Perak still in a limbo by Oon Yeoh

KL based Mobile and Internet Researcher Oon Yeoh wants famous blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin to expose some insider story on why it was the PAS fella who was chosen Perak’s chief minister and not the PKR one, since both are Muslims.

Oon Yeoh says:

The situation with DAP in Perak has been resolved but now PKR is unhappy. So, the swearing in ceremony for the MB post has been postponed.

Actually PKR was unhappy from the start because it was supposed to be their guy who got the MB post. For reasons that are still unclear, it went to the PAS guy, although PAS has the least number of seats amongst the Opposition parties.

Kit Siang made the most noise and so everyone blasted him for jeopardizing the chance for the Opposition to run the state. The widely-followed Raja Petra puts the blame squarely on Kit Siang and doesn’t take into consideration the roles played by the other parties in this quagmire, namely PAS, PKR and the Palace.

Since he claims to have all kinds of insider sources, it would be good if he could give the rationale for why the party with the smallest number of seats ended up being the lead candidate for the MB post. That one is still a mystery.

He claims that PAS jumped the gun and unilaterally declared that it had secured the MB post. What he doesn’t explain is why PAS was in the running in the first place, being that it was the party with the least number of seats.

If the rationale is that the MB must be a Muslim, what is the PKR candidate, a Buddhist? A Christian? A Scientologist? No, he’s a Muslim too. So why PAS and not PKR?

I’m sure there is a sound reason, so hopefully Raja Petra can come up with one in the near future, since he has deep throats everywhere.

According to press reports, the Muslim criteria can be waived if the Sultan wishes it to be so. With DAP having more seats than PKR and PAS combined, there must have been a good reason why DAP didn’t get the MB-ship.

I’d like Raja Petra to explain that.

Lastly, since he insists that we all should be color-blind when it comes to the race of the MB, why can’t the MB be a Chinese? Why doesn’t Raja Petra champion that notion since he’s all for color-blind democracy.

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  2. wits0 says:

    Raja Petra stuffs are generally interesting but consistency is another thing as with substantiations all along.

  3. jedyoong says:

    Haiyah, the want a Malay-Muslim to keep the peace lah. What do the DAP types really know about Malay adat compared to PAS? And Islam too. Their religion is very important to them. Also a perception thing lah, to placate the malays.

    But agree that DAP Ngeh can learn also. No problem there.

    PKR candidate not qualified.

    I’m waiting for RPK to whack Syed Husin for demanding that the exco reflects the racial composition in the state! That’s so BN and racist! From “multi-racial” PKR!!!! What a joke!

    Accept the palace’s decision-lah.

    RPK is anti-DAP mah, so obvious right? So obvious right?

  4. ktemoc says:

    Good one, Susan, let’s hear another ‘nice story’ from RPK. And maybe he could throw in a bonus as to why PKR’s Jamaluddin derailed the swearing in of the PAS bloke as MB after DAP Lim KS has apologised to Raja Nazrin and withdrew his earlier naughty call for all DAP ADUNs to boycott the swearing in ceremony.

    Hmmm, shouldn’t Jamaluddin and the PKR be lambasted as Lim KS has been? Or, is only DAP deserving of lambasting, while PKR is automatically exempt from all faults?

  5. ktemoc says:

    Good one too Jed, read my where I questioned Dr Syed’s uncharacteristic call based on race!

    “Race” Bloody AGAIN! What then is the difefrence between PKR and UMNO?

  6. jedyoong says:

    correction, first line: ‘the’ should be ‘they’. 🙂

  7. wits0 says:

    RPK is sensational, yes. But color blind, not quite.

  8. jedyoong says:

    Wits, I agree that it’s good to read. But has become increasingly anti-DAP since parliament was dissolved. And his claims that DAP ceramahs are full of PAS flags. I find this very hard to believe. Maybe the PAS people can’t understand Chinese but I doubt they will stand around as DAP talks about defending Malaysians from Islam and cite numerous examples of “creeping Islamisation” like the Lina Joy apostasy case. PAS and DAP flags did fly together at PKR events and when PKR leaders spoke at ceramahs usually carried by the “Barisan Rakyat” which is not endorsed by DAP.

    Also remember his recent rant that without PKR, DAP will never get the Malay vote. Prob true-lah but to “threaten” DAP like that….

    Yes, KT, I believe we agree on this. I am shocked and dismayed at Syed Husin’s comment. And from a supposed progressive intellectual too.

    Where is our favourite media whore — Anwar Ibrahim? No comment on this contentious issue? Just like how he was silent for some time when the Lina Joy verdict came out?

    In the same article, RPK actually admitted that the PKR candidate against Azalina was bought by about RM1mil. I dunno if this is another wild claim by him. He used this example to “defend” the “market talk” that PKR candidates are more easily bought than PAS and DAP. But I have to give it to the declared winners for staying on the same side of the fence. Is Jeffrey Kitigan elected? Must be strange to have his brother on the other side. Maybe Pairin will exact revenge on BN finally now.

    Let’s hope RPK will berate Syed Husin for “racial politics”…..

  9. wits0 says:

    RPK goes frantic-like at election time…very emotionally possessed and involved. In ’99 he berated the Chinese for not supporting Keadilan, at a time when Anwar was seriously mistrusted. Was that logical or fair? Indeed now this Husin Ali, who I normally regarded as a balanced and one of the better guy in PKR, seems to have gone overboard, will RPK berate him or just be selective about it, or perhaps instead spin for him?

  10. Facial says:

    Hi bodohs!!! This matter is how ( on what basis) a “Muslim ??” is nominated as CM by Raja NAZI.

    Going forward if you all are dare direct your writings to the Nazi instead to RPK.

    This is call “Malaysia boleh”

  11. jedyoong says:

    He was indeed frantic and dedicated TWO articles to Lim Kit Siang.

    How could he blame the Chinese for not voting PKR in 1999 when they were petrified by the chaos that PKR-PAS brought to the streets of KL. Some even said it reminded them of 1969. Some Chinese businessmen were relieved that Anwar and his power-crazy boys were gone from UMNO. Some were sick of Anwar’s rabid Islamisation and super pro-Malay policies like Bahasa Baku, 3M and appointing non-Chinese-educated vice-principles in Chinese schools.

    Can you blame the Chinese for preferring DAP and PAS (in Kelantan) over PKR when PKR-aligned writers like RPK constantly reminds us of how important PKR is in getting the Malay vote? And how only with PKR can DAP be in government ‘cos of the Malay vote. I’ve addressed this in a post where I argued that PKR just leeches on DAP and PAS supporters or anti-establishment votes, esp anti-UMNO. Ong Kian Mine, political scientist, wrote that the Malay swing on average was 5 to 10 per cent but higher in Selangor.

    I hope the PAS, DAP, PKR esp PKR doesn’t get into their heads that the people voted for their ideologies but recognise the anti-pak lahh sentiment within umno; issues that cut across races like rising cost of livng; and non-Malay frustration.

    Although I am frustrated with LKS’s iron grip in DAP, I believe he has apologised and did it because of principles. He promised his supporters that he will defend them from Islam and wants to stay true to his words.

  12. jedyoong says:

    Hey brother/sister Facial, pls know your law, if not don’t comment on politics. It’s a requirement but can be waived as the sultan’s discretion. obviously it’s a bad idea to give it to a Chinese (yes, race-based) when the Opp coalition only has a simple majority…

    UMNO has what 28 seats on its own. And Perak ground is tense. Most Malays voted for UMNO, as per the result. Have some wisdom, like the Perak royal family.

    That says a lot. The combined Malay parties PKR and PAS only has 13 seats. And some PKR also from non-Malay support. So it’s clear that the Malays in Perak support UMNO.

  13. chicken says:

    Firstly, getting a Chinese CM to rule a community where more than 50% is Malay/Muslim is disasterous. Same if it’s the other way round. The Sultan is a smart man. He is choosing a candidate that best fits his State. Race does not come in here, how comfortable his people can accept the new MB matters.

    As all said, PKR candidate is not qualified. Check out on his bio, please.

    Having said that, all this “PAS jump the gun…”, “DAP …to pacify its supporters” is irrelevant. Seems like I whack you first, you have to whack me back. Three parties whack each other, forgetting that the people who votted them in with high hopes are hurting at the side.

    I am hoping to see someone from the coaltion be “big” enough to give way and put the people first.

  14. raverz says:

    I had a brief look at the profile of the PAS dude and his CV is impressive….he speaks malay, tamil and chinese. have yet to see the dossier on the other 2 candidates.

    Coming from a non-malay, i think we should give this guy a shot. PAS has shown it’s capability with Kelantan’s debt left by BN. Let’s see how DAP perform in Penang and then we can gauge who should take the spot in Perak in 2013 if not 2011.

  15. jedyoong says:

    “I am hoping to see someone from the coaltion be “big” enough to give way and put the people first.”

    Hi chicken, I agree too. When I read LKS’s statement, I really thought that the state might as well return to BN.

    While tit-for-tat is childish, RPK has a history of anti-DAP or very pro-PKR articles. So that’s why we (wits, kaytee and I) are waiting to see if he would similarly criticise Syed Husin’s demand for the exco to be based on Perak’s racial composition. It’s an appalling statement as PKR is supposed to be a “truly multi-racial” party that’s beyond race….


    In God, we trust. Let us always vote wisely.

  16. jedyoong says:

    Yes, raverz, Nazir’s CV is impressive compared to the PKR candidate…. 🙂 Let some form of meritocracy and wisdom prevail for the good of the people who voted for PKR, PAS and DAP.

