I just spoke to social activist Ong Boon Keong and he has given me his eyewitness account of the UMNO rally in Penang today. Here’s some pixs and a story. Also can be found here:


UMNO demonstrators seems quite happy-some say they get RM80.00 each????


A rejected policy at the 12th GE?

UMNO – why can’t they speak thru the tv, radios, and press that they control? – Ong Boon Keong.

UMNO’s NEP has been rejected in the just concluded 12th Malaysian GE -so whats wrong when the new state governments make pronouncement to that effect? Look like UMNO from the PM Badawi down still cannot accept the rejection of their policy-that’s why there was a short demonstration by some 500 UMNO supporters at KOMTAR! The demo started about 2.30pm and ended about 4.00pm. It disrupted traffic in KOMTAR and attracted a bigger crowd of police. 7 trucks of water cannons came after the crowd started to disperse-thus there was no untowards incident.If NGOs’Opposition did the demo many would have been detained—so much for police’s neutrality! It is strange for them to demo since they have all the channels to air their grievances thru TV, radios, and press under their control. It is an abuse -and also a way for rejected politicians to show their `loyalty’ in the hope of getting some goodies from the PM.


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  1. TC says:

    er….. hav they applied for the permit ah ? how come no police attendance ? looks like UMNO has sent its 4th line troops to PG…

  2. ANg kong says:

    what r they trying to achieve?? election ord done n dusted….ppl have spoken. Imagine the OPP begins to rally on the streets of the states where they didnt win. MAlu lah….UMNO

  3. brave citizen says:

    I suggest UMNO dont play with these games. I deplore the slogans umno uses to attack PAS, PKR and DAP. (See RPK site for pic of how they attack PAS.) umno is a 3 headed snake. – cowards all around.

    U played with keris, already kena belasah. Now u play this game – i ask – is the foundation of your house of umno strong enough for another tsunami? who is the tuan rumah? AAB says he is, but i heard Mukhriz is the man.

  4. Sharo says:

    When UMNO rallies it’s OK. They are NOT terrorist, they don’t distrub traffic, they don’t cause secutity threat, they are NOT BERUK as per Khairy, They DON’T permit and Finally they get PAID RM80.00 each. What a wonderfull Party to be in. BUT when BERSIH gathers they are shot with TEAR GAS, WATER CONNON, ARRESTED and some labelled as Terrorist. And worst part they don’t get paid. What will be next?

  5. […] Psyche, Science, and Society – Thoughts by Stephen Soldz on war, peace, politics, psychoanalysis, an… wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPhotos and story on Umno rally in Penang Posted in ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: PENANG, HEADS UP!, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, MEDIA, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLICE, POLITICAL, RULE of LAW on March 14, 2008 by sloone I just spoke to social activist Ong Boon Keong and he has given me his eyewitness account of the UMNO rally in Penang today. Here’s some pixs and a story. Also can be found here: UMNO demonstrators seems quite happy-some say they get RM80.00 each???? A rejected […]

  6. penang says:

    […] it has enjoyed …Penang&39s leaders abandon pro-Malay policy Financial Timeswww.economist.comPhotos and story on Umno rally in PenangPhotos and story on Umno rally in Penang Posted in ABOUT HUMAN RIGHTS, ELECTIONS GENERAL, FILES: […]

  7. petestop says:

    Biggest sore loser….

    And they are the ones who ask to stop all mega projects in the State,
    the moment it will be under scrutiny by the new government, obviously.

    No $$$ in their pocket, they rather the poor Malay areas that suppose to benefit suffer.

    Well, it is no wonder they not only losing All Malaysian votes.

    Keep up the good job, UMNO…. Next election we will bury you to where
    your racist and race-supremacists are.

  8. sitiawanian says:

    Why double standard ? UMNO can demonstrate others can’t. Never respect rakyat’s decision . UMNO thugs, shame on you. Walk what you preach.

  9. gooeyglobs says:

    There go against the law. Without police permit despite been told by the police not to assemble. One hour protest without the police water canon and tear gas used. So they must be the “legalised terrorists.” What a double standard.

  10. Jason M says:

    Where are the FRU’s water cannons and tear gas?

  11. PSHG says:

    Now UMNO play the OPPOSITION role, this is fun. Anyhow UMNO or BARISAN is given automatic rally permits to rallies anywhere in Malaysia by the POLICE FORCE ….

  12. peace in hope says:

    Well, interestingly UMNO is giving more and more room for the ‘fence-sitting’ rakyat to see the true colors of in-justice in all sense of the word. Let whatever they do be watched and pondered by the ‘on-lookers’. On a positive side-its increasing credibility of BR somehow.

    BERSIH and HINDRAF each had a specific purpose and with relevance. The leaders were there as well with the people.

    UMNO rally in Komtar – for an age-old proxy-based policy to be continued for the benefit of a minority (none of the ones demonstrating i bet) – where are the frontliners of UMNO like the Rembau gangster in the rally if its for a good cry for hope??????

    TC,ANg kong,brave citizen and Sharo – you guys are absolutely right! What will be next is the question here.

  13. micon says:

    Double standard by BN
    AAB just could not differentiate between right & wrong
    Those are the Malays born Islam but don’t practice Islam in a daily life
    This is to show BN is not relevent to govern Malaysia

  14. indian says:

    dear mr police, wat hpn nw? no stok of tear gas arr??

