Looks like PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is being prudent here. Ministries are slashed from from 32 to 27, only 17 ministers were retained and only five maintained their old portfolios. (see full list of cabinet here)

As usual, UMNO got the most places in the cabinet, with merely a sprinkling of other BN members like the MCA and MIC. Some appointments are controversial, like Abdullah himself for Finance Minister. Isn’t that dangerous? Where is the check and balance, if at all, there is a mechanism for one?

Having Sharir Abdul Samad and Zaid Ibrahim, both outspoken UMNO members, show that Abdullah is capable of handling criticisms himself, doesn’t he? These two will keep him in check, I hope.

It’s good that AP Queen and Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz has been axed – she’s been warming her seat too long with too many controversies and arrogant remarks. And of course, it is only right that his spoiled son-in-law didn’t get any piece of the pie on the kitchen.

The Housing Ministry is really like a house – it’s Minister handed down from brother to brother. Huh! On Ka Chuan is now Housing Minister. Now we know why Ong Ka Ting didn’t want a Minister’s position in the Cabinet, and it’s nothing to do with taking responsibility for the bad MCA showing in the 12th General Elections!

I hate the big mouth Nazri Aziz, who’s still frothing from the mouth in PM’s department. With this guy presence and stupid remarks, BN is sure to be wiped out in the coming 13th GE! So, let him stay.

Looks like Tengku Adnan, the dimwit Minister, who called all women bloggers liars and jobless have been shown out the door as well. The same goes for the likes of MIC loser S Samy Velu …am I glad or not!

But bringing back Taib Muhamad Muhamad is indeed merciless. After embrassing all Malaysians in Australia (with his extra cash controversy at the Immigration), he is now rewarded for being the best propaganda master for UMNO. It’s pays, it does pay.

But with his appointment, the road to a Malaysia without BN is near, very near. I believe that Abdullah is secretly an Opposition supporter. Ha, ha, ha…

For changes in the cabinet

 No change for 8  

  • Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Finance – Umno) 
  • Najib Abdul Razak (Defence – Umno)
  • Hishamuddin Hussein (Education – Umno)
  • Nor Mohamed Yakcop (Second finance minister – Umno)
  • Zulhasnan Rafique (Federal Territories – Umno)
  • Bernard Dompok (Prime Minister’s Department – Upko)
  • Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz (Prime Minister’s Department – Umno)
  • Peter Chin Fah Kui (Plantation Industries and Commodities – Supp)

New posts for 8

  • Mustapa Mohamed (Agriculture and Agro-based Industry – Umno)
  • Muhyiddin Yassin (International Trade and Industry – Umno)
  • Syed Hamid Albar (Home Affairs and Internal Security – Umno)
  • Dr Maximus Ongkili (Science, Technology and Innovation – PBS)
  • Mohamed Khaled Nordin (Higher Education – Umno)
  • Shafie Apdal (National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage – Umno)
  • Dr Rais Yatim (Foreign Affairs)
  • Azalina Othman Said (Tourism – Umno)

6 new faces

  • Ong Ka Chuan (Housing and local government – MCA)
  • Shahrir Abdul Samad (Domestic trade and consumer affairs – Umno)
  • Muhammad Muhammad Taib (Rural and regional development – Umno)
  • Ismail Sabri Yaakob (Youth and sports – Umno)
  • Zaid Ibrahim (PM’s Department in charge of legal affairs – Umno)
  • Amirsham A Aziz (PM’s Department in charge of EPU – Umno)

10 promoted

Promoted from deputy minister

  • Mohd Zin Mohamed (Works – Umno)
  • Shaziman Abu Mansor (Energy, water and communications – Umno)
  • Ong Tee Keat (Transport – MCA)
  • Liow Tiong Lai (Health – MCA)
  • Dr Ng Yen Yen (Women, Family and Community Development – MCA)
  • Douglas Uggah Embas (Natural Resources and Environment – PBB)
  • Nor Omar (Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development – Umno)
  • Zahid Hamidi (PM’s Department – Umno)

Promoted from parliamentary secretary

  • Ahmad Shabery Cheek (Information/ Umno)
  • S Subramaniam (Human Resources/ MIC)

