo susan you maybe a realist but am not going to stop you been one.
    my continual hi-fives to all malaysians who are willing to uphold self-integrity, seek to eradicate fraud/corruption/nepotism/cryonism and promote true nationalism. since this period (late mar-early april) is a period of prayers for different faiths in the country, let us pray that mar 8 is just the beginning for better governance/tolerance/sharing for generations to come.

  20. yes says:

    Kai , u r absolutely correct !

  21. cn says:

    Mart Garbera…which planet are u from?

    “dap manifesto is to eradicate islam as national religion and malay rights.”
    “dap is also a chinese-only party fighting for the chinese “rights” did they fight for malays?”
    -Enlighten me please? Where do you get your facts from? What exactly are the CHINESE RIGHTS that you are referring to? State them please! I seriously doubt that you have familiarize yourself with DAP’s manifesto before writing your comment.

    “Singapore discriminates Malays”
    “will Singapore Chinese concede to Malay demands?”
    – i have been staying in Singapore for the past six years… and i am stunted by your blatant and baseless accusation. there is a difference between constitutionalized discrimination and sporadic discrimination? And what is the Malay demands that you are talking about? A demand that each and all the citizens should have equal opportunities in the land they deem their home? Or a demand that all the Chinese Singaporean should get lost because Temasek is a Malay land, that all the non-Malays shall be treated as second class citizen? And you don’t even start on the political right of the Malays in Singapore…even the non-PAP Singaporeans don’t get much of it.

    You might be right about the impossibility of total elimination of discrimination, but as a nation, aren’t we suppose to progress towards a discrimination-free environment where all citizens are equal?

    And lastly, susan’s blog is not cheap and irrelevant….but you are.

  22. Alex.M says:

    susan …the only way for us to have a truely malaysian identity is for the future generation to inter marry and have a truely MALAYSIAN identity…Can this be a reality …..not during our times . So we have to accept what ever there is and help each other in the progress of life . CHARITY

  23. yes says:

    Kai , 100% agreed with u ! as long as there are bumi & non bumi stated in yr IC, MB must be malay , PM , finance minister must be malay also ! bla bla bla..we can forget about malaysia malaysian !

    Whoever said that we are malaysia malaysian , they are actually living in a fantasy world , DREAMING ! u want to see malaysia malaysian ? it can be done provided we carried the name : lingam wong bin abdullah “! any of u wanna to see yr next generation carry the above name ?

    face the fact s lah dude !

  24. dumi says:

    Don’t beleive in newspaper, they all are bullshit… except for sport section….

    We all malaysian are the same… Not only malaysian, but all people in the world are the same, we belong to god …..

  25. joo ngan says:

    I hate to be pessimistic but as long as the best people are not allowed to contribute their talents towards the nation then Malaysia is doomed to mediocrity and failure – a failed nation. When I say the best people I don’t just mean non malays but ANYBODY who is able and qualified be they bumi , non bumi, male or female. Hell even if they’re from Mars, who cares as long as they can do the job.

    But the politicians in this country can never discard their mental makeup of race, race, race! As long as we are paralysed by this insidious cloak of bumi v non bumi, malay v chinese etc. then we will never acheive our true potential. 50 years of indoctrination and division along racial lines are very much entrenched in our collective psyche so much so that we see everything through racial eyes. Is there hope? Only if we truly want to change but based on what has happened in the aftermath of the recent elections I don’t have much confidence in our present crop of leaders and fellow Malaysians. Maybe in our great grandchildrens lifetime – if Malaysia hasn’t disintegrated in a quagmire of hate and suspicion by then.

  26. Carrie says:

    Is there a big fuss over it? I just suppose the Government or some internal people don’t want some of the ADUN and State seats to be taken by “non-Malays”. As Susan says, we’re all Malaysians.

    That’s my opinion.

  27. Death Note says:

    when Khir Toyo ascended to MB, did any MSM mentioned he was of Indonesian lineage? (and write a side column about how chinese grandfathers are still without blue ICs?)

    when Mahathir ascended the PM, did any MSM trumpeted the fact that he was the firsrt mamak PM?

  28. Anonymous says:

    Your accusation of the usage of “NON-MALAYS” compared to “MINORITIES” directed to some “independent media” is childish I would say.

    The writer is trying to explain in detail on who or what kind of excos have been chosen, hence he/she expressed “Selangor Exco: 5 non-Malay…”.

    I do understand that dogs, cats, civets, wolves and etc etc are animals! But, for god’s sake, you won’t be going around addressing the word ANIMAL for every damn animal that you are referring to, just because they are categorised as “animals”.

    Wake up and come to reality. Just because you are mentioning the word non-malay, that doesn’t mean the ‘rakyat’ won’t be living in a peaceful manner or unity couldn’t be achieved.

    There are many other things to be bothered to, and do concentrate on that! If you keeping on going and referring to headlines by certain medias, well, it would be a never-ending chapter.

  29. americana83 says:

    That’d be similar to calling minority citizens here non-American. God made us all “of one blood” I guess people can’t see passed skin. In fact, there is neither Hebrew or Greek, bond or free, all are one in Christ Jesus.

    There’s a racial firestorm here since people found out one of our presidential candidates attended a church that preached racial hatred. It’s ironic he’d attend a church like that cause he was sure preaching harmony and unity and love and there he was 20 years attending a racist church.

    God save us all

  30. ktemoc says:

    Look at how Perak went straight ahead with its exco without any guiding precedence – now that’s innovative “New Dawn” leadership. It’s done with and no murky ethnic issue has arisen since.

    Selangor? UMNO put a wee pressure on, and Khalid Ibrahim listens and crumbles – why blame the palace when he’s the nominated (and accepted by HRH) leader of the newly elected coalition, bestowed fiat of political decisions by the voters.

    In a democracy royalty must remain as constitutional monarchy and not directly interfere with the voice of the poeple. The Sultan has a very very limited constitutional role. He has already played his part when he checked with DAP and PAS that they accepted Khalid Ibrahim as the MB in their new government. A stable government could be assured of based on their acceptance.

    I am not sure what Khalid is playing when we hear the same (BN) story of so many % Malays and so many % non-Malays. What then is the difference between an UMNO-led government and a PKR-led government?

    KULITfication still prevails!

  31. Hira says:

    Hey.. you guys are living in ignorence!! please be more realistic…. So far no country in the world is NOT RACIST!! look what happend to Obama.. he’s being called black by fellow white ppl… Blacks in America is discriminated badly.. threated like garbage!! Don’t go far away.. what happend in Indonessia… the chinese and indian must have a malay name. They don’t practice their mother tongue!! no rights of practising own language!!!! And you ppl in Malaysia has the right to do everything… chinese/indian school.. keep your own religion and practise openly.. I’ve travelled to most part of the world.. when i arrived UK i was shocked with the discrimination there… streets are identify with race.. Asian shops are divided into Pakistani / India / Chinese. Be thankfull that you guys are in Malaysia and having Malaysian citizenship. Do you know that in middle east there is no such word of citizenship except for the origin Arabs??!! Indian/Chinese migrated here for generation are called Malaysian… with Malaysian Id and passport. But in Middle East you are not granted citizenship even you have stayed and born in the country for 100 years!!!
    Who’s talking about Australia not racist!!! Is the most racist country on earth!! 3 weeks ago, there was a group of Indian Tourist entering Australia specifically Punjabi SIKH with turban… at immigration they’ve ask to open the turban as the authority claimed that they have to inspect what is in their turban!! can’t the detector work???? What an insult..for the religion!!!!

