R u signing the online petition that supports Mukriz Mahathir’s call for PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign?

I don’t think a right thinking Malaysian would want to have a part of this. Symbolically, Mukriz is just a rotten fish fighting against another rotten fish (Abdullah). Both come from the same basket. This can hardly be called a campaign.

At best, it is a personal vendetta against Abdullah, by none other than former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad (Mukriz is his son). Earlier, the old man has asked Abdullah to resign too, in fact,a day after the outcome of the 12th General Elections.

Mukriz’s letter asking Abdullah to do the right thing and resign makes it very clear that the main reason (priority) why he wants Abdullah to resign is for BN and UMNO. It’s a racist agenda, a narrow-minded one at that.

He can and must be allowed his freedom of speech. He should not get into trouble for speaking his mind, though, but I am sure, UMNO Youth, where he is a member, is just sharpening their keris, waiting for the right time to strike.

Some people call Mukriz a hero. There were many ‘heroes’ during his father’s time too. But what happenned to those who dare speak like him during Mahathir’s regime?

Truth is, in 1999, did anyone in UMNO ask Mahathir to resign for the blunders he made in the 10th general elections? At that time, Mahathir lost many popular votes, too, and lost Terengganu to PAS. But no one as much as whispered ‘Undur Mahathir’.

Except the Opposition and civil society, who went out on the streets to make their voices known. Winds of reformasi, too, were blowing at that time. And remember what happenned? Six political activists got thrown into the ISA, including Tian Chua, who is an MP today.

To me, it’s a bloody fight inside UMNO, so why should we get involved? Let them slaughter each other to pieces. Later, let the alley cats have them. But Ooops…they are so rotten…I am sure, even the alley cats would run helter-skelter…

People tell me that no campaign in UMNO can be cash free, or benefits lacking. Well, it’s been widely acknowledged that there’s money politics in UMNO, and elsewhere I am sure.

I wonder how much people get paid for signing this petition, and for putting it up in their blogs. Ok, ok…some blog for passion, and at the same time, get derailed and used by dirty politicians as well.

Really, people are asking how much money is involved in launching this campaign? How many of you have been promised contracts and favours, and a “good” life when Abdullah leaves?

The thing about Abdullah is that he is such a good student of Mahathir. He follows after the old man, but mostly only the unpopular stance. People call Mukriz a crab’s son, telling another crab friend, how to walk properly.

The thing is many have already made their decision – on Mac 8 – through the ballot boxes. This battle is within UMNO and must be solved within the confines of those racist brutes themselves.

The success of this campaign, many say, indicates who has more money – and who stands to gain or lose the most.

As for me, I want to see UMNO/BN out. I don’t want just one rotten fish head thrown into the rubbish bin when there is still a basketful of them waiting for the dumps.

Psst. They are already betting that Abdullah will resign next month. Do you know how much the highest bidding is?

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  1. Sadia says:

    Abdullah can’t be blamed for Mahatir legacy, says The Edge Magazine

    So there is nothing Mukhriz can tell us. Mahatir is the culprit and the problem.

  2. myop101 says:

    Yup yup, I am just keeping quiet too. Waiting for the garbage truck to come by…

  3. Siew Eng says:

    Every time Dr M opens his mouth to criticise Pak Lah, have a mirror on standby, please.

    Thanks for reminding Malaysians mudah lupa about the ISA detentions of the reformasi gang, Suz.

    For all Pak Lah’s weaknesses (perhaps because of them) and despite his government’s attempt to clamp down on FoE, too, more dissenters are speaking out today. The change I never believed would happen actually did. During my lifetime. And for that, I’m grateful to Pak Lah for his role in this. Can anyone ever imagine such a political tsunami during the time of Dr M?

    I’m tired of Dr M and his Machiavellian machinations when he’s supposed to have retired. The second happiest day of my life was when he finally stepped down. The happiest to date was 080308.

  4. Never mind la Susan…

    Let Malaysians have a little bit of participation in matters of the State. Let them vent out their disappointments in peace. Perhaps Mahathir will have the last laugh after all. 🙂

    I’m not with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi but I do know that Mahathir cannot work with anybody. Just look at our past history.

