Rumours abound as to whether Anwar Ibrahim has gone shopping for MPs with a budget of RM3mil each (some say it is a total of 1/2bil sing dollars – it seems the figures vary with each rumour – is UMNO so inept even in spreading rumours? At least be consistent-lah).

Even my friend the good doctor Rafick Khan related how he was disturbed because he was approached by a man claiming to be ‘working behind the scenes’ and representing several NGOs. The man told Rafick that:

“…the country is in danger of collapsing due to Anwar’s involvement with the American Democratic body which gives him money to do his political campaign here. Apparently he claims that Anwar is about to send ½ billion Sing Dollar into Sabah“. (Rights2Write)

The guy even gave him to see “some home made videos” about Anwar. Immediately, I jumped to the conclusion that it was a VCD on Anwar buying off Sabahans. So, I wrote this post, ending my title with a question mark. Am I supposed to apologise now to Anwar as I have been ‘wrong’ about it?

“…. it was a creative video. On the content whether there is any truth in it, I don’t know. I did not find any good evidence in the CD”, said Rafick, instead, adding, “there’s nothing XXX rated about it”.

Ha,ha,ha. Frankly, anything sexy or XXX-rated about Anwar is old news. Sudah basi-lah. It’s no longer the best seller as someone else has beaten him to it – former Health Minister Chua Soi Lek  – did it with a bang at the beginning of the year – 2 January to be exact.

I asked Rafick what he saw in the VCD and it turns out that it was some pictures about Anwar ‘chit-chatting’ with some people, and also some press cuttings. “How to be convince? There is nothing in there,” he added.

Another good buddy of mine, my dearest Ktemoc has an entertaining post about it as well:  RM 90 million leap to a dream … feast?  I got his subtle meaning about frogs and things jumping  about and found myself laughing over the whole thing.

It’s hard to blame anyone from even considering the rumour a little as words have been spilling all over online and offline that the Opposition is “the government in waiting“. For right after that, like a chess game, DAP comes out to declare support for Anwar if he becomes PM.

I guess it’s all about timing.  Worst of all, Anwar denies it all.

He explains in Associated Press that many MPs from BN want to defect to PKR after their election debacle. He said he has been approached by many BN MPs who won in the March 8 general elections

They are welcome to defect but no bribes will be paid to make them to cross over. We will remain consistent and committed to the code of ethics. If you want to surrender at a price you have chosen the wrong party,” he told reporters.

No money, no talk, they say. So, what’s the deal now? 


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  1. Oh, such nonsense is well anticipated. 🙂

    Believe me, the powers that be will do anything to discredit our political opposition parties in the next 4 years. Key figures most probably will be tailed day & night and their homes could even be bugged! One single mistake could mean the end for our oppositions.

    Better be careful now everybody!

  2. atanck says:

    yup. couldn’t afford to have any mistakes.

    as a sabahan i’m less worried cox most likely the froggies will jump from the minority to the majority, which can’t happen now in sabah. ALL of them are in the majority side. somemore, all the froggies are now in BN.

  3. sadia says:

    Barisan Rakyat is very ready for all UMNO dirt. We survived all their machinations as Malaysians know the truth and this new trick will not help them. Anyway, the ones who will join PKR are from Peninsular Malaysia more than they are from Sabah and Sarawak. PKR heavyweights and PKR related corporate figures are convincing few Malays, reformists in mind to cross over. Not now but when the time is ripe. BR will create havoc and the DAP will fish for some Chinese guys while PAS will try some Malay natitionalists. This will make PKR, DAP and PAS get extra members and the game will be over. UMNO’s infighting and warlordism will heighten and BR knows what to do. About their dirty tactics, I think there is nothing new they can try on Anwar. They have exhausted everything. May be they kill him. That’s the only way out.

  4. The Singh says:

    Singh dollars???…. You mean Singaporean Dollars? – correct me if im wrong, i can accept Sing Dollars…. but Singh Dollars?… lolz.

