This is my dream come true.

The racist UMNO/BN parties are fighting after all – and fighting within and among themselves.  They are not even fighting for the benefit of Rakyat Malaysia but for themselves. The bigger the fight, the sooner UMNO is gone.

Mukriz Mahathir’s recent letter asking PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign is one example. He said in a letter published in the media recently that:

“The sole intention of my letter to you is meant to save UMNO and BN from being rejected further by the people and from being no longer relevant to our religion, race and nation”.

“For the love of this country and the people, I beg that you take responsibility for the defeat. We can save UMNO, the BN and the nation only if you relinquish your positions as Prime Minister and the President of UMNO”.

It’s quite clear that his intention is not to save Malaysia or the people but UMNO and BN (ok, he mentioned nation but that comes 3rd after UMNO and BN).  Should we then support this cause?

Or, by supporting it, are we leading ourselves to the slaughter house as surely the next question to ask is: who will replace Abdullah as the next PM? I shudder to hear the answer. I don’t want the perpetuation of racism and I do not want to see keris-loving bigots rule my country for another 50 years.But perhaps, I may be too concerned about these things. Perhaps, Abdullah’s replacement will only hasten the process of ousting UMNO; because as long as the person who rules this country is from racist UMNO, the end is nigh, very nigh. I’d say, let them fight. Let us watch. The fun has just begun 🙂

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  1. nchanted_CAT says:

    Well, I see that the DPM has not uttered a word, neither has Anwar. I wonder what’s happening…

  2. Hira says:

    Pak Lah should resign… he has done a lot damage in few years!!!! He can pack up with Khairy and leave for australia to become chef in their own restaurant!! perhaps this will be good for that stupid oxford grad!!!
    who knows they restaurant will be more popular then our Mamak’s here.

    Hidup Mukhriz!! for once a malaysian dare to speak his mind and challenge the leader.. ooopss forgot abt Ku li…. Mukhriz shd get Ku li in his geng and bring down the sleeping beauty!! Pak Lah should just sleep and dream.. eat and become chef!!

  3. dbctan says:

    Whatever helps to promote a better government and governance gets my support, although at this point I can’t say I’m very bothered where PM Abdullah stands after UMNO is thru with him.
    I voted for the BR lineup not because they’re perfect, but becuase they represented the hopes and dreams of a better Malaysia. I voted for them so they can be a check-and-balance to the ruling BN. I voted for a Malaysian Malaysia, and I am willing to give the BR a chance so they can help steer us all in that direction. 4 years is not a long time to show the electorate they r doing the right thing. If they screw it up, the game is up.

  4. peace in hope says:

    It sounds joyous if Pak Lah steps down and Najib take over. Lets look at some analyzing here …..

    PAK LAH DOWN – Rembau Gangster(KJ) down – sounds PERFECT!

    NAJIB UP – Mukriz can take over soon( perhaps) – ACCEPTABLE


    Mukriz will have the influence of Papa to help cover up further for Najib – think of ALTANTUYA, think of the many race-based remarks, think of the many many many more ARROGANCE, think of UMNO having power -again!

    DEADLY !!!! Dont you think???

    So, PAK LAH can stay and continue his sleep while we take the chance to work on the many non-voters and fence-sitters and the naive and the ignorant to make them see the LIGHT!

  5. bamboo river says:

    Mukriz must have done his homework from ground up before he writes the letter.
    Remember the Umno AGM , his comment about AAB’s speech? The repercussion was tremendous that he have to make a public apology (sounds like ) in order to pacify the Umno people.

    He had learned his mistake (once bitten twice shy) . So , before making any drastic move, first get the grass roots’ consensus and support.
    Once you are sure the back up is many times more than the ‘monkeys’ in Penang Botanical Garden. , then fire the first salvo and let the chain reaction begins.

    To catch the monkeys, you first have to isolate the group leader.
    Who is the group leader? Very obvious mahhhhh!
    The one that sounds like one and acts like one but do not think he is the one.
    Enjoy the fireworks show.. just keep your distance, avoid getting burned by the sparks

  6. Facial says:

    Hi!!! the war is beginning !!
    You have to store the maddog and mongo murderer.

