Update on 12 March: Taken from my good sister Marina Mahathir’s post.

“Funny that those who ran down the SPR previously now believe so wholeheartedly in their numbers? How is it that the SPR officer at Jerlun announced an 81.95% turnout and yet SPR publishes on their website the turnout as 99.85%, higher than anywhere else? Why was there a three-hour delay in announcing the results? Somebody not keen on Mukhriz winning? Especially when they might be losing themselves?”

There is a video to watch as well.

Earlier, I had asked (whether): Mukriz Mahathir cheated in elections?  I said I “Got an interesting mail today. It (the email) says:

Proof that Mukhriz Mahathir, son of Mahathir Mohammad, cheated in the
2008 Malaysian General Election !!

Mukhriz Mahathir ran for the P5 Jerlun parliamentarian seat at Kedah. SPR officially announced that Mukhriz Mahathir won with a 2205 vote majority. But there’s a catch -In the P5 Jerlun parliamentarian race, 99.85% of the 37,297 voters turned out to vote !! Hard to believe? You bet it is !!

According to SPR’s official result (available at http://pru12.spr.gov.my/spr/) – of the 37,297 voters, 37,242 came out to vote.Put it another way – of the 37,297 voters, only 55 voters have failed to vote !Yes, I kid you not ! You can go check out the SPR official result yourself ! The 99.85% turnout rate is ABSOLUTELY THE HIGHEST of all the 222 parliamentarian races in the election. The following is from the SPR website: P.5-JERLUN IDRIS BIN AHMAD PAS 17,219

MAJORITI :   2,205

(The email said) And I’ve also put a copy of the SPR result at http://kedah.4shared.com/Check it for yourself ! See what a blatant cheater Mukhriz Mahathir is !!

(End of email). 

Go, ponder about it, my friends. (means, go find out about it).

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  1. Abdul Malek says:

    Like father, like son

  2. toyolbuster says:

    RPK had predicted correctly that Mukriz was sent to Jerlun to be slaughtered. RPK can’t be that far off tracked and there must be something definitely not right here. BR must start an investigation for Jerlun and Rembau. Then they can hop into the same boat as junior Ling and junior Lim

  3. info says:

    do you trust spr website statistics???

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  5. c53k says:

    Some simple statistic from SPR site

    Parliament voting %

    P5 – 99.85%

    The 2 DUN voting %

    N3 – 81.56%

    N4 – 82.24%

    Now the interesting point, if U have 2 ballots – 1 for Parliament & 1 for DUN, will U only cast the parliament vote & keep the DUN ballot for souvenir?

    If U casted both then these 2 % (Parliament & DUB) should be quite close – give & take a single digit % difference.

    Now 99.85% vis-a-vis 81.56% OR 82.24%???????

    Someone is cheating & CHEATING BIG.

    The saddest part is THEY again take the voters for a joy ride, thinking that the voters are ignoramus & dont know how to count!

  6. bamboo river says:


  7. sadia says:

    No no no no no. This is massive rigging

    Look here my dear, they said for Parliament (Jerlun), the turnout was 99.85. However, look at the state seats of Kota Seputeh and Ayer Hitam under Jerlun constituency.

    Total qualified voters for Kota Seputeh and Ayer Hitam : 45513

    Total votes casted for both constituncies : 37297

    Percentage : 81.94.

    What does this tell you? Definately, Mukhriz was rigged in and he has not won. A court case should be opened here.

  8. bamboo river says:

    Can Tony Pua help out the BR on this?

  9. The False Prophet says:

    Abdul Malek Says:
    March 11, 2008 at 1:04 pm

    Like father, like son


    I couldn’t agree more.

    “The 99.85% turnout rate is ABSOLUTELY THE HIGHEST of all the 222
    parliamentarian races in the election.”-Susan

    Whew, Saddam get 100% full turnout voters and a complete win without error. I am beginning to suspect the similarities between the 2 (mahathir & son and Saddam). If this is under Mahathir’s rule, trust me, it may be like Myanmar, when Aung San Suu Kyi was plundered of her election victory although here, it is done with finesse. After all, like Abdul Malek said, “like father like son”.

  10. ali says:


  11. c53k says:

    Further thought,

    Assuming the voting % for the 2 DUN reflect the real ballot votes, then there is a phantom vote counts of about 6500.

    Here are the figures;

    P5 – 99.85% (37242 votes)

    N3 – 81.56% (30420 votes)

    N4 – 82.24% (30674 votes)

    Average of N3+N4 = 30547 votes

    So P5 should get about the same, ie around 30547, give & take a few votes.

    The calculated P5 was 37242 votes, means there were phantom votes of the magnitude 6695 votes ( 37242-30547)!!!!