  15. padmanathan says:

    Why protest. for what do you protest? Guan Eng has already said that no one will be marginalised , especially the poor. So mengapa tunjuk taring?
    Didn’t Pak lah say “show your discontent through the ballot box” after the Bersih and Hindraf rallies. Malaysians have just done that. Nazri and Zam had the audacity to say the same thing – “use the ballot box to show your discontent” We Malaysians have just done that. Any way what makes them to throw such a challenge? Isn’t it ARROGANCE. Oh ya ballatant arrogance. So why all this protest. Wait for the next election lah,

  16. jayZ says:

    BN digging their graves deeper and deeper …and deeper…soon into oblivion …

  17. Ricky says:

    “I have big ears, talk to me, why demonstrate?” …. says who?

    “Demonstration is not our culture”….says who?

    What a joke these nincompoops are. We wait and see what the sleepy pm and najis are going to say about this demonstration.

  18. BinHood says:

    This is the time you will really see a person if he is a nice person or evil one after losing election. The best time to really 100% judge a person. You will actually see the other real side of that person! They should learn how to live and behave like a human being like shut up and start learning from the former CM of Penang.

  19. JOKO SEBRANTO says:




  20. Chai says:

    Ya, it really shows unfairness where all the while any rally by opposition will be stopped by using force instead UMNO can simply demo and causing a serious major jam in the city yet no ppl being detained…is this acting by the “new” opposition party??so disappointing…

  21. mohd raul says:

    Belom sampai seminggu dah buat perhimpunan haram..
    Mana Musa Hasan?? Apsal x tangkap berok2 ni??

    Btw, melayu or chinese or indian semua takkan hilang di Penang..
    Yang hilang cuma BN!!!

    Resignlah Pak Bedol sebelom kamu di-resignkan!!

  22. ykching says:

    be calm to face anger! be patient, the penang CM has not do anything yet to damage the good relationship of all rakyat. anyway, let the new government perform.

  23. Rauh says:

    Like it or not……New Penang Government will rule for another 4 years, so there is nothing to shout about from the opposition. If you cannot bear with it, pack up and leave the island!

  24. old man says:

    HAHA, this is Umno real face, some more the Demonstration led by Umno penang state secretary. Tak feel malu ke? Hey Pak lah, use ISA to lock him in Kamunting jail la. Kenapa? tak berani ke?

  25. against hypocrites says:

    What a SORE LOSER!

    Biggest HYPOCRITES ever! why cant you just accept the FACT that you have LOST? And give a FAIR, yes F-A-I-R CHANCE to the NEW PENANG GOVERNMENT to perform? Why can’t you act like civilized, educated, rational and MATURE citizens?

    You, who said you wanted the best for Penang, in many and all ways possible and even went to the extent of promising us the “sky and everything else”, became the very group of ppl (or should i say party-U?) who inflicts unrest, dissatisfaction, fear and what-nots here.

    Take time to Reflect you weaknesses instead of Planning more imbecillic and absolutely dirty tricks up your sleeves!

    Sigh….and they wonder why they lost.

  26. geetha says:

    Stop ur game UMNO…dont make it as rasict problem.

  27. melayutulen says:

    OH MY GOD! Pulak!!

    pase apa si bendul-bendul ni berarak ha??? Kan dah pon CM tu habaq kat hang hang somuo, depa takan apa-apakan rakyat!

    Banggang la oi!!! Habeh tu si poleh(PDRM) tak dok buek apo kat depa depa ni. Laaaaaa apa heiy ni ahh????

    Habeh tu nak kena dibayaq pulak RM80 sorang.Laaaaa! Buat malu la wei! Tutup kedeh la oooi! EEEEeeeeee malu aku Melayu. Laaa balik la! Hang pa ni buat perangei bodoh ni malukan Melayu-melayu yanf tulen la BONGOK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Fong Ling says:

    Umno , So malu . Please think first before any action. Uncle “Lah” how you train your menantu , so stupid . Tak mengaku kalah. How Umno want to be “pemimpin” Penang. Tak Malu.

  29. petestop says:

    UMNO… kalau you tak suka… you can GET OUT OF PENANG !!!

    Ha..ha…. apply their same formula.

  30. yusperak says:

    aku sedih la ngn melayu UMNO
    tak leh terima kenyataan………….aku otg MELAYU
    DEB tak wat pe pun utk aku……….
    MRSM pun buka utk bukan melayu…….bodoh la melayu ni
    kena tipu UMNO

  31. Nisha Penang says:

    wats happening now? Y cant the UMNO accept the fact that they lost.. and let the others rule..they have not said that they have ” singkir the malays from Penang”. The PKR are also malays. Are you all not suppose to be “BROTHERS”? so giv way let us live in Hormony .its a shameful act to protest for sumthing you even dont know ,plus just following the game of POLITIC> hope the POLICE n others do sumething about this soon…

  32. melayutulen says:

    UMNO – hang pa ni tak reti basa kaaaa! Kito dah ok ngan CM dari DAP tu la, depa tak bengih cam hang cakap tu la. Hangpa bi BONGKAK la. si Hindraf duk himpun, si Pak Lah kata depa gengsta, ni pulak apo namonya ha Pak Lah???? Eeeee malu la aku orang Melayu. Malu aku malu aku! Eeeeeeeeee!!!! Terasa aku nak letop dengan gas pedih mato kat depa ni, buat sesak Komtar pulak !!!!

  33. Rauh says:

    melayutulen…………you are a real gentleman. Others? please comply accordingly to melayutulen’s Muhibbah spirit without fail. Thank you again melayutulen for understanding the voice of the rakyat.

  34. EdChoo says:

    LGE is a man of his word….let the true democracy run its course. He did not stop them from demonstrating, made any threats to the demonstrators or instructed FRU to catch the demonstrators. KUDOS!!!! REAL DEMOCRACY IN ACTION.