  5. sifu says:

    I won’t sign the petition. It is part of UMNO’s internal problem. None of my business. It is not only Abdullah’s fault. The system is to be blamed too. Mahathir is part of the reason of the downfall too. The bad attitude of the BN members explains part of the problems. If Abdullah resigns…who will be the new PM? Najib??? Doubt if he is better (he’s may be worst) than Abdullah. BN lacks charismatic and honest leaders…

  6. jedyoong says:

    Haiyah. UMNO matter-lah. But I like Mukhriz-lah. One of the better ones in UMNO. He should join PAS. Too bad-lah. After Pak Lah then Najib/Rosmah? Tsk tsk tsk. Out of the frying pan into the fire? Hmmm. Let UMNO sort it out-lah. They don’t need us to get rid of Mahathir-lah. 😉 The rakyat has already voted against UMNO marginally. So wake up lah Pak Lah.

  7. Antares says:

    Umno and BN are getting more irrelevant and meaningless by the day. Even after such a fatal blow to their ego, all they can do is jostle amongst themselves for the last vestiges of power – the power to line their own pockets at public expense. The ethnocentric Tempurungism revealed in their impotent cries of Race, Religion and Country while waving ornamental kerises in the air only leaves the rest of the country chuckling and shaking their heads. Who can take an obsolete doctrine like Ketuanan Melayu and Malay Nationalism seriously in this day and age? 38 years of NEP have created a self-confident Malay middle-class that no longer requires a handicap or a helping hand to cross the street. If I were Malay I would demand that the NEP be abolished too – it’s an INSULT to the Malays and an OFFENCE to all the other citizens of this great nation. Umno is dead, long live all Malaysians! As for the Incorrigible Dr M… ha ha ha ha ha hahaha! I’m looking forward to the day he opens the newspaper only to see the face of our new PM, Anwar Ibrahim, smiling back at him. Wonder if he’ll do a Zakaria Mat Deros on us? Or say something sensible for once in his life.

  8. Timmycumstimely says:

    I really have a lot of respect for many popular/prominent bloggers endorsed by

    But when they show thier true colours-that is to “dispose” of AAB and revive the likes and respects of the Mahathirism policies, i began to distance from them.

    Mahathir Mohamad & sons have only avarice intention of power-crazy, coffers-maurading, and hatchet they wanted to execute on thier enemies.

    Once Mukhriz Mahathir assumes power or succeeds by all means to unseat thier rivals, the real nightmare will manifest.-ISA, fixing of judges, racists policies, police brutalities and other surrealistic nightmares will begins.

    If the successor of AAB is the likes of Anwar Ibrahim, then yeah, I will be crawling a 100 metres to any computers to sign the petition, but if the successor in line is Najib Razak, God Bless the author of the signature campaign (in support of Mukhriz Mahathir) coz “it will not work, it will not work at all!” (being reason of small numbers of supporters)

    Trust me, don’t sign it, even if anyone don’t like AAB. you an count on that!

  9. Lim says:

    Thank you Sadia for your sharing of this article. It is very much obvious that our Mr. Mahaldeal are those person the article is all about. Sad to say he is the father that implant those unhealthy money culture in UMNO.
    Know about the news, WP and Selangor advertising co Big Tree is belong to our beloved Mahaldeal and this particular co. get 30 years contract from our DBKL and MBPJ. He is already so rice an yet still not enough. Dreaming of building a mornarcy of his family to control M’sia’s resources.
    How terrible and disgust is him.

  10. padmanathan says:

    Ya, the chip of the old block is singing the same tune. The old block is putting up a fire screen to defend himself for all the excesses during his more thab 20 years as Pm – like sacking the judges and appointing questional ones for whom even handphones are a novelty gift, like declaring Malaysia as an islamic state during the Gerakan Annual Convention of all places and running a dictatorial cabinet, spending billions of ringgit for mega projects while the poor nelayans and taxi drivers still earn their living by renting their boats and taxis – even after 50 years of independance! So why support a son who is championing his father’s evils?

  11. Lim says:

    Mahaldeal and monarch, Najib Altantuya, Hishamstupid, Bodohwi, Rafidah Bt AP Queen, Mr Hantu Toyol, Khairi Bin Beruk, Tengku Ku Li from India, Zainuddin Menteri Bodoh dan Biadap, Chua..Chua..Chua the dirty doctor, Sami oh sami that like to give ppl a lesson and many more of UMNO slipping beautIES Please stop abusing Malaysia & Malaysian for your very own interest and go. We don’t wanna to end up like third world country for our children with $$$, sleeping and zoo parlimen cultures UMNO and friends are having.