    Mukriz won by a majority of 2205 – means that he actually should have lost by 4490 (6695-2205) votes to the keADILan candidate.

  12. rocket_supporter says:

    The info of the link has false info. The total constituencies : 45, 513
    please go ahead to verify with other sites before we speculating.

  13. Malaysian says:

    Was that the reason why his 3pm press conference turned into a toned down affair and the cancellation of his supposed rally?

    Speculating is always fun. 😉

  14. c53k says:


    Mukriz’s opponent is from PAS

  15. rocket_supporter says:

    another reference website: http://thestar.com.my/election/results/02/02p.html

  16. Ram says:

    The stat on the SPR site is a mistake. The total voters in Jerlun is 45513.
    Turnout was 81.8%.

    Please verify facts before posting, thank you.

    P5 – JERLUN Turnout : 37242 (81.8%) Spoilt: 599 Voters: 45513

    Idris Ahmad (OPP – PAS) 17219
    >> Mukhriz Mahathir (BN – UMNO) 19424 Maj: 2205

  17. maverick says:

    Is there a possibility that the numbers on the spr site is inaccurate?

    Total eligible voters for N3 is 19771, N4 is 25742, total 45513. Total eligible voters for P5 should be that number, not 37297 as listed. Check P4 (N1 and N2) and P6 (N5 and N6), the total eligible voters for the state seats add up to the total for the parliament seat.

  18. nick chan abdullah says:

    Why is everybody surprised anyway?

  19. Carrie says:

    I’m not surprised. Politics are politics. Main tipu is pretty common nowadays

  20. Derrick Wan says:

    I don’t really trust any info from theStar.

  21. Klaw says:

    I’d rather trust theStar than SPR sometimes.

  22. Birdseye says:

    Well, is the loser in this fight going to challenge the results? Talk is cheap.

  23. Click says:

    Look guys, I agree with Maverick. Has it even occurred to your readers that the SPR data could be wrong cos the total number of voters of 37,297 does not make sense given that the DUN seats for Jerlun add up to 45,513. If you then argue that the total number of voters is wrong for the DUN seats then one could also draw the conclusion that PAS COULD HAVE (I’m not saying they did) in Ayer Hitam given the reported majority of only 506.

    I understand that there is all this euphoria from a sense of people power, having basically told BN that the people are to be listened to but I think that everybody has a responsibility to ensure that they don’t take everything they read as gospel truth. I personally believe that between the mainstream media and litany of blogs available today, the truth lies somewhere in between. Blogs are informative but not in itself unbiased or absolute truths. People sometimes makes mistakes, and not everything is a conspiracy. I for one am very interested to see the direction Malaysia takes in the next 6-12 months.

  24. Crankshaft says:

    From SUARAM:

    Amidst the euphoria and optimism of a new era in Malaysian politics and society, however, SUARAM would like to remind that the election was still far from a clean and fair one. SUARAM strongly refutes the claims that the result of this election demonstrates that the electoral system in the country is free and fair. The fundamental principle of ‘one person one vote’ still needs to be restored. Election watchdogs have also documented various electoral frauds and irregularities, ranging from allegations of rigged electoral roll and phantom voters to unfair media access and outright vote-buying during the elections. It would therefore not be too far-fetched to say that had the election been conducted in a clean, free and fair manner, even bigger changes would have been possible.

  25. k119 says:

    So both Mukhriz and KJ cheated ….what’s new….that’s UMNO’s future there for you…which is why this sick animal must be put down before it corrupts everyone and we end up a Columbia….

  26. Tenjin says:

    Yeah! It’s hard to believe Mukriz cheated and I don’t think he cheat. Somebody at SPR might have made a honest mistake typing in the figures. Before you post this damaging allegations and cause an uproar, please check with other sources on election info. You can always check with the SPR directly to ascertain whether there are discrepancies in updating the election results. SPR and/or Mukriz are not that stupid to cheat in this way with a glaring 99.85% voter turnout. Now who is stupid?

  27. meiling says:

    Please verify facts before you post up smthg as controversial as this just to get attention. You criticise politicians etc etc yet you are the one without credibility and integrity in your blog.

  28. sloone says:

    Didn’t you see a question mark in my heading?
    Doesnt that show that I am also doubting the truth of this allegation?
    Or, perhaps you dont understand what a question mark is?
    Don’t be too quick to judge.

  29. Kash says:

    Check undi.info which is set up by Malaysiakini and you will see that the percentage is actually around 80%. In 2004 it was 81.7%.