  17. Mac Cant says:

    PAS is just a wolf masquerading like a sheep. Looking at the doctrine of PAS, we know that PAS will be like the Taliban in Afghanistan when it attains total power in Malaysia.

    So don’t be duped by this Perak’s Nazi who wants to see Malaysia as an Islamic state.

    When PAS has the power to form an Islamic state, PAS rule will be worst than UMNO’s Hadhari.

    Let PAS confines to Kelantan only.

    Is there any democracy/ human rights in a Islamic country? Wake up lah you Muslims/ non-Muslims!

  18. weather forcast man says:

    RPK is just like a political chameleon and a mercenary. He is the spoke-man for the royals and now a Mahathir’s running dog.

    That’s why this RPK has a mood that behaves like a weather.

  19. jedyoong says:

    Who says? Is Kelantan very bad? It’s very safe. Non-Muslims can carry on. Some minor problems with alcohol, etc but a small price to pay for peace of mind. What’s the point of having “entertainment” when crime has soared over 40 per cent since Badawi became PM?

    What do you mean by Islamic state? In your mind, you are probably thinking of Saudi and Iran. But in Kelantan, it’s not like that at all. Although compared to Penang, Kelantan is far from developed. However, it is a huge state and Kota Bahru is much more developed than BN-held Kuala Terengganu.

    I think although it may appear that women are oppressed in Islam cause of their clothes, they are actually respected but have a different role in society compared to Western ideas where women should work. Respect is more than equality. It also means women are not ogled at or looked at as sex objects which makes work quite hard if you have a ham sup boss with loose morals.

    I think the main fear lies with Muslims as PAS is seen to be more restrictive than UMNO. But is there real freedom in UMNO? As a previous regular clubber when I covered entertainment, it’s appaling how the religious authorities treats Muslims during raids, especially the Malay girls. Is this better?

    Also, now fasting has become so compulsory that it borders on the absurd. Before, a long time ago, Malays can eat in public without fear of being caught. Now, some rely on non-Malay friends to pack food for them. Is this another freedom under UMNO?

    It was also UMNO who made it harder, if not impossible, for Muslims to leave Islam. Before Mahathir amended the constitution in the 80s, you can just go to court and renounce your religion. More liberal policies?

    Human rights under UMNO? After so long, the UMNO-led government have yet to ratify the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Maybe when you say Islamic state, it sounds scary. But upon analysis, UMNO may be the Talibans.

  20. jedyoong says:

    Oh, I was replying to Mac Cant. 🙂 Happy Day!

  21. myop101 says:

    I believe in the concept of market forces where we should have competition for power. So what if PAS is a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

    We need to make sure there is enough check and balance and even an alternative government in waiting. That way, all political parties will feel dispensable and clamour for our support. The ultimate winner is the rakyat and democracy.

    Yes, I am interested to know what is the development too hence RPK should spin something on it.

  22. Ranger says:

    There is bad communication between state and National levels in the parties, especially so PAS. Even Pas did not even know that their guy, did submit his name for consideration. It was a wee bit late when they knew about it. PAS. at national level, did not even dream of it. DAP and PKR were agrreable to the PKR candidate, anyway the Regent for reasons only known to himself threw a spanner into the works. DAP and PKR, have to wake up from their slumber, that they are no more in the opposition, that they are the rulers.

    This bickering is bad for morale amongst all, PKR,PAS and DAP supporters. They should trash out thier problems in a Kedai Kopi out of earshot of the opposition(BN). Then only give out statements. Right now Anwar, Hadi and Lim Kit Siang are on it, to resolve the crisis, which is not. Except being bloody stupid minded.

  23. Dumd says:

    Another moron running site ….
    U have the same tiny brain like Lim Kit Siang, if u have a question with RPK, email him, if u have a question with sultan desicion, call the sultan, is that race really matter on who is the MB of Perak ????

    What Lim Kit Siang able or did in the past ?
    Why Lim kit Siang never won anything in The past (i don’t recall anything) ?

    We need a QUALITY MB or some one represent us, not Lim Kit Siang he don’t have the QUALITY, other then doing all the long kan job … cause his tiny brain (like u) is only able to see what going to happen in next 5 hour, not the next five year ……..


  24. Roxanne says:

    Yeah, I’m also waiting for RPK to bash Anwar the genius who advised the Husin the idiot. If he doesn’t, then we know he’s partial to Anwar and not at all neutral as he claimed. And would I still have respect for RPK after this? I’ll wait and see.

  25. DewA_LavaU says:

    can someone please ask DSAI to read all of our concern here?

  26. malayamuda says:

    This is what happens when we have new kids on the block.

    whats really happening is that the Sultans have finally found courage to dictate terms to their non UMNO Governments.

    when an Indonesian was nominated Menteri Besar a few years ago in a prarticular state, the sultan had no qualms about it. Now in the same state the sultan requests even the Deputy Menteri Besar to be a Malay Muslim. Now what logic is that ?

    When UMNO used to appoint the most corrupt as EXCO members and leaders with absolutely no leadership qualities, no questions were asked. They were instated but now we have sultans who are even cancelling sweaing in ceremonies after guests have arrived.

    Isn’t this a sign that DAP/PKR/PAS Governments are being bullied by the Royalty ? Something that was unheard of before………………….

  27. sceptical says:

    chicken Says:

    March 14, 2008 at 6:39 am

    “I am hoping to see someone from the coaltion be “big” enough to give way and put the people first.”

    Don’t worry, the DAP will give way. The chinese always does.

  28. jedyoong says:

    sceptical: actually, it’s called compromise. pas didn’t need to join the dap-pkr pact. then dap-pkr can’t form govt. too bad the pkr-pas also cannot. so how? pas can also join umno? then end of story lor. just a few more only mah cross over to BN. 🙂

  29. sceptical says:

    jedyoong: Compromise eh? So what is PAS giving up then? Barisan Nasional, Barisan Rakyat, same difference. In the end, it’s all about race. Might as well call a spade a spade, eh? Sure, most of the posters here claim that they don’t really care about that, that what matters is a guy who can do a competent job. Well, talk costs nothing. Now that there is a real possibility that DAP might just sneak in to the top post, I don’t see much cheering.

  30. weather forecast man says:


    Our former colonial master from England has recently rejected Sharia law, please read this:

    Does Sharia Promote Human Rights?

  31. jude says:

    if only anwar is reading the stuff posted here…..sigh…. but once again, all you “netizens”, and bloggers and whoever else in cyberspace who have contributed to the forums here have more sense, brains, compassion, wisdom and wit (!) than all those flers we just elected into office…..

  32. Xman says:

    It’s interesting that Anwar has remained silent. Regardless of his degree of trustworthiness, he is the only one who knows what’s it like running a big government. I saw YouTube videos of how LKS reprimanded BN for their sexist MBs, despite the nobel cause, man he sounded pathetic, like RPK’s description – dog barking at a hill. Maybe that’s all he was cut out to do. At this changed landscape where opposition controls 5 states, his likes are a liability.

    I’m not a Malay, but I think in the current political reality, the Chinese who think that Perak exco should be dominated by the Chinese because they won the most seats have no BRAINS to see what is going to happen come next election. F***ing idiots!!!!! This is not about YOU! This is not about HERE! This is not about NOW! This is not about what’s FAIR or NOT! This is about getting it right for the generations to come, and being able to keep what we have here for the long run. Stupid short sighted idiotic people are a liability for this fragile precious thing we have here now.

  33. tyu says:

    sceptical, it’s reality lah. Yes, it’s all about race, that’s true everywhere. Do you think a black man will become US president, I highly doubt it. It’s all euphoria now, but people will show their true color when they stand to lose the status quo.

  34. jedyoong says:

    Weather Forecast,

    Of course I know. After all, the Archbishop of Canterbury is on the wrong side of the fence. 😉

    Btw, remember our former and now disgraced Chief Justice also wanted to replace English law with Sharia. Haiyah, just a matter of time only? Better choose the best government. 😉

    Anyway, maybe I am easy ‘cos Sharia doesn’t apply to me…:)

    Of course in principal I oppose Sharia law. But it may be a reality in Muslim-majority Malaysia anyway. So I am not gonna start some religious war, against Christian teaching, but learn to live as a minority in a Muslim country. That’s why I am more inclined to support a party that allows more religious freedom compared to UMNO.

    sceptical: of cos we are so sophisticated, we can look beyond race. but not everyone like us. some people’s identities are very rooted in race and religion. not gonna change overnight but it’s slowly improving after BN destroyed it with its divide-and-rule strategy. but racism shouldn’t be institutionalised although we may never be completely neutral as far as we try to be.

    i agree it’s flawed to give it to a malay-muslim but perceptions are very important. i think lots of people still can’t see a yellow skin as someone who can be a Malay and Muslim leader without being Malay or Muslim.

    xman: ya-lar. where is anwar? he was issuing so many statements and saying so much. now on such an important matter MIA and passed the buck to syed husin?

  35. caravanserai says:

    Perak is still waiting for her government
    Parties in the coalition can’t put off their differences
    Give one try to get back two
    In the end no ceremony for the swearing-in of MB

    Now we see the colors
    The trooping smell of different odors
    Why can’t they buy the same product?
    So there will be no excuse to complain

    LKS got the heat glowing
    When he was contained but with fiery eyes
    Syed Husin came with PKR demands
    On the eve of the ceremony
    PKR protested on the seats allocation

    The Perak Sultan got his wisdom
    In picking the right person for the job
    Every leader in the coalition had accepted him
    But it is the executive councilor seat derailed it

    In the end Barisan Rakyat felt cheated
    Giving our votes for change……….
    And we find these parties
    Thinking they are ‘the lords of the ring!’

