Ha, ha, ha…

Really, things can change in a day. The former UMNO yes-men, Gerakan is now standing up for its rights; not the rights of Penangnites, mind you.

In the New Straits Times:

GERAKAN acting president and former Penang chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon said infrastructure projects promised by the federal government should continue for the benefit of the people.

Citing the second Penang Bridge, Penang Outer Ring Road, Monorail, public transport system and expansions of the airport and port as examples, Koh said: “These projects are crucial for the future economy of Penang and its neighbouring states.

“Gerakan appeals to the federal government to expedite the implementation of these projects.”

Koh made it clear that the party was issuing the statement in response to Umno Penang’s call to scrap the projects. He said the successful implementation of the projects would ensure that Penang would continue to grow as the hub for the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) and Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand Growth Triangle.

On Thursday, Penang Umno held an emergency meeting and later declared that the party would press the prime minister to stop the implementation of all mega projects, including those planned under the NCER.

UMNO is so vindictive. Have they ever asked “what the people want?”

It is also what UMNO wants. UMNO wants this, wants that. Hell, it doesn’t even ask the Malays, who they claim to represent “what do you want?”.

UMNO, I have realised through they years DOES NOT EQUAL to MALAYS.

UMNO = vindictive. Malays = forgiving and forgetting.

If UMNO really represents the Malays, why are they so many poor Malays around?


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  1. wits0 says:

    Aiyoh, Ah Koon, you must renew the Gerakan’s tradition of grovelling, ah? No need lah, at least not for Penangnites.

  2. malayamuda says:

    Penang UMNO Malays are traitors to Penang. Which proud Penangite would sabotage their state the way UMNO Penang has ?

    You would tell Federal Government to stop all Mega projects in Penang now since you cant fill your pockets ? And use punishing the Penangites as an excuse.

    Penangites hear this : Never ever Vote BN Back in your state. You have seen the true colours of some Penang people who are traitors to their own state

  3. bangsaku2008 says:

    Mr Koh……take your party and join DAP now. This is the right time to share unity with the Bangsa Rakyat. You can’t deny anymore that the UMNo sucks. They dont give a damn to how the people feel. All they care is project, project and projects.

    Do the right thing, and do it now. Help us to forge a new identity for new Malaysia.

    Dont worry what the old man LKY will say. he must have gone fishing by now.

  4. Simple Malaysian says:

    This is really ridiculous! It’s almost like a child throwing a tantrum. To ask the Federal Government to stop all mega projects? Have they really analyze the impact on the Malaysian economy? What happen when the foreign investors decide to pull out? All I can say is GROW UP, don’t just think of your own interest, think of the implication on the people of Malaysia. It just saddens me when people put their own agenda above the interest and welfare of the nation! What a shame and to think that this move came from the ruling party……!

  5. bamboo river says:

    So, if we don’t support Umno, all perks and benefits will be withdrawn?
    In the other words, RASUAH kah ?
    Hello Umno Pinang, itu project semua wang rakyat lah. Bukan BN, bukan Umno bukan yours tau?
    You don’t own Penang or the rakyat there.
    So, please cuci mulut guna arang dan sabut kelapa before you talk.

  6. malayamuda says:

    Gerakan should pull out of BN if it has any respect for itself or Penangites or else your jewel will be lost forever.

    Do you have guts to do it Tsu Koon ? Dont listen to LKY, he talks like a hawker from Pudu market

  7. caravanserai says:

    Promises must be fulfilled
    In the years governing a state or country
    Let no leader forgets it
    The people will curse it on the ballot boxes
    When the time comes to display displeasure

    UMNO Penang forgets
    Its leaders turn vindictive
    Mega projects in the state
    The Federal government should proceed
    It is for the Malaysians; it isn’t for UMNO

    Now UMNO Penang wakes up
    The coffer is empty
    The leaders getting panic
    They want the gravy train
    They can’t forget

    On the other side of the fence
    They don’t know what to say and do
    Crowding around to think
    Nothing from their brains
    Only street demonstrations

    They still want the gravy train
    UMNO Penang it has to be open system
    Don’t use NEP to pollute the minds
    It is your needs you wanted
    Not the poor Malays……

    NEP in its original form
    It is meant a service for All Malaysians
    It is now hijacked to serve a race
    Leaving the crumbs for others to take

    It is time UMNO Penang understood
    Wake up from your 50 years of slumber
    Now go out sweat in the sun
    It is good for your health

  8. anak malaysia says:

    Just like a page from sandiwara, UMNO demands PM to withdraw mega projects for Penang then Gerakan steps in to reject UMNO’s call. Mega projects if deemed necessary for Penang vis a vis for Malaysia as a whole, it should go ahead. I doubt it was never a consideration to withdraw.

    As a matter of fact, it would even look worst for BN (PM, UMNO, GERAKAN and even MCA) as it would reveal that they do not respect the voters choice. Double standard. It would also means that PM post-election message to Malaysia si pure rhetoric and a farce. He mentioned many times in his message for the nation to move forward as one and no one will be side-lined. I quote his closing paragraph ‘What we must now undertake is to move forward as one nation with a renewed sense of a bright future for all’.

    The sandiwara is to show a ‘charitable and fair’ PM who will not withdraw the mega projects and Gerakan a ‘sincere good guy’ after their big lost. Well, they have to start somewhere if they are preparing for GE13 to gain back the trust of the voters. I hope the people will not be easily duped.

  9. chanjoe says:

    Sore loser is what I say about UMNO. At least MCA & gerakan did not say such a thing but we just wait and see and we can foresee they too will do or say something similar just to save their party from extinction in Penang
    The new Penang Govt has not really started and they already wanted to cause trouble….
    We are a multi racial country..and other races will not just sit down and watch if UMNO pushes too far….but do we want such things to happen?
    This proves UMNO is REALLY the SAMSENG in Malaysian politics and they cannot accept defeat. Don’t foeget…UMNO too lost their seats to PAS & PKR…
    Why is AAB & Najis diam diam? They should ask UMNO Penang and UMNo in other states to calm down and instaed examine why they lost so badly this time and take stock…then amend their mistakes to win back the peoples heart….
    So UMNO’s post mortem is to create chaos?????
    Please grow up UMNOputra…..
    I pity those royal normal UMNO members who are been misled by the UMNO leaders who only care abt their depleting pockets of illgotten funds and the stopping of such funds.
    Rise and Be Smart…there is always another to fight back if you put your heart into it. See how DAP, PAS & PKR had to endured hardship for so many GEs and finally got their fruits….UMNO…please learn!!!!

  10. james says:

    UMNO is a four letter word isn’t it?

  11. Sam says:

    This just goes to show how immature some of the politicians can be. How can our country move forward if we these individuals still exist in the system. How can we rely on them to bring the country to the next level? The election is over, it’s time to get down to work, to realize the mission of the country & states. Show the people you are the truely respected leader, I personally am impress with the way Koh has handled the party’s lost. He accepted the decision of the people and show open support of the newly formed Penang state government, instead of engaging in unhealthy and childish accusations of the winning party. It is embarassing and downright shamful we have elected these ppl to represent us…

  12. micon says:

    Kebanyakan pemimpin UMNO BN tidak bermoral, mementingkan kedudukan mereka, harta dan membuat sesuka hati mereka. Sepatutnya mereka mesti mengutamakan keperluan rakyat yang masih dalam hidup kesempitan dan kemiskinan.