    Interesting…read what Ex Prime Minister John Howard – Australia had to say!
    Muslims who want to live under Islamic Sharia law were told on Wednesday to get out of Australia, as the government targeted radicals in a bid to head off potential terror attacks.

    Separately, Howard angered some Australian Muslims on Wednesday by saying he supported spy agencies monitoring the nation’s mosques.

    Quote: ‘ IMMIGRANTS, NOT AUSTRALIANS, MUST ADAPT. Take It Or Leave It. I am tired of this nation worrying about whether we are offending some individual or their culture. Since the terrorist attacks on Bali , we have experienced a surge in patriotism by the majority of Australians.’ ?

    ‘ This culture has been developed over two centuries of struggles, trials and victories by millions of men and women who have sought freedom’

    ‘ We speak mainly ENGLISH, not Spanish, Lebanese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, or any other language. Therefore, if you wish to become part of our society . Learn the language!’

    ‘ Most Australians believe in God. This is not some Christian, right wing, political push, but a fact, because Christian men and women, on Christian principles, founded this nation, and this is clearly documented. It is certainly appropriate to display it on the walls of our schools. If God offends you, then I suggest you consider another part of the world as your new home, because God is part of our culture.’

    ‘ We will accept your beliefs, and will not question why. All we ask is that you accept ours, and live in harmony and peaceful enjoyment with us.’

    ‘ This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, ‘ THE RIGHT TO LEAVE’.’

    ‘ If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.’

    dear malaysian… please wake up and look what is around you!!!
    Got money.. please travel.. not only look at the nice places… but look at how locals leave in other country!!!!

  32. mnaa says:

    After 50 years in the wilderness under the ruling of divide & rule, we cannot expect changes to occur overnight. There’s a lot of challenges ahead that we have to overcome. For us to succeed, we need to stay on course. A lot of patience, tolerance, give & take, goodwill and giving priority to the ultimate greater good/bigger picture will be needed.

    We have different ideologies and beliefs. But we share common goals. We need to come together and not fight with one another when we have a common enemy ready to come at us with all their might.

    We can wish for the ideals but for now let us take one step at a time towards a better Malaysia for ALL Malaysians

  33. lelaforpeace says:

    Hira, 200% agree with you! I’ve been traveling and staying at oversea for a few years and noted the same scenario as well. What you said is absolutely right. People should appreciate the harmony and peaceful life that our country is having rite now. Just look at country like India and Sri Lanka, even though the population were from the same ethnicity they were fight among each other. All these years we had achieved harmony environment even though we are from multiracial group. Thank you for our country policy, it’s not easy to run a country with a different background, race and religion. Even Singapore had their own so called ISA (They call it as a different term).

  34. Raven says:

    Malaysia is alrite.

    People who dreams of motherhood ideals, please do this to come back to earth:

    1. Find out real history of Malaysia
    2. Malaysia is a Federation of 9 kingdoms of Malay Sultanates
    3. We are subjects of the Sultan (as according to state where you live)
    4. Malayisa’s constitutional monarchy system allows Federal Constitution to be supreme where Sultans acquiece their powers on advisory mode to ensure equal protection of rights for all regardless of your colour.

    If any of you participated in BERSIH rally, you will understand why the Agong is beseeched to help the rakyat.

    Please do not instigate for your idealism only, do something to engage all Malaysians of all colours understand each others’ background and baggages and especially their relationship with the state and Sultan.
    This new generation knows nuts about this.

  35. Roy Selvan says:

    To-Mat Gabera,

    Human Rights

    Islam protects all noble values and human rights. Freedom, equality, justice, and the right to life, liberty, and security of person, are all of prime concern in Islamic law.

    “Whosoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind, and whosoever saves the life of one, it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind…” Qur’an 5:32.

    Isnt this what is quoted in the Quran.
    My brother is a muslim and I am a Christian, we do not discremenate according to religion. We respect each other.

    Whats wrong in having more non-malays in the EXCO.?? Is it that we are afraid of more skeletons falling out from the Closet .??
    Anyway the Federal Goverment is still under Barisan(UMNO).
    You are right, there are alot of educated Liberal thinking Malay Brothers. Like Joo Ngan said:-the best people I don’t just mean non malays but ANYBODY who is able and qualified be they bumi , non bumi, male or female. Hell even if they’re from Mars, who cares as long as they can do the job.

    Please elect people who can do their JOB. Like what DR ALBAN- Sings
    It doesnt matter if the Cat is Black or White,It only matters it catches the RAT.

  36. kai says:

    Hi Hira

    Quote “Who’s talking about Australia not racist!!! Is the most racist country on earth!! 3 weeks ago, there was a group of Indian Tourist entering Australia specifically Punjabi SIKH with turban… at immigration they’ve ask to open the turban as the authority claimed that they have to inspect what is in their turban!! can’t the detector work???? What an insult..for the religion!!!!”

    Mann, why are so many people picking on Australia today? Have I said something this morning? This is a beautiful counrty. We are one (Australian) but we are many (races)…and this is how they sang that song……… Any Aussie Uni graduates out there???….I need some help here?

    Just for that customs incident you mentioned, oh yes, they can detect the turbans. No problem friend. Just run the buggers through an x-ray machine. Now what would that be? Remove the turban or the X-ray machine. The choice is yours.

    No one claim Australians are not racist. In fact they were once considered the most racist people/nation on earth’ just like White South African, The US in the 30s and 40s, some Arab nations and so on. In the 50s to 60s, they even practice the white man policy in this country. Asians were restricted in taking up citizenships in the 30s by going through English test one after another until they failed and many gave up and went back to China for good. Mediterrean migrants in the 50s were all called wogs. Then in the 80s-90s, we are all called Asian wogs but only a very small narrow minded pricks who would used such word. Time has changed a lot since then and I am not sure when was the last time you visited this beautiful country. No one dare to called me an Asian wog at work. They won’t as they can get sack just for saying that. It’s time for you to re visit this beautiful country once again. Just don’t wear a turban-lor mate!

    I suppose you wonder why those customs officers picked on those poor and unfortunate Indian tourists. There is a very simple explanation for that. Australia is a nation free from many plant and animal diseases. Such diseases can destroyed the entire nation’s agricultural produces worth billion of dollors (the Aussie dollars is quite strong right now eh!). The purpose of inspecting the turbans is to ensure they are not trying to smuggle any prohibited plants, seeds or ever illegal drugs and other substances into this country. There is a TV program shown on telly in this country, called Border Security’. If you have seen this program you will know what I meant. These smugglers used all kinds of tricks in the book to bring in all kinds of prohibited plants, seeds, drugs by placing (hiding) them in their asses, inside their body, conceal in various objects etc. It is a good show and you will get a kick out of it if you have watched the show. I loved it, and so does my wife. Like they say, it’s good for a laugh. They are still showing the show on telly every Monday.