  7. DarkKnight says:

    Dear Susan,

    I know in the first paragraph he never mention Malaysia, but if you look at the 2nd paragraph, “We can save UMNO, the BN and the nation..”. Just to put the fact where they belong to..

  8. KerinchiGuy says:

    peace in hope Says:
    PAK LAH DOWN – Rembau Gangster(KJ) down – sounds PERFECT!

    waah, like a ‘two for the price of one’ offer.
    i want, i want !

    btw, susan. your undisguised schadenfreunde at the umno infighting is most unbecoming. and another thing, this is party matters so of course mukhriz just talked of saving umno and bn. i bet if he had talked of saving malaysia and the people, you would have found fault too. you probably would have said “you guys want to fight? fight! keep us malaysians out of it. we already have our barisan rakyat.”

  9. kittykat46 says:

    Actually, I don’t mind Pak Lah staying on IF he can act on his fine talk about moving forward. But so far, no evidence if he is able or willing to make the necessary changes.

    Unfortunately the alternative is NAJIB !!!
    Gives me a yucky feeling every time I see him talk.

  10. malayamuda says:

    i hate the Rembau gangster more than Lah.

    For only that reason , Lah MUST go !!!

  11. […] Diet and Weight Loss Programs wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptMukriz vs Lah – let’s watch and have fun! Posted in ELECTIONS GENERAL, HEADS UP!, MAHATHIR MOODS, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, MEDIA, NEWS, POLITICAL on March 14, 2008 by sloone This is my dream come true. The racist UMNO/BN parties are fighting after all – and fighting within and among themselves.  They are not even fighting for the benefit of Rakyat Malaysia but for themselves. The bigger the fight, the sooner UMNO is gone. Mukriz Mahathir’s recent letter asking PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign is […]

  12. Hira says:

    KJ is the most corrupted person!! situation will not be so bad for pak lah if he never listen to KJ… BN lost bcoz of KJ…. Sharizat, Samy Vellu, Tsu Koon and all BN leaders should stood up against Pak Lah.. all you ppl lost face because of him….

    at least with Najib not so bad lar… even he had scandals but at least he do not sleep in public… have you guys heard pak lah talking…. he’s not talking but mumbling!!! what a shame!

  13. yrf says:

    wah, this is gonna be one hell of a ride!!but u can later observe that in tonight’s prime news, they will NOT be headlining on this issue but instead the main media will try to implicate viewers on the negative issues pertaining the DAP-PKR-PAS unresolved disputes! THIS IS UNDENIABLY UNFAIR & ‘SHITTY’….SO, LET US BOYCOTT TV3 AND RTM(DAHLAR OLD, LAPOK PULAK TU..ALWAYS AIRING RETRO PROGRAMS!!YUCKS!!)

  14. DewA_LavaU says:

    mukhriz should send the letter together with pillow to pak lah so pak lah can have a very long rest after this.

    ohh I prefer Syed Hamid Alba to be the next PM.but would he?can we have sort of presidency debate as what USA have?

  15. DewA_LavaU says:

    if najib become PM soon there would be a lot of C4 in our black market and migration of mongolia people to malaysia hehehehehe 😛

  16. rianna says:

    Bye bye Pack Lah.
    No, Najib should never be made PM. He’ll be a stooge to Mahathir and furthermore, we know Najib’s too many ‘sins’.

  17. peace in hope says:

    Our Tun (Mahathir) is still furious that his lil boy(Mukriz) was denied for candidate for BN for Langkawi and having been pushed to an un-glamorous Jerlun. For that alone he has to work with Najib to get Lah and gang out so that HE(Tun) may be the ‘shadow-ruler’ for JIB-MONGO (Najib) and start the stench of Msian politics rear its filthy head all over again.

    Lets rid the past bad apples for good as we have many more new ones still in place now like the Rembau gangster, Keris-man and Sleeping Beauty-Lah among the rest to deal with.