8 moved to new ministries

  • Mustapa Mohamed (Higher Education to Agriculture and Agro-based Industry – Umno)
  • Muhyiddin Yassin (Agriculture and Agro-based Industry to International Trade and Industry – Umno)
  • Syed Hamid Albar (Foreign Affairs to Home Affairs and Internal Security – Umno)
  • Dr Rais Yatim (Culture, Arts and Heritage to Foreign Affairs – Umno)
  • Shafie Apdal (Domestic Trade and Industry to National Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage – Umno)
  • Dr Maximus Ongkili (PM’s Department to Science, Technology and Innovation)
  • Mohamed Khaled Nordin (Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development to Higher Education)
  • Azalina Othman Said (Youth and Sports to Tourism)

Ministerial portfolios merged

  • Internal Security + Home Affairs
  • Culture, Arts and Heritage + National Unity and Integration (previously under PM’s Department)

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  1. Yes, I do agree with you on this one. The end of Barisan Nasional is nigh.

    Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s new cabinet lineup is just as hopeless as his last miserable cabinet introduced in 2004. BN is doomed alright.

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  3. malaysian says:

    Can someone tell me what the hell is Minister in Prime Minister’s Dept? Also, why need 5 ministers to look after Badawi and 4 deputy ministers to look after the 5 ministers? Does a dept needs 9 fellas there? I don’t know how to answer my foreigner friends and my kids. DSAI – pls help Malaysia.

  4. Gan says:

    Sloone – I don’t have much confidence in Shahrir Samad. Look at his pitiful performance as the Chairman of what’s-the-name-of-the committee? Just another “ball-less” powerless gorup of people !!

    Malaysian – My personal definition of the Ministers as well as the Deputies in that vague obscure “Minister in Prime Minister’s Dept” are just gaji buta positions on call to pick up after the PM, in order words just a well paid PM’s errand boy.

    The government line up sucks especially including the nae with 2 Muhamads – what to expect lah already korek the kerak kerak no more magic to conjure.

  5. Gan says:

    Ooops … 3 spelling error, finger problem and sloone’s website font very kecil especially for over 50 old people like me.

    para 1 group ISO gorup
    para 2 other ISO order
    para 3 name ISO nae

  6. ANg kong says:

    OK, now tht all ministers, deputies are required to declare their assets, probably this is why the AP queen Rafidah has been dropped. Imagine, her list of assets wil be longer than this blog. (am just wodering how much income tax she paid on the last tax year?)

    is this the PM’s effort in enforcing transparency?? why didnt he do that on d last GE? a bit too late lah perhaps

    Wat abt ministers’ roles outside cabinets? wat abt mandatory declaration of all third party ‘donations’ ? let there be a tighter scrutiny on all the ministers…tht includes you too, PM

  7. hutchrun says:

    `OK, now tht all ministers, deputies are required to declare their assets,..`

    That is cerita lama. They only declare to the PM.

  8. kittykat46 says:

    A few concessions made towards reform e.g. Zaid Ibrahim, and dropping AP Queen. But brought in M2 Taib. One Step forwards, One step backwards.

    I guess Tsunami 2 is a necessity. UMNO still thinks a bit of superficial window dressing will solve their current predicament.

  9. mitosblog says:

    I want to laugh till I wanted to vomit. The same ‘bodoh sombong’ action again. When will he wake up from his sleep?

    He appointed few money swindlers for the ministerial positions. Have he gone mad? How many more millions or billions they wanted to get away with? KJ may not be appointed but I think he still will be in charge underground.

    How long can he keep cheating the rakyat with his firm action? Saying is a nice thing, but doing it? He’s damn hopeless. Perhaps his goal is to make Petronas bankrupt as the country will run out of oil and gas resources in 2011.

    In the next few days or even today I predict Mukhriz will be fired by the
    Pemuda UMNO team for going against the leadership. I mentioned this because the same happened to Zaharin Yassin before. So we shall see the final outcome of this.

