In the latest twist to the Perak chief ministership crisis/furore between DAP and PAS, PKR has threatened to pull out of the administration if…

“…eight of the 10 executive council posts will go to DAP while the remaining two going to other parties“. PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali said “the agreement made between PAS and DAP with regards to the composition of the Perak state exco”.

In the spirit of sincere openness, we stress that the composition of the exco must reflect the composition of the population of Perak and represent the interests of all ethnic groups fairly,” said Syed Husin.

We ask that this composition be discussed again and if the composition is not altered to the satisfaction of all parties involved, PKR will not take part in the administration of Perak.”

However, he said that PKR will honour its agreement to support the coalition government.

There seems to be some inconsistency here, coz somewhere else we have Tian Chua, MP for Batu and PKR’s Information Chief saying:

I don’t think it is any problem that people are putting their thoughts forward and arguing – all this is part of creating a democratic culture. So I won’t characterise this is a form of bickering,” he told Malaysiakini.

“I think a merger is something we have to think about as the next step. Currently, the first thing to do is to present a team that can work together in fulfilling our pledge in the elections. Then parties that feel they have an additional need to cooperate and build with can start talking about mergers. That would be the next step”.

I think it’s really good to think positive, Tian. But right now, some damage control between the 3 parties is needed, and it better be quick.

Looks like everyone is playing everyone out.

Now, I am wondering if the Perak MB appointment of a PAS candidate is a strategy.

Or, can’t I question the decision of the Sultanate? 


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  1. DAP started it, their arrogance is untimely but then again… What do you expect from a party filled with Chinese chauvinism? 😦

  2. Rock says:

    Ingat Semua. DAP dan PKR memainkan isu-isu perkauman lebih dahulu. Jangan bermain dengan api. DAP (Mostly chinese & indians) said tha we should work as one and speak as one. itu semu pembohong. Ramai orang cina dan india nak cakap bahasa kebangsaan-bahasa melayu pun tak reti. Hanya orang melayu sahaja nak integrasi tapi kaun cina dan india tak mau. Kerajaan perkenalkan sekolah wawasan-untuk integrasi-tapi orang cina dan india nak kekalkan sekolah jenis kebangsaan. So dimana rasional nya. Orang cina nak minta orang melayu hapuskan hak2 istimewa tapi orang cina dan orang india tak nak hapuskan identiti perkauman. Ingat orang cina dan orang india- jangan bermain dengan API.

    Orang cina cakap-kami nak ternak babi- ingat orang islam tak mau babi. Mana rasionalnya? Orang india nak bina kuil-tapi bina di merata-rata tempat tanpa mengira seisitiviti islam. Ingat mana rasional nya?
    Orang cina & india cakap kejadian jenayah meningkat… ingat penjual DVD haram, pelacuran, dadah, rompakan emas dan bunuh, kedai mesin judi haram semua dilakukan oleh orang cina-mana rasional nya?
    Ingat jangan bermain dengan API dan jangan mencabar kredibiliti dan seisitiviti kaum. Ketegangan sedang memuncak-jangan mencabar orang melayu!!!

    Semua bercakap pasal kroni- ingat AZIZAH dan IZZAH tu kroni ANWAR, Guang Eng tu kroni Kit Siang dan Gobing Singh tu kroni Karpal Singh.. Ingat Jangan bermain dengan API. Ramai orang melayu yang sanggup mati!!!

    Orang2 Melayu yang menyokong DAP dan PKR – ingat bahawa mereka tentang penubuhan negara Islam. terang2 mereka tentang penubuhan negara islam tapi masih nak mengundi DAP dan PKR. Ingat PKR tu pendokong kepada DAP. dan DAP tu adalah pecahan PAP. Cukuplah orang melayu kehilangan Singapura. Sekarang ni Pulau Pinang dan Perak diambang pergaduhan. Jangan ingat suara yang banyak bercakap tu kuat- suara yang diam tu lagi kuat. Jangan ingat orang melayu tak sensitif pada cabaran Hak-hak ketuanan melayu. Ingat-jangan bermain dengan api. Apa salah hishamuddin memegang keris-orang melayu tak pernah pertikaikan orang cina pasal tarian singa atau orang india bawa kavadi. Ingat jangan bermain dengan API!!!!

  3. tswern says:


    Stop the racist comments!

    The argument is between the three political parties, not between the people of Malaysia.

    I am sure the 3 parties could resolve the disputes peacefully.

  4. Chinese Women in Malaysia says:

    DAP is not racist. They actually preferred the Malay chap from PKR to be the MB. Voters have spoken, DAP & PKR have spoken. Suddenly the sultan goes and gives it to PAS. Errr … are we allowed to even ask … why PAS? As a result of one man’s decision (or was it? hmm) – Voters are upset, DAP is upset, PKR is upset. You see the problem? (only BN very happy lah) I’m not against PAS becos of religion. I have many Chinese Muslim friends. I’m not against PAS becos of race. Many of my modern and moderate Malay friends don’t even like PAS (it’s their ideology, in case one of you need to ask) You’re all looking at the tree but missing the forest.

  5. Rock says:

    Chinese Woman: Kau sedar la sikit kalau kes orang melayu rogol cina bertahun diungkit. tapi kalau orang cina rogol melayu, DAP semua diam. Jangan nak hina agama dan bangsa melayu. Jangan jadikan Malaysia macam IRAQ. !!!

  6. Rock says:

    Kau cakap kau bangsa malaysia. nak cakap bahasa melayu pun kau tak mau. Bole balik negara cina la…kalau tak puas hati. Hak aku penduduk peribumi…Ingat DAP dan Anwar yang mulakan isu perkauman.. sedarlah melalui kempen mereka…

  7. DewA_LavaU says:

    I’m a Malay and I HATE ANY STATEMENT OF RACISM.brader Rock itu adalah kesilapan melayu sendiri yg lalai!so ambil iktibar dan pengajaran dan majukan diri sendiri bukan nak api2kan api perkauman.Ingatlah Allah itu maha adil.

  8. DewA_LavaU says:

    I notice a lot of Umno cybertrooper is mingering around famous blog. Please beware all reader dont easily get offended.Be rationale and think wisely. ALL OF US LOVE MALAYSIA! 🙂

  9. Boulder says:

    Ala Rock cukuplah, sekarang dah tahun 2008, bukan 1908, rakyat cuma nak negara meningkat competitive, more properous untuk semua. Bukan cuma untuk selected few. You see, corruption and greed is regardless of race. Biarlah orang compare us with developed countries, bukan Burma or Africa. Kan dah ada man in space … let’s move on. Imagine Hillary Clinton memegang cowboy pistol, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
    P/s- “hak hak ketuanan melayu” – all have become hak hak cronies lah!