    So sparing Sleeping Beauty now, least till BR is strong enough, could be a good thing …. as much to the dismay of malayamuda and KerinchiGuy (not for long guys – 4 tahun aje hopefully..:) )

  18. thinkvision says:

    Barely reeling from running the 100 meter dash in 9.9 seconds to crawling-on-knee pace, they are now fighting among themselves to uphold the “maruah” of UMNO. This time if they stumbled again, someone might literally and figuratively end up kicking the bucket.

    Scenario 1: AAB out; KJ out; Najib in; Mukriz out; Najib PM in GE12 & GE13
    Scenario 2: AAB in; KJ in; Najib in; Mukriz out; Anwar PM in GE13
    Scenario 3: AAB out; KJ out; Najib out; Tengku Razali in; BR Close Shop!
    Scenario 4: AAB out; KJ out; Najib in; Mukriz in; TDM PM again in GE13!

    Decision… Decision… Decision… What shall it be???

  19. skwong says:

    Hei , penang goverment what are you doing with the illegal assembly hug? Give them the same treatment as they did to the hindraft? Use BN good old rules to handle such unwelcoming, drive away investors, not our culture, …… etc for the sake of unity. This is not our culture so do as the romans do.

  20. Hira says:

    Ku li makes a better leader then Najib!!!!! Musa Hitam is also not bad… forget not Rais Yatim!! hey all this was ditched by Tun Mahathir earlier and now they are the potential candidate!! hmmmmm it means if DSAI decides to join back BN he must be having higher chance… well looking at all this possibilities there will also be a posibility of DSAI joining back BN… look back at the history… all those ditched by UMNO is back in the league

  21. kittykat46 says:

    Let them have their fun, as long as its peaceful.
    I support the right to peaceful assembly – whatever is their cause.

    The way the Hindraf people were brutalised was a shameful episode – and one of the catalysts for change in the election.

  22. peace in hope says:

    skwong – well said man!

  23. Romanstar says:

    There is no difference at all whoever leads UMNO & BN if BN ruling concept is going to remain. I could forsee BN will be sent packing into oblivion should BR managed very well their newly conquered states in the period leading up to the next GE.
    I’m sure a lot of reforms will be made by BR to accomodate the demands & needs of the people which I think BN will never get to copy for the fear of losing dignity and being labelled as a copycat or duplicator which may reversely get a backlash from the “KETUANAN MELAYU” extremists of UMNO.
    On the other hand, BN also can’t afford to stick to the old-style draconion regime, the main significant reason for their defeat in the 12th GE. UMNO is now torn in between the two and a most likely loser on both ends. It takes super duper new ideas of reformation for UMNO to succeed in winning back the confidence of people. Does UMNO have what it takes to counter these setbacks? Time will tell.


  24. Fasthand says:

    Any pictures of the Umno demonstration in Penang? Are they available on youtube? Did the protestors carry flowers or a petition letter to hand over to the new state government?

  25. arnab76 says:

    Pak Lah give la sikit comment on you punya UMNO illegal assembly? That day when all the menteri menteri including la la la in Penang, the entire BN supporters behave worst than wild beruk. Block the entire road and when I sound a horn to get them to make way, their attitude sucks…and this is BN….Malayisa Boleh…..under Pak Lah and his inlaw and out law, habislah harapan Malaysia…..Pak Lah sambung you punya tidur la…UMNO kalah makna kalah la……budak standard 3 pun boleh faham…..balik lah tidur sama pak la….

  26. Han Ah Kau says:

    why all this hankering to Go-lah? Replacement very scary lah.
    Najib -jenis khan ni… AP Queen Rafidah, she might mortgage Malaysia.
    Hishamuddin needs inter-racial education. KJ personification of arrogance.
    Mukhriz snake in the grass. Better stay put lah. Where got some more?


  27. brave citizen says:

    umno in tatters … habis/the_end/finito……all pack pack pack…
    Najib is a big penyu – never like or trust him. That thug KJ is lalat – “siasui” your brand name only.

    Yes.. Musa Hitam!

  28. A New Malay says:

    Both father and son asked Pak Lah to resign. If Pak Lah resign, what will happen? If Pak Lah not resign, what ill happen?

