Malaysian cabinet ministers and deputy ministers are to declare their assets publicly twice during their 5 year parliamentary terms. 

But here is the catch:

He (PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, flanked by his deputy Najib Tun Razak) did not elaborate whether spouses and family members of the ministers should follow suit in declaring their assets as well. (Malaysiakini)

And I wonder why journalists didn’t pursue him on this! Or, did they?


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  1. POTBLACK says:

    Another old wayang kulit show. Make it public if you dare.


  2. Your pic really blew me away… Thanks for making my evening.. 🙂

    You know, that Pak Lah should lead by giving examples first la.. Let ACA and independent parties take a look at his ASSets and those closest to him first before telling others to bend down. I would love to know how much KJ had accumulated ever since he got married.

  3. wits0 says:

    The wayang was started by Mahathir. All gomen servants had to declare their assets in the eighties to him. The question asked was, To who did he declare his assets too? IIRC, this is a mandatory and continuing process,every five years. Which means, (just imagine) the large pile of dusty, unsecured filled forms/papers lying in the corner of gomen offices usually not observing the promised confidentiality. If X is a gomen servant who happens to have high assets(say from sudden family inheritance and fully and duly declared), all it takes is an office boy with connection to the underworld to arrange for his kidnapping for ransom.

  4. The Fact Is This says:

    aahhh……just another trick from the failed pm. Assets transferred to wife, brother, in-laws, sweared blood friend, to his mother, grandfather, 3rd uncle’s son, daughter, girlfriend, spare tires, who knows……guess la. We are all making sure the next election will be more fruitful than the present like BR capturing all the remaining states. bn is por-chi now and forever. Those loser from the opposition (the bn and umno) is still barking and very scared, confused. Hey loser, no use crying over spilled milk and TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!!!!

  5. ghenjis khan says:

    yes, indeed, All you DIRTY OLD MEN and WOMEN, if I may add !

  6. ANg kong says:

    personally, i believe it would be OTT if the spouse and immediate family members are asked to declare their assets along with the minister husband/papa. This declaring asset business is just for show, yes it may make it more difficult or be seen as another huddle b4 one considers taking any ill gotten gains in exchange for favours but there is always the distant aunties/uncles, godchildren, girlfriends or even boyfriends who happen to have an oversea account and are so willing to lend a hand. So, there is no way to track them all down.

    But why only twice every 5 years.. is it so difficult to do it every year?? we all pay income tax every year right? Besides, when an ex-counsel builds an ‘istana’, are u so stupid to put 2 and 2 together?

    I say give the ACA/inland revenue department more authority, more financial input and empower them to fine-comb the cheats without any bureaucracies. There are fine ppl out there and why cant you let them do their jobs?

  7. Bodowi says:

    A$$ets all in Australia..??

    Perth Western Aust. HOrses, restaurant, Land, houses, shares

  8. Ahila says:

    RIGHT..declare assests..
    Whose is checking? ACA? or The Sleeping Beauty ?
    Still ..they will be building ‘million dollar palaces’! File tutup.
    ……….tunjuk wayang; tak caya lah. Public dah sedar hoi.Tak payahlah nak tunjuk tunjuk Asset. Semua pakar criminal.

  9. Please don’t ever get upset
    When you declare your asset
    If you have nothing to reset
    Then there’s no worry to beset

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 200308
    Thu. 21st March 2008.

  10. La Cha Mau says:

    Aiseh nombor satu, lu ingat kita rakyat Malaysia bodoh punya olang. Kerbau shit, semua assets in the names of distant relatives, family members and mysterious proxies, mana ada list panjang lagi. How can barber bag man and kolam selam man declare actual assets….Anaconda Kisnan pun kalah, tau tak. Nombor satu, jangan lah waste everyone’s time. Lu tau, kami tau, ini semua sandiwara saja.

  11. Lim says:

    Ai yo no need to checklah. 10 to 30 years back Mike Tyson have to carry physical cash to Australia. How have you guys heard about TT (Illegal telex transfer) money / cash can can swin where ever the owner wish to destinied. Give to wife, @ blah..blah…blah..etc; no needlah why do something can be can be trace.

  12. mitosblog says:

    The ship is already sinking till Ku Li wants to offer himself for the UMNO presidency this coming August.

