The DAP wants Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the alternative prime minister and help transform Malaysia into becoming a healthy functioning democratic country. (New Straits Times).

DAP secretary-general and Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the party chose Anwar because it believed that he was the most suitable person to complete the transformation and was a “common choice“. He is also said to be “widely accepted by everyone in the Opposition“.

But is he accepted by the people?

Indicating signs (wink wink) that there will be a by election in Permatang Pauh soon (my thoughts, my words in italics), Guan Eng said “We hope he is allowed to take his rightful place in Parliament the soonest possible“.

Permatang Pauh in Penang is currently held by Anwar’s wife, Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, for two terms already, and has hinted that she would give way to her husband, by quiting her seat, and paving the way for a by election so that he can make a comeback.

Do I see some people cursing and cussing already?

It’s a pity to see Azizah leave her seat and Malaysian’s political scene. She is brave woman and had been quite an inspiration to many. She has grown much  in terms of political stature through the years.

I watched her closely in Parliament (when I was a journalist covering the Dewan Rakyat), and although she was the lone PKR MP, she held her head high. She looked always so serene and calm, and would never utter a bad word against (then) Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad in the August House.

But perhaps, she has considered for years (and perhaps so do DAP), that to have Anwar back in Parliament, would definitely give BN and most importantly UMNO, a run for their money.

People asked me if I were pro-Anwar. I tell them I am pro-CHANGE. pro-A NEW MALAYSIA, pro-A RAKYAT MALAYSIA and definitely pro-A WORLD WITHOUT UMNO.

Someone said having a new PM like defence minister Najib Tun Razak is also change. I say, DEFINITELY NOT. A PM that comes from UMNO means there is no change and there will never be any change.

Now people, do you get it?


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  1. no come back kid says:

    The prognosis is that Malaysia will soon be a two party system with real democracy, especially with Anwar as the opposition leader.So why not?

    This is good for the people and nation.

    If the voters/ residents of Permatang Pauh want Anwar to be in the Parliament and if it’s still within the ambit of our Constitution, I can’t quite see why Anwar shouldn’t be in the Parliament?

    How about leting a ‘tiger’ into the ‘jungle’ and see what happens to the hyenas……. ? Mampus you BN……

    Welcome back! DSAI, it’s all yours….. at your mercy…..

    But come to think of it, I think the Parliament is to debate for issues and all geared towards for the betterment of the people and nation.

    Hope it’s not like before just to make noise only!!

  2. I don’t think that he’ll contest now. Maybe after the barisan rakyat can work together, united and in one voice in the next five years. I think he will contest in the next general elections…

  3. micon says:

    Raja…u’re very slow maann
    Can’t or never read suntze art of war

  4. Malaysian2 says:

    OMG, if so TDM will do a Zakaria.

  5. Saleha Yusof says:

    If there is a by election at Permatang Pauh, I can bet you that BN will pull whatever tricks that they have up their sleeves. I hope that Rajamani Thialan is right. What is needed now is to make sure that the five states are successful in the next few years. BN will not give them 5 years. They will call for an early election, so as not too give BR too much time to succeed. If he moves too fast, he might stumble and fall.
    This achievement that we have today is too precious to let go. Let’s take it easy and slow.

  6. sadia says:

    Anwar will contest soon. In fact, within May in Permatang Pauh and he will sweep it dry. Methinks UMNO may even let the seat go uncontested. Remember, 30% non-Malay mostly Chinese live there and you don’t need a second guessing as to whom they will vote for. Malays in Penang and in general are for change somehow and Anwar can’t be challenged in his hometurf with Bodohwi wounded so much so that he has one seat in Penang.

    With Tengku Ku li threatening the Chinese and Indians (read his letter), with Malays getting tired of feudalism and warlordism, corruption, fear mentality, cronyinsm and so on, expect Anwar to be sworn in sooner than later. The man knows how to do things and he is no novice. UMNO knows that too. Interesting days.

  7. micon says:

    Make no mistake, it would be a different level palying field now as Penang is under DAP government. There would no rooms for hantu voters

    The truth shall prevail

  8. JoT says:

    Hi Susan,

    I do not think DSAI will contest in a by-election in Permatang Pauh. The only place he has dropped hints about is in Balik Pulau –

  9. anrashid1 says:

    A good choice, if the noble objective to unite and integrate Bangsa Malaysia is to be achieved !!
    Hidup Malaysia!!

  10. sadia says:

    An article on Anwar Ibrahim and the elections and his future

  11. J says:

    Anwar has setup his master strategy whereby he would not take over Permatang Pauh Parliament seat from Wan Azizah. Just wait and see his next bullet.. As mentioned by Anwar, “We are government is waiting” there is thousand meaning behind it!

  12. J says:

    “We are government in waiting”

  13. nchanted_CAT says:

    I hope Dr Wan Azizah doesnt step down just yet. Anwar could probably contest elsewhere. Anyway, I think he is still trying to sort things out with the new coalition, which I feel is more critical at the moment.

  14. kochebin says:

    I for one will never ever trust Anwar Ibrahim.How can one trust a person who stepped on the Malaysian flag.He was such an arrogant person when he was the DPM.One of the many good decision that Tun Mahathir did was to deny him his Prime ministership.He has made the Bumiputera minds going backwards by 100 folds through his so called “Penerapan Nilai2 Islam”.

  15. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Dulu masa di alam remaja, sering kita ditakut-takutkan oleh BTN tentang nasib yg bakal menimpa org Melayu jika tidak berusaha gigih demi masa depan bangsa, Maka berduyun-duyunlah anak Melayu dhantar ke pusat pengajian tinggi, baik di dalam mahu pun luar negeri. Pentomen pun dilakonkan. Meremang bulu tengkuk bila semangat tu ditiupkan. Sedikit demi sedikit, keistimewaan anak Melayu diragut. Mula-mula kurangkan kuota ke universiti. Kemudian tukarkan biasiswa kpd pinjaman, lepas tu mansuh kan DEB, Esok entah apa pulak. Namun kini, pentomen itu tidak bermakna lagi. Dengarnya sudah muncul seorang Nostrodomous Melayu (Anwar Ibrahim) di tengah kota. Katanya: ” Melayu tak payah jadi PM lagi.”

    Melayu yang lain pun teruslah dengan ratibnya.

  16. […] Feminist Law Professors wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptDAP picks Anwar as alternative PM Posted in ABOUT WOMEN, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: PENANG, HEADS UP!, MAHATHIR MOODS, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLITICAL on March 16, 2008 by sloone The DAP wants Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to be the alternative prime minister and help transform Malaysia into becoming a healthy functioning democratic country. (New Straits Times). DAP secretary-general and Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the party chose Anwar because it believed that […]

  17. micon says:

    Kochebin, u’re behind time, lack of reading perhaps or u’re in denial

  18. KennyGan says:

    “Anwar not relevant?” How come nobody from Umno is repeating it now? The truth is that Umno is now scared stiff of Anwar. Just read Ku Li’s letter to the division heads to call a general assembly. He practically trembles at the prospect of a PM from PKR.

    True leadership quality is rare and Anwar has that quality. A strong leader can unite diverse factions with differing interests to work together and history is full of examples. Only Anwar can unite DAP, PAS and PKR into a working coalition to challenge BN hegemony. With BN consigned to the opposition, only then can we have true racial unity and move forward as a nation. The future of Malaysia rests on just one man.

  19. Ranger says:

    If he was to contest in Permatang Pauh in a by election. There are a good many Malays, Chinese and Indians who already planning to go all out to campaign for him. You think the MIC would come there, to campaign for the BN?

  20. micon says:

    Patut lah anasir2 BN penipu yang membodoh bodohkan orang Melayu marah, sebab mata pencarian HARAM mereka untok mennyamun wang rakyat telah tergugat

  21. Roy Selvan says:

    Dear Keadilan Members

    Is there any branch PKR branch in Puchong??

    Really would appreciate the address….

  22. sadia says:


    You seem to be an UMNO putra tying to invade Susan’s blog but the heartrending part of your buffoonery is that you have no facts neither reality nor the truth. You are being petty and utterly irrational. The likes of you can’t take part in debates, just go and sleep or help UMNO putras in flag raising.

  23. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Semua janan risau dan jangan susah hati, bila saya jadi PM. Mana-mana ahli UMNO akan saya tekan habis-habis. Lepas tu MCA, MIC, GERAKAN dan PARTI Komponen BN yang lain.

    Untuk menjamin perpaduan & kesejahteraan semua, perkahwinan sesama jenis akan dibenarkan di Malaysia. Hak untuk bersuara akan diberikan sebebas-bebasnya. (termasuk boleh menyentuh hal-hal berkaitan agama, bangsa dan adat)

    Kalau tak puas hati, rakyat Malaysia setiap hari sabtu akan dibenarkan menunjuk perasaan di tempat yang disediakan di Dataran Merdeka. (sebagai balasan saya pernah merusuh dekat situ)

    Polisi berbaik-baik dengan singapura akan dilaksanakan. Malaysia akan menjual sebanyak-banyak nya tanah & pasir kepada Singapura untuk menambak dan ruangan udara Malaysia akan dibuka kepada Singapura.

    Bagi rakyat yang tidak mahu bekerja, setiap bulan akan disediakan elaun bulanan sebanyak RM1,500.00 seorang.

    Itu janji saya jika saya dilantik sebagai PM Malaysia.

  24. malaysiancares says:

    Datin Seri should not vacate her seat for Datuk Seri Anwar.To me she is already a very senior polititian and a very capable one too.It will be a waste of talent which we the anak bangsa Malaysia cannot afford to lose.We need every noble and capable leaders to fight these evil and corrupted gomen we have now.We have not won the war YET.

    May I make a suggestion.The person that should make way for Datuk Seri is YB MP Kelana Jaya Loh Gwo Bourne.It is not that I doubt his capablities but he admitted that he was thrown into candidacy at 11th hour by his father.Some voters obviously didnt know him but voted him anyway simply because they want change.If I am not mistaken he told the press(star)that his command in Bahasa Melaysia is poor.How to put up a good debate when you can speak BM properly in Parliament.