    Anyway, resign or not resign doesn’t matter. UMNO will kaput either way so long it remains a ‘racist’ party. Malays do not support them anyway. Mahathir better to have a last good laugh before Lingam tape is catching on you.

  29. cicit Mat Salleh says:

    Tahniah Mukhriz! it took a lot of courage for you to speak up in such tone, but at least you made a choice that proved that you are not just another “asskisser” that always try to find an easy way to up like most UMNO boys and girls. But, would it be much easier to make a decision if Tun Dr M was not your Father?…Being a son, a good son, I believe you did a right thing..because it would have made you “the biggest ass kisser of all” if you have chosen to agree or to show the so called “loyalty” to Paklah…Its indeed the right thing to do and im very2 sure that a lot of Malaysians will be supporting you especially when its against the wills of Paklah & KJ. However, whether its the best or the worst thing for your career in UMNO…like what you said…Allah SWT yang akan menentukannya…Insyallah! …..Frankly, I do not know who is the best candidate for the next PM…but whoever he is, I hope hes a good Malay.

  30. roti boy says:

    What others do to you, you do the same undo others. Remember Mahazalim put DSAI into jail? How about give him the same medicine?

    If you have any grouses, let the votes in the ballot box decide come this Umno General Election.

    What is the agenda of Mahathir? Still sore with the crooked bridge? Still feeling heartache for choosing the wrong successor?

    Ini Malaysia belongs to Mamakathir’s grandfather?

    Porrah! Pak Lak, sack that trouble maker! He can always help Maharoti selling bread using the Mamak’s motorbite.

  31. Adam Ali says:

    Dear Fellow Rakyat Malaysia,

    Allow me to say a few words after all these huh-hahs since the General Election. Whether you’re a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian, Dayak, Kadazan, Sakai, whatsoever. Whether you’re a Muslim, a Buddhist, a Hindu, a Christian, or whatsoever. Just hear me out…

    As Deng XiaoPeng once said, “Be it a black cat or a white cat, as long as it catches mice, it’s a good cat!”

    So, don’t be too concerned whether our leader is a Malay, a Chinese, an Indian, etc. etc… As long as he can deliver, he is a good leader!

    Don’t let ourselves be used by political leaders for their own interest. For example, Pak Lah and Umno are now playing the racial cards on NEP to incite discontent among Malays. Let us ask ourselves, did our datuk, or our abah or ourselves, in general, have the opportunity to own a Mercedes Brabus or a mansion in our lifetime? Look around, we still have fellow rakyat living in dirty squatters. We still have fellow rakyat finding hard to fill their stomachs.
    But look at our so-called “pejuang bangsa”! Our so-called leaders who fight for our rights. Look around, they own big imported luxury cars and big houses, with lots and lots of investments and $$$ for themselves. You name it, they have it!!! I’m not being sour-grape here but let’s face it, it’s their own interest that they’re fighting for, using our name. They’re just making use of us for their own political mileage.

    So, wise up dear rakyat. Don’t look at their skin colour or religion. Just judge them by their performance! If they’re good, continue supporting them. If they’re bad, just kick them out!!!

    This is for the good of Malaysia and all its rakyat!!!

  32. r_venugopal says:

    Both father and son are very interested in pressuring Pak Lah to step down and is this a solution or a plan to speed up his own position. Every problem must be analysed thoroughly before a conclusion is made on the next course of action. UMNO’s failure should not be shouldered by Pak Lah alone but include Najib, VP, Supreme Council members, Exco lmembers of Wanita,Puteri and UMNO youth. All of you were responsible for the failure as there was no proper campaigning strategies other than flooding the streets with posters, it is more a poster war. Money was splashed without achieving the key objectives.

    Please grow up and accept that people are tired of hearing the same old song. Sit down collectively, cool your heads and think why the voters abandoned you. Never underestimate your opponents, do not abuse your positions for political gains and work for the people and the nation.
    Everyone , is more interested in accumulating wealth and power at the expense of the rakyat. God has punished all of you and please mend your ways and get your leaders to guide you to the right path

  33. EdChoo says:

    Just go and buy popcorn, sit back and enjoy the movie. Please turn off your mobile.