    You can put this down to an SPR staff who is bad at math

  30. demolicous says:

    The total voters for Jerlun is 45513. You can check thestar, sinchew for clarification… if you think its from the government media twisting the facts… you can check at undi.info from malaysiakini.com… link for kedah results below:


    as maverick said “Total eligible voters for N3 is 19771, N4 is 25742, total 45513. Total eligible voters for P5 should be that number, not 37297 as listed. Check P4 (N1 and N2) and P6 (N5 and N6), the total eligible voters for the state seats add up to the total for the parliament seat.”

    Don’t be too excited and claim all BN wins as scams and rigged. While some are questionable, a few of them are good and deserve to win.

  31. lucia says:

    the anti-khiary blog had alleged that khiary cheated too. something about postal votes and i think…. PKR not allowed in for recount or what. i blog on it.

    at the press conference today, it was reported in malaysiakini that PKR will challenge KJ’s win in rembau. something about not filling in form 14.

  32. YL says:

    Besides you ‘ve pointed out, I can definitely say that this result is rigged wiht phamtom voters.
    Pasted is the results for P5 Jerlun from spr website.
    JUMLAH PEMILIH : 37,297
    MAJORITI : 2,205
    Total number of voters who came to vote at poll station = 0+37242+599 = 37,841 which is more that the official total voters for P5. i.e
    Number of phamtom voter = 37841-37297 = 544
    i.e Definitely you can say that there are phamtom voter in this result, since the total voter who come to vote at poll station can never be more than official

    Pls get official conrfirmation from spr website, otherwise they will say that 599 is wrong which should be any number less than 55.

    Pls convey this

  33. Apa Khabaq says:

    In 2004 this is the Jerlun 2004 Parliament:

    Voters 44,148

    1. Datok Abdul Rahman Ariffin (BN – UMNO) 19,123
    2. Idris Ahmad (PAS) 16,981

    Majority 2,142
    Percentage voted: 83.41% = 36,822/44,148
    Spoilt: 718
    Turnout 36,822

    In 2008,

    Voters 45,513

    Mukhriz 19,424
    Idris Ahmad 17,219
    Majority 2,205
    Spoilt 599
    Turnout 37,242
    Percentage = 37,242/45,513*100 = 81.827% and not as reported 99.85%

    Just Kalimullah trying to smear Mukhriz.

    And you are taking a cheap ride, Susan loone.


    In 2008,

  34. wits0 says:

    SPR works for Kalimullah?

  35. haha says:

    lol. susan loone, you’re making noise here.
    go and take it to the court la if you feel you’re soooooooooo right.
    nobody’s helping mukhriz. if there is, then he’d be contesting for langkawi instead.

  36. Xgent says:

    Ms Sloone,
    In your reply to meiling, you tried to wriggle out by asking: Didn’t you see the question mark?
    Then you went ahead and reproduce the email in full which ended calling mukhriz a blatant cheat.
    Your intention also the same.
    Checks facts first lah.
    Too much reading fiction izzit? See conspiracy everywhere.
    Now who got egg on her face

  37. neet says:

    i agree with haha… pak lah and Malaysian monkey khairy want’s to kill Mukhriz career before it started.. do you think they will help him? they know Mukhriz is more credible then that idiot khairy… put a side coruption.. anyone in right mind will enjoy dad’s money and status… just like nurul izzah.. contesting with dad’s back up.. jagdeep with karpal behind him and guan eng with kit siang…

    hello friend… you think BR is soo clean ah…? as long as they are politician.. is all corrupted.

    Corruption is in human blood… in what ever stage they are.. even as a child our parents gives us corruption to ensure we do well in exams.

    But what we need is WHO CAN WORK FOR THE PUBLIC!!!! He can be from BR or BN… this stupid high level politicians are fighthing … we the public will suffer!!! If riots takes places or economy goes down.. WE PUBLIC SUFFER!!! so lets us pray that our lives do not be the victim of politic like IRAQ.

  38. KerinchiGuy says:

    i find it hard to believe that mukhriz is a cheat. i would rather like to think that person/persons in the spr tried to fix him up on instructions of unknown person/persons. if he had wanted to cheat he would have been less obvious about it than to have a voter turnout of 99%.

    like what cikgu bard was talking about, some form 14 or something, the spr could have done something to jerlun’s form, thus raising these doubts.

    go ponder on that,.

  39. neet says:


  40. Spirit_61 says:

    ok bro. di sini jangan marah marah… relak relak
    ini semua mis-understanding. SPR buat kita semua keliru. hantu hantu lebih ramai di seberang Msia Timur.

  41. Spirit_61 says:


    get rid of the electoral commission it has been bad rubbish for too long. Pak lah bolih, sanggup buat..?

  42. Chow Chee Keng says:

    Susan, it’s typo error lah….. The constituency has 45,513 voters (Please read the Star or NST). With 37,242 votes casted, it’s only 81.8%, still higher than 72% National Average though.

  43. hehehehe says:

    Dumb Ratshit, can’t count.



