Update on 15 March:

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government did not have any problems with the gathering.

“It is all part of freedom of speech. However, I am surprised that they did not give me any memorandum. This is the first time a demonstration has been held but those who organised it did not have any memorandum to be submitted,” he said.

He added that the newly-formed state government was willing to listen to what the people had to say, including those from Umno. (New Straits Times)

From Penang Media.

Wah…I thought rallies are not a Malaysian culture. UMNO, what now? They are looking quite fierce also. But since no provocation, it went on smoothly. Imagine if it had been the past – an Opposition rally? Mampus-lah.


Traffic were held up for 2 hours at KOMTAR bus stop

More photos inside by Ong Boon Keong, Penang


Hey -why police like to keep these banners? Collectible?


Have UMNO updated their banners-seems there are a few recylcled ones


New Opposition leader from UMNO-Dato Azahar from Penaga, Kepala Batas, sighted at demo


Rejected by voters-ex-DCM of Penang, Dato Rashid


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  1. pt says:

    This is ironic isnt it! Hypocrisy at its best..oh well, we gotta respect the NEW Malaysian culture

  2. If DAP continues with their arrogant ways like what Lim Kit Siang has shown recently, you can bet that there would be more street rallies in the future. It doesn’t have to be organized by UMNO. The common Malays themselves will do it!

  3. melayutulen says:

    Apa paseh si poleh (PDRM) tak pake geh pemodeh mato kat depa ahh????? Aku ni daqi Koto Baro(Kelantan) ko Rombau(Ng9) sekareh ni sampei ko Aloq Staq samo je si melayu UMNO berperangai bodok. Laaaa, aku malu la wei!!!

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  5. ultraman says:

    Ini illegal assembly ni. Ada permit kah?

  6. petestop says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia…

    Get yourself updated, they already resolved the issue and gave an apology.

    When are we going to get an Apology from Hishamudin and Khairy ??
    When ah ??

  7. joo ngan says:

    It is not Malaysian culture to protest but it is UMNO’s culture. The height of hypocrisy as usual. Despicable and reprehensible. Who’s stoking racial tension now. Boo!

  8. SS Quah says:

    Susan, what do you mean that rallies are not a Malaysian culture. If a certain Umno Youth leader can protest in front of the US Embassy with impunity, what more is this? These people are just sour grapes.

  9. […] GamePolitics.com wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMore photos on Umno rally in Penang (2) Posted in ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: PENANG, HEADS UP!, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, MEDIA, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLICE, POLITICAL, RULE of LAW on March 14, 2008 by sloone Wah…I thought rallies are not a Malaysian culture. UMNO, what now? Traffic were held up for 2 hours at KOMTAR bus stop More photos inside by Ong Boon Keong, Penang […]

  10. jude says:

    fascinating…umno were part of the ruling coalition for 38 years in penang, they ahd the deputy CM post, yet more malay owned land and traditional villages fell victim to “progress” – than at any other time, at the expense of the local malays. take a look at tg. tokong – the fishermen’s village – now a huge site for the upmobile millionaires – just one example of umno’s hypocrisy.

  11. javabean says:

    Wonder how many of the ones that turned up actually benefited from the NEP…

  12. EdChoo says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia, thanks for your incoherent and uninspiring call for demonstrations…..All hot air. Good for my party balloons. Go and read the MAINSTREAM MEDIA for your updates. I guess that’s where you pretty much belong. Even they are smart enough to realign themselves to report that LGE is not disputing NEP or status of Islam and has received support from the 21 Muslim NGOs which he met in his office.

    You shouldn’t use Malay WOMEN in Malaysia. Instead use Malay WOMAN in Malaysia because I hate to belief that you truly represent them. A lone incoherent voice in the dark….apa..apa…I tak dengar u lah!!!

  13. Please la, don’t because of any PERSON’S PERSONAL POLITIC AGENDAS


    DEMOCRATIC PRACTICES we are applying all the times la!What happens


    OSREAM and others RUNAWAY due to the UNCERTAINTIES conditions in


    That time don’t say about selling BURGER, LEKOR or even PISANG

    GORENG la, want to have a NICE SLEEP also HARD r!!!


  14. EdChoo says:

    Friends…..a lot of these people are PHANTOM DEMONSTRATORS purely there for the RM50 that UMNO was handing out. Bunch of LOSERS.

  15. alhbs says:

    Please opposition leader.
    Please write a letter to PM to detain UMNO leader in Penang under ISA.
    They create racial unrest in Penang and whole of Malaysia

    Otherwise, please release HINDRAF leaders.

  16. Sheifa says:

    Well… Are Malays in Penang really understand what is NEP/DEB all about. I’m sure most of them were influenced by the UMNO who are trying to take advantage of the situation. Why don’t they ask the previous CM whether NEP were implemented during their time.

  17. Ong says:

    bull shit, what’s wrong with these people here? Give some respect man! Is there anything wrong at all?Is there any issue at all in Penang??? No…!! Everything is good until these people started all this, this is sensitive and is bad to all malaysian, and it’s really dangerous as many are angry to see and hear what those involved have said and done today, WAKE UP PPL!! stop this and give penang CM and penang PPL RESPECT PLS!

  18. ANg kong says:

    UMNO demonstration? i hav 1 word for you….


    tot after 50 yrs holding the Malays (if not all the nations) in ransom n filling up your pockets, you have resorted to such acts…

  19. Gave apology you say…

    Sorry, even my ten year old niece can say sorry. That is not good enough especially from experienced politicians such as those in DAP. Backstabbers will always be backstabbers. 😦

  20. wits0 says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia, the word for you is BIGOTED.

  21. hihi080308 says:





    dia orang semua Indonesian kot???


  22. guadlz says:

    PAS leaders has already ask all Muslim not to participate in any UMNO rally.(HarakahDaily)

  23. stenson says:

    Malay women,what is your problem? You need to see a psychiatrist.You got few screws loose up there.

  24. Joseph says:

    ten year old niece can say sorry,
    but grown up men who have ‘power’ and ‘prestige’ and ‘famous.’?

    i am a man and i know that it is not easy. 🙂

    btw, Tan Sri Musa Hitam did say to the same effect for IDR not using NEP; so guan eng is not the first nor the last. i respect your opinion but read more than the mainline media.

    one has to wonder what would happen if Pribumis do get more and fairer deal with tender system. i have seen many capable ones. I think that is the real fear in UMNO. They will not benefit from the patronage = less cloud of support.

  25. Malaysian says:

    Malay women in Malaysia,

    Please spell which BN party never made an open apology to public?

    Remember Hindraf case? How our government treat them? No one being arrested today.

    We need a government that dare to admit mistake and correct it.

  26. hasilox says:

    “Malay Women in Malaysia”,
    There are many missing pieces that we don’t know. That incident is a bit too dramatic. Perlis is no better as far as the selection is concern. Just that they are not seen through race-spectacles and no ill-intended ppl stoke on that. No need to dwell too much. They know they must deliver. Time will tell.