    Don’t play race anymore
    We are Malaysians so we will be
    Through our lives this country
    She will be our home to stay

  36. Tim says:

    AFAIK, the rep from PAS is more highly qualified.

    Admittedly it is a very complex and complicated situation – however, anyone who wants to blast Lim Kit Siang as racist is definitely blaming the wrong guy.

    It is the constitution of Perak that is racist, not Lim Kit Siang.

  37. Ally says:

    I think we are all too quick to start judging (myself included as I was so furious at all of them the last few days!!).

    I expect squabbles to happen because all the new MPs and AM are still new-kids-on-the-block adjusting to being in power rather than the opposition benches!

    In my heart, I believe that it will all work out and that we will have five years to judge them on their deeds/actions.

    They will have to live up to or expectations, barring Federal limits on them, or we will throw them out.

    Let’s all take a step back and give them some paces to settle down!!

  38. HEE says:

    For me, I have no objection of Malaysia of being a Muslim state or whatever religion it is based on but I do have objection when a religious based policy is imposed on others or deny others their civil liberty. PAS is known to do just that.

    PAS has imposed their Islamic doctrine on others who do not share their ideology. Heck, PAS even denies their own cultural heritage. This is what most Malaysian find objectional. Their uncompromisable stance also further induce fear from non-muslim that once they have the power, they will not care of the feeling of others. Others might not share what Islam think is good for human being.

    If GOD is almighty, and you truly believe in that, you should not feel insecure that your followers will not follow the teaching of God. You need not create laws that punish your followers. God, the almighty is supposed to be able to punish them in his own way, unless God intended it to happen that way for greater purpose. Are all Muslim feel so unsecure about the reach of God that they have to punish their fellow Muslims on behalf of God?

    I am an Agnostic. I don’t deny nor accept if God exists, I just want to keep an open mind on this until the day I see prove of his existance. I want to be able to experiment with everything concerning life and understand better why we exist in the first place. An answer that God has not answered adequately. And I want to have the freedom to express my doubt among people who believe in God without being punished or scorned by the followers. PAS and PAS followers do not show they will accept or embrace people such as me. Unfortunately, a lot of Chinese belong to this category. Please don’t blame the Chinese for not accepting PAS. Blame yourself for not able to accept others. (start with your own party membership composition.)

  39. Rae says:

    I’m just wondering over these past few days about LKS statement , why hasn’t Anwar opened his mouth yet regarding to this issue?? Anyone know why?

  40. skwong says:

    That’s a good one from the other side of the colour. Yes if its truly colour blind ” who get the most seat b the MB” y not? Raja Petra since u are the one who started all tis. Y there must be a colour to that. DAP has gracefully surrender the selangor seat to the majority and the kedah y can we giv the majority the win? YYYYY? If you truly be colour blind.

  41. Rae says:

    I’m Indian, I feel very sad everytime any political party especailly when the non muslim party opens their mouth or suggestion, they lambasted left and right . We as Malaysian have long gone lost our rights here . It’s always the nons that give in and end up losing and feeling rejected. God knows whether M’sia will ever be a place where people would rather live and die here or keep finding alternatives to leave this country

  42. jhimsi says:

    50 years of indoctrination, cannot be dispensed of in a few weeks.

    Even in the US, after 200 years of black discrimination, there are still strong elements of discrimination.

    So, is Malysia’s case much different ? Yes, we all want a fair and just society, but are we willing to fight for it and stay the course.

    From the many comments i have read in the blogshere, many have given-up, or ‘merajuk’.

    It makes we wonder whether we are all ‘give-uppers’ !!!!

    Please dear friends, be realistic. Life is full of problems. If we give up, who then is going to solve the problems ? As the saying goes, “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”!

    We have given BR the mandate to manage certain states and a strong opposition voice in parliament. So let it be. Are we so naive as to think there will be no infighting in BR !!!??? Friends, in every political party be it UMNO, PAS, DAP, PKR, MCA, MIC etc.. there will always be infighting, what more in a loose coalition like BR.

    Friends, this is not a FAIRY TALE where after 08/03 we all live happily ever after !!!

    The fate of this nation rest on how the leaders and the rakyat handle and solve differences and problems.

    What are we scared of ? Scared that BN will pick up our faults and say ‘I told you so…’ and blow all our chances of peace, fairness and justice.

    I say f**k the BN. They can do and say what ever they like. It is of no consequence, unless we fall into their traps again. If we remain strong and united the BN is finished, no matter what our weaknesses are.

    Some of you cannot accept that the BR parties have weaknesses. You expect everything to be perfect, all ‘lovely dovey’. Hey, come back to reality man! Name me a perfect politician…and maybe then you can see God himself!!!

  43. Ahila says:

    MR.DAP/PKR/PAS…the people have voted without considering the colour of skin. The MASS decided to be just MALAYSIAN…why cant you three unite and compromise.Arguing and threathening at the very beginning is reflecting badly upon your coalition.BN is happy! IS that why we voted for you? We want a better gov.than BN. If you respect your voters…compromise for the sake of Barisan Rakyat. For 50 years we allowed the Malays to be anak manja with speciallities..we tolerated! Why? Because we believed in ourselves..we believed in God.Did the Chinese and Indians starve because thebumis were given all the previlages…NO ! We strived to live…we did it the hard way.We are still standing strong despite the bias gov.BUt do you know what , we also found out the previlages did not reach many poor Malays.We speak for them too. SO, MR.DAP/PKR/PAS….unite,think positively and remember…BN is watching and dying to laugh at you at even the slightest mistakes. UNITE ,please..En.LIM/ANWAR/NIK ….for us, your voters !

  44. CH Siew says:

    Reading the comments given by readers here, I am really disappointed that many of us are still racist under the skin.

    Worst thing is that no sooner there is light in Malaysia’s future, it qickly turns dark, and all these no thanks to BN because they haven’t even done anything yet. The fact that the three parties are fighting in Perak and Selangor clearly shows that they have forgotten their vow for impartiality before the election. The so call Malaysian Malaysia is only skin deep, where is meritrocracy now?

    What had happened here simple let voters feel that they have wasted their precious votes and they become the laughing stock of BN. Honestly I read about the proposed MB from PAS and his CV certainly qualifies for the job. Race should not matter as long as this person is qualified by his ability. Sultan Azlan Shah has made the right choice and should be respected.

    I believe what upset PKR is not who the MB is but their position in Ex-co is compromised with 1 seat taken from their original 2. My question is whether it is so important that DAP MUST HAVE 8 seats? They would have a majority say with the original 6 seats arrangement, and in my view would be the best formation. Learning from what happened in the past, there is no good with a overwelming majority, see where is BN now?

    It is wise of the Sultan to cancel the swearing in ceremony because he knows that Perak would be in deep trouble with the three monkeys fighting each other. He took action to make sure that they stay in line. I really wonder how is it that these three monkeys cannot compromise and negotiate at all behind close door. They need to come out in the open to threaten the break down of the team, in effect tear away people’s dream of a one people nation? Not only that, the evidence from this blog even shows that their action affected their supporters who so easily revert back to their old form of racist politics.

  45. jedyoong says:

    Where is ANWAR man? What’s his stand? Isn’t he the de facto leader of the loose coalition of PKR-PAS-DAP? Why is he not showing his wisdom and direction in this time of crisis? Is he overseas on some speaking engagement again, like how he had to pop over to Singapore in the middle of campaigning and as conveniently in India just after the Hindraf rally?

  46. weather forecast man says:

    After a Tsunami, we know the opposition got to pick up the pieces. So it’s a assiduous tasks for the opposition to work diligently together for the benefits of the rakyat in Perak.

    The political forecast is the opposition has a bright future in Perak and Semanunjung whereas for the BN, it’s a bleak future for them who want to continue looting the nation with their old looting system.

    So the opposition has to do is to put service before self. The mindset is different now (from opposition to ruling) and takes time to phase into the ruling mode. Ditto to the rakyat and bloggers here. So don’t get irritated or upset after the Tsunami. It’s common everywhere in the world.

    A Chinese proverb says ‘ for starting ten thousand tasks are all difficult’.

    So there is no problem in ruling a smart state like Perak if there is no blatant corruptions, cronyism and nepotism but working diligently with conviction and steadfast to the rakyak.

    The forecast is indeed very bright for the states of Perak, Penang and Selangor as long as the sky is blue, clear and bright. There will be transparency, accountability, reliability, honesty and responsibility in the administering of these states. As for Kelantan and Kedah, there is dark cloud still hovering in the sky and will be there for a long long time.

    As to other states under BN sky, sorry dear, let the BN continue ‘main’ until there is another Tsunami 2 to clear all the dark clouds in the sky.

    Perak is just having drizzling right now which will be cleared in a week or so. So ‘tahan’ and stay at home and when sky is clear, then all can come out playing football, badminton, basketball, fishing, dating etc.

    Selangor”s sky is clear now and thanks to Selangor Sultan. The god of weather will bless him and his rakyat with plenty of sunshine and rain water. Selangor will flourish and everybody has a bright future in Selangor.

    The Toyo clique in Selangor will have tough time riding rough storms and thunder, unless he and clique surrender all the loots stolen from the Selangor land. The weather is building up a thunderous strike waiting for the final fatal blow.