  10. DewA_LavaU says:

    I’m second to bro boulder 🙂

  11. DewA_LavaU says:

    Just look at example at Kelantan.PAS allow the construction of largest buddah statue in Asia.What does it mean? TOLERANCE 🙂

  12. TM says:

    rock – you can kiss my ass. i am a tax paying citizen of this country and i will only ‘balik negara cina’ as and when i feel like it. Racist pieces of excrement like you makes me want to cheer when China beats M’sia @ badminton matches!

  13. CanDieLikeThis says:

    breaking news updated 4.45pm In yet another dramatic twist to the formation new state government in Perak, the swearing-in for Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has been cancelled. more

  14. Chinese Women in Malaysia says:

    You’re right Dewa Lavau, don’t worry, thought as much when I see what the fella Rocky was writing.
    Susan, think you have to get his IP address and report him to ISA for inciting racial tension and violence.

  15. TM says:

    Now, boulder and dewa are malays whom i would fight with and die for.

  16. Samsul says:

    If Syed Husin means that 50-60 per cent of the exco composition should be Malays – Perak population composition – then I do not agree with him.

    If he means that PKR should be more than PAS – because PKR has more seats and PAS already has the MB – then I agree.

  17. JEFF LEE says:

    well…looks like we are all going downhill from here…we were just about to start to help one another learn to walk..and we wanted to fly ahead of each other..and now we have crashed..what a shame..so sad..

  18. […] OUPblog wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptEr…thank you, Syed Husin…? Posted in ELECTIONS GENERAL, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLITICAL on March 13, 2008 by sloone Pulak…  In the latest twist to the Perak chief ministership crisis/furore between DAP and PAS, PKR has threatened to pull out of the administration if… “…eight of the 10 executive council posts will go to DAP while the remaining two going to other parties“. PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali said “the agreement made between PAS and DAP with regards to the c […]

  19. jhimsi says:

    Dear MalayWomen,

    I have been reading your comments all over the blogshere concerning DAP & LKS.

    Wake up my friend. This is not a perfect world.

    DAP, PAS, PKR and the Rakyat are in the process of growing up. There is such a thing as GROWING PAINS. It requires patience, endurance and most of all discipline to “Stay the course”, from every quarters.

    Your generalisation of DAP shows that you and many other Malaysians (Incl. some in DAP/PAS/PKR) are not ready for Bangsa Malaysia, just as yet.

    Friend, I understand your feelings. I know many Malays who voted for DAP feel the same…ie. BETRAYAL. Similarly, feelings are brewing in the Chinese community who have voted for PAS…just waiting for 1 single wrong word or action from PAS to start feeling betrayed.

    The Euphoria of 08/03 is OVER. Now comes the hard part…TRUST and staying the course that we the Rakyat have decided upon. Trust in God, Trust in the very principals and ideas that we voted for and staying the course, through thick and thin, until we achieve what we want for this beloved nation.

    In any relationship, forgiveness is of upmost importance. If anyone who has apologised, we give the benefit of the doubt, we forgive and move on.

    Please don’t be naive…there will surely be more problems coming. It is how, we the Rakyat and the Political Parties handle the situation that matters and that will show whether we are really ready for Bangsa Malaysia or that 03/08 was just a flash in the pan.

  20. SuaraKita says:

    Woiiiiiii!!!…Poorahhh Cit!!…Ma Cibai Lu….Pukimak!!!

    Aku betul2 kecewa dan sedih atas apa yg berlaku…Kami di Pulau Pinang bertungkus lumus,besengkang mata,bermati-matain utk pastikan BA menang…tp hangpa plak buat hal (pemimpin2..bukan penyokong akar umbi)

    Bagi aku segalanya telah terjawab…pakatan ni sebelum PRU 12 jer nampak manis tp lepas menang semuanya terbongkar…Poorahhhh!!!


    Pemimpin2 DAP (bukan penyokong atau warga cina yg undi mereka)nampak jelas tidak dpt menerima Islam dan tidak menghormati kesultanan Melayu sebagai Raja Berpelembagaan…

    Pakatan mereka juga jelas mempergunakan rakyat untuk mencapai matlamat Malaysia…Lihat di Penang…DAP menang (byk undi Melayu bg kat DAP) Guan Eng telah umumkan DEB tidak akan digunapakai…ini jelas menunjukkan hak-hak keistimewaan org melayu akan terhakis…sedangkan ramai penduduk Pulau Pinang rata-ratanya masih miskin akibat pemerintahan BN (PAS di Kelantan pun tak laksana HUDUD…di Kedah hanya fitnah je yang kata PAS akan laksana HUDUD)

    Mereka ini tidak boleh dipercayai untuk jd pakatan Pembangkang….

    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim kaji balik pakatan DAP dlm BA for next PRU.


    Awat plak Syeh Husin Ali tu melatah x tentu pasal…siasat balik pakatan siapa yang bariskan exco tu…(dia kata DAP dan PAS). Jangan dok tau buat statement semborono saja.semalam harapan saya PKR akan dpt buat pakatan yg secocok dgn PAS kecuali DAP..tp segalanya meleset…PKR (pemimpin) tu cuba kaji balik pakatan dengan DAP bukan buat statement yg tambah keruh lagi keadaan….Pooorahhhh!!!!


    Yang hangpa plak awat tak buat statement yg kata hangpa tak mengharap apa2 jawatan negeri..hanya kuasa Sultan yg pilih…klau hangpa dia maksudnya hangpa jugak nak kuasa…gila kuasa…Poorahhh!!!

    Pakatan2 pemimpin ini amat,amat,amat,amattttttt mengecewakan kami yang berkerja keras utk kemenangan…UMNO memang tak relevan dah utk jaga rakyat.Kami rakyat akan berjuang utk suara rakyat…akan lenyapkan kuasa BN…akan heretkan pemimpin2 UMNO/BN yg rasuah ke muka pengadilan…rampas balik harta rakyat yg depa mengaku depa punya. Tapi harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi…telepas mulut naga masuk plak mulut buaya…

    p/s- tidak semua pengundi Cina/India menyokong dasar DAP…DAP tak relevan untuk bangsa Malaysia kerana depa (pemimpin) semua bodoh dalam perlembagaan negara/negeri….depa ni (pemimpin2 DAP) hanya akan mengundang bahaya dalam masyarakat berbilang kaum di Malaysia.