    By the way, I live in Australia. Come on, please don’t fucking send them here, lah. Make the place rot and smell of their stench. If I do ever see Pak Lah or Khairy on the streets, I am going to fuck them up kau, kau. Bloody bastards. I will hold demonstration in front of his brother’s restaurant and ask people not to go there and eat. Bloody hell, eat the food from the Bodowi menu…..Croniysm, Corruption, Nepotism…… you will also be infected by the Bodowi syndrome. Anyone know which restaurant?

    Khairy, you can talk big in Malaysia. Better watch out when you are in Australia. You and your bloody yacht. I hope the bloody sharks get you and bite your kuku bird off. Then that time Nazri really can shout out loud and call you PONDAN. You are nothing here, mate….ooops, sorry……. pussy shit.

  34. Simple Malaysia says:

    Adam Ali, well said!

  35. SuperMan says:

    No Pak Lah, No KJ. Go Pak Lah Go KJ…….sound interesting

  36. Bagusbah says:

    Hey…ive got the answer to all of your problems!! ….lets just bring them all down and put new reliable guys up there….the power isnt in their hands, it has always been in the hands of Rakyat..that is true power…dont like it we change it….let them realise this…lets use our power…! MERDEKA! MERDEKA! MERDEKA!

  37. Feroz Merican says:

    Thinkvision-Thanks for your scenarios: I like Scnario 3-Badawi out, Najib out, Khairy out: Razaleigh returns. I think the time has passed for Ku Li, Musa Hitam, Rais Yatim, et al. And Hishamuddin’s photo in the Straits Times should speak volumes. I keep telling people you won’t be seeing Najib for at least a month. You will forget what he looks like in a couple of months, and he will lose weight in 3 months. The guy I am most worried about is Nazri Aziz. I hope UMNO gets rid of him. Since this is a public Forum, I will refrain from using any adjectives to describe Nazri Aziz, suffice to say I cannot speak of him without cursing. It will be a sprint to the finish line for the young turks, and I see Hishamuddin taking the lead already. Personally, I don’t really care who is in, but I want to see Najib and Nazri out most of all, and Khairy and Badawi goes without saying.
    I give you half ball. 20 bucks, how?

  38. LV says:

    Adam Ali, we need more people like you… Well said!

  39. padmanathan says:

    I am wondering why Najib has gone incognito. No sound from him. I’m sure he too is shivering in his pants. If lah goes he has to inherit an insurmountable problem of firming up umno and bn. But his worry will not ne a Malaysian problem. It may be a Mongo sub problem.

  40. splc says:

    najib quite now to prevent further involvemnet with pak lah group lah then when pak lah down.. he can pretent cry like that rafidah previously (AP case) then gain sympathy from UMNO then slowly move his ass up as PM suggested by the UMNO them self lah… what a fool party thinking so simple… there’s no sympathy in politic all involve purely interligent to manage the country, if a leader not strict (like tidurlah pak lah) this is what causing the GE12 result lah….

  41. james says:

    I think Father of Corruption is fishing in troubled waters for his own selfish and evil design.

    The only reason Bn got push out is bcos of all the shit Mahathir created and Pak Lah cannot unwind bcos it is so deeply rooted.

    Bn lost 2/3. So what?

    No big deal!

    In fact all true Malaysians should say a big Thank You to Pak Lah for being a gentleman.

    Imagine if Mahathir is the Pm, there will be riots all round and a Emergency will be declared

    Malaysians forbid that Mahathir should make a comeback through the backdoor.

    Mahathir has done enough damage to Malaysia for the last 22 years.

    He should leave politics for the good of the country.

  42. james says:

    Mahathir must not be allowed to meddle in Malaysian politics again.

    He has done enough damage to Malaysia already.

  43. james says:

    The crux of all things wrong in Malaysia stems from one person. Thai person is Mahathir.
    The Father of Corruption and king of Double Talk.

    Talk cock all the time!