    Heck, he even had the thumbs up given by the 21 Muslim NGOs who went to see him. He never said that the NEP was to be abolished. Government spin machine working overtime to misinform the public and discredit the new state government.

    Bad Luck chums. It did not work at all. Now everyone knows, RM50 was paid to each demonstrator who participated. Not only that, these are PHANTOM DEMONSTRATORS from Kedah or Perlis. Now you MALU!!! Waste of time and funds. LOSERS!!!

  35. joo ngan says:

    Double standards by the BN ie UMNO! Where are the chemical laced water cannons? Where were the tear gas? What happened to the FRU? Sleeping? Is this Malaysian culture or UMNO culture. Will the ex CM be put under ISA now? Which terrorist groups wiil the protesters be found to belong to? Al – Qaeda?

    This is the type of rubbish and tyrany that we have been forced to live with for 50 years. Absolute pile of animal dungs!

  36. Equal Malaysian says:

    know y no ACID water cannons and tear gas? cos it’s DAP!
    not an umno crazy for power babbon and a sleepy donkey! with only big ears but small earholes.
    People WAKE UP!
    we must unite and show them, we can do it! make penang rich, peaceful and harmony.make us stand out from the rest!
    do not do this…Malaysia for all irrespective of race, culture and religion.
    let them do their job…..and prove their words. DO NOT DISTURB!

  37. Alan says:

    we should protest to those little Nepolians who against all development projects in Penang state. We Malaysians are not against any policy of helping poor RAKYAT but defintely againt UMNO NEP…

  38. sathy says:

    Why no arrest,no water cannon and no tear gas????This is not our culture right???We should show our discontent thru ballot box right????Why double standard?????Why no ISA as most of them being racist??????
    Always remember GOD is watching you and you need to pay back whatever you done to others. God is great……

  39. Please la, don’t because of any PERSON’S PERSONAL POLITIC AGENDAS


    DEMOCRATIC PRACTICES we are applying all the times la!

    What happens IF those FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTORS like INTEL,

    MOTOLOLA, DEL, OSREAM and others RUNAWAY due to the


    That time don’t say about selling BURGER, LEKOR or even PISANG

    GORENG la, want to have a NICE SLEEP also HARD r!!!


  40. Penang Laksa says:

    Order ! Order ! Order!

    Stick to UMNO protest not Malay protest then .

    Did they just wake up from their dream?. Where were they during Gerakan time. Did they suddenly become poor under Lim Guan Eng’s rule.

    [A Malay from Melaka who was also LGE classmate in Melaka High School]

  41. sivanantham says:

    Thia is real colour of barisan nasional. Bodoh punya umno, paklah bodoh, khairy bodoh, samy bodoh. UMNO can demonstrate others can’t like example HINDRAF AND BERSIH. WHY CANT ?..HAHAHA, this is Umno real face, some more the Demonstration led by Umno penang state secretary.

  42. sivanantham says:

    THIS is real colour of umno, pasal umno punya poket tak masuk $$$$. UMNO… kalau you tak suka… you can GET OUT OF PENANG !!!

  43. Bold says:

    Today when the opposition (most of them paid RM80.00 part time goons) start barking, one can see the police hiding their tail between their legs! What a loser goons and What a coward force!

  44. Mr.Sam Pg says:

    Mr pak lah…dont do dis la other countries r watching…u r saying dat PM of al races but u r not fair…n oso u r not behaving like dat…dis is clear cut dat u r racialist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When the non-malays…organised rally use water cannon/tear gas/police act 27 to arrest but when your own people organise your police give permit. I remember you said in tv that “satu hari saya akan mati dan saya akan di tanya oleh Allah S.W.T sama ada saya telah menunaikan tangung jawab saya” This shows that you are not scared of Allah you are scared of Khairi Jamaluddin and his gang. he he he!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Muthu says:

    What is sauce for the gander MUST be sauce for the goose. Why has no action been taken?

  46. Bold says:

    CM slams PM, denies stoking racial tension
    Beh Lih Yi | Mar 13, 08 5:57pm Malaysiakini

    Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has vehemently refuted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s claim that he was stoking racial tension over the issue of dismantling the New Economy Policy (NEP) in the island state.

    In a sign that could signal the start of a rocky relationship between the federal and the state governments, Lim has instead slammed Abdullah for seeking to provoke racial tensions with his allegations.

    “I said we will have an open-tender system (in Penang). What’s the problem with that? Unless Abdullah doesn’t like open tenders but corruption, cronyism and inefficiency.

    “I don’t understand what has it (abolishing the NEP) got to do with marginalising the Malay or the Indian community. I think he is not right, (he’s) going on the wrong facts and trying to provoke (racial) sentiment,” Lim told a press conference after witnessing the swearing-in of 10 of his state excos at the Dewan Sri Pinang today.

    Yesterday, Abdullah expressed his dismay over the plan by the DAP-led state government not to practise the NEP, an affirmative action policy which favours the bumiputeras.

    “Do not marginalise the Malays. I want to ask Lim Guan Eng what are his plans for the Malays in Penang. What are his plans for the Indians in Penang. What are his plans for other minority groups in Penang?” said Abdullah.

    Who hold the shares?

    At the press conference, the Penang CM argued that the NEP was a source of corruption, citing the example of the unequal distribution of wealth, including shares which were ‘swallowed up’ by a few selected individuals.

    “If they want to help Malaysians, I asked these people to ‘vomit out’ some of the (bumiputera) shares… Who hold these shares? Perhaps (Umno Wanita chief) Rafidah Aziz,” he claimed.

    “We have not enacted any policy which marginalises a certain group. The only decision that we have made is to waive the (traffic and hawkers) summonses – tell me, which group loses out with that?”

