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So what happens then to all the talk about cooperation, unity and bla, bla, bla…or is this just  a storm in a silver (perak) tea-cup? DAP wants to ‘boycott’ the swearing in ceremony of the Perak MB, who is a PAS man.

Pasir Panjang state assemblyperson and Perak PAS secretary Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin was today confirmed as the new menteri besar of the state. The decision was reached after the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah met with the three nominees for the post this evening. (malaysiakini).

Some people are saying that this is a strategy to cause discord among DAP/PKR and PAS. Not necessarily by the Sultanate, because they only want the best for their subjects, right?

Whatever it is, this development seem to have upset the DAP, who has won the most seats – out of a total of 59 state seats, DAP controls 18 seats while PKR has seven and PAS six, making a total of 31. The remaining 28 are in the hands of BN.

In his blog today, DAP supremo, Lim Kit Siang, makes his point very clear:

The decision to appoint a PAS Assemblyman Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar has caused shock and consternation to DAP leaders, members and supporters.

The DAP Central Executive Committee, at its emergency meeting in Penang on Sunday, 9th March 2008, had given approval for the formation of a Perak coalition government comprising 18 DAP Assembly members, seven PKR Assemblymen and six PAS Assemblymen.

DAP is prepared to accept DAP chairman and Assemblyman for Sitiawan Ngeh Koo Ham or PKR Behrang Assemblyman Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi as Perak Mentri Besar.

As the appointment of PAS Assemblyman for Pasir Panjang Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin as Perak Mentri Besar representing the third and smallest political party in the proposed coalition has not received the mandate of the CEC, DAP Perak Assemblymen will stay away from the swearing-in ceremony for Perak Mentri Besar scheduled tomorrow.


The hundred-odd comments in his blog pleaded for DAP to be ‘sane”, to accept reality and attend the ceremony. Like “Please-lah, don’t give them a chance to say that DAP/PKR and PAS can’t work together”.

Supporters also fear the Sultan may decide to offer BN, the minority government the MB post, if such a ruckus continue to happen between the 3 Opposition parties.

But to me, it seem there is no cause for alarm. DAP’s got to do what it’s got to do. It can’t show it’s overly happy with the appointment, because it has always been against PAS’ Islamic state policies.

Only that I think they may have been a slip up in DAP’s communication channel. Because DAP appointed MB, who will now assume the deputy MB post, says that he will accept the Sultan’s decision.

So, what happen? How does this all figure out, Uncle Lim?

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  1. Thanks to DAP and their untimely arrogance, we might as well forget about having a prosperous and peaceful coalition among the oppositions. 😦

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  3. sadia says:

    DAP is being unfair here. Let them be considerate, otherwise they will drive all Malays be they PKR, UMNO or PAS members into one corner and I can assure you it will not be good for them. As a Malay, I feel offended and I may consder pussyfooting UMNO if DAP doesn’t stop its grandiose and athiesm mentality.

  4. Angry man says:

    Maybe pride has gone to the old man’s head. Let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow.

    Bet you the dap assembly men will be there to witness the swearing in.

    See this old man is not stupid and he will make a statement to says that dap will support pas for the sake of unity in the coliation.

    Sure hope I am right or LKS must be really crazy.

  5. Klaw says:

    Lim Kit Siang should have just stated that he was disappointed, but neverthelss, would go along with the decision.

    Calling a boycott, even to show the voters they are not in bed with PAS will have negative implications.

  6. KH says:

    Lim Kit Siang is a megalomaniac. If he is the still the defacto supremo of DAP,
    then I am afraid that DAP will eventually suffer the same fate as Gerakan i.e. a party without much future. He was the main reason why DAP failed to capture Penang despite mounting four “Tanjung” campaigns. He has to leave the younger generation of DAP leaders to chart the course!

  7. sadia says:

    Lim Kit Siang will hand UMNO an easy victory. PKR, PAS and UMNO members will unite and exclude them to eternity. He is humiliating the Malays who have voted for his party out of respect. He doesn’t know what he is doing. And he is disrespectful to the Royalty, a touching point for Malays. He should treatd carefully. I’m really disappointed. Hope he will change his decision by 2moro. Failure to do so, then PKR too will quit Penang Govt and work with UMNO. Basically, we will say it is Malay vs Chinese. How can PAS and other Malay supporters vote for his party, cheer him and then he treats them and their royalty like shit?

  8. MalaysianWoman says:

    I thought we all voted for democracy and meritocracy what not.
    If that’s the case, then DAP should have the largest say since they have the largest win. Fair right? I would say the same for any party, if PAS won the largest votes, they should have the say. I mean, why bother everyone to go vote and in the end, have 1 single man, the sultan decide who he wants. I’m sorry, did I miss the rules in this game?

  9. KYang says:

    LKS is from the old school. Should retire together with Tun M.
    Let’s not kill the future and hope of all Malaysians.

  10. caravanserai says:

    Lim Kit Siang jumping on the floor
    He couldn’t believe a Pas candidate got the post
    Of Chief Minister of Perak

    His state chief had already said
    The coalition will honor each other who will be the one
    To lead the state of Perak
    So Lim shouldn’t shoot of his own displeasure
    This is a coalition set up government
    It isn’t an Islamic state

    3 names submitted
    Sultan Azlan Shah picked his choice
    So every member of the coalition should respect the decision
    Don’t go crying like baby………..

    No doubt DAP will feel betray
    They should know the state constitution doesn’t allow
    A Chinese to be the Chief Minister
    Unless Sultan of Perak waived the requirement

    Now let our votes reign supreme
    Let the coalition work its magic
    I am confident the Pas candidate will follow guidelines
    Amongst his colleagues in the state administration

    Don’t shoot out before it is even begun
    Calling to boycott the swearing in ceremony is ungentlemanly Kit
    You subscribe the position of sharing of governance
    Don’t go spoiling it even before it is going to start

    Be a man
    Let the work begins
    Keep your thoughts to yourself
    And let the administration rolling

  11. Ryan says:

    Uncle Kit, drop your ego and respect the Sultan’s choice. If PAS pulls out of the coalition, BN will take over and all DAP assembly will be out of the EXCo. Look at the bigger picture. Don;t be stubborn.

  12. I hope Lim is more magnanimous.He should think like a true Malaysian.The coclition is more important than DAP.Hopo he has made
    a mistake.

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  15. Perakian says:

    It is sad till today that we still go for the race but not the one MALAYSIAN. Perak has the most well educated Regent and a former Judge Sultan. They know what is best for the state–Perak

  16. Rocket Man says:

    This sultan is a master strategist – even the chief rocket man could see the forrest from the tree. damn.

    ..eye on the prize. steady. then the rocket fell into the longkang because the prize shielded his view.

    p/s never mind here is a ready-made excuse: oeeeiii someone hacked into my blog server!!!!!! call p0lis.

  17. steven says:

    just to borrow a phrase from RPK..Uncle Kit go to hell

  18. brave citizen says:

    ha ha ha.. what lar….tripped before the trophy presentation.. ha ha ha..
    old skool ppl LKS, TDM, AAB, SV, LKY, DSAI(? on this one) cannot be thought new tricks…

  19. Rocket Man says:

    hmmm now i know why they (DAP) have lost so many good men – kerkkim hock, lee lam tye,, sim kwang yang,,,,

    this guy should follow mahazalim & try bread making for retirement.

  20. HEE says:

    I think you all jumped to conclusion a bit. Mr. Lim is upset not because a Malay is chosen. He stated clearly he will accept a Malay MB as long as it is from PKR.

    They also understand that the Sultan will act according to the voice of the coalition — a PKR MB. When the Sultan asked for the names of all three candidates, Mr. AI was quite upset and nervous that the Sultan might decide to give the MB post to a DAP candidate (the majority). That’s why we saw him taking about Malay MB this, Malay MB that.

    To everyone’s surprise, a candidate from the minority is chosen to be the MB. What is the Sultan trying to do? If he is so bend on exersing his power, why didn’t he do that with the corrupted BN MB? But chose to do it now?

    His decision is mind boggling and defy convention.

    Mr. Lim has the right to be upset. I bet Mr. AI is upset too. He is still speechless and haven’t made a statement about this yet. PAS already has 2 states to rule, why giving them 3? Give someone else a chance to prove!What’s wrong with the PKR candidate? Transparency of decision, hello? Why exclude the Sultan? We need explanation of the decision. If it is base on merit, spell it out.

    As for boycotting the ceremony, well…… if the PKR and DAP do it together in protest of the decision, then, I will stand by them. If the DAP is alone…. man! We are back to politics again! Now the royals are involved.

  21. Rocket Man says:

    ;;;;;;; ha ha ha.. what lar….tripped before the trophy presentation.. ha ha ha..;;;;;;;

    i also find that quite funny lahh but in a morbid sort of way. damn too many surprises in this election is not good. more people are going to die from heart attacks.

  22. hamzi says:

    i know DAP dissappointed but sultan perak has the final say. i think DAP concern PAS would implement islamic rules in state where they won most seats but i dont think it would happened. kelantan under PAS for many years now n they still use the same law as federal gov. so no such thing would happened. DAP would have majority seats and their voice still the strongest. i think perak people dont really mind too, they just want BR to cooperate and give their best for the better of Perak people.

  23. penangites says:

    C’mon everyone! Everyone seems to jump to conclusion!
    DAP not anti-malay or anti islam for god sake. They just reject the ideology of PAS. DAP is in dilemma now. If DAP accept the Sultan’s verdict, their supporters will feel betrayed. If DAP don’t support, betrayed the Sultan. But whatever it is, LKS is not right to openly voice out the disagreement. Furthermore, it was DAP’s own leader who promise to accept whatever candidates chosen by Sultan.

    I’m a DAP supporter but very disappointed with this reaction from the leader.

  24. wits0 says:

    “..shock and consternation to DAP leaders, members and supporters.”

    Nah, how can the DAP leaders and members be so backwardly rigid when the usual supporters actually are mostly less fastidious? Not good!

  25. kittykat46 says:

    I guess Uncle Kit enjoys being in the Opposition too much.
    The art of government is very different from Opposing.

    If the coalition in Perak cannot survive, DAP goes back to being the Opposition. BN will get the next shot at forming the Perak state government.

  26. genie says:

    I believe YB is force to pacify the rakyat that DAP is never in a pack with PAS to avoid the pro-BN media from having a field day in the morning. But he may have let slip his sharp tongue a little bit with the boycott statement.

    Having a PAS MB may not go well with the Perakian feelings but then again, if we have to look further, If DAP holds the critical position in the Exco, they will still have the control in the determining a better future for Perak.

    As for the PKR candidate not choosen, its because he does not have the paper qualifications ( not sure if this in the state constitution ).

    Again, the ruling is in the Federal Constitution. The opposition would not be able to do anything without a 2/3 majority. So, as a Ruler, unless Tuanku wish to waive the ruling, it would have to go by the constitution.

    The fact that DAP does not have a good Malay Candidate, Tuanku has to choose one that will be the best for his rakyat.

    This is a chess game that has not being check-mate yet.