  10. Patrick S.A. Chai says:

    What to do M2 brought in a lot of election funds for umno, glomac being the top contributor get the UM land deal and M2 a ‘specific’ minister post la!
    Very soon glomac will have the largest land bank in and around Malaysia.
    Mansor,Richard Fong, Iskandar, M2, Toyol dll… kenyang2 balik tongsan.

  11. EddieTheHead says:

    Gan, if you need to increase the size of the fonts, press “Ctrl” and simultaneously press “+” (the plus sign). Pressing the “-” (minus sign) would decrease the size.

    Hope that helps. Cheers!

  12. Lingam says:

    Correct! Correct! Correct!

    How am i supposed to vote for UMNO next time when M2T, Nazri and Hishamuddin are there? Blimey … I’d be struck by lightning if i do!!!

  13. Raven says:

    Stupid line-up. One step forward, two steps backward.

  14. don says:

    well done pak lah….this guy has started his usual lies again.declared asset!!!ask him who is owner of puncak niaga n syabas??muhamad taib n he is appointted as minister now.what a lies?Rafidah will just go like that….no where is ACA.samy vellu…where is ACA?come on AAB wake up from your honeymoon…rakyat are watching you….DSAI pls do something to correct our beloved sinking PM….whoever took rakyat money should be punished n consificafed their like ordinary citizen..

  15. Edi神 says:

    I love this susan!!!

    The isnt any better…

    ah ha haha

  16. imwatchingu says:

    I don’t know about Sharir but bringing in Zaid Ibrahim is the best thing the PM has done. Zaid is well respected outside the party, smart, tough, the right man for the right job at the right time. I hope I’m not wrong. The PM can pat himself on the back for this.

    Sharir is an oppotunist although he has his moments of saying the right thing. But all is not lost.

    As for the SIL, I’m not too sure he’ll be entirely out. He’ll still try to influence the FIL and act as commission agents for big money projects. As for the AP queen, it’s about time. She must be sobbing her eyes out right now. Why me why me? oooh…

    And why Naziz and MTM? Big mouth Naziz is the cause of Umno losing many votes. As for MTM with his hands and reputation all soiled? The PM should keep him away with a 6-foot pole. Maybe if you have millions of ill gotten wealth that you need to take out of the country, who else can do a better job that someone who is experienced and doesn’t speak english eh?

    Anyway it’s a done deal. The PM should put a caveat on his choice. If you don’t do your job well or if you screw up in any way, I’ll kick you bloody ass and you’ll leave with your tail between your legs. Think he’s that tough?

  17. Tony Chew says:

    Is this all that the government can offer to the country and people? Talk about no quality !!! It goes to show the lack of depth and poor human resource development plans for succession in government. You mean to say there isn’t somebody better than that two Muhammeds who can’t understand Engllish as a Minister? What can that idiot contribute except to his own pockets?

    I feel sad and hard to be proud as a Malaysian when this is all that the government can come up with to chart the future of Malaysia. And to think that idiot of a former CM of Selangor saying that Selangor will be equal to S’pore in five years time !!! He must have nothing between his ears !!

    Malaysia, I cry for you !!!

  18. Sadia says:

    Will Mike Tyson (mx2) declare the billions he has been smuggling all over the world as part of his wealth? What about his family, friends and children (applies to all ministers)? And imagine all the rural bound money will go through him. You know where it will end up. No second guessing.

  19. Jason M says:

    Oh yeah, he is an opposition supporter indeed. He is bringing down umno from inside.

  20. Doitnow says:

    DISAPPOINTING!!!! this is clearly a pathetic line up. Except for bringing in Zaid Ibrahim, the rest are just props. Retaining the old walking wounded, ie the likes of Nazri, Rais, english illiterate Mohd, azalina, syed hamid, nor mohd yakop, zahid can only mean one thing for BAD AWI… self preservation. This is not a cabinet to serve the nation and in response to the voice of the people so clearly shown in the ballot box. This cabinet line up is to perpetuate BAD AWI. where are the big ears, where is moral conviction for change, where is the commitment to the people…. neh…all BUNKUM!!