    To Mr.Loh, please make way for Datuk Seri.Millions of us anak bangsa Malaysia will appreciate your kind gesture. Get yourself ready for the 13 thGE. I am very sure PKR will nominate you again as a candidate and we will support you all the way.

    Forgive me if my suggestion causes unhappiness to you readers,Kelana Jaya voters and to the Loh Family.

  25. Noor Aza Othman says:

    In the Guardian today, at Comment is free, there’s an article by a Singaporean journalist, portraying Anwar as if future traitor. That is by accusing him of maybe defecting to UMNO just to gain the PM seat! Maybe this journalist writing on behalf of Chandra Muzaffar there. Bollocks; and I said so. So please write your comments there as a Malaysian left who supports the Opposition Coalition including Anwar.

    Yes, yes, yes, to Anwar as PM, and Lim Kit Siang or Lim Guan Eng as his Deputy PM! What a wonderful dawn that is for a more just Malaysia! And later on, after de-brainwashing the Malay population and the abolishment of NEP completely (the KeADILan’s Malaysian Economic Agenda is very promising indeed), anyone whatever race, religion or gender, including from Sabah and Sarawak, can be the Menteri Besar and PM!

  26. kap says:

    The good thing about Anwar is his wife. A man is his wife. Compare Anwar to Rosmah and you will flee. Dr. Azizah, a medical doctor by profession and a gold medallist in her profession is such a decent woman, loving, caring, responsive, restrained, self effacing, modern, moderate, embracing, Bangsa Malaysia driven, graceful, less demanding, humble, charming and all inclusive and effective. No Malay leader today in the political scene can boast of such a wife be it Badawi, Najib, ku Li, Kerismuddin and all other UMNO warlords. She is an asset, just like his excellent and extraordinary daughter, Nurul Izzah. You can know a man by his family.

  27. sadia says:


    I think if Dr Azizah shouldn’t resign, then Tan Sri Khalid will have to vacate his Bandar Tun Razak seat because he is the Selangor Menteri Besar and also Ijok Assemblyman, so he will be busy running Malaysia’s no.1 state. I think Loh Burne needs to go on and do his work. He is young, we need to invest in him. Tan Sri Khalid will vacate his seat because he has too much in his hands.

  28. kittykat46 says:

    Before March 8, the conventional wisdom was Anwar may hang around a few years leading PKR as a mildly annoying mosquito party, then eventually rejoin UMNO.

    The great fear in UMNO now is Anwar may well get to be PM without needing UMNO, in fact by dethroning UMNO. He needs 33 Parliamentary seats to do that. Wheeling and dealing is something Anuar is very good at…

    There’s been a political earthquake in the country, just the UMNOputras haven’t woken up yet….

  29. Noor Aza Othman says:

    “Anwar Ibrahim Says:Dulu masa di alam remaja, sering kita ditakut-takutkan oleh BTN tentang nasib yg bakal menimpa org Melayu jika tidak berusaha gigih demi masa depan bangsa, Maka berduyun-duyunlah anak Melayu dhantar ke pusat pengajian tinggi, baik di dalam mahu pun luar negeri. Pentomen pun dilakonkan. Meremang bulu tengkuk bila semangat tu ditiupkan. Sedikit demi sedikit, keistimewaan anak Melayu diragut. Mula-mula kurangkan kuota ke universiti. Kemudian tukarkan biasiswa kpd pinjaman, lepas tu mansuh kan DEB, Esok entah apa pulak. Namun kini, pentomen itu tidak bermakna lagi. Dengarnya sudah muncul seorang Nostrodomous Melayu (Anwar Ibrahim) di tengah kota. Katanya: ” Melayu tak payah jadi PM lagi.”
    Melayu yang lain pun teruslah dengan ratibnya.”


  30. micon says:

    Short & simple

    Orang melayu memang benar benar bodoh
    Tidak tahu membezakan kaca dengan permata
    Orang melayu mata celik bila nampak wang HARAM menyebakan mereka lupa daratan dan harga diri tidak bermoral

  31. Anwarina says:

    I heard, the King doesn’t like Anwar, because he is regarded by the King’s ( Special Branch) intelligence unit as ‘hypocrite’

    talking about international realations, he will probably make Malaysia one of American’s allies,

    boleh dikatakan PKR won just by chance, kalau batang pisang present BA pun sure menang juga, because org dah meluat dgn UMNO and BN

    he’s like an old sleeping tiger, rudely waken up by a tsunami, and now sharpening his canines,

    while in fact the lions KINGdom doesn’t approve him much

    The papa tiger ex-PM will also try his best to get into his way anyhow…

    🙂 percaya?

  32. Maybe DAP is more comfortable with Anwar Ibrahim but what about PAS?

    I have doubts that PAS will agree with DAP’s motion. Besides, PAS has a number of good leaders that are far better than Anwar Ibrahim. Sorry to say that to Anwar Ibrahim’s supporters out there.

  33. Anwarina says:

    PAS mungkin tak suka Anwar -dalam hati siapa tahu –

  34. wits0 says:

    Anwar Ibrahim is da one whose time has come ; there’s no stopping this speeding freight train. The naysayers will have to eat their hearts out, that’s all. LOL!

    He says the right thing which others are not well positioned to say openly. Few really can expect all his promises will be fulfilled entirely but he exemplifies the right intention and purpose. And perception is very important in politics. Poor blogger KTemoc will be depressed. Hahaha!

  35. Awangngah says:

    The Anwar factor is strong today, not because of the majority’s belief that he’ll make a great PM, but because of the rakyat’s hatred for BN, PM & his SIL.

    Anwar therefore cannot wait, but has to continue hitting while the iron is hot. For him to have a chance to be PM, he has to strategise on how to gain the majority at federal level, and he has to do it while BN, especially UMNO, is wounded.

    UMNO is currently divided primarily because of PM & his SIL. Should he step down or be removed, there is a very strong possibility for UMNO members and the component parties to rally behind the new PM. Just as how the rakyat rallied behind the opposition because of hatred for BN, UMNO members and the component parties will rally behind a new PM, whoever he is, because of their loss of confidence in Badawi and hatred for Khairy. If this happens, Anwar may have to kiss his dreams of becoming PM, goodbye, because those who swung their support for BA in this election and those who didn’t vote (out of protest) because of PM/SIL factor are very likely to go back supporting BN.

  36. Roy Selvan says:

    Anwar Ibrahim is a change person after his ISA detention.When you are in that situation you tend to read more and depend on GODs Grace. We have to give him a chance .We have seen the rest lets give him our best.May he, run this country wisely. Build more University to accomodate the best students of all races. Give them chances in all fields in this Nation. Our people are our real assets . We have lost much to other Nation. Maintain more Oil reserve for our Nation. For our future. Thats what America is doing. Use others save theirs. Imagine if the Oil producing Nation run out of Oil in the Future. Those who have reserve in abandance will be the rich Nation. Dont think of huge profits now and cry later. May God always bless this Nation.

  37. Awangngah says:

    Roy, a leopard never change its spots. How many times have you heard of a compulsive gambler who truly regrets losing all his money, but only to be seen going back to his old ways when he finds new money?

  38. terang bulan says:

    Let Anwar rejoin parliament as soon as possible, in fact immediately after his disqualification period from contesting expires on 15 April. Three possible parliamentary seats for Anwar in the by-election, P. Pauh, Kelana Jaya or Bandar Tun Razak. I agree with Sadia that Anwar contests in Bandar Tun Razak so that Khalid Ibrahim can concentrate fully on his job as Selangor MB. In fact if I am not mistaken, Anwar is also eyeing Bandar Tun Razak as well as Lembah Pantai, but since Nurul Izzah is just beginning her role as MP, Anwar should let her continue. YOu can bet your bottom dollar that MCA will be scared stiff to put up a candidate even though Bandar Tun Razak is their traditional seat before Tan Chai Ho lost it. Perhaps MCA will give walkover to Anwar or give the seat back to UMNO. I would prefer the latter scenario of Anwar battling with an UMNO candidate and making him lose his deposit, just to shame UMNO.

  39. Noor Aza Othman says:

    There seems to be hateful anti-Anwar’s propagandists here such as of course the racist Malay Women in Malaysia (aku pun perempuan Melayu tapi takla pula macam kau!), Awangngah, Anwarina etc. Takut benarla tu kot Anwar jadi PM; jadi depa pun basuhlah Anwar habis-habis! Tadi yang menyamar jadi Anwar pun ada; apa nak jadi dunia ni!

    Anyway, here I’ll repeat again just to annoy this Umno goons:

    ANWAR FOR PM AND LIM KIT SIANG/LIM GUAN ENG FOR DPM! And later for a truly progessive, just and democratic Malaysia, anyone, regardless of race, religion, gender and party, can be PM or even MB, termasuk dari Sabah dan Sarawak! Itu baru adil; Islam pun suruh adil; buat apa nak amalkan perkauman seperti hamba-hamba abdi Umno di atas tu! Baiklah hang semua bertaubat!

  40. one3hill says:

    I reckon it is not a good idea for YB Wan Azizah to give way for DSAI. UMNO will use it to project DSAI is a person who crazy for power. I think the best way is to detect those corrupted YB and put them to court, if they found guilty, the YB will be striped off and make the seat vacant to stand for by election.

  41. micon says:

    Well…u got to remove BN from Parliament totally, bunch of craps
    May be there are few good onewho are scared to apeak up, what’s the point
    It’s time for a change after 50 years for the better

    Malaysia 43rd in corruption index loses to Thailand

    Singapore 6th in corruption index

    BIG GAP, can’t u see?

