Malaysian Muslims and Malaysian Christians celebrate two different but similar festival/events today. See if you could notice some striking resemblance.


Photo by Muntazirah.

The Prophets Birthday, or Malidur Rasul: “Remembering his birth and deed

“The most important part of Maulidur Rasul is remembering the prophet’s good deeds, his teachings, his wisdom and how he forgave his most bitter enemies,” said Department of Islamic Development officer Munir Salleh.

Christians, on the other hand, observe ‘Holy Thursday’:

Jesus shows humility, promotes solidarity and prepares for betrayal – Last Supper.

The Last Supper was also Christ’s farewell to His assembled disciples, some of whom would betray, desert or deny Him before the sun rose again.


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  1. Penang Exile says:

    Today is also known as Maundy Thursday. Jesus showed utter humility by washing the feet of his disciples, even though he knew within 24 hours one of them (Judas) would betray him, another (chief disciple Peter) would deny him 3 times and the rest would flee in the face of the soldiers who came to arrest him.

  2. RAJ RAMAN says:

    no comment this time sloone.religion is not my bread and butter.a bit of small stupid comment will spark problem.i believe in god.dont harm any leaving creature will be find with me.the wrong doing of me with god let me anwser to him.the wrong doing to another human being is very cruel.i dont want to be apart of religion to divide people like the race dividing as.thanks sloone.raj raman.religion my problem.race.malaysian.still dreaming to be malaysian putera

  3. Penang Exile says:

    Is it true Richard Riot MP has just resigned from SUPP and may be defecting to PKR?

  4. God is Great! says:

    All holy religions promote good.

    It’s only the devils within the inner-selves of human beings that tend to deviate and stray away from the true teachings of the religions.

    Humans tend to justify their wrong-doings by misinterpreting the teachings.

    Some call their despicable act jihad. Others call it the holy war. And just look at what’s happening in Tibet. Rioters destroyed properties and burnt and killed fellow human beings at their mercy, all in the name of religion. Buddha doesn’t teach his followers to wreak havoc and inflict injuries to fellow humans and other living beings. It’s the devils doing.

    To me, regardless of race and religion, there are only two kinds of human beings. The GOOD and the BAD. While the former will end up in heaven, the latter would end up in hell!!!

    We shall meet again at either one of these places when the time comes!

  5. Justice says:

    Yes, Richard Riot has in fact tendered his resignation from SUPP – Sarawak on the day PM announced his cabinet line-up. Local sources here said he’s pissed off with his party president’s submission of an orchestral list of 4 names for ministerial & deputy posts knowing well that the quota is only 3. A top party personnel has been despatched to his hometown. Serian to talk him out of it but to no avail cos he could not be located then…

  6. Lim says:

    A little tired and fed up with every where power crazy fellow. Infact most of the BN votes that secure them this time to form government are majority from East M’sia .
    Not even major @ important role they are playing in the Bodohwi kitchen cabinet same like MIC & MCA. Why not ministry of trade, infomation education; are they less qualified then those stupid UMNO like Muhhiddin Yalsin, menteri bodoh Zainuddin and our Hisymstupid more over they are bumis too.
    Sad to look at their poor living standard, uneducated chlidred, lack of public facilities ie transport, school & medicine provide from gov and etc., Dispite that natural resources were take from them by BN to back up the country’s economi which centered in Pen. M’sia

  7. Puakangkang says:

    “The most important part of Maulidur Rasul is remembering the prophet’s good deeds, his teachings, his wisdom and how he forgave his most bitter enemies,” Hope this will adhered and no one politicised this noble day by demonstrating in the pretext of protecting rights. Selamat Menyambut Maulidur Rasul

  8. Puakangkang says:

    God Is Great. you are right. In every religion there will be a very small fraction ( i repeat, a very small fraction) of followers tend to be bad apples. These are the people who paint the wrong picture and taint the goodwill. Hope the rest of us wont succumb to their ploy.

  9. Penang Exile says:

    Likewise, Jesus also forgave his disciples in advance knowing fully well what they were going to do to him. He also forgave his captors, the people who plotted against him and put him up for trial on trumped up charges, to be humiliated publicly, whipped, and forced to carry a heavy wooden cross all the way to the excution grounds outside Jerusalem where the cross became the means of his execution. They nailed him to the upright cross and he died on it after suffering hours in agony but Jesus forgave them all. And he died for the sins of mankind.

  10. Sunny Lim says:

    Be it what religion we embraced, the respect must be duly given. We are the homo sapiens no difference from the others because we have the Good, the Bad and the Ungly in us. Malaysians practised various religions and it is not difficult for us to show such respect for we have been doing it for decades.

    Only those who lack the understanding of his own religion will condemn others. Let us all not be so blind that we could not see the true light of our own religion.

  11. ANg kong says:

    life is no more than a series of disasters interrupted by the occasional miracle.

    am i a pessimistic?

  12. Ahila says:

    Selamat Maulidur Rasul day to our Muslim brothers and sisters.
    Truth is ONE though PATHS are many. All rivers flow into the great Ocean.
    I call mine Hinduism, you call yours Christianity ,Islam, Buddhism etc.etc..
    There is only ONE Almigthy! Differs in names. If all believe and understand this TRUTH…there will be nothing to argue about.However, one cant deny that the’ old souls ‘sees things better. May we in Malaysia respect each other and speak only kind words of anothers religion.Condemning ones religion is uncalled for. Breaking another’s holy place of worship is truly unforgivable; only God can forgive ! Hope to have a better gov in Kedah,Penang,Selangor and Perak…one that loves and respects all as ONE !

  13. Joel says:

    I am elated and touched when I read the comments left by fellow Malaysians. In a time when religious issues are causing tension everywhere in the world, even in our own country, that we have Malaysians stipulating their understanding and goodwill towards other religions here in this very blog site. I am truly touched and proud. Well done fellow Malaysians! May the world follow our footsteps!

  14. James says:

    we malaysians’ r truly d gifted people … who can live together harmoniously among all races, religions, creed and walk of life …. let’s always live together as one race …. ‘the human race’ and united as MALAYSIANS!! Proud to be a MALAYSIAN!

  15. […] Maulidur Rasul, Holy Thursday Malaysian Muslims and Malaysian Christians celebrate two different but similar festival/events today. See if you could […] […]

  16. lanphuong says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.

  17. Whatever the semblance is, I would say each one of us should respect each other religion and beliefs. After all, we are created by only one God. 🙂


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