  27. ChineseButMalaysian1st says:

    Dear Mr Lim:
    With all due respect, it is not right for you to reject the PAS MP who is picked by the Sultan of Perak -especially after all parties came out to the press earlier to say you would all accept the decision of the Sultan! It makes a liar out of Mr Ngeh!
    Perak is a Malay majority state – there’s only prudence if there is a Malay CM. Loosen up and don’t lose the war over these relatively small battles, dear Uncle Kit!

  28. Rocket Man says:

    ::::: This is a chess game that has not being check-mate yet. …::::

    .. well looks like stale-mate now for dap. how to excuse one self painted in the corner? better hurry or wait for paint to dry tomorrow. Time for LKS to take a break and sleep. must be tired.

  29. iammi says:

    Extremely dissapointed. DAP should realise that the Malays are among their supporters too, more so this time. This will make many of us feel betrayed. Is the DAP CEC more important than us, Opposition supporters?

  30. ctpong says:

    Kit Siang, yes drop your ego and respect the Sultan’s choice. Afterall your Perak DAP chairman has agreed to the arrangement of supporting whoever the Sultan choses. Why worry who is the MB as long as DAP controls the exco? Please attend the ceremony and don’t rock the boat. Remember you still need PAS to form this govt. Look at the bigger picture !!

  31. Jan says:

    I strongly feel Mr. Lim should understand the current situation and dont let govt media to take this as an opputunity to discredit the coalition and their commitments for rakyat. Crisis in opposition block is a boost for BN coalition. Please understand this we are rakyat malaysia and love parties who represent rakyat. valgha makkal sakthi

  32. Look-See Man says:

    Now you know the final winner is PAS!! 😦

  33. hasilox says:

    I tend to believe the kedah issue started it all. If PAS backtrack on electing the sole DAP representative as an exco member, no surprise such hostility coming from DAP. Can expect more problems to come 😦

  34. sal says:

    Being a muslim, I believe in PAS ideology. Now I know that I should never vote for DAP again. All those “DAP untuk semua kaum dan agama” was just rhetoric.

  35. Russell Lua says:

    After PAs took over Kelantan on 25-10-1990, these are somethings they implemented. Hudud Law, cinema must on the light when screning movie (now almost all cinemas in Kelantan closed), new hotel to build two separte swiiing pool, one for each sex; spermarkets to provide separate cahsiers lanes for men and women; Sports To To , Magnum 4-D dan Da Ma Cai outlets-totally banned; 46 liquores licensed reduced to 16; karaoke- closed; chinese restauarnt seeling halal food can only opne after 3 p.n. on puasa month, chinese restaurants oparators slammed with compounds for seelling food to malay underage boy and mental ward patients; Tok Guru proposed to ask kelantan Offcials to distribute batik cloth to western tourists to Kelantan at the border, MAk Yong- banned, dirki barta banned (now relaxed a bit)ll local govermnet and town councils forced all Muslims lady shopkeeprs to wear tudung, if not, the Chinese employers must pay compund for such offence , women appeared in advertisement board must wear tudung etc etc.

    CONGRATULATIONS to you Kedah and Perak.

  36. macanhitam says:

    after all hopes from the rakyat and now this? i hope LKS’s allegation wasn’t true, but if it is, i think im gonna sobbed down and being ashamed being a recenrtly-reborn anak bangsa malaysia.


  37. HEE says:

    Where is Anwar???? Make a statement now! What’s his stance on this???

    You people keep blaming Mr. Lim for being ignorant, racist and etc.. I applaud him of making a stance. On the other hand, where is Mr. Anwar??? Is it just because of paper qualification that a PKR candidate is dropped from consideration?

  38. mamanview says:

    ha ha ha, LKS.. 3 words for you, GO TO HELL! You are the same like all those BN politician …

  39. Jimmy says:

    It is time for all the old guards in Barisan Nasional and Barisan Rakyat to step down and make way for the next generation.

    For someone who cannot see the greater good, I think his ego has gone over his head. While his birthday wish came true, his nightmare has just begun.

  40. wits0 says:

    “Lim’s statement has been posted in his personal blog, and it received 100-odd responses from readers within 90 minutes, a majority of which slammed the DAP leader for the decision.”

    Lim slipped bad, loses wisdom.

  41. rozie ksa says:

    LKS true to form will say his disagreement abt the selection base on DAP ideologies against PAS. If LKS didn’t protest than he is not LKS…but this will be BN point of again saying that the BA cooperation is a farce… Malaysian all went out on 8/3/08 to vote for change and put aside differences of hoping to get our voice across..this latest by LKS..will only dampen the hope and thus again make everyone wonders whether the trust has been mislayed..I hope against hope that all will be able to work out so that BA can stride forward…champion the cause for Malaysian..

  42. Rocket Man says:

    i have one way out for him. apologise then retire. he’s old anyway.
    there is no other way. is there more excitement because heart attacks will claim more lifes.

  43. MalaysianWoman says:

    Soooo much pressure on 1 man the sultan to decide.
    Come next election, why don’t we allow the PEOPLE to VOTE
    for the candidate they think will be the best MB.
    No arguments then, right?
    That should be the correct and fair way.

  44. Neutral Malay Guy from Ireland says:

    to me, Lim Kit Siang is just another version of Pak Lah who is ‘gila kuasa’ n think that Malaysia is theirs.. Hello.. Malaysia belongs to Malaysian ppl, not you, ok!!!??

  45. ross says:

    lsheesh. all the good work undone by a single act.

    if the PKR and PAS candidates jump ship and join BN….and then what….

    DAP lose a major coup today… tired of politics…..

  46. Rajamani Thialan says:

    I hope LKS changes his stance tomorrow. If not this Barisan Rakyat or Barisan Alternatif, whatever they may call it is a sham and it was only for winning the elections like our BN has said. If this happens in other parties, we, the people might have to vote back BN in the next elections and i think many of us don’t want to do that.

    The future looks bleak if this causes problems for them. Already Utusan Malaysia has run it’s front page news today saying that DAP in Penang wants to abolish the NEP. This of course is not true,they just want people to believe it. This statement by Lim Kit Siang will appear in the front page tomorrow to confuse the people who read and believe mainstream media. Now how will the rest of the people and the Barisan Rakyat are going to react ?

  47. Jeevan says:

    DAP needs a strong kick on the butt, and it must be swift and painful enough to be felt by PAS and PKR as well.

    We, the Rakyat chose you to lead us, now LEAD!! and stop behaving like brats. DAP will lose most non party member support in the next GE if it continues in this vein, and I for one will not shed a tear for them.

  48. Dismay says:

    I have been waiting for 50 years for this to happen and it is sad that we are so near and yet so far. The final nail in the coffin of the corrupted barisan is to be use and yet we are now giving it an opportunity to raise again. If I would to see that this happen then it is truly sad and I promise you that I would not go to any election to vote again as it will confirm that we deserve what we are getting. If this is only just a DAP strategy then we are still safe but if with this action we return to BN rule before we have a chance to taste our victory then it is truly a sad choice. As I go to sleep today as on 08.03.2008 I hope i can still look forward to living in a BN free Perak. Time for DAP to seriously look at PKR model as it is a multi racial party rather then a one race party. You are to blame for what is happening in Perak.

  49. FCdeMatthew says:

    If DAP lets PAS get the MB post, they will lose all the Chinese votes in the next election. All Chinese will vote for MCA next time. Please be fair. you get 18 state seats, but you do not get to be the MB? And the MB post is given to the party that holds the fewest state seats? What a shame. Where is justice?!

  50. guadlz says:

    everyone calm down, this boycott have something behind it… (a political move)

  51. ross says:

    guan eng… your father please

  52. Rocket Man says:

    well i am going to sleep – when i awake i expect this nightmare to be over.. LOL

  53. Ahmad says:

    All ! Take a pause… more so YB Lim KS !! Take a cuppa and rethink, retract, reconsider and realign with reality.
    After the caffeine has settled down – re-issue another line in your blog :-

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rakyat of Perak, my apology for the “not so well-thought off” memo I issued today. After some intense re-consideration, I am asking all DAP assemblymen in Perak and especially my dear assemblymen friends from PAS and PKR ( in Perak ) to convene together and witness the swearing in ceremony of YB Ir Ahmad Nizar as Perak Menteri besar. We all owe it to the Rakyat in Perak for their staunch support – hence the BA given the majority to form a coalition government in Perak after the 12th General Election. We want to quickly proceed with the swearing in of the Perak Menteri Besar – and form the state government. We want to quickly get on with the business of running the state and provide our undivided service to the Rakyat in Perak. Thank you and again, my sincere apology “

  54. Abdul Hamid says:


  55. two-cents' worth says:

    i think everyone shouldnt fret so much just yet. i’m sure DAP/PKR/PAS will work things out and that uncle lim and the rest of the leaders from other parties will come to a consensus. dont speculate and assume cuz it’ll just make “an S out of us”. quality decisions do not come out of mere talks and hearings. remember, having the majority votes now is not all happy and bliss for them. it is more of hardwork and right decisions for the best of the society. i’m sure they dont wanna let the people down and just simply decide. there’s always a reason behind everything. and lets hope the reasons are worthwhile and righteous for the people’s needs.

  56. Thanks Uncle lim,
    couldn’t have done this sabotage better ourselves. You are still old school lah. mari pi minum. i am also old school. i want to learn something from you pembangkangs because i want to be a better pembangkang as obviously you are still in pembangkang mood/mode. masok istana pon mau jadi pembangkang. it (protest) must be in your blood buat hari ahkirat.

    toot toot toyol.

  57. Teh Seng Hin says:

    An open letter to the DAP on Perak MB’s appointment

    I am a Malaysian Chinese residing in Petaling Jaya and had voted for your party’s candidates in the 12th GE.

    I had attended practically all your party’s ceramahs in the PJU and nearby areas. In the ceramahs, your speakers had continuously stressed the importance of a multiracial government that takes care of its rakyat regardless of status, race and religion.

    It is therefore a great shock and disappointment to hear that the DAP is calling its Perak state assemblymen to boycott the swearing-in ceremony of the new Perak MB tomorrow just because the MB is from PAS. I feel very much let down by this decision.

    Firstly, your party calls for the establishment of a Malaysian Malaysia. Isn’t PAS part of Malaysian Malaysia. Or are you telling us now that just because they are from PAS, they are not? Then in the first place, you should not have ask the voters, especially your supporters, to vote for the ‘Bulan’ knowing fully well it is referring to PAS. If you can ask voters, especially your supporters, to vote for PAS, then why can’t your party now accept a PAS assemblyman to head the state government. I was led to believe that as long as a person is qualified, he will be supported. As many speakers said in your ceramahs, ‘It doesn’t matter whether it is a white cat or a black cat, as long as it is able to catch rat, it is a good cat.’ Doesn’t the same argument holds, whether the MB is from PAS, DAP or PKR, as long as he is able to look after the welfare of the rakyat, then he is a good MB.

    Secondly, if a candidate from PAS cannot be accepted by the DAP, then why in the first place you decide to set up a coalition government with them? The argument that you can cooperate with the six PAS assemblymen and yet can’t accept a PAS member as the Perak MB does not hold water. Are you trying to fool us just like what the BN government had done over the last 50 years? Don’t think that the public is stupid. How can we, the rakyat, trust you now when even before the state government is set up, you are already fighting among yourselves in the so-called ‘Barisan Rakyat’ coalition.