  42. Richard teo says:

    Nope I disagree, there is no rush for Azizah to step down for a bye eklection.Why risk a parliament seat when waiting a bit longer should see some seat being vacated for a bye election.Every Parliament seat is precious. Why give B.N another bite at the cherry?Just be abit patient. Annuar will have his chance to contest.

  43. ANg kong says:

    i doubt Encik Anwar will contest in any by election in near future… ensuring a cohesive alliance is his only priority right now.
    Deep down, i believe i share a common feeling with many abt Encik Anwar; given the little choice that i hav, My feeling is one of ambivalent, I’d like and want to trust him for everything he has said prior to the election….but….
    sticking to the title, i agree that he is the most suitable candidate for the PM role in this BR but again, i said this because there arent tht many choices available….

    p/s besides, it more fun to support the underdog…i do this in most major sporting events but i tend to lose more money lah

  44. ANg kong says:

    on tht end note, who wants to bet with me??? hahaha

  45. Awangngah says:

    Noor, not many people have blind faith like you do. There is really nothing wrong in believing in people, just that I am not one of those who will allow myself and my family to be governed, without questions and doubts.

    Anwar has got a lot to prove to people like me, before I would say that yes, he is a changed man.


  46. sadia says:


    Were you raised in AIDS orphanges or what? Since when did the King has a say in who becomes the PM? And when did Anwar meet the King for him to know him? You must stupid beyond salvation point. Boy, if there are hypocrites on earth, un-Islamic, immoral, indecent and an evil clique, just look at Bodohwi, Najis, Kerismuddin and their wives and children added for flavour. You will vomit. Sheesh!

  47. Roy Selvan says:

    I heard that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah is going after the Umno President Post. DSAI will have a tough fight next GE if TRH can turn UMNO around with Semangat 46………. Any we are more Democratic than before it will be healthier in the Future……….Show yourself…Prove Yourself…..Owner of the Lonely Heart is much better than the owner of the broken Heart….

  48. kittykat46 says:

    Instruction from UMNO dirty tricks office to its cyber troopers – go hang out in blogs and counter their comments.

    On the morning of March 9 they woke up and realised we’re not just a lunatic fringe. One way or another, a lot of what’s written in blogs finds its way out into the wider community of voters.

    Expect many more UMNO cyber-troopers here – I count at least 3 in the comments section for this post alone.

  49. Fathi says:


    The problem is that you don’t know Malaysia. As a PAS supporter, when you say PAS has better people than Anwar, do you think Hussan and Mat Isa can be sold to Malaysians? Anyway, you are behind. Just today Husam Musa said we will take over the government saying they lack 30 seats and he was reffering to the Anwar led opposition. There is no one else who can stand up and be counted and there is no SINGLE PAS man who can convince Malaysians across the board unlike Anwar. Moreover, you must understand that it was because of Anwar arrangment and face lifting treatment that he has done to PAS which enabled PAS to succeed in urban centres. Be thankful to him. Anyway, PAS leader like and admire Anwar more than any other UMNO man for sure.

  50. jedyoong says:

    Yes, we have to give it to Anwar for uniting the Opposition and dethroning the BN. And with his skills in wheeling-and-dealing, it’s looking likely that he may become PM.

  51. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Awangngah, just because I support Anwar, you arrogantly assume I’ve blind faith?! How patronizing! Whom are you supporting anyway; care to be truthful? Or too afraid to see and speak the truth? As all Umno goons are!

  52. Roy Selvan says:

    Lonely Heart TRH…. Broken Heart DSAABadawi.

  53. sadia says:

    UMNO cyper terrorists who are very demoralised are all over the place spewing hogwash and bunkum. Huh! For morality, I will say lets compare Bodohwi, Najis, Kerismuddin, and all other UMNO sh_ts and Anwar and their children too. A man is measured by his input and product. Lets compare the children of Anwar and UMNO warlords. Which children and family are moral? I don’t think UMNO’s warlords children even pray. Nay! Heaven! Boys, UMNO’s days are numbered. You can spend here sleepless nights concocting sh_t but everything has its appointed term. The game is over. DSAI is on his way. If you are intelligent, you better start relocating the wealth that you have stolen from the national coffers in the name of the poor Malays. Game is over!!!!!!!

  54. Bachew says:

    I don’t know when will Malaysians unite, to stop dividing people into Malay, Chinese and Indian. But divide people into 2 groups, the stupid/greedy/incompetent and the wise/generous/competent.

    I think anyone is more suitable to be PM nowadays as long as he/she doesn’t come from UNMO. Just like how we voted this time, vote any party but BN.

    Please don’t be a typical indian/malay/chinese, if you do you will be as corrupted as “them”.

  55. jaya says:

    give anwar a chance.

  56. ANg kong says:

    but when i win, i win BIG…!!!

    doesnt tht say something?

    come on.. all kiasu ah? 🙂

  57. Roy Selvan says:

    The truth is to all the UMNO Cyberspace or Outer Space Troopers….. If you dont fight for the truth,truth will catch up with you. Palaces/Mansion/BMW/MERC will only last in this life time. Maybe 60 or 80years of your life time.Where are you going to spend eternity after your Heart Attack just after Teh Tarik and Nasi Lemak…..50 years of the same Masala Mix is enough.Now we try Jamie Oliver Cookinglah…..GoodNight Guys. Have a nice Week………….

  58. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Sadia, I like that term “Umno Cyber Terrorists!” Brilliant analysis too! These Umno goons keep shouting “Long Live Islam Hadhari” and yet have no qualms and don’t even blink an eye committing all sorts of evilness; including simply imprisoning people like Anwar, Lim Kit Siang & son, the Hindraf leaders or the rest in that rotting Kamunting torture chamber, at will, who don’t agree with their politics. Is that called for in Islam may I ask?

  59. with Anwar as PM – you must be joking !!

  60. JoT says:


    Try joining Keadilan Bahagian Kelana Jaya – contact Faisal through the email address on his blog: – he might be able to point you to the right direction

  61. petestop says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia….

    One question… how come certain group jumps up, hold demonstration and issue memorandum to the Perak Sultanate when DAP disputes the selection of the MB from the party with least democratic vote….

    On the other than there is nary any objection to the direct confrontation between UMNO and the Perlis and Terengganu Sultanate.

    Who is more “biadap” now ?
    Any apology forthcoming from UMNO ?

    Look at it this way, MCA and Gerakan wasted no time accusing DAP of cheating Perak Chinese voters for getting a PAS candidate in as MB.

    Why there is no condemnation of MCA and Gerakan for being
    biadap or racist for implying that the PAS candidate is not good enough ?

    Lets not be caught up with the sandiwara politic and condemn DAP to fast.
    They have to do what they have to do, as there are still a (hopefully) small section of the Chinese community that still cannot accept PAS.

    Let’s look forward to new coalition state governments and they do have to perform a much better job than the Barang Naik government.

    And perhaps maybe in 2012/13 we can even hope for a Barisan Rakyat federal government.

  62. Feroz Merican says:

    If there was a by election in Permatang Pauh tomorrow Anwar would win hands down. Which UMNO guy would run against him? (Please God let it be Najib). So, Anwar will be MP and will lead the opposition. Pas is too insular to lead the oppostion, and DAP will never get another vote again in a Pas guy led the opposition, that is obvious. Whether Anwar can be trusted, well that is what transparency and accountability is for. He wanted it, he’ll get it, we want it, we’ll get it(or we’ll vote them out in 4 years). As for being PM this year, that all depends on SABAH.

  63. padmanathan says:

    makkal sakthi will throw their support for anwar to be Pm. You know why? Politically we go nothing from BN. BN’s quotq system showed its uglt head even in national politics. Ony ONE indian Minister. Definitely sammy vellu liked this idea because he would be the king of all indians. With Anwar leading we Indians wii definitely have more than one minister. We are overjoyed to see Indian deputy chief mininters and I’m sure there is more to come.

  64. Khalid says:

    Insaflah UMNO, sokong cadangan Mukhriz Mahathir, jangan tak pasai pasai, anti islam pulak jadi TPM & Menteri.

  65. bamboo river says:

    Credit should be given to DSAI. Reason is he is the man responsible for planning the path for DAP.PAS,PSM,MDP and PKR towards the succesfull results in the GE 12.
    Of course lah there must be cooperation within the BR parties and rakyat. Not a one man show.

    But to question DSAI intergrity and credibilty, well, we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. It is a political scene.
    I am however NOT in favour of Datin Seri Wan Azizah to relinquish Permatang Pauh for a by election to pave way for DSAI.
    Some commentators suggested other PKR members to step aside for DSAI .That is okay with me.
    I believe this is what DSAI is going to plan later.
    What if BN manage to win the Permatang Pauh ?What then?
    You don’t put all your eggs in one basket.
    Tan Sri Khalid’s parliementary sit is a best bet.
    On Gwo-Burne Loh, let him work hard to proof himself. He could be better in time.

    Did you all read Datuk Chua’s (ex-health minister) comments in the Sunday Times ?
    i think he had strucked a few nails on the head. If, he had said this before the GE, well MCA too will be like Gerakan ,totally ‘bungkus’.

    So, wether DSAI will be suitable PM, let’s work from the ground up first. BR parties is working hard to lay a strong foundation for a new state government but the losers are trying their best to distrubt the construction work.

  66. Anwar Ibrahim says:


    U stupid Aza Othman !!!

    1. This is a freedom of speech, and i can say wahtever i want. Furthermore this is a free country. Why are you afraid? Are you soooo in wrong ? Hahahaha…..

    2. As a muslim, a leader must be a muslim regards of races, i do not mind LKS , LGE or KS to be PM as long as he is a muslim.

    3. DSAI is killing all Malaysian with his lies, remember 16 years in Government and yet none was done. He change, but for the worse.