  44. awang king says:

    do just say work out and find out

  45. Spirit_61 says:

    aiyoh spr buat lawak lagi


    a good spin though…any reverse spin on KJ seat?

  46. Sam says:

    The total number of registered votes for Jerlun should read as 45,513 and not as wrongly report by SPR as 37297. This can be verified by adding the total number of registered voters in the respective state constituencies of Kota Seputeh (19,771 registered voters) and Ayer Hitam (25,742 registered voters). Now if you take the total number who voted for Jerlun which is 37.242 over the correct total number of registered voters (45,513), you will get the total voting percentage as 81.83%. Hope the clarification suffices.

  47. riki says:



    TOTAL 37,297 (explains where the number comes from. to err is human afterall)

    U will look smarter if do some research & calculation first.

  48. wits0 says:

    The SPR is the source of the error. Why is it so careless? What ensues from such carelessness is fair game for any bloggers to comment on.

  49. Azmi says:

    Problem with the SPR is a lot..

  50. WilliamH says:

    Oh dear! Someone is trying to wriggle out of this blog posting. It does not appear to be the usual * style, isn’t it. Oh dear!

  51. jerlunboy says:

    Mahathir is a crooked crook, so is the son. Like father like son. The only solution is to elect DSAI to deal with this Mahacrook as DSAI is his nemesis.

  52. Feroz Merican says:

    Can somebody please check Lumut also! Sorry, Susan, off-topic. I have been laughing so hard at Denilson and Nuraina Samad I think my mind is gone.

  53. pelindungbadak says:

    This is the truth: The Darkie SIL ask his kaki to put as much votes AGAINST Mukriz in the ballot Box in hastle, just to deny Mukriz chances. If Mukriz want to cheat, he will NOT that stupid to ignore the other ADUN box. Is it logical?

  54. swisserikin says:

    Lodge a complaint now.


  55. drmuzi says:

    mukhriz is a cheat.

    haha. he is too decent to do so.

    GOD help him won in Jerlun to save UMNO frm KJ and the old sleepy PM.

    Susan Loone should check th efact first before come out with damaging statement either with ? or not.

    You are damaging an INNOCENT MAN standing…dear.

    I dare you to verify this with SPR and if u are wrong kindly made an open apology to Mukhriz.

  56. Annords says:

    Wo Wo Wo….Again? This SPR doing monkey trick on us.? This SPR chairman shud go laaa. Why make a fool out of us, innocent citizens?

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  58. demolicous says:

    A person who has a prominent blog address should at least check its sources before spreading rumours. It’s an important responsibility towards his or her readers. I got this link from an email with the title “Did Mukhriz / UMNO cheat in Jerlun??” and with the content containing words “Check this web, I check it out as well, it seems that Mukhriz may have lost by 11 votes to PAS !!!!”

    The friend did not quote the email that ms loone received, it only shows a link to ms loone’s famous blog address. Why is this bad? Although rational thinking people will check the facts first, the excited and delirious ones will swallow anything that supports their beliefs.

    Rumours aren’t bad when it’s the truth, it’s only bad when it’s wrong. Please apologize.

  59. masakmerah says:

    Hi guys, im looking at the election results from http://thestar.com.my/election/maps,
    but its written here differently. It states that total Voters in Jerlun is 45513 while total voter turnout is 37242 on saturday. If you calculate 37242/45513 X 100 = 81.82% and NOT 98% as shown in SPR’s website. I see the problem is SPR’s website stated only 37,297 voter turnout and not 45513 as stated on the star’s website.

    There is a discrepancy here……

  60. HidupMukhriz says:

    Most likely its a mistake, considering the stuff published on the papers.

    If there is rigging, it makes more sense if it’s done AGAINST Mukhriz by you know who.

  61. wits0 says:

    If the SPR cannot provide correct info, who is any higher “authority”? Whether it’s a typo error or not, why spin it into another’s fault?

  62. Michael Chan says:

    It is entry like this that give bloggers a bad name. Do you imagine Jeff Ooi would publish this? If you are not sure of the source of such information you shouldn’t publish it lest be labeled a rumour monger. Worst still if some ignorant readers were to take it as face value minus the question mark.. Please exercise some restrain. We as a country is on a precarious path. Please play your part right.

  63. IyamwhatIyam says:

    Come onlah, Loone… Don’t think everyone is so stupid to believe this sensational story just to keep people coming to your wesite. Check dulu laa.. If you care to check the papers, it says: out of 45,513 registered voters, 33,643 came out to vote. Shame on you…maa

  64. David says:

    It’s always common to start a smear campaign just because one doesn’t like another.

    However, what’s important is that hatred shouldn’t be out of poor judgment or lack of facts. In short, don’t make a fool of yourself.