    Thirdly, your party’s Perak state chairman Mr Ngeh Koo Ham had repeatedly said that DAP, PKR and PAS will abide by any decision made by the Sultan on the Perak MB. Now that a decision had been reached, you are going back on your words. As I recall from one of the speeches by Mr Gobind Singh Deo in SS2 on March 7 in which he said, “A politician must be responsible for what he said. After making a statement, he cannot then said that he is saying things in a sarcastic manner etc so as to deny his earlier statement.” Mr Gobind Singh said this when commenting on Tun Mahathir’s statement that when he said Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was innocent, he was being sarcastic about it. The same standard should then be applied to all DAP party leaders and speakers. You must be responsible and accountable for what you say. When you said that you will accept the decision made by the Sultan, then you must stand by what you had said. Going back on your words now can only show that the BN is right and that your party leaders, especially Mr Lim Kit Siang, is only going after personal glory/power without any regard to the well-being of the rakyat and the party. DAP would then be just a party that is “cakap tak serupa bikin”.

    Fourthly, your party has not come out with any reason for the rejection of the PAS assemblyman as the Perak MB. I, as a voter that voted for your party, demand to know the reason behind this decision. Your party had always stressed the importance of accountability and transparency in your election manifesto. Now, please ‘walk the talk’ by also being transparent and explain your decision to the public. Anything less would make you no better than the BN government which 50% of the peninsula rakyat had just rejected. Anything less would also guarantee that the rakyat would make their voices heard again in the next general election, voting against the DAP.

    There are many more reasons for my feeling of utter disgust and consternation for this decision made by your party’s CEC. However, I will keep them to myself at this moment.

    On the morning of March 9, 2008, I truly believe that a new era has dawned on Malaysia as we are finally able to transcend race and religion in our efforts to make Malaysia the truly great country that she should be. A truly Malaysian Malaysia. Sadly, just three days later, that new era does not even have a chance to begin as the group of leaders that are supposed to lead us there are now fighting among themselves for whatever reasons best known to them.

    How can we move forward as a nation when we have leaders that are so selfish, egocentric and who don’t practice what they preached? Is our country forever going to be mired in mediocrity amidst a culture of intolerance, suspicion, fear, corruption and cronyism?

    I sincerely thought that DAP is part of the future and a cure of our country’s ills. However, this decision by your CEC had shown that DAP is a party of the past. It is already blinded by its election success and is no longer in touch with the aspirations of the rakyat to build a nation based on trust, integrity, tolerance, responsibility and accountability, regardless of status, race and religion. You had forgotten that the rakyat is the boss that voted for you and put you there to serve us. You had betrayed your voters and had rejected the rakyat’s wish to move forward to form a Malaysian Malaysia.

    I rest my case.

  58. Citizen 4 Equality says:

    What a dissapointment ! We thought the Sultan will choose Ngeh (DAP Perak Chairman) to be MB.

    The DAP should have the first right to the MB post. The Sultan should have done the right thing and should have approved Ngeh(DAP state chairman) as MB. We had the chance to show Malaysia and the world that we wanted change in Perak and we have voted for CHANGE. We had the chance to show that there is a just and fair system in Perak. The Sultan blew it !!!

    Now the rakyat will see the system as undemocratic, unfair and racially biased. I heard that The DAP is going to boycott the Swearing-in ceremony, quite right too. MCA, Gerakan and MIC is going to exploit this to the max. Going forward, we should have a constitution reform. We are all Malaysians and there should be full equality before the law.

  59. FCdeMatthew says:

    If DAP accepts this decision, it shows that DAP is being pushed around. We have seen what happened to MCA. DAP is not anti-Malay. It is just that DAP and PAS have different ideology.

  60. Rajamani Thialan says:

    It’s in the news !!!! It’s on RTM’s dateline news. They ‘ve done it this time, thank you Mr Lim Kit Siang, thank you very much….

  61. Neutral Malay Guy from Ireland says:

    This maybe out of topic’s discussion: Sometimes, I don’t understand. Why DAP ppl are sooo afraid of PAS. Have PAS done anything bad to Chinese n Indian ppl in Kelantan?? Have they ever been unfair to them?? And what’s wrong with Islamic Government?? Islamic government doesnt make u less Chinese, less Indian, less Buddhist, less Christian or less Hindu. Islam always teaches its rulers to be fair to all ppl under its rule, no matter what their religions n races. But the problem is some Muslim rulers dont understand this n they are tend to deviate from the correct teachings. But, I dont think PAS rulers are like that. They really know the correct teachings. I can guarantee that. So why DAP hates PAS so much?? (Just to clear the air)

  62. sifu says:

    Politicians..politicians…finally they are all almost the same. I don’t care if the MB is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Orang Asli…as long as he is fair and square to all….to all Malaysians and serve the people well. The point is they must serve the people and not being served by the people. Here we can see a very difficult political situation for LKS, for PKR, for PAS and for the Sultan. And so who’s the loser for now? The people…..

    I think let us people create another political party…..or next time we purposely make undi rosak…

  63. lisa says:

    Uncle KIT,







  64. CHAN AK says:

    FCdeMatthew, what are you talking about? BN got 28 seats in Perak (10 more than DAP), and they still did not get the MB! It is coalition of the 3 (even DAP and PKR cannot make the Perak Government) and anyone of them could be MB. On top of that, Nizar already stated that DAP will have the biggest number of EXCOs. LKS is plain stupid and Chinese would NOT vote for MCA the next time, as there was never an MCA man MB of Perak either! Rather I think Chinese will vote Keadilan the next time and be at peace…

  65. tsunami,,,,,,, now hurricane,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  66. Kumar74 says:

    F**K OFF YOU OLD B*****D.

  67. penangites says:

    LKS not equal to DAP
    DAP not equal to LKS


  68. SP Chen says:

    Equality = the condition of being equal, esp. of having the same political, social, and economic rights.

    Are there any? Yes or No?

  69. ross says:

    the numbers don’t add up….ok..

    bn 28….dap 18 pkr 7 pas 6….

    if no da-pkr-pas coalition…then bn gets the mb post

    dont play the number games……am tired of politics…

    guan eng call your father please…..

  70. Nathan says:

    Lim Kit Siang,
    I’m sure PAS can work with all the races. We just seeing light in malaysia politics after very very long.. pls don’t spoil it and I’m sure our Chinese friends also know that they can work together….As far as I’m concern, I don’t care who is the MB, as long as they are fair to everybody then I’m sure they will be doing better for long term otherwise the team will collapse…Truly MALAYSIAN INDIAN

  71. Panglima Awang says:

    If LKS doesn’t apologize to the BA voters, Perak subjects and HRH, we shall know where to put him. Constitutional amendments are not in the BA manifestos. So don’t over-do, ok?

    Getting the chance to practice what you promise is good enough. There are still good things in the Malaysian system which do not need amendment. If you are unhappy, amend first by all means, but no way should you jump the gun.

    We were all told that all the three parties have full confidence in HRH’s choice. Grows up and exercise power with full responsibility. This not the time for melo-drama. Or do you think your electoral victory is an absolute one?

  72. Neutral Malay Guy from Ireland says:

    I totally agree with what ‘sifu’ has said:

    “Politicians..politicians…finally they are all almost the same. I don’t care if the MB is a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Orang Asli…as long as he is fair and square to all….to all Malaysians and serve the people well. The point is they must serve the people and not being served by the people. Here we can see a very difficult political situation for LKS, for PKR, for PAS and for the Sultan. And so who’s the loser for now? The people…..

    I think let us people create another political party…..or next time we purposely make undi rosak…”

    hey politicians. We actually dont care laa from what race u’re from, as long as u can serve us good. If you’re a ‘beruk’ pun (i mean a real beruk), we will vote for u if u know how to satisfy the needs of Malaysian ppl!!! Got it????

  73. guadlz says:

    PLEASE…PLEASE…everybody calm down, i think LKS has a reason for doing this. this boycott have something behind it… (a political move) he must act like he is boycott, this is the ideology(oppose the PAS religious ideology) of DAP to all of its supporters. somebody send this to everyone.

  74. brave citizen says:

    in cantonese – “foh-chin-chow-for” (rocket misfire).
    All these yrs in politics, he still lost the plot.
    sigh… i thought he is smarter than that… 😦

  75. dILA says:

    What ARE you doing? Are you want us to go back to BN?????????????????????

    Opposing the sultan is a bad move and to oppose THE Sultan of Perak is a political suicide. I’m a Malay but I vote for DAP because I believe that you BA will make a different. NO MORE RACIAL POLITIC. Now it not even started you already fighting about position. What the different you are with BN then?

    Fine if you are more concern with the MB position compare with the hope of the people, take it. Next time around, we kick you out

    PS: Perhapt BN is “The Only Choice” afterall. Better start packing…

  76. Dear Uncle Lim & the DAP CEC,

    Ever since i was eligible to vote, i have voted DAP. All along i had hopes that one day the DAP would be able to take charge of a state and Perak is my state. So for the past few days ever since the 12th election results came out, i have been euphoric that finally my state Perak would have the DAP as part of its government. The Perak constitution is quite clear as to who can be its menteri besar and me and my fellow DAP supporters are aware of this. What many of us were not aware was section 12(2) which allowed the Sultan to waive this requirements. His Highness has made his decision and as loyal Perak citizens, we accept it in good faith.

    Tonight after reading your blog, our euphoria has turned to sadness for it appears that the DAP CEC is unable to accept a PAS Perak MB. Are we still talking about a Malaysian Malaysia? Is the designated PAS Perak MB not a Malaysian. Do we still cling to our race-coloured politics? These are questions running through over minds. Is the DAP message of “Just Change IT” just an election slogan? Have we Malaysian Malaysians been taken for a ride by the DAP? Is the DAP for real?

    Though DAP has won all the 18 state seats it contested in Perak, it must be noted that Perak has a total of 59 state seats and what has been won by the DAP does not constitute a majority. If the DAP had won 30 seats on its own then many would consider it not right if section 12(2) has not be made use of.

    The 12th election has shown that Malaysian Malaysians are ready for change and are going away from voting along racial lines. During the recent election many Malaysian Malaysians DAP supporters have been telling their family members and friends to follow DAP message to vote for change and to deny the BN a two thirds majority. We were all out voting non-BN candidates. All these efforts have resulted in the turn away from the BN. Now it looks like all the good work would come to nought.

    Is the DAP CEC fearful that the DAP supporters would turn away from it in the future if a PAS Perak MB is accepted by the DAP CEC? Don’t be wrong like the BN, Malaysian Malaysians will support any party that can prove its worth and is good for the rakyat. To allow the present golden opportunity of the coalition of non-BN parties to show what it can do for the 5 non-BN controlled to slip by will not be forgiven by Malaysian Malaysians. We will know how to respond appropriately if PAS does not do what is good for Malaysian Malaysians. The DAP must be willing to tread where it is deemed or seemingly look impossible. Like all true Malaysian Malaysians, PAS must change and march forward. Prior to 9th March, the present state of disarray of the BN did not appear possible but the political tsunami has come to pass. Do not rubbish the present political maturity of the Malaysian Malaysians. Many will not forgive the DAP for allow this golden opportunity for co-operation of the non-BN parties to pass by. The DAP CEC must deal with the present and move forward, Malaysian Malaysians will continue to support it if it is on the right path. Not allowing the coalition of DAP-PKR-PAS an opportunity is not an option this time. Look at the long term and not short termed gains. Never fear if PAS or PKR or even DAP do not do what is best for Malaysian Malaysians, they will know how to react appropriately when the 13th election cometh.

