Update @ 20.19 hours:

There is no reason for me to quit my party post,” Rafidah Aziz said and urged her supporters to calm down. “We are still UMNO members. Let’s continue the party struggle … and support the party’s healing process. We must be united in the party”. (IHT)

Earlier…I said:

One is appointed advisor with a ministerial role, the other threatens to resign.

“Umno women’s wing deputy chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil has been appointed a special adviser to the prime minister with the status of minister on women and social development affairs”

But will Rafidah Aziz, who’s been kick-out of her post as Trade and Industry Minister resign?

If Rafidah Aziz steps down from her Wanita (UMNO Women’s Wing) post, her deputy at present Shahrizat is then expected to contest for the top post in the coming party elections. She will then have to face a fight from Umno supreme council member and the new Tourism Minister Azalina Othman Said.


Sources close to Umno however ruled out any such drastic announcement from Rafidah today.“Most probably she is just going to hand over her duty to the new person. Also, why should she be making a Umno-related announcement in the ministry?” asked a well-placed source. Rafidah’s tenure as a minister has been blighted with accusations of corruption and selective handing out of Approved Permit issues for imported vehicles.She came under tremendous pressure to quit in 2005 after former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad questioned her on the AP issues.More news to follow, I am sure.


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  1. sadia says:

    Well, UMNO Sec. General is resigning from UMNO and also from his position. So you can see what’s coming.


  2. malayamuda says:

    all hell is going to break loose soon.

    sabah and sarawak not happy with cabinet appointments. 2 deputy ministers have declined their deputy ministership, Raja Perlis vetoed PM’s MB candidate, Terengganu set to do the same, Radzi resigned, rafidah to follow suit, Mukhriz and Tengku Razaleigh have indicated PM to resign.

    Watch closely

  3. Lim says:

    Better resign fast fast. Or else opposition will bring them for operation.

  4. James Joyce says:

    I think Rafidah should have left the cabinet ages ago.

    Earlier when she was first appointed , MITI was running very well. Every govt servant I met, were encouraging exports and assisting us in some way or another. I met her and she was very strict but helpful.

    But that was in the early days, by the 1990s , I dare say that the MITI has deteriorate a lot with govt officers asking for kick XXXs and worst some senior servants even have so many cars, they have to park their cars outside and line the street.

    Now, MITI is like a “spent force”, no more EMPH! lagi.

    WE desperately need a change in this portfolio , otherwise it will be down hill all the way to the next GE.

  5. Lim says:

    When we was child, we often play siapa cepat, dia dapat. But then now in UMNO is reverse. It is “SIAPA CEPAT, DIA TAK DAPAT”

  6. Rumors have been flying around saying that Rafidah Aziz will hold a press conference today to announce her resignation as UMNO’s Wanita Chief.

    Wait and see, folks!

  7. sadia says:

    I think she is quitting based on the fact, that Badawi commented on her being dropped in a very flippant manner, you don’t tell a senior Minister you have to go and it is time a new face takes over; she was insulted by her assistant Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, who lost the elections getting back door entrance, and I think last of all she had enough after 24 years.


  8. Lingam says:

    Does anyone being left out need my brokering services??? I can arrange for private dinner with the big shots at some private places…

  9. Vincent Tan says:

    Or did the PM failed to informed the public that the ACA found something , or she will be unable to declare her full assets??


  10. Lim says:

    Hi Mr Lingam correct..correct..correct
    hey guy, are u indian?
    Can smell heavy Lingam curry spice from your joke.
    You sounds like indian.:)

  11. Fate of two women: Sharizat vs Rafidah « * SUSAN LOONE’s blog *

    One is appointed advisor with a ministerial role, the other threatens to resign.

  12. Pua Chu Kang says:

    Hei Lafidah ah! Need new job or not, huh? My fren is looking for someone that looks like Lydia Sim for his new movie, ah! Want not?

  13. Lim says:

    “Malay Women in Malaysia Says:
    March 19, 2008 at 1:16 pm
    Rumors have been flying around saying that Rafidah Aziz will hold a press conference today to announce her resignation as UMNO’s Wanita Chief.
    Wait and see, folks!”