    More wayang kulit shows to come and most importantly it is free to watch and read. So stay tuned!

  13. Lim says:

    Ladies and gentleman dun get so depress and aggitated. Here I present you a good romentic song to calm down your anger. Hope everybody will enjoy…

  14. wits0 says:

    Declaring assets across the board for all gomen servants is not only futile for the known reasons but a waste of money printing the many forms and a loss of productivity involved in filling them and they seems to have been unsubmitted from local offices anyway. Typical of Mahathiran gimmickry, they are hallowed legacies that never needed modification. Whereas certain category of gomen servants are more predisposed to get corrupted, all ended up doing the same. Ridiculous even from the beginning.

  15. clearwater says:

    The Malaysiakini article specified new Cabinet Ministers and Deputy Ministers are to declare their assets with such declarations to be made public. What of previous Ministers who are reappointed and in particular the PM and DPM? Are they exempt or are they so incorruptible they appear to be excluded? Will Ministers resign rather than be subject to such public scrutiny, especially those with high net worth? Will they and their family members be targeted by criminal elements? Can they ever feel safe again in a high crime country?

  16. RAJ RAMAN says:


  17. RAJ RAMAN says:


  18. bamboo river says:

    Declare asssets ah?
    Let me go thru a few things.
    !) Income tax Dept = gomen.
    2) SPR = gomen.
    3) Police = gomen.
    4) Custom = gomen.
    5) Immigration = gomen.
    6) ACA = gomen
    7) ‘Royal’ commission = gomen.
    8) ‘Independent’ body = gomen.
    Which one is NOT gomen ?
    When PM wants transperancies, then make the declaration accessible to the rakyat. Should the rakyat doubt the report, then allow us to pursue deeper to expose them.
    First starting with the PM!

    Warning !
    Person or persons involve in digging into their ass sets report, please equip yourself with NATO approved gas mask.

  19. imwatchingu says:

    Susan’s caricature says it all.

    There are many ways to skin a cat. Tracing ill gotten wealth is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Ask Mrs Marcos or Samy Vellu or Mohd Taib or Taib Mahmud or Musa Aman or etc etc..

  20. Raven says:

    What a moron! As if declaring their assets will make them so f***ing clean. They can easily register their assets under anybody’s name and who is to know?

    When he was given the mandate in 2004, he also said about fighting against corruption. But did he take any action against Zakaria when evidence was clear even to the blind?!? Paying peanuts for a piece a land worth RM1mil and registered it under his wife’s name. Toyol should have been investigated for his part in this too!

    And bringing Mat Taib, a bloody crook, into the cabinet is laughable.

    This clearly shows how stupid he is.

  21. No wonder Rafidah was not included. She would never have made it clean declaring her assets. Maybe a few more will “voluntarily” drop out of the cabinet & state levels. Good on you, Khir Toyo. But it’s not over yet for you. 🙂

  22. hutchrun says:

    This just a cover for Mohd Taib who claimed that the suitcase of USD he was carrying in Australia did not belong to him. So Badawi is exonerating the `poor` Tan Sri.

  23. caravanserai says:

    Declaring ASSets
    By ministers and deputy ministers
    In public twice within 5 years
    It is just a gimmick to show
    How transparent the Federal leaders are?

    A leader must set his example
    He should do it first then ask others to follow
    Say one thing yet a leader never sticks it
    In the end what we find
    “I don’t know!”

    Ask ACA to investigate
    When these appointed ministers and deputies do
    The public will share information
    On the ground those who know
    Let it be written without fear and favor

    Let them declare and signed on it
    So there will be no dispute when discrepancies arise
    Sack them when hiding their ASSets
    Under any devious plans

    Will it make any difference?
    When the dogs are drugged in sleeping mode?
    Eyes seeing; the mind doesn’t register
    Only the shadowy figures walking pass

    Just don’t go play-play
    Tell them is prison term if they fail
    Now kick the ball let the game begins
    The people are watching
    Eggs in baskets ready to rain on it

  24. bamboo river says:

    It is possible mxm had furnished credible evidence to PM against a few nemesis that in return he is rewarded with a post in the cabinet?
    Who are the detractors that wants to overrun the PM?
    It couldn’t be oppositions but it must be among the flock itself.
    Based on the past events especially in Umno, he could see and hear (his big ears) the mercury rising in the heat.
    Now he is telling all to declare their ass sets as a pre warning to them “Saya Pantang Di Cabar!”