    It is not too late for the DAP to reconsider and change its stance. The new Perak MB is scheduled to be sworn in at 400pm on 13th March. Remember also what Perak DAP chairperson Ngeh Koo Ham had confirmed yesterday, he said ::

    “All three parties have unanimously agreed that we will fully endorse the Sultan’s choice”.

    Does the DAP CEC want the Perak DAP chief to be called a liar and not honourable and having gone back on his words? Does the DAP CEC want to let Malaysian Malaysians lose faith in it and tell the whole wide world that the DAP message of “Just Change It” is nothing but a fraudulent electionslogan and that the DAP, itself, is not ready for change and is still not ready for the new-found maturity of the Malaysian voters?

    We pray that the DAP CEC will reconsiders its decision and react appropriately.

    God bless Malaysia.

  77. eddyra says:

    Whats going on here..

    DAP must have been fully aware that the Perak State Constitution does not admit a non Malay as her MB unless the Sultan under special circumstances make a waiver.

    My opinion, DAP should attend the ceremony, or else people of Perak will be disappointed and BN will be laughing at the back. I’ve a strong feeling that this state will return to BN in the next General election if DAP decision is to boycott the swearing in. People voted you in and people can vote you out.

    Please be open minded. Sometimes we have to move back one step to move forward two steps.

  78. clearwater says:

    Well put, Thai Eng Lang. DAP, PLEASE reconsider.

  79. Andrew says:

    Don’t worry too much Kit Siang. If it was that bad in Kelantan, there wouldn’t be any chinese people living there. There are chinese temples, chinese restaurants serving pork and beer to chinese patrons. Pas does accomodate, and the chinese community there are far more integrated with the malay community. Listen to them speak Malay. You should point out the positive signs to the rest of Malaysian chinese instead of giving credence to the same crap the BN has been pedalling for years on end.

  80. hantutelur says:

    People can change Malaysia. But cannot change Lim Kit Siang.

  81. NickFaldo says:

    I do agree with what andrew said, I live in Kelantan. Uncle Lim if you come here you will be shock in DUN Kota Lama, Chinese voters are the one who setting up campaign post for PAS in that area. If you go to kampung area where chinese live I can bet you 80% are PAS voter. They are not that bad as you think they are. If you go to tumpat, you can see not only one but three to four or maybe more buddha statue larger than any other states in Malaysia including Perak. Please do the right jugdement.

  82. wong says:

    Kit Siang,when i read what your comment,the only words that came
    into my mind is damn you, go to sleep with Bodowi.

  83. […] Lim here is my 2 cents Ah, Kit Siang What? DAP boycotts Perak MB from PAS DAP to boycott MB swear-in. What the fuck for? This is why I loathe “cooperating” with DAP DAP […]

  84. Funny says:

    Hey all idiot from BN above….don’t spread rumor here….
    U are no perakians non-muslim (chinese & Indians) How u know the fear among people among PAS ideology?

    U live at ur state happily, then can say any rubbish…. from 1999 histroy already show to voters…. u think next election, will still go BR? crazy power people…. If u go Kelantan, even half an hour u oso hard to find restaurant. not even business activies….

    Please think international mindset, not like BN frog and pre-independent mindset….Idiot people talk rubbish here…The fact is Sultan ask for 3, On Sunday DAP agreed on DAP / PKR to become MB, due to Sultan request then got 3…. Anwar? He talk very well during ceramah on equality, then suddenly say perak MB must be Malay…then PAS with majority seat quickly voice he is MB…..Batawi, a lot of promise on telling truth, corrupt?

    WHY WHY THE BN idiot above don’t say any comments on them? IDIOT BN!

  85. Citizen 4 Equality says:

    Is the system fair ? Felt let down by the Sultan ?

    As Malaysians, we really have to question the present system whereby the MB has to be a Malay Muslim, since the Sultans will not waive this requirement. Why can’t a non-Muslim or non-Malay be a MB ? There are so many capable non- Malays in the DAP.

    The constitution does allow the Sultan to waive this requirement. Why didn’t he do so ? Then a Chinese or Indian person from the DAP could have taken up the seat.

    Is it democratic for one person (the Sultan) to deny the wishes of the people ?

    In other countries, there is no such racial requirement to become the leader. Even Manmohan Singh can become the Prime Minister of India, the largest democracy in the world.

    I see this as racial discrimination at the highest level. We have voted to reject all forms of discriminations, or have we not ???

    I hear people in this blog saying that Lim and the DAP should respect the Royalty/ Malay sensitivity etc… I beg to differ… I say we must respect democracy, equality and justice.

  86. Johndo says:

    I am really sick with this saga. Why LKS behaved like that. Being a chinese and voted for DAP, PKR and PAS, I don’t see any problem with that as long as the main objective to send BN to the Longkang has achieved. We need new MALAYSIA. I was in Kelantan last year. I don’t see any problem with PAS ruling the state. I don’t see any Chinese harmed or their temples were doomed like what BN did in Selangor for Hindu Temple and Muslim Surau. C’mon.. Malaysian nowadays are well educated and cannot tolerate with unjustice. I went to PAS MB’s house in Pulau Melaka. Wow, very humble guy with a kampung house. Where on earth you can find a leader like that. Can Guan Eng be like that? Just give Nizar time as MB. Together we evaluate him and next GE we decide. Don’t open the WINDOWS OF OPPORTUNITY to BN bastard to kill our dream.

  87. facial says:

    Citizen 4 Equality, your following statement is correct:” I hear people in this blog saying that Lim and the DAP should respect the Royalty/ Malay sensitivity etc… I beg to differ… I say we must respect democracy, equality and justice.” but he had agreed to allow DAP to submit name to the Sultan for selection and now rejected for the selection of CM. Is LKS a bloody stupid old man?.
    LKS don’t tell us that after fu*king your mother then blamed that your mother should not invite you into her room.

  88. Azura says:

    BN sedang ketawa berdekah2 melihat kebodohan kita semua.

    MB Perak cuma seorang.

    EXCO from DAP ialah majoriti.

    Itu pun masih tak dapat tangkap lagi ke keadilan di sini..

    Seronok BN sekarang..sure esok jadi frontpage! Well done and congratulations.

    Saya pun dah makin pelik, nak takut apa dengan PAS dan ISLAM??

  89. Ian says:

    I think LKS’s point is

    1) yes. DAP won. … deserved MB seat, and
    2) if not eligible… then number 2 (fulfill requirement) …. end of story,

    do not think he is anti-PAS but rather too stubborn….
    and his communication surely let him down.

    BUt WAKE UP LA, PLZ!!!
    It’s right to stick to principle (even tho that is wad u do best )
    but hey, look at the big picture la uncle LIM…. can you see the your actions are not in anyway beneficial to DAP and/or M’sia?

  90. guadlz says:

    what i mean just now is that LKS must do that so that the grass root supporters won’t be angry, but he still support the PAS MB(silently). this is politic, u all must understand. we must keep on support the Barisan Alternative. i hope that LKS is taking the right move.

  91. thewatcherofplans says:

    Contrary to public fears that the coalition is already cracking up in Perak, politics is very much alive and healthy there.

    This is why I think the Regent of Perak’s decision to appoint a PAS assemblyman as his Menteri Besar is a stroke of genius : other factors considered, Tuanku is putting PAS to a test. The whole world will now watch as a PAS Menteri Besar works hand in hand with a DAP majority State Exco. And if the PAS Menteri Besar f**ks up, PAS will be history come the next election. If the PAS Menteri Besar succeeds in gaining the respect of all the races, then BN is as good as finished. Either way, DAP wins. And PAS has to be on its best behaviour. The beneficiary? The rakyat. Daulat Tuanku!

    And Kit Siang’s posturing of calling for a boycott of the swearing-in was strictly meant for his grassroot supporters. I wouldn’t put it past that old fox that THIS was his plan all along.

  92. guadlz says:

    i think this old LKS must has a plan for doing that. i hope he is smart enough not to screw everything up

  93. Fasthand says:

    Politics is about trying to work together for the common good. The people’s mandate is BIGGER than the CEC’s. DAP was given the people’s mandate to demonstate they could work better with more caring alternatives. There has been 40 years of disappointments, and now when a half chance comes along, what is DAP doing about it? Practise what you preached: give change a chance. All religions mean well and aim to instill morality and dignity in us. Don’t be blinded by chauvinism, egocentrism and parochialism. Just change.

  94. dlquill says:

    It is a small teething problem, I am sure DSAI, LKS And PAS will work it out amicably, just go to sleep and wake up to a brighter Malaysia and Perak, OK

  95. randomwebsurfer says:

    It just goes to show that the opposition win in Malaysia is just because the government at this point in time wasn’t doing such a good job in terms of giving people the feel good factor like cheap oil prices etc… Other than that Malaysia is still the same, there is no such thing as Malaysian Malaysia. Everyone just thinks along the lines of their own race. There is so much importance placed on identifying which race you come from and the race matters in every aspect of life in Malaysia. The new opposition front is just like another BN, i am for this race, you for this, now lets divide among each other what to do and “jaga” people of our race …

  96. Royalist says:

    Boycotting the ceremony is a clear case of contempt. Period.

  97. brave citizen says:

    wat lar Royalist…. umno assemblymen also no show in Penang the other day.

  98. ghenjis khan says:

    Dear Malaysians,

    Perak UMNO won 25 seats against PAS 6 and PKR 7 of which 3 are Malays !

    If the UMNO decides to join PAS + PKR ..DAP will forever be a chauvinistic Chinese Socialist party .. just a poor off-shoot of LKY’s PAP which turned bad .

    Actually, LKY PAP would have preferred Gerakan as they are composed of highly educated Chinese & Indians and LKY PAp has a penchant for Oxbridge, Ivy league adn world class graduates ….!

    Now, pleaase remember this there absolutely no way for DAP + MCA + MIC ++++ non-Muslim parties to win Peninsula Malaya …. ie.

    if the UMNO + PAS + PKR join forces as a truly Muslim group and organisation ..

    I dare say, even in Penang, the UMNO + PAS + PKR will trounce DAp + MCA et al … as the non-Muslim voters would prefer to live under the rule of Muslims ….

    just look at Andulusia ….. even the Jews fled to Muslim lands after the Christians slaughtered the Muslim with its POMGROM which is worst than Nazis slaughtering of the Jews

    it is just that the Church wish to hide …

    so , let us all be pragmatic …life is short for us, it for the next generation of our childrena dn garndchildren … build it now or forever you are all going to lose !

    wanakam, nie hai, salam, etc

  99. Selayang says:

    LKS is facing a lot of pressure from all angle. Support non -Malay scold, Don’t support bodoh !, racial !. Give him some suggestions on how to deal with voters from both side.

    Islamic government, non-muslim as seen enough of BN brand of government so how to agree.