  5. akb says:

    Kalau Pak lah tu ye juga.

    Suatu masa (tahun lepas) semasa saya sedang tunggu kereta siap di cuci, ada seorang kontraktor china sempat bercerita pada saya berkenaan kisah Pak Lah dan Isterinya sekarang.

    Katanya, dia ada hubungan baik dengan bekas suami (isteri pak lah) dan di beritahunya, sebagai membalas jasa baik dia mendapat satu projek nilai rm300 juta disabah dan dilantik sebagai pengerusi salah satu badan kat sabah.

    Itulah balasan kerana jasanya lepaskan bekas isterinya.

  6. hasilox says:

    Rumuor has it that AAB and Najib are joining DAP!!! lol

  7. Farhan says:


    The saga of Anwar vs Mahatir and how Anwar was pinned down in 1998 can only be captured by Chinua Achebe in his book: A Man of the People which he wrote 45 years ago. The Africa icon talked about politics of demonization and character assassination in relation to nations, their colonial powers in the then emerging Africa which gained independence in the early sixties. He wrote that whenever an African leader will feel the heat of a strong leader in his government, and that he can’t remove him through popular vote or casual sacking; his only method will be to blackmail him and relate him to foreign powers and accuse him of treason. This was when Tunku was the PM by the way. The book has no relation to Malaysia but it talked about how desperate leaders will handle tough competitors.

    Ironically, the book gives a fictional example og how such leaders will handle their worthy competitors. In the set up, there is a powerful PM and a powerful, popular Finance Minister. Chinua writes that the PM instructs the Finance Minister to salvage some companies as he needs to woo voters for the next elections and also as he has shares in those companies. Typically what Mahatir did to Anwar. However, the Minister declines that order saying it will harm the nation and that the economy can’t sustain such venture. The PM is enraged and he moves against his powerful and popular Finance Minister. He sacks him and his close friends on one night. The next day people come to the streets and protest saying the Finance minister was a good man. (Typically Anwar too). Knowing that he can’t convince people easily, the PM resorts to treason charges. He addresses the nation and even sheds tears in live coverage accusing his Finance Minister “of working with foreign saboteurs to destroy the nation.” The media is government controlled (typically Malaysia) and they do the spinning. Many people buy the PM’s story and even start blaming the Finance minister. The Finance Minister is jailed and his close companions create a new party. It is after a long struggle that the people come to know the truth, after the PM’s government is overthrown by the military due to excesses, cronyism and corruption. Prophetically, this happened in his own Nigeria in 1966 and the book was nicknamed: The Prophetic Book. In our context, this is what has happened in Malaysia. There is no military takeover but people’s takeover. What Mahatir did to Anwar is what Chinua Achebe explained in his time immemorial book.

    The fact remains Anwar is far the most loyal son of Malaysia. Only that he is smarter than his Malay contemporaries by being a go getter politician who has extensive networks and foreign knowledge to know how to market himself and Malaysia. His competitors and UMNO warlords lack that finesse, so they resort to character assassination and base accusations. Thank God that we came along way as a nation to know much.

  8. Malaysian says:

    Ahh…Anwar, our Renaissance Man. He was well known to have extremely good relations with the Americans when he was DPM. Having said that, since when was American a four letter word? So what if an American NGO gives him campaign money? Didn’t the Bushes or Clintons accept Saudi or Taiwanese campaign contributions too? Collapse pulak. In this time n age, even the Palestine Authorities are working with the Americans on a peace deal. Maybe the Taliban lah, think American is a dirty word.

  9. bEN says:

    We can’t say the government party is full of dirt. Whatever chaos that is in our country is not just from the government.The opposition did it too.Malaysia is a country.And we as citizen should protect our country not deFame it. All party in Malaysia is a family. We must protect!! NOT destroy the government. If we are unsatisfied with Malaysian government, critics them in a positive way. Most opposition party cakap banyak tapi tembak tak kena,sudahla tembak tak kena,tapi tak buat.. If the opposition is so good, they should get hold of this country since 1957.