    He may be a sleeping fool, but he does not share his dreams with us.

  25. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, he may be a fool but one accustomed and fully expectant of the perks that go with Premiership(a privilege pioneered by Mahathir), like a specially customed Airbus 319 and frequent globe trotting for free. Who can take this away from him except an insider, initially anyway. A great asset that is maintenance free.

  26. don says:

    ah..ah.AAB u thnik your geng so stupid to tell how much asset they hav?come on lah…rakyat not stupid like u dream…your geng know how to hide all the asset without trace by anyone…btw how much do u n your family n closet have taken rakyat money….najib?how???

  27. ap importer says:

    This Khalib th MB for Selangor behaves like the BN asshole and is no different from the illegal Indonesian squatter. THe Perak and Penang all all cancell all the traffic summnos whereas this as***le wants to show he is different.

    I think this Khalib should not be our MB and the Sultan of Selangor should tarek back his MB appointment letter.

    We know all the Selangor drivers had received traffic summons due to blatant corrupt intent.

    We have booted an corrupt MB yet to get another incompetent MB. Where is the keadilan? Dey! DSAI, apa ini, giving us pondan as the MB!

    No wonder Mahazalim sacked you!

  28. ap importer says:

    Ok! MB Khalib, please show good example to the BN thieves/robbers by publishing your assets, liquid and fixed, local and overseas. And all the summons you paid to the traffic police!

    Else, go back to the palm oil estate and make friends with your chimpanzee friends.

  29. terang bulan says:

    As usual the Bodohlah is talking rubbish and we can expect the same results to his pre-2004 general election pledge to weed out corruption in high circles. If the bodohlah is sincere, then let him and the Najis take the lead in publicly declaring not only their assets, but the assets of their spouses, cronoies, family members. The opposition should press him to do that, and I am surprised that so far no opposition leader has done this! Watch what the bodohlah does and not listen to what he says, which is nothing but a whole load of haprak befitting someone who has big ears which don’t hear, big eyes which don’t see and big mouth which does not say the right things!

  30. Lim says:

    Hi Susan and all, have you guys read yesterday’s news about the appointment for the MP of Terengganu? Those UMNO s*cker are now going to pressure the PALACE @ SULTAN of Terengganu to accept Idris. That he is supported by bodohwi. They are still very darering uh! Never see coffin will never cry. Still so arrogant and much more then be4. Imagine what they are ganna do to us if still remain 90 over % in parlimentery seat. Most probably we will never even hear of this asset declaration. No need… no nead’lah such a troublesom procedure. What for? To maintain the operation cost?

    Besides that, states took over by BR continue to have problem such as doc missing.

    They just wanna ignor every fact past & present and continue to cheat us with their cosmetic wayang kulit

  31. Lim says:

    The Sultan of Terengganu is valid with his reason of not appointing Idris.
    That is from M’sia kini..” The sultan is apparently not happy with Idris over the Batu Buruk riot on Sept 8 last year as well as the incident on polling day when the police used strong measures to disperse PAS supporters in Rusila, Marang.”
    All UMNO candidate are from same factory, the same production. Cold blooded reptiles. Still rememer recent BERSIH / HINDRAF? How the handle our Bro & Sis there…?

  32. dlquill says:

    hey guys, my fren is a bankrupt and his wife has 3 shoplots and 2 bangalows 1 terrace link plus a six digit bank account so can my fren declare his asset as clean with no bank account?

  33. hutchrun says:

    `….ike a specially customed Airbus 319 and frequent globe trotting for free…`

    A fool`s paradise just like the emperor`s new clothes.