    PAS government in Kelantan. citizens of Malaysia who don’t has access to Internet does not know how the non-muslim are treated. Have all the commenters in LKS blog and here help to enlighted the people? The people only read and watch controlled media.

    Kedah,: PAS want to give DAP one exco seat. PKR hijack

    Perak;- PRK should step in to help with statements.

  100. hitam had says:

    So when is the CEC going to meet and make a decision one way or another??

    Wait for GE13??

  101. the small big-boss says:

    Looking at the State assembly result, Rocket- 18, Keadilan- 7, Pas -6. any sane person in a democracy will do what LKS is doing.

    Who is this Raja Nazrin to decide who should be the MB of Perak? Is Nazrin a politician? Ditto to the Selangor state!

    The Royal had screwed up the politics in Malaysia. The former Agong colluded with Mahathir in the sacking of the Lord President Salleh Abbas, culminating in the demise of democracy in Malaysia.

    Obviously Nazrin has transcended his power to interfere in the selection of MB of Malaysia. If it is a controversy, then let the people of Perak decide. Hey this is a democratic country, where on earth a sultan decides who should be the MB? This must be a half-past 6 democracy!

    It’s time the rakyat consider abolishing the Monarchy system which is a bane to democracy in Malaysia. Do we want democracy to be completely ruined by the Monarchy system?

    Who shall decide the ultimate MB? The Sultan or the Rakyat? Who is the BOSS of this land.

    The Monarch has ruined the Judiciary, and now the royals want to screw up the State Legislative and bring chaos to his state?

    It’s time Raja Nazrin listen to the BOSS and let the people decide who should be the MB. This Raja Nazrin and the MB of Selangor obviously are biased in the selection of MBS. What do they know about politics? If they have chosen a PKR candidates, it’s not that bad, but a PAS with only 6 state seats, no sensible ratyat will accept that.

    So the best solution is PKR-MB(Malay), DAP-VMB(Cina)1 and VMB (Indian2). Then there will no controversy in this MB arrangement.

    Otherwise, the Monarch had screwed up our judiciary, and now the Sultans are going to screw up our State Legislative.

    The key is let the voters- the boss to decide, not the Sultan. The Sultan only consents.

    The sultan should not hijack the people’s power to choose their respective MB, Period!

  102. electrocutioner says:

    Come agan all, Hypothetically if MCA won the most seat in Perak and UMNO was beaten badly with only 1 ADUN and the Sultan picked the UMNO ADUN for MB, will the Chinese that voted overwhelmingly to MCA be ‘really’ upset?

  103. abolish monarch in malaysia says:

    Democracy = majority have the say!!! Who are the sultans to decide who will lead the government. They are the barrier for the nation to achieve democracy. Say no to them!!

  104. HEE says:

    This is from the Sun today:” — Normally if there is a deputy mentri besar, he should be Malay because the deputy plays a role of assisting the mentri besar, and say if the mentri besar is Malaya and called to officiate a mosque or something like that, then there will be a problem if the deputy is a non-Malay,” — Mohamad Munir, private secretary of Selangor Sultan.

    Huh? Looks to me the royals are meddling in politics. Why can’t a non-Malay officiate a mosque? Why must it be an MB or deputy MB to officiate a mosque? The Royals are starting to sound like Mr. Zakaria — defying logic!

  105. SadChinese says:

    LKS is out of his mind!
    We rakyat booted out BN due to their corrupt practice & etc, not because of racism. As a chinese from other state, I will respect the right of Malay & their Sultan’s wish. And I believe most chinese share the same view.
    What is more important for BR is unity. BR will not win this time without the support of our Malay brothers, there is simply not enough vote from Chinese & Indian alone. We BR win this because of this.
    Be sensible, do not boycott the ceremony today! Or BR can kiss GE13 goodbye!

  106. Jimmy says:

    So, what about MCA’s Ong Ka Chuan, then, saying that DAP has cheated non Malays for having a PAS assemblyman as MB, as reported in The Star?

  107. Andrew says:

    P.s. another thing that alot of people are not aware of is that alot of chinese people living in Kelantan are actually from other states. They’re not going out, they’re going in!

  108. ghenjis khan says:

    I can I remind everybody that there are 25 elected UMNO members in Perak …. it doesn’t take a genius to add 6 more PAS and perhaps the odd MCA and MIC to form a Government … and perhaps the 7 PKR …

    so that we can kick out chauvinistic Chinese socialist out which is a truly racialist party why not form a Budddhist or Taoist or Confusian parties which which better … they may have better ethical and moral values !!!

    I think the Perak people would prefer the 25 UMNO plus 6 PAS plus MCA and MIC than DAP anytime …..

  109. SadChinese says:

    This country will cease to exist if we challenge the monarch and practice racism. Do not expect others to respect you if you don’t know how to respect others.

    Learn to respect & we will go a long way. Learn from Thai people on how much ALL their people respect their king, irrespective of races.

    One of the reasons BN fails this time is their arrogance, UMNO, MCA, MIC, PPP just full of arrogance. They forgot how to respect others, especially the rakyat of Malaysia irrespective of races. (Remember we must not be racist)

  110. Andrew says:

    Malaysiakini should consider doing an article on Kelantan and asking the chinese there for their opinions.

  111. kittykat46 says:

    Come on, Uncle Kit. Get on with the Agenda, get down to work.

    No more childish tantrums please.
    In Penang, Selangor and Perak DAP is no longer the opposition. Start thinking and behaving like a government for everyone !

    I voted DAP this time…please,please don’t let me regret it…

  112. sad bloat says:

    I hope LKS will apologize to the sultan in 24hrs. Otherwise he will be in BIG trouble. LKS .Never gonna vote for you again

  113. bamboo river says:

    Lam Kat Siong ! Why you so like that one?????
    All the people very angry already.
    You talk pusing pusing now?
    Before election , you talk very straight like Penang Bridge.
    Aisay man, gua malu lah, very phaiseh. Muka mana mau taruk? Your action is really like Lam Pah Pah Lan.(sorry Susan) Very dissappointed with this Lam Kat Siong.

  114. Khairul says:

    I’m a Malay Muslim and I voted for DAP in 12th election. Why a Malay Muslim like me voted for DAP? Because I want to see better changes than that BN offered (no corruption, justice for all, yada yada yada)

    If PAS is willing to ‘ease’ on Islamic Nation ideology, willing to work with Islamophobic DAP party, then why can’t DAP do the same thing? All of you people please go to Kelantan and see, how many people there are without hands? How many are being stoned to death? None…so what are you afraid about? Islamic Law doesn’t apply to non Muslims anyway so what up with all the fears?

    Now that I know the true color of DAP party, I will not vote for DAP ever again. It would be the last on my list…

    You have insulted and violated our trust, you’ve insulted our Sultan, shame on you Kit Siang!

    I’m already thinking of my priority in 13th GE…

    1. PAS
    2. PKR
    3. BN
    4. others
    5. others
    6. DAP

  115. JEFF LEE says:

    tat’s it old man..u just gave all of us a reason to NOT vote DAP anywhere the next time around. and guess wat?..we just might vote in PAS/PKR and put DAP and all the BN fellas out in the cold. tat way, you guys can finally understand wat our generation wants. having said this, i still am hoping against hope that all these brouhaha is another spin by the MSM. i sure hope LKS would come outright and make a strong statement to the contrary. please….for our sake, for our beliefs in putting you guys up there, let’s not all go back to the old ways…and by the way, to go against what was previously agreed to by your state chairman speaks lowly of your organisation..

  116. JEFF LEE says:

    i cant say how me and my friends feel any better than the following open letter by Mahaguru58. i sure hope LKS will read it and really really think about what he has done wrong..

  117. kluzm says:

    Please……please……please…….LKS, pls do accept….

  118. Nickfaldo says:

    Please throw away all orthodox thoughts. Later on whether it is DAP,PAS or PKR. All these three parties will be lead by X-Generation. LKS should think of this. By doing this LKS is potraying DAP as Chinese party. As I concern DAP is not a chinese party. It is party for all Malaysians, regardless the races. Where is the mistakes. DAP forgot to attract malays to join DAP. If DAP majority still chinese. Then even winning 10 times election without malays would be hard to have DAP MB’s. Please DAP leader start unite all Malays, Chinese and Indian into DAP..Then only we could talk about Malaysian Malaysia.

  119. Gerald Khor says:

    Subject: Strong disappointment on DAP’s decision over Perak Menteri Besar

    From: Gerald Khor
    Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 08:32 AM
    Subject: Re: Strong disappointment on DAP’s decision over Perak Menteri Besar

    To my beloved DAP leaders,

    Hope this message get to your CEC members as well.

    Why you want to sour the already fragile relationship with PAS, at a time where you can work towards strengthening it? PAS has shown willingness to discuss Barisan Rakyat and we rakyat is happy to see the formation of Barisan Rakyat to realize the dream of 2-party system, as long as it carry a mandate of secular state for Malaysia.

    And why such a flip-flop? Where is DAP’s integrity? DAP Perak pledged to abide by Sultan of Perak’s choice of Menteri Besar just a day earlier. Why DAP CEC rejects it? Why not discuss this among PAS, PKR and DAP? Why does it has to go public, and in such high profile? You guys are not better than Pak Lah nor BN in handling such situation.

    Your report card is already tainted. Go mend the fence now and take corrective action immediately.

    Gerald Khor

    ps: Don’t know which email address to use thus use whatever email addresses I know to hope to get my message across.

    —– Original Message —-
    From: Gerald Khor
    Sent: Thursday, March 13, 2008 12:11:39 AM
    Subject: Strong disappointment on DAP’s decision over Perak Menteri Besar

    Dear YB Karpal Singh, YB Lim Kit Siang, YB Lim Guan Eng,

    As a supporter of DAP that believe strongly in “Malaysian’s Malaysia “, I wish to express my strong disappointment on DAP’s decision to disapprove Perak Sultan’s selection of the next Menteri Besar (from a PAS representative). At the very least, please respect the choice made by Sultan Azlan Shah.

    We just witness a new era in Malaysia politics after 8th March that gave so much hope to the people of this lovely nation. The loose pact between DAP, PAS and PKR scored big win in GE2008. Please keep up the good work and strengthen the pact. In fact, you guys should just formalize the pact and form Barisan Rakyat as suggested by many concerned Malaysians. Chinese voted for PAS and Malay voted for DAP on 8th March. I personally called my family members to make sure they vote no BN candidates. It is time that DAP seriously consider formalizing a pact with PAS and PKR. PAS seems to come a long way and is becoming more moderate. A pact should be made if PAS can drop their mandate to form an Islamic country.

    Please don’t let this pact break away because of selection of Perak Menteri Besar. It is no doubt an important post but the next General Election will be even more important. The bigger task for DAP, PAS and PKR is to prove to the rakyat that you guys can be good government, starting with showing good results in Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor. It is a bad start to score an “E” for this fiasco. Furthermore PAS has given its words to work closely with the coalition government in Perak, and DAP has more seats and have been promised the most EXCO members. Give and take will go a long way for this young coalition.

    I am a Chinese from Taiping and I have no problem seeing a PAS representative as Perak’s Menteri Besar, as long as there is no Islamic rules (as yet) like those in Kelantan. Given the Constitutional constraints and the state’s demographics, it is fair to have a Malay State Assemblyman to be appointed as Menteri Besar with a Chinese and Indian Naib Menteri Besar representing the other two major races.