    4. All Malaysian must accept that we come from different race, religions & region. So how do we live? Tolerence…give & take. I do not think that Malaysians want havoc in the country. (except for DSAI)

    5. Remember that, when Malays fight against Malayan Union, where are the chinese & indians ? When the govt is fighting the Communist, where are the chinese? (Most of them are with the communist-yet the govt pardon them) Now during the celebrations of independence, malays & indians are out there celebrating, but where are the chinese? home maybe! business maybe ! or trying to cheats malays with gores & menang.

    6. Please remember !!! Kontrak Sosial adalah pemberian kaum melayu/bumiputera kepada bukan bumiputera, untuk mendapatkan kerakyatan dengan mengiktiraf ketuanan Melayu. Jika ada mana-mana yang tak puas hati dengan perjanjian maka sila la keluar dari Malaysia!!!
    Balik ke negeri China – tengok sekarang merusuh kat tibet pun kena tembak. (Malaysia patut buat macam tu)

    7. Perhatikan sekeliling anda, brapa ramai kaum cina dan india yang berkhidmat dalam Tentera, Polis & Bomba. hmmm buktikan bahawa anda sanggup mati kerana Malaysia dan barulah bercakap Malaysia akan mati kerana anda…(jangan hipokrit macam DSAI)

    8. Sejarah yang lampau kita perlu belajar, kerana kita tak mau kesilapan lampau berulang. Kita semua tak mau rusuhan kaum. jangan ingat semua yang bercakap adalah penyokong BN atau UMNO. tapi sebagai rakyat Malaysia.

    9. Perhatikan sekililing anda, peniaga vcd haram, kedai mesin kuda, along, pelacuran hampir semua kegiatan haram dikuasai oleh orang cina. Hmm harga tepung susu naik, harga roti naik, harga ayam naik dan semua harga yang naik? siapa yang kuasai perniagaan itu? jawapannya orang cina!! jadi jangan salahkan kerajaan kerana kenaikan harga barang.

    10. Saya bersetuju jika Samy Vellu jatuh-tidak mengawal harga tol dan sbg nya. (jika diletakkan nenek vs samy vellu pasti nenek yg menang)

    11. Saya bersetuju projek mega perlu dihentikan, digantikan dengan projek rakyat, tapi bukan dengan harga sebuah perpecahan. Ingat kata dulang paku serpih, kata orang diri yang lebih.

    hmm..aza renung-renung kan lah, jika dalam kebuntuan buat la solat istiqarah atau anda tidak solat langsung ? sekadar bertanya…

  67. EddieTheHead says:

    An UMNO goon wrote: “…7. Perhatikan sekeliling anda, brapa ramai kaum cina dan india yang berkhidmat dalam Tentera, Polis & Bomba. hmmm buktikan bahawa anda sanggup mati kerana Malaysia dan barulah bercakap Malaysia akan mati kerana anda…(jangan hipokrit macam DSAI)…”

    The Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa is the highest federal award for gallantry in Malaysia. I want you to check this page and tell me how many Malay names can you see?

    How many Chinese names can you see? How many Indian names are there?

    The truth is we fought and died for this country too. But if UMNO and its running dogs choose to ignore it, the people choose to elevate them. Thats the difference between the UMNO and rakyat. Completely different.

    As you check the page, I shall rest my case.

  68. aurum says:

    Azizah done enough to malaysia, bring Anwar into parliament and let the people judge.

    Makkal sakthi

  69. ktemoc says:

    witso 😉 I’ll be delighted for Anwar to be the PM heading the ruling coalition of PAS-DAP-PKR. I am only against him being anything if he goes back to UMNO. Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer 😉

    No need for Wan Azizah to give up her seat, as Khalid Ibrahim will his Bandar Tun Razak seat, which also allows him (Khalid) to concentrate on his job as MB.

    EddieTheHead, I have already blogged several times on the SP, with special mention of two incredibly brave SB police officers. But don’t raise this issue too often or the awards will be handed out like lollies a la the NEP to reach at least 65% equity 😉

  70. kamil says:

    Why should MP of Permatang Pauh and MP for Lembah Pantai vacated their seats for Anwar to contest? Anwar should find another parliamentary seat so that PKR makes history by having Father-Mother-Daughter combination in Parliament.

    What a power crazy family we have here…..

    NO TO ANWAR!!!!!

  71. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    EddieTheHead Says:
    The Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa is the highest federal award for gallantry in Malaysia. I want you to check this page and tell me how many Malay names can you see

    Dear Butt Head Eddie…(hahahahahaha loudly) :

    Those people are already dead !!! i want to see the current ratio in the Police, Armed & Bomba…You chinese scummbag don’t care about the countrt like DSAI, all you care is bout yourselves. (remember 90% kegiatan haram dilakukan oleh orang-orang cina- memang benar apa yang Nik Aziz cakap)


  72. clearwater says:

    Alternative PM is just shadow PM, wishing thinking until it is turned to PM for real. More productive to scrutinize the incoming Malaysian Cabinet to see if caliber ministers are appointed. To see if BN heard the voters choice, the silent majority’s voice. To see if there is still hope for a United Malaysian National Organization administering justice and fair play for all Malaysians. I still hope against all hope, though I tell myself it is most likely a forlorn dream.

  73. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Dear Butt Head Eddie…(hahahahahaha loudly) :

    Jalil Ibrahim – Civilian (an alum of Royal Military College, Year 1964-65, Hotel Company) Not many remember the bespectacled former student of the Royal Military College who was killed in Hong Kong in July 1983 while investigating a case involving the fraudulent award of RM2.5 billion (then) in loans by Bumiputra Finance Berhad to the Carrian Group helmed by Malaysian businessman George Tan. He was killed by another Malaysian, Mak Foon Than.

    See…the chinese did it…took RM2.5Billion and then asked another chinese to kill this hero. huhuhuhu….and now LKS & LGE wants to kill all Malays…

  74. Ajaran says:

    If you believe that Mukhriz Mahathir did the right thing to write to the PM and ask him to step down, not for doing badly in the GE but for daring the People to defy him when they took on the streets to express their unhappiness [read Mukhriz’s letter here], click the link below and put down your name and numbers.

    Petition Against Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

  75. ibmaht says:

    Maybe if he wait until the state govt. is functioning and start to korek past contracts ….within a month or two someone will kaput ….. then he can have election.

  76. Ajaran says:

    Going by this there should be fresh elections in Rembau:

    PKR may challenge Khairy’s Rembau win
    On Saturday night, the initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes.

    If there is a re-election there, would Anwar take on Khary?

  77. Ajaran says:

    `(remember 90% kegiatan haram dilakukan oleh orang-orang cina- memang benar apa yang Nik Aziz cakap)`

    Kepala botak hijau kau.

  78. Ajaran says:

    Kedah official papers missing


    ALOR STAR: All documents from the offices of the Mentri Besar and executive councillors in Kedah have gone missing.

    The PAS-led government which took office after 12th general election on March 8 will lodge a police report based on the findings of an internal investigation.

  79. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Ajaran Says: Kepala botak hijau kau.

    Hahahaha..why so furious? reality maybe..!!!!!….face the fact!!!

  80. Ajaran says:

    Hahahaha..why so furious? reality maybe..!!!!!….face the fact!!!

    Why you sakit, very hurt kah? Orang ketawa sama lu lah.

  81. lanphuong says:

    Thank you, You can visit“>
    “The top blogs of the day” report

  82. Ajaran says:

    Some people have difficulty sleeping also (and they come from a particular `type`). Susah nak tdur pun:

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysia’s Muslim men are suffering sleepless nights and cannot pray properly because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public, a prominent cleric said.

    Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, the spiritual leader of the opposition Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, said he wanted to speak about the “emotional abuse” that men face because it is seldom discussed, the party reported on its Web site Wednesday.

    “We always [hear about] the abuse of children and wives in households, which is easily perceived by the eye, but the emotional abuse of men cannot be seen,” Nik Abdul Aziz said. “Our prayers become unfocused and our sleep is often disturbed.”

  83. bamboo river says:

    The FAKE anwar ibrahim…
    your comment ..
    1) Yes this is freedom of speech, so is this country. so, what right have you to tell us non malays to leave this country if we don’t like it.
    2)If you say so, you are not a TRUE muslim. A muslim do not use ISLAM as a tool to pre conditioned a non muslim.
    3)DSAI was not a PM for that 16 years in fact he was imprisoned for 6 years. Where were you?
    4)That comment was wrongly used by a hypocrite. That is YOU!
    5)Which Sejarah Malaya did you read?
    6)Show us the proof.
    7)Did you get that info from the BOMBA,POLICE and ARMY?
    8)Cakap tak serupa bikin
    9)Which kongsi gelap shown you the figures?
    10)What’s Samy got to do with your argument?
    11)Pandai betul orang ini ber peribahasa, namun tidak sedar dia yang ‘meludah ke atas langit.’
    … heartfelt sympathy to you.

  84. Ajaran says:

    3)DSAI was not a PM for that 16 years in fact he was imprisoned for 6 years. Where were you?

    Haha probably sleep walking with Badawi since `69.

  85. EdChoo says:

    Aisey, “Anwar Ibrahim” imposter……I forgive you for all the racist comments. I pray to God that he forgives you. May he have mercy on your soul. Only he knows how best to ‘REWARD’ you. I pray you don’t end up like Mat Deros, burning in hell for his sins.

    I know what you are trying to do….inflame the entire blog with your racist comments, trying to solicit racist rebuttals from everyone else thereby scaring contributors away and diluting this blog. We thank you for your comments, insightful but at best uneducated and shallow, tsk, tsk….partly to do because you have been suckling on your mama’s tits since you were a baby. Now mama has grown old and no more milk, classic episod of withdrawal symptoms. So, what do you do…Scream and cry,lah. By the way, could I ask, did you get your degree from Hitler’s good old Nazi University in Germany? I bet you were also part of the Ku Klux Klan, right. No wonder your rantings and culture have been so similar to theirs. Now, now, tell me I’m wrong.

    So typical UMNO Putera lapdog hijacking this site. Its ok. You can have your say. That’s what democracy is all about. I would like to suggest that you worry more about the rumblings in UMNO rather than BR. Anytime implode, you lagi padan muka. By the way, peace be with you and cheers.

