I wonder how the newly appointed Information Minister would react to bloggers. Will he call us ‘monyet‘, ‘penyanggak‘, ‘pondan‘ or dismiss us all as ‘lying jobless women’?

Truth is, this guy, Ahmad Shabery Cheek(y) was not informed that he would be Information Minister in the new cabinet. He said he did not have an inkling AT ALL that he would be a full-fledge minister for a department that was directly related to the people.

Let me condition my mind first. I am still in a state of shock“. (Bernama)

What? How did PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi choose his ministers then? Did he not prepare them first for this very important job? Imagine if the information minister could not be given prior information of what he is to become, how can he have proper and enough information for the ordinary rakyat when he is Information Minister?

Anyway, this guy is Abdullah’s old kaki in Semangat 46 Youth exco, he was the chief a year after joining politics in 1991. When S46 dissolved he joined UMNO (kaki lompat jugak – a froggy, too) and won the Kemaman (Terengganu) seat in 2004.  Aged 50, he was a former lecturer in economics in Universiti Malaya and used to be BN’s Terengganu UMNO information chief.

Now let’s go back a few years (rewind, rewind…)

This guy doesn’t seem to be interested in sharing information.

In 2005, he ticked off MP Teresa Kok for revealing in Parliament the controversial video clip of a naked women forced to perform squats in the nude by the police. The 71-second video footage was taken through a grilled window of a police locker room allegedly by a cop using a mobile phone.  (see her blog)

“I cannot imagine the feeling of the Malay woman (in the video) and her family after being shamed like that by Teresa (Kok) when the nude video was shown publicly,” said Shabery, adding that Kok publicised the matter for political mileage instead of trying to resolve it with the police in private.

People who enjoy voyeurism are people with mental problems and this should be addressed by politicians like Teresa … (she should) not encourage this type of practice,” he added according to a Dec 26 Utusan Malaysia report.

Looks like Ahmad Shabery may be the kind of information minister that would cover up a lot of stuff that is considered ‘shameful’ to the government.

Well, he looks like he will be extremely partisan, too. Hey, what am I talking about? This guy is from UMNO.

During the Batu Buruk flag-burning incident in 2007, he accused PAS of the ‘unpatriotic’ crime and dismiss the possibility that UMNO could be the culprit:

There is no damage to Umno. This thing is between the police and PAS. They are trying to get attention because they are facing diminished support in the state. People can see what kind of party PAS is. We are celebrating 50 years of Merdeka, raising the Jalur Gemilang everywhere and they burn it. It’s a tragedy“. (The STAR)

PAS, said Ahmad Shabery, had also broken the law and challenged the police by holding the ceramah without a permit.  “They should just admit they are in the wrong,” he said. 

So, you see…he would be very bias as well and I can bet that there would be lots of propaganda against the new Opposition states, especially those controlled by PAS.

Hey, I should really give myself a slap. This guy is from UMNO! What else to expect?

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  1. Sadia says:

    Anyway, all the new warlords are anti-blogs and retards

    Howsy has that his blog:

    “Will The New GE12 Cabinet Line-up Be Blogger-Friendly?”

  2. wits0 says:

    They’re all just propaganda ministers. They think they possess a strategy to make people believe what they’ll spin, suppress and deny. They over rate themselves and are anachronic specimens for bad governance.

  3. Panglima Awang says:

    Let the new spin begin!

  4. Doitnow says:

    hey, this is more of the spin machinery being rolled out. this is a government in panic, devoid of ideas, suffocating and drowning in its own vomit that it constantly spills out. The game and drama is the same, only new players this time… but are they really new? bring out the old records, esp the illiterate nincompoop Muhamad… Yes, how better can we expect…its UMNO alright!1

  5. Well, at least the Information Minister is not a stutterer like Zainuddin Maidin who made a complete of himself on Aljazeera. 🙂

    I do hope that the new guy will be kind and have more respect for bloggers. We are not their enemies and they have to accept that blunt truth.