    In a sarcastic tone, Lim said the premier’s criticism could have been linked to his revelation yesterday that the RM25 billion project of the Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) had yet been approved by the local authorities.

    “I understand why he may not be happy with my decision on the PGCC, but the PGCC is not even related to a Malay developer,” argued the Penang CM.

    The PGCC is undertaken by developer Abad Naluri, an associate company of Equine Capital Berhad which is controlled by the premier’s ally, businessman Patrick Lim.

    Abdullah ‘not informed’

    Lim also suggested that the prime minister might have made his criticism without checking out the facts beforehand.

    “The PM maybe provoked by Utusan Malaysia – that I wouldn’t know. (But) I understand, because when he launched the PGCC, he was not informed that the project was not even approved, still he went ahead and launched it – this could be just the same case,” a combative Lim said.

    Asked on his assurance to the Malay community in the state that they would not be marginalised, Lim reiterated that his government is for all races.

    Meanwhile, PKR – DAP’s ally in the state government – gave the party’s backing to the Penang state government on the decision to do away with NEP.

    “The NEP is no longer new – it has been there for 30 years and it has failed to a certain extent,” said Bayan Baru member of parliament Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, who is also PKR state chief.

    “It’s time to explain to Malaysians about the Malaysian Economic Agenda which is fairer,” said Zahrain, referring to the need-based policy advocated by PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim.

  47. YT says:

    Why this ppl are allowed to be here at the first place? I thought we can make use of the ISA??? These people cannot accept truth, cannot accept defeat, and still not wake up yet, give some respect to Penang PEOPLE MAN!!!! These people here DOES NOT REPRESENT PENANG! Penang people LOVE PEACE BUT NOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bull shit

  48. rashekinah says:

    this whole things is a drama created by BN and UMNO!
    Are this people afraid tat opposition ll perform more better than them??
    BN and UMNO plz don create a problem, let the opposition rule this state till next election without any disturbance!!

  49. guadlz says:

    PAS leaders has already ask all Muslim not to participate in any UMNO rally.(HarakahDaily)

  50. Malay says:

    MYT 8:47:33 PM

    I am willing to listen, says Guan Eng


    PENANG: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said Umno leaders need not take to the streets to express their disappointment as they can always meet him on issues affecting Penang Malays.

    He said he was surprised that those who took part in Friday’s demonstration did not submit any memorandum to the authorities.

    “What is the demonstration for? Taking their expression to the street did not help much except for the massive traffic jam they created all over the island leading to Komtar.

    “They can always come to my office. I will listen to them if it is in the interest of the people.

    “I will entertain all appointments, including those made by Umno leaders,” he said.

  51. Agreed says:

    Yeah…….listen and learn from the quality leader like Guan Eng. Don’t jump to the conclusion and start doing stupid things. BN has failed and that’s is the fact. Accept it! There is nothing anyone can change. Like it or not, it will be written in the history. Still not happy? Then moved out of Penang!!!

  52. Joseph says:

    Childish sore losers.

    first thing UMNO penang did is to ask central to halt all projects( it is actually ok since the mega projects are done by GLCs linked to UMNO) then took to the street. Penangnite would now think twice to accept these childish people back 4 yrs from now.

    but pls, don’t go overboard. talk to Guan Eng first like civil society. Menang kalah tu lumrah hidup.

  53. kittykat46 says:

    Let them shiok sendiri-lah.

    I will respect UMNO’s right to peaceful protest.
    I just want to remind them, this is exactly the right they denied to the Hindraf march.

    Time for Badawi to release the Hindraf ISA detainees.
    Or lock UMNO Penang’s leaders up under ISA.

    Fair enough ?

  54. Samson says:

    To all UMNO demonstrators,

    Why are you so afraid of the abolishment of NEP? Are you still that weak to stand on your own?

    Anyway CM has promised that the poor in the state will not be marginalised so what’s the problem? The problem is you elite UMNO people are still very weak and greedy wanting to rape and rob the resources of the country.

  55. Blooloo says:

    UMNO proven to be sore losers…..hahahaha… esp using paid demonstrators….also so CHEAP. UMNO tak ada standard lah. Downgraded to mere hooligans.

  56. Liyin says:

    Hellooooooo Putera Khairy!!!! Bukankah ini satu PERHIMPUNAN HARAM?? If you are a man, please ask you kaki kaki UMNO to STOP this stupid demostration now! Now you now how it is like being the Opposition party?!!

    The majority Rakyat in Penang has spoken! It’s a new government there now. Kalau you tak suka, KELUAR dari Penang lah!!!

  57. Liyin says:

    And another thing. Why can’t they (UMNO) speak through the TV, radios, and press that they control?

    Answer is simple. It has NEVER their culture to do things the right way. Only one thing in them – LAWAN LAWAN LAWAN. Well, you see it in their Putera Khairy.

    Tak suka kerajaan baru in Penang, KELUAR lah dari situ, masuk hutan LAWAN dengan beruk jelata!!!

  58. malaysia born says:

    What? No Mat Rempits? I am suprised!

    Suprising for someone who are supposed to depend on crutches, they sure seems fit and able to work hard to attain a high standard for themselves, for their race and for their country but instead here they are acting outside of the law (the last i heard, street demonstrations are illegal).

    Or could it be that they are all ‘professional demonstrators’? After all, RM80 per person with lunch thrown in does get a lot of takers.

  59. malaysia says:

    Now Umno wants challenge Perlis MB post with Sultan Perlis pula…Biadap!!