  12. Noor Aza Othman says:

    This cat-fights really shown how rotten Umno is! They never care about the rakyat but are only interested about gaining power for themselves! And now some idiots are even calling Mukriz Hang Jebat?! What the heck? Mukhriz is as moronic as Hang Tuah! Anwar is Hang Jebat, get it!

  13. DKFC says:

    I do not support the call for Badawi’s removal. More so I shudder to have Najib in power as a replacement for Badawi.

    In the event that there is a better leader who can unifies the country, then I might reconsider the support of Badawi but in the absence of one, I would reject the call to remove him.


  14. tzarina says:

    Hi Susan,

    Been following your blog for some time now. I just love it 🙂

    I totally agree with you on the Mukhriz agenda. My take on this is here:

    Keep up this juicy blog.


  15. clearwater says:

    No, I will not sign the petition. Umno politics is all about self interest and money, about avarice and deceit, about narrow partisan interests. It has nothing to do with a better Malaysia. Until Umno [Baru] gets back to its original roots, or evolves to become a truly United MALAYSIAN National Organization that will serve the people irrespective of ethnicity, I will have nothing to do with it.

  16. wits0 says:

    Abdullah also has his own heavy baggage per se without considering his predecessor’s.

  17. Panglima Awang says:

    Like that mah…Then the ex-UMNOs in PKT now are also rotten ‘cos they were parties to some of the BN policies and programmes when they were in power.

    Are you scared of your own shadows?

    Y are you so fond of AAB and KJ? Are they fit to run this country?

    Money and race, aye? Cuba cermin diri sendiri tengok…

  18. sofiairdina says:

    Why bother wondering why the country is the way it is? The answer is as clear as a daylight. Blame it on Mahathir and all the problems would go away.

    Badawi slept for four years. Sime people lost everything during this period. Crime rate went up. Prices went up. Corruption went up. Badawi’s popularity went down. People gets fed-up. Protest votes went up. But wait, its not Badawi’s fault. Its TDM’s fault.

    Mukhriz said Badawi must assume responsibility and get lost. Nope, wrong. Lets fault mahathir for fathering mukhriz.

  19. bamboo river says:

    There was a talk by Umno about how chinese are sel-FISH. Don’t want to lift a finger to support the gomen on national issues.Even to a certain point chinese was accused of being un nationalistic, only more interested on making money and get on with their life.
    Well, if the situation warrants the chinese to be UN sel-FISH, of course we will lift our fingers. GE12 for example.

    The chinese was even warned not to meddle Umno internal matters or risk being reciprocated with the sight of a crooked knife.

    For the Mukhriz issue, I prefer to be sel-FISH ,heed the Umno’s warning and I do not like to see that crooked knife pointing at me.It is Umno’s internal matter.

  20. intan says:

    In mca, there are at least 2 rotten fish, ie. okt and his appointed sec-gen ong ka chuan. Both should go to rebuild and rejuvenate mca!

  21. lsm says:

    After reading afew blogs before yours, most of them are one-sided. Yours is enlightening. Agree with your opinion, let them deal among themselves. Don’t think Mukhriz is on it alone.

  22. wits0 says:

    “Some people call Mukriz a hero. ..”

    His neolithic worshippers want Susan to apologize too, not forgetting.

  23. imwatchingu says:

    Susan’s. Unless you are from BN camp, do not have anything to do with them. The BN is already in self-destruct mode. Let them go for each other’s throat. The self-destruction was started by Mahathir and it gets rotten by the day. Let his son finsih the job . His father will be quite proud of him I’m sure.

  24. imwatchingu says:

    Susan’s right. Unless you are from BN camp, do not have anything to do with them. The BN is already in self-destruct mode. Let them go for each other’s throat. The self-destruction was started by Mahathir and it gets rotten by the day. Let his son finsih the job . His father will be quite proud of him I’m sure.

  25. bhagwan says:


  26. cel8288 says:

    Let the battle begin…ting..ting..ting.. round one. Its their fight. who ever comes out alive it will be the same thing. Another umno who will champion the malays…mind u it should be championing for malaysian. Only then. maybe u will still be inpower in the next GE.

    anybody wanna give 1/2 ball to bet?? lol

    It good to c democracy working.

  27. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Susan,

    I salute your clear thinking. Your fellow blogger Rocky, however, is busy stoking the ashes of May 1969 by asking his readers to first demonstrate at the palace immediately after a thumping victory, and now to go sign Mukhriz’s petition.