  21. jughead says:

    Let us give back the Perak State Government to BN. End of story. Win the election also creates problems. Those old men are like babies. Why the outburst in the public? Resolve them privately and then come out with a decision.

    What is wrong with having a PAS submitted to the Regent of Perak? After all, the 3 agree to submit and agree to the outcome, the final say is from the Sultan. If the people of Perak, do not like, then they can fly kite in KL or Penang. Who dares to overide the Sultan and do not give respect?

  22. Jamil says:

    Be careful bloggers. Cyber trooper from BN still out there try to create havoc with their information.

  23. rakyat says:

    Dap didnt start it. Not according to “yellow card to opposition” in malaysia-today. Self interest seems to be the order of the day since they are are too hungry for over 40 years. Dont blame anybody as they are behaving like animals fighting over food.

  24. Boulder says:

    Jeff, nobody’s crashing. No need so dramatic lah. All this talking and arguing is called democracy. The right for all individuals to be heard before a decision is made. It’s a good sign man. You should be happy. Only be sad when nobody want to hear your opinion or when nobody dares voice their opinion. Cheers.
    p/s. turn on CNN and you’ll see how a democratic election is ran. All their politicians kena hentam left and right. You don’t see Clinton protecting ketuanan orang puteh or Obama threatening racial riots. Sticking to issues, it’s time we matured intellectually n emotionally too.

  25. peace in hope says:

    Lets keep our cool guys. Its rather disturbing-yes- but this is indeed a test. Even Rock is a test to us coz there are THOUSANDS like Rock out there and we will not be able to stop them all. Instead we need to make the ‘Rocks’ out there see for themselves that WE, in this blog have a MISSION and we not easily shaken. Well, in the issue of Perak, its sad to see this among leaders we want to learn to trust but once again this is Malaysian politics we’re talking about. No changes can be made overnight and its ALL up to the trio to make or break. Remember TRIO-BN is just outside the door, waiting to take Perak back! Keep that in mind and trash out other issues later as you go along! I hope representastives of BR actually read all these stuff we write and communicate them to the channel.

    Rock….. bertaubatlah sebelum terlambat. Jangan ikutkan hati sangat, pakailah akal fikiran. Doakan keselamatan Malaysia, usah diungkit kisah yang pedih – biarlah ia berlalu. Hak Melayu tak akan tergugat dan Melayu tidak akan ditindas lagi-usahlah kamu bengiskan diri-jangan jadi umpan ‘penjajah’Rock-BERTAUBAT saudaraku, BERTAUBAT!

  26. lebaijanggut says:

    Sammy Vellu once said.. “Ini Semua Kerja Orang Gila Punya La…”

    Everybody are rushing to gets their seats. Wei.. biar la orang yang benar-benar mampu buat kerja. Doesnt matter either the excos are chinese, malay, indian, jawa or orang asli.. as long as the hak rakyat terjaga.

    Ini belum start kerja sudah macam-macam komen.. Apa susah.. kalau susah sangat nak bekerjasama, bubar DUN Perak.. another pilihanraya kecil for the whole Negeri Perak. Then we see who will form the government.?

    Surely BN akan ambik kesempatan and what we all get? DAP, PKR and PAS habis, kita tak banyak modal (duit for campaign) macam BN…

  27. nchanted_CAT says:

    What’s going on? I had hopes that there would be a change for a better Malaysia. But, seems like these politicians are now more concerned with their positions rather than us. So, they are no different than BN, are they?


  28. DewA_LavaU says:

    I got latest info from my malay friend from ipoh saying that there will be special Umno gathering this sunday.my god.please save this country.tunjukkan kuasamu ya allah untuk selamatkan negara kami yg tercinta ini seperti mana kau tunjukkan kuasamu pada 8 march dan apa yg telah berlaku pada Zakaria Derus.tunjukkan yg keadilan itu adalah benar tak kira melayu cina india kadazan iban dll.AMIN !!!!

  29. yrf says:


  30. Khoo says:

    I am really disappointed with you PKR-DAP-PAS so called coalition. As brother Rocky’s Bru said, power really gets to your head.
    Please make your statements carefully instead of harping on rhetorics as you are all in the limelight. This is not campaigning time where everything goes.
    Stop squabbling over yourselves over the spoils. BN is laughing and at the same time instigating. The rakyat is watching in horror as well!
    I hope that Sdr Anwar can really resolve this problem over the discussion tables instead of each party releasing statements which worsens the situation. Everyone should be cool headed and professional!

  31. SuaraKita says:

    Woiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!…Pooorahhh Cet!!!…Ma Cibai Lu!!!…Pukimak!!!…

    Walau pun pemimpin2 DAP mintak maaf kpd Sultan tetapi mereka telah hina Sultan (terlajak perahu boleh diundur, terlajak kata badan binasa).Pakatan DAP dlm BA akan diragui keikhlasannya…sebab sentimen dasar mereka amat kuat…mereka boikot pun bukan mintak pandangan akar umbi DAP sendiri…depa tau buat saja…Depa ni suka bermuka-muka…Depa ni adalah Kit Siang, Karpal Singh, Guan Eng etc

    p/s…All malaysians (malays/chinese/indians) for PRU 13 plz support PKR @ PAS yg jelas perjuang utk rakyat, bukan dasar mereka utamakan…I LOVE BARISAN RAKYAT

  32. CanDieLikeThis says:

    Latest From Malaysiakini,

    Reason Of the Cancellation of MB searing-in.

    PKR disputes regent’s choice

    Meanwhile more details are emerging as to the details of the meeting the three menteri besar candidates had with Raja Nazrin this afternoon.

    According to sources the main reason for the postponement of the swearing-in ceremony this afternoon was due to an objection by the PKR’s Jamaluddin over Nizar’s appointment.

    Apparently Jamaluddin told the Raja Nazrin that he disputed the choice made by the regent yesterday to make Nizar the menteri besar.

    It is learnt that the regent became upset with this and instructed all three of them – Nizar, Ngeh and Jamaluddin – to go back to the drawing board again to determine their preferred choice.

    A statement issued by Ngeh earlier today indicated that Nizar was the regent’s choice to be the state’s menteri besar. According to Ngeh, the regent had rejected his (Ngeh’s) and Jamaluddin’s name although these were the first two choices.