    The rakyat is still trying to grasp with the new scene in Malaysia politics. For me hailing from Perak, I know it is not easy for the Chinese in Perak to accept a PAS rep as Menteri Besar but we are ready to give him a chance to perform. People voted him (and his coalition government) in this time round. People can vote him out the next time. And we hope DAP will put national interest before party to give this man a chance to perform with his comrades in the Perak State Assembly as well.

    If DAP cannot resolve this fiasco properly, all the manifestos and promises given pre-election will not be relevant anymore. Walk-the-talk. Integrity is everything. Otherwise DAP is no different from any BN component parties. And I will regret very much the thousands of dollar donation I made to DAP Malaysia in Jan and Feb 2008.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Gerald Khor

    ps: has a lot more feedback for your attention.

    ps: Somehow does not work properly thus a direct email.

  120. Ben Ben says:

    In the first place, DAP and PAS are bot having incompatible ideologies. Each ideology is mutually exclusive and is only acceptable to separate segments of our society. Since each is not universally acceptable, they can never grow very strong in our multi racial society. That is why BN has been able to monopolise the political arena for 50 years. I believe no matter how they try to cooperate, they will never be able to work together truely, at most superficially, to deceit us who have voted for them. PKR’s ideology is multiracial and I think both DAP and PAS should consider seriously to disolve their respective parties and join PKR.

  121. Fazli says:

    LKS jangan main api. Menolak pilihan Sultan sama seperti maksud menghina. Menghina sultan sama seperti menghina Melayu. Jangan sampai berlaku Tragedi 13 Mei yang kedua.

  122. Jack says:

    Owh come on la ppl. i’m from tg malim (DUN Behrang) and i know who this jamaluddin guy ok. he’s a postal worker right before he joined PKR and only active in politics last year or so. and DAP so gallantly offered him to be the MB? obviously DAP has a hidden agenda. jamaluddin will be no more than a puppet on a stage for DAP. if they had chosen somebody else from PKR for the job, im sure the Sultan would consider.

    on the other hand nizar is a certified engineer (Ir.) who has been in the scene for quite some time. though i do not favour PAS at all, but i’d say NIZAR IS FAR BETTER CANDIDATE THAN JAMALUDDIN.

    do not simply think the Sultan is using his power for this matter. do your research before jumping into stupid conclusion. Sultan Azlan Shah is a very well educated regent. He was the supreme judge for god’s sake. i think he knows what he’s doing for the betterment of his loyal subjects. DAP has to accept the sovereignty of the Sultan. LIM KIT SIANG u old fool!

  123. bamboo river says:

    Fazli, no need lah to bring May 13 issue. We are moving forward. Kalau hina Sultan means durhaka kepada Sultan lah. This is about not abiding the Sultan’s royal consent. So, let the Royal protocol decide if LKS really durhaka kepada Sultan.

    Sultan is not only for Melayu my friend. Sultans and Agung is for all Malaysian.
    We sing Negaraku together.

    So, put the race aside and think/act like a true Malaysian.

  124. max says:

    As a Chinese, I would more strongly in favor of PKR candidate being the MB for Perak, rather than PAS. As Pas:
    a) was never a coaliation with DAP
    b) won the smallest votes
    c) is known as moslem extremists that may not synchronize with Malaysia’s multiethnic & secular outlook. DAP has involved itself with PAS before & has bled heavily on votes the last round.

    However, if LKS was so totally against PAS, why did he not voice out in the beginning, rather than now!

    What’s done is done now. I would suggest that all the 3 component parties in the Barisan Rakyat to work in cohesion, otherwise Perak would fall back into BN’s hand. Now should PAS begin to exert its religious extremism, then DAP should gracefully pull out, and let the BN take over the Perak governance

  125. ChineseButMalaysian1st says:

    Hi – al – LKS blog has issued an apology (12 mins ago) to the Sultan of Perak on his earlier post!
    I think the ‘sandiwara’ in going into second scene! He must have been testing waters to see how the DAP supporters and others who voted for them on 8/3 felt about DAP accepting a PAS CM…;o)
    LKS – faster change with this wind la…

  126. ChineseButMalaysian1st says:

    Hi – al – LKS blog has issued an apology (13 mins ago) to the Sultan of Perak on his earlier post!
    I think the ’sandiwara’ in going into second scene! He must have been testing waters to see how the DAP supporters and others who voted for them on 8/3 felt about DAP accepting a PAS CM…;o)
    LKS – faster change with this wind la…We are Malaysians First!

  127. budak malaysia says:

    In the first place, PAS should not be in politics. Now PAS wants to rule the State? OK, Since the MB( yet to be accepted by the rakyat) is a scientific man, can he prove where is Allah as opposed to E=MC square + constant? How about DAP converts to a Buddhist Party and the rakyat in the state allows to eat grass only and no red meat?

    So which laws are we following? Islamic Law? Buddhist law or Hindus law? To solve this problem, it’s best PAS dissolve itself and join PKR. Then it’s a win(rakyat)-win(DAP)-win(PKR+(-PAS) ) = Peace + Harmony + Prosperity for all rakyat.

    This is the best formula for success for the Rakyat in Perak and Semenanjung Malaysia.

    Use your brain and think with ET and intuition. Hey! This is the 21st Century, the New Millennium with high tech era of information and communication technology.

    If we can’t resolve simple problem, how could we take on Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam and be the regional champion, let alone world champion or Olympic Champion in Beijing 2008?

    So use your otak udang, do we want to be world/Olympic champion or kampung champion? Do we want to be like Pak Lah, forever a kampong champion who only obtained support from the kampong folks from the small states?

    All the big states are in our hands. So we have to think big, think success for the rakyat. If we all think big, think Malaysian, think global, think positive, think we are the world champions, why are we quarreling over small petty problems?

    Where is our wisdom? Our love and passion for success, for the handicapped, the needy, the homeless, the poor? Don’t let a small success obfuscate your brain.

    So let DSAI talk to LKT and Nik and solve the differnces taking into considerations the Voice of the rakyat

    Then there is a new dawn of hope for everyone in Malaysia. There will be a new dawn also for our children.

  128. JEFF LEE says:


    finally..good common sense has prevailed…

  129. PN Hii says:

    LKS, please do not create such a situation for BN to shoot you down even before you start the race. Accept thingsas it is now. Change the constitution later at the assembly sitting. Show the people especially the Malays that you have
    a big heart and that we can do without race coming into the

  130. Chicken says:

    For those that said DAP won the most seats in the coalition, please consider this. Do you think all voters for DAP candidates are Chinese? No! I read somewhere that Muslim voters also voted for DAP, in constituencies where BA candidates goes against BN candidates.

    They put their faith in DAP eventhough though they may be PAS members or Muslims because they do not want to vote BN. So, don’t let that number 18 (DAP seats won in Perak) go over your head. Unless in all the 18 constituencies, there were 3 way fights between DAP, PAS & BN and the people chose DAP, the statement “Majority of the people wanted DAP is not valid”.

    I am Chinese, by the way.

  131. Lianne says:

    LKS had just commited suicide as far as I see. Oh mannnn, how can he be sooo stupid and arrogant? Why care about pacifying your chinese voters in Perak? To keep a small chinese minority happy, you have just lost a biggggg majority of all races whom had voted for you, CORRECTION, for the coliation (NOT DAP). STOP being so arrogant and come down to earth.

    Perhaps, can we vote LKS out of DAP? Oh man, he is a liability to the party now. Let the fresh blood of DAP member steer the coaliation into a better future.

    Let’s all pray.

  132. Lianne says:

    LKS had just offered an apologize to the Sultan in his blog, but no apologize to the RAKYAT 😦

  133. jays says:

    I wonder if this is due to media propaganda throwing everyone into discord with Uncle LKS putting more spice to the story.

    Actually, if we had brains to understand why the Regency made the choice as such then we could see true wisdom of what is best for Perak.

    Perak is a multiracial state as such the Sultan would wish to have racial harmony and economical growth and ensure the MB focus on serving the Rakyat and not for other agenda (religion etc).

    Concern of qualified leader resulted in dropping PKR candidate leaving PAS or DAP as an option. Selecting PAS will mean probable discontent from DAP die hard supporters. Selecting DAP would risk upsetting the Malay as a whole (regardless of party). Won’t it make sense to select a PAS leader as MB? The state exco is majority DAP and PKR which will ensure Malaysian as a whole including minority (Non Malay) is taken care of. As such since the new government acts collectively there could only mean decisions made catering for racial harmony. Which is the best for the rakyat of Perak. Raja Nazrin also select Penang model where a multi racial cast for MB and TImbalan MB insisting for a Chinese for Deputy 1 and Indian for Deputy 2 (Very Malaysian).

    With this model, Malay had no worry supporting the opposition as they could safely be reassured their leaders are still Malay.

    Strategically Chinese will vote hard for DAP to ensure higher percentage of their State Exco will be Chinese.

    What DAP needs to do is to allay their voters and initiate a tour of duty across Perak to explain and to reassure that this is best for all. (even better than when UMNO is in power with their pseudo token care for minority).

    It was reassuring to know that the State coalition are wise not to follow Uncle LKS instruction. Honoring the Sultan wishes and work together for a better state of Perak.

  134. lucia says:

    i agree with the views of HEE and penangite. and i agree with susan saying there is no cause to be alarm… so why all these attack on LKS/DAP?

    although i disagree that LKS should not boycott the swearing in of the MB of perak, i feel it is not fair to attack LKS as such.

    it’s easy for you people being ordinary citizen and sitting in the comfort of your living room/office to shoot off so much ammunition at LKS but before that, you should try to put yourself in his place and see how he might felt.

    no. 1 – in kedah, PAS does not include the sole DAP candidate in the exco team
    no. 2 – in perak, PAS has the least seats and yet a MB came from them.
    no. 3 – MB should come from DAP by right if you look to them as having the most seats BUT because of the country’s (constitution?) a MB must be a malay. fine. no problem with that.

    looking at these considerations, you must understand first why LKS reacted as he did… then your attack at him won’t be so serious… or some even abusive.

    by all means, i do support the sultan’s appointment of the PAS candidate as MB, and i think LKS should support it too but i’m not going to be childish to attack LKS what with abusive (f) words and getting personal and all that. and to think just because of this one incident, suddenly everybody were saying they regret voting for DAP.

    you regret LKS’a action all right… but to say you regret voting for DAP is kind of silly and childish. and we have one person who commented in another blog, that democracy is dead. what? just because of this one incident, you felt democracy is dead?

    oh well, if we really want to talk about democracy, why should it be that the MB has to be a malay? it’s not that i prefer DAP ngeh to hold the MB post but i am questioning the… constitution?… saying the MB must be a malay. like that where got democracy? ok ok… and penang… why is it that the CM has to be a chinese? we are still racially divided here and the sad thing is this will not go away.

    a person should be chosen for the post based on his calibre/characteristics not on his race! unfortunately you won’t see this happen in malaysia… even with barisan rakyat ruling.

    btw, for sure the MB in perak can’t be chinese. just imagine what one infamous islamist in perak will react if the MB is chinese – the grand mufti of perak!