    Both Star and the chinese papers have the same figures (81.8% turnout).

    Whether you are a BN supporter or an opposition supporter, what is important is that you should be FAIR in your judgment and present clarified facts, not just numbers plucked from the air.

    When will Malaysians like this grow up?

  65. aleya says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Michael on ‘giving bloggers a bad name’. Despite the ‘?’ mark posted at the heading, i’m sure many would agree that the entry seem bent on proving that the candidate in question had cheated. Distasteful. No different than MSM.

  66. clubpenguin1994 says:

    go to http://www.buckeyebadboys.com it is so awesome

  67. Daniel 2 says:

    Can someone notify SPR of the error?
    There is another website which states that Teresa Kok lost in the Seputeh 2004 GE. She knows about it.

  68. bamboo river says:

    I am dissapointed with some commentators here taking potshot at the blog owner.
    If it is clearly a typo error with intention or not by SPR, that is the crux of this posting.
    Who do we believe? MSM or SPR ? Who is the coordinator and overseer of this GE?
    Looks like all new BR state government will have hell of a time dealing people like us. Shooting off from the hip without understanding the intention of an issue brought up.

    Besides some commentators had already confirmed there are something wrong not only from SPR website but other independent source too.
    Relax lah kawan semua !

  69. Wong says:

    Dear Susan,
    Why did not you do proper checking and a SIMPLE math before posting this rubbish? Notwithstanding how corrupt BN is, Mukhriz Mahathir is definitely not the one to cheat! Obviously SPR made a mistake, for there 45,000+ voters in the constituency, so the turnout was just above 80%. Even your stupid readers got confused in their own calculations. Should go back to school… Please take off this rubbish posting!

  70. wits0 says:

    Wong, “Mukhriz Mahathir is definitely not the one to cheat! ”

    Who knows except the hardcore supporters. If you’re one, your handle is likely fake.

    The question mark caveat is there. The SPR is supposedly the most authoritative. It staffs should do the maths and not make stupid errors – for other’s that’s optional, certainly not mandatory.

    Bamboo, we are seeing a group of mutually supportive spammers at work here. Hahahaa!

  71. transparence says:

    “Check it for yourself ! See what a blatant cheater Mukhriz Mahathir
    is !!”

    What cheap idea to drive traffic!!.Better close this blog before further chaos happen.We dont like BN, we also dont like liar, and we hate liar more than we hate BN.

  72. McGarmott says:

    Dear sloone, I think it would only be fair to put an ‘UPDATE’ on your post and inform your readers about the alternative point of view that the SPR had made an arithmetic mistake leading to the misunderstanding that Mukhriz Mahathir was cheating. It’s politics, it’s a little dangerous if people who came across your blog and buy your word for it without reading other sources spread the word that Mukhriz is indeed cheating. (Declaring ‘buyer beware’ is simply being unrealistic, we know how quick Malaysians are to assume – and then extrapolate, like the comment about how suspicious it was that Mukhriz scaled down his press conference.)

    I’m sure you realise the influence of blogs. It has given Malaysians the gift of hope and confidence on March 8. It can also destroy the country utterly and completely – and no period is that more true than now, perhaps counterintuitively.

    And I second one of the critical comments above about your defense: with a (small) question mark. It doesn’t fly, honestly. I didn’t notice it myself – and your tone at the last few lines of the post suggests that it probably would’ve been an exclamation mark instead.

  73. Dan says:

    For those who want to shoot Susan, think of it carefully, SPR is supposed to be the official source of information for the election. If SPR numbers can’t be trusted, I doubt we should trust any other sources.
    To Wong (March 12, 2006 at 7.24am), you should go back to school and take off your rubbish posting…

  74. Dark Vigilante says:

    Quote :

    Apa Khabaq,
    Don’t be a f@#king racist here , I am not for BN nor BA nor am I loone’s fan ….. but I know the rot in tis country started from Mahatir era, Mukhriz is just piggy backing on his devil-father connection & ill-gottten wealth (and may I remind you it is the wealth that is supposed to belong to the poor bumis that is driving his political career), I dun know abt you, but that is enuf to piss me off……

    So if you wanna be racist ….then get the F@#k OUT , !!!

  75. Arm says:

    actually khairy also cheat… loss 16 vote only…. but after “kira semula” he win 5k votes….

  76. Apa Khabaq says:

    This is typical Susan Loony Tune teh Drama QUeen.

    Altantunya case on going and turning quiet, why Susan Loony stop covering.

    Immediately case start, she stop posting Altantunya!

    Now no more substance in her blog. Only commenting on news.

    WHy she didn;t run for GE? Still no party to accept here. Last time PKR reject her name. Go around claiming she is non partisan. Kaki spin jugak!