    It is also learnt that the regent had asked all 31 state representatives from the three parties to be present before him to swear the allegiance to the new menteri besar, whoever it is.

  33. Khoo says:

    Another thing to mention, this time, it is the opportunity to debunk what BN has always said.
    1. We have shown that the country won’t go into hura hara after voting for the opposition.
    2. We must show that BR is able to handle the administration of a state.
    3. We must show that BR is able to work together since BN is always saying that BR has very different ideologies.
    If you can do this, your future is great. If you fail, i hope you won’t fade into oblivion during PRU 13.

  34. DewA_LavaU says:

    Abang SuaraKita tak usahlah mencarut begitu.tak profesional lah bro.rilek2 laa hehehe meh kita g mapley layan teh tarik jom gua open table 🙂 anyone want to follow me? 🙂 🙂 🙂 Marilah kita banyakkan doa kepada Allah swt. Insyallah kebenaran itu akan ditegakkan.

  35. Khoo says:

    Why can’t we run a state like Singapore do. They have professionals in their fields to run a particular portfolio.

  36. peace in hope says:

    Dewa_LavaU has wisdom that must be spread on. Syabas Dewa_LavaU, anda sememangnya berjiwa Bangsa Malaysia. Spread it on my friend. Insyallah kebenaran itu akan ditegakkan…. 🙂

  37. Sk Malaysian says:

    My God, only a small Perak MP Issue make the opposition cant solve it out ?Are they Barisan Rakyat ? or they forgot what they promise ? Why Dap play so many tricks ? or they want to leave the barisan rakyat to become their own. We Rakyat malaysia sure will give a good lesson to DAP in next election.

  38. SuaraKita says:

    Aku bukan apa DEwa_LavaU…aku geram sgt…sbb pemimpin2 ni…kita jd huru hara.Aku geram sgt….so..itulah pendapat aku…at lease depa tau yg kita menyampah dgn perangai sekoq2 tu…dah la BN kita mintak simpang nk jaga kita balik…pastu pemimpin DAP plak buat hal…BODOH!!!

    Ni pertama kali tau aku join forum cyber camni….sebelum ni aku hanya perati saja…tp aku dh xbleh tahan dah dgn pemimpin DAP tu…saat mcm ni pun depa nak kondem keputusan Sultan..kerja BODOH tu…depa igt nk buat Malaysia ni mcm Singapore kot…BODOH dalam Perlembagaan Negara/Negeri…camni nk wakil suara rakyat…igt hati perut depa saja…

    Aku la Dewa_LavaU. DAP memang tak relevan utk wakil suara rakyat Malaysia…lepas ni biaqlah depa duk dlm kepompong depa sendiri…PAS pun bleh buat perubahan…xkan depa x bleh.

    Lepas ni aku akan gerakkan angkatan2 aku kat penang yg terdiri dr Melayu/Cina/India utk tolak DAP dlm PRU 13…la ni biaqlah depa perintah dulu…kita tgk..tp yg jelas depa dh perintah penang ikut sentimen dasar depa bukan sentimen suara rakyat…PAS kat Kedah pun x ikut dasar perlembagaan depa…DAP plak nk buat…igt depa menang sebab penyokong2 depa yang undi saja kot….MA CIBAI DAP!!!!

    P/S- Remember, remember!!! DAP…Penang tu igt hangpa yg punya ka…5 negeri tu BARISAN RAKYAT yang punya…

  39. JEFF LEE says:

    dear boulder..

    please tell me that there is still hope….


  40. DewA_LavaU says:

    takpa Bro SuaraKita.Sekarang malaysia sudah berubah dan anda sudahpun suarakan ketidakpuasan hati.ya semua orang tidak gemar akan situasi yg berlaku buat masa sekarang apa yang mampu kita buat adalah untuk bersatu padu tak kira apa bangsa warna kulit dan keturunan.Allah pasti akan kabulkan doa orang2 yang teraniaya.Amin 🙂

  41. DewA_LavaU says:

    since you all very2 tensen about current situation (including me) lets read this joke first! WE LOVE MALAYSIA hehe 🙂

    Title : Malaysia Special


    Maggie Mee.

    Nasi Lemak

    Nasi Ayam

    Roti Canai & Teh Tarik

    Traffic Jam

    None. Most Malaysians still feel
    embarrassed buying condoms.
    So they rushed into a 7-11, hurriedly
    grab the nearest pack, any pack, pay
    and leave before the cashier can even
    blink an eye


    Stout. Many Malaysian men swear by it.
    But then after a few pints they start
    swearing at everything.. .

    Food Poisoning.

    Menstrual Pain

    Headache, kids not asleep, maid not
    asleep, mother-in-law around, early
    appointment, food not digested yet,
    aircond not cold enough, aircond too
    cold, nail polish not dry yet, forgot
    to take the pill, sleepy, stomach
    cramps, period, haven’t remove make-
    up, haven’t shower, no water supply,
    going to watch ” Santa Barbara “,
    depress, no mood, etc…

    None. Malaysian men never refuse sex.

    Cap Kaki Tiga. Down one bottle with
    warm water and you are all “dried up”.

    Panadol. The “cure for all”. If it
    fails we have another secret weapon:
    Tiger Balm.

    Moh Fah Kor.

    Minyak Angin Cap Kapak.

    Happy Hours.

    The sight of a police road block.

    Petaling Street “boutique” watch

    Petaling Street “boutique” Rolex

    “NATIONAL” Rice Cooker

    Anywhere. As long as it is not your

    Carrefour. Sometimes even pronounced
    as Carry 4! On second thoughts, why
    bother pronouncing those French
    brandslike Peugeot, Renault or Citroen
    correctly. I think it sounds better,
    when the local mechanics say “Pew
    When I was in school, Milo was
    always ‘Mee Lo’, now that I’m
    sophisticated, I say “My Lo”.
    So don’t be embarrassed saying “Carry
    4” when the Mat Sallehs shamelessly
    pronounce orang utan as “rangutan”.

  42. Liyin says:


    Please, stop throwing fire at one another!
    Remember, we have a New Malaysia now!

    If we start giving racist comments or else sooner or later situation is gonna get worse. We will start hating one another. In the cyberspace things spread super fast. Is this what we want?!! Going back to square one – the old Malaysia?