    As for John Howard and terrorists issue in this country. You forgot to mention that there are Muslims preaching anti Australian, anti Australian government in mosques in this country. You also failed to mention that John Horward’s policy on anti terrorists apply to all Australians, not just those with brown or darker skins but also including whites too. Just look at the case of Rodney Hick! I agreed with you that John Howard was a bit arogant on this topic and may have over reacted too, after all 82 White Australians died in Bali few years ago. Well, as you know he is now out of office and our of work too. We call this our freedom of choice.

    But if you want to classify every minor incidents taken place in this counrty involving none white as a racist issues then I don’t have an answer for you. You got to be here to understand this. You should also be fair when presenting your facts. I don’t blame you if you don’t. As I said, I have no problem running those bunch of Indians through the x-ray machine (I don’t mean to be disrespectful). The choice is theirs! I rather upset a handful of tourists than to have this nation entire agri produce went down the drain!

    Ask yourself this question. Is it okay with you if I wear my shoes while entering your mosque? I have been to a mosque once in Malaysia and entered without my shoes. I call this as respect! What say you now?


  37. Roy Selvan says:

    And to Hira,
    John Howard clearly states IMIGRANTS NOT AUSTRALIANS……..

  38. Margeemar says:

    The political tsunami that swept Malaysia during Elections 2008 has laid bare the true face of the BN and especially UMNO with regards to the issue of racism. I have without any doubt now that the BN is actually a racist party.

    It was a day of pride and joy for me when I realized Malaysians were no longer voting based on race or religion. It didn’t matter if you were Malay, Chinese or Indian. It didn’t matter if the candidate was Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Sikh. As long as they were from PKR, PAS and DAP, they got the vote.

    It really made me sick to hear UMNO leaders calling Malays ‘pengkhianat’ (traitors) just because they voted for the Opposition. We have the clowns from UMNO Penang who are demonstrating against the Penang Government for supposedly marginalizing the Malays in the state. In Selangor, we have another group of 25 moronic so-called NGO’s championing the cause of the Malays. They are even protesting against the creation of a Deputy Menteri Besar post. Want to know why they are making so much noise? Well, they just can’t stand the idea of having a non-malay and non-muslim as a Deputy Menteri Besar of Selangor. These NGO’s who are supposed to protect Malay rights and Islam are without doubt being supported and used by UMNO.

    Then, we have that sickening ex-discipline teacher of an ass kisser, Ong Kah Ting. This idiot is going around saying that he is going to reach out to the Chinese community so that they will support MCA. Mah-huanlah, peng you! This racist pig is only concerned about the Chinese. What an asshole! Finally we have the guy who has pubic hair planted on his head, the chief ass wiper, Sammy Vellu. This moron doesn’t believe that the BN can be a single multi-racial party because if that happens he can’t be the head honcho for the Indians.


  39. RonTaek. says:

    Sigh!!!!! Guess this is how life moves on. Why can’t they just mention the names and maybe chip in their qualifications? What the rakyat wants is someone who can perform his/her responsibilities to the utmost. When the rakyat feels glad that they are able to drive home the “We are Malaysians” concept, someone must come in to try and sweep it away. Perhaps they have forgotten the colour of the blood and visualise mankind superficially only? Looking at it, we are in self-destruct mode.

  40. amoker says:

    To “Matt Garbera” , please don’t give us your ‘better than you are’ preaching esp. when some of your statements are without facts. And that is a nasty posting. ‘Garbe’ge-lah.

    Regarding racism, to some degree it is still in us. Even US, with years of awareness but the democratic presidential race brings out the content of the closet. It will take time and even that, it will take hard work. The good news is that at least we now have a window of opportunity as the alternative government seemed more real to tackle this issue. BN payed lip service. Have anybody seen the “Unity in Diversity” commercials leading up the the election? They are just actors/ actress. Eternally ok, but inside .. n ot sure.

  41. asset man says:

    If Jesus was a Malaysian, Jesus would be an invaluable asset to Malaysia. Jesus would use his power to restore Salleh Abbas as the Lord president and all the shenanigans by Mahathir would not have succeeded.

    If Mahathir wanted to send Jesus to Kemuting or revoke his citizenship, then Jesus would not have hire Lingam because Salleh Abbas would use the Constitution to repudiate Mahathir’s unlawful charge!

    Jesus is an asset because Jesus unite family and all Malaysians.

  42. lakshmi says:

    To lelaforpeace, please know India first before writing. Indians have many languages and cultural practices, but they are fighting with each other. Chriatians and Muslims enjoy much more freedom there. And please do not tell me about harmony here. Yes, it was there when I was a kid in the sixties. No talk about bumiputra or ketuanaan melayu. In the last 40 years UMNO played us racial issues to divide and rule and subjugated non malays thru isa, osa, sedition act,printing act etc etc such that they created an atmosphere of false harmony when still waters were running deeply among the non malays who were too petrfied of voicing their grievences. All that changed with reformasi, bersih and hindraf. And that is why BN lost badly this time. Every malaysian should understand that his neighbour, his friends, everybody with a Malaysian citizenship are equal before the law and all discrimatory laws should be gradually removed and replaced by humane laws that respects every human being as equal before man and GOD.

  43. lakshmi says:

    Sorry for the above sentence. It should be that Indians are not fighting with each other

  44. VK Lim says:

    I am of the opinion that Malaysia will not be able to do away with this racial classification because over the years we have been ingrained, first, by our colonials masters and then by our early leaders. But this should not be any excuse for the present leadership not to try earnestly to forge a nation of Malaysians irrespective of race, religion or culture. To gain support from the racial community they come from, politicians here have little or no option to play the race card leat they be accused of selling out their roots! The universal-Malaysian politician is still a dream. Perhaps, if our policymakers can make a conscientious and colour-blind effort to ensure Malaysians of all races and creeds can share equally the rich resources of this great country and have a place in the Malaysian sun, the day will come when one and all can truly and proudly say, “I am a Malaysian”. Therefore, we have a long, long way to go. By this generation? Or the next? Only God knows. But then, there is also beauty in being diverse, provided will live in harmony and in mutual respect of each others culture and beliefs. Utopian? Not really.

  45. Olive Kwan says:

    Dear Susan

    Like RPK you are being naive and idealistic to believe the day will come when race and gender will never be an issue.

    Take a look at the current battle between Obama and Hilary in the USA, not a day passes where race or gender is not mentioned by the WORLD media when discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate.

    It’s not so much whether race or gender is the matter but more whether we are all politically matured enough to see through race and gender and go for meritocracy. Even then there will always be other agenda that will derail the meritocratic approach and it will not go away with a BR or for that matter any government. Even in Singapore race and gender are political issues although like in the USA they are better managed!