    So there is sunny and dark sky in the Semenanjung and it’s all depend on your wise choosing. The final choice is your, and you have that power.

    Good day and that is the weather forecart in Malaysia right now.

  47. KShan says:

    Don’t be fooled, guys! I’ve stopped reading Raja Petra’s blog for a while now due to his inconsistency in not doing what he preaches.

    Whatever YB LKS did, it’s a message that DAP leadership believed must be conveyed so as not to lose it’s traditional supporters, and that of the party’s stand on this issue. I would surely not vote for DAP “IF” he didn’t at least try to push for the MB post. Because if he didn’t, it would have meant that DAP belief in fairness, justice, meritocracy and democracy are all but talks!

  48. La Cha Mau says:

    A lot of you are wondering why the PKR candidate was not chosen as the MB. You must first ask why he was chosen by PKR and not the other 6 PKR elected assemblymen. You mean to tell me that he is the most qualified candidate among all the 6 PKR reps. Don’t you guys know that he was ex-postman with no tertiary or even college education. How do you expect him to lead a delegation abroad on an international trade investment mission. Hey, the PAS guy is a consultant engineer and a highly educated intellectual, mind you. And the DAP guy, alas….is a CHINESE.

    You should have known the score before you stood for the elections in a State with a Sultanate. If you expect to be the Numero Uno then go to Melaka, Penang, Sabah & Sarawak to contest seats.

    As for me, I have always been against the ideals & policies of PAS and yet, in this instance, I will fully and whole-heartedly support the decision to appoint the PAS rep as the MB because amongst the three, he is the most qualified PERIOD.

  49. steven says:

    Wow, so many sifus. With due respect i think it’s a bit unfair to all the personalities involved to be whacked without really knowing what actually transpired behind doors. If we can afford to take 50 years to have the courage to test the untried why can’t we afford to grant them just a couple of weeks to work out since the die has already been casted.

    Politics has never been an easy game…and what we see is not what we get..

    Since we have already bought the tickets might as well sit it out and enjoy the show

  50. hihi080308 says:

    Anwar??? …. hahahaha.

    He is waiting for the right moment to make a statement and appear as a HERO and saviour to the coalition. Don’t forget he is trained by THE master of “MalaysianPolitics” (ONE WORD!!)

    If saya “tidak senang lupa”, I do remember he said his main task now is to “help” to set up the state government in Perak, Selangor, Kedah(?), Penang and Kelantan(?) the day after the tsunami……… or…….

    He is busy “lobbying” in Sarawak-Sabah now!!!!

  51. Suresh says:

    I dont give a hoot who becomes the CM or who has the more exco seats – so long as its not BN Why is Lim Kit Siang and the DAP behaving like this – rememmber last election they had nothing ! Some times just when it looks like we have made some progress , we take a step back.

  52. KShan says:

    jedyoong Says:
    “That says a lot. The combined Malay parties PKR and PAS only has 13 seats. And some PKR also from non-Malay support. So it’s clear that the Malays in Perak support UMNO.”

    That’s so true!! I’ll even go further by saying that DAP win was due to votes coming from its traditional supporters, and supporters from MCA and Gerakan, and more so by the words of mouth!!

    Moving forward, DAP has to rebrand and rely on itself. Although I’m not sure if this is ever possible, letting go of its principles will be disastrous!

    Never depend on PKR. Ask around, guys, how much people trust Anwar? You’ll see the true picture… PKR won because they’re riding on the wave of anti-BN!

  53. wits0 says:

    Hee, “..but I do have objection when a religious based policy is imposed on others or deny others their civil liberty. PAS is known to do just that.”

    So far, in the context of the West Coast states, it’s actually umno that has been covertly doing just that with accelerating speed, for quite a while, because Mahathir declares M’sa an “islamic state” to pander to his own religious ultras. So the threat is more real and manifested under BN already. When judge Fairuz openly opined his preference for that, it becomes clear that the umno/BN are prepared to push this down everyone’s throat. There are also malay muslims who tend to disagree but who are understandably more constrained, like Syed Akhbar Ali who wrote, “Malaysia and the Club of Doom”. In an entire book he has taken pains NOT to openly pin the cause of failure in all those dysfunctional states he mentioned but the implication is clear.

    Among all those who claim to be disenchanted with LKS over the MB issue and say that they’ll never vote DAP again, I think some are fakes and cyber troopers. Well, I voted both for PKR and PAS under the arrangement of 1 – 1 basis. I have not regretted that at all since and will do it again if the next GE is tomorrow. It is not stupid to vote against the manifested and established scourge first than to vote against a perceived one.

  54. Penang exile says:

    Many of you are now starting to miss the point of the delay in the swearing-in. It will still go on. All HRH Sultan Azlan Shah wants is a coalition agreement and a common manifesto to be presented to him first. The moment these documents are finished, then the date and time of the swearing-in ceremony will be announced. As to why DAP’s Ngeh did not get to be the MB, he was not appropriate due to his past history. In fact for those of us who know him, he does not have the qualities of a good MB or even deputy MB. He was chosen by default simply because he is the state chairman. The Sultan did not have much choice to choose from. Of the 3, only Nizar stood out, and even then, if what some people are saying about him is true, there seems to be a selfish streak in him which may be his and the BR in Perak’s undoing in the future.

  55. Feng Shui master says:

    Anwar Ibrahim

    The king of sandiwara

    Just watch!

    Why Mahathir have to sacked him? Think further.

  56. HEE says:

    wits0 — Yes, I forgot to mention, UMNO is doing the same thing. I suspect PRK will too if they have enough majority. I am not saying DAP, MCA or others won’t do the same thing but because they are busy fighting for ‘equal rights’, the discussion is non-existing.
    Human being are greedy and power hungry. They will want more even when they have enough. I don’t see any leader from any party that hasd said, “since we are the most powerful, the majority, we strive to protect the weak and the minority so that we can strike a balance and harmony in our society.”

  57. Penang exile says:

    Oon Yeoh – It is not that the MB cannot be a Chinese, but it is simply a matter of which Chinese is being put up as a candidate. There are no suitable ones in the current Perak BR line-up. Had there been a first class Chinese candidate, the Sultan or his Regent could have been persuaded. Unfortunately, the DAP slate in Perak leaves a lot to be desired.

  58. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I have been streneously lobbying(among friends)for any oppositions to kick the BN ass out during the pre-elections and now there seems to be a magnitude of diverse discord among the oppositions. Whew.


    Have I ever told u that ur blog was the best? Even hotter now, in view that many bloggers are dropping by. I really wanna help u in contributing financially in your blog in creating awareness about the rotten BN government, unfortunately I am poor. I have under RM100 pair of working boots that had undergone a cobler’s “surgery” twice and been wearing it for more than 5 years. But way to go, girl. 😀

  59. Penang exile says:

    KShan – It is not exactly true that more Malays in Perak support UMNO just because they appear to have more seats. BN’s gerrymandering has ensured that Malay majority seats tend to have smaller number of voters as compared to mixed or Chinese-majority seats. It is a pity the SPR data this time round is quite screwed up and not very good for a proper analysis.

  60. steven says:

    Malaysiakini reported ‘Deal stitched, all systems go in Perak’

  61. Xman says:

    Race based politics is still here, and is here to stay for a long time to come. Those press people who wrote that the way Malaysia has voted shows that a new dawn of racial unity has appeared were writing more about their personal aspirations rather that the reality of the situation. I am amazed at how so many people thought that everything had changed overnight!

    However it’s pointless to whine about it. You can whine all you want about fairness, justice, meritocracy and democracy, it’s not going to happen, nothing’s going to change. So what are you going to do about it? Whine some more about it? So you have the moral higher ground, so what? The other party are to just roll over and acquiescent? Stop being childish.

    We just have to accept what is realistically possible now and fight for that and not for want of the two in the bush, loose what’s in the hand. If BR can be a strong united front, it will lay the foundation for a 2 party system which will eventually improve the situation for everyone. Most of the real democracies in the world are like this, due to the dynamics of a 2 party system, there would be strong pressure to ensure that everyone (all races) are taken care of.

    It is in the interest of non-Malays to compromise as much as possible now. Get that into your heads. Look at what is realistically reasonable for the long term brighter future. If the Malays don’t like what happens now, next election Umno will come out strongly with their ketuanan melayu package and once again non-Malays will be reduced to be like dogs barking at the hill.

    The question now is whether the people who have ushered in this new coalition will face the challenges ahead with maturity, or whine away about it like babies. I’m not a Malay but I can see RPK has shown great insight on the current events, he’s worried about long term survivability of an opposition force that is to be reckoned with, while a lot of people here are throwing tantrums like little kids about things they can’t and will never be able to change.

  62. Feroz Merican says:

    Somebody made a good point earlier apropos Anwar Ibrahim. Did his party really put forward a candidate for CM with poor credentials and modest abilities? Then they deserve to have their man rejected. The Malays in the state are far more conservative than the Malays in Penang and even Selangor, Ipoh Timur should know that with all his experience.
    So Anwar and Kit Siang have had their first major screwup , and in less than a week, too. Then DAP goes behind PKR’s back and makes a deal with PAS on the allocation of Exco seats, naturally PKR are dismayed.

    To be honest, if this is the way the 3 parties are going to work together, I give this ad hoc, loose coalition less than 6 months before one of the partners pulls out and returns the state to UNMO and BN. Very shabby all around, amateurs and part timers guarding a large piece of turf crawling with snakes. I don’t really care what a blogger says, I care what a leader like Anwar Ibrahim says. And when.