    Please… urge everyone to cool down…

  43. Khoo says:

    I guess this situation is due to the surprise win in Perak. Nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought the opposition won. Due to this, there has never been any prior discussion on who to rule, or even what to do!
    Guess i have to respect Selangor. Great job and done professionally.
    Now have another 9 days to announce state exco. And no airing dirty laundry in the public…
    What more can i say

  44. hantutelur says:

    You were saying Pak Lah is a liar. He said between the opposition there’s a pack of convenience (he said “pakatan olok-olok’). Only existed for the sole purpose to gain people’s support during polling day. Now it’s gone. He’s right.

  45. JEFF LEE says:

    is this really true??


    i am keeping my fingers doubly crossed and hoping that everything will work out fine…

  46. lebaijanggut says:

    Habis tak jadi.. hancur.. GAMPANG!!! Lim Kit Siang… Penat aje aku ikut member pacak bendera BA merata-rata hari tu. Jenuh aku berkempen kat kemunting.. Sampai ke Petronas kemunting aku jalan kaki edar risalah PKR – DAP dan PAS.. alih-alih macam ni jadinya. Sampai Sultan pun upset..

    LANCAU la Lim Kit Siang…

    To others.. Sorry guys.. i’m much dissappointed.. jangan lagi komen racist kat sini. Bukan kita yang bergaduh tapi few orang yang kita angkat menjadi “pemimpin” yang tak menggunakan otak.

    Moderator, please stop comments on this forum. Aku nak rehat.. kepala dah pening..darah aku dah naik tiiinngggggiii….. Kalau tak stop sekarang nanti lagi banyak komen racist akan keluar dan ia akan memusnahkan kita semua..

  47. dlquill says:

    you guys waited 50yrs for perak to change, you cannot wait another 30 hrs, let the leader workit out, ok

  48. petestop says:

    DAP objection was that the party with least state seats gets to be
    MB, but later retracted it and issued an apology.

    DAP got short-changed on not getting the MB post, so they wants
    control of the State exco instead. Formula 1-1-8.

    PKR got short-changed on not only not getting the MB post, but only
    getting 1 State exco.

    Will the formula 1-2-7 work instead ?

    As for stoking of racial tension, unfortunately I can only see the hands
    of BN stoking them via specifically timed statements in the media.
    Not helped by the squabbling in the loose opposition coalition.

    What better ways to control and align people but to play on
    their racial and religious insecurities ??

    Same divide-n-rule formula excrement that we’ve been getting for
    the past 50 years

  49. Fernando Alonso F1 Champ says:

    …actually, DAP is not racist……they r ‘religionist (is there such a word)?…….and they certainly r not practicising what they preach……

    leaving aside the 3 potentials, i mean if we truly practice what we preach and look at the capibilities of the person……if i presented u the 3 resumes…but dont put name of person down and not from which party…….just looking at their cerdentials alone, 99% of us would have picked the PAS person…….

    just becoz he’s from PAS should have ZERO bearing!…….if we say we evaluate based on capability of the person, lets stick with that yardstic!

    to all u chinese who say u would accept the Malay from PAS….i say so what???….u decide now, u want to accept a person based on capabilities and nothing else as what that turncoat Lim Kit Siang said, accept it wholeheartedly then……..if he’s capable, lets give it to the man!

  50. petestop says:


    Would not have been a problem if just based on democratic formula,
    and just give the MB to DAP.

    Both Nizar and Ngeh has the paper qualification and the experience
    running own business and political party.

    PKR, unfortunately was’nt in contention, if based on merit.

    But the Perak Sultanate chooses Nizar due to does’nt want to run
    foul of state constitution.

    Ended up a backroom deal for DAP to get most Exco seat, and
    PKR got the short end of the deal.

    Nothing Racial and nothing related to Religion about it.

    Obviously UMNO is applying the same formula, spreading rumors
    that potentially sparks racial tension….. Can’t we all SEE THROUGH
    THIS after 50 YEARS of this MUCK ??

  51. kc says:

    Ha Ha Ha aren’t politics colourful.
    Don’t you ppl out there worry too much.
    This is sandiwara politic mah.
    All 3 parties kena jaga kepentingan party and supporters masing masing mah.
    I think they already pakat dan buat lakonan just to appease their own supporters.
    Too bad we Malaysian are still not above racial politics.
    So as a leader of each party how do you handle this???
    So babak pertama LKS berlakon anti PAS sebab dia punya kerusi paling kurang.Sebab MCA punya Ong Ka Chuan (brader Ka Ting) State MCA chairman already launch the first attack on DAP bekerja sama dengan PAS.Now to appease the ultra conservative Chinese dia kena berlakon lah.
    From his blog he sees that many ppl of all races condemned him for his action, he now knows that the moderates were the majority of BR’s supporters.So besok pun dia minta maaf lah.Dia tahu tanpa undi orang Melayu yang berhaluan sederhana DAP tak akan mendapat pencapaian serbegini.
    Now for part two. PKR’s turn to berlakon,in order to sell Anwar’s idea of a better future to the ultra conservative Malay who are afraid of losing their rights they demand that kerusi exco harus dibahagikan mengikut peratusan kaum di Perak. And to help control damage of LKS ‘s babak pertama the PKR calon MB pula berkata beliau tidak bersetuju yang calon PAS dipilih sebagai MB.
    Now for babak ketiga,
    Calon berketurunan Melayu yang paling layak akan dipilih sebagai MB.
    Dan all three parties would have been able to appease their penyokong2.

    Lu olang ingat politik manyak senang kah…
    mau jaga semua olang punya hati.
    Sikit2 ini macam ta boleh..

    Hakikatnya kita baru merdeka 50 tahun, berbanding dengan Amerika Syarikat yang telah merdeka beratus tahun baru kini mereka boleh menerima seorang calon presiden berkulit hitam.Ini tidak mungkin berlaku 30 hingga 40 tahun dahulu semasa zaman Martin Luther King.
    Kita belum dewasa lagi berbanding dengan mereka.
    Perjalanan kita ke arah bangsa Malaysia masih jauh lagi.
    Generasi kita ini masih lagi tidak boleh menerima seorang pemimpin tanpa melihat bangsanya.

    Buat masa ini nikmatilah pencapaian BR. Jalan di hadapan masih jauh lagi dan penuh dengan cabaran dan dugaan.

    Do not rock the boat too HARD or else we’ll all sink together.
    Remember we are in the same boat.Dissent is tolerated as long as its constructive.
    Why do the three parties acted in such a way. It is us who forced it on them.
    Jadi ingat jangan goyang sampan ini terlalu kuat.Buaya2 di air sedang menanti kita.