    People don’t always agree with us. Hey, that’s ok. Just look at what Malay Women, Awangngah and Anwarina wrote. Its just their opinion at this point in time and its fantastic that we can all debate constructively like this on line. Eventhough I disagree with them, but hey, let’s respect what they have to say. Let the real Anwar Ibrahim prove them wrong, I say.

    People say hey, you are chinese, why not Lim Kit Siang? Don’t get me wrong, LKS is a great and tireless leader. He has been the opposition’s beacon of hope in parliment since those early days and should be a cabinet member (DPM???) if BR becomes the next GOP. But I see similarities in Anwar’s message to that of Barack Obama’s….Hope, Change, Unity….and I do see him as the best candidate to unite this divided country of ours.

    By the way, its not “blind faith” like someone said, its more the person, his family, his actions and his convictions that aligns us more to him than anyone else. If you were comparing apple to apple, which current BN leader has similarities on these four aspects alone? Name us one!!!

    I think he should be our next PM but first he needs to win a parliamentary seat. If he doesn’t contest, there is no way he can be PM. Kuli’s proposed an EGM on 11 May and Anwar’s free to contest after 15 April. I don’t know whether he’ll use this time frame to contest a seat just to take advantage of the turmoil in UMNO. He may very well do so. Logic points to the Bandar Tun Razak seat as Khalid Ibrahim’s hands are pretty full now.

  86. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    16 years in the government – even as educational minister, what have he done ?

    as DPM and as Finance Minister ? What have he done ? corrupted himself and the nation. Remember how much rakyat have to pay for the increase of interest rate ? (due to him) of course you guys tak ingat, masih kecik dalam perut lagi. hahahahaaaaaa…….

    Orang kaki bontot pun korang nak layan? pi layan bontot dengan dia dulu la…. (semua bodoh kena tipu dengan anwar)

  87. hutchrun says:

    Orang kaki bontot pun korang nak layan? pi layan bontot dengan dia dulu la…. (semua bodoh kena tipu dengan anwar)

    Kenapa? You ada kena ikah? Good thing Anwar was there for 16 years to learn everything about BN, and now BN kena belasah baik2. Worst showing since independance.
    Haha Badawi pun kena `ruptured` baik2. UMNO people walking funny these days – all torn kau kau.

  88. petestop says:

    False Anwar… (seems like you can’t even use your own name… pengecut, barua)

    Where is UMNO when we’re fighting the Japanese when they overran the country on just bicycle ?

    The few honourable Malays who fought alongside the Chinese against Japanese are Communist…. misguided ideology perhaps… but they have
    one thing common, they stood up and protect the country.. not only
    against the Japanese, but also the British who conveniently resume
    power after WWII.

    Where is UMNO in all this ? The biggest fight UMNO ever did is against
    Malayan Union…. and as if it is a very big deal…..

    It is the British (as your Lord and Master) who gave the Chinese and
    Indian citizenship…. not UMNO.

    Let’s make sure we put UMNO back to where they are…. racist
    and Malay-supremacist (ala Nazi and Ku Klux Klan) and make sure that
    they never came into power again, with their “running dogs” MCA and MIC.

    Remember, during the DSAI sacking, it was the Chinese and Indian who
    came to the rescue of the BN. Likewise, we have seen the truth, with
    the likes of lunatic keris-waving Hishamuddin and Nazi-wannabe Khairy J
    after giving AAB such a huge mandate in 2004.

    With the help of the long memory of the Internet, let us never forget
    the ugly face of UMNO….. never again.

  89. wits0 says:

    Cyber troopers’ trash aren’t even worth reading. It’s equivalent to the old ways of ’99 MGG’s Sangkancil forum mail bombing, uttering senseless lines like, “yomma is is one big ugly slut!!”, etc. Don’t be troubled by such senseless malice.

  90. hutchrun says:

    Where is UMNO in all this ?

    Ha! Japanese Occupation what was Najib`s father doing? Like him there were others.

  91. malayamuda says:

    like I told Anwar Ibrahim and I’m saying it here again.

    There are ONLY 2 leaders here in Malaysia who have the personality, courage, strength and support to change Malaysia. They can change Malaysia for the better or for the worse cos they are strong personalities and people listen to them and to some extent tend to ape them.

    Any Guesses ?

    a. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad
    b. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

    Tun Mahathir used his strengths to enrich his cronies with mega projects, leaving mute monuments to his credit while destroying the social fabric of Malaysia, the judiciary, the police, the civil service, the racial harmony etc etc. He was primarily responsible for the destruction of all these institutions.

    Anwar Ibrahim starting off as a radical islamist during his student days, then he became a malay nationalist while in UMNO and finally a true Malaysian after his incarceration and shamed by his own Muslim/ Malay brothers in UMNO.

    Prison has made Anwar a better person, a human being who is sensitive to the feelings of all Malaysians. Anwar is a strong personality and people listen to him and believe him. It’s my sincere hope that Anwar brings about positive changes to Malaysia.

    As for Dr Mahathir, he has to go to prison first before he can become a better person

  92. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    To the ‘Anwar Ibrahim’ moniker,

    AI has screwed up big time when he was the education minister and he even apologized to LKS during a political campaign. Yes, he admitted.

    But he goes against Mahathir (policies) that entails him to incarceration for 6 damn long years.

    Now, the nation (most from ragtags to politicians) entrusted him for e.g.-

    -“The Linggamtape” scandal. Why wouldn’t anyone trusted other prominent figures other than Anwar?

    -The current MB of Selangor, Khalid’s ” Malaysian Economic Agenda” which
    lends financial support to the diversity of Malaysian poor than the corrupt.

    -Anwar mended the alliance of opposition parties-PKR, DAP and PAS. (the latter 2 rarely gets along)

    Now, does not allow any commentator/writer to imposter “famous” nicks like Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Mohamad. Maybe your parents named you Anwar Ibrahim because thay liked him (that was the time he was still in UMNO). Hehehehe. 🙂

    Bamboo, I never knew you write good BM, u a Malay? I once mistaken u a s a lass. Hahahaa.

  93. melayutulen says:

    wei Anwar Ibrahim tipu – hang ni apasal ha? Hang tau tak – BN punye khaki khaki tipu hang tak nampak ye. Orang nak bertaubat hang ceritaq bukan bukan. Hang ni biaq betui!

  94. Goofy says:

    I don’t see anybody in UMNO now that has the capability or charisma to be a PM. Nevertheless, I do not want Anwar either. Still and will always remember him when he was the Education and Finance Minister. Being in jail under ISA does not make a person a better candidate as a PM. For now, I am just looking forward to see what changes BR will bring in the next four years.

  95. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    melayutulen Says:
    wei Anwar Ibrahim tipu – hang ni apasal ha? Hang tau tak – BN punye khaki khaki tipu hang tak nampak ye. Orang nak bertaubat hang ceritaq bukan bukan. Hang ni biaq betui!

    Cerita bukan-bukan apanya? memang dia kaki bontot!! kalau nak bertaubat, pi la kat masjid. Yang pi gila kuasa dan gila bontot buat apa? hahaha hang pun sama kut. gila bontot.

    Ingat, sekali main bontot Nabi pun tak megaku umat tau!! hang pi blajaq agama la dulu. Korang ni tak dapat terima hakikat…LKS ada hati nak jadi MB & PM!! kekekeke Insyallah Sultan tak akan izinkan.

  96. Lim says:

    “malayamuda Says:
    March 17, 2008 at 11:07 am
    Prison has made Anwar a better person, a human being who is sensitive to the feelings of all Malaysians. Anwar is a strong personality and people listen to him and believe him. It’s my sincere hope that Anwar brings about positive changes to Malaysia.”

    I support heard heartedly what malayamuda said. But we gonna understand that in UMNO nobody can speak the truth. If truth reveal, out you go. This statement is from our dirtyman Chua Soi Lek said. However I believe it is true in BN internal administration.
    Therefore Anwar never return to UMNO to accept PM post from Bodohwi and deliver to Khairi Beruk in the future. You guys still remember who are the ones who release AI, they are Bodohwi and Khairi. Don’t you think they will never have deals in the prison before release AI?

  97. sadia says:

    fake anwar ibrahim

    Pliz you can go to any orphanage if you have lost your parents and that you are distraught. You are crying all over the place and the people are wondering if you have lost your mother and father. Take it easy son. No one is interested in your hogwash and utter vomit. You can try other places my dear. Here is for enlightened Malaysians who don’t buy easy propaganda and Kalimullah stuff.

  98. Azizan Abu Bakar says:

    Dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah Lagi Maha Pengasih,
    Saya AZIZAN BIN ABU BAKAR, I/C 5980324 dengan ini membuat pengakuan bersumpah bahawa saya telah menjadi mangsa hubungan sejenis yakni homoseksual dengan Anwar bin Ibrahim yang kini memangku jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

    Perbuatan terkutuk ini telah dilakukan untuk beberapa kali sekitar tahun 1992 tanpa kerelaan saya. Ianya kerap berlaku di hotel-hotel mewah seperti PJ Hilton, Hyatt Saujana dan Holiday Villa tanpa pengetahuan umum dan isterinya. Buat makluman, saya merupakan bekas pemandu peribadi kepada isterinya iaitu Datin Seri Wan Azizah.

    Sepanjang bekerja di bawah naungan beliau, Anwar, saya sering dipanggil untuk melakukan perkara terkutuk itu walaupun untuk beberapa kali saya cuba menolaknya. Sifat rakusnya membayangkan beliau seorang yang boleh dikategorikan sebagai ‘kronik’ sehingga membuatkan jiwa dan mental saya begitu tertekan.