  46. Jason M says:

    I don’t think there’s any problem with the headline. If you put it in context, it is nothing racial at all. It becomes racial when you put it in that way. The main issue being highlighted in the article, as you noted, is that the new exco, unlike the previous BN’s one, not dominated by UMNO.

  47. lelaforpeace says:

    Sorry Lakshmi if you feel offended but I,m talking based on a fact of what had happened at some part of India and Sri Lanka country few years ago. I,ve a close friend of among all races including Indians when I was a student last time and even now at a work place, as well as neighbours. Divide and Rule was a British agenda to separate all races, Chinese in a town, Malay at a kampong and Indians at Estate. Thanks to who ever had fight for our “Independence”. ISA and sedition Act was directed towards everyone, even PAS and Malay as well, and a lot of PAS members had been caught. Actually we should fight towards more peaceful country, reduce inflation (but petrol price at our country still among the cheapest in Asia, because when I travel up north I saw lots of Thailand bought petrol at the border), reduce crime rate and help the poor people (which I’ve seen we’ve done quite a fair job here, our government medical service is among the cheaper n fair service,.. RM1.00 for everything, where can we get elsewhere?

  48. Roy Selvan says:

    Change can come in either of two important ways: start behaving positively or stop behaving negatively.Lets try.

  49. REY says:

    Lets read the articles of Farish Noor whom I respet a lott due to his impartial view and straightforwardness.he has a foresight, a real malaysian foresight! Read it in a very refreshing arrticles which all leader should read and digest. Yes, we are all malaysian, born here and die here…..but why Malaysian of non-malay origin are not treated as a Malaysian…why all those on the tops are taliking of selecting the councillors basing on race? Why are we all talking of racial composition when choosing the councillors, be it in Perak and also in Selangor? RPK who always advocate a Malaysia for Malaysian stand seems to be changing his stand his articles in his blog which is a real disappointment…another one.Syed Husain ALi at the helm of PKR who has been known as unbiased in his previous remarks also demanding for more Malaysian of Malays origin to be installed…a real disappointment and a smack on the face of so called democracy which PKR all the time is advocating….Why can’t we choose the candidates based on merit and experience and not alking about origin, be it Malays, CHinese or INdian or Asli….what RPK called colour blind which he now seems to be deserting? I respect the opinion of Farish Noor …read it in…..When will we see the day when we are all reagrded as Malaysian and we term all as Malaysian as Chinese orign, Malaysian of Malay origin or Malaysian of Indian origin or…sigh

  50. sloone says:

    Raja Petra says it all:

    Look at Malaysiakini’s latest report on the Selangor State EXCO line-up. Malaysiakini reported that out of the ten EXCO Members, six are going to be non-Malays and four of them women. Who the hell cares whether six are non-Malays and four are women? Are these people being chosen to run the state because of their race and gender? Should they not be chosen because of their qualifications and capabilities? Who are these six non-Malays and four women anyway? Are they the best of the lot? Will they outperform and outshine the previous Khir Toyo administration? Are we going to see Selangor grow and prosper by leaps and bounds? Is Selangor going to be paradise on earth?

    Who cares? What matters is that six are going to be non-Malays and four are going to be women. That is what matters and that is what is going to guarantee a great future ahead of us. The calibre of the ten EXCO members was buried in the consideration of race and gender. That is the main focus and that is what appears to be the deciding factor. Woe to this country when race and gender override all other factors.

  51. tunabdulrazak says:

    How am I to call myself a Malaysian when there are only Malays, Cina and Indian in the list. I happen to be under ‘dan lain lain’ despite the fact that I am native of Borneo.

  52. jos says:

    It is hard probably, when Malaysia seregate their schools according to languages etc. While there are international schools in indo, for some reason we chinese feel more blended in (for one we dont even have official chinese names). not that racism does not exist but it is a sort of .. yeah we know – but we have the money – so what. that sort of thing.
    i am proud of being an indonesian and so are most indochinese i know. thank god for suharto and his intergration regime.

  53. Feroz Merican says:

    In response to my friend Anonymous, who resorted to referring to Susan as “childish”, ostensibly because he cannot see what the problem is with the term “Non-Malay”, probably because it has been inculcated in him since birth;might I suggest that you would have a problem being a Minority in Malaysia if, instead of being classified as a Malay(if Malays were a minority in our wonderful country) you were instead called a “Non-Chinese”. It is that simple, buddy. Put the shoe on your own foot and see how it feels.

  54. lelaforpeace says:

    Hi Jos, you should realise the fact that … there would be an issue n other problems would arises if the name of individuals could not indicated whether there are Muslims, Christians, Buddha or Hindu ( such as what had happened in Indo). There are lots of do and dont ( Halal n Haram among each religions). Every human being should have their the right based on their religions, country law etc. Unless if they are Atheis maybe. But you should know one of our national code is “Believe in God”. By the way we have International school as well here, and it is usually for the rich people ( expensive), not for a medium income group like me

  55. Feroz Merican says:

    Also, Jos, with all due respect; I lived in Jakarta for 4 years until Suharto fell. Every Ramadan, you have problems, no? The fact is, my clueless friend, Betawi and Javanese people hate the Chinese, that’s why you have to go out for dinner in a big group..that’s why, at every red light you have to lock your car doors in case people rob you at night. Don’t bluff Malaysians, la, we know how popular Chinese are in Jakarta; save your God Bless Suharto nonsense for the ignorant and the stupid. I speak from experience, I know that every Javanese essentially hates the Chinese, that is why you have to go to your own discos/clubs to feel safe and that is why you Chinese have not a single friend of your group who is Betawi.
    Get lost and shut up, moron.

  56. Feroz Merican says:

    Suharto killed 500,000 people. The intelligentsia and the leftists. Mahathir killed no one. Betawi and Jakarta have big respect for Mahathir because of the NEP. Indonesia does not have that, they let the Chinese get away with everything and Suharto’s Cronies WERE ALL CHINESE. Check the records. He made the Chinese rich and the Betawi poor. Yes, the Army and the VIP play the part of Greedy Malays in Indonesia but in general it is widely regarded that the top 5% of the country own 90% of the country’s wealth. Yes, Malaysia’s NEP was corrupted but as an idea it was a good one, just like Affirmative Action in the USA. Indonesia never even bothered with the idea! So, a chinese Indonesian telling me he is proud of his country and Suharto is a bit too much. We were not all born yesterday.

  57. jos says:

    are you an indonesian chinese? if not how can you understand how we feel. obviouly there were problems in the past but personally, i endorse corruption at the lower levels.
    oh and all those western bullshit ideas about democracy. they are the truly corrupted ones. you have total freedom in indonesia.
    as for the riots, most of the rioter were PAID to do so. in fact, before that happened, my uncles and my aunts told me of touching stories involving my grandfather & all the ‘malays’
    as i have stated above, i am not saying that there are no racism in indonesia – but it is also because of this racism that lead to a form of unification – ironically.
    there are many chinese malaysians i know who can speak a word of malay even though they have been living in malaysia all throughout their lives. i left indonesia when i was younger and i could still speak a little of it.
    chinese sending their kids to chinese schools leads to further disintergration. whereas in indonesia where chinese names/teachings were banned (obviously taught illegally at home) has lead to a more thorough sense of national identity. (you can identify an indonesian by their names easily but between singaporean and malaysian names with fake chinese/hypy names you have to be knowledgable to differentiate)

    through personal experiences i have chinese relative/friends who identity themselves not just by chinee but more or by the area they are from and the ethnic majority in that place -e.g. orang barat, java etc.

    and please think about why i would want to pretend that i love my country. thank you very much.