    Petikan dari harakah daily

    Menuntut pembentukan kabinet yang berintegriti, berhemah dan bermoral

    Ingatlah, sebuah kerajaan yang baik adalah kerajaan yang mengutamakan kebajikan dan kesejahteraan rakyat lebih daripada kepentingan peribadi

    I believe, majority of BN (UMNO) got to be replaced sooner than later.

  13. malayamuda says:

    thats a good one – UMNO is a 4 letter word !!!

    AAB and Najis will keep quiet if UMNO youth is samseng and runs amok.

    But when others cross the line they will have their comments on unity and perpadua kaum and what not.

  14. malayamuda says:

    thats a good one – UMNO is a 4 letter word !!!

    AAB and Najis will keep quiet if UMNO youth is samseng, runs amok and wave the Keris .

    But when others cross the line they will have their comments on unity and perpaduan kaum and what not.

  15. james says:

    Have you heard Lim Keng Yaik speak (during interviews) on TV?
    Bloody disgraceful! He can’t even orgainise his thoughts and words properly – worse than a primary school kid. Niamah!
    Following for LKY: Ah.. Ah..Ah Pek, since you can only talk like that ha, I…I.. think you no talk better lah!

  16. Kak Penang says:

    To the new Penang Leaders – We can never please everyone, just believe that so long as your fundamental principles are right and for the good of the ppl ,you will never go wrong. No one will blame you or condemn you for doing good. If there is, then these ppl are not worthy of attention. Brush aside these nuisance

  17. malayamuda says:

    i cant believe UMNO Penang have become traitors to the own state. This way they will NEVER get Penang back.

    Lim Keng Yaik should just shut up. I hate hearing him on the news. He talks cock and even if his ass is on fire i doubt he would be able to make a proper sentence to ask for help.

    Total Disgrace to say he was once a Malaysian Minister

  18. msiaman says:

    He is only helping UMNO idiots of Penang safe face only. The guy just come out threaten to abolish projects without knowing who the beneficiaries are but cannot be seen as the same stupid fool to pull back. They need another person to say this ‘so-called’ for the sake of Penang’s development to retain the projects. Or else, you will soon see many GLC and PLC (PM linked corporations) going under. Equine already dipped 50%, but Patrick or Kamal cannot come out to beg new Penang government to continue…

    Think for a moment on this….

  19. VoiceKita says:

    Gerakan keluarlah dari BN join PKR. Next election DAP tidak lagi relevan untuk bangsa Malaysia

  20. VoiceKita says:

    UMNO likes a piece of Rakyat’s SHITTT!!!

  21. ghenjis khan says:

    In the 50 years of its grip on the Malays, UMNO have miserably failed the Malays to stand up own their own, think and decide for themselves their destiny.

    UMNO have made the Malays ignorant of the TRUE knowledge at the same time making them serfs and slaves to the feudal socio-economic value -systems they propagate.

    In many ways, UMNO has only enriched the very few Malays; 80% of the Malay wealth is owned by less than 10% or even 5% of the Malay popultation .

    Yes, UMNO always harp on the statistics of Malays going to Universities, being doctors, engineers , accountants and the like , compared to before.
    And the amount of equity the Malays owned, yes, indeed by only the few 5% of them.

    Well, so far the Chinese and Indians are there WITHOUT much BN’ s help.

    In 50 years the Chinese and Indians have become , what they have always been, City dwellers; they build and developed townships and housing, in many ways, on their own initiatives.

    It is undeniable, the Chinese have to BRIBE their way and corrupt the Malay Officials and Politicians but in the first place why would the UMNO Malays allow themselves to be BRIBED and become CORRUPT !

    In the last 50%, there is NOT one single Township with a business hub and a thriving community of inhabitants; what exist are Township filled with Salaried and Government workers.

    There is very little dynamic economic activity to ensure the vaibility of the Community.

    A thriving Malay Community must have a thriving trading, retailing, merchantiling and even small medium industries and surrounded from all sides the only thriving farming and agriculture suppliers and producers.

    Another element that is absent in the Malay Community, is the symbiotic relationships that should exist between the Owners of big Malay busineses, and majority owned PLCs with the middle and lower level Malay businesses.

    How many Malay multi-millionaires really care about creating a Community of Entrepreurs thru’ private equity;like that of the Chinese Kongsis and Clans; they naturally created the Banking and Borrowing system. It is inevitable.

    In the last 50 years UMNO purposely and deliberately created a small group of Malays to become rich by the practice of Croynism and Nepotism.

    And they went bust and still the UMNO bail them out. And REFUSEs to learn.

    In the last 22 years or slightly more, UMNO caused by design to prostittute the Judiciary, Police, and AG. The last exercise saw the appointment of an UMNO member to one of the highest legal position.

    These problem-situations arise due to the ease with which UMNO solves the Socio-Economic problems of the Malays solely on on its IDEOLOGY of of the Feudalistic concept of “Ketuanan” .

    UMNO still loves to perpetuate this ” we at the top knows all” and “you at the bottom trust us and follow us”. So, the few Feudal lords at the top would control the poor, largely unedcucated kampung folks, mak Chiks, Pak Chiks, and the good-for-nothing Mat Rempits and “don’t want to be employed ” rural youths.

    Those who voted UMNO belong to this group of peoples including salaried government workers secured in their future life-long pensions !

    A learned discerning Malay thinker said, it is the rise of FALSE Leaders among the Community and it continues to perpetuate in a vicious cycle of the False leading the ignorants.

    UMNO chooses to make the Malays ignorant of their current duties and responsibilities as a good human being and much worse than than their final destiny.

    The rise of PAS and now PKR have certainly help the Malays to find their way to becoming worthy human beings who would know what is Right and what is Wrong and becoming TRUE to themselves as the vicegerents on earth !

  22. msiaman says:

    It is also funny that the UMNO goons calling Penang Malays pengkhianat. I would like to ask, should the people be pengkhiant to thier fellow citizen to continue allowing UMNO to abuse the state coffers and assets or should they throw out these real pengkhianats for the sake of greater good of Penang or the whole Malaysia for that matter?

  23. micon says:

    “james says”

    have u ever heard LKY speak

    If KTS resign, I will hantam him….kopi tiam talk on TV viewed by all over Asian conutries.

    Malaysia need “good & respectable leaders”
    The BN (UMNO) leaders appointed by rakyat in Parlimen are Blukang
    Blukang will sapu everything infront of them

    A leader must not only humble, honest, integrity, fair & good character, he must also lead by example.
    They are so many blukang in Parlimen house

  24. Penang Exile says:

    Tan Sri Koh – Take command of your party, kick Lim Keng Yaik out and call for an EGM to decide whether or not Gerakan remains in the BN or leave and merge with DAP. You owe this to all Penangites especially those who were forced into “exile’ because of unemployment and lack of business opportunities in Penang because you were not able to stand up to the UMNO bully boys before.

  25. micon says:

    KTS join PKR for all races better,
    U can’t govern the country race based politic
    We got to change the way we think and doing things in your daily life
    Eliminate your weaknesses, change your attitude, respect ppl around regardless of race, religion & status

    Younger generation are smart and more open
    The moment u speak up, ppl can identify your true personal character

  26. james says:

    If ever there is a next time that UMNO’s Hishamuddin or Khairy feels like weilding the KERIS, will omeone just hand him a pair of
    CHOPSTICKS or a BANANA LEAF instead? Please will the speaker of parliament ensure these two items are placed on the benches on the abovenamed ‘gentlemen’ where they sit.
    Please also put up a notice at the entrance to the Dewan Rakyat, “NO KERIS please, only CHOPSTICKS AND BANANA LEAF allowed”.