    There was another group protesting in selangor. Something is missing lah. Chemical water and batons! lol

  27. Noor Aza Othman says:

    It’s pathetic. We were arrested and roughed up by the police force for standing up for universal human rights of freedom of speech and assembly in a peaceful protest during commemoration of International Human Rights Day on Dec 9th ’07; trial will be on 05/05/08. But this ruling govt and Umno, hypocritical and barbaric as always, have no qualm about letting their goons protesting for the cause of racist, sexist and fascist politics of NEP in Penang! What a great joke this is! But yet, look at the just opposition politics under DAP in allowing such protection of universal human rights of the Umno goons protesters; maybe now these Umno goons and the ruling BN will understand what universal human rights and true democracy means!!

  28. petestop says:

    let me spell it for you…. UMNO never made any apology.

    UMNO never wrong…. Pak Lah also never wrong….

    If Japanese, long time already resign and commit suicide, the
    honourable way out.

    But dishonourable ppl will always be dishonourable… why should they…
    because they are never wrong….

    Remember 4/5 years from now…. we make sure we remind them that
    they are wrong….. since no Apology forthcoming…

  29. Jeya Suppiah says:

    Did y’all notice our police inside the crowd and doing nothing? Yet these bigots treated the peaceful Hindraf protestors – men, women, young, old and kids – like animals! Why never tear gas or water cannon? Different rules for different people! Shame on PDRM. Shame on the BN Govt. Now it is clear for the world to see – the discrimination the Indians are subjected to, which had so long been denied by those in power. I say: RELEASE THE HINDRAF LEADERS HELD UNDER THE ISA!

  30. David Yong says:

    Sick!!! they are all sick.Damn sore loser.Hope they will lose all in the next election..

  31. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia, grow up! I used to be like you; don’t have a clue what democracy and multiracial-multicultural values means! Try to love democracy and universal human rights, instead of continually defending racist, sexist and fascist “Malay-Islamic Supremacy (i.e. ketuanan Melayu-Islam)” ideology. And you definitely don’t represent progressive, humble (to admit our wrongdoings and mistakes) and modern Malay women like me! Time to work hard yourself and move on from primitive mentality into progressive one in accordance with true modernity!

  32. Joseph says:

    From the Star
    ‘Among those who participated in the hour-long street protest were Penang Umno secretary and state opposition leader Datuk Azhar Ibrahim, former deputy Chief Minister Datuk Abdul Rashid Abdullah, Kepala Batas Umno Youth deputy chief Reezal Merican Naina Merican, Bukit Mertajam Umno division chief Senator Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir, Tanjung Umno division chief Datuk Ahmad Ibnihajar and former Penanti assemblyman Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid.’

    Isn’t Reezal Merican Naina Merican the leader of DAMAI Malaysia who came out with x number of ‘NGOs’ to say that Malaysians want peace and not demonstrations?


  33. josh says:

    This shows DAP was a mistake.

    This time around it was to teach BN a lesson.

    Next time, no fuckin chinese racist should be given office.

    The Rakyat elected DAP in.

    after elections, Guan Eng said ” end of NEP ”

    well, Malays as well voted DAP in. Why is this fuckin racist proclaiming victory in such tone.

    DAP… we gave u a chance. next time around, …..hmm…

  34. POTS says:

    We’re not left with much of a choice are we?

    Elections has always been choosing between Douchebags and Turd Sandwich.

    at least that’s why south park says

  35. Sivaji The Boss says:

    The glaring discrimination is the same reason why BN did not get 2/3 majority. BN should take stock of the situation sincerely and logically, do a post mortem that would benefit the rakyat and not a selected few so that the wealth is distributed equally instead of instigating such rallys. Put people in important positions based on merit for more positive results. This is the first step towards winning the 2/3 in 4 years time. The people have chosen, so RESPECT ITand let the elected representatives do their job. And be a responsible and able Opposition. Only then will the people respect you. With POWER COMES RESPONSIBILITY.

  36. Liyin says:

    Now look carefully, who is the group that has been RACISM all this while? The answer is obvious!

    To UMNO supporters I to say this, FINALLY ANDA DAH BANGUN DARI TIDUR!!!! Remember the BERSIH & HINDRAF rallies???? Did not your UMNO bapak and his son-in-law condemned the rallies being some kinda Perhimpunan Haram?!!! What now? FINALLY, you all know how it feels like being marginalised? Or, being the minority???

    They’re lucky as there’s no tear gas and chemicalised water splashing at them!

  37. double lucky says:

    We clearly knows who is the one leading the rally…..but why Pak Lah diam shj macam mulut di gigit labah….halo PM of all Malaysians do something or GE13, you will be completely wiped out to the stoneage…HINDRAF masuk ISA, UMNO above law kah……dont preach no one is above law if you dont understand it……really sickening HIDUP Barisan Rakyat.
    Pak La telinga besar tapi OTC.

  38. Penangites says:

    Is this Merican Naina, CEO of Penang Port Commission? thought he is in Jakarta when saw a news about expansion of Butterworth port today? or same name but wrong guy?

  39. Reader07 says:

    Tak-Boleh-Kalah attitude, probably they should protest to call-off election… ops, I forgot… then these people would have rugi on Angpau for protest and Special Allowance for Votings! Don’t they need to work?!?

    Probably 2-hour lunch is too long… more time to prepare for protest?

  40. hehehehe says:

    how much are they paid?

    are they being paid?

    who’s money is it?

  41. simon the snow blower says:

    Imagine the police sprays them with chemical lace water like what they did to BERSIH and HINDRAF. All hell will break loose. This is UMNO Raja Di Malaysia. UMNO can. BERSIH cannot. UMNO Penang demonstrated because of risk of losing patronage, contracts and rent seeking opportunities, not because they really want to help the poor Malaysians.

  42. NewVoter says:

    Shut up, malay women in malaysia…!
    who is bringing up the racial issue here…have u found any prove that the new state gvoerment marginalised the malays?
    if u want ur race to be independent n developed, give the new goverment a chance!

  43. Phoenixe says:

    Is this what the Barisan Nasional manifesto for the 12th GE.. “Security, Peace and Prosperity” ?

  44. steven says:

    Aiyah….just ignore this malay women in malaysia lah just sleepwalking.talking in her/his dreams..it’s all mumbo-jumbo…what is arrogance…spewing shit

  45. pakailah otak kalian says:

    BN is despicable and those who support it. If you lose, you lose. Accept the fact! Mengapa mau buat kacau? Pikirlah pakai otak (jika kamu ada). Mau hancurkan negara untuk kepentingan diri sendiri? Orang demonstrasi, tidak boleh. Kamu demonstrasi, boleh. Kebanyakan orang melayu yang tidak suka new system are orang melayu yang sudah mendapat banyak benefit, yang korupsi.

  46. melovesynapse says:

    Alamak…malay women in Malaysia..LKS cuma berlakon je lar. Ayooo. Orait dah.. kan..kan..kan? (pompuan ni tak update herself kot).

    Erkkk..ni perhimpunan haramkan? Perhimpunan mcm gini racistkan? Napa polis dok diam goyang kaki je.? Napa tak sembur gas ka air ka kat depa semua. Tangkap ar masuk ISA….!