    Perasaan bersalah akhirnya menguasai diri saya apabila setiap kali terpandang wajah Datin Seri Wan Azizah yang begitu tinggi akhlaknya. Akhirnya saya telah membuat keputusan untuk berhenti dari terus menjadi hamba homoseksual Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

    Sekali lagi dengan nama Allah Yang Maha Mengetahui akan segala-galanya, saya bersumpah membuat pengakuan ini tanpa mempunyai niat atau motif tertentu sama ada secara peribadi atau politik untuk menjatuhkannya.

    Pengakuan ini dibuat berdasarkan kesedaran dan keinginan menegakkan kebenaran demi menyelamatkan insan-insan yang teraniaya seperti saya. Saya tidak keberatan untuk dipanggil bagi menjelaskan kedudukan dengan lebih terperinci.

    Akhir sekali saya berharap pihak yang bertanggungjawab dapat mengambil kira pandangan ini secara serius supaya supaya pemimpin ini diberikan hukuman yang setimpal demi kebaikan dan pengajaran kepada pemimpin lain.

    Dengan Nama Allah sekali lagi saya AZIZAN BIN ABU BAKAR bersumpah bahawa segala laporan di atas dibuat dengan kerelaan hati saya tanpa desakan, tuntutan dan tekanan dari pihak-pihak tertentu. Segala-galanya adalah benar demi menyelamatkan bangsa dan negara. AMIN.
    Pengakuan bersumpah

    54 Jln Bersatu1
    Taman Bersatu
    48000 Rawang
    5hb. Aug, 1997

  99. micon says:

    “False Anwar” The coward BARUA BN UMNO
    U’re worst than Firaun….
    Apa in “AMPU SANA AMPU SINI” “Tipu sana tipu sini” “hasust sana hasut sini” BN UMNO & Umnoputras Way Of Life
    Hopefully, u will repent

  100. Datin Seri Wan Azizah says:

    Abang Anwar ku sayang,

    Sampai nya hati abang memberi nafkah batin kepada Azizan pemandu kita, kenapa? tak cukup kah apa yang sayang berikan. Jika bontot pilihan abang, saya rela. huhuhuhu…..

    Ikhlas dari
    Permatang Pauh

  101. Karpal Singh says:

    Ayoooo….apa macam, jangan gaduh-gaduh…saya punya bontot pun ada ok paa….bole kemut kasi sedap…hmmm mari la…..

  102. kittykat46 says:

    Wah, ada penyamar Anwar Ibrahim, sekarang penyamar Azizan Abu Bakar pula ?

    Kes liwat itu cerita lama, Mahkamah Persekutuan sudahpun mendapati DSAI tidak bersalah.

    Terbukti dalam kes perbicaraan yang asal pihak Pendakwa Raya ataupun Polis menyembunyikan fakta yang menunjukan bahawa beberapa “saksi” pihak Pendakwa dipaksa memberikan keterangan palsu berkenaan DSAI.

  103. micon says:

    Ya forgot to add in
    PENGECHUT user id
    BARUA UMNO BN & Umnoputras “Fitnah sana fitnah sini”
    adalah cara hidup orang yang tak BERMORAL

  104. micon says:

    Hey “Firaaun Clon” the Barua BN UMNO tali barut
    cara fitnah modal sudah lapok, budak budak sekolah bun tertawa
    Patutlah negara jiran memandang rendah terhadap kerajaan BN dan kuncu kunchu nya
    Meraka tahu rakyat Malaysia keseluruhan nya tertindas atas kezaliman kerajaan BN yang menipu setiap hari dengan fitnah dan propaganda

  105. frmad says:

    congratulation! YOU in
    top blogs

  106. Feroz Merican says:

    Inter racial marriage is probably the best thing that will happen to Malaysia in the next 40 years. Inbreeding is a scientific disaster, if you are afraid of inter racial marriage, you are truly not Malaysian. People like you will be wiped out in the near future, and you can’t handle it. If you think Homosexuality is anti Islam and they will burn in hell, what do you think of your wife being a murderer? Of you yourself being a murderer, do you really think you will go to Heaven as a Muslim?

  107. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Anwar Ibrahim Says: U stupid Aza Othman !!!
    1. This is a freedom of speech, and i can say wahtever i want. Furthermore this is a free country. Why are you afraid? Are you soooo in wrong ? Hahahaha…..
    2. As a muslim, a leader must be a muslim regards of races, i do not mind LKS , LGE or KS to be PM as long as he is a muslim.


    Apa pasai hang penakut sangat, tak habis-habis nak menyamar jadi Anwar? Hang cakap besaq hang alim; tak ke berdosa menganiaya orang tu – hang tak tau ka atau bendul sangat? Lagipun, aku sembahyang, aku tak sembahyang ka, apa hang peduli; eh hang ni ingat hang Tuhan ka? Atau hang ingat hang bapa aku? Bapa aku pun tak boleh nak kawal aku punya mulut – perempuan Melayu yang berani faham! Yang hang benci sangat Anwar dan bangsa yang bukan Islam tu apa pasai? Lepas tu, hang panggil diri hang Islam! Pi lah hang hidup dalam gua; dunia moden ni tak sesuai bagi pikiran mundur dan bodoh serta hina macam hang!

    Now you want to talk about freedom of speech do you? Your bloody UMNO goons including the Bodohwi, go and arrest peaceful protestors and bloggers who criticize them; tak pula hang becok! Apa pasai; hipokrit punya orang! It’s barbaric that the Umno goons can protest freely such as in Penang and Ipoh, and attack other races using racist and fascist language; and voila, no arrest under ISA or condemnation by Bodohwi & his Umno goons! Islam preaches social justice thus barbaric, facsist-Nazi and racist Muslims and Umno goons like you have betrayed Islam, the Malay race and GOD! Shame on you penyangak! Kalau bekas menteri macam Nazri bodoh serta penipu tak habis-habis, dan ramai lagi dari Umno tu boleh guna bahasa kurang ajar pada rakyat (tak sedar diri punya orang -depa lupa depa kerja untuk rakyat!); rakyat lagi kurang ajar faham!

  108. Feroz Merican says:

    Hidup Najib Razak dan supporternya, saifuddin, rock , dan lain lain!

  109. micon says:

    Firaaun Clon

    Kebebasan bersuara bukan bermakna membolehkan kita chakap dengan sesuka hati kita dengan melemparkan fitnah kepada sesaorang dan juga menghasut rakyat untok bergaduh. Selama ini apa yang di lakukan oleh BN terhadap rakyat adalah lebih teruk dari apa yang di lakukan oleh kerajaan US terhadap rakyat mereka.

    Ingatlah, kata kata kita itu boleh mencerminkan peribadai sesaorang itu.
    Hendaklah kita hormat menghormati antara satu sama lain dan juga masharakat sekelilig kita tidak kira apa bangsa, agama dan juga kedudukan.

    Fikir fikirkan lah…. hari ini hari mereka, esok hari kita
    Kita tidak akan lepas membuat kesilapan yang besar jika kita lupa daratan
    Dengan musahabah diri akan dapat kita nilai diri kita sendiri akan tabi’at kita yang tercela yang patut di kikis untok kesejahteraan didi kita, keluarga dan masharakat sekeliling

  110. Nurul Izzah Anwar says:

    Hai penyokong babaku semua…

    Lepas ni kami semua adik beradik akan jd wakil parlimen malaysia. Cita2 kami nak dinastikan parlimen malaysia…..harap2 tu dapat consent dari pak cik lim kit siang, abang azmin ali, pak cik syed husin ali dan apek tian chua…

  111. Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor says:

    Lebih ramai penyokong-penyokong bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang mengecam kronisme dan nepotisme selepas perlucutan jawatannya, didapati mempunyai kepentingan peribadi di dalam lebih 300 buah syarikat tempatan termasuk syarikat-syarikat tersenarai di Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur (BSKL).

    Antaranya ialah bekas Setiausaha Sulit Anwar di Kementerian Pendidikan, Datuk Nasaruddin Jalil, bekas Setiausaha Politik Anwar, Datuk Sarit Yusoh, Timbalan Ketua UMNO Bahagian Permatang Pauh, Datuk Ahmad Said, Senator Datuk Ghazi Ramli dan bekas Ketua Pemuda UMNO Negeri Sembilan, Ruslan Kassim.

    Mendahului senarai yang diperoleh daripada Pendaftar Syarikat yang bertarikh 21 November itu ialah Nasaruddin, 44, yang didapati mempunyai kepentingan di dalam lebih 112 buah syarikat termasuk syarikat tersenarai.

    Beliau yang pernah menjadi Naib Presiden Kumpulan MBf dikenalpasti sebagai pengarah di dalam syarikat-syarikat seperti Permodalan Negeri Selangor Bhd., Chok, Ghazali & Zul Sdn. Bhd., Sistem Sewa Kereta Malaysia Sdn. Bhd., Inspen (Selangor) Sdn. Bhd., Gadek (M) Bhd., Diversified Resources Bhd., Konsortium LTAT SBG Charterbridge Sdn. Bhd., Credit Corporation (M) Bhd., Konsortium Kenanga (M) Sdn. Bhd., Asia Pacific Airlines (M) Sdn. Bhd., Kolej Unitek, Emile Woolf Sdn. Bhd. dan Kumpulan Cartarama. Bagaimanapun Nasaruddin telah meletakkan jawatan dari beberapa buah syarikat termasuk Gadek.

    Nasaruddin turut disenaraikan sebagai pemegang saham di dalam 48 buah syarikat dengan pegangan sehingga lima juta unit saham, antaranya, Duta Resources Sdn. Bhd. (5,520,900 unit), Triumph Land Sdn. Bhd. (5,500,000 unit), Charterbridge Sdn. Bhd. (1,999,999 unit), Cartarama Sdn. Bhd. (1,750,000 unit) dan Wong Heng Engineering Sdn. Bhd. (510,000 unit).