  77. bamboo river says:

    Ok guys, let’s lighten up here.

    Our Samy Velu lost in Sungai Siput due to two factors. The people of Sungai Siput and the army.
    The second factor is very interesting.Remember Samy arrogantly challenged the people to remove him? He says we can even bring the army?
    Well, we did not bring the battalion and we also did not bring in the army postal votes!
    So, don’t underestimate our army Samy!

  78. demolicous says:

    To Dan:
    The point to make here is you should not publish things you are not sure of in the first place. You don’t just forward stuff in the email just because it’s a sensational story. Accountability and responsibility my friends…

    Truth be known that some of the people who received the email linking to ms loone’s blog address has already made up their minds without noticing the ‘very visible’ ? and the reader’s comments below it. And then the rumours will spread to other emails and sms and coffee shop talks with the possibility of mutating into worst stories after a few passes. I pity the victim.

  79. Wak Karto says:

    I agree with McGarmott.

    Except that I believe the statement “Check it for yourself ! See what a blatant cheater Mukhriz Mahathir is !!” is from the original email (hence the italic text) and not Susan’s. To be fair, she just asked us ponder on it (her only remark in the post).

    Don’t be too quick to accuse someone of ill intent. Susan or Mukhriz.

    And yes, the SPR made a mistake on their website.

  80. Sagaladoola says:

    Abdul Malek ( March 11, 2008 at 1:04 pm ) Says:
    Like father, like son

    Hahaha, Bapa borek Anak rintik . 99.85% , wow that is almost 100% . Well, at least it is nowhere near 110% . Hahahaha …. Goodness gracious.. I really dunno what to say . Can someone get this fella Tan Sri Rashid Abdul Rahman to answer?


  81. bamboo river says:

    Wak Karto ! Thank God you see it!
    Looks like everyone read the whole statement without realising what is written by the blogger and which was forwarded.
    Kena bikin colour punya text lah ini macam.
    Kudos to you Wak Karto!
    No wonder Susan is keeping quiet. She is enjoying this!

  82. frmad says:

    Conglatulation! both of your blog, and this post are high ranked in
    “The top blogs of the day” report

  83. Keanu says:

    We’ve looked at the percentage statistics, now lets look at figures, which is much easier to understand. Under P5 (jerlun), there are 2 DUN seats, which are N3 Seputeh and N4 Ayer Hitam. These are the facts:

    N3 – Jumlah Pengundi 19,771
    N4 – Jumlah Pengundi 25,742

    Total N3+N4 = 45,513. Why does this difference from Jumlah Pengundi in P5, which is 37,297??? Where has all the votes gone missing? No wonder the turnout percentage for P5 is so huge.

    Just to make sure, I have randomly checked other Parliament seats and compare to the DUN seats in the same are. Noted that for P19, P25, P34,P37, P38, P143, P145, P146, P131, P126 total Jumlah Pengundi for the DUN seats tally with the Parliament seats.

    Can someone bring up this matter to other te authority please? WE WANT JUSTICE!!!

  84. Teh Beng says:

    What a load of rubbish, Here’s the Star statistics instead:
    2004 – Turnout: 36822 (83.4%) Spoilt: 718 Voters: 44148
    2008 – Turnout : 37242 (81.8%) Spoilt: 599 Voters: 45513

    You want to know who is a cheater, go look at Rembau.

  85. stupidvoter says:

    for those who condemned mukriz are stupid. never check the facts b4 commenting…wat a @#$%…low class mentality huh

  86. peace in hope says:

    hey guys,
    i have been following all ur comments here on Mukriz…well, lets not fight each other with dagger-comments. i had and still have very high regards of all of you here in terms of maturity in words at least. We have been united in bringing the message to BN and that was simply possible bcoz v were focussed and believe u me, it was such a beautiful gesture of a true Malaysian to be united. This may start mild-the little bickering and name calling…but mind you-it cud get out of hand and the focus may jus die off. PLEASE REMEMBER GUYS, WE HAVE MUCH TO ACCOMPLISH FROM NOW. THE BATTLE FOR PEACE HAS JUS BEGUN.
    It aint ez to change some mentalities as the BN had been feeding the nation, our fore-fathers as well as some younger generation who have no access to the net esp. with nonsense and we had just been given the ticket to enter into the forbidden world of injustice by BN finally. Lets not screw among ourselves….FOCUS – we need to get the 5bil fence-sitters to see some truth and see why they need to CHANGE! Lots to be done my friends, LOTS to be done.


