NOTE: IN 2012, this MB in question finally says his PhD is “for real“.

A commentator in my blog brought up this issue about the newly minted Perlis MB Md. Isa boasting of an American PhD and Masters degree:

“(Md) Isa, 61, is a four-term state assemblyman for Bintong. He was also Kangar member of parliament from 1995 to 1999.  In the recent general election, he won 4,882 votes, to beat Pas’ Mohd Anuar Mohd Tahir, who obtained 2,772 votes. Isa has a PhD, master’s in business administration and diploma in total quality management from New Port University, United States. Between 1984 and 1986, Isa became the private senior secretary to then deputy home affairs minister, Datuk Seri Radzi Sheikh Ahmad“. (New Straits Times)

Can you trust his PhD and Master’s degree?

I’d like to clear matters up a bit…

Yes, this is about the new Perlis MB we are talking about. An official statement had been issued on behalf of the Raja of Perlis Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Putra Jamalullail that Bintong state assemblyman Datuk Dr Md Isa Sabu (pixs above) would be the new menteri besar. (An appointment that went against PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s choice of Shahidan Kassim, former Perlis chief, to be the new MB).

A commentator pointed out another website where they showcased Malaysians who graduated from Newport University : here. Md. Isa is there alright.

Coincidently, MP for PJ Selatan and DAP blogger Tony Pua revealed in his blog in 2006 (with reference to uncredited universities) that:

New Port University… is definitely not recognised by the Office of Degree Authorisation in Oregon, United States, which clearly lists colleges which are either unaccredited or diploma mills“. (Education in Malaysia)

Tony was doing a check on some faculty members at some of our more prominent colleges, which allegedly employ PhD holders with qualifications secured at dubious or even bogus institutions such as the now infamous Irish International University.

But it seems, there are Newport Universities in Hawaii and Lebanon as well, which is considered not accredited by the site that Tony provided. The site didn’ t mention about Newport University in California, which Md. Isa attended. And so did Dr. Ragunathan, who Tony mentioned about in his blog.

And “Newport University (the one based in California says it) is approved by the Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education with the State of California. (Approval # 20766)”

So, who is right and who is wrong now (about Newport Uni, I mean)?

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  1. Bob K says:

    Accreditation in the US is a bit of a quagmire. Recognition by the BPPVE (which is currently defunct since Jan 1, 2008 due to the sunset clause in the enabling act with its successor law under review and debate) is not the same as recognition but is a pre-requisite for accreditation by a regional accreditation body.

    So a institution recognised by the BPPVE is not necessarily dubious. Chances are its either new or in the process of accreditation and meets the minimum requirements as stipulated under the Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education Reform Act 1989.

    While a new bill is being debated to replace the lapsed legislation, the previous Act had a provision for the Director of the Dept of Consumer Affairs in California to enter into voluntary agreements with existing institutions previously granted recognition under the Act. These agreements state that the institution agrees to comply with state statutes, rules, and regulations in effect as of the close of business on June 30, 2007.

    Apparently Newport University is a recognised private post-secondary institution under the previous Act and has also signed a voluntary agreement with the state authorities (school code #3001531). Unfortunately, the time frame for accreditation is not revealed by their website.

    Adult education is quite an unknown territory for many Malaysians and the numerous standards of recognition and accreditation in the US makes it even a larger mystery. Generally the rule of thumb is that it is safe to grant regionally and nationally accredited institutions recognition and refer to peer criterias for the state recognised schools. California does have a reputation of having weak regulations on school recognitions which is one of the reasons why the extension of the previous enabling Act is under severe scrutiny in their state legislature.

    A lot of this information was painstakingly digged out after checking out regulations and consultation with American education consultants from MACEE as well as the US Embassy when I was doing my own research for adult education. I must admit, it is quite a mess.

    Some references can be found here:

    Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education Reform Act 1989
    List of schools eligible for voluntary agreements

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  3. Lim says:

    ANg kong Says:
    “March 15, 2008 at 11:47 pm
    ‘……seems to have academic qualifications issued by a notorious diploma mill in the USA called Newport University….’

    Alamak, this potentially could be a headline news if it’s true and enough to call for a clarification from the newly appt MB…… i smell rat in this..! if only a journalist is brave enough to put forward this question to the MB…

    goosh, i never expect such twist n turn, u kill me and i kill you drama after d election. Best thing is i don hav to fork out any money to buy a ticket for this….