  10. santosh says:

    i dont think so anwar is a good man

  11. hijack says:

    i think may as well BA wait untill PRU 13. By now start strengten at all 5 states level. dont be robust!

  12. Roy Selvan says:

    Advice to PKR/DAP/PAS…..Please dont wash your dirty linen in public.
    What I mean is have a proper brain storming sessions before making statements.Anticipate ,the arrows zooming in for every wrong ,turn taken in the Jungle of the Detroned Kings…….So, far so good, LKS met Our Tuanku to Apologize. It takes a great man to admit his mistakes and a coward to bury his. All Voters eyes are watching,reading,listening. The Next 4 years or so vultures of the Air will scarvange to devourer ……..Victory is at the end of the tunnel…..We have seen the light on March 08……..We are marching on together for our future , our Childrens Future and Our Childrens ,Children Future………

  13. Roy Selvan says:

    Farhan, I am sure Tun would have read the book in the a past…………Thanks.

  14. kittykat46 says:

    This is psychological warfare cum guerilla warfare.
    I bet Anwar studied Sun Tzu during his long years in prison.
    He’s putting it into practice against UMNO right now.

  15. thinkvision says:

    Who knows? Maybe the CIA has a basket-full of home-made VCD on some of our BN’s MPs who are famous worldwide in producing world-class porno tapes. Mr. Chua claimed that his, is not the first and also not the last!

    So Anwar just need to randomly pick up 30 of them and offer them on a silver platter to these MPs. That’s why he is so confident when he claimed “we are the government in waiting.” He also said “We will not pay any bribes.” Why would he need to pay them to cross over when he might actually made a few millions in donation just to openly accept them to BR fold.

    We just hope the PM is not one of the lucky candidates.

  16. toyolbuster says:

    In the VCD, it looks like Anwar, Sounds like Anwar, but can’t be 100% sure it was Anwar. In fact it could also be the sleepy head.

  17. amb says:

    I agree with you. He is too slick. People think he’s changed but i believe he is a racist true and true and he has revenge coursing through his veins. We will see the real man when he has the power. For now, he will be playing to the gallery. Ahh…Give me DAP or PAS – I feel safer with the apek and the tok guru.

  18. ANg kong says:

    Copycat…. , is this wat u can come out with, UMNO? i expect better.

    Here’s an idea…. forget VCD, try HD lah. i know a friend who’s aunty has a neighbour and his gardener may have some contacts tht can give discount for a HD corder. VCDs are old-school lah and only reserved for ‘chinese running dogs’.

  19. Charlie Joe says:

    I am convinced that Anwar has changed.. The 3 Main people I salute today for this change is 1) Raja Petra Kamaruddin b) Anwar Ibrahim and c) Lim Kit Siang… in that order..
    Anwar is also the right person to lead this country… AND IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN, before 2008 is out… JUST WATCH THIS LION…!!!!
    all 3 parties have to work hard and fast, putting aside differences; if any..
    Prove to the fence sitters, show them the change, and before you know it, Hey Presto – 5years is gone… dawning of another ERA. The words- Barisan N,
    UMNO and their partners are non-existent anymore and are History…

  20. triton88 says:

    who are you, what actually are you implying and most important of all’ what do you stand for?

  21. pathfinder says:

    Come On, Give him a break. The same story again……. Americans supporting Anwar??? Sex Pervert??? Extremist???Racist???
    Already spent years in prison for all that. What else do BN want. Another version coming out is that……..Soon the Chinese, I mean those from China will pour in billions of American dollars for Anwar to Betray the Malays in return for our rich resources!! Put all the Chinese as the CM’s and PM. And he took the billions of dollars and live happily thereafter. I guess this scenario cannot be thoroughly discounted. But I am telling you this is food for thought ONLY for those who yearns for exotic news. It is really crazy to even comprehend such ridiculous and silly scenario. Believe me, the same applies to the American version.