  21. Pegasus says:

    Bravo Pak Lah ! Good line up, with the clown Nazri still in cabinet,Malaysian
    will be entertain till the next 13GE. What is Muhammad doing in the cabinet? Reward from Bodowi for his loyal support, this goon is another laughable character who is lucky he is taking care of rural area, he can carry a lot of money there though , hope Bodowi teaches him about internet banking.
    Hishamuddin is still retain as Education Minister, May God save our country, this man need to educate himself further on the actual reality of the world on where our own education system stand. UM rating will be going down further unless we have meritcoracy in our education. Our country universities are churning out some or most graduates like zombies ,who are incompetent. Well all are not lost, this is the new beginining for Malaysia,and by the next GE, hopefully BN can be buried for good. Lets see how we go from here now , with both sides.

  22. wits0 says:

    Like the ancient Pharaoh, Bad awi has just about completed his tomb. Let him be buried shortly with his POS fossil, Taib, together with others.

    Make it so, Mr. sulu.

  23. Sadia says:


    All the new appointed ministers are anti-blogs.

    Just read howsy’s blog

    Will The New GE12 Cabinet Line-up Be Blogger-Friendly?

  24. Facial says:

    Look like more of elected UMNO YB are kaki bangku.

  25. the pits says:

    Is this the so-called reform that AAB is talking about? The man is still in slumberland, with apologies to Slumberland the mattress maker. Nor Mohamed Yakob still in Finance? The man who lost billions of our money while trying to do a George Soros. He should be behind bars for that.

    Mohamed s/o Mohamed the six million ringgit man who doesn’t know Inggeris. The last I heard the decision of the lower court to acquit him was overturned by a higher court. So the man is still tainted and stinks like the Klang River.

    What about Nazri the Racist x 42 who spews garbage the moment he opens his mouth?

    If this is the best that AAB can do, then I wish him good luck! I heard the cabinet members were decided in consultation with Najib. Well Najib is doing himself a BIG favour!

    Mr PM better start packing you bag and sing ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’

  26. pauwauwow says:

    Well, well..MMT..mmm…get ready for PRU13 to finish off BN!
    5 Ministers in the PM’s Dept to wipe his A#*%! And Dep Ministers, too!
    When is AAB declaring his own assets, plus that of SIL and Son?!

  27. What a pitiful cabinet. These ministers appointed are robbers who are now taking turns to sit in the cabinet, hopefully there are transparency in their work.
    I simply can’t understand why Muhammad is given a ministerial post after
    embrassing himself and the country a few years back. This is a shameful
    act by Bodowi rewarding a culprit. He never learn his lesson . The people are simply fed-up of this. Hishammuddin is another fool who should be given the boot for the current mess in the education system. The national schools will be Islamic schools by the time he steps down. Nazri , is a complete waste in the cabinet, as this baffoon is incapable of talking the right thing and thinking sensibly coz he is a baffoon. Overall , the Opposition party -DAP,PKR and PAS seems to have better quality and qualified people to handle Bodowi cabinet.

  28. lucia says:

    the worst part is that, that person with 2 mohamad in his name is in the cabinet. why him?? i also fear syed hamid as the internal security minister. we had seen how he worked when he was the foreign minister.

    btw i see that gan here (and earlier a few others too) complained the fonts here are too small. yes me too but i had found out how to increase the font… as eddie said press ctrl and the + button simultaneously or press ctrl and the scroll button on the mouse simultaneously. at least we cannot change the background colour but we can change the font size. 🙂

  29. klmc says:

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining… I say Badawi is doing a wonderful and superb job. If not for him, we won’t have this day, 5 BN independant states, ordinary malaysians suddenly finding out that their votes DO matter, new found solidarity among the people on the streets, possibly the end of the running dogs parties ( and UMNO itself? ), breaking the ?MSM media monopoly on political news , the rise of a 2 party system in Malaysia … I say, Badawi has done ( mayhaps unintentionally ) a tremendous job as the 5th prime minister of Malaysia.

    Everyone will remember him as the one that made it possible for the changes we see today becoming a reality.

    .. afterall if not Badawi, who? Najib ? Sends chills down my spine …..

  30. Andrew says:

    Should have created one new department for HRH Rafidah – Ministry of APs.