    Sarit, 47, Ahli Dewan Undangan Semantan, Pahang, yang juga merupakan Pengerusi Eksekutif KFC (holdings) Malaysia Bhd., didapati mempunyai kepentingan di dalam 79 buah syarikat lain yang sebahagian daripadanya tersenarai di BSKL. Antaranya ialah Wembley Industries Holdings Bhd., Leader Mutiara Sdn. Bhd., Grand Synergy Sdn. Bhd., Roaster’s Chicken Sdn. Bhd., Mid Valley City Sdn. Bhd., Ayamas Food Corporation Bhd., Mezzanine Two Thousand Ventures Bhd., Grand Care Sdn. Bhd., Grand Ultimate Sdn. Bhd., Goh Ban Huat Bhd. dan Khee San Bhd. Beliau turut menguasai saham 14 buah syarikat lain seperti Pangkal Melati Sdn. Bhd. (4,250,000 unit), Leader Mutiara Sdn. Bhd. (2,500,000 unit), Grand Ultimate (999,999 unit), Grand Care Sdn. Bhd. (720,000 unit), Kemudi Bangsawan Sdn. Bhd. (500,000 unit) dan IQSS Holdings Sdn. Bhd. (305,000 unit).

    Ahmad, 48, Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Permatang Pasir, Pulau Pinang, dikenalpasti menjadi pengarah di 53 buah syarikat termasuk beberapa buah syarikat tersenarai, antaranya ialah Rumpun Hijau Corporation Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia Carbonless Industries Sdn. Bhd., United Tread Sdn. Bhd., Federal Auto Holdings Bhd., Aman Securities Sdn. Bhd., Destria Travel & Tours Sdn. Bhd. dan Malaysia Assay Office Sdn. Bhd. Bekas Pengerusi Batek Malaysia itu juga menjadi pengerusi di dalam Lembaga Air Pulau Pinang, Northern Waste Industries Consortium (NWIC) dan Federal Auto selain memegang jawatan Pengerusi Eksekutif Rumpun Hijau. NWIC merupakan salah satu daripada empat syarikat yang dilantik oleh kerajaan untuk mengurus dan mengendalikan pembuangan sisa pepejal di bahagian utara Semenanjung Malaysia.

    Ahli perniagaan dan senator, Ghazi Ramli, 56, dikenalpasti sebagai pengarah di 43 buah syarikat dan menguasai kepentingan saham 10 buah syarikat. Beliau yang direkodkan mempunyai sehingga 24,990,000 unit di dalam AIMS Worldwide (M) Sdn. Bhd., menjadi ahli lembaga pengarah Indah Water Konsortium Sdn. Bhd., Berjaya Group Bhd., Barisan Properties Sdn. Bhd., AIMS Solutions Sdn. Bhd. dan Inai Jaya Sdn. Bhd.

    Sementara itu, bekas tahanan ISA, Ruslan Kassim, dikenalpasti sama ada sebagai pengarah atau pemegang saham di 50 buah syarikat, antaranya Inspen Holding (M) Sdn. Bhd, APM Industries Sdn. Bhd., President Hotel Sdn. Bhd. dan Aman Yakin Sdn. Bhd.

  112. Tim Teoh says:

    AI is about the only person in Malaysia that is worth his salt in the political landscape of Malaysia. Which of our MP can converse intelligently in any forum without making a monkey of himself? Paklah? He is a visiting lecturer to same of the Ivy league Universities. That speaks volume of his intellect and his status as a statesman. How else is he to be accepted as an equal in the world arena that is often plagued with chauvinistic overtones .

    AI is the savior of Malaysia. He has undergone a deep sea change after spending so many years in prison in a clear political conspiracy and being severly brutalised. No man can come out of that hell without some change.

    I look forward to the day when he take control of the country and bring all us Malaysians forward to be respected by all. It will be an unmitigated disaster if AI is not given this opportunity. Certailny not AR!!

  113. Nurul Izzah Anwar says:

    Papa dulu nak jd PM pakai proksi UMNO, tp tak dpt sebab org UMNO cerdik-cerdik semua…tu yang papa tak puas hati tu…Jd papa tubuhkan Parti Keadilan dengan niat nak jd PM melalui Parti Keadilan….mula tu ingat susah juga…tp pas pilihanraya ke 12 ni, ramai pulak yg support papa, harapan kembali cerah..cuma kami sekeluarga berdoa supaya pemimpin Barisan Alternatif ni bodoh bodoh la skit sebab kami takut nanti bila dah ada peluang papa jd PM diaorang semua nak rebut-rebut plak..terutamanya pak cik lim kit siang tu…

  114. melayutulen says:

    Aku rasaq si Anwar Ibarahim tipu ni betoi-betoi dah kenaq bontot kot, so emotional about the issue that had been long gone. Hang ni kalau Islam yang betoi, hang tak kan ceritaq cam ni le – hang kan, aku rasa kan kena banyaq-banyaqkan iman saudara. Jangan terlambat baru nak bertaubat. Hal orang lein bertaubag hang tak usah nak ceritaq – hang pi bertaubat dulu saudara ooi! Jijik aku dengaq hang komen la. You are intoxicating yourself with your own lies and denials my friend.

  115. Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor says:


  116. Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan says:

    Saudara Melayutulen….betul la ckp u tu anwar tipu ni penah kena bontot kot….tak habis-habis cerita bontot…tp aaaa…sy ada pengalaman sama itu penasihat keadilan tau…dia penah raba sy tau masa di sarawak dulu…byk geli tau. Tp sy buat tak tau jugak, siok la jugak selalu sama itu amoi saja, i ingat mau try cara baru laa…

  117. Feroz Merican says:

    No problem, lah. Let the guy talk.
    Penang is gone for 5 years.
    Selangor is gone for 5 years.
    Perak is gone for 5 years.
    Nothing this guy can do will change that.
    We can sleep easy, we finally won for the
    first time in 40 years, he cannot change that.
    Let the guy talk for one year, and let the guy
    wait for 10 years for UMNO and BN to win again.
    Let him wait until he is an old man. Let him wait.

  118. micon says:

    BN UMNO bangkrupt of ideas
    Their weapons, fitnah, provoke, corruption & ISA

  119. Malaysian says:

    Ala JedYoong, you are full of BS lah. Anwar did not single handedly ‘dethroned’ BN. Many Chinese, Melayu and Indian are still distrustful of Anwar based on his past. Many Chinese voted DAP or PAS, similarly Melayu for DAP, and Indians for DAP or PAS too. Malaysians voted BR/Opposition to send a strong message to BN. If all does not go well, the votes may well swing back to BN next GE. It was not the Anwar factor lah. Give credit where credit is due. Your point view is very narrow.

  120. susan loone says:

    Well people, here’s the masquerading cyber-trooper.
    Lim Kit Siang (IP: , aka anwar ibrahim, karpal singh etc etc.

  121. susan loone says:

    Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor (IP: ,
    Nurul Izzah Anwar (IP: ,
    Dato Sri Hadi Awang (IP: ,
    Datin Seri Wan Azizah (IP: ,
    Also the same guy:
    Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor (IP: ,

  122. sloone says:

    susan loone @ march 17, 1.40pm is not mine and the nick datin seri susan loone also is not mine.
    everyone’s under moderation from now on.

  123. micon says:

    hi susan
    can u stop the imposter?

  124. micon says:

    everyone under moderation
    That’s good susan


  125. micon says:

    That’s good susan, stop the freedom of speech…

  126. Anonymous says:

    hello, would you kindly change the background color of your page from black to a lighter colour perhaps. thank you.

  127. bibliobibuli says:

    i agree with timothy that he would be a very powerful player on the world stage. and from what i gather, he is very well liked overseas.

    i am sure all that he went through made him a changed man. but i too have my reservations. i remember some of his unpopular and ill-thought out decrees when he was minister of ed. (i was teaching in a residential school here at the time). also the “bahasa baku” debacle which thank goodness was dropped.

    don’t know that he was free of the taint of cronyism back then (i heard not) and then there was the bank negara forex scandal

    i would say that there shouldn’t be an automatic assumption that he is the guy for the job. examine the whole picture very carefully, and always be suspicious of the politician with the “lean and hungry look”.

  128. bibliobibuli says:

    soory susan can you edit previous comment fopr me and take out the repetitious last 3 lines -didn’t see them when i read back

    Ok, Sharon – done!

  129. Anonymous says:

    the best colour is light blue….

  130. kai says:

    Guys, guys (and ladies too), please stick to the points. I enjoy reading the postings. Some comments are very interesting and relevant whilst some are just a bit out of topic. Why use alias when you have your own names? Nothing to hide?


  131. bamboo river says:

    “everyone’s under moderation from now on” – Susan Loone.

    That is a good move Susan. It for the sake of our country.

    Oh ya! HBH, I am Chinese and not a lass.
    “Kita kan orang Malaysia” – Quoting Susan Lankaster from the movie MEKANIK. 🙂

  132. ANg kong says:

    ‘kai Says:
    Guys, guys (and ladies too), please stick to the points’

    Agree…but using aliases is more interesting ma. thanks to tht fake Anwar, i think the readers of this blog has ‘tembak’ up. if cats have 9 lives, i wonder how many does the fake Anwar has. let’s debate and argue in a gentlemanly (ladies) way. Perhaps we should start addressing berliau as ‘Yang Berhormat’ or ‘Your honorable Speaker’ etc lol…. NO, just kidding.

  133. ANg kong says:

    ‘susan loone Says:
    Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor (IP: ,
    Nurul Izzah Anwar (IP: ,
    Dato Sri Hadi Awang (IP: ,
    Datin Seri Wan Azizah (IP: ,
    Also the same guy:
    Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor (IP: ,’

    seriously, this is a typical nut case. For you friends’ pls take my advice, go n get a check up. Multiple personality is very serious. look at you, you talk to yourself and even niamah argue over your own comments. Alamak susahlah.