    Ekekeke…UMNO mmg kelakar ar..stop lar wei..gue tak tahan gelak..JIJIK sgt.

    (Org islam beriman tak buat macam gini. Terima kekalahan dgn redha..bukan MEROYAN MCM UMNO)

  47. Liyin says:

    To Malay Women in Malaysia…

    Lim Kit Siang arrogant?? Regret voting DAP??? Be thankful that the new Penang CM is MERCIFUL enough to the Penangites and waived their samans!

    Who are those have been arrogant all this while? You can tell the whole bunch of them in BN!!! All eyes have seen and hears have heard! Needless me to say further.

    Please wake up.

  48. pakailah otak kalian says:

    Malay women in Malaysia…

    Backstabbers di mana mana ada. Even orang ‘malay’ ada. Kamu tidak pernah backstab kah?

  49. pakailah otak kalian says:

    I was so angry watching the demonstration. Where are the tear gas and water cannons?

  50. Joel says:

    The rally in Penang this afternoon is a sheer display of folly on the part of the protesters. Their bigoted thinking just made them more ignorant to the truth and sobriety. Being a doting supporter of UMNO has turned them into zombies abiding by the orders of their exploiting masters.

    The NEP has crippled and maimed the Malay community. It is like opium which is so addictive yet lethal to the body and mind. Today, Malays are becoming lazier and more dependent upon the government than before, all because of the NEP. Malays back in the 50s and 60s are much more hard working and self-dependent than the Malays today. That is the era that produces true leaders like Tunku Abdul Rahman.

    Pak Lah asked Guan Eng to pin-point the community has been made poor by the NEP, well, I would like to ask Pak Lah, which community has been made rich? Besides certain individuals and groups, who else are profiting from the NEP?

    Malays must be able to see that the only way to progress and be strong is to work hard – not by merely surviving as a parasite to other communities. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. Quit that opium habit and grow up!

  51. Ah race this, race that, don’t you just love this country , everything has to be about race, always remember you didn’t choose your “race”, skin colour or religion that your born into. It’s a comfort zone issue, a safe place for us to run to. Whenever it’s threatened, we threatened others…

  52. nchanted_CAT says:

    I think I have one word to describe the rallies in Malaysia ‘ “pilih kasih”. It’s like this – if I do it, I am a menace, if it is someone else, he’s a hero.

  53. LOL at UMNO says:

    Remember BERSIH and HINDRAF? BN spray them with chem water and throw tear gas.

    Lucky the state of Penang din do wat liek the BN did to BERSIH and HINDRAF.

    Man this country really a double-standard country. Barang Naik can do anything they want…..unlike the B.Alternatif where everything they do will kena ISA.

  54. toyolbuster says:

    Why can’t PakLah put these buggers under ISA for inciting racial hatred.
    I see lots of Mamak Pariahs too. They are so pathetic.

  55. Mother fucker - Khairy says:

    wtf.. UMNO… if let say opposition party do this.. sure they will shoot the smoke gas and water d… Last time UMNO critic opposition party do this kind of mogok thing.. but now.. see what UMNO done? UMNO lost really is a great news!!!!

  56. splc says:

    did i hear “tidur melayu” or “tidur pak lah” in the clip?? hmmm

  57. Liyin says:

    Heyyyy UMNO supporters! Be thankful that the Penang CM did NOT disperse you all with tear gas and water cannons like what happened in the BERSIH rally! Some more demonstrators were paid RM80 each? Wah, banyak berbaloi jugak!

    Who are the extremists? Tepuk dada, tanya selera!

  58. LauPenang says:

    ada orang tengah bimbang pocket ada lubang atau lain-lain sebab? tapi tak mahu orang lain tahu , jadi suruh orang bawah keriak keriak untuk mengalih perhatian . Kalau kita sama standard dengan mereka dan keriak , Orang ini semua akan menjahit lubang dan membaiki kaki kerusi yang akan patah. fahamkah? Kalau kita jumpa hantu,biar kita tak hirau hantu ,hantu akan lari . kalau kita jerit , hantu akan kejar kita , OK

  59. no come back kid says:

    The last time the old rocket eunuch got over zealously excited after winning the 1969 GE, we had the 5/13.

    Now this rocket son eunuch won big time again in 2008. Stop the rethorics and start getting to work.

    It’s time to close rank with the enemies and all and stop trying to be a hero. This stupid son of a rocket bit*#-eunuch sure like to imitate the old stupid eunuch arrogant old rocket- kind of like father like son- thus giving excuses/ ammunitions for the Umno thugs to start 5/13-two.

    There was no blame on the old stupid eunuch rocket for providing the old Umno thugs the opportunity to trigger the massacre of innocent rakyat on 5/13.

    It seems like this stupid son of a bit** rocket eunuch is asking for another one.

    Stop the polemics, be resilient and shut up. Phew! This old rocket is just a liability to the Chinese community. The Rocket’s doctrine just not suitable for the kind of politics for Malaysian Chinese.

    For peace and stability of Malaysia, this father and son team must be banished from the Malaysian political scene.

    Let others with real wisdom a chance to lead Malaysia.

  60. nation lover says:

    the rally was an unfair event

  61. Malaysian2 says:

    To EdChoo, NewVoter, etc. Take it easy people, don’t let this commentator ‘Malay Women’ get under your skin. Frankly, I think someone who names self by race and gender may not even be Malay nor a Woman. Just someone who pretends to be representing Malay women. Just a rascal stirring up our emotions. Could be some pot bellied bald glue sniffing pyschotic man. You never know.

  62. nation lover says:

    WHAT A PITY!!!! UMNO LEADERS are misleading the innocent party members!!! The Malays must wake up and uproot the selfish leaders!!!! MALAY WOMEN OF MALAYSIA!!! PLEASE TRY TO IGNORE THE MISLEADING PROPAGANDA OF UMNO!!!!!!

  63. sky says:

    FRU….balik tidur..la

  64. petestop says:

    no come back kid…… don’t come back lah.

    With such foul mouth rhethorics… we would think you are having a tough time passing excrement.

    Anyway, we should be thankful to UMNO for showing how stupid and
    sore loser they are. We also need more Hishamuddin and Khairy…
    then their fate is sealed……

    As does Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Kelantan will forever be in
    “Government in Waiting” hands.

    UMNO is only save by our Sabah & Sarawak brethrens.

    Face it UMNO, you have less than 50% vote in Peninsular Malaysia…
    you LOSE…

    At least Koh Tsu Koon of Gerakan conducts himself with dignity
    and with thoughts for the Penangites … promising a smooth transition.

    UMNO…huh.. you only care about your own pocket…. no more
    kang tau (like Penangites like to put it), to hell with the marginalised
    in Penang.

  65. no come back kid says:


    Stop provoking! Go to sleep! Ok! Lights off and good nite!

  66. Samsul says:

    I don’t see why we should get so worked up about the demonstration. They had something to say, they said it. They were just a little concerned and scared with the new changes. I think it’s normal, and it will die down gradually once the new government shows how sincere and effective they are. There was no violence and no blood was shed.