  31. Roy Selvan says:

    The light in the tunnel seems brighter after 12 Noon today. Asslah Vista Baby. Guess all the AP kena tarik balik….I am going to miss Samys comments and statements….Pemuda-Pemudi zaman sekarang suka hisap dada…………….

  32. Roy Selvan says:

    Theres serious propaganda going on in UMNO. Dato Mukriz was getting a lot of attention after the Pemuda meeting. Somethings is bruing internally. Lets see if PM can keep his post after the UMNO election. All the best BIG BOSS………….

  33. ANg kong says:

    Dear Susan,

    We hear many unhappy fellow bloggers abt the new cabinet lineups.
    Just a thought, why dont we have our ‘dream cabinet’ list here instead..??
    i’ll start the ball rolling

    PM = Anwar Ibrahim

  34. garythaiboy says:

    What a crappy line-up. Easy to “GULING GOMEN” comes next election!!!

  35. Lim says:

    Declairing wealth is not enough. We must have independent auditor, better still from oversea to audit their Ministers’ wealth. Publish to public and subject to opposition(BR) for further investigation. This is to upkeep their transperency and promise to us RAKYAT

  36. Lim says:

    PM = DSAI
    Finance Minister = Lim Guan Eng
    Education Minister = MB Perak

  37. RAJ RAMAN says:


  38. Lim says:

    International Trade = Khalid MB S’gor

  39. meimei says:

    Ya very interesting indeed. anyone familiar with the recent episode of Taiwan DDP vs KMT will notice similarity between Pak Lah and the KMT Lee Teng Hui. Both were long time member of the then ruling party but eventually in a way help the opposition to topple their own party. So when Susan mentioned that Pak Lah could be an opposition in disguise… well… i wont be surprise… i never expect myself to see a non-malay deputy CM in life but apparently Pak Lah has accelerated the process and we could be seeing a non-malay country leader in the decades to come! (well, am i being over optismistic?)

  40. Ahila says:

    New ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ but an Old Cook and stained utensils with filthy mouths. Where is it going to lead………….13th GE Tsunami !
    Yes Ang Kong said : PM – Uncle Anwar
    DPM : Karpal

  41. Thana says:

    2nd DPM : Mr.Lim Kit Siang
    Defence : Manogaran –

  42. James Joyce says:

    A quick one for Ang Kong

    Minister don’t pay tax…

  43. tzarina says:

    There are 4 Chinese Ministers and 1 Indian Minister. The MIC is desolate that they lost the money making Works Ministry…leading them to accuse Makkal Sakthi followers that our support for the opposition has caused BN to “punish” us by giving us a lame duck ministry (Human Resources).

    Duh. Like its gona make any difference to us.

    My analysis on the new cabinet:

  44. Ahila says: we care !
    Even if PM adds more MIC into his new kitchen cabinet….it makes no difference for us. Who’s going to stand up and fight for us. Subra, Saravanan or Devamany ? We will still be cooking in our own kitchen…to feed our selves.

  45. Gan says:

    EddieTheHead – thanks for your tip, “yat theen kong sai” in Cantonese means suddenly the sky so clear almost like our future in Malaysia.

    klmc – that’s one way to look at it, Abdullah actually did the rakyats a favour by creating this golden opportunity. Thank you dear PM, and, with your new line-up – another golden opportunity awaits us for GE13.

  46. Joshua says:

    Good one!

    I’ve posted your post at:

    If we give bananas, we’ll get monkeys!

  47. tsj says:


  48. tsj says:

    well congrats to bodowi !!! he sure can pick em.
    more fun to come by the next GE !sad that many have got off scott free of their screw ups and corruption.
    KJ will be lurking in the shadows to make some sort of comeback.he is probably busy planning the next course of bull shit action by MALDRAF(dumb asses).
    BR to crush UMNO & BN by next GE !!

  49. thinkvision says:

    Abdullah really does not have much choice for the selection of his new ‘kitchen’ cabinet, because most of the kitchen’s components (UMNO, MCA, MIC), including the kitchen sink has been detonated with a few tonne of C4 purported smuggled-in by a few Mongolian beauties during the recently concluded kitchen massacre! The whole kitchen has been blown to kingdom come and was totally beyond recognition.