    Penang exile… u r so niamah xxx keng man.!!! hahaha”

    Why get so excited??? Normal’lah with DEB they (UMNO) are powerful like superman and pocket is fat enough to do this mah…
    Moreover who dare to sneak their head out to comment about this type of super hiro in Mahaldeal’s time. Nanti leher kena chop off, I tell you. But now eiaun, eiaun,eiaun… this stupid ediot is stupid enough not to belive time will and has change.

  4. […] Original post by […]

  5. anuarnor says:

    Scroll down few pages more. And surprise-surprise. There’s a whole nest…

    Dr Kay

    Dr Aziz

    Tunku Imran? Not familiar but must be someone important.

  6. Feroz Merican says:

    As soon as I saw the spelling of the University-“New-Port”, I thought it was dodgy..Newport I can buy, New Port sounds fishy, like a cheap brand of alcohol made in Klang. Anyway, Susan , what do you expect, just look at the guy’s face, la, looks like a phd to you? The guy was secretary to Sheikh Radzi, and apparently the brother of the Sultan is the one pushing his name forward, with the backing of 8 out of 14 assemblymen, that’s the real story.

  7. micon says:

    latest news

    Shahidan was rejected by the Sultan bcos he was recommended by AAB
    Meaning, Istana unhappy with AAB, it’s a signal for him to step down
    It could also be the same scenario in Terengganu
    AAB is in BIG troubled


  8. Melayu says:

    AnaK KeCIL MaiN Api
    TeRbaKar HatINya YanG SePi
    AiRmAtA DaRaH BerCamPUr KeRinGaT
    BuMI DiPiJaK MiLIk OrAng

    NeNEK MoYanG KAya RaYa
    TerGaDAi SeLurUh HaRTa BenDa
    AkIBat SenGKeTa SeSaMaLaH KitA
    CiNtA LeNyaP Di ArUs ZaMan

    InDaHNya BuMi KItA Ini
    WaRiSaN BeRkuRuN LaMaNya
    HaSIL MenGaLiR Ke TAnGaN YaNg LaIn
    PRiBuMi MeriNTih SeNdiRi

    MaSa DePaN SuNggUh KeLAm
    Kan LeNyAp PeRiStIwA SemALam
    TerTUtuPLaH HatI TerKuNcI MatI
    MaRuAh PEriBaDi DaH HiLanG

    KiNi KiTa CuMa TinggAL KuAsa
    YaNg AkaN MeNEntuKAn BanGsa
    BErSaTuLaH HaTi BeRsAmA BeRBaKTI
    PUliH KemBAli HaRGa DiRI

  9. clearwater says:

    Getting a PhD from an unaccredited ‘university’ is a very simple matter. I used to work within walking of such an institution in downtown Los Angeles. You can walk around its campus in 10 minutes! The ironic part is that one of my businessmen friends even did his PhD there without ever setting foot on the campus and without me knowing he was an enrolled student. He never lived it down, of course, and to this day he regrets being so naive as to think one can buy academic respectability. One can understand why insecure people may purchase a tertiary qualification but to put it on one’s resume is inviting ridicule. Newport is a small city located just south of Los Angeles. Never heard of Newport University, though.

  10. ANg kong says:

    mmhh…. how many universities are there in USA/UK/AUSTRALIA etc etc… in spite of this, one still picks the one U tht is known to offer bogus qualifications…. i c questions after questions in my head…

    it’s ironic tht noone cross checks anyone’s qualification…. perhaps, i will try adding a couples more famous Us in my resume for my next job. Fellow bloggers, let me know if u come across any vacancies esp posts in the government, better still if it;s in the PM office…..

  11. Penang Exile says:

    Stettner claims he received a master’s in psychology from Newport University — which KDKA discovered is an Internet school that is not accredited by the US Department of Education. In fact, in four states, it’s a crime to put a Newport University degree on your resume.

    As for Newport University where Dr Ragunathan obtained his PhD and MBA, it is definitely not recognised by the Office of Degree Authorisation in Oregon, United States, which clearly lists colleges which are either unaccredited or diploma mills.

    And now Kayveas is listed as receipient of a degree in 2004!!!