  58. Olive Kwan says:

    What does it all boil down to? The Hokkien Chinese has an apt statement that says “Tan Ku Ku” literally “Wait Long Long Time” for the world including Malaysia and Singapore (for that matter) to disregard race in politics among other aspects of life.

    The way forward as I see it is to accept that race is an inevitable consideration in whatever we decide on (and act in the interest of the common good); even RPK has in some instances revealed his inclinations in matters of race. Whosoever is not guilty of this “failing” please stand up.

    Deciding and taking action in the interest of the common is of course the difficult part as your “good” can be my “bad”.

    What do we have then? We need our political leaders to be reasonably people of impeccable integrity with the passion to serve the governed. Can we have that for Malaysia?

  59. Olive Kwan says:

    The second sentence in the last paragraph should read “We need our political leaders to be reasonably smart people of impeccable integrity with the passion to serve the governed.”

  60. jos says:

    weird i thought i had already posted another reply. anyway,

    what i am trying to say is, the so called racism in indonesia during suharto period was one that was aiming at intergration and in a way it achived intergration.
    i know many malaysian chinese who could hardly speak a word of malay but every single indo who had grown up in indonesia can speak indo. and the fact that we were not allowed to register our chinee names ( in fct i was quite sad that it is now allowed as it will mean we have ‘fake’ chinese names just like my and sg – it WAS A SENSE OF NATIONAL IDENTITY)have gave rise to many chinese-inspired indonesian names that are not ‘malay’ or anything either. my mother & her siblings have names from a local tribe.
    the ethnic minorities – or so called – hve their own cultures and you can see that differnet chinese living in different parts also identify with their local cultures as well as national identity.
    THAT is what i do not see in malaysia.

    and can you please think why i would want to ‘pretend’ that i love my own country?

    p.s. many of the 1998 rioters were just bought rioters, or just joining in the fun. before that my aunts told me, there were very special bonds between them and the .. other races..

  61. Olive Kwan says:

    Sorry Jos

    I wasn’t referring to your posting. BTW you are correct based on the historical facts that I’m aware of.

    I was referring to the postings supporting Susan’s position regarding the mention of racial composition in the Selangor ExCo.

    My stand is that it’ll be quite a while before race becomes a non-issue. Meanwhile tolerance in large doses by all Malaysians is the way to go

  62. ayob says:

    What is wrong with Malay sultanates requiring Malay Muslim MBs. These sultanates have existed for centuries and have developed their own traditions and customs.

    Some people don’t like the idea of ethnic identification saying we are all Malaysians. If really so why don’t they question the existence of Chinese schools , Chinese newspapers etc. We should be having only Malaysian schools and newspapers in the Malaysian language (Malay), then. But, these people will defend the Chinese schools, and Chinese newspapers, using the arguments of multiculturalism and minority rights. You know what multiculturalism means. It means we must be conscious of different races and that races must be recognised and be given expression. And, what does minority rights mean. It means rights of non Malays. As simple as that. Dont be so simplistic to say we are all Malaysians, fullstop.

    Some people actually don’t realise (or pretend not to) that they are not honest about the things they say. ‘Democracy’, ‘equality’, ‘meritocracy’ (these are not neutral terms) are used by these peple to promote their own racial interests / advantage. They know very well with ‘pure meritocracy’ historical natives everywhere in the world would be pegged at the bottom of society, like the Malays with just 1.8 % share of the economy before the NEP.

    And, somebody says in Singapore, Chinese discrimination against Malays is only ‘sporadic’. But, why existence of’ sporadic’ discrimination against Malays who are already weak economically and numerically. The only explanation is that discrimintion there is in fact a cultural habit of Chnuese. Being cultural, this discrimination is in fact pervasive. Read Lily Zubaidah “Singapore Dilemma”, the book that was ‘banned’ in Singapore. Further, Singapore practises ‘the mother of all quotas’. It has a population(racial) quota established as a policy by Lee Kuan Yew, that the racial composition of the population of Singapore cannot be allowed to change – so 76% must remain Chinese. Of course this is not in the constitution of Singapore. Nor, is it written in any legislations or policies. With this quota established, Singapore Chinese do not need any other quotas. Which other country in the world practises such racial population quota?

    In Malaysia, Malays resort to ‘constitutional discrimination’ because , first, the Malay culture (for those who care to know) is open and non discriminatory, historically. Thus, their culture is not something they can fall back on to ensure they dont get marginalised in their own homeland. Secondly, Malay culture has a key concept called ‘patut’ (what is proper and what is not), and this applies to rights and obligations too. Malays know non Malays will never understand this notion of ‘patut’ – what is patut or not for the natives and similarly what is ‘patut’ or not for the non natives. For the Malays, for them to be marginalised in their own homeland is not ‘patut’. Thus, the institution in the constitution of Malay special rights. Ther is nothig racist about this. The Malays just want to ensure the proper dues.

    It is unfortunate that the Malays are never understood. And, they always get branded as racists. Malays gave non Malays citizenship in return for recognition of their special rights. But, what do the Malays get in return, after independence. They get bad mouthed ! (Malays were right in their assumption that the non Malays have no comprehension of the notion of ‘patut’).

    Look at DAP. they claim to be a multiracial party. No, they are not on two grounds. First, they only cater to Chinese interests (eg. abolish NEP, support Chinese schools) and they will not cater to Malay interests (eg. fair share of the economy i.e 30%, only national schools for the country). Second, membership of DAP does not come close at all toward reflecting the racial composition of the country. I think DAP is 80% Chinese. A truly multiracial party reflects the country’s racial composition.

  63. Olive Kwan says:

    Dear Ayob

    People who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

    Unfortunately you do not practise what you profess to believe in.

    By the way, please do not continue the illusion that the Malays (and Mamaks) are the true bumis in Malaya let alone Malaysia; the true bumis in Malaya are the Orang Asli. The Malays like the multi-generation Chinese and Indians in Malaysia are all migrants, some more and some less.