  6. […] Steve Murphy MD wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI wonder how the newly appointed Information Minister would react to bloggers. Will he call us ‘monyet‘, ‘penyanggak‘, ‘pondan‘ or dismiss us all as ‘lying jobless women’? Truth is, this guy, Ahmad Shabery Cheek(y) was not informed that … […]

  7. Noor Aza Othman says:

    I feel like vomiting! That despicable Muhammad Taib is elected as a Minister despite of the corruption scandal which strangely was closed – maybe the Opposition can demand for this case to be reopened again. And that most useless female there is Shahrizat appointed an adviser to the PM! Her salary of course paid with rakyat’s money! Please Opposition -fight on this issue! Plus, all the non-Malays/Muslims partners of Umno seem to be given only insignificant Ministerial portfolio posts. Why don’t they realize they are being played around like a sepaktakraw ball by Umno! They have really betrayed their communities’ who support them blindly! Time for revolt and switch to the Opposition; which I hope they would someday!

  8. Lim says:

    Hi Noor Aza Othman, you must understand that they need to be in the system. What I mean system is only in BN=UMNO have. Only by this they are able to fulfill what us chinese and indian request (saaaamy velu’s theory). If you vote for opposition like DAP LKS blah..blah..blah; see he only shout like mad dog in parliment and gets nothing. Hey friend, UMNO $$$ policy’lah. Biasakan. Dapat project baru rakyat dapat pembagunan. Project bocor bumbung, highway retak $1bil/each cost 500K aja. 500K untung kontraktor yang lebih BN punya. My friend, do you understand, do you feel the same.
    Old Chinese & Indian vote BN cauze scared of 1351969 I think. Cauze my mum always said.
    Any way thank you very much Noor Aza Othman. I really appreciate your spirit of humanity, unity and concern towards us. Hopefully some day we will be totally colour-blind in ethnic issue and be Malaysia and bring M’sia a better future for all our children. Each M’sia child, each and everyone are the traesure of our own country. Been protected and well groom to present to the world M’sia is a well developed 1st world country.

  9. Lim says:

    Message from LKS’s blog

    So perhaps all we need to do is push the envelope a little further, set our targets a little higher, wish and work a little harder; and our dreams for a truly democratic Malaysia that is the nation for one and all may eventually come true. We failed to send a Malaysian-Indian woman to space, but that doesn’t mean we can’t send her to the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya!

    The new regime need to bring power abusers to justice! That would be an honor to the rakyat who voted them into power. The universities need to be freed, the education system need to radically improved, good health care plans made affordable, the Mat Rempits and Alongs stopped from being reproduced, cultural pride restored through schooling that improves higher-order thinking skills, poverty eliminated, the independence of the judiciary restored. Each child is a Harvard, Columbia, Cambridge, or even Oxford material. Each child is a gift—not a utility to be cleverly abused in the form of Mat and Minah Rempits
    This revolution is made possible by the daulat of the rakyat — the Makkal Shakti of Malaysia’s Radical Marhaenism, conceived by many Shao Lin masters and one whose zeal transmitted through cyberspace!

  10. observer B says:

    It’s very true that the rakyat halau all the unsavory lot back to kampung, and here they send another batch of savage fighters, can the truths reach every corner of our land and let’s wipe out all these liars.

  11. RAJ RAMAN says:


  12. wits0 says:

    Being uninformed of an “information” minister in Bolehland is unimportant. His real role is not to inform, anyway, but to misinform.

  13. imwatchingu says:

    He sounds like a perfect clone of Zam the clown.

  14. wattahack? says:

    A un-informed information minister???

    I tot its ” AN un-informed information minister”????? not?

  15. wits0 says:

    Thanks, typo. Internet speeding also tend to run over grandmas. 😉

  16. David Yong says:

    another one wwho doesnt know how to do his job and yet the raayat are paying him.What a shame.

  17. peace in hope says:

    So wats Sharizat gonna be doing? Really?

  18. tehcrosshair says:


  19. atanck says:

    peace in hope… shahrizat is taking yen yen’s job while yen yen is part-timing liow tiong lai in health ministry haha….

  20. JesseLempoyang says:

    Dolah will change the Ministry name shortly.. Kementerian Propaganda. Apakah itu propaganda?= telling lies again and again until audience able to memorize it word by word. Anyway, I’m keen to see who is better? mamak maidin or this cheeky guy? i give cheeky 3 point handicap. Others , please place your bet

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