  12. Penang Exile says:

    I don’t think Perlis MB would have survived the Perak Sultan’s scrutiny.

  13. Penang Exile says:

    Some one should check out Newport University at the following addresses:

    Regional Office
    Newport University Malaysia
    Unit E152-4-16
    Kompleks Maluri,Jalan Jejaka
    Taman Maluri,
    55100 Kuala Lumpur

    Tel : 603-92820289
    Fax : 603- 92815348

    Penang Office
    Success Pillar Sdn Bhd,
    Northern Tower, 19th floor
    Block 57,Suite N0 3,
    Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
    Georgetown,11050 Penang

    Tel :604-2299471
    Fax :604-2299469

  14. ANg kong says:

    Penang exile,

    hey, do you ever sleep?? so far, you have opened my eyes with your ‘investigatory works’. U should seriously consider working for the BR as a consultant!!! if I’m LKS, you will get a job tomorrow… and don bother sending in your resume, i’m sure they are all ‘legitimate’ ……er, i hope ‘newport’ isnt listed anywhere…. hahaha

    as always, you r one niamah XX keng man!

  15. ghenjis khan says:

    This Newport University is MEANT for those people with WORKIN EXPERIENCES ….rather than for their scholar or purely academic pursuits.

    The Real University is actually the UNIVERSE from which the term University comes from. ie City of the universe !

    You are supposed to study the “universe” ….. henceforth, Oxbridge stil has the habit of reading “Natural Philosophy” to mean Physics or Classics to mean Greek, Latin etc and we know more about PPE!

    It took the Europeans to understand that from the Arabs who started the Lectures or “KULLIYYAH” meaning universals … the Muslim scholars are fond of talking about “universals” such as man, beings, existence , god, creatures etc etc etc

    The arabic word “kull” meaning all was bastardised by the Spanish-Portuguese and the Dutch to the term “School” …..

    The “kulliyyah” which is derived from “kull” meant that the Profeesors or Sheikh al Kulliyyah would discourse “universal matters” rather than the “particulars”.

    Thinkers and Geniuses learn from the Universe …..

  16. kittykat46 says:

    Newport U is a “funny paper” establishment-lah. No need for any exams or research papers, just pay the money…

  17. Feroz Merican says:

    Penang Exile- the Regent of Terengganu is 11 years old. So they have a council there to reject the MB. But surely the council listens to our present Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. So, can we surmise that the King is not at all happy with Badawi? If that is the case do you think Badawi is under more intense pressure to resign? To get rejected by the Raja Perlis is bad enough but to get snubbed by the King surely is a more telling sign that Badawi has to go, and as soon as possible? What do you think? Cheers.

  18. clearwater says:

    Just to add on to my earlier comment. To do a PhD, a student usually needs to have a Masters degree;, to do post grad , he needs a Bachelor’s or a Diploma at the very least. If you have a dubious PhD, the entire sequence of qualifications appear suspect especially if all are awarded from the same university! Intellectual rigor requires learning diversity. One would normally not stay put at a single institution of learning from Diploma to PhD, one would seek to learn from the leading academics where ever they are tenured. Besides, staying in one physical location for 8 years or more for studies is torture. Of course, at a diploma mill, you don’t even need to be physically present on campus at all.

  19. thank .. i like to be member in this blog

    good job

  20. Penang Exile says:

    Feroz – This is the PAS viewpoint. Not helped that RPK claimed that he was very close to our King, even when he was interrogated for 8 hours at the Dang Wangi police station. Can only comment later when I have more information.

    In the Perlis case, there may be another more valid reason besides dspleasure with PM: it was rumoured that 2 Federal ministers were to have been axed, but they rushed to get their nominee in as MB, so now there is a stalemate situation. If they are axed, their MB nominee remains and Perlis UMNO will be in shambles, maybe permanently. If they get back their places in the cabinet, Shahidan can come back.

  21. Jimmy says:

    Newport University is a private university located in Newport Beach, California. It was founded in 1976 and is approved by the State of California Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education[2], which is not an accreditation agency. This should not be confused with accreditation, as Newport University is not accredited by any agency recognized by the United States Department of Education. The university comprises the schools of Business Administration, Behavioral Sciences and Law (

    Hmm ….