    And I don’t think they were all agents paid by UMNO or BN. Even strong BR Malay supporters still have a complex when it comes to the NEP.

    And don’t call for them to be ISA-ed or being subjected to police brutality, tear gas or water cannons, simply because they did not have a permit. This is exactly what BN said when we protested and demonstrated at Bersih or Hindraf etc.

    We should be the better person. We are now in power, but we should not be as rotten as BN. This is what true democracy is all about.

  67. ravi says:

    As street demos are not our culture,as mentioned by the PM during the BERSIH & HINDRAF demos, bothe peaceful with mere intentions to submit a memo to te King & the British embassy, were condemned as terrorists and repeated in the BN controlled media throughout the campaign period or even before. The police were on hand to make arrests and justify it with standard excuses, ” A threw stones at police, Crowd assaulted policemen and comiited mischief by damaging public properties etc etc. I believe this must have been orchestrated by the SB with UMNO. Tiga Line and many more “terrorists” in BN. MUSA HASSAN must not only be arrested and indicted for failing to take action ie ommission under the laws of Malaysia. He is also not a policeman according to the interpretations of the Police Act which requires a police personnel to be active. He has retired mandatorily vide the Pensions Act thus he is a civillian and his extension is as a civil servant not as a policeman as required by virtue of the Police Act. His orders, decisions may be classified null and void.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Let them do whatever the BN wants to do. It’s not that their debauchery will win affection of the now conscious Malaysian community anyway – Malays included.

  69. TYKo says:

    Hey! why no body claimed this is perhimpunan haram?
    Why Bersih, Hindraf haram and this is not?

  70. Anony says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia,

    Now U tell me when did DAP show their arrogance?

    What is wrong with you people?
    The Rakyat has spoken, that they do not want your government.
    So be it, go back to your caves, as if you people haven’t siphoned enough of the people’s money.

    No one was born to be king, you have to earn them.
    How much longer do you want to be spoon-fed? Does fairness mean a thing to you?

    You might be king in Malaysia, but when you go out there you are nothing but a small fry waiting to be fed.

  71. thinkvision says:

    The are 2 rules of law for the people of Malaysia. One for UMNO and another one for the non-muslim & opposition parties.

    If you are non-muslim (e.g. Hindraf) or if you are opposed to UMNO (e.g. BERSIH) you will be subjected to the following rules.

    1. If you organize a rally it will be “haram” and you will not get a police permit…….. ever! Even if you get down on all 4 and beg like a dog.
    2. You will be subjected to water canon, tear gas, baton and a few battalion of FRU waiting to clobber you till you drop.
    3. The Prime Minister will advise you to show your displeasure at the polls and not on the street. “Cakap tak serupa bikin.” is the song playing in the background.
    4. You can be sure that we, the authority will set you up as trouble makers so that we can retaliate and beat you senseless till you can’t even remember your own mother’s name!
    5. ISA meant “INTERNAL SECURITY ACT” and we will make sure you are stuffed in jail like a bloody criminal!

    If you are UMNO members or are endorsed by UMNO, than we have another set of rules just for you! Today must be your lucky day.

    1. Police will issue you a BIG warning in major newspapers. However you can still proceed but police will stop the traffic so that you can proceed safely and nobody will be run down by runaway vehicles. Permit? What permit?
    2. FRU will still be there but feel free to use them as decorative ornaments along the streets and corners. If you are tired please feel free to ask them to give you a helping hand. They are very user friendly.
    3. The Prime Minister will be conveniently snoozing away on his yacht. So don’t worry, he will have enough excuses to give to the not so fortunate Rakyat.
    4. Please remember to smile big big! You will be on MSM candid camera!
    5. ISA meant “INI SUMBANGAN ABDULLAH” and we will supplement you with RM80 for the trouble and by the way, nasi lemak, drink & transport are on the house. If money not enough you can always drop by in any CIMB branch to get an instant overdraft.
    6. If any problems, call 1-800-KHAIRY hotline. We promise you will get support within 5 minutes from our dedicated Mat Rempit hideout.

  72. Roxanne says:

    Honestly, you guys should be nice to Malay Woman. Instead of bashing her, you should be explaining and clarifying things if you thought she was misinformed. Behave yourself and stop adding to the bonfire of racial misunderstanding!. Sorry Malay Woman, I also think that the Opposition is getting arrogant. I’m really disappointed with Jeff Ooi. He won and he’s suddenly no longer a blogger.

  73. javabean says:

    You want eunuchs? You should read the Star’s cover of the smaller version that happened in Shah Alam…

    “He said the protesters, who belonged to a political party, had asked to meet with Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim but the police did not permit this due to security concerns.”


  74. highhand says:

    where is the water cannon when people need some cleansing ?

    where is the gas when people need to cry openly but too ashame to do it ?

  75. goddestofhonour says:

    Really dont understand why they took this demostrate..
    What is the use to demostrate? I thought UMNO leaders dont allow to demostrate. There is obviously double standard by the police and FRU towards the crowd. Are they scare of UMNO? The UMNO leader that lead this demostration is creating racial tension and havock in the peaceful Penang island. By holding such demostration which is worthless that cause not only the Penang island traffic to be congested but also the Seberang part. They are given more break on friday to pray. But what are those ‘malay’ trying to do. (not rasict) is just that they have just finish their praying to god and the come out from the mosque to act as hooligan…where is the islam value that you learn? UMNO leaders in Penang are a big loser…They have 11 ADUN seat not enough for them. Maybe during next GE they should be deny all the seat…With 11 seat they still have representative o represent the supporter of UMNO.
    long live LIM GUAN ENG…

  76. jeffery says:

    Malay Women in Malaysia

    Apahal senyap saje? habis modal kot…say something lah..tu lah cakap tak pakai otak!!!!!

  77. Lim Guang Eng says:

    Hahaha..i just love it when the malays are fighting among themselves. hahaha we can seize this opportunity to our advantage. “devide and congquer” Long Live Lim’s Dynasty…

  78. simple sam says:

    eh – the same woman – why the komtar demo can go ahead ah..?

  79. msiaman says:

    I think we ought to ask how and who has NEP in the form implemented by BN benefitted. If there is a way to make a better New NEP which is meant for all races, it should be rejected if it comes from BR?

    One good example of fruits of NEP is the RM80 each street walker gets to shore up the event. Is this the kind of handouts expected by the likes of NEP proponents? Or should there be something more which develops the people to better handle their live rather than taking money from a public pool and denying other races access to the same help?

    Such street demonstration only strengthen the argument of rakyat against NEP and driving it faster towards its ultimate demise.

  80. bamboo river says:

    The demo must have gone into the head of our friends. LGE had jumped the gun by making a statement about NEP. PAS is careful…”Only good practice of NEP will be retained”.
    But to show displeasure on LGE’s statement is a bit too soon I guess.
    Nevertheless, we should put a question here, who is the “Dalang” of this demo?
    Why the police is not taking action?
    Double standard .