  63. Penang exile says:

    Feroz – Both PKR and DAP did not put forward their best candidates (if any). I suspect it was because the best candidates were either standing in other states, defeated or only stood for parliamentary seats. Very clear they never thought they could win Perak or they would have put together a reserve pool of potential state leaders.

  64. Penang exile says:

    Feroz – My understanding about the 8 EXCO DAP fiasco is that Nizar made overtures to DAP first and made a secret pact with them as he feared they would NOT support him for MB, thanks to LKS statement.

  65. hutchrun says:

    Now Mukhriz tells Badawi to bugger off:

    Friday, March 14, 2008
    The Letter Pak Lah doesn’t want us to read

  66. simple sam says:


    The PKR man is not very well spoken – and probably dont even speak english. The PAS man is a civil engineer & lastly the perception thingy.

    PAS man gets the job. simple.

    The Perak Sultan ain’t no fool. simple.

    Lastly, WGAFck who is the MB? Anyone even blind Freddy is better than the below avg BN man.

    Simple ain’t it. it’s only for 4 years.

    p/s history never to be repeated.

  67. Jeevan says:

    LKS deserved every whack he got, including from this blog, for his call to boycott the Sultan’s choice.

    Now as to PKR getting whacked, or PAS, they will, once Tok Guru or DSAI issue a statement as silly as the one by LKS. The fuss would have been much less if it had come from a lesser personality in the DAP.

    As far as whacking RPK is concerned, have the guts to do it to his face in Malaysia Today, but if you are actually foolish enough to question the rights of the Sultan of Perak to choose who he deems best for the job, then it might be time to brush up on the Constitution.

    Seems a bit petulant, to blame some one else when most had blasted LKS with the same vehemence, don’t transfer your guilt by pushing the blame elsewhere.

    To sum it up in 2 words. Grow Up.

  68. Lim Kit Siang says:

    Dear People of Perak, please do not squabble and fights like cat and dogs. There are lots of exco’s seats, money and lands to share amongs us. If PAS want to be MB then let them be, as long as DAP gets the biggest share. Me and my son will rule for years to come.

  69. wits0 says:

    Can even fake it convincingly…hahahaa!

  70. EdChoo says:

    It takes time, hard work, forward thinking, patience, perseverence, understanding and spirit in order for a true bangsa Malaysia to be born. Born free of the clutches of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Iban, Dusun, etc. Everyone think it so easy. Press one button, Bangsa Malaysia come out from the oven like Char Siew Pau. The road is long and windy, frought with potholes and booby traps. Its like running a marathon or doing an Iron Man race. You have to stay focus on what you want to achieve. A bit of hiccup all jump to conclusion, want to give up, regret this, regret that. So typical of us. We must sit back, bersabar and think with our otak…the one that is located in our head and not in our ass. If not we’ll get kicked in our ass.

    Everyone has a racist streak inside of them. Come now…Come now….am I correct or am I correct? We are only human beings. We see colour, we see race, we see differences. I have to admit I am guilty at times but aren’t we all and I do regret it. Don’t start stoning me, ok! We are fallible beings, imperfect, proud, guilliable but what gives me hope for our country is our perfect intention for a multi-racial and multi cultural Malaysia, a Malaysia tolerant, a Malaysia harmonious, a Malaysia free of corruption, free of cryonism and free of Nepotism i.e. free of BN.


  71. Feroz Merican says:

    Absolutely spot on, Penang Exile, obviously their best people ran for Parliament , lucky for Selangor Teresa Kok ran for a state seat thus is eligible, though that will never happen, but that’s another story. So PAS was going behind their supposed partner, PKR, and DAP was only too happy to oblige. This problem of DAP ‘only’ working with PKR and PKR ‘only’ working with PAS will never hold. All 3 of them have to bite the bullet and agree to compromise or else, one step forward, three steps back. I really think Kit Siang must be going senile, he can’t shut up, and Anwar can’t talk. I mean, look at what happened in Sabah, DAP and PKR sabotaged each other in EVERY seat! 3 cornered fights, everywhere, and of course they split the vote and BN won the state in a landslide. It could so easily have been 6 states but for the stubborness of State Leaders.
    I fear State Leaders in Perak will also head down that route if things don’t get settled quickly. Let PKR handle their own problems, before complaining about DAP and PAS. If you want to be big, you better act big, and Syed Husin is acting like a silly girl crying to her teacher that big brother took away her ice-cream…maybe he should take lessons from Dr. M.

  72. wits0 says:

    “Everyone has a racist streak inside of them.”

    Obviously not everyone tend to have it celebrated openly like within the umno ethos. That’s exactly how a dubious sentiment is made much worse – when it becomes unabashedly worshiped.

  73. Lim Kit Siang says:

    Please People…let DAP runs things..we will make sure that everything goes tou plans only. No more BN, no more NEP and only DAP. For PRU13, please vote my grandchildren. So that we the LIM Dynasty will rule Malaysia and change the name to DAPSIA.

  74. Karpl Singh says:

    Woit!! Lim Kit Siang, we the Karpal Dynasty wants to rule too. hmm let us devide and congquer. Let we singh rule the state of Selangor.

  75. Anwar Ibrahim says:

    Kalau semua dah nak ada Dynasty, biaq aku jadi PM, pasai aku ada 3 keluarga dalam Parlimen.

  76. MF Liew says:

    simple fact of the matter is Ms Onn Yeoh, the most qualified of ALL 3 candidates is the PAS candidate!

    Thats what Lim Kit Siang has been advocating isnt it? A Malaysian Malaysia and candidate selected based on best ability.

    Who cares how many seats PAS has, DAP has or PKR has, we select whos best.

    Look at the Nizar’s resume, if you just LOOK at all 3 resumes with NO names on the resume, we would all select the PAS candidate.

    Why should we select the DAP candidate even if they have the most seats if he’s not comparable to the PAS candidate.

    As for the PKR candidate for MB vs the PAS one, just take a look at their resumes and its as clear as day and night.

  77. MF Liew says:

    But in any case, the current situation is much better than when the BeeEnded state govt ran things.

    To all the Chinese, let me tell you, voting BeeEnded would have been worse off. You under MCA who is just the running dog of UMNO would have had nothing! Not even a Deputy MB, not in a million years, Ong Ka Chuan is talking cock and as usual running dog of UMNO says why work with PAS? At least with PAS, we have a DEputy MB post, we have a say, a meaningful say and together with PAS, PKR, meaningful and non-racist policies to bring the state of Perak forward.

    What have you and MCA done? You Ong Ka Chuan are merely tajol Rosli and UMNO’s running dog!

  78. bamboo river says:

    HRH The Sultan and The Regent of Perak had obviously been very specific in their requirements when going thru the list of the three potential candidates.
    That is good for the rakyat and state.

    The good question know as some commentators mentioned is where is Anwar and what is his take about this issue?
    How come he is silent now?

    Another point is which some of you had brought it up where I totally agrees is,regardless of which party ,the candidate for the Perak MB post must and should have the qualities of a leader.
    Now this is the easy part. Who is more qualified in this criteria?Definitely an easy decision for the HRH The Sultan and The Regent of Perak, what more for the laypersons like us?
    The problem now is the internal bickering among parties ESPECIALLY DAP and PKR! .PAS for what I knew (correct me if I am wrong) did not specifically make any statement regarding to this fiasco.
    The sad part now…..BN and its MSM is taking full advantage and spinning stories that makes the writer of Harry Porter looks like cartoonist for ‘Old Master Q’ (Lau Foo Tze).

    Is there someone behind DAP or PKR giving orders silently for their own agenda?

  79. cruzeiro says:

    jedyoong Says:
    March 14, 2008 at 10:22 am

    Where is ANWAR man? What’s his stand? Isn’t he the de facto leader of the loose coalition of PKR-PAS-DAP? Why is he not showing his wisdom and direction in this time of crisis? Is he overseas on some speaking engagement again, ………

    Good question ……….
    A little bird says that he’s in Sabah!
    Here’s some food for thot – “BR needs only 30 seats for majority”

    Has anyone considered the possibility that the whole Perak “bungle” is actually a drama created for ulterior motive?
    Although it may sound far fetched, I think it is a real possibility.

    Wouldn’t DAP wanna hide the hand that’s shaking PAS’s?
    Wouldn’t they want people to believe that they care for the opinions of the “hardline” party stalwarts, while the state members go on with their “deals”?

    Wouldn’t PKR wanna show that they care for all races (despite sounding “very BN)?

    All this while projecting a magnanimous aproach to PAS’s call for Islamic values …

  80. hasilox says:

    Kedah sidelined the sole DAP rep. Penang did the same to the PAS reps. Don’t we see the link here? This is boleh epidemic, not Perak disease 😀

  81. Nuetral_Guy says:

    hi everyone………….hope to hear good news from everyone but for one sure the hindus got cheated again…………….Its really hurt for every HINDUs

  82. weather forecast man says:

    Now the drizzling in Perak has subsided and the coalition agreed on the 6:3:1 formula which is a good check and balance system for the coalition.

    The sky is fair to everybody and everybody will get the same amount of sunshine and breeze to cool off when desires.

    For ‘Lim Kit Siang’s’ comments which came out from otak udang, there is a dark cloud hovering over your home waiting for the downpour.

    The god of rain is holding his ‘condensation’, so please go back home and pray for forgiveness so that the god of weather release his steam which disperses upwards.