  64. Zydar C. says:

    Praise be to the Light that BN suffered a terrible & resounding defeat for the 1st time in living memory. Perhaps this will awakent them to the harsh reality that they have wantonly blinded themselves to; hiding behind the veil of a world where they hold unlimited power. Long has BN since become corrupt & decadent under the influence of power & backed by it’s seemingly almighty ISA. ABSOLUTE POWER CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY. Now we can begin to rid ourselves of the gross incompetence that we suffered under a party filled with radical ultras advocating for a “Melayu-sahaja” nation & their unwilling lapdogs. Most saddening, however, is that Pak Lah, whilst dong his very best to (the proverbial) “menjaga hati rakyat”, he has also proven himself to be hopelessly unable to govern with an iron fist when necessary. To top it all of, he is slowly losing influence in UMNO to the likes of Hishammuddin Hussein & Khairy Jamaluddin. If we as the rakyat are to change the political landscape, then we must do so post-haste. For I fear that if we are too late, then we will not celebrate Wawasan 2020; rather more like Revolusi 2020. Mereka yg. tidak mampu memikir mahupun melihat sejauh mata memandang bakal menjahannamkan negara kami yg. tercinta ke dalam gaung penderitaan & kekecohan yg. tidak terhingga. Ingatlah ini, wahai kawan2 :

    Pemerintah & pemimpin berjasa silih berganti,
    Tetapi MERDEKA, OH MERDEKA, tetap kekal abadi!

    Gemilanglah masa depan rakyat, nusa & bangsa Malaysia!

  65. kai says:

    Hello Ayob,

    Nice posting you got there! I though no one would bother to further comment on this topic since it’s already few days old. Of course I read your posting and I quote: –

    “Look at DAP. they claim to be a multiracial party. No, they are not on two grounds. First, they only cater to Chinese interests (eg. abolish NEP, support Chinese schools) and they will not cater to Malay interests (eg. fair share of the economy i.e 30%, only national schools for the country). Second, membership of DAP does not come close at all toward reflecting the racial composition of the country. I think DAP is 80% Chinese. A truly multiracial party reflects the country’s racial composition.” and unquote.

    Please allow me to ask you these questions: –

    Firstly, have you seen or hear any Bumi, Malays, Kawan Melayu ever applied and rejected for a membership for DAP? Please, this the right time for you to shine on this topic. Please don’t hold back. Oh, one importance thingy here, don’t forget their names too-lah! Perhaps you are suggesting that DAP should go around the Kampong handing our free DAP memberships to the Malays?

    Secondly you also touched on the NEP sensitive issue, like fair share of the economy i.e 30%. Well what do I know? I suppose nothing! But, did you know that the measuring of wealth held by the Malays is calculated based on par value and not market value?? The Malays have already achieved the target of 30% long time ago, but if you continue to measure it base on the costs and not the current market value then there is no way you will ever come up with the magic number of 30%. You don’t think the BN are that stupid, are you?

    And hello to Feroz Mexican to you. Hey amigo, am I talking to a real Mexican here lol!

    I would also like to comment on your postings too. You said and I quote “Suharto’s Cronies WERE ALL CHINESE. Check the records” and “Betawi and Javanese people hate the Chinese” and unquote.

    Wow! Having living in Indonesia for 4 years can made you an expert in Indonesia history. I have been living in this country far long that you in Indonesia and I still can’t say that I know the culture of this country well.

    You said that Suharto’s cronies were all Chinese and all Betawi and Javanese people hate the Chinese. Now let me see, there are about 200 millions people living in Indonesia and out of this about 5% are Chinese ie 10 millions. I honestly didn’t know that Soharto had so many Chinese cronies when he was in power? Those 10 millions Chinese must be very lucky to have Soharto looking after them all!

    Do you know why those Javanese hated the Chinese so much? Because the Chinese are hard working and successful in whatever they are doing in Indonesia. You forget to mentioned that the Chiniese are restricted and discriminated for civil servant jobs, university placing and all other things in Indonesia. What would you do if you are in this kind of enviornment? Would you go around begging or you tell yourself let’s do something of your own.

    My family ran a small business without any help or subsidies from the Government. We commencing our dairly work, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (yes, including Chinese New year to cater for the non Bumi and Indians customers) from 6 am till about 7 pm at night. I can’t say that we were well off in those days but we managed to put foods on the table. No car, no TV, and no refrigerator in those days too. This is actually what those Indonesia Chinese are doing in Jakarta. Can you blame them for their success and hard working?

    What about yourself. Are you a 9 to 5, 5 days a week person? Are you wondering why you are not driving a brand new BMW 7 series right now? There is a Chinese saying that you will never be successful unless you are self-employed. Of course the exception is that unless you are linked to BN…!!

    And finally, please don’t tell readers of this forum to shut up and get lost or to called them moron. What comes around go around and it take one kind to know another kind of his own.

    Soory for so being long winded!


  66. ayob says:

    My response to Kai’s questioning :

    Kai fails to note that my two reasons rejecting DAP’s claim to multiracial tag are inter-related. How can Malays want to join DAP if DAP’s political platform reflects only non Malay interests and indeed rejects all that Malays consider their interests. DAP platform is completely one sided.

    And, the 30 %, don’t count the so called ‘Malay’ institutional holdings. We should be looking at individual Malay holdings. And, if really Malays have achieved 30% target, then that would show clearly on the ground like Malays occupying perhaps 40% of the bungalows in high end housing estates or owning 35% of newly constructed shoplots. Are we seeing anything like these ?

    Kai’s statement that “You dont think the BN are that stupid, are you ?” is very revealing. It shows that Kai thinks everybody ( including Malays and BN ) thinks like him – manipulative, conspiratorial, suspicious etc. Such basic fault in thinking is tragic.

    Olive Kwan is repeating a very popular gimmick ‘that Orang Aslis and not Malays are the real natives’ in Malaysia. What facts have you got. This is good for people less knowledgeable or who deliberately want to distort the issue.

    Let me explain. Absolutely nothing is known about orang asli origin for sure. Malays call them politely as orang asli, not necessarily because they were here first ( just as Malays politely call titled people ‘orang besar-besar’ not necessarily because they are big- sized ). On the other hand, there is a strong body of opinion among scholars that Malays have been in Malay Peninsula since at least 1500 BC (dont think of the Minangkabaus who came here 2 – 3 centuries ago). That means Malays were here before there was Indonesia or Malaysia. The whole Malay Archipelago was one vast Malay cultural world. If some Malays then moved say, from Borneo to the Peninsula, you dont call them immigrants as they were moving within one cultural world. But, Chinese and Indians came to Malaya they crossed different cultural worlds. They were immigrants !

    Let me clarify further. if some Chinese moved between provinces in China today the phenomenon is called ‘internal migration’ or ‘internal displacement’. If a mandarin speaking Chinese learns Hokkien today you dont call him learning a foreign language – it is just a dialect of China. On the other hand if a Chinese is learning French then you would say he is learning a foreign language because he is now crossing cultural borders ! He is migrating to a foreign language.

    Whether Malays or orang asli were here first is not something you can resolve. Both are bumis like also sarawak and sabah natives. And, I use the term ‘historical natives’, as historically when Chinese, Indians, Europeans came here in history, those natives were already here.

  67. armsteel says:

    You’re right Susan, we lack Malaysian voices,Penang now consist of a Chinese CM,Malay and Indian deputy,hmmm simply not Malaysian enough….If Karpal Singh were made CM…that will be a good example..

  68. headache says:

    Would be good when (not if) it happens. Don’t think I will be around to see it…

    Many, many decades have gone by in both the USA and Australia since their founding, and they are still groping with this issue.