  87. ms says:

    hmm … yeah, lets not argue amg ourselves over this. i mean, when i read this blog post, it’s true sloone did use a “?” (question mark) in her post title, and rather than to be too quick to say that she’s trying to “wriggle” out of the whole thing, like say she emphasied on the ‘sensational story’ with reference to the “!” (exlaimation marks) …

    do note that she took it out of a mail, and the content of that mail was italicized. but before that she used un-italicized letters to say that she took it from a mail, and ended also with un-italicized letters to ask members to go on and ponder.

    simple what. and thank you sloone. i like your conspiracy theories with regard to the mongolian case. but for this one, i think most have not observed which content is yours, and which is being duplicated from the original mail (in italics).

  88. The Lordship says:

    Susan Loone is a mangkuk hayun?

    **err Susan, don’t you see the question mark?

  89. ch3 says:

    SPR so careless. What a shame, they put the total UNDI DIKELUARKAN for N3 (16126) and N4 (21171) in P5 JUMLAH PEMILIH.

    16126 + 21171 = 37297 = P5 JUMLAH PEMILIH (as in SPR website)

    I think the correct figure for P5 JUMLAH PEMILIH is 45513 and PERATUS PENGUNDIAN is 81.83% (37242/45513*100%) and not 99.85%

    SPR should correct it. TheStar statistic is rite:

    2004 – Turnout: 36822 (83.4%) Spoilt: 718 Voters: 44148
    2008 – Turnout : 37242 (81.8%) Spoilt: 599 Voters: 45513

    Should we believe in SPR even the simple calculation like this can be wrong? No wonder one person can vote in few places and 100+ yrs old come out to vote. This only happen in Malaysia Election. Malaysia Boleh!

  90. […] Posted in democracy, elections, macam2ada, politics, umno by jedyoong on March 12th, 2008 Susan Loone asks if Mukhriz has […]

  91. Chloe says:

    Apa Khabaq,
    If u so offended, stop reading this blog lah!
    Calling people racist names some more –
    bet your wife is biggest gemuk around.
    Hah, see how you like that!
    Cheat, no cheat, what relevance does it have in your little life?
    Not one damn bit.

  92. jayherron says:

    …glad to know that the USA is not the only country where one cannot trust the election results.
    We must be normal.

  93. hazel says:

    i agree with peace in hope, the battle for peace has just begun ! this is not about race/winning or losing/cheaters etc, it’s about what we, Malaysian wants in order to live in peace and prosperity, and corruption free. wether we’re malay, chinese or indians there shud be no more poor people living in a broken hut, no more unschool children, no more boundaries between rich/poor, between races, between religions.
    try live like a human, with humane feelings. after all, we are Malaysian. we don’t need any riots or masacre or big issues to make our government heard us. we observe, we judge, we decide, we vote. and we can always do so wisely in 4-5 years time. right? 🙂

    * kerja kuat tak kaya², saper yg kaya? mereka dan keluarga mereka juga…..* – the price of our development

  94. Pissed says:

    Is Susan a cunt pandering whore (?)

  95. Liyin says:

    Hmm… the whole thing is suspicious…

  96. allamericandude says:

    Who is Mukriz Mahatir?

  97. bamboo river says:

    Last night while I was ‘channel hopping’ I saw RTM1 forum about the GE aftermath. One of the so called learned speaker even quoted SPR statistic about the above. He says the citizens has gone all out to vote with one MP has a turnout of 99.85 %.
    Well, SPR statistics is still relevant?

  98. whispering9 says:

    No HBH, that is not me. Mukhhriz is one of the better members in UMNO. I followed his election trail and also wished him success. Realistically, UMNO or BN will not fade away into oblivion and because it won’t, we need moderate and proactive members like Mukhhriz to helm the party. We shouldn’t blame everything on the kids, if you know what I mean. Didn’t we noticed that a few good men in MCA were also returned? Of course, I do not mean OKT or his brother lah. I still don’t trust politicians, just some I can consider as friends. Precedent has been set in Malaysia political arena, which is good. From here onward, Malaysians might not hesitate to replace bad politicians and parties swiftly, including Uncle Kit.

  99. legallybotak says:

    I don’t think it is the intension of Susan to mislead. For goodness sake, the source of the data is from SPR and this is the offical result in SPR website.

    The next question is whether is this really a mistake or someone is trying to discredit Mukriz.

    The table below is extracted from SPR website with the no. of registered voters adjusted to reflect the same no. of voters in D3 & D4 – 45,513. This is math and may not be reality, we can’t blame Susan for the mistake of SPR.