    The sky is clear and breezy but hazy due to the haze from Sumatra burning of chopped trees.

    The weather is bright and sunny, so Loone expects more bright and positive comments, but if you want rain, nobody can stop you also!

    Cheers, adios and have a sunny and breezy day to all sunny Malaysians Semenanjung.

  83. peace in hope says:

    Its pretty evident here that many of us are still influenced by ‘race-based’ comments and statements. While it will not take overnight to change, I strongly believe that accepting the Region’s choice on the Perak MB issue takes someone really really big(in terms of fore-sight). Perak was not expecting to win from BN and wen it did, it may have taken some wondering as to who or wat contributed to the win. While RPK shouts ITS THE RAKYAT who did it – DAP feels its supporters (18 seats) could have done it. PKR and PAS were silent for the moment perhaps. Now – the TRIO’s act is calling for all kinds of re-action among the rakyat. The question here is-WHEN ARE WE EVER GONNA STOP AND ACCEPT NIZAR AS A PERSON instead of seeing him as PAS all the time. The day we stop addressing the persons as PAS,DAP and PKR will be the day we will be able to put our little voice of racist remarks to rest-it may not be tomorrow but lets hope its before the GE13.

  84. little birdy says:

    Don’t lah judge anwar for being ‘absent’ now. . . he is doing something very urgent. if he succeeds – 3rd tsunami. guna lah akal sikit.

  85. Penang exile says:

    Palace source said swearing-in to be announced soon.

  86. peace in hope says:

    Let the settling of the exco and cabinet be done with fast la – there is much to be done out there la! These delays are benefitting the BN to be able to ‘shred’ away more and more evidences of their colonial acts by the hour!

  87. Penang exile says:

    Peace in Hope – I agree with you whole-heartedly! Why do we keep on judging people based on their race or religion? That is why the good Sultan wanted a coalition agreement and a common manifesto as it would force the 3 parties to think and function as one. HRH the Sultan of Perak was not the Lord President for nothing! BTW, is anyone going to call for the restoration of the Lord Presidency and the Supreme Court to replace the tame titles they have now? Beside local council elections, the next step would be to implement the option in our Federal Constitution to have elected senators. Everyone seems to have forgotten this. Perhaps BN should implement this so that they could take revenge for the bloody nose they received at the hands of the BR!

  88. hihi080308 says:

    I WANT MPs I elected, elected by RAKYAT who believed in him AND his party.

    I don’t want opportunist MPs that can be bought…. they are most likely M(akan)P(adi)s!!!!!

    little birdy……if that is the 3rd tsunami you are talking about.

  89. Tony Chew says:

    So, what is all this talk about ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ ? When it comes down to the crunch it is still race that rears its ugly head. I think politicians of all levels in all parties should just stop talking about racial equality, color blindness and evolvement of a ‘Bangsa Malaysia’. It is just mere talk.

    Look at U.S.A….there will be a woman or black chief executive soon..when will Malaysia reach that kind of a scenerio and maturity? Certainly not in my lifetime I guess.

    By the way, I am Chinese.

  90. malayu says:

    hello Sir/Mdm,

    lets see what has happened these days after the voting.

    1 Menteri Besar
    2.a Timbalan Menteri Besar
    2.b Timbalan Menteri Besar

    adding the rakyat burden for paying the extra salary and allowances.

    this is not even adding the additional cost for added state exco.

    there are talks now to have all race on these post, i.e.

    MB.. Malay
    Timb MB Chinese and Indian

    or as in Penang

    MB.. Chinese
    Timb MB Malay and Indian

    arent this reflects that race is in play again..

    I think we all have done wrong on the voting day. Instead of voicing (NO RACIAL/CORRUPTION) now we all are playing racial games back. i think i cast my vote wrong to PKR. i would rather vote for BN..

  91. KShan says:

    Anwar’s silence is so typical of him when he’s facing situations… afterall, he’s like many have said “a crafty Chameleon”!

  92. KShan says:

    peace in hope Says:

    “The question here is-WHEN ARE WE EVER GONNA STOP AND ACCEPT NIZAR AS A PERSON instead of seeing him as PAS all the time. The day we stop addressing the persons as PAS,DAP and PKR will be the day we will be able to put our little voice of racist remarks to rest-it may not be tomorrow but lets hope its before the GE13.”

    So, by the same token, when can we ever stop questioning the suitability of a non-malay/muslim to hold high office if he/she is qualified for the post?

  93. HL says:

    Many of the words said and opinions offered en masse seem to be at variance with the ideology espoused and strongly campaigned for by Anwar Ibrahim. And which evidently had been supported by the alternative coalition parties.

    My question – If race is not the criteria and we are all Malaysians, why are we now talkng the same tired cliche about race and racial representation, and then Chinese bashing in the form of LKS bashing?

    Many so called arguments and opinions about LKS are highly debatable if not downright bunkum in many blogs, especially bias ones like Mahagurus’ which patently and blatantly censors effective opposing views to his. [Shades of Utusan Malaysia in the hey days of Syed Alba]

    I do not like what I read. Too many arguments are selectively applied. It appears the same does not apply to the race of the ones spouting the spurious arguments against LKS.

    If as Anwar Ibrahim stressed that this is a new Malaysia and we are all Malaysians, why all this shrill concerns about race? Are we to continue to belie ourselves and say Malays first and others second? If so, perhaps BN has carried out an effective psychological warfare brainwashing many to continue to believe or instinctively feel, their human rights are superior to others! Much like how the American Bush’s Administration would like you to believe that this is their century and they have more righs than you.

    Or is it just the rotten politics in the bigotted writers?

    And Anwar Ibrahim being the keystone to the election results for what it is, should, I think, say something. The interested public are waiting to see what he has to say. Malaysiakini should give hime more space and interview him more. The interested public expect it.

    Constitutionally, I’d like to know if the Perak’s Constitution is ultra vires the Federal Constitution. Can a State enact an clause like that? Whichever, if the coalition subscribes to Anwar Ibrahim’s non racial ideology, then it is only logical it should work to remove that. The Sultan by convention should be Muslim Malay, that is fine but the MB?! To have in existence a provision specifying race and religion for an MB goes against universal human rights, smacks of demagoguery, and makes a mockery of democratic prinicples. This last point raises the question – why go through the whole exercise if the Westminster parliamentary democracy has no meaning or application here? Can BN preempt their citizens their natural right of choice? Can a ruling party amend a Constitution to its own advantage? The new generation will have to work this out.

    Also, as in Selangor or Kedah or Kelantan or Malaysia for that matter, the majority principle rules applies (but not tyranically), and in whatever the context. This means it is the majority’s call to decide in principle, who should be MB or PM. Do we deny this selectively? Whether in the states, Malaysia or the world?


  94. alan says:

    all of u dimwits ,the pas candidate is pick as the MB of Perak over the PKR candidate is bcos of his better academic qualification and experience in the business world

    We, Barisan Rakyat cultivate meritocracy, to hell with your racist attidude and prejudice towards certain religion

  95. malayamuda says:

    Anwar has to wait and watch. He is probably trying to work behind the scenes and not wash dirty linen in public.

    We must put up a United front. If everyone starts speaking the same time mati lah……… someone will die in the cross fire

    Anwar will speak finally and when he speaks that will be Final.

  96. Loh Sze Lip says:

    The voice of the people was heard loud n clear. The msg was booming. Change. But disappointingly, based on most comments everywhere, it seems the people are just not ready for the change it cried for. The people must accept any mb with majority seats. But somehow the people is still trapped in the BN time zone which it wanted to get rid of. Must hv malay mb to appease the malays, internal challenges are viewed as bickering, etc. I think it is only thru challenges that the people will get the stronger leaders regardless of race or religion. The people shud now let the elected to play out their stuff. Just b’cos BN was silent before (another factor the people dislike) these are considered a sign of weakness. I thot it’s called transparency. So my guess is that the people must also walk the talk. N better walk quick too cos the people is shooting itself on both feet. However if the people still need to talk, I think the pressure shud be directed to umno. The real wolf is coming out.

  97. goldenscreen says:

    Come on people, be realistic..even in the US there is still controversy on the race question..Malaysia is even more backwards than the think in a few weeks you can change 50 years of indoctrination? Wake up and stop fantasizing/whining about utopia.

    As for me I admit that there still exists a shadow of racism in my thinking..and from the comments in blogs many of us do too..but that is not long as we try not to be bigots..even though sometimes we may fail.

  98. Penang exile says:

    HL – If one follows the Melaka model and the Perak Sultanate is the heir to the Melaka one, the Bendahara (equivalent to our modern Menteri Besar) had to be Muslim but need not necessarily be Malay – several were not. If I am not mistaken, the current Malay/Muslim requirement was only put in 1959, which was after independence. Perakians/history buffs, help me out here – was this an initiative by the British or something the Perak sultans wanted?

  99. malayamuda says:

    Give BR a chance. They werent prepared for Perak. It all came as a shock to hem as it was to us. Nothing was discussed how Perak will be. At least Selangor and Penang they had a rough idea. But Perak was a last minute gift from the people.

    BR will work tings out. I have confidence. It’s probalems like this which will make them stronger than ever

  100. KShan says:

    Penang Exile – Nizar stood out? Pretty much a personal opionin, won’t you say? Not many of us Perakians have heard of him before, with all due respect to him. YB Ngeh not good enough because of past history? Again, that’s your opinion, I respect that. But, as a Perakian, who’s been observing DAP Perak team for the past few years, under YB Ngeh’s leadership, the team is one that shows strong cohesion and team work.