    LGE as the CM could have just ordered the police to take action. But no, he knows this is not a demonstration about NEP. It is a provacative demo to give an excuse for Umno/BN to pull a bigger stunt to create unrest in Penang.

    So, please read between the lines/actions before concluding your thoughts.
    Race is just another formality to satisfy a person’s self ego.

  81. ONMU says:

    Govt. Response to this demo is just like NEP – one policy for UMNOputras and something else for the rest of us.

    They should keep on demonstrating like this to make sure that the last nail is hammered into the UMNO coffin.

    Dear Dollah & Najib… please say how you really feel about the demo , the nation is waiting to hear… and MSM is waiting to put on front page.
    Come on lah, say something!! We need a headline.

  82. wits0 says:

    (Fake) Lim Guang Eng, what’s wrong with malays “fighting” with one another? Other races do it all the time. The question is whether what is being disputed is valid, and worthy or not. That’s how the truth is often made clearer.

    Life isn’t just about unity to gang up with others blindly. That is umno’s primitive pathos.

    Susan’s blogline is stated clearly as “Integrity above Unity” for good reason.

  83. uin says:

    selama 50 tahun apa yg UMNO dah buat kepada penduduk Melayu di Pulau Pinang? adakah hidup mereka terbela dan selesa di sana? yg saya nampak org melayu mcm kelas dua je.. tak tahu la betui ke idak tapi dengar tanah melayu rizab apa semua pun dah makin kurang kat sana.. betui ka? Lim guan eng nak buat kebajikan tetapi tak jaga hati org melayu dgn kenyataan dia.. elok nasihat dia.. juga suruh dia mintak maaf dan sensitif skit kat org melayu.. yg juga undi depa

  84. Hitam Had says:

    Look at these alleged UMNO demonstrators, do you think they benefitted from the NEP (now the NDP)??? The UMNO fat cats have a lot to answer for.

    I am surprised UMNO allowed their failure to benefit these supporters ( after all the years of affirmative action ) who appear to be as deprived as the rest of us to be aired for the world to see!!


  85. malayamuda says:

    if Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor for telling the world that Malaysian leaders were corrupt and racist isnt UMNO Penang a traitor to the Penang people for asking the Federal Government to stop all Mega projects in Penang ?

    Racist UMNO Penang is behaving like a sore loser. Just because they cannot “membelot harta rakyat” in the name of Mega projects they want the projects to be cancelled all together.

    Just a few days ago Prime Minister said that DEB is for all Malaysians irrespective of race so no reason to dismantle the DEB. All the UMNO yes men also said the same.

    Now suddenly when the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says that DEB will not be used in Penang, Prime Minister is asking Lim Guan Eng not to stir racial sentiments.

    So is Bodowi now accepting that DEB is actualy to uplift ONLY the Malays and not all poor in the country ?

    When will Racist UMNO ever learn ?

  86. CK says:

    These days Malaysia doesn’t seem to lacking in creating SENSATIONAL news. Government party is leading demonstration and rallies!!

    With the foreign investors being attracted and pulled to other more cheaper and attractive place, UMNO doesn’t seem to be worry in chasing off investores..

  87. Billy says:

    This mob mentality is typical of UMNOputras. It’s in their blood. Leave them alone and they will soon die a natural death!

  88. Old Man says:

    Another wrong move by UMNO.

    By staging this demonstration in Penang UMNO made another wrong move.
    Maybe they forget that everything nowadays is being filmed and shown to the whole world at large. The whole world will see this demonstration and will compare it to the HINDRAF demo. The whole world will wonder why there is no water cannons and tear gas used to disperse the crowd.

    The whole world will suddenly realized this demo is in Penang which is now under a new government. And this government does not use tear gas and water cannons.

  89. freedom says:

    Umno led protests and no arrests are made – beautiful picture!
    With several protests all over the place there shoild have been at 50 arrests – but no arrests made.
    The IGP should resign – he playing the racial game
    Indians in Hindraff were were teargassed and watercannoned are arrested and charged with ISA, Bersih protesters were teargassed and watercannoned but Malays and Mammaks are seen protests causing huge traffic jams – not one arrest, no teargas and watercannon used!
    Malaysia BOLEH!!!
    BN/Umno BOLEH!!!

  90. Syed says:

    UMNO enough is enough. You had the chance and opportunity to champion the Malays but you betrayed the TRUST. Indeed you still have some trust from some of us, I suggest its time you UMNO leaders MUST perform to better your electorate not yourselves and the BN cohorts. If anyone of you are truely Muslim and subscribe to teaching of ISLAM in the ALquran, I am sure you realised that government or party in power are meerly a TRUSTEE of the people. I repeat who ever in power are meerly TRUSTEE of The People these refer to DAP, PKR and PAS too. The power, the wealth and asset of the nation are not yours but belong to the people and the nation. WAKE UP! UMNO and BN Cohorts you had the chance but you leaders all choose to misused the power and enrich yourselves be it from UMNO< GERAKAN< MCA< MIC< PPP, SNAPP etc. You should learn the recent lesson and be thankful that the people do not throw all of you OUT.

    Its times to take stock, repent and do better. PLEASE do not be childish…what happened to your 50 years of experiences…still a child ah?

    Please repent and strive better not be a samseng!

    You betrayed my trust and support.

  91. […] Videos at Susan Loone: Video on Umno rally in Penang […]

  92. Kesava says:

    Jeff Ooi sez:

    The Utusan-Bernama ruckus started when Guan Eng announced all government procurements in Penang will be through open tender — something that the NEP did not address and went on to create cronies and entrench corruption in the system.

    I hope the next time Umno leaders took to the streets to stoke people’s sentiments along racial lines, you know who is to blame.

    We took Khalid at face value and queried Yong Soo Heong, the Editor-in-Chief of Bernama. He faxed us this letter yesterday, which I reproduce verbatim:

    March 14, 2008

    YAB Sdra Lim Guan Eng
    Chief Minister of Penang
    28th Fl, Komtar
    10502 Penang

    Dear YAB,

    On behalf of my colleagues in BERNAMA, I would like to congratulate your team and you for the recent victory in Penang.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise for the sloppy editing in the news story of March 12, 2008, which we mistakenly quoted you as commenting on the May 13 incident as well. The inclusion of the fact was intended to give background on the establishment of the NEP in 1971. Nevertheless, upon a thorough review, the inclusion of that fact along with your quote may have been inappropriate.

    As we move forward, I would like to ensure you of BERNAMA’s co-operation for your newly-formed government and shall always endeavour to help you promote the well-being of Penang and its people.

    Yours sincerely,


  93. hellfried says:

    the demonstrators are like babies who have had their teat suddenly wrenched from their mouths. well i guess cripples have to rely on their crutches.

  94. freewave says:

    For those who like the NEP to stay. Ponder for a while, have you or any of your family benefited from the NEP? I believe the majority of malays do not benefit from it.

    The NEP is bad for you, your family and your future generations. To me, it is a scam to get the support especially the common malay folks. The financial gap between the rich and poor malays are getting larger year by year, why? You think malays will get larger shares in public listed companies, but in fact the UMNO malays benefited. How? Connections la! Didn’t you noticed who get those big mega projects? Do you want to suppot this corruptive culture?