    I wrote a comment questioning his selective memory and covert way of using his readers for his own agenda (whatever) and slammed his dangerous and irresponsible exhortations to demonstrate, but he did not print my comment. In doing so, he is more like Mahathir, who cannot tolerate dissent, as opposed to Abdullah, who have yet to haul bloggers into jail using the ISA. Also, he is no different from the likes of spin doctors like Kali and his gang.

    Dear Susan, please keep up your good work to educate your readers, especially the younger ones, who have no idea about Malaysia’s recent history and what the Mahathir years stand for. They are being lulled into doing things where they have no idea of the the repercussions – on themselves and the nation.

    Maybe we should start a blog featuring news stories from 1969 till Mahathir handed over to AAB. The BMF scandal (the BMF officer was murdered in HK while investigating), the ISA incarcerations, Operation Lallang, the rape of the judiciary ( the Lingam tapes), etc, etc, should be publicised and made known to the younger generation.

    Mahathir agigated for Tunku’s demise and his son is repeating it now. Let’s not fall into their trap again. Lest we forget (conveniently for some), we might unwittingly plunge the nation into a crisis of no return by thoughtlessly signing petitions and demonstrating mindlessly.

    It would be good to try to get the archives of the newspapers ( especially The Star) and paste them on line or ask guest writers or those who suffered for write-ups in your blog.

    Good Day.

  28. caravanserai says:

    The Barisan Rakyat had spoken
    Crossed on the ballot boxes
    Now let the waves begin
    Eroding the shoreline
    Of BN and its cronies

    The sleeping beauty must know
    What he has to do for his party
    The country belongs to Malaysians
    It isn’t for BN or UMNO to decide
    It lies with her people
    They had spoken loud and clear
    No more racial politics
    No more race base party

    Let UMNO wields its keris
    With its own members that is
    Don’t lump to the Malaysians
    They have enough for the last 50 years

    BN barely lost the battle
    Yet the leaders still speak arrogantly
    Pushing its agenda to rule completely
    Ignoring the popular vote
    They still talk about racial agenda
    When will these leaders ever learn?

    Come down on your palatial homes
    Mix with the people humble thyself
    If BN leaders want to stay relevant
    They have to bite the bullet
    Change to the needs of the people
    Otherwise BN will be history
    Waiting to be recorded in GE13

  29. lucia says:

    well said, susan! yeah i too find it kind of strange there is a petition to support mukriz’s letter calling on the PM to resign. let UMNO themselves deal with their own problems!

  30. Billy says:

    Let’s not be bothered by this episode. UMNO is a spent force now, a party in our history books soon. So will MCA, MIC & Gerakan. PPP will die off faster.

  31. V K LIM says:

    It is best for the rest of us to stay out of this UMNO internecine warfare. Just sit back and watch the sewers break open. As we say, shit will eventually float to the surface!
    We have exercised our duties as citizens on 08Mar08.
    Likewise, the Barisan Raayat leaders should not take sides but instead focus their energy in the tasks they have promised.

  32. atanck says:

    stay away. it’s the bloody OHM-NO business. let them fight their war and crashed out!!! meanwhile, we stay put and watch.

  33. Lallang exile says:

    Dear Susan,

    Do you think you could change the black background of your blog. Yours truly is age and myopically challenged, and I have to peer and squint in order to read your blog.

    Thanks again.

  34. peace in hope says:

    Mukriz may seem like a nice guy but so did Pak Lah some years back (least to the many politically ignorant rakyat)……. 🙂

  35. Vijay says:

    I must admit that when I first saw this petition on Rocky’s Bru, I clicked on it to put my name on it. However, I stared at it for a while, then decided, “Why the heck should I?”

    I wouldn’t say that this is strictly an Umno business. Getting rid of the moron-in-office is the duty of any right minded Malaysian citizen.

    Personally would go out of my way quite a bit to throw a wrench into a certain someone’s gears. But I would say is that if Mukhriz decided to go head-to-head with the moron-in-office, he should be prepared to take the consequences of his actions.

    What Mukhriz is doing is admirable, in his own way. We should all go out of our way to make things hard for the moron-in-office and his son-in-law. But the war Mukhriz is not waging is not a war for me or any other nation of this country, but the first battle amongst those who would ‘rule’ us.