    Some of the major “sentimental” damages including an imported pre-historic stove from Sg. Siput that self-immolated, an ancient “NT-blogger” branded smoke extractor that was smoked to death. So far no one has claimed responsibility but the ‘Security Dog’ was reported barking at a few girls wearing some-kind of “Mongolian” attire tip-toeing around a sleeping owner named Abdullah to set up the largest ‘kitchen’ blast ever seen in nearly 50 years! As a result the local council member in charge of clogged ‘kitchen’ drains has refused re-appointment nomination to take the fall for the sleeping owner.

    The story took a twisty turn when the NEW kitchen was rebuilt. The owner has to sacrifice an ‘Oxford-bred’ lamb to appease the angry Mongolian ghost that haunt the neighborhood. Due to overwhelming complaints from the neighbors, the kitchen has been scaled down and a major face-lift cum ‘media-spin’ was commissioned. However fresh from its commissioning, 2 of the supporting pillar has to be withdrawn due to major dissent in its ‘plank’.

    Furthermore, in a not so unexpected move, a totally irrelevant imbecile famous for issuing million of APs for imported ‘refrigerators’ has called for a press conference the next day to probably deny any wrongdoings related to the implosion. The ‘kitchen’ owner could not be reached for comments at this moment. Apparently he is in deep ‘REM’ sleep and will auto-awake in 4 years time. That’s assuming, the neighborhood is not going to smothered him to permanent ‘REM’ sleep anytime soon. Good Luck Sleeping Beauty!

  50. Asokan says:

    Does no one hear remember when DSAI was DPM? Sigh. We have such short memories. He is just as bad as the rest of them. What do you expect, as he was one of them.

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  52. Panglima Awang says:

    Last night he said his priority is to soothe rakyat’s restlessness after GE12. Can he do that when it looks like and it seems like there are still many so-called KJ proxies in there?

  53. NO FEAR says:

    Come on RPK, let’s hear what you have to say about Mohd son of mohd in Parliament!! What a crap Pak Lah.

  54. lanphuong says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.

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  56. wits0 says:

    Like Count Dracula, the new Crapinet, has no shadow or reflection.

  57. lanphuong says:

    Where we tonight shall camp?….The top blogs of the day. the newest report , see and reply me some comments. Thanks.ư

  58. max says:

    I am really disappointed with some of the appointed cabinet members. My takeouts are:

    a) MCA: family rules! One stepped down to defuse the demands for stepping down, but his brother took over the reign instead

    b) MMTaib: the biggest disgrace! Corruption? Controversies get rewarded. Now every foreigner can say, hey isn’t that that minister guy who is english illiterate, and carried RM 6 million thru the australian airport? Wow, Malaysia REALLY BOLEH!

    c) Pak Lah: I think 3 ministerial portfolios are just too taxing for him! As age is catching up, i guessed we will catching him taking more naps from this year onwards.

    d) I am REALLY DISAPPOINTED the SON-IN-LAW did not get any ministerial positions, really, really disappointed 🙂

  59. Congrats Pak Lah, you have one criminal (Mike tyson) and one empty head cannon (Nazri) in your cabinet. Mike Tyson works well with corrupted Khir in Selangor. Nazri, again, will use his highly acknowledged and sophisticated stupidity to bark and shout in Parliament. Another interesting face is Noh Omar (samseng kg. dusun) famous with his ‘standard 5’ remarks and twisted facts.

    Overall, this new cabinet is getting a cosmetic change. Nothing’s new. Conclusion is, Pak Lah is not only sleeping but marvellously deaf, as deaf as a dead rhino!

  60. Ally McBeal says:

    This is a clear cut case of retaliation….Pak Lah answered back the urge made by Dr M and Son by slashing out all ‘otai’ whom believed to be in good rapport with them. And consoling Shahidan by terminating the gang behind the new Perlis MB….

  61. nemsis says:

    Hey, what about the Yaakob in the finance. He is so corrupt with the PKFZ and with the latest police report on him on breach of trust involving tens of milions. How in the world can PM retain a person who is questionable in integrity, honesty and has the potential to plunder our Malaysian wealth. To retain Yaakob is so ridiculous, it.s as it PM is now mentally unstable. Crazy Malaysia…..