  101. Penang exile says:

    KShan – Without going into specifics, I know Ngeh for 20 years. He might be good enough to lead a state opposition team but there are other qualities he lacks which LGE and Khalid have but he doesn’t. Nizar stood out by default not merely based on his CV, but primarily because of his lack of history in Perak and good nature.

  102. peace in hope says:

    KShan – i understand your predicament, I have family members who feel the same way you do but in the case of Perak MB-alan is right, it IS based on his qualification that supercedes all other requirements. No doubt the Sultan has power to deny the requirement of MB in Perak having to be a Muslim but it seem to be overshadowed by his credentials. I had difficulty swallowing the decision in the early stages myself, as I questioned the ‘intention’ of the Royals in the decision-making when it sounds like declaring the loser of a football match as the winner.

    Rest assured my friend, that justice will be prevailed – give yourself the opportunity to see things in a ‘non-racial’ window. Not easy we all agree.

    While we are second-guessing our votes here, the mainstream media(BN-based) is doing all it can to its best ability to capitalize on the very smallest of issues by the BR. We need to assit BR to wake-up as much is needed to be accomplished from here. We NEED to Stop the PAS,DAP,PKR talk and Speak BR ASAP.

    There is much to be done to convince the 5mil fence-sitters who had not registered to vote, not to mention the ones who DID NOT go out to vote for reasons such as “don’t like BN, don’t trust DAP,PAS,PKR” . There are still a big percentage of rakyat who does not have access to the net and the luxury of blogs to read the truth and share opinions. They are still dependant on the mainstream media and this sounds rather dangerous. I understand it will not be easy to NOT be influenced by race-based remarks,statements and comments but should nothing or little be done within the next four years, there can be repercussions to the GE12-Tsunami.
    There ought to be a council that mitigates the current statements being bombarded and counter them with factual and mature statements for the benefit of the rakyat. While this may sound like a ‘can it be done or not?’ opinion, please remember that the Selangor,Perak and Kedah conquest by BR was once in the same category of ‘can it be done or not?’ 🙂
    Thanks penang exile.

  103. Penang exile says:

    KShan – I meant Nizar’s apparent good nature.

  104. segaran says:

    Whats wrong with PAS leader being a MB. DAP must admit that they would not have been where they are now without malays who are majority in the state. Dont spoil the whole election result by putting forward irrational arguement. Knowing Perak Royalty they wanted someone who is educated and experienced hence they have chosen PAS MB. PKR can wait as they are still new and they can learn from PAS as well as DAP. What is so wrong with DAP working under the system. Dont show the colour and spoil the whole thing. Be mindful that the BN are ready to attack on whatever weakness we have. I am surprised with Lim Kit Siangs attitude being such an experienced person. Be patient and take one step at a time. Do not try to change the system overnight.

  105. DewA_LavaU says:

    helo brother2 and sister2 our newborn PKR-PAS-DAP coalition is trying to learn baby step.let them learn how to walk first (settle their internal dispute).but not learning so slow lah.learn fast.then run fast after that.if they still slow jugak we will use the ‘silence power’ on the next GE13 😉

  106. brave citizen says:

    Maybe the swearing in for Perak MB was called off because of this. (from the Star)

    Friday March 14, 2008
    MYT 3:21:40 PM

    It’s a boy for Raja Nazrin and Tuanku Zara

    PETALING JAYA: The Regent of Perak Raja Dr Nazrin Shah and wife Raja Puan Besar Tuanku Zara Salim were blessed with a prince on Friday.

    The royal baby was delivered at around 10am at the Damansara Specialist Hospital near here.

    It is learnt that both mother and son are well and healthy.

    Sultan Azlan Shah and Tuanku Bainun who were also present arrived at the hospital at about 1.25pm and left after spending approximately an hour there.

    Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 52, the eldest child of Sultan Azlan Shah and Tuanku Bainun, married 35-year-old Tuanku Zara Salim at Istana Iskandariah in Kuala Kangsar on May 17 last year.

    Zara is the grandniece of first Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

  107. KShan says:

    peace in hope Says: I fully understand your views. Personally, I have no problem with a Malay MB. Heck! We’re already so used to it. The only problem I have probably is that I feel LKS has been unjustifiably and mercilessly attacked in the blogshpere. As you rightly pointed out, they are many who still don’t have the luxury of “blogs to read the truth and share opinions”, that’s why LKS did what he had to do – a strategic move. Not by choice for by doing what he did, he’s gained nothing but plenty of bullet holes all over!

    Frankly, many of us younger professionals are hoping this round of election will bring some form of restoration to the democracy of this country before we decide to call it quit and leave the nation we love so much….somehow benting one’s principles on democratic rules is really hard to swallow!

  108. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Haris, I’ve wrote before that PAS is double-face. It is only interested in gaining as much ruling power as it can and will say anything to gain that power. It’s a party that is based on racial, religious and ultra-nationalism (of a supreme Islamic nation-state) politics and hence will forever stands in contradiction to a mature and progressive of truly democratic Malaysia in the future that promotes true equality and liberation for all. I don’t think it’s too late to rectify this grave mistake of having Pas in the Opposition coalition in the first place as I believe if Anwar & Keadilan plus DAP stands firm with their conviction (I applauded Anwar’s brave stand agains NEP); there is great potential for Anwar to intensify the effort of changing the mindset of brainwashed Malays. Especially from the ordinary population; who are still brainwashing into supporting the undemocratic and unjust NEP and “Ketuanan Melayu” ideology. For many educated Malays NEP is no more relevant since many have been exposed to liberal and progressive democracy system and human rights in the west. And they are the ones who might be able to influence their parents from the rural Malay population particularly. And to also have in mind that UMNO is going to play more dirty in the next election by having “indigenous/bumiputera/Malay” identity as constructed from religion rather than race. This’s the reason for Chandra Muzaffar’s dirty and deceitful outburst against Anwar; in order to prepare the groundwork for enabling Indian Muslims to gain such “indigenous” identity in exchange for loyalty and support for Umno. Whilst enriching themselves of course with all the privileges. This is also very dangerous for the opposition as this will enable UMNO to buy increase voting support for UMNO in the next election. Besides granting citizenship to Muslim migrant workers from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indonesia and Filipino, Burmese and Southern Thai Muslim refugees including in Sarawak and Sabah in order for that increase votes and loyalty to Umno (why also the big winning in Sabah and Sarawak for BN). So I fully support the bravest and wisest opposition leader of all, Lim Kit Siang for taking such a firm stand against Pas on the issue of MB Perak’s position. Besides, there you can see how greedy for power and double-face Pas is; they already gain two states of Kedah and Kelantan. Why can’t they back-off and compromise from the Perak MB issue if they’re genuinely co-operating with the coalition partners especially since DAP won the most seats anyway? I never trust Pas and never will; because I’ve grown up and realize true democracy and universal human rights that cuts across race, religion and ultra-nationalism are the greatest rewards for humanity. Particularly in a world dominated by greed, arrogance and selfishness. And as long as the capitalist system and class rules the world and humanity!

  109. ktemoc says:

    The problem started when the loose coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS submitted 3 names for the Sultan to select. The coalition (I am going to call them this although they aren’t a formal coalition) should have just submitted one name, PKR’s Jamaluddin. Then the Sultan (thro’ Raja Nazrin) wouldn’t have any choice but to either approve or not approve Jamal. If HRH doesn’t approve him, there has to be a royal explanation why. The Sultan just can’t say “I don’t like him”.

    The talk about academic or professional qualifications is just bullshit excuse. There is no such legal or official requirement for such qualifications for an MB, other than he be a Malay-Muslim.

    But the coalition chose to give 3 names, and can you blame Raja Nazrin for selecting the one he (or his dad) thinks would be a good manager fo State’s affairs. The position of the MB is a political one, through the democratic process, meaning the people of Perak has expressed thro’ the ballot box who should be the ruling party and who among the ruling party or parties should be the MB.

    HRH of course can still reject a name if for example, the bloke is a known womaniser or heavy gambler or one who sleeps on the job ;-), but lacking a tertiary education is not within the preference of HRH. The Sultan may not frustrate the will of the people. This is what democracy in a constitutional monarchy is. The coalition botched it due to inexperience!

  110. ktemoc says:

    The talk about professioanl or academic qualifications is pure bullshit. Other than the MB must be a Malay-Muslim, there is no such legal or official quals for the candidate to have a tertiary qualification.

    The DAP-PKR team should have just submitted Jamaluddin’s name to the Sultan as the only candidate for MB, full stop. The Sultan wouldn’t be able to reject that ‘people’s choice’ as expressed democratically thro’ the ballot box. At most he could ‘discuss’ with PAS as to the acceptability of Jamal as a MB to them, but that’s it.

    The coalition f* it up by giving a list of 3 names for HRH to choose, so choose did he. Who’s to blame?

  111. peace in hope says:

    KShan – You are right. LKS had been shot down mercilessly and thats simply unfair. He only RE-ACTED to the situation just like how any of the ‘politicians of yesterday’ would have had(and did). Even RPK went down hard on him in his column. While what was said about telling him to stop race-based actions, it should have been done with some respect for him. After all, he is a veteran and he DID start something for us to continue on today. That alone should buy him some respect I hope. Well, he became the bigger person and apologized for the sake of the BR coalition instead of holding to his stuborn ways. If we had been putting up with BN and its nonsense for half a century, why the expectation for perfection from someone like LKS right? 🙂

    Well, I work in Perak and I feel that much needs to be done here coz BN still holds the fort somehow and unless the ‘fence-sitters’ are fed with relevance and facts for self-evaluation and food for thought, they (Perakians) cud easily go back to BN.