  36. hutchrun says:

    Ash – Burn Baby Burn Lyrics

    Tumbling like the leaves
    Yeah we are spiraling on the breeze
    Almost to the point of no return
    Everything will burn, baby, burn

    Look into my tired eyes
    See someone you don’t recognise
    Blinds that can’t be untied
    Oh this is slow suicide
    Feelings that I can’t disguise
    And never will be reconciled
    Oh something inside has died

    You walk like you’re in a daze
    Unresponsive eyes in a distant gaze
    Like all the good times have flown away
    And their memory leaves a bitter taste

    Tumbling like the leaves
    Yeah, we are spiraling on the breeze
    Destructive love is all we have
    Destructive love is all I am

  37. peace in hope says:

    There is an article in Malaysia-today writen by a gentleman called Mark Goh titled ‘Chinese politician refusing to wear a songkok’ – pretty good stuff. Go read it guys.

  38. Timmycumstimely says:

    sofiairdina March 18, 2008 at 6:52 am

    To the above commentator, the urgency of Susan’s post and other commenteries are clear:-

    (1) Never trust Mukhriz Mahathir. The call by Mukhriz for mahathir’s resignation re-enacts Mahthir’s call for (the late) Tunku’s. Like father like son. I opt for B.J. Habibie than Suharto anytime of anyday.

    (2) Internal problem of UMNO and let em rot.

    Luckily this post never comes lately to instill awareness and insight about the petition.

  39. Timmycumstimely says:


    (1) Never trust Mukhriz Mahathir. The call by Mukhriz for AAB’s resignation re-enacts Mahthir’s call for (the late) Tunku’s. Like father like son. I opt for B.J. Habibie than Suharto anytime of anyday.

  40. hutchrun says:

    (2) Internal problem of UMNO and let em rot.

    There`s no harm in helping to speed up the rotting process.

  41. Timmycumstimely says:


    “There`s no harm in helping to speed up the rotting process.”

    Anytime brada, anytime.

  42. Tingkat 5 BB says:

    Of all the blogs i’ve read on this issue, yours seems to be one of the most sensible and rationale. On your comment that some bloggers blog for passion, and at the same time, get derailed and used by dirty politicians as well is so very true.

    i believe they have their own agenda or were pimped by those rotten politicians. Without having to mention any names, just look at some of the bloggers. A handful of them got very personal to the extend of engaging a private war against certain personalities that are currently managing their former place of employment.

    Hope you can put some sense into some of us in that the former PM was no better during his tenure. What about those billions he spent to salvage his children & cronies failed business. What about the former finance minister who at one time ran a conglomerate through his proxies and siphoned off millions of ringgits belonging to the rakyat. Why are some bloggers not keen to dig all this up?????

  43. hutchrun says:

    Da fat lady sings:

    March 18, 2008 12:33 PM

    Abdullah Remains Finance Minister, Muhyiddin Trade Minister, Rafidah Dropped

    PUTRAJAYA, March 18 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will remain as Finance Minister while Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop has been retained as Second Finance Minister under the new Cabinet line-up.

    Former Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Minister Tan Sri Hj Muhyiddin Yassin has been appointed Minister Of International Trade And Industry, replacing Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz, who has been dropped from the Cabinet.

    Rafidah is believed to be the world’s longest-serving trade minister.

    Datuk Husni Hanadzlah and Datuk Kong Cho Ha were appointed Deputy Finance Ministers.

    Husni was formerly Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry while Kong was formerly Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation.

    As for MITI, the deputy ministers are Liew Vui Keong and Jacob Dungau.

    Abdullah also announced the appointment of Maybank group president and chief executive officer Datuk Amirsham A. Aziz as Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department heading the Economic Planning Unit.

    Amirsham, who recently announced his retirement from the country’s largest banking group effective June this year, will replace Datuk Seri Effendi Nawawi.


  44. Malaysian says:

    Seems like a miscalculated move on Mukriz’s part. Interesting to see how it plays out. While the power struggle continues up there, the rakyat welcomes some of the initiatives issued by the new state governments. At least BR seems to understand the people (down here) needs better. I don’t care is you’re Melayu, Cina or India. It breaks out heart when we are driving down the road in our imported cars and see a young Indian boy picking up garbage (when he should be in school) or Malay family of 6 all packed on a scooter they call transportation or an old Chinese man collecting rubbish for recycling on his bicycle under the hot Malaysian sun. I wonder when they (up there) will open their eyes.

  45. dlquill says:

    in the jungle when food get scarce, the animals starts killing each other, let them be history!