    It is true news. Cauze M’sia kini wrote in the first news coloum

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  15. Lingam says:


    I certainly look like one too! But i’m not 100% sure. Gotta get expert’s advice first!

  16. Lim says:

    Hey Lingam… saylah,
    your indian @ not????

  17. peace in hope says:

    The positive thing out of Lim’s and Lingam’s conversation is that we can be assured that the road to ‘recognised by race’ is going downhill. 🙂 Least its becoming less stereotyped communication….. LIM could just be a Indian-Malaysian and LINGAM a Chinese-Malaysian, making them BOTH

  18. kai says:

    Hi Peace in Hope,

    A bit of humor (Lingam and Lim) is good for the forum…..after all laughter is the best medicine…lol!


  19. caravanserai says:

    Rafidah should have left the scene ages ago
    She shouldn’t stay and put pressures on herself and UMNO
    Now she was dropped from the Cabinet line up
    Like a spoilt child couldn’t find where she puts her candy

    When AP issues became hot
    It was time for her to go
    As a leader who can’t let go of power
    Now power is taken from her

    The wind of change settles in slowly
    One by one will get the exit card
    In the coming UMNO election
    Many leaders will face the chop

    So I feel she gets the message
    Be a good MP on her last leg of tour

    As they say leaders come leaders go
    Good ones we remember; bad ones we forget
    But our lives still carry on
    Changes we will make in the political scene

  20. malaysian says:

    Rafi made so much from AP. 10 lifes also cannot finish spending her $$ but it apears she is greedy for more. Another made less than Rafi, so must use back side (oops, back door) entry to make more $$. So Badawi lied again. He said no back door appointment. Here we have Sharizat, Mohd Taib and ZI. Why some people never stops lying?

  21. bamboo river says:

    Rafidah must have got the news she is no longer needed in the cabinet. So, no point bodek ing the PM . One thing though, she is really good in public speaking .Probably that is only her good side.
    Sharizat….oh well, she may as well take a break and maybe buy off Devi’s corner and forget about politics.

    One is a gem that loses her shine and the other is a rock that thinks she is a diamond.

  22. sifu says:

    May be Rafidah is not that unhappy by not being a Minister because at least she doesn’t have to declare her assets.

  23. Ahila says:

    So,Mighty Rafidah wants to get out of UMNO. Sec.gen gone. Two timbalan tak mahu.What’s new? Getting very exciting !
    Malaysians can sense something bruing in BN…what next..what’s next?

  24. bamboo river says:

    It is possible OKT will be coming back to be a minister .
    The next thing that is going to happen is Samy will be appointed as Senator.
    The other thing is we will see a change of command in Gerakan.
    The last but will not end yet (the list I mean) , Kayveas will be joining an opposition party. Don’t ask me which party.
    This is my take lah.. So , don’t tembak me if you don’t agree. 🙂

  25. goldenscreen says:

    Sorry to digress but found this interesting comment written by R. Nadeswaran:

    # R. Nadeswaran Says:
    March 19th, 2008 at 3:12 am


    I just need to put things in the right perspective. No, I was not “hauled up”. I was told that the mentri besar wants to do lunch with me. The entourage from the Sun consisted of political editor/consultant Zainon Ahmad; acting editor-in-chief, Chong Cheng Hai, Deputy News Editor (special reporting) Terence Fernendez and myself. The MBs entourage included two of his aides – Farush Khan, former NST reporter and Press Sec to S’gor Govt and another lady whose name I cannot remember)

    The meeting started very cordially talking about everything under the sun (pardon the pun!) and then he dropped the bombshell by calling me a racist. I had to defend myself vociferously (details of which are in my column today) and then he moved on to my comments on PKNS being fined RM300,000 for illegal clearing of land in Bt Cheraka. His argument was unbelievable. he said that the monies paid as fines would come back to the “state coffin”!!!) I am sure he was trying to mean “coffers” but I think he got a bad English teacher!!!! If you thought it was a slip of the tongue, no way. He repeated the word “coffin” twice, perhaps, thinking about the illegal funeral parlour in his fully-developed state. He did not understand how the system works and how fines end up in the Consolidated Funds. Perhaps, that’s how he has been running the state.