  52. jude says:

    I agree with Deva_LawaU. While waiting for these old flers to come to their senses and they should do it pronto, we could all pray to the Almighty. Especially that common sense and goodwill shall prevail. And not let differences tear us apart. As for the Sultan’s decision – it does seem strange looking at the facts as we have it, but maybe I’ll let others more qualified to touch on that. Daulat Tuanku! Tuhan selamatkan Perak dan kita semua.

  53. Rock says:

    Yang mana kat dalam bloq ni bermimpi nak jadikan malaysia macam singapore? bole pegi jahanam. Ingat Melayu tak akan berdiam diri. Kau orang nak sangat kan kebebasan bersuara!! ni hah aku nak bersuara. Kau orang buat cerita perkauman dan bila aku cerita kau orang marah? CIBAI!!!! PUNDEK!!!! PUKI!!!
    Dulu kau orang gi merusuh kat KL! la ni kalau aku merusuh kau orang jangan marah!!! Kau orang nak kebebasan kan? Hmmm semalam seorang india dah kena maki dengan aku!!! tadi sorang cina kena maki dengan aku!!!
    Celaka punya penyokong DAP dan PKR (Pendokong DAP – penjual pungkok dan negeri)
    Hidup Islam!!! Hidup Melayu!!! Allahuakhbar!!!

  54. pika says:

    susan, tgk link ni… betul ker semua ni salah faham…

  55. The False Prophet says:

    Rock ah, aiyah, u don’t have to go to the racial line mate. I always tried to take your uptake in good faith until I can’t.

  56. penangites says:

    Certain UMNO idiot is here to create havoc and chaos in this blog…not limited to this blog alone, other blogs also under siege currently. I’m emphasizing CERTAIN becos not all UMNO members are idiot which known to me. They’re trying to play up Perak MB issue become racial issue, Create an impression DAP anti-Melayu, PAS anti-Cina- implement Hudud , PKR gila-kuasa….at the end BR coalitions failed due to inter-conflict!
    Cybertrooper at works…BEWARE!

  57. Penang Exile says:

    Raja Nazrin is very clever. He is not just getting 31 ADUNs to sign an agreement on the MB, he is also forcing this loose coalition to become a concrete BR!. Palace source says end is in sight. Stay calm!

  58. kittykat46 says:

    I think Rock is an UMNO Cyber-trooper plant.
    He is deliberate creating trouble in an otherwise very civil discussion

    Its your choice, but you may want to ban him from this blog.

  59. […] we are today also confronted with PKR’s Syed Husin Ali objecting to the arrangements for the exco in Perak. Syed Husin Ali’s objection is clearly based on […]

  60. Samson says:

    From what Rock wrote, it is confirmed he/she is from the racist BN party.

    Dear all BR supporters, let’s be matured and give the newly formed government time to get the act together.

    Hidup BR and Rock@BN, you are history

  61. Samson says:

    Rock and SuaraKita are same-same @ BN cybertrooper

  62. SuaraKita says:


    Rock tu org umno yg kecewa dgn kekalahan parti dia…hahahahaha.kami Barisan Rakyat tak takut la dgn komen hang…

    Remember…Remember.Jika Perak jatuh ke tgn UMNO/BN, Pimpinan DAP yg BODOH itulah patut dipersalahkan…terima kasih Guan ENG (dlm Buletin TV3) krn ‘camdek’/objection DAP pusat tentang Negeri Perak

    Khabar angin mengatakan penyokong2 pemimpin UMNO akan buat kacau kat Komtar dgn alasan DEB dimansuh dibwh pentadbiran baru Pulau Pinang…KEPADA BARISAN RAKYAT…JGN MENYOKONG ATAU MENYERTAI BANTAHAN INI.Mereka Pemimpin UMNO lahanat hanya nk tunjuk yg depa ni nk jaga kepentingan Melayu tp sebenarnya depalah secara mutlak telah menjahanamkan/memiskinkan Melayu Penang.Mereka cuma nk rosakkan semangat muhibbah antara rakyat yg telah menolak depa di Penang.

    Ketua pembangkang UMNO dlm DUN pulau pinang kata (Buletin TV3) nk gesa Kerajaan Pusat tarik balik projek Mega termasuk RapidPenang di Penang dgn alasan rakyat Pulau Pinang inginkan kerajaan baru…Remember…Remember!!! kepada semua Barisan Rakyat di Penang bangun lah menentang ugutan pimpinan UMNO/BN lahanat ini.Depa igt depa saja yg bleh pimpin Pulau Pinang…POOraHHH CEttt!!!.Depa hanya nk rosakkan Malaysia saja.Next PRU kita sifarkan UMNO/BN Lahanat ini di bumi Penang.Selepas ini marilah kita pandang ke Kelantan Negeri yang dianaktirikan oleh geran-geran Pembangunan Kerajaan Pusat malah dihina dan dicaci oleh UMNO/BN lahanat ini. Dengan kekuatan Rakyat Kelantan inilah Kerajaan Islam PAS yang terdiri dr kaum bukan melayu didalamnya bersatu menjaga Kerajaan Islam dr dirampas oleh UMNO/BN Lahanat.

    Kepada Ketua Menteri YB Lim Guan Eng kami akan bersama anda setakat mana anda dpt mentadbir Penang dgn bijaksana dan kami bersama anda menafikan kekacauan UMNO/BN Lahanat di bumi Pulau Pinang.TETAPI…Remember…Remember!!! untuk PRU 13 DAP tidak lagi relevan untuk Bangsa Malaysia.

    p/s- UMNO/BN like a Rakyat’s shit
    DAP leaders like a piece of Rakyat’s shit

    UMNO = pecahbelahkan Melayu
    DAP = pecahbelahkan Cina Malaysia yg mendokong Rukun Negara.

    Depa semua sama shaja la woiiii…

    * Aku rindukan Koh Tsu Koon untuk tadbir Penang….Tan Sri keluarlah dr BN bawa Gerakan join PKR for PRU 13.

  63. kc says:

    Rock apasal kau marah2 nih.
    Engkau punye tender dan bisnes dah hancur ke???
    Nampak nya kau dari negeri yang di tawan BR.
    Kau kroni Khir Toyo ke???
    Kontrollah sikit nanti jadi Zak Deros punye kes.

    Look at the bright side, mulai sekarang kau kena
    cari makan secara halal.
    Tu dapat pahala tau

  64. petestop says:

    Let’s agree on one thing….

    UMNO formula…. turn everything into race and religion issue.