  46. Ryan Seacrest says:

    Pak Lah,

    You sang “Security, Peace, Prosperity.”

    Randy said it was pitchy from the first note till the very last.

    Paula felt it was a good try but you didn’t sound sincere. You sounded more like a KJ wannabe!

    Simon thought you’ve screwed it all up. You’re just wasting everybody’s time!!!

    Pak Lah, Malaysians have voted … and … they … agree with the judges. I’m sorry Pak Lah, you’re going home tonite!

    (Background music: I’m going home, to the place for i belong……..)

    Pak Lah, Pak Lah … Excuse me, Pak Lah! The DOOR is over there!

  47. Lim says:

    I dun think Mukhriz is so brave but back by his father our Mr Mahaldeal and Nagib Althantuya in the dark and quiet mode. Still remember Mr. Mahaldeal have done so many harmfull ceramah towards UMNO and Bodohwi be4 election this time??? Very fishy that Mahaldeal was already preparing.

    “Sadia Says:

    Abdullah can’t be blamed for Mahatir legacy, says The Edge Magazine
    So there is nothing Mukhriz can tell us. Mahatir is the culprit and the problem.”

  48. bamboo river says:

    Hey Ryan, why are you here? You must have hopped into the wrong Airbus!
    I bet Randy is trying to be er hemm, diplomatic.

    Paula, well. she is always on her feet wether the song is good or bad. Can’t blame her. Guess her wine must have turned to turpentine.

    Simon, that straight forward, no nonsence Brit. He is the perfect ring master to whip a few backsides.

    Okay, Ryan, don’t get to close to Carly you hear?
    Nice presentation .Keep it up!

  49. free says:

    It is not logical to replace a rotton fish with another rotten fish (and probably has maggots in it), right? So, I don’t see the point of joining the petition.

    If Mukhriz can prove to me that the tradition of DPM automatically becomes the PM is broken, replaced by a far better method of PM appointment, I’ll consider signing the petition.

  50. peace in hope says:

    The new cabinet line-up sees no desirable change as requsted by the rakyat. Sabahans who contributed largely to Pak Lah and geng’s win are not even filling up the major posts – my my! Though some big names are out, NAZRI for one is still there! PAK LAH AS FINANCE MINISTER – my my!!! Guess where the ‘advice’ is gonna come from now! Such a good way to ensure further destruction to BN la. Well done Pak Lah!

  51. peace in hope says:

    NAJIB is DEFENCE MINISTER????? My GOD!!! whats becoming of this country?

  52. peace in hope says:


  53. sklee says:

    Do not trust Mukriz Mahathir.Like father like son.

  54. bamboo river says:

    peace in hope,
    Najib as Defense Minister is a smart move by the PM.He knows , as long as the “submarine” case is still under ‘water’ ,(with Late Altatunya’s court case) there is no way any other smart minister wants that post. They will drown with the submarine.
    So, just be optimistic and this is an insurance for PM mah.

    But , wait a minute! That mxm pun ada?
    MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been observing this mxm sticking with PM all the time during and after the GE.
    I told my friends, this chap is gonna get a post in the cabinet. Hiya!!!! I am right!

  55. peace in hope says:

    Ya lor, MxM had been ‘berkepit’ wit d PM all the way man- u r so rite bamboo river! Well dear Msians, sit back and relax for you are gonna be entertained with a new movie production soon to be released (in stages) and you will get a front seat FREE!!!

    More jokes – seems Uncle Sam Toupee(Samy Vellu) made a statement bout “WHO WILL STAND UP FOR INDIANS in Msia IF NOT MIC) Hahahahahahahaa! Is this guy for real???? No seriously !!!????

  56. bamboo river says:

    The movie title is ” The Return Of Mike Tyson”
    Front seat is not for me. Don’t want to wear neck brace after the movie.
    Who ever gonna act in this movie must wear titanium ear covers. Just in case Mike bite off your ear.LOL.

    Samy is now ‘standing’ at the corner of Jalan Masjid India selling various kind of toupees. Guaranteed wind, storm or even Tsunami proof.
    Too bad, his toupee was a ‘wash out’ by the rakyat’s tsunami.

  57. Lingam says:

    Correct! Correct! Correct!