    The world is moving forward, even neighbouring countries beat us. We have KLCC but we are not competitive anymore, why? Because you work 30% less hard than the rest. In your mind, you may think, hey the government protect the malays lah, protect who? The malays or UMNO malays?

    What DAP does is good for Malaysia. Investors run away because they have to cut larger of their shares out. To who? Sometimes to someone who don’t even know about their nature of business but because they have real good connections, they can do it. Sometimes even to the extend of compromising the citizens’ money, JUST TO GET AN INVESTOR STAY (I’m sure you’ve heard of the 1 billion citizen’s money in exchange of 350 million investment facts).

    On the surface, it looks like its helping the malays, but internet news transfer so fast even foreigners knows malays depend so much on NEP. Now many malays are capable because it’s not like old days where you don’t get university’s education. It wouldn’t be fair to many of them for what has been built up for the malays by UMNO.

    Do you want the world to say Malaysia Boleh but Melayu Tak Boleh? The decision is yours.

  95. don says:

    igp musa where r u?no teargas n water canon at penang demo?why ? standy for ec commissioner house.

  96. melovesynapse says:

    Saya benci perkauman..pls stop comment pasal perkauman. Jgn sebut melayu parasit atau malas. Tak suka…tak suka…tak suka. Kita rakyat Malaysia…sama2 cari makan. Kita sama2 senang. Sama2 susah.!

  97. hutchrun says:

    UMNO parasites fighting for their lives:

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 (Bernama) — Puteri Umno has lodged a police report over posters strung up in the city yesterday that called for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to step down.

  98. Peace Maker says:

    Although no permit given, the new penang government is very kind to these protestors (no teargas, water cannons) not like others did to other races last time. Remember!!!!Dont be used again by others for their own political interest. We are a developed country and educated nowadays (poor for those not workhard).
    Dont repeat what we have done wrong in the past.
    Always remember!!!!
    “Do not push all responsibilities for what you had done wrong to the Allah, It is a test given by Allah actually and dont repeat”

    Wish the Allah may have messy on you all.

  99. hutchrun says:

    Support from Muslim NGOs

    PENANG: Twenty-two Muslim non-governmental organisations have expressed support for the state government’s call for transparency in implementing the New Economic Policy (NEP).

    Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM) Penang adviser Dr Danial Zainal Abidin said representatives from the organisations met Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng yesterday morning and realised that the state government was not against the NEP.

    Badawi and his SIL are desperadoes clinging on straw power. But they will surely sink and drown. No amount of rioting can save both the rats now.
    Even the Perlis and T`ganu Royalties are now in revolt.

  100. […] andru@gearlive.com (Andru Edwards) wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptUpdate on 15 March: Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government did not have any problems with the gathering. “It is all part of freedom of speech. However, I am surprised that they did not give me any memorandum. … […]

  101. msiaman says:

    This goes to show how hollow the UMNO Goons are on their skulls.

    Even the Puteri is liken to Dumb Blond even though she is not blond.

  102. fainessforall says:

    Seems that the Malays can be bought so cheaply. Is that all they are worth RM50 or RM80. Dont they have any integerity.

    The stupid albar and Bodowi claimed on Al Jazeera that protest and demonstrations are not our culture and now they do the very same thing that they claimed is not our culture when Bersih and Hindraf did it peacefully. Shame on UMNO. You have proven to be a liar and a cheat. You are just using the poor malays for your own benefit and not because you care about them. You are passing seditious racial remarks. LGE, please arrest those who organised that protest and put them under ISA for passing seditious remarks and creating racial disharmony.

    At least the people who gathered for the Bersih and Hindraf did not have to be paid, they came because they truly felt strongly about the issues, unlike those malays who went for the UMNO Demonstration only because they were paid.

    What happened to Musa Aman, why did he not order his people to spray the demonstrators with chemical laced water and use tear gas on them. Thus already shows he is a big crook and a hypocrite. He is nothing but a BN running dog. Why the doube standards.

    Meanwhile this demostrations have actually backfired as it is proof that BA is a fair goverment and allows people to voice their feelings and opinions which is true democracy, unlike the BN who puts everyone in ISA just because they voice out. The BN has alot to learn from the BA. Keep this up and in the next election, you will be totally wiped out, as every stupid step you take only makes the BA look better.

    LGE should now ask all the malays in Penang to forward to the state goverment on how each of them have benefitted under the NEP under the BN. They should have a special form where they state their name, IC, address and what were they benefits they received. Probably the malays themself dont realise they have not benefitted anyting as only the UMNO putra have benefitted. Maybe this will open the eyes of the malays. As now they are just blindly listening to those UMNO liars who are using these poor malays for their own benefit.

  103. wits0 says:

    Pas Youth defends Penang govt on NEP:

  104. brave citizen says:

    Why is there a need for NEP? Ask yourself. Are u saying u cant compete or survive when the games are played on equal terms? It’s like a 100m race, everyone else starts at the 0m mark, u start at 90m mark. It’s a shameful drug, so why continue taking it?

    The Iranians, English, Indians, Turks, Chinese, Americans, Russians, Germans, etc and even our neighboring countries > All of them DONT do it, so why u?

  105. msiaman says:


    It should be Musa Hassan not Musa Aman. The Sabah CM won’t give a hoot about Peninsula.

  106. […] Stop The ACLU wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptVideo on Umno rally in Penang (update) Posted in ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: PENANG, HEADS UP!, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, MEDIA, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLICE, POLITICAL, RULE of LAW on March 15, 2008 by sloone Update on 15 March: Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng said the state government did not have any problems with the gathering. “It is all part of freedom of speech. However, I am surprised that they did not give me any memorandum. This is the first time a demonstration […]

  107. obefiend says:

    polis kata jangan

    how that line still make me laugh my ass off. now we can also call UMNOputeras as beruk beruk jalanan

    too bad FRU look only. should have use tear gas like in HINDRAF and BESRIH rally

    woo hoo.. double standard! down with the clown!

  108. putuskira says:

    Stupid UMNO, using Malays as a tool.

    If the demo was BA, there’ll be water cannon and tear-gas, even live bullet!
    If the demo was UMNO, everything is OK.

    For all Malays, all these 50 years, Penang is under who? DAP? Bullsh*t..Now they want to talk about Malay rights in Penang? Where are they the last 50 years?

    And to think that the demonstrators allow themselves to be used by UMNO. The new govt is only several days’ old -lah! Give them a chance.

    *I’m a Malay Muslim living in Penang.

  109. VoiceKita says:

    UMNO likes a piece of Rakyat’s SHITTTT!!!

    Depa dah rosakkan DEB..dah rosakkan Melayu…Depa nak tunjuk baik pulak…Blah la UMNO…

  110. msiaman says:


    He he… the people was so impoverished by the previous regime that they will take whatever measly handout for a job orchestrated by the UMNO goons. We can’t blame them for participating, can only advise them to think out of the box for this is new government which does not necessary confine to the old rule. They have been so attuned to UMNO’s biddings that they are like the Opium War Chinese.