    Then people align themselves by this dogmas, then UMNO rules OK…
    … and all the plundering continues for another 50 years and by that
    time nothing worth to plunder, as we’re left behind by the likes
    of Vietnam, Cambodia..

    Man… how dumb can we continue to be.

  65. DewA_LavaU says:

    rileksss brader2 and sister2 sekalian.no need to be so emotional.All of us here Malaysian have faith on our Barisan Rakyat. It was us who bring them up and we also have the power to bring them down on the next GE13.Let them settle the dispute among themselves.All of them are educated & professional so let them prove it to us. Sambil itu saya menyeru posting2 berbentuk kebencian dan perlagaan kaum haruslah dihentikan.Kita rakyat malaysia di alaf baru.Sapa2 yang bekerja keras untuk mencapai impian masing2 shall be rewarded equally.And dont blame Rock as he also expressing his idea and dissatisfaction but unfortunately not really nice for us to read 😉 I believe all of us here is wise man one. Gua nak lepak mapley jap with my chinese friend (awek cun).hihihi :p

  66. nmjg says:

    Susan, I think we don’t welcome all the racists remarks in this blog. Trace all these psychos and exposed their identity, show them to all the Malaysians what they have done. then block all these from your site. We are here for professional discussion. Racists have enough media and newspaper to turn to.

  67. melovesynapse says:

    Hehehe..I think I sokong apa KC tulis..everything is sandiwara.. Tapi sandiwara depa ni buat semua org darah tinggi..migraine.

    To all supporters..relax..selamba…everyhing will be fine. Jgn risau..ok..Peace!

    **kita duduk di bumi yg sama. Bernafas menggunakan udara yang sama. Kita berjuang atas dasar yang sama.Malaysia ialah untuk kita. **

  68. way says:

    Aih… i thought it was finally over!!!! There will be a lot of problems if the opp cannot form the perak govt. At least Selangor already has their new MB.

    By the way I think all opp state government must be very careful when they speak. Lim Guan Eng’s words about NEP and his reaction towards Pak Lah seemed very reactive instead of constructive. He could have toned down his words a little. Remember the state funds come from federal funds so it might be very diff. for him to ask for money from Federal Govt. later, especially for the new developments.

  69. Lim Guang Eng says:

    My name is Lim Guang Eng. I’m the new elected Chief Minister of Penang. My first action is to abolish NEP. Elect an all chinese representative’s. Prohibit all sleazy malays and indians from doing business in Penang. After Penang then Perak, Selangor, Johor, Kedah..and the whole nation. I will enrich myself and my family. Long Live chinese…

  70. alan says:

    PKR, PAS and DAP, c’mon la… instead of easily issuing press statements to the BN media, why not just pick up the phone and call direct the respective leaders and get them to clarify on certain things. These are childish acts.. the ppl vote you guys to bring positive change not this stupid exchange of accusations and backstabbing.. you guys should be an example to us with your sincere action and honesty.. we do not want you guys to fight about the exco positions.. we want you guys to resolve our problem and not create chaos or more problem.. we have had enough of those by BN…
    We demand that upon confirmation of the appointments of the elected representatives, you guys should read out the pledge as endorsed earlier live on any alternative media be it on TV or Radio stations… or perhaps you can upload them on internet i.e google or youtube as affirmative actions that you really care for the rakyat. Otherwise, carry on fighting for positions and drive on luxury cars and we’ll see you guys booted out in next election.

  71. wits0 says:

    Susan might have to consider trashing all useless and inflammatory comments. They are worse than worthless.

  72. JTMalaysia says:

    As in all marriages and in all relationships there are adjustments and negotiations and disagreements. I still believe that all will be well for the coalition.

    Do not incite race hatred nor religion. The Sultan of Perak is a learned man and he knows what is best… PAS guy is the better paper-qual. choice due to state constitution for Malay MB. PKR gets state exco seats and DAP gets the majority for state exco. By British law, the post of MB goes to DAP but we are not in Britain and we are in Malaysia, with Malaysians voting for a new dawn. Let us not go back to pre-historic 1000BC and talk rots. Don’t let Rock and Suarakita incense us. They are also exercising their democratic rights to speak out and be transparent on how they feel but it is not good to incite and make people angry and rise into great anger… the realreligious and pious Muslim is supposed to love peace, fairness and justice. People who speak **#@^!!! – you know who they are and who they aren’t.

    Bangsa Rakyat Coalition, just get the work done and it is the results that prove it. It is the bottom-line baby! Just get to work and show it. If not BN is around the corner and your days are numbered again. You are the govt. now not the opposition. You are the coalition. You need to make it work. We need you to give us a better Malaysia. why worry about PAS, PAS can’t force people to do what people don’t want to, neither can DAP nor PKR. Get the check and balance in. If PAS MB can help to get transparency and money politics out – GREAT MAN. I vote for them! IF DAP and PKR can champion for new economic reforms that reach the real poor masses, I vote them!
    And you bloggers, some of you have great sensible heads on your shoulders and some just don’t. You can know the difference.

  73. ace says:

    “March 14, 2008 at 12:29 am
    My name is Lim Guang Eng. I’m the new elected Chief Minister of Penang. My first action is to abolish NEP. Elect an all chinese representative’s. Prohibit all sleazy malays and indians from doing business in Penang. After Penang then Perak, Selangor, Johor, Kedah..and the whole nation. I will enrich myself and my family. Long Live chinese…”

    While majority of Malaysian voters are prepared to depart from race-based politics, we have this SOB making such irresponsible statement!!!

  74. Mrk goh says:

    On Dr M calls for Pak Lah to resign

    My position on this to me is very tangible and clear.