  58. fucai says:

    The election is over. the rakyat has make thier choice and whether we like it or not , PAK LAH is still our PM – so we have to respect him.
    Even though he is a bit lembab but still he is a gentleman- he didnt
    make racist statement after the election and he declare to serve for
    our malaysian and all the project that have started will continue.
    So, ok mah!!! Cant imagine if the PM is Dr.M, our country already kelam kabut now.
    Zaid and Sharir are in, let them do something.

  59. Damocles says:

    Let the UMNO members kill each other.
    Meanwhile the opposition quietly administers the states they won and set the gold standard for administration.
    This way the whole rotten BN will be swept away at the next GE.

  60. Gan says:

    Guys .. this is an UMNO issue lah, we stand at the sidelines and watch ! Why bother to participate?

    Remember, how they use the other races for their own ends – now, they are out for blood from their own kind.

  61. mahagraha says:

    Hey… I am with Susan on this issue.

    We should “ignore” this UMNO affair, and concentrate on more important things.

    Perhaps we Malaysians should demand from the Fed Govt that we want a Bill of Human Rights, to further strengthen our institutions of democracy.

    And perhaps Susan with all her writing skills can come up with a draft of such a bill.

    Of course, everyone else can and they should!) write their own drafts of the Malaysian Bill of Human Rights.

    Mail (and e-mail) them to the PM (who ever he may be) and you can mail them to the UMNO folks too – Mail the drafts to all different factions in UMNO!!! And let them read what we want them to do!

  62. Lingam says:

    No! No! No!

    Fucai, i think you’ve missed the part where Pak Lah slammed the new Penang CM on racial matters! Hmmm… it did look like him! It certainly sounded like him!……

    A leopard would never change its spots! Unless we skin it, of course!

  63. Socrates says:

    Bloggers United? Careful guys, there is probably a trojan horse nestled among you. This petition ploy is clearly a way to breathe new life into the remnants of the old, corrupt regime that plagued the nation for 22 years.

    Some may “forget easily”, but do think back of the bad old days…when the judiciary was slowly poisoned, when “development” projects were transacted to pull batik over the eyes of a gullible electorate and make some money by the side, when the decline of education was lubricated by a racist agenda, when the cabinet was systematically lobotomized leaving behind a servile, unthinking, reactive bunch which we had to put up with since 2003, when everything and anything was made racial to divide and rule… We can go on and on …

    Now there is a glimmer of hope as we come out of the woods. Do not look back but fare forward to rebuild this nation.

  64. Karmen Lee says:

    Susan, I just love reading your blog as you see things as they really are not like some bloggers who really sold out after DAP and gang won the election. They behaved like they owned them and are answerable to them only suggesting they should make announcements through them. Why can’t we try to understand things are different now and what is wrong with them going ‘mainstream’.We ask a lot from them and we fail to give them space and time before we judge them. I think it will do us good to have some self reflections.

  65. armsteel says:

    As a BR supporter, DAP must prove to Malays that they’re not anti Malay,Pas must prove non muslims that they’re not extremist,PKR must convince the BN supporters it’s not about Anwar, forget UMNO for now…

  66. auntyherohag says:

    self-fish. I love it.

  67. free says:

    spot on armsteel

  68. Lallang exile says:

    Dear fellow bloggers,

    For those keen to read some history on the Mahathir years, Aliran has a link highlighting a good selection of statements made in response to the many scandals that took place. The link is: – 19k

    The write-ups are short and succinct. If The Star or NST could release their archival material, that would be even better.


  69. Pamela Tan says:

    Agree with Susan’s and Damocles vies especially. BN is UMNO essentially. The way MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP got decimated is testament to the fact that People have rejected these component parties which have simply towed the line, allowed UMNO to perpetuate its corruption, whilst selfishly pursuing their own self interests. Just look at Ling Liong Sik & Samy Velu!

    The blow dealt to BN/UMNO I think is not one they can recover from through honest means. Once theres bad virus in the blood, the patient is having blood transfusions (ie our new cabinet) but will the rotten fish still intact and the virus alive, the patient will eventually succumb & die. I hope BN/UMNO dies…If u compare PKR-Anwar you will see much better combination than Bodowi-Najis Mongolia-Kerishamuddin-Khairy-Mahathir junior. PKR as a multi racial party is looking so much more like the future of Malaysian politics compared to BN-UMNO which increasingly looks like a relic of the past.