  27. Auril Solibun says:

    Stupid UMNO… and if Penangites votes for these ppl back to power in the next election… then I feel sorry for you… The true colors of UMNO is coming out now…

  28. VoiceKita says:

    UMNO = DAP

    Umno pecahbelahkan Melayu
    DAP pecahbelahkan Chinese

    Semuanya inginkan kuasa untuk capai agenda masing…for now kami menyokong Guan Eng as a CM Penang. UMNO sungguh jijik bila tunjuk bantahan perjuang Melayu sedangkan depa lah yg hancurkan Melayu…

  29. Jeannie Yeoh says:

    Mr. Koh, your party should join DAP for the benefit of Penang as you can see now that the UMNO is too childish and vindictive and have no brains whatsoever. Yes, they are poor losers! Assist Mr. Lim GE in his noble cause as the UMNO and our PM is up to mischief.

  30. simpleman says:

    KOH, you are nothing but just a puppet to the UMNO. You are not the HERO for the Chinese as your party claims to be. In fact, most of the party members are just puppet for UMNO. The minority in Gerakan may want to voice out but are held back by many “invisible” reasons, that are best known to themselves. Suffice to say, KOH , if you can’t champion the voices of the Chinese , like the DAP ( who dare speak against their BOSS ), pls do not pretend to be able to do so. Long live DAP, PKR and PAS ( who dare speak against their BOSS ), for now…….. time will tell.

  31. Margeemar says:


    Message to my dear sisters and brothers in Sarawak and Sabah
    Friday, March 14, 2008

    They do not have many Sarawakian or Sabahan Ministers, do they, at the Federal level? If they had, they are given unimportant Ministership as Minister in the PM’s department like Bernard Dompok and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Joseph Entulu Beluan for window dressing, and are you all only good for that? . You guys gave such a big win for UMNO , you do not have proper representation in the Cabinet to depict the power you hold over the coalition. UMNO makes you look like wimps. The combined total of your seats in Sabah is 24 seats and Sarawak is 30 seats. Which totals 52 seats. Then why are there NO East Malaysians not being a Prime Minister or the Deputy Prime Minister. Okay, go down one rung, why are you not good enough to be at least the Deputy Prime Minister?

    The UMNO strong hold of Johore has only 25 seats, initially 26 seats. The myth of that is that UMNO is very strong there like a fortress, will not fall. Well, a foothold has been gained, one of their seats has fallen to the DAP, so it can be penetrated. You have the greater weight. The Barisan National has a total of 140 seats. The opposition has 82 seats. Demand from UMNO that the post of of Deputy Prime Minister be given to an East Malaysian. Without you in this coalition, UMNO being the big bullly will have only 88 seats, that is inclusive of the motley crew from MCA and MIC.

    While at this, being an ex- soldier and all, I have seen many East Malaysian Officers serving in combat units, why did not any one of them make it to General? Not good enough? Look at how brave, loyal and patriotic you are. Go to the archives.

    How are you going to get UMNO to agree to that? Just tell them that you want to cross over to the Barisan Rakyat, if they do not appoint a Sarawakian or Sabahan to be the Deputy Prime Minister.

    Just cross over and the opposition will have 134 seats to form the new Government of Malaysia. Ask Anwar, I am sure he will be agreeable to an East Malaysian being his Deputy. Whilst at it, ask for the Defence and Education portfolios too. Do not accept less then the Deputy Prime Minister’s post. For good measure, demand for Finance Minister’s portfolio too. Can you even imagine, in one stroke you can uplift the sufferings of the poor in both Sabah and Sarawak ? You will have all the financial resources at your finger tips, ushering a new dawn for the people of Sabah and Sarawak. Have an imagination.

    One more thing, do not let them cheat you by saying they will give you the post of Deputy Prime Minister 2. It will take away the ooomph of being the only Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you become Deputy Prime Minister 2, they might not allow you to use the helicopter or the executive jet. As Deputy Prime Minister 2, they will ask you to use the long boat when you vist Song, Kapit, Ulu Baram or Long Danau (have to walk long distances to, carrying your own fuel). You do not get to be Acting Prime Minister of Malaysia when the Prime Minister is out of the country. Or when he visits Nasi Kandar Perth.

    You were elected by the people, I am sure you want greater things than the peanuts that are being thrown to you. They have been sidelining you as a non entity. Never giving you due prominence and the respect due to you. You are just someone to wipe their shoes on, once elections are over.Umno has only 78 of the 117 parliamentary seats it contested (67%). What is the diffrence? You have only two states and 52 seats. UMNO has the whole of Malysia and has a pathetic 78 seats, a difference of a mere 26 seats! Do you know how many Johoreans are Ministers, with their pathetic 25 seats, 7!

    Are you East Malaysians going to continue being the foot stools for UMNO? For them to keep on holding to power. Can you imagine it, the Prime Minister from Peninsular Malaysia and the Deputy Prime Minister from East Malaysia, we will be bound from across the South China sea as one people. Just cross over to the Barisan Rakyat, if UMNO does not give in to your just and legitimate, demands. You are smart and intelligent, stop being taken for a ride. You are as good as a politician from Semanajung. Maybe even better, so what is it to stop an East Malaysian from being the Deputy Prime Minister, only UMNO. Stop being used, chew on this and think BIG.

    posted by Ranger


    Anwar’s game plan strikes fear in Umno

    30 something – that’s all the MPs Anwar Ibrahim needs
    to be the probable Prime Minister

    KUALA LUMPUR, March 14 – If there is one name that has pushed Barisan
    Nasional leaders out of their comfort zone and caused confusion and anxiety,
    it is Anwar Ibrahim.

    When he said on Tuesday that the Opposition should be referred to as the
    government-in-waiting, he was not referring to five years down the road. He
    was referring to the next few weeks or months.

    He knows that if he manages to convince 30 Members of Parliament to cross
    over, the government of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will fall.

    Since the PKR-DAP-PAS alliance that he cobbled together won big on March 8,
    taking 52% of the popular vote in Peninsular Malaysia and snaring 82 of the
    222 seats in parliament, Anwar has become the most mentioned name in Umno

    Along the corridors of powers and in Umno circles, there is a belief that
    the former deputy prime minister will not rest and settle for second-best,
    not with the momentum of being a reformer on his side.

    He knows that the troops of the BN war machine are demoralised and its
    leaders still reeling from the psychological scars of Election 2008. He will
    go for the kill, rattling the coalition’s cage, creating the impression of
    an inevitable wave that some fickle-minded BN MPs will be tempted to abandon
    the BN ship and join the Opposition.

    An Umno division chief from Pahang, who requested anonymity because of the
    sensitive nature of the information, said: “The talk on the ground is which
    MPs Anwar is going to approach to join PKR. Everyone says that Sabah and
    Sarawak MPs are being targeted. But I think everyone except the PM and DPM
    are targets.”

    Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, in a letter asking Abdullah to resign, noted that a
    move has been made to woo BN representatives to join the Opposition. The fea
    r of crossovers is palpable.

    Among the senior leaders of BN, the question being asked is this: who can
    take on Anwar?

    Increasingly the view is that no one individual is strong enough to
    withstand the momentum of the former deputy prime minister. Abdullah is like
    a general who has been badly wounded in battle. He needs time to recuperate
    from the deep wounds he suffered – time which he may not have.
    If Abdullah steps down and Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak takes over, the latter
    will be vulnerable to a personal and potentially costly onslaught by Anwar.