  22. clearwater says:

    After some ESI [education scene investigation], I have come to the conclusion that Newport University is one of ‘those’ institutions similar to the one known to me in Los Angeles. No more PhDs though, the course has been discontinued. Newport Beach is very pleasant, being a seaside city with a decent beach frontage. Not as interesting as Santa Monica in the summer but nice nonetheless .

  23. whispering9 says:

    Remember the song:
    You look like an angel
    Walk like an angel
    Talk like an angel
    But I got wise
    You’re the devil in disguise
    Oh yes you are
    The devil in disguise

    However, PhD in disguise does not look like, walk like or talk like he belongs in the group. Actually, very malu when they are amongst laureates. You can always hear the disdain snickering.

  24. kittykat46 says:

    I have a friend who has made a big success in the construction business through sheer brains, ability and hard work – but he never studied beyond SRP (form 3 those days) – his father died when he was young.

    These days he socialises in ehem…circles where people sometimes ask “What degree did you study in ?” or “Which university did you attend ?”

    To save himself the embarassment, he got himself one of these paper Degrees from the US (not Newport Uni, though). They do serve a purpose I guess…

  25. clearwater says:

    kittykat46, your friend should be modest as well as honest. He only needs to tell the unvarnished truth, there’s no need to be embarrassed.

    As I see it, your friend graduated from the University of Life and got a degree in RM[ your figure..] . Others graduate from the School of Hard Knocks. Many businessmen in Malaysia come from rags to riches background, and have acumen and initiative far beyond university teachings. They in fact employ people who have the degrees from universities to work for them. He has nothing to prove to such people .

  26. penangites says:

    Will Utusan Malaysia mention in their headlines XXX BIADAB now? regards the disagreement between the ruling party and Sultan?

  27. penangites says:

    ….in Perlis??

  28. Penang Exile says:

    ghenjis khan – Sorry to say this but the Arabic “kull” originated from the Greek “schole”. The Arabs borrowed the word after conquering the Greek speaking cities of Asia Minor and Egypt. The Romans also borrowed the Greek term and their word in Latin was “schola”. The Portuguese, whose language derives from Latin and who conquered Melaka in 1511 introduced their word for school: “escola”, which the Malay-speaking population corrupted to “sekolah”, the modern Malay word.

  29. SV Singam says:

    Also in the same graduating class is “Dr. Tioh Ngee Heng
    PhD Associate Proffesor University of Malaya” (that’s a cut-n-paste so the spelling error is from the website).

    Is anyone investigating the faculty of the U of M?

  30. no come back kid says:

    Whether it’s genuine or not, it’s time to abolish the Internal Security Act (ISA). We want those buggers in Kemunting out now.

    Either you let us out NOW, or we will let you in when we are in total power/control – Universal Law-> What you do to others, others with do the same undo you-> To every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction (Newton Third Law)

    Long live People Power x3 !!!

  31. Roy Selvan says:

    To melayu-

    Lets say , we are attacked by another nation in the future,dont you think we other races will stand and defend our Nation. Tanah Tumpahnya Darah Ku, Rakyat Hidup Bersatu dan Maju. Just for your imgination if we all suddenly Transpot to another land, would not the Hardworking,Wise, Self-Reliant Person be in the Respected and Look Upon. Anyway, Theres is no reason to carry on this NewPort University issue, there wont be any changes………anyway. Thats what I presume. Have a nice week guys..

  32. ANg kong says:

    I say make this scandal as big as it can get, i dont agree with Roy Selvan. We must not overlook even the slightest coverups.

    I say make them sweat like hell, have nightmares when they sleep, look over their shoulders when they walk… by comparison, the average academic achievements amongst our politicians are being made to look like a laughing stock by our neighbouring country.

    call this draconian, but we must root out all the sour grapes … the cheats…. a public figure has to pay a price for all the privileges!

  33. Melayu says:

    To Roy..

    How many chinese & indians are there in the Police Force and Armed Forces ? Defend a nation you say ? hahahaha…..

  34. Roy Selvan says:

    If thats the way you think……bless u Bro….

  35. Roy Selvan says:

    ……Tulin Tak Tulin Tak Tau lah……Maybe Bugis, Acheh or Jawa.
    One of my elder brother married a Melayu. (True Love) No masuk -masuk because of benefits. They have 3 Kids-(Bumi- putra) All grown up and doing well (own business).1 more brother served the Arm Forces- In Congo Afrika. So you should guest we are more patriotic than some likes of you . Grow-up lah Kawan. We are living in 2008 BC and some will be still hagling their rights till 3000BC. But the rest of the world will by-pass us a -few times over and we will be still be left behind. Bickering and Complaining.