    Our real challenge will be the voice of the PEOPLE to grow in wisdom not by ‘angpows’and ‘makan-makan’. Have faith, once the wisdom in the rakyat grows, the confidence to CHANGE will too… we WILL see a non-Malay sitting in the MB or even the PM position in future. 🙂

  112. timbaktu says:

    merits Bahasa Melayu + Jawi + Arabic + English + Hokkien + Kantonis
    the languange of color… so MB from PAS know DAP tounge and Know PKR tounge… all colors… inside him…

  113. timbaktu says:

    and the tounge of the sultan…

  114. micon says:


    Open up your mind, open up your inner heart
    Look at 3 candidates for Perak MB CV
    Sultan has to pick someone based on the above, not based on race to run Perak State
    Yes, u need somone honest, humble, good integrity & of course character to be State MB
    If u compared Mohd Nizar to current BN ministers & State MB, they were outclassed in many factors

  115. Sunna Sutta says:

    The Regent of Perak, Raja Nazrin Shah has the indisputable right to pick any of the three candidates proposed by Barisan Alternatif (the opposition) comprising of DAP, PKR and PAS to be appointed as the Menteri Besar of Perak under his jurisdiction as the acting constitutional monarch of the State of Perak.

    All Malaysians realize, of course, that under the Perak State constitution only a person of Malay birth can be appointed as the Menteri Besar to represent the voice of the rakyat. As such, it is not possible for the people of Perak to have a Menteri Besar of Chinese (non-Malay) descent although the said DAP candidate represents almost 1.5 times more DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri) seats than the combined tally of PKR and PAS. Even DAP is aware of that.

    Nevertheless, to appoint the PAS candidate who represents the least number of DUN seats in Perak as the Menteri Besar of Perak appears to be a mockery of justice, and seemingly points to palace interference in the democratic process.

    Gone are the days when we absolutely cringe in fear because “raja murka” (the monarch is wrathful, i.e., throwing violent/bloody tantrums). We, as Malaysians, expect the constitutional monarch to act, not as sovereign ruler, but to accept the fact that the rakyat, not the ruler, are now sovereign in Malaysia.

    Therefore, it is not too much to expect of the constitutional ruler to heed the will and voice of the rakyat. At least, for the sake of decency, the PKR candidate should have been chosen instead of the PAS candidate as Perak’s new MB because at least the former represents one more DUN seat than the PAS candidate.

    The regent of Perak, who is a Ph.D. holder, appears to uphold the concept of constitutional monarch in parliamentary democracy as ‘raja yang disanjung’ (a non-despotic ruler who is honoured) who should heed the voice of the rakyat. But in selecting an MB who represents the least number of DUN seats, his action seems to indicate the opposite.

    I strongly think that it is still not too late for the Regent of Perak to live up to his constitutional role and listen to the inner voice of his own liberal democratic educational background.

    Raja Nazrin,

    STOP behaving like the despicable “raja yang disanggar.”

    The rakyat are pissed off!

  116. REY says:

    I fully agree with Jedyoong..why Syed Husian Ali is not reprimanded for what he has said? This is a shame to so claimed multi-racial PKR. TO demand for more exco accordign to racial composition of t malaysia is no difference to is high time that the Chinese/Indian leaders in the party give it a thought….If other Malay Leader toe along the line of Syed Husain, PKR will be another BN ….I respect Syed Husian all along and I regret it after I read his remarks… I think he owe an apology to all his non-malays party memebr and supporters…….

  117. REY says:

    Adding another lines to the earleir remark…
    What Syed Husian has said will simply mean we shoudl do away with democracy…let the seats of parliement and state be just allocated accrdoign to the racial composition and everyone will be happy ….

  118. timbaktu says:

    the raja is not voting… period. Constitutional… if you guys want to know which party has the biggest cake… it obv. BN 28 seats. DAP just below that digg… Sultan will led the BN swarn in … OK

  119. Roy Selvan says:

    The most important of all is to see any of this elected candidate perform for the next 5 years. It doesnt matter if its DAP /PKR/PAS. We will see if the raykat reap what they sowed. God Bless Malaysia.May your will be done.

  120. Penang Exile says:

    Sunna Sutta – You may not remember May 13, 1969 but I do. The impasse in Perak caused by the stubborn PPP after the electoral triumphs of the Opposition led to desperate measures by members of the Alliance to try to overturn the situation through civil unrest to their advantage – the dreaded May 13, 1969 riots. Perak was, and could be again the trigger for civil unrest if we do not handle it well. Hence my uncharacteristic interest in Perak this time round. The Sultan and the Regent had to be absolutely sure that the MB is a person who can command the respect and allegiance of the BR coalition, able to deal with palace protocol and have the appropriate public relations skills to deal with the uneasiness among certain conservative segments of Perak society who may be apprehensive due to the scale of the unexpected Opposition victory. Thus, a meritocratic approach may be the only way to produce a viable solution. I believe the best candidate among the 3 names put out was the PAS one and I commend the wisdom of the Sultan and the Regent of Perak in choosing him. I would not be able to rest easy until the swearing-in has taken place. The actions of the Sultan and Regent of Perak is in keeping with the original social contract between Demang Lebar Daun and Sri Tribuana in Sejarah Melayu whereby the soveriegn promised to protect the rakyat from harm (read civil unrest and bloodshed) and in return the rakyat will not derhaka against the Sultan. Daulat Tuanku! In the words of the Johor state anthem, Allah peliharakan Sultan!

  121. Uptown girl says:

    I think we shouldn’t take things at the face value. Most of us are judging things from our own perspective and sometimes choose to “believe what we used to believe”. The main weakness of us being ordinary human being is that we tend to become defensive and protective when the turn of event is against our liking. We become critical and jump to conclusion often too quickly, without giving others due credit and benefit of the doubt. Let’s not criticize for the sake of criticizing. Take a pause and think twice before we voice our opinion of others. Just remember we are coming from different backgrounds & upbringings, there are bound to be differences, even if we belong to the same race. Put it that way, no one is truly consistent all the time. We grow with time, we change and we become better…

  122. da|v|ned says:

    interesting article..though i don’t know much about politics

  123. REY says:

    Another case of racial discrimination in Selangor…MB to Khalid..a good decision as he has been a man who runs PNB effectively and thinking of the raid of Guthrie adn I d believe that he can run a good Selangor state and do away with all the bureacracy and corruption. However why then that the selection of councillor too has to be along the lines of race? Why can’t it be based on merit, irrespective of whether he is a Malays, Chinese or Indian or kadazan or whatever? Isn’t that what all the parties are talking of and advocating..PKR,PAS and DAP alike? Aren’t the Chinese, Indian or others a malaysian ..they all respect the royal family..advocatingDaulatTUnku….why can ‘t all be treated as Malaysian…..choices be based on merit and experience irrespective of race….? Sigh……I am impressed greatly by a recent article written by Farish Noor, a well respected muslim scholar and a Malaysian of Malay origin with his unbiased and straigtforward it in …….a refreshing articles in comparison with what RPK has written recently in great contrast..RPK-HAVE YOU READ IT? Malaysian of Malay origin, Malysiann of Chinese origin or Indian orign and not just Malays, Xhinese..etc….Lets’ dmocracy prevail…..

  124. […] Raja Petra, now what say you? (Susan Loone) […]

  125. niza says:

    Just think NO ONE IS PERFECT…not even is easy to say than done.
    There are many good things can be done to make this world a better place to live. i dont feel proud of havin RPK around…all the articles are full of exposing of negative value of other people as if he is so angel.

    there are people out there who prefer to be silence and pray for the peaceful of this country……no war,no unrest situation………..and better economy…

  126. MuslimByChoice says:

    Guys No matter what you wanna say…Malaysia is first and foremost a malay n muslim country. If you are not happy living there…why not go back to your racial country…China, India whatever..See HOW you like it there… Lol
    1 week there and Im positive you will be crying out for your Malaysia! Lol

  127. giggle says:

    The Ulamak says he will make sure it won`t happen again. How? By backplay? Ulamak Badawi needs some evil sickness so he starts rotting.

    KEPALA BATAS: Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi will personally see to it that Bukit Bendera Umno chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail does not repeat his remarks about the Chinese community.

  128. wits0 says:

    The Ulamak is undertaking an exercise in futility for pedestrian PR reason but it is much too little and too late. Racism of this sort is the core ideology of bumno and thoroughly indulged in with abandon for decades. Who’s he trying to kid? And another dolt, Ku Li is saying that bumno is MERELY ‘perceived’ as racist! (retch and puke!)

  129. giggle says:

    Tukartiub on umno coolie (collie?):

    Kah kah kah….. I pun tak yakin you pun dapat cukup pencalonan….. kesian you… orang pun tak yakin you bolih jadi PM …. Kah kah kah.

  130. giggle says:

    Kah kah kah….. I pun tak yakin you pun dapat cukup pencalonan….. kesian you… orang pun tak yakin you bolih jadi PM …. Kah kah kah.

  131. giggle says:

    Ku LI… orang pun tak yakin you bolih jadi PM …. Kah kah kah.

  132. giggle says:

    Ku LI… orang pun tak yakin you bolih jadi PM …. Kah kah kah.


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