    Even DAP & PAS look good vs BN-UMNO. DAP must embrace diversity and it has a secular, multi racial history all along, but must welcome and embrace malays & indians too. PAS may be a religion-based party, but here’s my argument – PAS, despite it being less palatable to non muslims, has NEVER said it ‘wants to bathe the keris with Chinese blood’. It has never propogated the ‘AGENDA MELAYU’ the way UMNO is doing, which is putting one race superior to others. BTW, PAS has for years embraced religious freedom & non muslims. UMNO was the one responsible for the rejections of the applications for new churches and temples. UMNO was the one which wanted to ban the use of the Arabic word ‘Allah’ by non muslims. And my argument is also this : PAS stands for Muslims whilst UMNO, under the guise of standing for Malays, is a bunch of selfish individuals heavy into corruption and enriching just their own selves and families. You can choose to be a Muslim. But u cant choose to be born a Malay and that is a key distinction between a Religion vs Race based party.
    PAS politicians are not even half as corrupted, greedy and dirty handed as their UMNO counterparts. If PAS was corrupted, BN would have highlighted this BIG TIME during their administration of Kelantan. But this is not the case. PAS is not even 10% as dirty as UMNO. And all non Muslims should wake up and recognise this fact. Why trust a party which frequently fans racial sentiments and keeps threatening all Malaysians about MAY 13?

    I have some close friends who share alot about the money going around during UMNO general assemblies. Ask anyone working in Pan Pacific Hotel KL, opposite PWTC, and they will tell u how much cash the delegates are playing with and how much of this gets distributed each time. Lets face it – UMNO is dirty and it must be allowed to die through internal bickering and factionalism. Everyday its getting worse and we are witnessing the slow death of a very ROTTEN GIANT.

    I have pretty Chinese girl friends too…some are models etc. They tell me all the time how many ‘indecent proposals’ they get from VIPs…most of these are UMNO-BN politicians. So suddenly its fine for them to on one hand, threathen the Chinese, but then, hit on chinese girls. How strange. Khairy said at the last gen assembly in his speech that it is UMNO’s generosity that other races get to contest in elections under the BN ticket. Arrogance and racism again!

    The biggest risk is, whilst UMNO self destructs, it may fan alot more racial sentiments and play with fire. Beware and be mature. It is in their interest to declare a state of emergency, to cause rioting etc. in their bid to hang on to power. But if Malaysians stand up for what is right, we can rise above UMNO, BN and its corrupt traditions…

  70. Adam Ali says:

    I’m apolitical but just giving my view as a rakyat Malaysia.

    Yes, Dr. Mahathir had committed many mistakes when he was in power (although he has only admitted one thus far, ie appointing Pak Lah). But if he had not, it would be just too perfect a man could ever be.

    Whilst he deserves to be criticized for his wrongdoings like hell, we must also give recognition and respect to this man where due.

    He is the man responsible in diversifying Malaysia from an agri-based country to an industrialised one, and much more. He has brought much growth and developments to the country. He has raised the living standards of the people. He has turned Malaysia from an unknown country in the international scene to one that deserves respect. More importantly, he has a goal, a vision for the country.

    I believe he could have done much more if there were more capable and responsible people in the cabinet.

    Yes, we do get emotional looking back at the way he eliminated people that stood his way. But please be reminded that we’re talking about politics here. This man needed to tread very carefully in his path. Each and every move of his was marked by carnivores. Certain things are inevitable.

    Take Ops Lallang for example, had he not done what he had done, opportunists in his own party would have their way and start to make trouble. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. If Mahathir had given in to the rally, the negative reaction from within the party would be unimaginable. With Ops Lallang executed, the opposite reaction is what he is getting now, ie people’s hatred towards him.

    There are devils everywhere, be it in the opposition or his own party. Those devils stoking racial tension have prevailed themselves after Mahathir stepped down, have they not? In a multi-racial country, Mahathir had to control, if not suppress, these devils. Eliminating them is a mission impossible.

    When the country went into the 1997 financial crisis, who was the man that got the nation through? Although being criticised and condemned, Mahathir went ahead with his currency-pegging and freezing policy. Just ask ourselves, what we would have gotten ourselves into had we taken loans from the IMF, as strongly suggested by certain quarters?

    In this part of the world, there are only two notable leaders. Besides Mr. Lee Kwan Yew, Tun Dr. Mahathir is the other one.

    So, let’s not allow emotion to get into our rational thinking. If we really care for our nation and her people, let’s think and act rationally. Don’t be used and easily influenced by unscrupulous politicians for their own personal interest. Beware, every politician has a mask!

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