    Malaysia have 50 years history and everyone wants it resolve immediately. On what basis do we think this can now be resolved? Simply on the basis of the latest election results…

    Tak masuk akal langsung…

  69. Feroz Merican says:

    Hey Jos
    I am Malaysian. You are Indonesian; every middle class, upper middle class Chinese family/business has a driver who is Non-Chinese. Your Maids are Non-Chinese-your security guards/bodyguards are non-Chinese
    your massage expert is non Chinese- your shops under Suharto could not have Chinese lettering on your shop signs, you were not allowed to have Lion Dances during Chinese New Year, yet you claim you are proud to be a Chinese Indonesian. The Chinese here can HAVE THEIR OWN NAMES.
    You cannot . We know that Rudy Hartono, Ardy Wiranata, Chandra Wijaya were ALL CHINESE. Yet they cannot use their own names. We know so many Chinese Indonesians left Indonesia after 1998. Even your world class Badminton team left Indonesia! Why? Because they loved Indonesia?
    Not a single Malaysian Chinese Player left this country. Not one had a family member who was robbed , raped or killed, not a single Church was burnt down. That is the difference between Malaysia and Indonesia, my friend. No I am not Indonesian Chinese, I am Malaysian.

  70. armsteel says:

    Once my young daughter asked me about Malaysian ethnics….”Is the Chinese people here from China?”so I replied “Yes”…again another question,”Is Indian here from India?I replied”Yes,tha’ts what my Indian friends told me”…again another question”So Malay is from Malaysia?”..I wandered for a while..then replied”Yes”, again another question”What is Bangsa Malaysia then?”, my reply is “no one is sure yet”…..

  71. hazel says:

    This is quite an interesting topic, Susan. Raja Petra was right, BN loves to play the racial issue over n over like using ‘non-Malay’ term instead of Indians or Chinese, as if it would make any difference duh ! While browsing thru wikipedia i found these pieces of facts;

    “In his 1775 doctoral dissertation titled De generis humani varietate nativa (On the Natural Varieties of Mankind), Blumenbach outlined four main human races by skin color, namely Caucasian (white), Ethiopian (black), Native American (red), and Mongolian (yellow).”

    “By 1795, Blumenbach added another race called ‘Malay’ which he considered to be a subcategory of both the Ethiopian and Mongoloid races. The Malay race were those of a “brown color, from olive and a clear mahogany to the darkest clove or chestnut brown.” Blumenbach expanded the term “Malay” to include the inhabitants of the Marianas, the Philippines, the Malukus, Sundas, as well as Pacific Islands such as Tahitians. ”

    “In Malaysia, the early colonial censuses listed separate ethnic groups, such as “Malays, Boyanese, Achinese, Javanese, Bugis, Manilamen and Siamese”. The 1891 census merged these ethnic groups into the three racial categories used in modern Malaysia – Chinese, ‘Tamils and other natives of India’, and ‘Malays and other Natives of the Archipelago’. This was based upon the European view at the time that race was a biologically based scientific category. For the 1901 census, the government advised the word “race” should replace “nationality” wherever it occurs.”

    “After a period of generations being classified in these groups, individual identity formed around the concept of bangsa Melayu (Malay race). For younger generations of people, they saw it as providing a unity and solidarity against the colonial powers, and non-Malay immigrants. The Malaysian nation was later formed with the bangsa Melayu having the central and defining position within the country.”

    “In Malaysia, the Malay population is defined by Article 160 of the Malaysian Constitution as someone born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs, and is domiciled in Malaysia or Singapore. This definition is loose enough to include people of a variety of ethnic backgrounds, and it therefore differs from the anthropological understanding of what constitutes an ethnic Malay.”

    So, that’s where the term ‘Malay’ came from, basically from what the European perceived and classified us at that time, so the Malay can easily becomes a majority with all the ethnics combined. If the Javanese, Bugis, Boyanese, etc can easily become as one ‘Malay’ (well, i know for a fact that I’m not a ‘pure Malay’ 🙂 ), why not we as a Malaysian just be as one Malaysian? regardless of our races. And it’s true that so many immigrant from Indonesia, Borneo & Acheh has been living for so long in Malaysia and got their nationality as Malaysian. Same also with the Indians, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Kembojas & Thais who has live here in Malaysia forever. We are as ONE NATION. Yet, these typical politician keep on trying to pollute and mislead our mind with their subtle racial talks, and keep reminding us of what we are 50-80 years ago. For what? and why?

    It’s clear that Malaysia today is not what is it over 50 years ago before our Independence, when the 3 major races first made a joint effort to fight for our freedom. The scenario has definitely changed, and we love our colourful, multi-racial nation. It’s the dirty politics that always strive for power and personal gains that disgust us, and thus effecting our should-be-healthy development and peaceful environment.
    We’re lucky that we as a whole, the Malaysian, are not of a violent race. Otherwise we would surely ended up like those ethnic cleansing countries that won’t stop at nothing until their race/ ethnic comes up at the top.
    Seriously, this racial issue is very unpleasant to be discussed and yet been brought up tactfully by the so-called intelligent politicians. For what reason? Who’s benefit?
    Our world is changing yet we are still at the same point in a circle.
    When the real thing is, if our politician starts thinking like real human beings that care for their people regardless of the races and minorities, rule wisely as mandated by the people, I believe we could develop much much better, evenly among races; as one nation. We are nearly there aren’t we? Or I thought so…

  72. downtoearth says:

    It is sad. Once upon a time, we could play with our neightrbours and not think they are bumis or hindus or Chinese. There is a change and what caused that change for people to be suspicious of each other and the camaderie of being Malaysian??? What?? I really want to know.

    He sat opposite me in his sargeant uniform and I said to him, ” thank God for all you army people for protecting our country…there is peace here and all the faithful “setia” don’t have to die and suffer in any war like our other neighbours…thank God for peace. ”

    ” I wonder what will happen if there is war…”

    I could have fallen from my chair when I heard the answer… ” oh jadi orang Cina macam kamu mesti balik Cina.” I asked him, “Jadi, orang India? ” He said “Balik Indialah”. I said to him, “kalau macam ini, bagaimana dengan orang Melayu, balik kemana? Ke Yunnan, itu tempat asal Proto Malay atau pun Sumatra? Janganlah cakap begitu sargeant…kita semua orang Malaysia…” Needless to say, I did not make any headway. So sad. I would die for my country Malaysia but I wouldn’t die for China.

    Need I say more?

  73. Firebreather says:

    If UMNO is non racial, why the F–k did they invented the NEP? Just to kill the non-Malays slowly but surely lah! If not for the non-Malays’ strong resilience, they would have been erased from this wonderful country of ours – HIDUP MALAYSIA….

  74. Malaysia BOLEH says:

    wake up your IDEA!
    What have you done that makes you better than anyone else?
    What have you contribute to your society that enable you to have that ideology that chinese are better than malay?
    just because the chinese might be better in certain strength in business than the malays doesn’t mean you are one of them.

    you just riding on some chinese who happened to be better than other races who have make a mark…

    In typical typecast, certain races have strength and weakness…
    it so happened that chinese strength is related to the economy…
    but that doesn’t mean anything…
    take China for instance…..
    yeah, a country FULL of chinese…….
    its undeniable the economy is good…
    but what about the quality of product they are selling…
    Quality doesn’t mean carbon copy of someone else product…
    It shows dishonesty, greed and unethical….