  44. james says:

    The crux of all things wrong in Malaysia stems from one person. That person is Mahathir.
    The Father of Corruption and king of Double Talk.

    Talk cock all the time!

  45. Correct3 says:

    Mukhriz, UMNO/BN’s defeat in the recent GE wasn’t just Abdullah’s weak leadership alone, the damage and the cancerous management of the country was inherited from your father’s era. Who created UMNO’s trouble in the first place and invented UMNO Baru and UMNO Lama and stripped the Malay Sultanate’s limited power and privileges if not AAB’s predecessor, YOUR FATHER!! and during whose reign and era was it that the independance of our judiciary start becoming an issue internally and internationally, if not AAB’s predecessor himself who unashamedly also used the POLICE and the ACA to instil fear into those who dare disagree with him for his own advantage and benefit, seeing good judges removed or not promoted and top government servants put in ‘cold storage’ – V K Linggam’s case is a classice example of your father’s vindictive manner and inteference. What about Petronas money – who directed it to be used for mega projects that only benefited a few priveleged individuals close to him. These are only a few of your father’s misdeeds and malfeasnce, the lists are endless. Remember, a finger points at others, four more fingers are pointing back at you. Im not saying Paklah and his ‘pampered’ and good for nothing son-in-law KJ, an arrogant, disrespectful and ungrateful ‘creature’ are better off but out of the two evils, at least your father’s vindictive leadership has been tested though at the expense of Malaysians’ integrity and social harmony but to leave Malaysia in the hands of AAB’s deputy’s leadership and his cronies is like sending Malaysia into the dark hole of HELL – if not propelled properly, it’ll be another MUGABEH’S regime in Zimbawe who happens to be a good friend of your father.

  46. Vivien says:

    It really is exhilarating to see the opposition win this time round. For the first time in 40 years, it feel so good to be a Malaysian.

    I have been surfing the various websites and blogs and it really is heartwarming to see many Malaysians, irrespective of race fight to uphold
    their homeland from falling into the hands of arrogant crooks who sucks the blood out from all, even their own race.

    This is the first time I felt there are sill righteous people around. I was deeply touched when reading some comments from the Malays who condemned their own race “the idiot politicians”. But I think many still do not see the light. Someone please wake these people up. They think replacing Abdullah with Najib will solve the problem. How naive!!

    We do not mind voting for BN in the next election, provided the present line up in UMNO are axed. AAB is no good, so is NR, Kerismuddin, KJ , Muhyiddin, Mukhriz and the whole lot. Whatever change they make, the UMNO will still not be accepted by the people unless they put someone dynamic whom they may not want, because this someone will not bodek them and make them think that their race are above all. We want people who are not biased and with high morale. He must think, we are all humans, all Malaysians, not Bumi, Chinese or Indians.

    All racist out there, listen. It is a fact that without the Chinese, Malaysia will not prosper because they are born business people and they are industrious and hardworking. At the same, Chinese could be ruthless, cunning and so forth. The Malay on the other hand are kind, friendly and generous beings. Each has his credits and flaws. Combine all these, and you get handful of Malaysians who possess all the credits minus the flaws. These are the people who should rule the country. One whose heart goes to the people, the environment and the less fortunates.

  47. kai says:

    I disagree with edchoo……..please please send them all to Australia and we can send Pauline Hanson to you in return! Fair? Let us in Australia shows these people how a fair election is run. Speak with no fear, no ISA etc.

    BTW, well said Adam Ali!

  48. Kesava says:

    Apart from Tengku Razaleigh no one else can save UMNO/BN. But Khairy`s in trouble also:
    Wednesday, March 12, 2008
    PKR may challenge Khairy’s Rembau win

  49. malayamuda says:

    if Mukhriz can do a 1969 Mahathir sandiwara, Najib will out play him and do a 1969 Tun Razak

    He’s been warming up to the Kampung Baru Malays lately

    Watch Najib Mongolia C4

  50. KennyGan says:

    Leave Pak Lah there la! At least he’s not so ruthless as Mukhriz’s Dad and he gives the opposition some room to breathe. If the old tyrant is in AAB’s shoes now, there’ll probably Operation Lalang II.