  34. dlquill says:

    very easy to declare asset, malaysia: live in govt house, drive govt cars, draw salary less than ah long runners, no bank account, australia: 60 mil bangalow, yatch 6 mil, inside safe 100,000,000 loose change, swissbank….shh

  35. Lim says:

    He friends, look at how they by voters during election campaingn. My home town is from Jln Ipoh, they can give away RM200 to potential voters inorder to buy their heart. Sekinchan too. about RM50 to 200. School children get ang pao. Where does all this money come from? I dun believe that salary scheame from gov structure pay them that much of $$$.
    Declaring asset is just shiting around. Now the shit stink of UMNO is very strong till they cah’t stand themselve, so they need to berak a larger shit to cover the present one. terefore to divert ppl’s attention away from their present shit smell.

  36. Anti BN says:

    Mr Badawi continue to insult our intelligence by wayanging about declaring asset.
    Comeon la Badawi, do you think we are stupid as you? I am asahme of your interview on TV. You can’t talk very well and you diont have any direction at all. I wanna ask Mr Mahathir why he chooses you. He thinks we are stupid too?

  37. Lim says:

    yes dlquill, to laudry and swim money to oversea nowdays is not a matter. Just do TT from some unknown $$$ changer. They have network all round the world.

  38. Umar Rentaka says:

    And the idiot will soon announce it is for PM’s eye’s only. Not for public to see. You posted picture says it right!

  39. Sakai Ulu Kapit says:

    Now this guy, Deputy of Tourism, Sulaiman Abu Taib, the son of Taib Mahmud ( Sarawak’s CM), the families alone as ALLEGED(the opposition parties claimed actually) by any opposition candidates from Sarawak has amassed in kickbacks, nepotisms, and other sweetheart deals estimated to billions.

    If Pak Lah is really serious of his implementation of declaring of assets, he must adopt LKS’s call for integrity, transparency and accountability and nothing short of this-http://blog.limkitsiang.com/2008/03/20/12-proposals-for-a-first-world-parliament-in-malaysia/

  40. bamboo river says:

    Lim, just a small correction. It should read ” See no coffin shed no tears” Ha,ha. 🙂

    The problem now in Trengganu is not because of the Sultan whom is our Agung.
    The problem is within the BN in Trengganu.
    Since our Agung is well informed of the internal bickering in BN, HRH Tuanku may as well, let the dust settle first. There is no urgency for HRH Tuanku to appoint the MB.

    Chinese says ” Emperor is not in a hurry, the eunuch is very in a hurry.”

  41. Alex Bin Laden says:

    I am sure that YAB Anwar will be the Malaysian PM within the next few months; the most. He sure can. Do it, dun waste time.

    I strongly believe YAB Anwar has learned, paid heavy prices and changed 270 degree over the last few years. YAB Anwar must promise
    the Rakyat the following :-

    No more anti Chinese and Indian policies.

    Love your Rakyat like the ways you love your family members

    Whack the Cabinet members nicely. They are either billionaires, three digit and two digit millionaires. Leave the single digit guys alone.

    YAB, I have absolute faith in you and Lim Kit Siang & Lim Guan Eng and Khaild.

    YB Karpal, back them up on all legality grounds

    Do It, destroy all these bad people before they pull the last breath; all the way; destroying even beyond the world famous Perth Bungalow and private plane and IDR lands

    Do it, You must do it beautifully. alike Tun Mahathir; Just follow Tun Mahathir styles, you will be ok

  42. new era says:

    Guys if u believe that they would declare their real assets, don’t be naive, its under proxy named, I would believe in Dolly Parton rather than the new cabinet Ministers.

  43. wits0 says:

    Even Mahathir used a smaller executive jet than this “family man” PM. The nepotist has a big family to uplift.

  44. Lingam says:

    Aiyah… this Pak Lah, huh!!!

    i told him already that day not to bring this issue up.

    It would only serve to agitate people. See what i mean?

    Sigh … old and lembik already, some more want to be stubborn!!!

  45. thinkvision says:

    Political corruption has evolved a great deal in Malaysia from simply transferring assets to wife or wives to using proxies or proxies related companies. Assets declaration can only work for ordinary man-on-the-street where corruptions involved Micky Mouse money. Corruption involving powerful politicians are a great more sophisticated because the whole government administrative machineries are used to the hilt to initiate, execute, camouflage and packaging that the people would not even raise an iota of doubts. All those that are involved in the deals benefited tremendously that they would do everything in their power to preserve the status quo.