  135. peace in hope says:

    I agree with HEE above. LKS, v must understand is from the ‘yesterday’ era and we must try to understand his grief. People cant change overnight. On the other hand, boycotting the ceremony is simply unacceptable i must say-as a rakyat of ‘today'(ones who believe in non-racial decisions). Nevertheless, it is true that PAS has the least seats compared to DAP here. LKS is actually being fair by playing by the books as to expect PKR to hold the position of MB as he is a Muslim. So when the royals decide and choose, it puts questions into the many minds as to based on what criterion is the PAS assemblymen chosen to be the MB. I believe the rakyat of Perak is ready to put aside the fact that he is from PAS and shall work alongside with any MB who supports non-racist rules.

  136. tyu says:

    If you guys read the Chinese newspapers, Gerakan and MCA have already started attacking DAP for “giving up the Chinese rigfhts!”. DAP is in a dire position, and LKS knows it. Hopefully, DAP grassroots will give DAP Perak blessings for the new government. Enough of these who-will-be-the-MB crap, it’s getting old. I am more interested in the new policies which will improve rakyat’s life. I also want to commend PAS for showing a lot of restraint in their reactions in the whole incident. May be there is really hope for M’sia.

  137. Malay Muslim Guy says:

    hayyaaa.. I dont understand la some of u ppl.. Why r u so afraid of PAS n Islam?? I think, US propaganda that causes Islamophobia has spreaded to Malaysia.. Come on laa.. I think u guys shud go and talk with your friends in Kelantan.. Then u’ll know.. And one more thing, please do not try to insult ‘Malay special rights’ n Malay Sultanates.. go n read this:

  138. iskandar says:

    Hey Kiddo Siang.just one to describe your behavior. Bloody selfishmonger.

  139. hihi080308 says:

    “Boycott’ may not be the most appropriate action , but I can understand the stand taken by DAP. DAP should have brain-stormed more to come out with a better decision….. may be……emm…….emm..… how about sending a bouquet, perked up with small PAS flag.!!!! LOL

    Pleasr refer to and (except replacing the PPKR with PAS) and …………..think hard, which I believe Uncle Kit and DAP CEC did.

    What is more important for a coalition/partnership to work is the channel of communication should be open, fast and efficient to avoid any tiny misunderstanding that may evolve into catastrophe

    As long as the decision is convey to PAS and PKR fast and mutual understanding is sought and agreed upon, the coalition should still stand solid and working. Who cares how the MSM is going to spin!! Either way, we know for sure they are going to spin on that!!!!!

    What DAP needs to do now is to convince their supporters and RAKYAT to accept the decision and PAS and PKR to explain and convince their members and RAKYAT of DAP’s decision. NO ILL FEELING from either side……..IT’S JUST POLITICS!!!!!!!!

    Come on, be realistic. Do you really think that politics is as simple as posting a comment on a blog????? You can hover and stay in whatever euphoric air you wish but some come back to real life faster than others.

    Have faith in your vote, give the coalition some time………………..

  140. rotibai says:

    Some info to share…

    Ir Mohamad Nizar memulakan persekolahan di Sekolah Rendah Anglo-Chinese School(ACS) Kampar sebelum meneruskan pendidikan menengah di Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Anglo-Chinese School Kampar dan Sekolah Menengah Teknik Ipoh dan menyambung pengajian peringkat A-Level dan ijazah di England.

    Beliau dan isteri Fatimah Taat, mempunyai lapan orang anak, lima lelaki dan tiga perempuan. Anak sulung dan kedua beliau merupakan penuntut lulusan BA Syariah Universiti Mu’tah di Jordan manakala dua lagi anaknya merupakan Hafiz Quran yang menuntut di Lubnan dan Syria.

    Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin merupakan seorang jurutera Perunding (Mekanikal – Pengangkutan Vertikal, Elevator & Eskalator). Beliau merupakan lulusan Bachelor Sains (BSc. Mechanial Engineering).

    Beliau merupakan Setiausaha Badan Perhubungan PAS Perak, menyertai parti tersebut pada 1995 dan bertanding kali pertama bagi merebut kerusi Parlimen Kuala Kangsar pada pilihan raya umum 2004 tetapi tewas kepada penyandangnya Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz. Sepanjang berkecimpung dalam politik bersama PAS, beliau telah memegang beberapa jawatan iaitu Bendahari Badan Perhubungan PAS Perak dan sebagai Yang Dipertua PAS Kampar.

  141. JEFF LEE says:

    OK…issue kinda settled. it is best if the coalition governments in all those states pay attention to the more important issues that concern us rakyat…please please more shocking statements..just do NOT fall into the BN traps very very careful where you guys thread, be one step ahead…ALWAYS..

  142. Marduk says:

    Citizen 4 Equality & the small-big boss, it’s not difficult to agree with your views. I too beg to differ………..HEE, I love your 10.04pm piece 🙂

  143. peace in hope says:

    Lets give democracy a chance in Msia to grow la! I work in Perak currently and is one of the ones who will feel the heat if any unpleasant acts by any party breaks. Well, while it is easy for all of us to cast out opinions here, Perak is still unstable in terms of majority of its rakyat’s mentality. As i said earlier, we cant change anyone overnight and we must admit the comendable attitudes of DAP supporters in Perak who are willing to accept the chosen MB and see him as an MB and not a PAS MB. I am hoping that in the next 4 years, we can vote for the Barisan Rakyat as a government in Perak. Lots of work to be done.

  144. Tarzen says:

    If PAS is the MB, i will loathe the wake up call at 6 am. I rather goes back to the jungle playing with my fellow chimpanzees than the PAS Talibans/ Bedouines.

    If PAS want to be the MB, please go to the Sahara deserts, the camels can sokong him 169%.

  145. KShan says:

    C’mom, if the smallest party in a coalition ends up taking the most important post then what’s all these talks about all races being equal, meritocracy, blah blah blah?

    It’s not just about pleasing malay voters that we need to consider; what about democratic rules? It rules can be bent at will just to please certain group of people, what about DAP own supporters?

    As a Perakian, I’ve already heard much from commom people in Ipoh about DAP selling their rights! Whether their fears are justifiable or not, it is thier voices that DAP has to take into consideration. Indeed, DAP is in the dilemma.

    If you ask why can’t the Chinese be open-minded, then the same should be asked “Why can’t the Malay be more open-minded to have a Chinese as MB?”

    Please be fair to DAP!

  146. Abdullah says:

    Ok ,Ok Relax & Bertenang.

    Dia sudah minta maaf.

    LKS, or who ever, please, next time think carefully before saying anything.

  147. KShan says:

    Fazli Says:
    “LKS jangan main api. Menolak pilihan Sultan sama seperti maksud menghina. Menghina sultan sama seperti menghina Melayu. Jangan sampai berlaku Tragedi 13 Mei yang kedua.”

    F*** off, don’t you ever dare threaten us with another May 13!!!

  148. HEE says:

    Well, now that the dust has settled. There is something else interesting that I have noticed and I wonder if you all have noticed it or not. Aside from the Perak thingy. This is the first time in our history to witness different party using different form of sistem to rule a state:

    Kelantan: Islamic
    Kedah: Welfare state, modified NEP
    Penang: Open competition, no NEP
    Selangor: Potential EXCO with representatives from different background. Academian, Woman and etc.. (Ideology instead of race based)
    Perak: Minority being an MB under the watchful eyes of other majorities.
    The rest: BN, race based with Malay monopoly.

    All with different form of government. Unlike under BN, where all of them are ruled under one party (UMNO), the BA states actually have every member party to govern at least one state.

    Competition to show who has the best government model? Yeah!
    I love fair competition!

    Now we can judge and see who offers the best governning model and we can tell them what we want in the next election!

  149. nmjg says:

    Well, Lim Kit Siang has apologised to Raja Hazrin and the Sultan of Perak. So I think this is a good gesture to the people of Perak. However, I must also point out that Kit Siang and DAP has been bitten once in 1999, where MCA and Gerakan told the Chinese voters that PAS was collaborating to buld a Muslim country, a conspiracy according to them. So we have to forgive Kit Siang. Just look at todays Chinese papers where Gerakan’s Grik MP (the lady who wins because of Muslim votes) and MCA’s Ong Kah Chuan (the guy who wins because of Malay votes), accused DAP and Lim Kit Siang collaborating with PAS again. So now you know why Kit Siang has this response. The main culprit is UMNO (using Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian), MCA and Grakan for ruining the good relationship among the Malaysians. Looks like they never learn their lesson despite the hipocritical rhetoric of calling for change from the BN party heads. The DAP, PAS and Keadilan must start collecting all these newspaper cuttings from Utusan, Berita, NST, STAR, Sin Chew, Tamil Nesan etc, from now, put them into a booklet. show to the rakyat , put on the web site, because the rakyat will remember their words and we will work together to thrash them out in the GE13.

  150. desertman says:

    PAS look perfectly ok if they stroll around in the Sahara Deserts. They are compatible with the Bedouins and camels there.

    In Perak, they look weird wearing female costume and Mangkali turban. The MB will look like a monster!

    Wow! How can a monster mingling among the Perak. rakyat

    Is Raja Nazrin a Bedouin monster also? Why does he so hard up with a Bedouin monster?

  151. hihi080308 says:

    The Fazli dump head only knows 1+1=2 and cannot think rationally beyond that. Guess he is an UMNO moronic cyber trooper. I really hope that you are not a “graduate” from local uni or our uni ranking will plummet beyond 500 if the local uni keep producing more and more of these 1+1=2 “graduates”!!!

    JUST IGNORE HIM or dear sloone, please bar him from this blog if his IQ is so low that can’t contribute constructively.

  152. peace in hope says:

    It took a bigger person(LKS) to put the interest of the rakyat before his opinion. I am a Perakian and I am sure i speak for many Perakians when I say that we want to put an end to the race-based politics in Msia. As for Perak having an MB from the PAS, it should not spur resentment or fear among the rakyat as he had assured to perform his duties as a representative of the rakyat. We in Perak need to give him the chance to prove that PAS or DAP or PKR or any other parties interested to form in future will have the respect and support of the rakyat as long as he/she is looking out for the rakyat in every sense of the word. Lets help the rakyat of Perak to understand the decision made by the Region of Perak and look at it pessimistically. It is crucial for the BR to be strong before the next election as our main focus be it in the state level or the Nation level- our focus is ONE and ONLY one – ELIMINATE race-based politics and discrimination! I urge all Perakians who are internet-savvy to help spread this message to all Perakians as we have many who only have access to the mainstream media where the news could be made in favour of the opposition(BN). PLEASE HELP THE PEOPLE TO UNDERSTAND OUR MISSION – TO ELIMINATE RACE-BASED POLITICS IN MALAYSIA.

  153. SadChinese says:

    Let us all heal from this LKS thoughtlessness. Let us all come together to give this new BR govt a chance to prove themselves in Kedah, Pg, Perak & Selangor.

    Let’s not talk about May13 or Race issues. Let’s think Malaysian for the better future of our future generation. Let’s us all throw our support to these states to let them success, so that we can see a truly CLEAN, EFFECIENT & PROGRESSIVE country.