    Does that reflect YOU since you believe chinese are better than malays…
    you reflect yourself with the positivity disregarding the negativity

    another example….
    Giving Malaysia to the chinese?
    take singapore as an example…
    THe malays there are oppressed of their own land….
    History was rewritten by the singapore government that the malay come from malaysia as if SIngapore in the early days wasn’t occupied by anyone.
    Chinese have china, taiwan and singapore …..
    what else…..Malaysia??
    DOn’t be fueled by greed….
    if Malaysia were to be in a state of singapore…
    the malays will be similar state to Palestine..
    where they have no right to thier own land….
    maybe u might say won’t happen…..maybe not now but what about 100 years later…
    will YOU be alive to prevent THAT????

    so wake up before you give such an ideology….

  75. applepie says:

    What’s with all this hate towards Singapore?
    To all Singapore haters, get a life people and get over it!
    Malays are not discriminated here.
    In fact, as a Malay, I am proud to have a Government that is transparent and the least corrupt in the world.
    We work hard, knowing that we are the minority in our own country but that doe not mean that we have to be complacent, unlike Malaysian Malays, who are being spoonfed by their own corrupt Government.
    Malaysians are a delusional lot….
    Just look at the latest proposal to boycott US products in response to Israel’s defiance in attacking Gaza.
    Please look around, YOUR own people will suffer, Malaysians are the ones who will lose their jobs, you will lose investor confidence, especially foreigners who are repulsed by this act of stupidity.
    By the way, Coca Cola, McDonald’s and Starbucks are not the only US products..The list is endless!!
    Intel is US too, so while you are it, why not stop using the computer too?

  76. chumpman says:

    Well, I think that everyone has their rights to voice out, though I find that its a little unnecessary to bombard each other so harshly here. Susan is entitled to her rights to bring up the subject, its her opinion. I am sure the debates can be done in a more respectable manner without pointing fingers and showing hate. One could “defend” or even “attack” a topic or subject in a less angry way, save the angers to the ones that really are against the people, whatever races we might be, or which countries we are from. I am proud to be me as a person, not because i am chinese or black or Malaysian or Singaporean. How the Malaysian Government deal with the issues and people not because they are Malays, its because they are who they are as individuals. Unfortunately, their selfish ways strangled Malaysia. We can’t say or be sure that if the government is governed more by another race, this kind of issues won’t happen.
    From all these comments, we can see that all are voicing out as individuals, with a lot to talk about – don’t get me wrong, its good to voice out! But, bombard the right people – voice out for the right reason, not for anger. Kudos.

  77. Suri says:

    Very well said!

  78. Singapore BAGUS says:

    I really don’t understand the Singapore-haters from Malaysia. Chinese and Indian people are as equally racist as the Malay people themselves. It’s the racial segregation type of system Malaysia has for a long time. Government make them turn their backs on each other. I am a Malay Singaporean and I work in a Chinese-dominant company and have a healthy mix of friends from different cultures. Thanks to meritocracy really, it’s not some PAP propaganda bullshit like what they say in our bullshit newspapers and shitty TV. Singapore system is work hard and earn more, simple and fair. It’s true. Hell, we respect each other and tolerate each other’s differences. We even make fun of each others races and can laugh about it at the end of the day. I guess that’s the beauty of my country.

    Malaysia is a beautiful country too. People are friendlier than in Singapore. Malaysia is interesting but Singapore boring (yawn). Malaysia is a bit more heartland too I suppose, closer to traditions and their cultures we as Singaporeans are losing in the name of globalisation and love for pop culture (Singapore youth today, sigh, lagi disappointing, I suppose we have only ourselves to blame). Singapore’s not perfect of course, like every other nation, we will have racism once in a while. I do get racist taunts from angry chinese people, but there will always be one chinese friend that stands up for you. Also, We are also pretty much one-party system and lack of freedom of speech. But what strikes me is my country will endeavour towards a true democracy, more freedom of speech and greater wealth equality.

  79. iy12 says:

    Singapore BAGUS :
    I really don’t understand the Singapore-haters from Malaysia. Chinese and Indian people are as equally racist as the Malay people themselves. It’s the racial segregation type of system Malaysia has for a long time. Government make them turn their backs on each other. I am a Malay Singaporean and I work in a Chinese-dominant company and have a healthy mix of friends from different cultures. Thanks to meritocracy really, it’s not some PAP propaganda bullshit like what they say in our bullshit newspapers and shitty TV. Singapore system is work hard and earn more, simple and fair. It’s true. Hell, we respect each other and tolerate each other’s differences. We even make fun of each others races and can laugh about it at the end of the day. I guess that’s the beauty of my country.
    Malaysia is a beautiful country too. People are friendlier than in Singapore. Malaysia is interesting but Singapore boring (yawn). Malaysia is a bit more heartland too I suppose, closer to traditions and their cultures we as Singaporeans are losing in the name of globalisation and love for pop culture (Singapore youth today, sigh, lagi disappointing, I suppose we have only ourselves to blame). Singapore’s not perfect of course, like every other nation, we will have racism once in a while. I do get racist taunts from angry chinese people, but there will always be one chinese friend that stands up for you. Also, We are also pretty much one-party system and lack of freedom of speech. But what strikes me is my country will endeavour towards a true democracy, more freedom of speech and greater wealth equality.

    I’m a Malaysian who has been in Singapore for 4 years. I honestly don’t understand it when Singaporeans say that Malaysians are a more friendly bunch. Perhaps the better word to use is ‘personable’, meaning you can strike conversations about more personal stuff with a Malaysian much easier than you can with a Singaporean. Malaysians are more sincere with their smiles – they’re genuine. Singaporeans do smile too but that’s more like for doing business. Yet from my personal experience, Singaporeans are actually more friendly than Malaysians in other ways. The taxi drivers and ‘roadside people’ – newspaper vendors, grocery shopkeepers etc – are more friendly, polite and honest than the ones in Malaysia. The elderly in Singapore are also full of smiles and very helpful. Very impressive and endearing indeed. The courtesy and public etiquette in Singapore is much better too.

  80. To all the Umno-cybertroopers and those who grown up spoon-fed by Utusan Malaysia, how much do you truly ”know” about the ”DAP” you guys kept attacking for every misfortune Malays suffered at the hands of corrupt UMNO party leaders like a certain ex-chief minister of Selangor?

    What I typed here won’t change the minds of people with deep-rooted hatred towards anything DAP and Malaysian Chinese, but DO know that Lim Guan Eng, the current CM of Penang, went to jail years ago defending a Malay girl who was raped by sons of certain powerful figure in Malaysia while all those Ketuanan-shouting people stood by idly doing nothing.

    Moo~, I see, the cows have come home, and we Malaysians are still arguing whether its ”Race” first ”Nationality” later or vice-versa. Keep up the good job Susie.

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