  60. malaysian says:

    Why is the umno malays are afraid of loose their right.
    Has the Chinese and Indian robbed the malay in anyway?
    That they needed to be rescued by UMNO.
    In the fact the malay UMNO who are in power conected has robbed the poor malays. The malays will remain poor as long the NEP exist.

  61. achi_acho says:

    Clearly shows the character of the UMNO “representatives” – if they can’t even accept defeat gracefully & treat it as a lesson learnt, another party deserves to hold the helm. God knows, we don’t need another group of worthless representatives making “leaky pipe” comments @ the expense of the rakyat.

    UMNO/BN: You had been entrusted to lead Malaysia for 50 years – the rakyat has spoken through fair elections. Do not penalize the rakyat just b’coz the ego’s bruised. Being a batu api reflects sorely on yourselves.

    Why the FEAR anyway ?

    Like the “sheep crying wolf” when there’s none, the new state government had not even initiate major works.

    Let me replay a scenario.
    CM: The new state government is waiving all fines prior March 11 2008.
    UMNO: Hoo hah! Tu dia!! Sial betul, tak jaga hak melayu!!! Hoo hah!!!!!

    Halo, rakyat Malaysia bukan bodoh. Dah lah bagi ‘chance’ 50 tahun. Kalau UMNO/BN belum matang lagi, sayang lah. Rakyat dah tak mentah.

    Kalau kerenah semacam ni dalam 4 tahun kemudian, ingatkah dapat menang lagi ke? Kecik hati betul. Tengoklah cermin sendiri. UMNO/BN – BE A “MAN” !!!

    Highly expected the Opposition parties to have a tough time – both internally & externally. All I can comment is the rakyat have given them a chance. Let is see the results in 2-3 years – after all ‘Rome is not built in 1 day’.

  62. penangite says:

    it’s very obvious tat UMNO cant accept the facts n try to protest with the racist issue. DEB is protecting benefit of small portion malays tat have relationship to th pegawai n not really to all malays especially low income.
    please stop these childish action or else foreign investors also scare to invet in our company lar

  63. penangite says:

    sry,it’s our country……lol

  64. malaysian says:

    The UMNO is crying as a baby because of their corruption practices will be expose. Thats why they are bringing racial issue. so non umno member and umno members wake today or you will see a drastic damage for the future generation in this GOD blessed nation.

  65. Here’s a clearer look. BN haven’t accepted that they have lost certain states and their 2/3 majority. The BR just got power, they never expected this, so it’s going to be interesting. Just wait one year, see if the BR are united and can govern. If they can, the others states will vote for the opposition next. However if they don’t, do you want to vote BN in the next election?

  66. Ahila says:

    Ini perhimpunan haram ke halal? Permit ada? Why no tear gas and chemical water? Apa….bcoz they are UMNO? Oh…sekarang,ini ‘budaya Malaysiakah’? Suddenly it is our culture to demo in the streets.And Pak Lah…dah terlena kot? Suddenly Pak LAh dah deaf,dumb and blind kot?
    Polis pulak? I ni pun satu. I dah lupa..bukan lagi PDRM tapi PRDM !!!
    Why none arrested…sebab depa orang UMNO ! Jungle Law ke? Kalau UMNO protest…legal, kalau lain yang protest..illegal? Banyak cantik. Pasai itulah..5 negeri tumbang ke tangan BR. Lagi 9 lagi on the way brader..kalau polis dan UMNO terus angkuh. By the way, brader Melayutulen…saya tabik brader kerana ikhlas dan berada di pihak yang benar. Saya orang HIndu..PAS kat negeri Kedah. Saya tak protest pun! Saya ucapkan mereka semoga berjaya!
    My dear Malay, Chinese and Indian brothers and sisters…semoga kita bersatu hati menentang regime BN yang tidak adil. BN….tak takut kat Tuhan?

  67. Malaysian says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk … how pathetic. Wrong timing, wrong avenue, wrong message. They seriously need to hire professional PR and ad strategists. First, the national campaign failed. Now they’re sending wrong signals. Let me explain – waving a few pieces of cloth like this is CONDESCENDING on the average Malay voters, okay? Melayu bukan bodoh, okay. Melayu bukan malas, okay! Melayu voters KNOW that Melayu tak akan hilang di Pulau Pinang. Juvenile scare tactic! Duhh!

  68. Pak Lah,di mana anda? Mereka tu Cawangan Umno Pulau Pinang,anda President Umno. Mengapa mereka tidak menghormati anda?

  69. Feroz Merican says:

    This is hilarious. I think they should start applying for permits from their good friends the police. At least one protest a week for the next 6 months, until UMNO’s Party Elections. Whoever goes to the most demonstrations will get a free motorbike and a free holiday in Pangkor for 2. Second prize is a loan to start a food stall. Third prize is a dinner with Siti Nurhaliza. You must give people the proper motivation to demonstrate and assemble peacefully.

  70. Anonymous says:

    If by these protest these corrupt UMNO pigs hope will make me, a Malay, to be proud of my heritage and take it to the streets they are wrong. If anything, this protest only expose further what racists and hypocrites they are.

    THEY are the ones who insist so much that the people of Malaysia voice out what they want through the ballot box. Now, Malaysia has decided that the BN and it’s NEP policy has got to go. They should NOT be making protests about the policy of the newly erected government!

    Melayutulen is very right. What UMNO did is a big disgrace to the rest of the genuine Malay community. Now I can see how UMNO’s actions are the cause of many of the evil stereotypes labelled towards the majority of the innocent Malay peoples.

    I am even more inclined to vote against them in the next election. I simply can’t stand to see these corrupt pigs rule my country and continue with their debauchery in the name of Malay pride.