  36. terang bulan says:

    The guy does not look like a PhD holder if you use the yardstick of someone like Farish Noor, Chandra Muzaffar, Kua Kia Soong or Loh Kok Wah. In fact he looks anything but scholastic. I doubt he could speak proper and grammatically correct English in the first place. Clearly he is a tool of Radzi Sheikh Ahmad Azmi Khalid and the Perlis royalty to humiliate and oust Shahidan. But I don’t sympathise with that prick Shahidan and I think he gets what he deserves

  37. Khuzaimah says:

    Ai yahhh, one with some cash, can buy papers maaa. Look at this story of the fallen Khir Toyo,s brother (Nasir Toyo), said to buy a Diploma from Unisel when he was nowhere to set a foot in the college!.
    Hey, can you check if KJ is really an Oxford graduate?? Or he is an Oxford dropout?!

  38. Khuzaimah says:

    Ai yahhh, one with some cash, can buy papers maaa. Look at this story of the fallen Khir Toyo,s brother (Nasir Toyo), said to buy a Diploma from Unisel when he was nowhere to set a foot in the college!.
    Hey, can you check if KJ is really an Oxford graduate?? Or he is an Oxford dropout?!
    I’m not convince the way he speak english. Not any better than my primary 6 boy schooling in Singapore. KJ said he never schooled in Malaysia. Must be all in international school meh?? Some of my St John’s Institution Alumni speaks better. Aiyyahhh, living proof is Raja Nazrin maa… Others?? a lot maaa.

  39. Jimmy says:

    While St John’s Institution (SJI) has Raja Nazrin and Sultan Sharafuddin, it also produced Najib and Hishammuddin …. sigh. Poles apart.

    Sad Johannian ….

  40. fahmi says:

    Let’s compare Newport Malaysia and US websites:
    2) Chancellor/Vice Chancellor NU
    Juan F. Castro

    Search for Juan Castiro give nothing. So, we go for
    Juan F. Castro.
    (Hope Fidel Castro has nothing to do with Newport!)

    More confusing stuff…
    Name: Juan F. Castro, M.D.
    Age: 45
    Occupation title: Director, Coastal Bend Health Education Center; Associate Dean, Coastal Bend Affairs-College of Medicine
    Education: B.A. in Biology, University of Texas- Austin; M.D., Texas A&M University- College of Medicine; residency specialized in family medicine, MMC in Corpus Christi
    First job: A clinic in Brownsville for the uninsured, which is the clinic Castro used to go for healthcare; he stayed there for two years and became the assistant director of the federally-qualified health center
    Best job: His current position when it was part time and he could still practice family medicine; he says it gave him the opportunity to help patients both individually and at large by developing programs that help the community
    Salary during 20s: $6/hour
    Biggest challenge: Convincing private institutions to share their resources or funds with the health center to develop bigger and more effective programs
    No. of employees: 18

    Another confusing stuff…
    Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

    Irma Lerma Rangel College of Pharmacy
    Texas A&M Health Science Center
    MSC 131, 1010 West Avenue B
    Kingsville, Texas 78363
    Phone: (361) 593-4305
    Fax: (361) 593-4303

    More on the other guy…
    Search DR. TED DALTON will basically give you nothing. So, search
    for TED DALTON without DR
    Ted Dalton, B.Sc., H.Dip., Con.Econ., Dip.Con.Surv.Tech., M.I.O.A., took the “Institute of Acoustics” Diploma in “Acoustics & Noise Control” in 1998 with specialist modules in Noise Control Engineering and Architectural / Building Acoustics (A course which requires that a prospective entrant must already have obtained a relevant Science Degree).

    In conclusion… BULLSHIT!

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  44. someknowledge says:

    So, you got a dodgy Malaysian politician with a bogus Phd from a non-existent American school? Who cares? All politicians are crooked, that’s how they got their jobs.

  45. johnnytan88 says:

    maybe he studied long-distance..


  46. azrael says:

    ya i guess tats true, all politician r crook, a bunch of bloody gangsters, but some r pretty good gangsters for a politician, u know wat i mean?! just like robin hood, always for the ppl

    so wats this phd again….??