    During the election campaign, Najib was assailed by Anwar over the murder of
    the Mongolian model and over a few defence deals. Expect the ferociousness
    of the attacks to multiply if Najib becomes Number 1 now.

    Even the return of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad could be counterproductive.

    The Malaysian public believes that Anwar was wronged by Mahathir. This was
    evident during the election when attempts to paint the former DPM as a
    charlatan, racist and chameleon failed miserably.

    So who can stop Anwar?

    Professor Shamsul Amri Baharuddin, a political commentator, says that only a
    united Umno and BN can hold the line against the Anwar-led Opposition.

    “Anwar is pressing BN at 20 different points. Only if they are strong and
    united can they survive. But can they stay united?” he wondered.

    The next few weeks will be important. If the new Cabinet catches the
    imagination of Malaysians, the morale of the ground troops will improve and
    it will boost the confidence of BN’s leaders.

    Otherwise, the grumbling against Abdullah will grow into a crescendo and it
    may embolden Dr Mahathir or Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to step forward to “save
    the party” – a situation which could lead to a party split like in 1987.

    Such a scenario will be heaven-sent for Anwar.

    Umno politicians believe that any upheaval in Umno or BN will convince the
    weak-hearted that it may be prudent to cross the Parliament floor.

    Within the higher reaches of Umno, the strategy appears to be to rally
    around Abdullah, go down to the ground and get the troops ready for war. But
    for Umno and BN to prevail over Anwar, they will need a few conditions to be

    1) Abdullah must be able to hush his band of critics in Umno.

    2) Abdullah must be able to inspire the troops on the ground.

    3) Abdullah must be a strong leader and reform his party and the country.

    4) Anwar and the Opposition need to commit a few major mistakes.

    5) For the public to fall out of love quickly with the reform-minded


    POLITICS-MALAYSIA: Anwar Ibrahim – Man of the Match
    By Baradan Kuppusamy

    KUALA LUMPUR, Mar 14 (IPS) – Anwar Ibrahim, the man credited
    with radically changing the political landscape of Malaysia, could not
    contest the Mar. 8 general elections that saw the ruling coalition lose five
    state governments and its long-held two-thirds majority in parliament.

    There is a story in Ibrahim’s having been crippled by a five-year-ban on
    contesting elections, as a result of having had to serve time in jail on
    criminal charges, trumped-up by his political opponents.

    But the former deputy prime minister fought his way back to the political
    centre-stage and overcame ten years of virulent government propaganda
    mounted against him to forge an alliance and establish a powerful opposition
    in parliament.

    “He is clearly the man of the hour, he made it possible,” said Steven Gan,
    editor of the independent online news provider Malaysiakini.com. “He glued
    together a viable opposition, set a common theme and led the opposition to

    After Saturday’s opposition successes politics in Malaysia will never be the
    same again and it was made possible through Ibrahim’s multi-racial People’s
    Justice Party which won the highest number of seats on the opposition
    benches in Parliament.

    Together with the pro-Chinese Democratic Action Party and the Islamist Pan
    Malaysian Islamic Party or PAS, the opposition commands 82 seats, just 30
    seats short of capturing the government.

    It is the best ever showing by the opposition since independence in 1957 and
    heralds a new era of transparency, accountability and clean government that
    Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi promised but never delivered. The voters
    punished him, sending his ministers and his state governments falling like

    “He has made a big comeback and has given multi-racial politics a firm
    foothold,” said Gan. “Now a two-party system of politics is possible not a
    single domineering entity that is corrupt and dictatorial.”

    During an interview with IPS, Ibrahim pledged to defend and promote
    free-market economy, foreign investment and continue the development
    process. But he emphasised that progress and wealth will now benefit the
    poor of all races, not the rich and ruling elite.

    “We are confident that under our leadership and working closely with our
    partners (in the opposition) we will begin to implement policies to ensure a
    stronger and more vibrant economy in Malaysia,” he said.

    “We will ensure that investor confidence remains strong during the
    transition period and also to identify areas of concern that our new
    governments (state governments) will address in enhancing and improving
    their operations and performance in Malaysia,” he said.

    The opposition is now busy forming coalition governments in the five states
    it won and is promising a new economic agenda to the people, mainly by
    eliminating corruption. “We will have zero tolerance for corruption and this
    will have a big impact in reducing business costs and build confidence in
    small and medium enterprises,” Ibrahim vowed.

    “We also plan to divorce government employees from doing business with the
    government, thereby reducing incentives for cronyism and insider deals which
    are plaguing the current administration,” he said.

    Ibrahim’s comeback is astounding, considering that he spent six years in
    prison, unfairly accused and convicted on corruption and sodomy charges —
    now proven to be motivated by a political conspiracy at the highest levels
    involving judges, crony tycoons and political leaders.

    A former Islamist student activist who turned Malay nationalist, Ibrahim has
    successfully reinvented himself as a leader of all of Malaysia’s races and
    campaigned on a reformist agenda.

    “The result of the election is testament to Anwar’s acceptability as a
    leader to all Malaysians because his agenda is fair and just and involves
    all races, especially the poor,” said Ragu Kesavan, a human rights lawyer.

    How did Ibrahim manage it? What is his winning formula? Political analysts
    say a key was his success in persuading the Islamist PAS party to drop its
    fiery rhetoric demanding a theocratic Islamic state — an agenda that
    usually drives the all important Chinese voters, about 30 percent of the
    electorate, into the arms of the ruling National Front.

    He then forged a loose opposition alliance of three parties, allowing each
    to mobilise its supporters but campaign on a common theme, attacking rising
    prices of food and fuel, cronyism in the ruling United Malays National
    Organisation (UMNO) party and equality for all races.

    Religion, Islamic theocracy or parochial and racial issues did not figure in
    the opposition campaign this time, giving no ammunition to the government to
    exploit. Ibrahim’s message of change resonated with ordinary Malaysians
    irrespective of their race or religion, observers said, because it touched
    on rising food and fuel prices which affected all people. They said people
    were aware of the real danger of their prosperous country going bankrupt
    through the pursuit of narrow policies. “Voters voted against Badawi because
    of his inability to deliver on the promises he made in 2004, including the
    promise to fight corruption, the promise to reform the police force, the
    promise to be a prime minister for all ethnic groups, and the promise to
    improve the civil service,” said political researcher Ong Kian Ming.

    Chinese and Indians, descendents of immigrants under British colonial rule,
    who have long felt treated as second-class citizens rallied to Ibrahim’s “we
    are all equal” banner.

    He also won over urban Malay voters who had not benefited from the New
    Economic Policy (NEP) — a Malays first affirmative action policy — by
    saying the benefits had been hijacked by the Malay elites.

    Early in the campaign voters were wary of Ibrahim’s reformist agenda and the
    turnout at his campaign rallies seldom reached 1,000 people, but midway
    during the 13-day campaign the turnout steadily swelled to over 30,000.

    Although Ibrahim did not contest, he is the de-facto opposition leader. He
    is unlikely to formalise his position by contesting in a by-election and
    return to parliament as opposition leader.

    Pressed on this, Ibrahim told IPS: ”I rather look at myself as an
    alternative government or a government-in-waiting than an opposition

    He also surprisingly did not rule out accepting smaller political parties
    which are now members of the ruling National Front into his opposition
    coalition provided they subscribe to his reformist agenda.

    Political parties, now partnering the substantially weakened ruling
    coalition, may switch allegiance and join Ibrahim. Crossing the floor is not
    without precedent in Malaysia and even the beleaguered Badawi has come down
    to saying that anyone crossing over from opposition benches would be

  32. kittykat46 says:

    Realistically, the “Starve Penang” tactic for BN/UMNO is not going to work….anybody added up how many multi-billion dollars of exports Penang contributes to Malaysia’s economy ?