    And BTW, call my paranoid if you will. But I sense another May 13 in the making. UMNO WILL make more and more protests in the future, and they will start the bloodbath again at the slightest hint of retaliation from the non-Malays. Please, please be careful when you go out dear Malaysians.

  71. Anonymous says:

    If by these protest these corrupt UMNO pigs hope will make me, a Malay, to be proud of my heritage and take it to the streets they are wrong. If anything, this protest only expose further what racists and hypocrites they are.

    THEY are the ones who insist so much that the people of Malaysia voice out what they want through the ballot box. Now, Malaysia has decided that the BN and it’s NEP policy has got to go. They should NOT be making protests about the policy of the newly erected government!

    Melayutulen is very right. What UMNO did is a big disgrace to the rest of the genuine Malay community. Now I can see how UMNO’s actions are the cause of many of the evil stereotypes labelled towards the majority of the innocent Malay peoples.

    I am even more inclined to vote against them in the next election. I simply can’t stand to see these corrupt pigs rule my country and continue with their debauchery in the name of Malay pride.

    And by the way, call me paranoid if you will. But I sense another May 13 in the making. UMNO WILL make more and more protests in the future, and they will start the bloodbath again at the slightest hint of retaliation from the non-Malays. Please, please be careful when you go out dear Malaysians.

  72. I agree with anonymous, i feel like it’s another May 13 in the making but let’s pray that never ever happens again. Peace….

  73. Malaysian says:

    No lah, Anonymous at 11.08 x 2. (Don’t play reverse psychology pls.)
    If there’s any bloodshed, it will be blamed on UMNO, so they’re not so dumb as to start anything lah.

  74. Mamat Ali says:

    huh!!! RM80???? how come I only get RM50????

  75. Ahila says:

    Aiyoh…Mamat….you too…brutus.ah?
    Anonymous kita…said a May 13 in the making,pulak….
    Today, I went to temple and asked God to prevent any blood sheds from taking place in this lovely country of mine. I believe God will protect us.Lets all pray for harmony and peace. Hope everyone can practise patience during testing times. See…Mamat Ali, brader kita…good joker !
    APa you buat dengan RM 50/.hah,Mamat?

  76. Anonymous says:

    OMG I posted twice. Hahah!

  77. Anonymous says:

    Is there any reason why people would want to have NEP continue to be implemented anyway? It is damn obvious that the policy benefits the rich elite Malays and the UMNO cronies the most.

    If indeed the NEP strives to narrow the economic gap between the races and help the poor, shouldn’t it give first priority to our oft-forgotten Orang Aslis, the TRUE natives of Malaysia who is also the poorest? If anything, NEP is yet another propaganda by opportunistic Malay elites to make themselves even richer under the disguise of “memartabatkan orang Melayu” (which, I assume refers the common Malay peoples, NOT them).

    Ketuanan Melayu? More like Ketuanan kaki rasuah dan penipu rakyat.

  78. InSearchofFairness says:

    I like what Guan Eng said: “We believe in the freedom of speech and assembly as long as it is peaceful.”

    Let those cowards and muddleheads protest and shout. The bottom line is – make sure you demonstrate peacefully and do not harm any one.

    I know of a type of genetic defects that can make one become incapable of clear and logical reasoning. It could cause one to have ‘split-brain’ syndrome and double personality. The brain could be short circuited to the extend that only brainless reflex actions could be executed. In someway, it confirmed the existence of the “doublespeak” creatures in George Owell’s 1984.

  79. Mamat Ali says:

    apa tak boleh bleh lah, RM50 for free bukanlah nak berlawan pun. apa apa lari je. 50 buck for a relaxing walk apa salahnya doh

  80. Jared says:

    I was at Magazine Road Penang. I saw quite a number of our Malay Brothers. looking at the demo. I can see their unhappy faces becos UMNO’s dirty tactics of defying the very laws of the country had made them uneasy to their fellow Malaysians.
    I am nearly sixty now. I followed our election campaigns since I was 18. UMNO always like to talk about racist topics. They have forgotten that our fore-fathers from the Indian brothers and Chinese brothers had held hands with our Malay brothers to seek Independence for Malaysia from the British. Now, they want to make the Malays look stupid to their fellow Malaysians by using racist tactics to get more jalan for themselves but not benefiting the poor Malays.
    I have many Malay friends. I see them very poor though I am poor Chinese also. What have they benefited from the 50 years of their Bull-shitting.
    MCA (Barisan Nasional) will do their best to bluff the Chinese and using UMNO’s dirty tactic of racist sentiments to lure support. Samy Valu from MIC will tell the Indian the same thing and warn the estate folks to be careful. If they don’t vote for MIC their representation in the Government will be Pochik. We don’t need a racist party to run a country. We need a party like DAP/PKR/PAS to ensure a Malaysia is for all.(True Bangsa Malaysia)
    UMNO thinks he is the TAIKO for Barisan and their pride had made them fall down. Malaysians are sick lah. Talking of race evry time.
    I watched YOUTUBE that Mahathir is really a double forked tongue former PM. He said Saya banyak sayang bangsa kami. Then, in the first place why charge Anwar under ISA and put him into jail. He is a forgetful old man already. Even in the case of V.K. Lingam’s case he is telling the judge he has forgotten. Who will believe him when the matter is so important.

    BR Syabas! Work hard and prove to those BN Nincampoops that we are all matured Malaysians. Just want BN to know stop your nonsense. Take your dirty hands off the mass media. Allow a free press so the general public can have a true reporting to keep every politician on their toes to serve .

    lastly, if u don’t, then the people will use SMS and internet to get things moving for their information. Can u beat this BN? Now u know why u lost the election. Malaysians boleh use the SMS and internet way to get justice moving. You think you can stop the media. Oh sorry lah. That was the 60’s. now is 2008 tahu dak bodoh BN.