  47. ed khoo says:

    Newport U looks and sounds dodgy. Their “Student Resources” page ( has links to information sources which are definately NOT used by academic researchers.

    Reputable sources suggested for research include and “Celebration Bar Review” ( Huh?

    I studied in US (U Washington, Seattle) and I can tell you that referencing stuff from any of those sources (even at master’s level) will get you a good drubbing and fail grade from your professor.

    Check those links out yourself. It’s scary what sort of “research” comes out of that place.

  48. Penang Exile says:

    Khuzaimah – In response to your comment, there is a prominent academic (ethnic Chinese) with a very well known tertiary institution who once attended a post-graduate summer course in Oxford and now puts Oxon after his name giving the impression he had a degree from there. Oxonians who know about this were outraged but this person does not care at all and the university was hoodwinked. Malaysians can be very unethical and unscrupulous in their pursuit for promotion, wealth and glory. This is all due to the lack of proper moral lessons in schools, proper religious instruction for those who follow an organised religion and poor examples set by their parents or family members.

  49. Chindian BR Supporter says:

    ANg kong I agree with you all the way man! We must keep up teh pressure on all these half past 6 BN leaders. Where can I get info on all the MBs biodatas? I heard from my lawyer who is from Oxford that he can easily check on menantu’s academic qualifications. Only thing he wants to charge me for the service!! Can anyone do it free?

  50. peace in hope says:

    While we are all debating his PhD, we may have many more who had ‘bought’ their PhDs and are right there in the cabinet. Msians are generally fond of the many letters that follow their names. Its like some ‘conquest’ for them(least this my personal opinion). I had seen names in wedding invitations – the bride’s and groom’s names followed by some string of titles and their attained academic qualifications. On the other hand,I had also had the opportunity to speak to the ‘real’scholars (in a casual social gathering) who are so articulate and sensible and I was not aware that they were Professors and PhDs who introduced themselves by their first names without the ‘Dr’. So here I learnt that the ‘real’ ones have no need to ‘prove’ themselves. It was a pleasure speaking with them, they were down-to-earth and understood the change of times and the new generation. My experience with some others were boring and pretentious, i was even corrected occasionally wen i addressed them with ‘Encik’ or ‘Mr’…….

  51. Sven Olsen says:


    Alamak, many more VIP and VVIP in there with bogus degrees. Kaveas, Azis S, T Imran… and many more.

    U should syndicated the story and make some money, to save for your DBA from the U… Haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  52. KWMOON says:

    Most important is a man’s character and his performance. Degree recognition has become a complex issue. On the other hand, how many of our Malaysian universities are recognized by oversea countries?

  53. razkhan says:

    It is no use that whe just simply expose this acadamic crimes committed by the new Perlis MB as well as some other Malaysians listed by New Port University. Actions must be taken by the relevant authority in our country, like Min. of Higher Learning (remember the Minister in-charge Tok Pa?) and charge them accordingly. I am sure our Min. of Education does have laws to prosecute this kind of people if the invstigation are found to be true.

  54. College Lecturer says:

    Razkhan, this is not a case of “academic crimes”. The company or people selling the degrees are operating openly simply because Ministry of Education (before it became Min. of Higher Learning) people were involved. Example: Previous No. 3 in ministry was involved in selling fake degrees (diploma mill) in PJ. Even dare to open an office in PJ but directors are all family members. These people are also involved in the college licensing racket where connected UMNOputras without the knowledge or means of operating private colleges are given college licences and they re-“sell” the licence to others for big profit. I say re-“sell” as sometimes college licence have condition that not transferable and the UMNOputra must remain as the paper owner of the college. Sometimes business partners (Chinese or Indian) burned when greedy UMNOputra force them out & take over business without having to pay a sen. Can’t even file ACA report as no corruption happen, all business transactions.

  55. zorro says:

    KITTIKAT… nothing like graduating from the University of Hard Knocks where they teach you What Harvard Doesn’t.

  56. dr too says:

    dear all,
    it’s doestn’t matter where or whether he really got the PhD or no time his level of ‘intelligence’ will show up..then we will know exactly where is the PhD coming from..sekolah rendah or newport..
    forgive my ignorance, but from the look also you can know la..aiyoo Dr ka like that?