    That’s exactly what I told my parents, who were very worried what’s going to happen to Penang now…

    BN/UMNO is not going to do anything which will spook Intel, Dell, Motorola, Sony, Solectron, Jabil, Agilent, Braun, Fairchild etc. etc.etc.

  33. bashir says:

    Hey, Hello there
    tahun lepas UMNO hantaq satu orang, only one person pi dekat bulan, ini tahun 08/03/08 jangan main-main lima negeri tau, naik rocket pi Bulan, sikarang orang dah tak pakai lagi itu keris sama timbang, sikit masa lagi boleh simpan sana muzium negara.
    Hey umno please la sudah kalah terima saja la gentlemen la sikit,

  34. Peace says:

    UMNO Penang and PM,
    You can stop the projects at once all over Malaysia as you wish.
    Next 4 or 5 years, we not only gonna just vote you out of all the states but as well the Federal Goverment.

  35. Boulder says:

    For UMNO to stop all Mega projects in Penang now Clearly shows their true colours. For them to issue a statement on it Clearly shows their stupidity.
    You heard it loud and clear people – Melayu, Cina or Indian: UMNO said vote for me & I’ll throw you some leftover goodies. Don’t vote for me & so the hell with all of you.

  36. terang bulan says:

    Let these UMNO scums of the earth self destruct by continuing to show their ugly side as sore losers. The trouble is these scumbags have tasted power too long and now can’t bear to lose it..thefore they are throwing their tantrums! It is clear they want to start another May 13, but are frustrated that many Malays don’t buy their song. Hence they are calling Anwar traitor and all sorts of names when in fact more and more Malays, rejecting UMNO’s lies, are rallying towards Anwar.

    It is too late now for Koh Tsu Koon to take a dig at Penang UMNO. He should have done that a long time ago when he was CM. Nevertheless better late than ever to salvage whatever little left of Gerakan’s dignity.

    As for that Lim Keng Yaik, who is the biggest bodek/ampu of UMNO, let him not only bark up the tree like a mad dog, but also give vent to his frustration in uttering all kinds of obscenities typical of an uncouth faggot like him!

  37. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Sebelum saya menajadi Menteri Kewangan, ramai orang Melayu menikmati kesenangan dan kekayaan. Tetapi bila saya ganti Daim Zainuddin, orang Melayu jatuh miskin. Selama lima tahun mereka tunggu dengan sabar agar kemelesatan ekonomi dapat dipulihkan tetapi rezeki yang ditunggu masih tidak tiba. Lebih lama saya jadi Menteri Kewangan, orang Melayu akan menjadi papa. Yang kaya bertambah kaya ialah kaum keluarga saya sendiri.

  38. Karpal Singh says:

    Anwar- the destroyer of peace You only think of saving yourself. You created chaos which affected businesses and damage the image of the country. The bad publicity is causing doubts among foreign investors and this is affecting Malaysia and Malaysians – from businessmen to the common folks. You don’t care. You only claim you care for the people. But the truth is that you care only for your selfish self ! They have to face unemployment, loss of livelihood and earnings, and a period of fear and uncertainty because of your doings.

    You claimed that the Government is corrupt but it is the same Government you were in before. If it is corrupt then, why didn’t you overhaul it. You had 16 years to do it. It is a very long time. Don’t blame the PM for not doing what you are supposed to do. As a muslim leader, you have the right to fight and act against the wrongdoers, even if you have to do it alone even if it means sacrificing on your part, including your high position. But you did not because you are the one who is corrupt.

    Saudara, you should at least be grateful for God has given you 16 years of your life to be among the VIPs of Malaysia and the world.

    Saudara, you are an eloquent orator. You are like Sukarno. At least, Sukarno was honest. He told the world he loved women. But Anwar is a liar. I will always be immersed in your oratorical ways but that is about all about you worth mentioning.

    In your 16 years in the government, there is no marked development you have made. In the Agriculture Ministry, you have not done anything. That is why 16 years later, you have to include the plight of the farmers and fishermen in your Permatang Pauh Declaration. If you had done your job well, there is no need for such a declaration.

    In the Education Ministry, you did not do anything except perhaps to promote your brother as headmaster. As economic ministry, it was so obvious that you do not know anything. So much so that Malaysians had to live with high interest rates and policies which adversely affected the economy. We were lucky when the situation changed from your IMF-styled policies and we have to thank Dr Mahathir for that.

    In your speeches, I noticed, you often quoted almost every philosopher that I’m confident now that you do not have a mind of your own as you only lead your life only according to what they say.

    There is also a case in Permatang Pauh some time back about a mother who was seeking donations to raise her sickly and paralysed son. She called TV3 to tell her plight but you stopped the story from appearing as it would tarnish your image as MP there. You did not even offer her help. For that, you have received a part of God’s rage.

    Saudara, you can lie all you want but in in the end, I believe that all this is about power. I want you to remember that you can never be PM if God has willed so. I also believe that it is best that you admit that you are a homo, a womaniser, a corrupt and deranged person, after all, you are only human. Farewell, Anwar.

  39. Rehman Rashdi says:

    Hi ,muslim penengities especially the UMNO radicals,there is no stopping of the developtmental projects in Penang.The people of Penang have spoken and it would be the duty of the Federal govt to ensure the smooth implementation of the projrcts ,failing which the radicals from the other component parties will muster and permanently silence these crazy destructive elements.If you would like communism to resurge say so and it will be awakened.Dont try to spell fear .The police failed in grab some of them under the ISA for improper gathering.
    Try again and we will have counter campaighs

  40. Feroz Merican says:

    Funny, I thought it was the Sultans(of Perlis and the King) against UMNO now. When you are weak, they will makan you. You bully them for so long , now they will make you suffer when you are at your weakest. Syabas, to the Raja of Perlis and the King!! Make Badawi suffer, the guy cannot even win his home state, and he wants to tell YOU who should be Menteri Besar. Tell Badawi to kowtow at your feet first, show him what you think. Show the people how you really feel. We are 100% with you.

  41. Raven says:

    Plain dumb fools!! Instead of winning back the people of Penang, they are showing the whole country their true color…….corrupt!!!!

    I pray Penang, Selangor and Perak do well and impress us all. Then in the next general election, Barisan Rakyat can form the next government.

    Power to the PEOPLE!

    By the way, shouldn’t the datukship of Lim Keng Yaik and Ong Ka Chuan be stripped off for questioning the Sultan and Regent of Perak for appointing a PAS member to be the Menteri Besar?????

  42. Dark Justice says:

    This is the UMNO is real colour. Nothing has ever showing support the Penangites. All of them are hard hatred and seeking for revenge towards Penangites without realised the TRUTH of being “kick-out”. I wonder why is Hindraf leaders have been illegally thrown into ISA for provoking and our Penang UMNO not being even arrested. Shouldn’t that they being under ISA for creating chaos on racial unity as claimed by their leader, Pak Lah that do not issue statement of provoking on racial sentiment. Eat your own words!

  43. no come back kid says:

    Now that the GE is over, can we all work together for the benefits of everyone?

    It’s time to close rank and put our differences behind.

    Malaysia with all the God blessed resources, climatic friendly and strategical location, Malaysia will be a prosperous country and everyone has a bright future here……

    And they live happily thereafter…….