    Instead of looking beyond Malaysia to compete with the like of China & Vietnam for more DFI, the BN govt played up the race issues to keep us busy, so that they can CORRUPT big ways. That’s why our economy is so bad & cake is shrinking. What we need is a clean & competitive govt that will enlarge our cake with better mgmt of economy to draw more DFI. In the end, everyone regardless of races can enjoy better life, better safety, more freedom etc. I believe this is why the bloggers & netizens are so busy talking here.

    The BN will be happy to capitalize on LKS misstep to stroke racial fire, starting with MCA & Gerakan in the news today. Don’t listen to them.

  154. peace in hope says:

    As there are many ‘fair’ comments by the bloggers about the Region’s decision not being reasonable, we must and MUST look at the BIG PICTURE until we are able to tacke the situation from a better position. This is politics in Msia guys – the rakyat had been kept captive for 50 years! It takes time to change! As a Perakian, I understand the people’s mentality here – many are still under the influence of “LEADERS” be it from any party. It can get ugly and dangerous if not handled with care. May 13 is history – it was 1969. It is 2008 and many have proven it thru the ballot boxes. Relax guys, lets take it step by step. If the Perak MB posts to harm to the majority chinese in Perak, lets help everyone to see the big picture – that is to prove to the BN government that the rakyat is not regretting its vote and that we KNOW wat we are doing and there’s NO TURNING BACK! Its forward FORWARD from here on!

  155. timbaktu says:

    really SUARA RAKYAT

  156. peace in hope says:

    typo above….. i meant to say…If the Perak MB posts NO HARM to the majority chinese in Perak… sorry 🙂

  157. gusman says:

    HEE, I agree with all the things you said. You sure have a good head on you. You should be one of the advisers for the BA. Your ideas and comments would be great in streering a better democratic process among our “race based” immature rakyat’s thinking.

  158. Abdullah says:

    Hey Tarzen,

    U making things worst. U just like a chimpanzee.

  159. TURE IS OUT THERE says:

    Pls do not comment your point of view from racial or religious. Whether you like it or not we all live in a multi-racial country. Stop racism!

    Just a matter of Fair Game. Could you accept a soccer team has the least accumulated points chosen as the champion? Waste of time and money to organize the game and to participate.

  160. READ HISTORY! says:

    Please respect the King. No matter what, he in number one. He decide for his state. of coz for the good and the best. Like our boss in our office. wright or wrong he is the boss. what ever he decide we have to follow.same lorrrr… dont LKS understand what KING means>?

  161. CanDieLikeThis says:

    breaking news updated 4.45pm In yet another dramatic twist to the formation new state government in Perak, the swearing-in for Mentri Besar Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin has been cancelled. more

  162. Young Turks says:

    Chinese will always a chinese..Malay will always be a malay..Indian will always be an Indian.. Dont living in denial..what the sick-old guy said is the view of all races whenever they get the power.. HEE u must’ve failed your History in yr school right? Learn before u talk..Desertman sure i’ll kill u if u know u..and for all DAP supporters ..learn the History and sure u’ll know who u are and where u are…

  163. lebaijanggut says:

    Mr. Lim.. such a waste.. of all the effort that we have done to bring unity and trust of the Rakyat into the BA.. and now, you have prove that you are only hunting for name and glory. To Mr. Lim Jr. dont swallow all of your senior mind set. You are more better than him. Remember, who have really fought and demonstrate for you when you were jailed not long ago? Is it your senior or us, member from BA especially the people who carrying the MOON flag?

  164. HEE says:

    Young Turks — FYI: I got A1 in my History in SRP. A in Pengajian Am in STPM. I got 6As out of 8 in my SPM where getting 8As can still be counted with fingers during my days.

    May I know what you get in your English and Pendidikan Moral? They way you talk….., where’s your manner? Your mom should slap you with such talk.

    Oh, I forgot, it’s very EASY to get A1 in Pendidikan Moral nowaday!

    Well, since the LKY issue is settled, this is the last time I stay on this thread!

  165. ckfwong says:

    The Sultan of Perak has postponed the ceremony!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. partistar says:

    Blah…blah….blah….VERBAL DIARRHEA from Uncle Lim is NOT UNEXPECTED! Three terms in Parliament i have had enough. Good he is what he is! but BN will in power forever had ANWAR and PKR is not around.

    Please there is no need to a knee jerk reaction to everything he is saying. BN is very happy to have HIM around so it can be in POWER for ever. Uncle LIM maybe loves BN more than he can say, this is why he says thing without thinking deeply. He reacts fast, that is why BN always maintain 2/3rd majority till now.

    Be serious now, allow PAS does what it does best- beating UMNO where DAP and PKR can’t. PAS will never have 2/3rd MAJORITY to make Malaysia an ISLAMIC NATION more than what UMNO and MCA has done so far.

    So far so good……be patient and let UNCLE LIM all he wants ….. please BE DEAF to it or DAP reactionary actions. Malaysia needs a mature Democracy …… so let us have it.

    Hopefully the Son can cool him down so that BA can form the next Government.

  167. CanDieLikeThis says:

    Latest From Malaysiakini,

    Reason Of the Cancellation of MB searing-in.

    PKR disputes regent’s choice

    Meanwhile more details are emerging as to the details of the meeting the three menteri besar candidates had with Raja Nazrin this afternoon.

    According to sources the main reason for the postponement of the swearing-in ceremony this afternoon was due to an objection by the PKR’s Jamaluddin over Nizar’s appointment.

    Apparently Jamaluddin told the Raja Nazrin that he disputed the choice made by the regent yesterday to make Nizar the menteri besar.

    It is learnt that the regent became upset with this and instructed all three of them – Nizar, Ngeh and Jamaluddin – to go back to the drawing board again to determine their preferred choice.

    A statement issued by Ngeh earlier today indicated that Nizar was the regent’s choice to be the state’s menteri besar. According to Ngeh, the regent had rejected his (Ngeh’s) and Jamaluddin’s name although these were the first two choices.

    It is also learnt that the regent had asked all 31 state representatives from the three parties to be present before him to swear the allegiance to the new menteri besar, whoever it is.

  168. brave citizen says:

    Sigh.. First timer in forming a gomen in Perak.. rookies.
    But made a real farce out of it – and left a bad after taste too.

  169. Alex Detto says:

    The BA today is made up of PKR and PAS. No DAP. They pulled out in 1999 and never rejoined. This year DAP had agreement with BA to not compete against each other so as not to split the opposition vote. But DAP is not in BA. In Kelantan and Kedah, DAP is not in the state government. In Penang, PAS is not in the state government.

    There is a very good reason why DAP is not in coalition with PAS. Just look at 1999. If any of you were too young 8 years ago, I’ll give you the synopsis. After years of losing to BN, DAP is fed up and wants to win at least one state. Maybe Penang. Anwar had just been expelled from UMNO, and the new PKR party seems strong. So the 3 big opposition parties, DAP, PKR, PAS decided to form a coalition, as an alternative to BN, and called it BA. In the election it became clear that many of DAP’s supporters deserted it because it was in coalition with PAS. PAS did not suffer at all, performing better than in the past, and taking over from DAP as the largest opposition party. PKR turned out to be paper tiger. DAP pulled out of BA immediately after that. Some people expected the DAP leadership to resign, or be kicked out for the stupid strategic disaster, but they survived.

    To all my Muslim brothers and sisters, you must understand that to many non-Muslims in Malaysia, PAS *IS* the bogeyman. I’ll be like asking for a Muslim in America to vote for Pat Robertson or Mitt Romney. Sure you can get a few of them to vote PAS, but the vast majority will quickly rush to vote for the other side. It’s not a racist thing. None of these anti-PAS people will object to DAP getting into bed with PKR (which is mostly Malay). DAP could join UMNO, and they’ll still be OK with it. But if the DAP joins PAS, they’re dead.

    My guess is, DAP decided for limited cooperation with BA during the election as in “Let’s not put up candidates against each other”. But nothing is said about what happens after that. In Perak and Selangor, no one could form the government without DAP’s support. Such a great position to be in. King-maker, or at least MB-maker. But DAP surely made a mess of it. The state DAP in Selangor and Perak then decided, if national DP did decided to not join PAS in state government, well, what is not forbidden …, “hey, if we can cooperate with BA during the election, surely we could work with them in government?”. Who does not want a juicy state exco job?

    This is just selfish, short term thinking. In the next election, the DAP voters will surely pay them back. DAP joining PKR and PAS in Selangor is, IMHO, really pushing it. They should not be in government with PAS. At all. If they spin it hard enough, they may convince people that they are supporting PKR, not PAS. But it looks to me like they’ve decided to join BA *AFTER* the election. This is surely betrayal of the anti-PAS voters. Next time we’ll play it safe and vote for BN.

    If the Perak DAP were to join a PAS led state government, surely that is proof that they have joined PAS in BA again. You can’t spin your way out of that. They way I see it, the DAP should stay in opposition in Selangor and Perak. Don’t be so eagar to snatch up that state exco post on offer. Think of your party. Think of the voters who voted for you. Did they want you to join PAS? You must not be selfish and think of the short term only. You could last out your 5 year term, or a new election may occur in 2 years. You would surely lose that state exco job when you lose your DUN seat.

    The DAP can stay out of the Selangor and Perak state governments and pledge support to either BN or BA. They can form minority governments. DAP will support them in passing essential bills. It will be in an extremely strong position in extracting concessions on other things. Some self sacrifice is called for here. No state exco seat. Lower salary. But your party members would surely appreciate your sacrifice. Who knows, your voters might remember it, and vote you back in the next election.

  170. Kelvin Goh says:

    I think its not fair to criticise LKS like that, he is trying to do the non-malay Perakians a favour. From what i see in the news about Ong Ka Chuan kept on accusing DAP cheated voters in Perak by allowing PAS becomes MB, LKS must have thought that the non-malay voters are unhappy and afraid of PAS MB. So to make the voters happy(as he thought so), he opposed to PAS being MB.

    It was commonly misunderstood by Malays that he is discriminating malay’s Ketuanan by opposing, but it is clear that he wasnt, as he agreed to the appointment of a malay PKR to be MB, just not PAS. I believe the crowd that protest outside of the palace is made by started by UMNO to make the problem look worse.

    After he made the boycott order, he got lots of feedback from Perakians from all races that they are fine with PAS being MB, so he apologised and took back his words. So i believe this is a misunderstanding by LKS due to the accusation by MCA Ong Ka Chuan about what the Perakians wants.

  171. boycotts says:

    […] God will set off an alarm in your Church.&quot &quotWhat is it that God wantswww.tonymorganlive.comWhat? DAP boycotts Perak MB from PASPixs from HBO: So what happens then to all the talk about cooperation, unity and bla, bla, bla??or […]

  172. KeAdilan says:

    Why DAP could not change Perak policy to have Chinese MB in Perak?. Because LKS could not challege with Malay right, Malay Previlleges, DAP scare of Perak Sultan?. Or just because the law said so, LKS could not talk loud?. LKS is not only upset the whole chinese and Ipoh Timur Supporters

  173. anak merdeka says:

    malulah sikit orang dah tak sudi kita belah lah apa tunggu.itu lah dulu cakap besar mentang mentang menteri besar sekarang apa macam .memang dasar tak sedar diri

  174. anak merdeka says:

    padan muka cakap besar sangat

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