    Who do you want replace AAB? Najib? The kris waving Hishamuddin? Aren’t they worse than AAB? More racist, more cunning, more immoral, more ruthless…

    As for Tengku Razaleigh, his ascendancy is just a pipe dream. After being sidelined for decades, he has no power base in Umno.

    Whoever takes, charge, forget about reforming Umno. Given their deeply embedded culture of feudalistic patronage, it is impossible.

    I’m hoping Pak Lah stays because at the next G.E., BN will be easier to kick out!

  51. cecima says:

    Pak Lah? MAhathir? Khairy? Mukhriz? .. I want Malaysia to be as it used to be before…. sigh

  52. PAKLAH says:

    Woiii….wat..wat..…apa nama..apa tuh…….apa tuh.. apa dia tuh….kamu semua tak takut nak mengcursing aku ya…mari sini …tunjukkan diri baru kamu tahu padahnya….jeanne! jeanne! where are you honey?…oh there you are i thought you have apa tuh…apa tuh…apa tuh…apa nama….gone….please dont go girl…! krohhhhh…..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  53. teenvoice93 says:

    Well said Brother Adam Ali, I totally agree with you.

    Just watch the big shot driving in and out from the Parliament or Pak lah office, with their majestic cars and sitting alone with their chauffeur, to save cost, they should ‘car pool’ to save our fuel price hike.
    Don’t you think so?

  54. DORMAIN says:

    Mr Adam Ali….being now in my 40’s, i have seen a lot about Malaysian politics especially here in Sabah. But one thing i have to totally agree with you that these people are more and more open about showing their fortune and greed. Forget about those Menteris, you should see those new UMNO guys who have been in politics for only recently, these are mostly the people who couldnt take the 8-5 working hours and still earned less and concluded that UMNO is the best company to work at. Yup…i dont know about other places, but here UMNO can make you a sudden powerful richman, drive expensive cars, own big houses, become shareholders of companies, travels everywhere, etc……but, i have to admit that sounds really good….but lets be serious….do we want these people to take the lead of our future? our children? … things can still be changed…hopefully..

  55. Boyot says:

    If a malay cannot defend their own race, who going to do that. I don’t think the opportunist Chinaman or the “robber” mat saleh who drain malay word for centuries going to do that.
    Umno did a lot of things at least for me the Felda boy. I agreed with Mukriz that Pak lah should step down for the sake of Umno, Islam and the Malay survival. Pak is just to lean to the other “incoming” races.

  56. […] admin wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThis is my dream come true. The racist UMNO/BN parties are fighting after all – and fighting within and among themselves. They are not even fighting for the benefit of Rakyat Malaysia but for themselves. The bigger the fight, … Read the rest of this great post here Author: Time: Friday, March 14th, 2008 at 3:47 am Category: Uncategorized Comments: You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. RSS: You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Navigation: « CLA – “Wow Give Me Some of That!” Eva Longoria endorses chocolate » […]

  57. Teen Voice 93 says:

    Dear Boyot,
    Chinese is not opportunist, they have come from hardship and have work hard together with other races for the development of the country. We just want a transparency and better government.

  58. Jason Ma says:

    Kudos to a 15 year old who is more clever and sophisticated. Don’t look down on any races. You don’t have the right to do that!

  59. Anwarina says:

    Mukhriz berani buat sebab Tun Dr M is behind him..soalnya BERANIKAH Pak Lah bertindak surreal kasar kepada Mukhriz?

    Pak Lah pun stress sebab isteri baru queen control ma…..


  60. […] bugnuknHThis is my envisage embellish true. The homophobic UMNO/BN parties are offend after every – and offend within and among themselves. They are not add offend for the morality of Rakyat Malaya but for themselves. The super the fight, … […]

  61. The Fact Is This says:

    Down Paklah…….Down umno…….chase useless umno away from northern region……GET LOST!!! Pak Lah is the worst PM in malaysian history…..umno in north must accept defeat as the raykat decided. So, wake up and take it like a real man!!!

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