  44. ANg kong says:

    uncle Koh, not sure if you read this blog, but if u do… the message here is clear…

    u hav ord offered your resignation, what do u have to lose by asking… if Gerakan wants to join the BR and accept u as the rightful leader or just let you go instead. if you do, KPT will be so proud of you. Besides, i think Ah Pek believes you owe this to yourself too….

  45. ANg kong says:

    oh, a quick note on the UNMO (penang) recent move….

    you r digging your own grave……soon, the damage will be widespread until it reaches the central and this will be the dawn of a new era…err… (didnt someone just say this recently?)

  46. colourblind says:

    please can you change your background colour.I can read a word of whats written ..thanks

  47. Boulder says:

    Karpal Singh imposter, we don’t care what you think of Anwar. Love him, hate him, your perogative. We only care what policies are shaping our future and that of our children. How do we know the new state governments can’t do better, improve our lives, yours included. You have crystal ball? All we know is if something is not working – change the program. P/s. Cheeezz, stay out of people’s bedrooms lah.

  48. tunglang says:

    UMNO will never learn from mistakes of the past. They only want RM, lots of it from manipulations, contracts, unfair competition, etc. The most they expect from MIC, Gerakan, MCA is to bodek their ASSes even to the extent of licking them clean of shits.
    That’s what happened to Koh Tsu Koon when he was lambasted by the infamy Samseng KJ. No countering from Koh, instead he had to appeased KJ’s accusation like a weeping dog!
    Now, Koh learnt from his serious mistakes and stood up for Penang in times of needs. This goes to show how patronising UMNO is. It will never learn from mistakes.

  49. myop101 says:

    Honestly, I don’t buy Koh Tsu Koon’s good cop image. It is a little too late. If you feel so strongly on defending the interests of penang, why not threaten to quit the coalition? Why not just join the Barisan Rakyat?

    To me, this are mere sandiwaras which have been repeated many times over by the same people who helm BN. Remember the namawee issue? UMNO made noise, MCA intervened to help namawee and in the end, namawee is a fugitive hiding in Taiwan.

    Also, when all the non-Muslim presidents submitted a memo to Abdullah on the Article 11 issue, they got shot down and they kept quiet.

    Tsu Koon, if you are really for Penang, you should have voiced reservation on the PGCC during your tenure. You know very well that those jokers have yet to submit a plan. Why keep quiet and pretend everything is ok when Abdullah announce it?

  50. Jared says:

    Yeah, man. I agree with Boulder. It sounded like an imposter from BN trying every little tricks they can find. Why should the original Karpal attack Anwar when they just have common understanding to taruh BN and just got their Victory. They are our comrades. Like it or not I love the BR. They sounded like a true Malaysian party to me. Cannot
    tahan their dirty tricks. Lost already but still wanted to come from behind. Sore Losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!man.

  51. Jared says:

    The BN government can ban all medias to the former opposition parties. They forget that the public already knew that, so what they write in the news report in the newspapers will be baseless. Only the illiterate can be influenced. But illiterates don’t read right? ……….Ha! Ha! Ha!

    The most powerful of all info a citizen can get from this modern world is via SMS and internet. If BN denies the public from newspapers, then whatever Sms and internet info received is more powerful then other medias. So BN, are you going to control these systems too?

    You have only ONE CHOICE. Reinvent and revert back to FREE PRESS. Keh! Keh! Keh!

  52. Lim says:

    “malayamuda Says:
    March 15, 2008 at 1:01 pm
    You would tell Federal Government to stop all Mega projects in Penang now since you cant fill your pockets ? And use punishing the Penangites as an excuse.”

    And still you bother to empty up your CM office befor DAP takes over, why??? Pls explain to us Rakyat.

  53. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Perlaksanaan dasar pecah dan perintah Inggeris telah mengeruhkan perpaduan masyarakat di Tanah Melayu. Pengelasan kaum merujuk pekerjaan dan sistem pelajaran yang berbeza mengelakkan interaksi antara penduduk di Tanah Melayu yang terdiri daripada 3 rumpun utama iaitu bangsa Melayu, Cina dan India. Melalui dasar ini orang Melayu kebanyakannya menetap di kawasan luar bandar (kampung) dan bekerja sebagai nelayan dan petani, orang Cina menetap di kawasan bandar dan kawasan perlombongan serta bekerja sebagai peniaga dan pelombong bijih timah, manakala orang India kebanyakannya tinggal di kawasan ladang-ladang dan bekerja sebagai buruh, secara tidak langsung telah mewujudkan perasaan curiga mencurigai antara satu sama lain yang merupakan bom jangka yang menjadi teras peristiwa 13 Mei 1969.

    Peristiwa berdarah yang berlaku pada 13 Mei 1969 telah mendedahkan manifestasi sebenar perasaan tiga etnik yang terbesar di Malaysia. Semenjak negara mencapai kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 1957, didapati bangsa Melayu masih tertinggal jauh dari segi penguasaan ekonomi dan pendidikan di Tanah Melayu memandangkan majoriti orang Melayu tinggal di luar bandar. Manakala orang Cina pula lebih terkehadapan dengan menguasai bidang perniagaan dan bidang ekonomi lain memandangkan mereka tinggal di kawasan bandar dan menguasai kawasan perlombongan. Lantas timbul kesedaran di kalangan orang Melayu yang dapat merasakan bahawa mereka telah tertinggal dan tertindas di bumi sendiri akibat kemiskinan. Bagi masyarakat Cina dan India pula, mereka bimbang tentang syarat-syarat hak kerakyatan walaupun sebahagian daripada mereka telah bersedia untuk menumpahkan kesetiaan kepada Tanah Melayu.

    Semenjak pendudukan Jepun pada perang Dunia Kedua, pihak Jepun mengamalkan dasar yang anti-Cina dan pro-Melayu telah membangkitkan kemarahan dan prasangka orang Cina terhadap orang Melayu. Apabila Jepun menyerah kalah dan sebelum ketibaan Inggeris, orang Cina yang kebanyakannya merupakan anggota Bintang Tiga (Parti Komunis Malaya) telah mengambil kesempatan untuk membalas dendam. Turut memburukkan keadaan adalah kerana, kebanyakan orang Cina menganggotai Parti Komunis Malaya manakala Orang Melayu kebanyakan menganggotai pasukan keselamatan ketika zaman darurat pada 1948–1960.

    Penyingkiran Singapura dari Malaysia pada tahun 1965 akibat konsep “Malaysia untuk orang Malaysia” yang yang secara tidak langsung turut mempertikai kedudukan dan hak istimewa orang Melayu telah diapi-apikan oleh Lee Kuan Yew menyemarakkan perasaan anti-Cina dan anti-Melayu. Kejadian-kejadian tersebut akhirnya menyebabkan berlakunya peristiwa berdarah pada 13 Mei 1969. Ia telah mengorbankan banyak nyawa dan harta-benda adalah manifestasi hubungan antara kaum di Tanah Melayu yang sememangnya retak menanti belah. Peristiwa 13 Mei 1969 berlaku sebaik sahaja keputusan pilihan raya umum 1969 diketahui.