  111. Liyin says:

    Was watching the video clip again, and I thought I heard them chanting, “Hidup Melayu!”… or rather they meant “Hidup Mau-Duit”… ??

  112. akash says:

    i just want to know where the budaya of malays… went as they can rally and those hindraf cannot… how is that possible???
    racist government…..
    politicians who are nepotic….
    i m very shamful abt malaysia……..
    use ISA for those who rallied yesterday…..


  113. Lim Guan Eng says:

    Hehehehe…yes..yes..yess..more street demos..please..please..indians and malays…street demos please. Chinese all…we stay home sell them banners, stick and all gadget for them to use in street demos. Please…please…hahahahahaaaa…….

  114. bren says:

    Another interesting site frequent by UMNO people. An excerpt from the discussion of the rally in Pg recently. It seems the participants are given RM80 each after the rally:

    Posted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 1:45 am Post subject: Reply with quote
    AskForFun wrote:
    tadi kite pun ada tang tu jugak.. sajalah.. nak tengok live..
    berdiri dekat McDonald …
    nampak gaya nya , UMNO nii kena tukaq nama daa… tukaq pii
    United Mamak Nana Organisation , apa tak nya… berlambak mamak yg berdemo .
    yg menariknya… lepas demo , depa berkumpul dan bahagi duit sesama sendiri, hehehhe rm80 beb…. mai siap ngan duit kecik..
    yg dok bahagi duit tuu , nampak macam orang Datuk Rashid..

    mmm..patutlaa depa tanya , bila lagi nak buat demo , upah lumayan dong…
    kalu camni , jumaat depan , ajak kawan kawan pii laa.. untung untung dapat cover duit minyak utk satu minggu.. hidup Mamak tanjung

    wow!!! berdemo pun dapat duit ka? awat hang tak habaq awai2? len kali suh depa upah bangla & indon… baru nampak lagi ramai. UMNO=duit


  115. Vincent says:

    Hi, please read before give comment:

    some comment on NEP in Wikipedia is: NEP theoretically translate into 1 bumiputra holding 29% of the national wealth, with the remaining Bumiputras sharing 1%.

    Hi Malay Women In Malaysia, are you the 1 who grab the 29% of the national wealth? That why you want to let Malay, Cina and Indian killing each other in Penang, so that you can gain benefit from NEP?

    Only the people who gain corruption $ from NEP will support NEP, and s/he is the enemy of whole Malaysian, hope you not the one.

    Time to support and let our leader to make new LAW and agreement, so that it’s really help the poor Malaysian from economy.

  116. kai says:

    After reading so many postings, I almost forgot what I want to write.

    I have been away from home for so long. The last time I have this kind of sentiment was back in 1986 election, where the Opposition party won more than 20 seats in Parliament. I remember in those day, the slogan was ‘Enough is Enough, no more 2/3 majority’. Little that I expect to see this happened after 21 years later!

    To Malay Woman in Malaysia, I hope one day your 10 years old niece will grow up just like Noor Aza Othman. Maybe Malaysia will then be a true multiracial society.

  117. lim kheng huat says:

    we all are malaysia……we love malaysia,why all our leader become GILA KUASA,GILA WANG…all problem will be solve thru sincere love….mana ada orang punya agama ajar maki,benci,bunuh….pls love our country malaysia

  118. Vincent says:

    Don’t need to angry those people, they just try to gain extra pocket $, RM80. 😀

    It’s better to focus on hard work, all Penang friends, no matter what color you are and handsome or not you are, as long as you stay in Penang, we are same. Hard work together so that economy in Penang can become better and better, show that our choice is right!

    Let our new generation like to live in Penang and become rich Malaysian in future!

  119. thanaif says:

    Terimalah kekalahan dengan hati terbuka.

    Warga tidak harus menjadi alat untuk melepaskan hajat dan perasaan yang terpendam kerana mereka tidak tahu apa sebenarnya yang dikehendaki oleh peneraju perhimpunan ini.

    Pengekalan kuasa politik oleh pihak yang mulai hilang kuasanya menjadikan marhaen perlu mengelakkan diri dari terlibat kerana masa kini adalah untuk memfokuskan kebajikan yang terabai untuk dinikmati oleh mereka misal masalah perumahan perubatan kemudahan-kemudahan asas awam dengan tarif air dan api yang semakin tinggi,tol yang masih menjadi beban, dan fokus lebih terarah kepada kesan kenaikan harga barang dan inflasi oleh kenaikan harga minyak SETELAH DOLLAR US jatuh merundum yang menunjukkan kesan kekal kepada virus angkuh adalah hilang kepercayaan.

    Terlalu banyak yang perlu diperbetulkan oleh Barisan Rakyat ekoran dari pembangunan yang hanya mengukuhkan elit koporat tetapi mendalamkan jurang antara kaya dan miskin yang selama ini dilakukan oleh kerajaan.

    Merakyatkan keadilan adalah dengan meninggalkan pemimpin yang sudah kehilangan idea yang bernas.
    Keterbukaan Ketua Menteri jelas menzahirkan makna keadilan.

  120. […] In a nutshell, he says (and this paragraph was translated into English from his blog), referring to UMNO’s rally in Penang yesterday over the […]

  121. Now Malay do the protest on the street. Any action taken to them? Anyone arrest? Where is the Water Cannon and Tear Gas used by FRU? No action taken at all! Please don’t act anymore, what my comment, it just a stupid comedy.

  122. Roy Selvan says:

    Hope the Nasi Kandar taste remains the same.The Penang laksa taste better and the state brighter.Please have some respect for the elderly,even if his the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Be wise in choosing your words in your comments. Even a Kid will respect you.Arent we taught good values and respect when we are growing up.To- Noor Aza Othman, I respect you for being a true Melayu, Malaysian.

  123. Jared says:

    Malay Women I say to your comments. I believe you come from the Jungle somewhere in Pahang or Sabah. I believe you are indoctrinated by UMNO policies. If you are a true Muslim would you defend righteousness and defend justice to the oppressed regardless of colour or creed.? Do you believe all humans were created by Allah. Do you believe in what UMNO leaders are doing now.?Blatant corruption! Racist in their outlook for only their self agenda. Not really helping the poor Malays. I tell you, I come from the kampong. A Chinese who lives in the kampong with the Malays. THey are good people. Only the racist leaders from UMNO keeps on harping on race and religion as a momentum to keep themselves relevant to the illiterates or misinformed simple kampong folks.

    When UMNO speaks loudly about Malays(UMNOputra’s) right to show that they are championing for their race. This is in fact a fallacy and bullshit. As partners in the coalition when MCA or MIC request for some consideration UMNO says chauvinist. Are MCA and MIC opposition parties in BN? I SAY high time MIC and MCA consider your coalition with UMNO. NO gratitude but plenty of pride.. Forget where they get their power from. UmNO can even say they don’t need Indian and Chinese votes before the election. Now they have lost and wanted to find out why the Indians and Chinese voted for the Opposition.