    Therefore the BN government should be congratulated for making corruptions an exact science where everything are “boleh” and “win-win” is synonymous with “cut my cut & u get cut”. Corruptions are so ingrained in BN political administrations that there are no clear ways to rid itself of this cancer. Therefore the political rhetoric of declaring one’s assets is the only statement that our PM can muster to fight corruption and be seen as fighting corruption. He is bankrupted of any more ideas on this issue because he himself is caught in this web of deceit.

    There are no solutions in sight to cure this corruption cancer. The only way to terminate it is to kill the host. Therefore the only effective way to control corruption in Malaysia is to start anew. In this regard, Barisan Rakyat comprising DAP, PAS & PKR is the only hope for this nation. Hopefully…. in 4 years time.

  46. LoveMalaysiaRakyat says:

    OH PLEEEEAAAASSSE! Declare everything, bare all. Every family member OK? I know how these bloodsuckers do business with so and so and so and their names are not there and bought what and what and what and their names are not there, money buys invisibility. The more money the more invisible.
    Get the hackers to hack into their banks overseas and see what numbers come out.
    It is so disgusting to play act – DERAMA, GERAMLAH! It is a delibrate move to pull wool over our eyes…we rakyat are sooo stupid and we don’t understand about money, property, assets management firms, Swiss banks, we only deal in barter trade, kampung style for the past 50 years. Come on PM Mr Clean, I voted for you last time for a clean govt. but you didn’t deliver. Although you did inherit an ocean of shit from Mahathir’s regime – once bitten twice shy. We won’t vote for you guys again.
    All of us have enough of nonsense. We pay taxes and there is so much abuse. we want a clean Malaysia clean for everyone, a real muhibah place.
    Where is our money going to? Why is Najib still Defense Minister – what has he got to cover up? Submarine sales? And what is MTAIB doing – he should be swimming somehwere enjoying his millions at his own private island right? Some people have thick badak skins and some thick heads… very thick heads. Still making the same mistakes. AIYOH bila boleh sedar daripada khayalan?

  47. hutchrun says:

    Somehow the toon is so apropos this:

    Yes it’s not a sin and we cannot hold it against anyone either, except maybe the Prime Minister of MY country. I don’t care what anyone says but this is where I live.

    A Prime Minister who wears adult pampers is just not right for me. And on top of everything else he is also an incompetent moron, a monkey and an idiot.

    You can see for yourselves the abnormal bulge below the Idiots kain samping in this photograph at these locations


  48. asset man says:

    Ok! If all the ministers can please declare the assets, then they are ‘clean’. So at least show you are ‘clean’ by declaring your assets asap.

    We all know that whatever assets/ figures are revealed, we know that all the politicians are honest liars. At least they are ‘honest’ to reveal their assets!

    Looking at the ‘kuntut’ in the caricature satire by Susan, no matter what figures they reveal, they are all stink to abysmal hell.

    This is the trade mark of Badawi, the first bang of his government is always declaring his new cabinet is pure clean, war on corruption, be humble and work hard (during sleeping).

    Kudos to Pak Lah, the number 1 PM in Malaysia and no PM (past and present) can be as clean as Pak Lah!

    Malaysia is blessed with a Mr. Clean like Pak Lah, just like America is blessed with a capable President like Bush who just celebrated his ‘mission accomplished’ victory for the fifth anniversary on War in Iraq falling on 19th March.

  49. ANg kong says:

    making asset declaration is just like me when i was 14yo driving illegally, had no accidents and even commended for my driving skills, but until i passed my driving test… i was still committing a crime.
    it’s definitely not a waste of public money. Not only this allows others to check on these ministers but also provides a record for future comparison. But make it known to the public. I am always curious to see how ‘poor’ these ppl are.

  50. wallacean says:

    that picture is wipped out dude!!!!!!! i have never saw any thing like in my entire life. Rock on !!!!!!

  51. azzarro69 says:

    Kah!Kah!Kah! Pak Lah buat Lawak..Kah!Kah!Kah!

  52. mochaquest says:

    Yeah, show us your asset. What’s more, they should publish that on the newspaper. Show to the people how much you earn a month. No sembnyi-sembunyi ar. Who knows they got open another account in US, Australia or Indonesia? Hehe….Remember ar, check carefully ar, ACA. No duit kopi wan hor?

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