    And finally, I was quoted as “Nobody tells me what to do.” Yes, as long as my craft is concerned, no one tells me what to write or what not to write. But I also accept the fact the final say is with the editor-in-chief. I have always said that you can be a first-class writer, but if you don’t have an editor who does not have the balls to publish what you write, then no one reads your comments. I was lucky enough to have had Ho Kay Tat as my EIC who pushed the limits. I have had the privilege and honour of discussing my thoughts, sometimes even to the point of arguing on why we should do it my way. Although I got most of them my way, there were occasions when I had to agree with him. So, with the winds of change, will editors have the balls to stand up and be counted or will they prefer carrying them – one in each hand!!!!


    Nadeswarab aka Citizen Nades

  26. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, when an old abomination like MTM is still held to be an asset, you can bet that the talk about reform emanates from the inferior orifice aka the human solid exhaust vent.

  27. limkamput says:

    I love cat fights!

  28. Tsunami Joe says:

    Rafidah was well respected by the international trade delegates and she is probably one of the few ministers with some brains. It also helps she can articulate herself well on the international stage, considering that she is representing Malaysia this is an important point. Unfortunately, she’s got too much baggage on her.

    It will be very interesting to see how Muhyiddin stacks up and if we want to attract more FDIs, it will help if the MITI minister can present himself well on the international stage and command an audience that is confident that they are dealing with professionals and not some puppets.

  29. Noor Aza Othman says:

    These two women are the biggest clowns and are real male-suckers; all for the sake of wealth and glory! Couldn’t give a damn about women’s rights and plights – is it any wonder that violence and sexual harassment/violation against women are on the rise in Malaysia? Look at Altantuya’s case and injustice; almost forgotten since it keeps dragging on! And that Bollywood stars entertainer big-hair Shahrizat (what does such role that have to do with her previous Ministerial post may I ask?) being paid still despite of her great defeat, with rakyat’s money for doing what exactly? Don’t trust another lady to the job; is it because Umno being racist as it is; doesn’t trust the new Minister of Women who is not Muslim nor Malay? Anyway these two female Umno snakes and goons of Rafidah and Shahrizat made me sick!

  30. Penang says:

    Wanita UMNO seemed to have twisted Badawi’s arm to push Sharizat through the backdoor. Doesn’t Badawi trust Dr Ng Yen Yen whom he appointed to do the job? I wonder what she really thinks about Shahrizat still lurking around “her” ministry.

  31. Billy says:

    Digress a bit. My call to boycott all Mamak stalls in Pg is effective. They now appeal. No let-up, continue and spread msg for our good futurew. These assholes are just the same as Chinese, Malay, Indian hooligans, they show no mercy………BOYCOTT!

  32. Billy says:

    Pls boycott! I beg you ppl to show them Ppl’s power!

  33. Isa X says:

    let the hyenas eat each other, let UMNO regurgitate the spoils from years of corruption and the innocent imprisonment of Anwar and so many. Let them fall on their swards for the wealth of opportunities they deny our citizens and the unwarranted insults and belittling of our beloved people. Raffidah you help destroy Proton; your days are numbered.

  34. ANg kong says:

    If rafidah resigns which I DONT think she will… u guys better prepare some tissues for her…fr my past experience, i think a toilet roll will be more appropriate. oH Yes.. get a bucket too.. incase she cries till she vomits.!!

  35. Raven says:

    Shahrizat was cheated of her victory in Lembah Pantai. Ask those goons who sold out at the counting centres.