    As the Malay proverb goes: Sabagai Kacang lupakan kulit. You understand what I mean since you are a Malay.
    All these 50 Years of Alliance / BN in power was because Indians and Chinese voted for them. Now they even have the cheek to say hurting and sarcastic remarks of other races that they don’t need their votes any more. Served them right. Now will UMNO be gentleman enough and apologise to the Indians and Chinese for their unappreciative remarks that made most of the Indians and Chinese to swing their support for the Opposition!

    Please bear this in mind, can a woman bear off- spring without a male partner? No of course. Just common sense. Likewise a male cannot bear a child without a female. Stop the rot and think that UMNO can get the power without a partner/partners’ help. Now they are day dreamers. Suddenly why no 2/3 majority Power. It belongs to the people. Understand. Wake up!!! Refresh you narrow mentality. If you still with UMNO and having a racist mentality I say to you another 5 years down the road in the next election UmNO will be obsolete.

  124. Jared says:

    Josh. I wonder what you are unhappy about. Why Judge DAP suddenly? Only one week in Governance and you are shouting. Are you mad???

    Please shut up or shout at the 50 years old BN lah. What is happening to this beloved country?.

  125. Jared says:

    Josh, by the way did you vote for the opposition I wonder? It was not a mistake for the people of Penang to vote for the opposition. Maybe, you don’t understand what DAP and the opposition want to do for this country. NEP or no NEP. The question is they wanted to make all the poor benefited irrespective of religion, colour or creed. Does that bother you? If you are, I suggest you go and join the opposition (BN) as a new force to tell the Penang or Malaysian rakyat that this Opposition party (BN) is against helping all the poor in the next election and see whether you can get the blessing and mandate from the rakyat.
    Best of luck to your narrow thinking.

  126. Jared says:

    Malay woman. Stop being a racist like the rest. Be a good Malaysian and the All Mighty God will bless you and family. Believe this. You see why UMNO lost 5 states because God didn’t permit racist party to get the majority votes.

  127. Lim says:

    March 15, 2008 at 11:04 am
    Saya benci perkauman..pls stop comment pasal perkauman. Jgn sebut melayu parasit atau malas. Tak suka…tak suka…tak suka. Kita rakyat Malaysia…sama2 cari makan. Kita sama2 senang. Sama2 susah.!”

    I agree with you on this. I think those who are parasit atau malas are those they thought they are bangsawan from UMNO, i.e., AP Queen, Nagib Altantuya and Bodohwi who are so affordable to celebrate his Honey Moon with so many oversea trips.

  128. Jared says:

    Hoi Mamak. I was standing near the Demo sight. You don’t try to show your power too much by wanting to demo without a real cause.

    The people of Penang are supporting your shops.
    If got racial problems amongst the races with your help and if there are curfews then your Mamak kedai nasi will suffer. I suggest you be a good Malaysian and sell more food to feed your other wives you may still have in India. Spend more time to improve your cooking. Many Mamak shops around already? Maybe you have no business ah? Wanna look for some lubang with UMNO ah? I mean the RM80/- pocket money. Ha! ha! ha! Mamak tongkoi.

  129. Lim says:

    Hey guys who are steel sleeping.
    Does DEP really benefitting Malay? Look at this in you tube yourself titled “We Have The Best Agung But The Worst Ever PM” addresed at http://youtube.com/watch?v=7lgDxzobREA
    DEP is just mearly an illution planted and intoxicating Malays mind to create racist problem among M’sia.
    To our Malay bro’, sis’ and Malay Women in Malaysia beware…..

  130. Lim says:

    Oh sorry I type wrongly it is not DEP it is DEB or NEP

  131. Jared says:

    Hi Lim, Kawan, kawan Melayu sejati. I am not a racist. I support all Malaysian who loves this country. Stop the rot kawan, kawan.
    Malas, or lazy is in everyone. Not only on one race. Stop the bullshit.

    Let us sama,sama sanjung negara ini untuk kedaulatan. Ok????????????

  132. Jared says:

    Lim thanks for,the clip. I advice those fanatical BN supporters must view this slot to make you wake up. http://youtube.com/watch?v=7lgDxzobREA

  133. Jared says:

    To all brader Melayu kita yang mahu keadilan. Sila tengok sendiri klip yang berkampil ini.
    To all Malay brothers, all the demo about NEP or DEB. After viewing I leave it to your judgment. Is the UMNO demostration in Penang about NEP/DEB relevant or you prefer to support the newly elected government DAP / opposition who wants to be your friend and good governance to help all poor Malaysians.
    All talk about helping the rakyat especially our Malay bothers is bullshit .

    Watch the clip : http://youtube.com/watch?v=7lgDxzobREA

  134. Jared says:

    Malay woman fanatic supporter without thinking. Watch this clip. Anyway, thanks for viewing.

  135. limkamput says:

    If I were there I’d have dropped my pants in their faces and see the fun. A repeat of May 13? So be it.

  136. anak malaysia says:

    Simple example of NEP failure: Poor malay buys a new dwelling at RM80,000 and save 5% discount @ RM4,000. Is that a big amount? How long can that last him for daily expenses? Rich malay (how he got rich is another story…) buys a big bungalow with big land at RM800,000 and save 5% discount @ RM40,000. Who is really benefitting from NEP?

  137. joo ngan says:

    Hey ALL Penangites whatever race, colour or religion you are, give the new state govt a chance to prove itself. Many of you have voted it into power. It is proof that you are ready for change which may be for the better. The fact that you’ve exercised your democratic rights to effect such a momentous change means that you are the ultimate decision makers. It is you who are the boss through your votes.

    If LGE and gang does not perform to your expectations they will surely be booted out just like you did to BN and gang. So relax and let the new govt get to work and you will be the judge and jury as to whether they deserve your support again in 5 years time.

  138. Malay man says:

    dear malay woman, please use your brains. The CM stated that negative elements from NEP (e.g. no open tender, helping UMNO cronies) would be abolished; not malay rights. So why are you foolishly condemning him? Did UMNO pay you to say all these?

  139. […] Indians from India, or Nepalese or Bangladeshi? And I don’t think they are bothered with the protest march! Watch video.So again what has the protest got to do with the mamak nasi kandar shops? BTW, I voted for DAP. And […]

  140. curtcanabis says:

    Umno U deserve all this…. dont u think this is a threat for the nations security…. wer is the ISA now???? this is malaysian culture???? Pak Lah wer did u went???? for sure provoked by those UMNO fellas, they just dont turun padang, carry banners…. u r getting it back.. so enjoy it…. leave the malays to be self reliance now.. they r capable enough now.. thow ur old bumiputra privillage blanket.. let them be competitive..

  141. attila says:

    Two months after GE2008, what benefit do these people obtain from walking on the streets? What effective contribution to the poor malays in penang form those divisional leaders on the streets? Ask them.
    Out of estimated 620,000 Penang Malays. how lany hold managerial posts to earn enough to buy assets in Penang? How many are school dropouts in primary and secondary schooles? How many familes are earning less tha nRM1,500/=, RM2,500/= per mont? How many Malay scholl children do not eat lunch after school juzt becoz the parents must go to work?

  142. this not sign of protest will

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