    Kacau bilau dan pertumpahan darah yang berlaku pada 13 Mei 1969 itu telah memaksa kerajaan untuk mengisytiharkan perintah darurat. DYMM Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong ketika itu dan atas nasihat Perdana Menteri dengan serta-merta telah mengisytiharkan darurat di seluruh negara. berkuat kuasa 16 Mei 1969. Pengisytiharan ini telah menyebabkan sistem kerajaan berparlimen digantung. Atas perakuan Perdana Menteri, Yang di-Pertuan Agong telah melantik Tun Razak bin Dato Hussein, Timbalan Perdana Menteri pada waktu itu sebagai pengarah Majlis Gerakan Negara (MAGERAN) yang bertanggungjawab menjalankan kuasa pemerintahan bagi Persekutuan berdasarkan kuasa yang diwakilkan oleh Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

    Majlis Perundingan Negara telah ditubuhkan bagi memastikan keberkesanan MAGERAN, Majlis Perundingan Negara yang bertanggungjawab untuk membincang dan meneliti isu-isu perpaduan negara serta mencari jalan menyelesaikan masalah masyarakat berbilang kaum. Majlis ini mendapati satu masalah yang paling ketara yang dikenal pasti ialah struktur masyarakat majmuk di Malaysia. Adalah didapati masyarakat Malaysia masih terbahagi atas dasar keturunan, agama dan pekerjaan. Perpaduan yang hendak dicapai bukan sahaja melibatkan penyatuan kaum sahaja tetapi adalah didapati penyatuan ekonomi dan sosial juga perlu dilakukan. Sehubungan dengan itu Majlis Perundingan Negara telah bersetuju membentuk satu ideologi negara yang kemudiannya dikenali sebagai Rukun Negara yang mempunyai lima prinsip utama iaitu:

    Kepercayaan kepada Tuhan
    Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara
    Keluhuran Perlembagaan
    Kedaulatan Undang-Undang
    Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan

    Dasar Ekonomi Baru juga dibentuk menerusi Majlis Perundingan Negara sebagai jentera penggerak untuk membasmi kemiskinan dan menyusun semula masyarakat. Majlis Perundingan Negara juga telah mencadangkan kepada kerajaan untuk mewujudkan Jabatan Perpaduan Negara untuk melaksanakan aktiviti berbentuk muhibbah Majlis Muhibah dan Pejabat Muhibah di peringkat pusat, negeri, daerah dan kawasan telah ditubuhkan di bawah peruntukan Peraturan-Peraturan Perlu (Majlis-Majlis Muhibah) 1969 yang telah diwartakan pada 18 Julai 1969.

  54. Feroz Merican says:

    Thankyou for the History Lesson Anwar Ibrahim, it’s good to see you still carry your old text book from the 70’s around. It reminded me of how boring Malaysian History was. My hope is that Malaysian History will be far, far more interesting from now on, and that textbooks will be written in English as well as Bahasa Malaysia.

  55. Melayu says:

    Dulu masa di alam remaja, sering kita ditakut-takutkan oleh BTN tentang nasib yg bakal menimpa org Melayu jika tidak berusaha gigih demi masa depan bangsa, Maka berduyun-duyunlah anak Melayu dhantar ke pusat pengajian tinggi, baik di dalam mahu pun luar negeri. Pentomen pun dilakonkan. Meremang bulu tengkuk bila semangat tu ditiupkan. Sedikit demi sedikit, keistimewaan anak Melayu diragut. Mula-mula kurangkan kuota ke universiti. Kemudian tukara biasiswa kpd pinjaman. Esok entah apa pulak. Namun kini, pentomen itu tidak bermakna lagi. Dengarnya sudah muncul seorang Nostrodomous Melayu (Anwar Ibrahim) di tengah kota. Katanya: ” Melayu tak payah jadi PM lagi.”

    Melayu yang lain pun teruslah dengan ratibnya.

  56. gooeyglobs says:

    Let Badawi listens to the Penang UMNO members to scrap all the Mega Projects. BADAWI WILL NOT for various reasons. It is not so much of how Penang will lose but Khairy. Without this Oxford guy, Badawi has difficulties to run the country. He is more interested to jet set knowing too well what he says will somehow be carried out. HE IS THE PM!

    How wrong he has been. Even in UMNO there are problems among the UMNO PUTRAS because the secret recipe of the corrupted pie is not evenly distributed. There is no more a sendirian berhad company but sole proprietorship.

    Let all of us give our earnest support to the Opposition Coalition by giving them the time to adjust and bring the country and people to a new Malaysia.

  57. Richy says:

    That’s the problem BN component party leaders. They know pretty well of how they are being exploited by UMNO and saying yes is mandatory for their survival. But when they are not in power their consciousness prevails.
    To Koh this is my advice, since you know for the 1st time you have started expressing truths publicly keep that momentum, don’t let it go. Your deep soul will praise you and you could find solace you never found before. Sooner or later Penagnites will forgive you.

  58. Amir says:

    It is not surprising! This is the nature of UMNO heads. Remember Trengganu? When PAS won the state for the first time? It was the UMNO terengganu that suggested thet the oil premium not be given to the state Govt….

  59. Amir says:

    sloone…there was a mistake in spelling of my e-mail . This is the right one

  60. Lim says:

    Hi Saudara Melayu,
    From your statement “Melayu tak payah jadi PM lagi.” sounds a little bit raceist. If the candidate are very potential to be fit in PM post to develope the country well and benefit all Malaysia together and have humanity policy to protect the poor, why not? Is it so much important to place which race to be candidate at the first place?
    USA citizen can accept Obbamah. Is he white @ black ? With non-racesim policy, USA has been so successfull in attracting brainful people to their country and make their country so well developed.

    Let me mind you too. Though if UMNO will to be the government in the future, no matter your Melayu children is from Oxford or Haward, they can never have a chance to be PM. Cauze in tradition UMNO is only for the bangsawan. Only the heir of those bangsawan can be appoint as PM.
    Still remember Mukhriz anak bangsawan Mahaldeal? He told Mr Bodohwi to step down and pass back PM power to Nagib altantuya cauze he is the heir of UMNO for this post just after the election on Sat 8 March. Some where 9 or 10 March. Mr Mahadeal only let him (Bodohwi) rule for one term. (Those bangsawan thoght Malaysia belongs to them. Are they any different from our Linggam Correct…Correct… ccorrect).
    Nagib Altantuya is the son of Tun Razak, Hishamstupid is the son of Hussin Onn and Mukhriz the Son of Mahaldeal. Perhaps you are heir from TAR. Opps…… maybe it does not work, cauze TAR was politically trown out by those bapa bangsawan above for their on pocket and politic power.

    The reason I said that UMNo is for the bangsawan class only…; find out at you tube titled “10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka” documentary from the life brave pahlawan in those days. Address at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNZzZlVgWxY And remember to find out more on UMNO. At that time, UMNO has restrain Tanah Melayu from Merdeka cauze tand prefferd those Brotish to continue exploit the country’s resources for their Queen of England Cauze they were affraid that they will Lost their Ketuanan and Bangsawan status after British has gone and no one to protect their imterest. History and culture never change after 50 years of independent, have our goverment BN bother to help the poor (Melayu). Or DEB in reality is just for the selected golongan dalaman BN sendiri? See it with your own eyes open “We Have The Best Agung But The Worst Ever PM ” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgDxzobREA

  61. Alex.M says:

    why does barisan ( umno) still fan the racial fire …..people have rejected it .Please come out of it and face reality. work for the people as a whole ..not any particular race as such….lets have the old times back….and enjoy as malaysians

  62. amoker says:

    Post election, UMNO and its media is the racist party. Everything also Malay rights. I tot UMNO includes the natives of Sabah, the Thais in Kedah and Portuegese of Malacca. If UMNO fights only for Malays, those UMNO members should ask if they are just ‘extra’s in the sandiwara. Maybe UMNO Sabah should ask itself why la bothering to be part of this racist party.

    btw, the Malay rights are already in the constitution.