    I agree to Dr M’s position wholeheartedly and I appreciate that the former charismatic and aggressive Prime Minister still continues overseeing all the happenings of the country. Nothing gives me more comfort than this. Despite so many politicians, residents and viewers expressing their qualms that “DrM you should shut up because you retired!” yet the former PM still remains vocal, aggressive and critical of the government. An old man in his 80s, no more as a Prime Minister, no longer in the UMNO, battling old age and longer has his power has nothing to gain by voicing his opinion to the press and public on his views on Badawi’s administration. His intentions are undoubtedly pure and definitely with care of the country. Despite what so many people suggest about DrM, the evidence is that he had 22 years of reign as the Prime Minister of Malaysia (which no other Prime Ministers have ruled that long) which were given ELECTORALLY by Malaysians. We choosed him consecutively because he delivered and we trust that old man. Now, on the other hand Badawi only served one term and his position is already in shallow waters like a ship danger of running ashore. What does that tells me? It tells me Badawi is not the leader we are looking for. Despite whatever arguements that people suggest to defend that man. He might be a good person but that doesn’t mean he is a good leader. A good leader is one who has the backbone to have his own opinion/decision and later execute it. And Badawi never once desmontrated that in my eyes – he never did exude the aggressive charismatic leadership that DrM have for so many years ooze out of every pore of his body; and in that DrM instils great confidence amongst the people towards him and gain the loyalty of his administration. That is the quality of a great leader. A ‘nice’ , soft-spoken and timid leader like Badawi is will inevitably weeded out sooner or later. The moment he came to power, it already left a bad taste in my mouth. Yes, he is a genuine nice guy and man of religion and morals but Badawi is not the Leadership Quality the country needs because he will ended up like a Puppet Prime Minister with his advisors pulling his strings and the people playing the tune for him to dance to! These is of course the worst leader – a leader with no power and worser still no backbone.

    However, I do want to challenge DrM’s on his views. I think it is not enough to be critical of Badawi – a critic with no suggestion as to the solution is somewhat ‘unfinished’. He should further make comments on how the government could fix this. By having Badawi resigning is not enough to cut the head of the snake – ‘What else Mahathir? How about his advisors? How about the corrupted, deep-pocketed and opportunistic officials? Definitely, having no PM is infinitely worse so who would be your choice that is most electable to take Badawi’s place? How should the next PM lead the country in the wake of such poor leadership?’

    On the other hand, if Badawi wants to continue to lead he has to change and learn from his weaknesses (note that I didn’t use the word mistakes). Above all like I stressed previously, show some backbone, old man! If those who are suspicious of corruption put them out to the chopping block, make it transparent and make it public. No more tolerance to race, gender, financially discriminatory policies and no more tolerance to millions spent unaccounted for.

    And above all, those who opposes BN or UMNO or YOU let them voice it out! Don’t cut their feet and have the ISA arrest them! Don’t stop Mahathir from seeing/visiting friends even if they are from UMNO. These critics/challengers like Hindraf, DAP, PKR, Anwar, Mahathir, Raja Petra, etc ARE your true blessing in disguise! They will point out the weaknesses in your administration and show you the solutions. Also, allow the mainstream media do what they were we established to do in the first place! That is to POLICE FOR THE PEOPLE! We want mainstream media to be unbiased and unsuppressed in their efforts. BN having their crooked, writhing and carnivorous claws in the mainstream media will only pave for a bigger retaliation from the very people you ‘claim’ to serve you deceitful and gluttoned bastards! Your enemies are actually your best friends – give them a voice and you together with the people of Malaysia will benefit. Arrogance and pride will only seed your own demise!

  75. DewA_LavaU says:

    hahaha that so-called poser Lim Guan Eng maybe MCA cybertrooper kot? rileksss ace 🙂

  76. DewA_LavaU says:

    hey you all get your ass back to work!nanti kantoi kat boss. Cover2 skit while surfing blogs (including me) hihi 😉

  77. Sheeba Tanah Melayu says:

    Kit siang tu minta maaf dengan surat aje ke? Bila dia gi ngadap Sultan and minta maaf?. Benda2 constitutional and status quo janganlah buat mainan. Kita undi DAP bukan nak bagi dia lesen buat Malaysia jadi Singapore

  78. yrf says:


  79. lebaijanggut says:

    Terkini.. Semua Adun BA di Perak telah menandatangani surat persetujuan pelantikan MB dan pembentukan EXCO yang terdiri dari 6 DAP, 3 PKR dan 2 PAS. Upacara Angkat Sumpah dijangka diadakan bila-bila masa saja. (samada hari ni atau esok) apa pun, awan hitam yang menutupi seluruh negeri Perak dilihat mula berarak hilang..

    Syabas atas usaha pantas BA dalam menyelesaikan perbalahan.

    Let us join hand in prayer for better future. Hidup Barisan Alternatif or Barisan Rakyat? Which name did you prefer. Maybe tukar nama lain yang tak sama dengan “barisan”.

    Its time for PKR-DAP-PAS work out an alignment in their politics agenda. There should only be one name, one symbol and one voice from the BA.

    Awas, jangan terlibat dengan provokasi BN untuk mengadakan tunjuk perasaan di KOMTAR Penang hari ni..

  80. teenvoice93 says:

    Rock, Please be awake, ” Jangan jadi Katak di bawah tempurung”, don’t make more harm to the nation.Duplicated KJ. We are going forward to globalisation. We should be united and not to fight with each other.

    Voice from a 15 years old girl.

  81. Arrica Lee says:

    Dear Rock(KJ),

    Quote “Ramai orang cina dan india nak cakap bahasa kebangsaan-bahasa melayu pun tak reti. Hanya orang melayu sahaja nak integrasi tapi kaun cina dan india tak mau. Kerajaan perkenalkan sekolah wawasan-untuk integrasi-tapi orang cina dan india nak kekalkan sekolah jenis kebangsaan. ”
    I’m a fifteen years old girl studying in Kebangsaan School, For your information, Most of my chinese and Indian classmates scored higher marks in Bahasa Malaysia than Malays, we love our national language and respect Malays, please don’t be arrogant and naiive.
    We’re not jealous about your NEP, as my mum always said, success without hardship is nothing, we can go anyway with our good qualification.

    Rock, open your eyes and ears, the world is huge.

  82. DewA_LavaU says:

    hey teenvoice93 & Arrica Lee I’m truly amazed with your young spirit!keep it up!yeah success without hardship is nothing! I’m as malay feels that NEP is not a ‘good’ way for us to move forward,instead it will makes one’s to be a spoilt brat.hehehe.


    p/s : when both of you reach legal date we might go out for a date shall we?hihihihi ;P

  83. DewA_LavaU says:

    errr typo error I mean * legal age* not legal date ahaks :p

  84. Jackson Wong says:

    You are just so right, Arrica and Teen Voice. Rock deserves the death penalty! Banned him. He is just like Khairi…useless and dumboless.

  85. Mandy So says:

    Arrica, I agree with you. ROck is just so sensitive. He is not welcome in this blog! Go pakat with Abdullah and Khairi and pack bag go Australia. Let edchoo go finish him there!

  86. sloone says:

    For Everyone’s information:
    Rock masquerades as Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh. Watch out for this guy.

  87. anak merdeka says:

    kit siang nak kemana akhirnya mampos juga haram jadah punya cina

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