  81. Feroz Merican says:

    People who bring up May 13th are the ones who really deserve to go to jail. We are here trying to discuss, debate, use our brains, figure things out, call the future, and what do you do? Try to frighten us and stop us from talking by bringing up 1969. And then post the comment as Anonymous. Hey Anonymous, I don’t care what you “sense”, tell me what you know . Save your ‘sense’ for your girlfriend or boyfriend, lah, don’t waste our time with that type of crap. There are intelligent people here trying to have a discussion, and we are looking forwards not backwards.

  82. wits0 says:

    This is an example of what we know. Something so recent and cannot be denied:
    A Cruel BN Government

  83. sifu says:

    No class….cakap tak serupa bikin.

    Budak-budak melayu kat sekolah pun entah tahu entah tidak apa dia sebenarnya NEP.

  84. The RM80 paid to each participant of the demonstration, if true, is evident that NEP still being practiced in Penang – hence no reason for anyone to be overly alarmed.

    it is for cronies, for privileged few & definitely not transparent – all that befit the definition of NEP.

  85. highhand says:

    where is the water cannon when people need some cleansing

    where is the gas when people need to cry openly but too ashame to do it ?

  86. Mark Eswar says:

    You Guys are Bloody HYPOCRITES!!!
    Dare YOU IGP!!! Use tear gas and water cannons on these people.I really feel sorry for our fellow Malaysian who has been poisoned with mere 80bux. Get a life man. have a brain of your own. Long live People’s power.

  87. La Cha Mau says:

    Alo there Mr.PM,,,I say..alo..alo.. are you reading me..Over….

    You specifically told Malaysians that protest rallies “BUKAN BUDAYA KITA”. What are these UMNO members doing, may I as too be so impolite as to ask? Were they all at a gathering point in front of KOMTAR lining up in a very orderly fashion before they proceed to the riverbanks of the mighty Sungai Pinang for a mass circumcision ceremony. You mean to tell me that these infidels have not been circumcised yet? Tch Tch Tch

    Mr.PM, y

  88. La Cha Mau says:

    Mr.PM, you Pantang Dicabar kan…well let us the rakyat tell you that we will sentiasa cabar you until you submit and agree to convert to Hinduism and leave immediately for Chittagong or Mysore to live like Lord Samy without his river shell.

    You call yourself a leader. You are nothing but a piece of SHIT living off the fat of our land. Please undur…SEKARANG JUGA.

  89. malayamuda says:

    if Anwar Ibrahim is a traitor for telling the world that Malaysian leaders were corrupt and racist isnt UMNO Penang a traitor to the Penang people for asking the Federal Government to stop all Mega projects in Penang ?

    Racist UMNO Penang is behaving like a sore loser. Just because they cannot “membelot harta rakyat” in the name of Mega projects they want the projects to be cancelled all together.

    Just a few days ago Prime Minister said that DEB is for all Malaysians irrespective of race so no reason to dismantle the DEB. All the UMNO yes men also said the same.

    Now suddenly when the Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng says that DEB will not be used in Penang, Prime Minister is asking Lim Guan Eng not to stir racial sentiments.

    So is Bodowi now accepting that DEB is actualy to uplift ONLY the Malays and not all poor in the country ?

    When will Racist UMNO ever learn ?

  90. limkamput says:

    If they try the same thing like 1969 the Chinese would not take it lying down! Not this time!!

  91. malayamuda says:

    Last time they started May 13, Gerakan and PPP chicken out and joined BN

    This time they start it people will be som pissed, the Sarawak and Sabah parties and even some from BN will quit and join BR.

    Watch Najib closely – he seems to like the Kampung Baru Malays a lot these days – if Mukhriz can do a 1969 Mahathir, Najib will do a 1969 Tun Razak

    Watch Najib Mongolia

  92. Anonymous says:

    Why do people always take my words the wrong way. I was only saying that the protests may be getting worse in the near future and I wanted you all to be careful. I am NOT crying for another May 13, or attempting to shut down the argument going on here, or whatever malicious intent you people think I am getting at.

    I am just here to express my dislike for the hypocrisy of the UMNO people and their apparent love for the NEP. I am in the same league as you guys.

  93. brave citizen says:

    Ask yourself – Why is there a need for NEP? Are u saying u cant compete or survive when the games are played on equal terms? It’s like a 100m race, everyone else starts at the 0m mark, u start at 90m mark. It’s a shameful drug, so why continue taking it?

    The Iranians, English, Indians, Turks, Chinese, Americans, Russians, Germans, etc and even our neighboring countries > All of them DONT do it, so why u?

  94. Ready says:

    The Failed PM has reminded the rakyat especially the low class paid part time umno goons not to demo but it seems the umno now refused to listen to the old man anymore. Old man is losing his touch with umno. There is nothing to be scared. We are the combined majority here now and if mamak, indian and chinese each throw a spit, those ethnic minority umno rascal (not the good malay in penang) will drown. Most mamak voted for opposition because they are indian too, only religion islam. Umno (now the opposition) should be chase away from the Northern Region if they continue to create trouble. They are now eating their own medicine.

  95. yapchongyee says:

    It is most incorrect for Malays to criticize Lee Kuan Yew because if our Malaysian founding fathers had VISION, then today’s Malaysia will be as competitive as Singapore is, but WE MALAYSIANS are just not up to the standard of what Singapore is; we are just atill 3rd world.