  57. Crankshaft says:

    Oh, this is beyond dodgy… I’ve never even heard of that university. Do they sell degrees or something??

  58. pink says:

    I knew that Shahidan Kassim had his doctorate from UUM Sintok. This finding is okay if I’ll also like to read his research papers or dissertation made by him if there’s any. BTW why don’t he uses the title Dr since Ph.D. is the highest academic degree. Ashamed or what? If he posses so what to worry about. I’ll check and I can’t find any writing from him. Hey did this guy sits for his VIVA? or still having corrections to be submmitted. Too obvoius….

  59. kcc says:

    Enclosed is a list of dubious u in which Newport happens to be one.

    Be Wary of Nonaccredited Schools
    Stephen Barrett, M.D.

    Accreditation constitutes public recognition that an educational program meets the administrative, organizational, and financial criteria of a recognized agency. In the United States, educational standards for schools are set by a network of agencies approved by the U.S. Office of Education (USOE) or the Council on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation (CORPA). USOE or CORPA do not accredit individual schools, but they approve the national and regional agencies that do so. Almost all such agencies are voluntary and nongovernmental.

    The entities listed below are not accredited by a recognized accreditation agency. Most operate entirely by correspondence. Some issue credentials to anyone who pays a fee. Others require completion of coursework. A few no longer operate. A few claim to be accredited by an agency that itself lacks legitimate recognition. Nonaccredited schools offering health-related instruction almost always advocate unscientific concepts. Moreover, is not possible to learn to properly care for patients without lengthy supervised experience with patients, which health-related correspondence schools almost never offer.

    * Academy of Healing Arts
    * Academy of Natural Therapies
    * Academy of Natural Therapies & Spiritual Studies
    * Akamai University
    * American Behavioral Studies Institute
    * American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders
    * American College of Clinical Thermology (ACCT)
    * American College of Life Science
    * American College of Nutripathy
    * American Holistic College of Nutrition
    * American Institute of Holistic Theology
    * American Pacific University
    * American Reiki Institute
    * American University of Complementary Medicine (AUCM)
    * Amstead International University
    * Barbara Brennan School of Healing
    * Belford University
    * Bernadean University
    * California Institute for Human Science
    * Capital University of Integrated Medicine
    * Chatworth College of Natural Health and Nutritional Science
    * Clayton College of Natural Health
    * College of Metabolic Medicine
    * College of Natural Health
    * Columbia Pacific University
    * Columbia State University (link to another site)
    * Columbus University
    * Donsbach University
    * First National University of Naturopathy
    * Global Institute for Alternative Medicine (GIFAM)
    * Herbal Healer Academy
    * Holos University Graduate Seminary (HUGS)
    * Illinois College of Physicians and Surgeons
    * Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
    * Institute for Educational Therapy (IET)
    * International University of Nutrition Education (IUNE)
    * International University of Professional Studies (IUPS)
    * Kennedy-Western University
    * Lacrosse University (Bay St. Louis, Mississippi)
    * Madison University (Gulfport, Mississippi)
    * Mills-Grae University
    * National College of Complimentary Medicine and Sciences (NCCMS)
    * New Hope Bioresonance University of Holistic Medicine
    * New Jersey College of Osteopathy
    * Newport University (Newport Beach, California)
    * Nutrition Institute of America
    * Nutritionists Institute of America
    * Pacific Western University
    * PanAmerican School & Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine
    * People’s University of the Americas (Puerto Rico)
    * Possibilities Vocational School
    * Professional School for Psychological Studies
    * Romano Byzantine College
    * San Diego University for Integrative Studies
    * Southern California University for Professional Studies
    * Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine
    * Southwest International University (SIU)
    * St. Luke School of Medicine, SGI
    * Steps to Health
    * United American Medical College
    * Universal University of Holistic Spirituality
    * University of Berkley
    * University of Health Science
    * University of Integrative Health Sciences (AIHS)
    * University of Science and Philosophy
    * University of the Healing Arts
    * Westbrook University (Aztec, Arizona)
    * Yamuni Institute of Healing Arts

    so do the needful to ensure yr future generation to avoid such nonsense and check b4 they enrol.

  60. Penang Exile says:

    kcc – Now you must cross-reference this list with the local institutions or companies claiming to represent them. You will be surprised to find out which organisations have at some time or other been linked with some of them.