  134. kai says:

    Nothing is wrong using your nicknames or even anonymous, but not names like Tan Sri Khalid-MB Selangor, Anwar Ibrahim, Datin Seri Wan Azizah or Nurul Izzah Anwar. I believe the last 2 are related to Anwar Ibrahim. Please correct me if I am wrong. Unless these are you real names, please show some class.


  135. lily jothi says:

    Anuar is the suitable person for PM post

  136. lily says:

    Anwar can be select for the new govt. because he knows well (in and out)about the politics in Malaysia. He is an intelligent man and economist whom we need in future progress of Malaysia.

  137. cel8288 says:

    I do have reservations for DSAI but I feel that he should have chance to become the next PM.To err is human, I believe everyone deserves a second chance in life. we can only pray n hope that he can walk the talk. He has the charisma not like bodowi. He knows the aspiration of the common ppl.

    I love this country of mine but am very sad to note that we have racist,idiots n incompetent assemblyman in the government. My fellow Malaysians, The sleeping giants have awaken from their cosy seats that they have cherish for so long. Now we see who is the toughest of them all..bring on BN! the PPL rules!

  138. wits0 says:

    cel8288, the funny thing is while we have mostly made known our reservation and critique about Anwar in the Net before, I’ve not seen the hardcore Anwarista today demanding apologies from us all. In another thread however, we see Mukhrizista demanding Susan to apologise for the SPR’s fault. This must be the true spirit of M’sia Boleh indeed! LOL!

  139. Roy Selvan says:

    Thanks Jot for the Info……….

    Hei Kawan-Kawan yang jadi Cyber Terrorist Trooper. Kalau nak bagi pandangan ,kami terima. Tapi,janganlah mencaci,hamun.Bagilah pandangan yang tulen dari hati.Janganlah sekadar dapat Rm lupa pakai akal anda.Pendapat anda yang betul ,jujur dan iklas mungkin dapat perhatian kami.Tapi, kamu membuat kami Jerit macam Nazri…Racist,Racist,Racist. Duduk,duduk diam…diam….
    Correct,correct,correct…Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim patut dilantik jadi Perdana Menteri Malaysia. A Tree is Known by its Fruits……………

  140. […] and easily print &amp save your picks.? It’s free, easy and is now pre-filledbrentevans.blogspot.comDAP picks Anwar as alternative PMDAP picks Anwar as alternative PM Posted in ABOUT WOMEN, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: PENANG, HEADS […]

  141. yapchongyee says:

    The Malaysian Constitution in its original form was a document that delivered to the People justice according to law; but after the “513” riots, UMNO had progressively undermined the justice elements of the Constitution to finally make nonsense of the Constitution. The Malaysian Constitution today is nothing short a joke and is the laughing stock of the world community. The final product of all the amendments that have been made to meet the political whims of Tun Mahatir is a document that is meaningless; of all the craziness that went to amend the Constitution are those that GAVE ABSOLUTE POWER TO THE JUDICIARY TO DO & ACT ILLEGALLY AND OUTSIDE THE LAW AS AND WHEN IT PLEASES THEM TO DO SO. Malaysia today is lawless because High Court judges themselves commit criminal offences while performing their duties on the bench because they are not required to be accountable and in their IGNORANCE OF THE LAW they commit breaches of the Penal Code and still are not held accountable. If the laws of the nation is not held sacrosanct as it is not held sacrosanct in Malaysia, then there is no need for the very existence of Parliament, because Judges in Malaysia make their own laws by not strictly enforcing the law. Judges depart from provisions of the law and do as they pleased. What jurisprudence in all the civilized world can make sense of the over-riding of the Malaysian Constitution by the Sharia laws, because the Constitution IS THE MOTHER OF ALL LAWS and the Sharia must come under the Constitution not the other way around; this proposition is so basic that any 1st year law student must know, and yet the Highest Court of Malaysia went on to over ride the Malaysian Constitution by the Sharia.

    The sorry state of Malaysian politics has come about because the leaders of MCA & MIC were co-conspirators to the leaders UMNO to commit PLUNDER on the nation’s wealth and resources. Without exception the leaders of UMNO<MIC & MCA all became rich; just handful of super rich and all the others of Malays, Indians and Chinese are no better off than when Malaysia first got independence. The real problem why the Malays have not progressed as far and as fast is because of the myth of the NEP. This New Economic Policy was crafted to weave the illusion that all the benefits of Malay special privileges went to the Malays while the Chinese & Indians do not get to participate in the national largess. The IRONY of propaganda that has been touted by the Barisan National to all Malaysians is that the more that it is said that all the benefits of special privileges goes to the Malays the more the Malay people supports the UMNO; when in truth all the benefits of Special Malay Privileges went to a handful of UMNO leaders and their children, in short to the UMNO elites. I believe that this exclusive group make up of about 5,000 families or at most 6,000 families. The point that I want to emphasize is the UMNO spin that all the special privileges went to the Malays, when in fact that has always been a lie, because ONLY THOSE WHO HAVE PERSONAL CONTACTS WITH UMNO ELITES HAVE ACCESS TO THE GOODIES and the ordinary Malays who may be very qualified will miss out just because they have no one to PULL STRINGS. The creation of this UMNO clique restrict the selection of suitable candidates to only a very narrow and small base and therefore THE BEST & BRIGHTEST OF THE MALAYS ARE NOT GIVEN CHANCES. This process runs through to the whole of everything.

    I can speak for the Chinese, when I say that we Chinese do not object to giving special privileges to the Malays, but what is not agreeable to us is that the GOODIES ARE NOT GIVEN OUT TO gain the best returns; instead of culling for the best & brightest from 24 million Malay rakyat, the UMNO dominated system find the required number of candidates from only 5,000 families, therefore how can that be the best & brightest ?

    From my perspective, if the Malaysian Constitution were brought back to its original form as when it was originally framed, Malaysia will progress much faster and we in Malaysia will eventually catch up to Singapore instead of looking with envy across the Johore Straits because we in Malaysia do not have a viable and equitable model to develop our nation. We in Malaysia have natural resources while Singapore has only rocks, so why are we still behind in our development ? We had the NEP for the last 40 Years and we have not made any meaningful progress, so why do we not try out something new. If People’s Republic of China can rise in world ranking from 132 to No 2 in just a matter of 20 years, what cannot Malaysia do if we had a model that works instead on that is 40 years old and it does not work !

    UMNO cannot be salvaged because UMNO is built on an ethos of HATE, it finds support from the Malays by spreading the myth of the Chinese having it all and the Malays are robbed by the Chinese; this is not true but to the Malays it is comforting to know that it is not their inaptitude or their incompetence that is to blame but it is the Chinese that has deprived them of what is theirs. If the truth be told, the Chinese are the ones who keep the economy afloat, of course the Malays will not admit although they know in their own mind that this is so. Who are the people who handle the trade in Malaysia and who are the entrepreneurs in Malaysia if not for the Chinese. We have not been the recipients of any government hand outs for 50 years and we will not need any in the future either. I really think it is good counsel for the Malays not to loose the Chinese component of Malaysia too quickly or as the saying goes, “you may regret getting what you hope for”.

    I had earlier written an opinion that for the well being of Malaysia it is not merely enough that UMNO be toppled, BUT UMNO MUST BE DESTROYED and a new and totally Malaysian Malaysia be put in the place of UMNO. I have always advocated that Dato Seri Anwar is the right leader and this point in Malaysian history, because he has the wisdom to state publicly tat the NEP must be scraped and in its place a model that is Dato Seri Anwar’s be put in place. Malaysia has so far only known race based politics and that model is UMNO and it is divisive and from this election the people have rejected it as nt workable. I had also advocated that with the success of the coalition of PAS, DAP and PKR a two party system will emerge, but since the tremendous success of this coalition, my sights have broadened. I believe that it is time for the MCA and the MIC and the PAS and the DAP to merge with PKR to form a non-race based party and that will mean that all these coalition components become as one as eg. Become PKR; remember only a Malay under the Malaysian Constitution can be Prime Minister. However this can only happen in a distant future because PAS will not easily give up their individuality, they may loose support if they did. My suggestion is for a future when our people are more sophisticated.

    However, The relevance of MCA and MIC have lost their meaning and there is nothing for MCA to stick around UMNO except to lick UMNO arses. I believe that is not this one the next UMNO will loose government. In its present form MCA cannot represent the Chinese in any meaningful way. Having said that may I tout the idea that all MCA members of Parliament of this election CROSS THE FLOOR OF PARLIAMENT AND JOING IN UNITED FRONT WITH KEADILAN TO FORM GOVERNMENT. MCA must not compound their 50 years of licking the feet of UMNO. Stand up on your “hiny” and bid UMNO farewell. Chinese interests is best served by PKR.

  142. lau gnua says:

    It doesn’t have to be Anwar as PM. But at least if he gets into Parliment, then he can stand as a voice and reference point between the past and the present. I believe if he can balance out his emotions and plans to cater for the Malaysia for Malaysian, then it will help to build the country in a new perspective. Development of the races with equality and encouragement is important which will eventually lead to the country’s economic development.

  143. lau gnua says:

    wud appreciate feedback/hantam pun boleh 🙂

  144. MangkukAyun says:

    well.. anwar to be the alternative PM? hahaha.. he’s been acting all along. now wana be PM? i’l juz wait n see…..

  145. peace in hope says:

    Well, there seem to be a balanced emotion on DSAI as PM – both for and against it. Look at it this way guys, the rakyat is awake now and the cabinets(at least the 5 states la) is filled with sound-minds in politics and wit the large number of bloggers and cybertroopers following the Msian politics more than the BN-related political analyst themselves – there will not be an easy room for DSAI to go back to his old way. Have faith-give the man a chance and thank Pak Lah for sleeping and making it possible for bloggers alike to grow. The rakyat is now all ears to listen and evaluate situations as it has seen its power and its relevance in the GE12. It will be an easier task(even without the mainstream media) to question the leaders in this country now. Step by step my friend – have faith!

  146. Anonymous says:

    I’m happy as long as that sick imposter removed from this blog.

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