  22. dil says:

    mahathir said anwar is innocent (anwar ta dak salah apa),so the truth is anwar is a good citizen,so people is clever now ,they can see who was the real culprit. anwar knows who is friend or my family believe he never use money to buy them.

  23. cel8288 says:

    The mp’s is sabah no b@lls la how to buy over. we have got an MP who likes to join barking with their fellow semenanjung MP n got his big mouth shot off. n still he stands for MP. Idiot punya ketua UMNO sabah! two MP says sorry ok can stand as MP. one MP say sorry he resign! bloody jokers!!!

    The MP over here only know how to kaw tau to federal. If no more timber to re-harvest maybe they will consider to jump to ask for more share in the oil royalty from DSAI.

    God only knows…,,wat a life here 🙂

  24. puakangkang says:

    Fuyo..this one really got ah pek laughing till my teeth melt. (ok.. old teeth can melt maa..). Whats next..? TV 3 how about a footage of Annuar talking talking meiii… to any Mat Sallehs and lan (run) a stoli (story) that Annuar is working CIA to bling laun (bring down) Malaysia. And intebiu all Um no great leaders… on they think of Annuar.

  25. Propaganda,Propaganda,Propaganda!!!

  26. peace in hope says:

    Nice try UMNO – wat next? Keep it up as you seem to be helping out a lot – the rakyat can make up their minds clearly NOW – those fence-sitters. GE13 can start for campaigning now …..

  27. still waiting says:

    Sorry to interrupt, but can anyone tell me where i can download Chua Soi Lek’s VCD? Dun dare to buy pirated ones, takut kena tangkap! Support original…

  28. freedom says:

    “…the country is in danger of collapsing due to Anwar’s involvement with the American Democratic body which gives him money to do his political campaign here.

    I have not heard of American Democratic body but I have done some checking 3 years ago.
    Anwar was attending the Illuminati’s sponsored meeting/s when he was DPM.
    If he had toppled TDM back in 1990s, God help us as he was going to get the IMF to loan Malaysia funds.
    We would be in the grips of the IMF (part of the Illuminati) as Indonesia was and is still in. They will control most important aspects in the country.
    See how they can tell Indonesia to call a non terrorist a terrorist and charge them.
    If you are skeptical about the Illuminati – read Artic beacon; and if you are a Muslim – read Illuminati confessions (a defected high ranking Illuminati – now a Muslim convert).
    Anwar is with the World Bank, I think as an official.
    We must ask him what his affiliations are with the Illuminati before giving anymore support.
    I have kept silent about his ‘connections’ before the GE, but now that he is so powerful as to called “Alternative PM’, I think it’s time to check up on him before he gets to be PM of our country

  29. Lingam says:

    Correct! Correct! Correct!

    I think “freedom” has a point there!!!

  30. peace in hope says:

    Well, there seem to be a balanced emotion on DSAI as PM – both for and against it. Look at it this way guys, the rakyat is awake now and the cabinets(at least the 5 states la) is filled with sound-minds in politics and wit the large number of bloggers and cybertroopers following the Msian politics more than the BN-related political analyst themselves – there will not be an easy room for DSAI to go back to his old ways. Have faith-give the man a chance and thank Pak Lah for sleeping and making it possible for bloggers alike to grow. The rakyat is now all ears to listen and evaluate situations as it has seen its power and its relevance in the GE12. It will be an easier task(even without the mainstream media) to question the leaders in this country now. Step by step my friend – have faith! We the rakyat arent that ‘politically ignorant’ anymore. freedom has a good piece of comment tho.

  31. Alex.M says:

    name one politician who was clean….if so then he was in the wrong place ..he should be sitting on a hill meditating. Accept whoever comes for a good cause for the people and hope he does a good job of creating harmony in the country and rid politicians who go about waving kris and another threatening the people and another asking others to get out .We are sick of these people .Where is the true meaning of FOR THE PEOPLE .Let us work towards a common goal of unity among all of us

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