  61. shekar says:

    A story in the June 09, 1996 SALT LAKE TRIBUNE contained this description of the campus of “Newport University:”

    “A couple of clunker cars sit in the driveway of a 40-year-old brick house, which sits squarely in a commercial zone: a hardware store in back, an equipment-rental company in front and a McDonald’s expanding up the street.”

    ”The back yard has an old cedar fence, a rusting clothesline and an overgrown shade tree. Inside the house, a secondhand desk, some office chairs, bookshelves and a pair of torch lamps are assembled in the living room…”

    ”Welcome to Newport University!

  62. Come on KTH, NetBeans Blogging Contest !!!

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  63. Shaolinmonk says:

    A dubious degree may imply his dubious personality, dubious character, dubious leadership and dubious party or organisation or entity that he belongs.

    Since ZAID is the new minister of law of reform now, he should advise the Big boss to stop all YB, Ministers, MB and CM put such dubious qualifications behind their names to prevent the good names of the party, the state or the country at stake and to be further tarnished.

    Malaysia shall be “Boleh” with the right spirit, culture, vision and character, and not with such dubious stuff. and being a laughing stock of the world and the public.

  64. Perlis MB with ‘dubious” PhD degree?

    Laughable? Curious? Shocked? No means no larr… Still want to fake. Maybe even our PM also weighs PhD holders heavier.

  65. Roy Selvan says:

    Angkong and Chindian………Hope you walk the talk……….Some have difficulty going to 7 Eleven to buy bread for themselves..Lets see how deep you guys going to dig………………..

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  69. ANg kong says:

    Dear Susan,

    ‘Roy Selvan Says:
    March 20, 2008 at 1:15 pm
    Angkong and Chindian………Hope you walk the talk……….Some have difficulty going to 7 Eleven to buy bread for themselves..Lets see how deep you guys going to dig……………….’

    can you pls pass my email to Chindian and Penang exile to see how i can help in the ‘digging process’.


  70. tomatoinc says:

    Great expose Susan!

    It is obvious that this is a dubious PhD!

  71. Free Online Courses for KTH Students

    In today’s world of higher education, students are looking for more than just a diploma. Academic institutions are challenged to keep curricula current with the latest technologies. At the same time, students are looking for industry recognized t…

  72. sallman says:

    Newpor U is an online correspondence course. Anyone can graduate from there. Anyone can take the exam for you online. Anyone can write your paper and no presentation will be required. It does not have a campus, nor faculty. It’s just a name. You can pay someone to take the course under your name and graduate on their behalf. I wouldnt be proud of that degree. I’d have mohd. Isa retake a masters course in a regular university in US and see if he can complete it.

  73. lss says:

    certificate means nothing…you can buy a piece of phd, master cert at just USD100 from internet…

  74. iza says:

    What is the fuss over qualification of a leader. For everyone’s information Dato’ Onn, a Malay who fought against the British only have his formal education up to primary six. Tunku Abdul Rahman flunk his law course 4 times before graduating… But they live to be a true politician and leaders compare to all the useless when we have nowadays

  75. highlander says:

    I can list down name of politicians, actors, singers, academicians and bomohs who hold dubious phd degrees from dubious universities. These peoples are actually lacking in intellectuals but pretend to be someone who are expert in certain field. I hate them.

    just pay them your $$$$ and you’ll get your degree without attending class, taking exam, no thesis. as simple as that.

  76. CNI Perlis says:

    Tahniah Susan!!

    1. Saya harap anda perlu menyiasat juga sama ada Dato’ Seri Shahidan Bin Kassim memperolehi Master Degree di Belanda. Adakah dia telah mengambil full time course seperti yang diberitahu oleh beliau sendiri?

    2. Cuba anda siasat status PHD UUM beliau. Adakah beliau sendiri yang lakukan? atau ada profesor lain yang tolong? atau adakah ada campur tangan politik untuk luluskan beliau?


  77. Alfred Kok TL says:

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    The secret of its success is Quality Products, Excellent Business Strategies and OUT-SOURCING…..for it has NO FACTORY.

    All successful Businessman knew this One Secret to Success…use OPM.

  78. many people not support Isa why

  79. says:

    Here you can get more info about th topic mentioned.

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