  63. Laugoo says:

    Aiyoh, they just talk only lah! Do you think they really want to scrap all these projects? Do you think the cronies and the Ali Baba’s want these projects to stop? This is just plain poker bluff lah!

  64. Billau Chris says:

    I take my hat off to CM Lim Guan Eng for his morally courageous decision to offer an Ex-Gerakan leader in the person of Datuk Lee Kah Choon the position of Director in PDC and InvestPenang.

    The acceptance of the offer by Datuk Lee had certainly and greatly irked the Gerakan and BN Leadership to come out with their backward imprecations hurling at and against Datuk Lee for his unprecedented decision. Eventually, Datuk Lee had to resign from Gerakan in pursuit of what he believed to be right.

    Gerakan or BN coalition partners might describe Datuk’s action by any other negative such as betrayal, let down or disappointment; but, it must be realised that employment should and must not be dictated nor influenced by the seeker’s political, racial and cultural leanings. Perhaps, this incident might help change the mindset of the BN leaders.

    Let us analyse the situation. Gerakan faired badly in the last general election. Hence, many leaders would have lost their source(s) of income. Can the party continue to financially support the families of those who contested and lost? If not, then, the leadership must be magnanimous enough to allow its members to seek employment – which I think is a most noble thing to do to feed and cater to the needs of his family.

    DAP have set a good example and pace for other political parties to emulate. After all, Datuk being a Penang boy, continues to serve the people of Penang but under the two organisations formed by the previous ruling government. That is just a shift of position. Why the furore and anxiety? My hunch tells me that the game or the screw is slowly being tightened by the day

    Is BN trying to play the same stifling game as they played on Kelantan when PAS took over control of the State? By diverting the funds to other agencies or delaying in channeling fund to the State Government to which it is entitled.

    Reports are rife that the Penang 2nd Bridge and Mono-Rail projects are delayed to tme indefinite. Then the ministries under the BN Govrnment are channelling funds to its agencies rather than to the proper treasury of the state Government.

    Then we saw the dissolution of BALKIS and its transfer of its fund to communicae I. The whole exercise now stinks. Just wonder whether actions will be taken against those involved.

    Then came the diversion of funds. I sense that BN is going to delay the constuction of the two projects and financially squeezes and delays in channeling funds to Penang State Government.

    I hope the BN would do such stupid and familiar game for it will stand to loose in the long run.

  65. Jason Ang says:

    In fact i think you are anti gerakan for the sick o objecting, however after reading your comment , i also have the same feeling like you, fuck them lah

  66. Then we saw the dissolution of BALKIS and its transfer of its fund to communicae I

  67. mai says:

    marilah rakyat malaysia kita eratkan perpaduan kaum,marilah majukan malaysia,bersatulah kita……

  68. mai says:

    bersatu teguh bercerai kita roboh.

  69. mai says:

    Bersatu kita teguh bercerai kita roboh….

  70. mai says:


  71. ANON says:


  72. mantoya says:

    “INI MALAYSIA BUKAN MELAYU PUNYA,INI MALAYSIA CHINA INDIA PUNYA” boleh kita terima kata-kata anwar ibrahim yang menghiris perasaan orang melayu,bercakap biarlah berhati-hati x menyakiti bangsa lain ……..

  73. wits0 says:

    Matthew 15:18 “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart, and those defile the man.
    Anwar understands that simple truth. Umno monkees don’t.

  74. fikiran says:

    1 million Indonesians in the country, others like Khir Toyo suspected secret agents. Once again as in the past it will be the Chinese & Indians and maybe some “malays” from pkr who may end up dying defending M`sia.

    The fat BN ones have no stomachs for such thing. The cows will be chewing cud after donning their sarongs and become Indonesian collaborators.

  75. wits0 says:

    “As my teacher once said, “If you can’t control your mouth, there’s no way you can hope to control your mind.’ This is why right speech is so important in day-to-day practice…..”

    The Eightfold Path in Buddhism. … Right speech is the first principle of ethical conduct in the eightfold path. Ethical conduct is viewed as a guideline …

  76. kandi says:

    Najib get “subtle” warning “do this..or else..”…..

    “Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said here on Wednesday that China and Malaysia should beef up dialogue and cooperation and handle relevant issues in a proper way to jointly safeguard peace and stability on the South China Sea.
    In a meeting here with visiting Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on Wednesday, Wen said that the Declaration on the Code of Conduct on the South China Sea should be strictly followed.
    Najib said that Malaysia has recognized the complexity of the issue of the South China Sea and would like to address the issue through friendly consultation under the guidance of international laws.”

    Read carefully between the lines….Najib told to behave, but they alow him to jaguh kampung a bit.

  77. podah says:

    “This entry was posted on March 15, 2008 at 12:37 pm”

    Najib bcom peem April 3, donkey koh tsu coon become mentri after only to organise najis visit to temples. Now shut up aledi.

  78. fikiran says:

    ini munkee boleh jaga m`sia:

    “Nothing demonstrates the perverted priorities if not for the plain idiocies of Chief of Police Musa Hassan when he sought the help of Interpol to find Raja Petra Kamarudin. Then as if to remove any residual doubt we have of him, his senior officers questioned DAP leader Lim Kit Siang over an alleged seditious speech.”
    -m.bakri musa

  79. wits0 says:

    “Najib told to behave..”
    Wen got Spratly on his mind. (message: Don’t you get too aksi again!)

  80. fikiran says:

    Ini dia erti towering malay:

    IGP Musa Hassan: Simply Too Incompetent and Ignorant to Be Entrusted with Security of Malaysia
    IGP Musa Hassan’s Incompetence and Silliness
    Endanger Malaysia’s National Security

  81. kandi says:

    Wen got Spratly on his mind. (message: Don’t you get too aksi again!)

    Correct correct correct. Jaguh kampung kena tampar kat muka dia “shut up sit down small boy” ada 2 sumarine goyang bontot

  82. wits0 says:

    Actually I meant to say, “lansi”.

  83. kandi says:

    sama sama lah tu….jaguh kampung lansi ka, aksi ka

  84. kittykat46 says:

    Naj, don’t open your mouth too much in China.
    PLA Intelligence Bureau has a fat file on you, Scorpene and Altantuya….

  85. wits0 says:

    Wen’s not stupid ler. The Scorpene submarines mainly serve as the immediate threat/deterent to any foreign claims to Bolehland’s claim to that portion of Spratly, in potentially making any physical grab via sea invasion costly.

  86. podah says:

    A Viper’s Pit of Village Idiots

    It serves another purpose, too – displaying the mindset of a typical pro-UMNO Village Idiot. Which is not to say all Malays, but only those who inhabit this particular viper’s pit of village idiots.
    Here are some recent classic quotes that Walski found….

  87. fikiran says:

    “The Scorpene submarines mainly serve … sea invasion costly.”

    Dlm 30 minit itu 2 scorpene bawah laut, if sea invasion other side have more submarine. China got more than 100 sumarine, hilang 50 pun tak kisah.
    Ini 2 sumarine fo najis and cabinet to cabut.

  88. wits0 says:

    What the Scorpenes can most do is(if they get the correct intelligience in time first)is to position themselves motionless off Bolehlands bit of coral reef and hope to kill a couple of unsuspecting invading ships before being obliterated. Remember that China also has submarines good enough(silent enough) to suddenly surface amid the exercising US 7th fleet recently. It’s not as if the Scorpenes are the only silent running ones around.

  89. ANON says:


  90. MAIL says:


  91. MAIL says:


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