    Mr Lee Kuan Yew had a vision for Malaysia and most of you Malays will say, how dare he take upon himself to have a vision for Malaysia ? Who is LKY ? This is really the wrong attitude because at that time LKY was a Malaysian Chinese and as a Malaysian he had every right to want the best for Malaysia. My opinion is that the attitude of the Malays is at the root of all the evil that has befallen them; you Malays want to believe that you are bigger and better than what you actually are. What is so great for the Malays to think of themselves as superior to all the other races ? Do we Chinese & Indians clamor for “SPECIAL PRIVILEGES” absolutely not, as a matter of fact special privileges are the needs of the HANDICAPED; in Australia only the aboriginals enjoy government privileges and exactly just like you Malays, they never ever STOP ASKING FOR MORE. This is the culture of dependency, the hand out are never enough. If our founding fathers had LKY’s vision and Singapore & Malaysia are one nation, then today’s Malaysia will be able to stand on their “hinny” as a developed nation and have a standard of living that is today EVEN HIGHER THAN THAT OF AUSTRALIA. Why do you therefore criticize LKY ?

    Instead you Malays went the easy way and grabbed with all hands the way of Special Privileges and today Malaysia is just Eh..Eh.. 3rd world. Hey ! Hisshamuddin you can wave your Kris all you like that act of childishness was one of the defining act that drowned the fortunes of the BN. Even your UMNO people found your actions repulsive ! I believe it was an act of God that imprinted your image of a CRAZED UMNO FANATIC that seared into the minds of the voters. HEY ! Hishamuddin you look the image of that NAZI poster boy.

    There is no denying that race politics has great appeal to the political scoundrel world over, but to those who find it convenient to practice it and Malaysia is just such a country, let them bear in mind that such practices anathema to the rest of the developed world and that eventually the world will reject them as uncouth and uncivilized; but then what do the Malays care because as a nation you Malays are impervious to insults and scorn. In this context, I like to quote an example from a programme aired by our Australia SBS TV. It was an undercover TV investigation into the Hindoo slaughter of a village of Muslims in the state of UTTARPREDESH; more than 200 Muslims were butchered by their neighbours of Hindoos. The police denied any knowledge that it happened, so did the Chief Minister of the state, and even the leaders of the criminal perpetrators confessed inadvertently on TV had denied it. The complicity involved all the hindoos at every level of government. This was so disgusting that I just turned the TV off. It reminded me of my own experience in my dealing with this Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali who illegally buried my wife’s petition in the graveyard of the appeal process, while there was nothing that could justify the criminal behaviour of Judge Zainon binti Mohd. Ali. I will come to KL to expose after the Beijing Olympics. THIS IS WHAT MALAYSIA IS ALL ABOUT, NO ETHICS, NO MORALS, AND WORST OF ALL NO KNOWLEDGE.

  96. Azizah says:

    Do not disturb DAP, PKR and PAS politicians…..Let them settle down with the new task and responsibilities…The whole world is looking at our BN Politicians’ attitude and immature acts…so prevent any nuisance and avoid racial issues. We the innocent community eagerly want NAJIB,KHAIRY and HISHAMMUDIN to step down…Allah is looking at all of you…BEWARE!….Sembahyanglah anda sebelum anda disembahyangkan…

  97. davidcheah says:

    stupid la.. see also wanna ask them to get off the streets. Buat apa bising bising now.. election tat time vote properly la..DEB is so stupid.. You malays are poor because you all are lazy.. wat can the DEB give you…. only the top ppl gettng the piece of the cake while you don even get a dust out of it.
    Wake up la.. demo no use one la.. fight also no use.. stay home watch tv and thnk how to work toget money la..

    DEB,,, i support the disposal.. it brings no good but more harm.. summmore dap is the ruling party.. so they have the rights..

  98. ome back kid says:

    Now that the GE is over, can we all work together for the benefits of everyone?

    It’s time to close rank and put our differences behind.

    Malaysia with all the God blessed resources, climatic friendly and strategical location, Malaysia will be a prosperous country and everyone has a bright future here……

    And they live happily thereafter…….

  99. Sometime they need to think it twice, and think again. I support Penang new CM’s decision.

    Those ppl who protest really show their brainless face to the world. That prove that they are useless. What a different with “parasit”?

    P/S: they are not the first class citizen in this country!

  100. The Fact Is This says:

    Guys, please do not scold all the malays in penang as most of them are good malays. Only a handful minority from the penang useless corrupted umno is barking. Let me tell you umno goons….if you keep creating trouble you are helping us to make up our mind earlier to vote for BR again the next coming election. It’s our choice to vote freely, what can you do about it? We are not even bother about your threat because we outnumber you in one way or another. So? shut up or go to hell!!!

  101. samad says:

    wah…..rm 80…..saye pun nak join demonstrasi…..10x demonstrasi dapat rm800…. 50thn kemerdekaan, org. melayu pp masih terpinggir, 30thn DEB org.melayu pp masih terpinggir, 22thn kerajaan mahatir, org.melayu pp masih terpinggir, 4thn kerajaan pak lah, org.melayu pp masih terpinggir. dah kalah baru nak perjuangkan kebajikan org.melayu pp. marilah kite perjuangkan masyarakat terpinggir dan bknnye hak org umno dan kroni mrk.

  102. […] Photos at Susan Loone: Photos and story on Umno rally in Penang […]

  103. chuanwei says:




  104. UK says:

    this is NEP,UMNO goons paid the poor malays rm80 to act in the demonstration and they blindfold this poor bumiputras to drain of tax payers and beloved country’s wealth to their own pockets in the name of Never Ending Policy[NEP]

  105. Those ppl who protest really show their brainless face to the world.

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