  62. wits0 says:

    Bad awi thinks he has removed the fat from his Cabinet by dropping Fidah and everything is now squeaky clean. Patrick Teoh is correct to say that Bodoland is the country that makes the most kneejerk statements in the world. Not only that, but does the most hare brain things in governance as well. His anal retension will hasten his own downfall.

  63. WeeWee says:

    Datuk (?) Dr (?) Wee Ka Siong – deputy education minister ?

    So easy these days to get a datukship isn’t it ? only after one term

    Where did he get his PHD ? …oh ya..UTM, Skudai. No wonder cannot write a proper letter in English – some education minister lah…

    Not to mention lots of hanky panky !!!

  64. billauchris says:

    New bloom always sweeps clean.

    While congratualting Pak Lah for the reduced Cabiner, I am most concerned that there are still too many cronies inside the ‘cupboard’ which ought not to be there in the first instance.

    Well, I reserve my comment as the person who made the appointment decision(s) will eventually reap what he has sown.

    Just look at the mess, confusion and resentment created in Perlis and Trengganu during the last four weeks after the General Election on 8 March 2008.

    Congrats Zaid who at one time fell out of favour of the UMNO hierarchy because you had been just too forthright, outright and downright in your views against some of the things that BN did.

    I must also commend on your audacity for raising the notional proposition to get BN to apologise to the wrongfuly sacked LP and judges although it did not go well with some leaders up there. Judging from ther arrogance, my gut feel tells me that they would never accept the humble pie. To err is human; to forgive is divine. But I have never come across any situation where they condescended so low as to forgive the profane!

    You will continue to get the support of the masses if you continue what you espoused in your book, “In Good Faith”.
    Please distribute a copy of the book to all the members of the new cabinet.

    MInister of FT in my view is a redundant portfolio. Do not waste tax-payers’ money, please. Senior Advisor to Pak Lah is another redundancy! It is shameful and wasteful an exercise. If I were Sharizat being proffered the token position after being defeated by a politcal tyro, I would ahve rejected it. I think the law practice is beckoning you to go back where you really belong. MM has lost all credibility and respect of the Malaysian public – Pak Lah, another glaring mistake by making him a minister.

    Pak Lah, your cabinet is hung on a precarious string. When it snaps, the whole BN machinery will go. Think of BN’s and the country’s future if you still have the national interest at heart.

    I could not have admired our HRH Selangor Sultan’s remarks more when he said immediately after the swearing-in ceremoney of the 10 State Exco members at Istana Alam Shah on 24 March 2008,

    “Freedom of religion will not be compromised in Selangor and there is no place for extremism. Selangor is multi-racial and multi-religious and as such he wants religious freedom to be maintained. HRH warned against the use of mosques and suraus for political activities and cheramah. He further advised and reminded all Muslims to respect other religions.
    He urged the people to respect the inherited customs and culture in the State and the Sultanate which will bring about mutual respect, harmony and peace.”

    Tuanku further reiterated, “The State Administration is based on culture and customs and the Sultanate is important as a sign of peace. People of different races are under my rule and I will be an umbrella to protect them and for them to take shelter.”

    I just pray that the above words of wisdom of HRH will continue to be drummed into the minds and souls of the elected representatives so as to be mindful of their role in fostering and creatsing a fair, caring, sharing, just and progressive society where the people live in peace, harmony and mutual respect for one another.

    Malaysians, let us sink our racial and religious differences and march forward in building a truly democratic nation where its citizens consciousley abide by the tenets of the Rukun Negara and work towards the realisation of a developmed economy by 2020. Let us unite to fight corruption at every level. The country is rich enough for every citizen.

    The measure of success is attained when all citizens feel that they enjoy their human rights; prosperity of the nation; nobody in Malaysia distinguishes himself by creed, race or religion; and the people mix freely without any envy or suspicion of the other.

    A tall order indeed! We have substantially wasted the first 50 years. Let us make amends sincerely as we journey the next 50 years for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

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