  36. Lim says:

    Hi Billy, dun you guy be so impatient’lah. Paklah orang tua, selalu letih and tidur di bilik Parliment. Sampai nike menjadi sleeping beauty. But please’lah don’t push him to much. If not nanti Paklah kelam-kabut in the dapur with his kitchen cabinet.
    Bill I know banyak dish you sudah order, tetapi semua sama aja. Asking Paklah mengapa? Paklah jawab mana ada.
    Kan ini dish NATO= No Action Talk Only. Politic mah, is like that 1
    Kan ini dish OIC= Oh I see. But rasuah masih mendahda
    Kan ini dish M’sia W/B NEC= Not enough cash, mana boleh, Kelantan masih ada banyak harta (unexplore Petroleum)
    Paklah mengata, scelop, sea cucumber, unagi, lobster semua ada. Buddha pun boleh jump over the wall
    Billy pun kata, tapi macam dish masak semalaman. Boleh bau basi pun ada.
    Paklah dengan bangganya mengata hey Bill, AlJaZeerah and semua, mana ada. :0)

  37. Lim says:

    The above Joke about how ignorant our Paklah Bodohwi is base on my personal judgement after watching Aljazeera interviewing DSAI, LKS and PM Bodohwi.
    Riz Khan – Malaysia’s PM Abdullah Badawi – 06 Mar 08

  38. Lim says:

    opps can’t find the version on DSAI & LKS

  39. Lim says:

    Related Videos
    Inside Story- Change for Malaysia?- 10 Mar 08- Part 1

  40. JesseLempoyang says:

    aiya,….you people discuss too looong. The actual reason is……..this 2 ladies expired. Redundance by putris (having much longer shelf life). I think both not subscribe stayfree or whisper since PRU11. Am I right susan?

  41. Simple Malaysian says:

    Whatever it is, the results showed that Sharizat lost in the recent General Election. On that basis, is it fair that she has been appointed as a Special Adviser? Would it also be fair on Dr Ng Yen Yen now that she has been appointed to take over Shahrizat’s previous ministry? Why don’t we allow her to do her work first without hints of possible interference? Is this again the case of sentiments taking precedence over logic????

  42. lanphuong says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.

  43. ap importer says:

    This AP bitch should have been booted out long ago. This bitch made us like idiots paying expensively for cheap and useless cars while this AP bitch and her hole-in-1 boyfriend made big time easy profits. Those poor car buyers have to fork out life saving and suffer every month paying expensive loans.

    This AP bitch should be stripped naked and confiscating all her conned money.

  44. dlquill says:

    badawi divorced rafidah from miti, give the ap to proton to pay salary and commision to shut some loud-mouth advisor. then by the end of 4 years, declare proton has turn around. no need to sell cars to china, did you guys chk up youngman automobile in china and givi sa in europe, find out for yrself as the saying goes there’s no news like bad news!

  45. Gina says:

    Rafidah can market proton to India as “Chuni Star”. It is also to be sold in China as “Europe Star”. Looks like the Islamic crescent and moon sudah hilang without trace some time back.

  46. decypher says:

    Pak Lah should have told her not to contest in the recent elections.

  47. cyphuell says:

    in the Holy Quran it was stated that:

    [003:026] Say (O Muhammad [sal-Allâhu ‘alayhi wa sallam]): “O Allâh! Possessor of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to whom You will, and You take the kingdom from whom You will, and You endue with honour whom You will, and You humiliate whom You will. In Your Hand is the good. Verily, You are Able to do all things.

  48. pureguy says:

    Hi UMNO members,

    Let’s face the reality. the main reason of the BN’s malfunction today is simply because so many stubborn leaders around thinking that the post is theirs for the whole life. People like Rafidah should have stepped down decades years ago. Pak Lah realized his failure today but he egoistically says that ‘I’M THE PM’. Indirectly what he is trying to say, PM is always right, If PM is wrong, refer to the first phrase.

    The problem in UMNO today is, we have too many people like Nazri Aziz who fight for the UMNO Leaders intead for the Party. The ‘Bodek’ party will always live and even can become a minister only by bodekking the leader. Congratulation Nazri.

    We also have disasters like KJ, the man who sells Malaysia to the foreigners. He is the Best Salesman for this term. He can use Pak Lah’s name without Pak Lah relises it. What a poor old man. I believe the biggest mistake made by Tun Mahathir is by giving the throne to Pak Lah.

    However Tun has left the Party that makes the front page of the story. the matter fact, there are so many UMNO members has left the party before Tun but we are just a dust in UMNO, NOBODY CARES!!!! soz’ in UMNO today everybody cares about their own rice bowl..

  49. gopala says:

    well time has for Rafidah to quit.

  50. man says:


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