    P.5 – JERLUN 37,297 37,242 99.85%
    If no. of voters is the 45,513 37,242 81.83%
    same as D3 & D4 Total

    N.3 – KOTA SIPUTEH 19,771 16,126 81.6%
    N.4 – AYER HITAM 25,742 21,171 82.2%
    Total DUN 45,513 37,297 81.9%

  100. legallybotak says:

    Sorry, format of the above table screwed up for unknow reason. Anyway in a nut shell, total no. of registered voter of N3 & N4 should be 45,513 and not 37,297 as earlier reported in SPR website

  101. peace in hope says:

    Just like bamboo river, I too had been channel hopping between TV3, Awani and RTM to see wats being said about the aftermath. Well…since Monday, all the invited guests had been from either UKM or Uitm tho i do find 2 of the guests to be mature with their comments, it was rather disturbing that the commentator (just one,NOT Norina Yahya) was being emotional in his so-called clever statements/questions posted to the panel. There was a caller from Sg Petani on the show who spoke well and made clever observations and request only to be abruptly ended by the commentator. I smiled to myself as I switched off the TV saying to myself – hmmm…LOTS OF WORK TO BE DONE, LOTS OF WORK!! 🙂
    Thanks hazel – 🙂

  102. Click says:

    legallybotak – while Susan may not have intended to mislead, I think she did intend to sensationalise. And if she had simply taken a few simple steps to verify the information, as many of her readers did, she would have found the various inconsistencies. Had she highlighted these in her original posting rather than rely on a vague “?”, I think she would have done herself greater justice. I am not a fan of hers but having said that, I think the person who made the death threat (prank or not) is an eeeeediot who really should just get a life.

  103. nona says:

    i like him better… he has his own stand.. that’s it!

  104. legallybotak says:


    I am agree that she should not sensationalize.

    For the sake of discussion, there is no telling whether the no. of registered voters for N3 & N4 is indeed 45,513. After all in Msia election, a win of 141 votes can easily turn into a loss of 5000 votes on recount.

    However, it is great to know that the Malaysian Blogging Community is not blind. Truth prevails

  105. wits0 says:

    What does Susan get for sensationalizing? Certainly not material gain or recognition. This isn’t the MSM shilling for partisan gain. The SPR made a gross error with figures which it cannot afford too and nobody asks it to apologise for that. Why deviously deflect the blame to Susan instead? In Blogosphere, a gaffe is fair game for ridiculing.

  106. hutchrun says:

    `I am agree that she should not sensationalize.`

    Ooooooo. We must not sensationalize. We must not hurt `them`. We mus bow when they turn up. We must smile all the time upon their countenance.
    Frig ofrf.
    Cheating is cheating. Period. It must be sensationalized. Let there be drama and tragedy. Let plays be written and movies made.
    This bugger too has plenty to answer:

    On Saturday night, the initial count for the Rembau parliament constituency in Negri Sembilan showed that PKR had taken the seat by a razor-thin majority of 141 votes.

    A recount however saw a complete reversal – Khairy Jamaluddin, son-in-law of premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, won by a staggering difference of 5,000 votes.

    For opposition party PKR, this stark gap came in as a shock and consequentially became a solid basis for suspicion.

  107. wits0 says:

    Facts as such, are facts:

    “..And the high-flying Mr Khairy, Mr Badawi’s son-in-law (and a former intern at The Economist), has become what one observer calls a “walking, talking, boasting” symbol of nepotism.”


  108. Ezy Safri says:

    I did a google search to find out the latest on the fate of Mukhriz and naturally this blog came up. It seemed pretty convincing until people came back with verified figures. Blogging empowers simple folks like us with the ability to command an audience. It therefore should be used with great responsibility, credibility and accountability. Her intent or ‘nawaitu’ in this instance is highly questionable. She should come clean. It doesn’t matter whether it was framed as a question or otherwise. It’s tantamount to character assasination. She should apologize.

  109. peningkepala says:

    From the beginning I do not trust the EC. But it’s data is more valid than the data from the newspapers. Susan does the right thing when using spr as the source. Base on the source we compute. The conclusion is either it is the error made by spr or there is some cheating going on. For both we have to look at the track records. The track record of UMNO is that the members can stab each other, and manipulate with judiciary. The spr ? judge yourself. Do not forget the high toll, IWKS, cracked government structures, giving contracts to cronies and Samy Velu’s handphone number. hehe…

  110. armsteel says:

    Susan Loony, you’re worst than BN, I thought voting BA(now BR) is the right thing to do..even a senior BR politician can make foolish mistakes….one lesson, don’t be arrogant…

  111. armsteel says:

    BTW,as a BR supporter, we should just leave Mukhriz aside, go forward like what LIM GUAN ENG said…

  112. sipekan says:

    Hi there,

    I would like to see the screen shot of the e-mail since you said someone sent the e-mail to you.

  113. American says:

    Mahathir cheated the country for 22 years.

    Now the son is just following what daddy taught him.

    We shall name Mukhriz, the son of the Father of corruption!

  114. the real thing says:

    i really doubt if mukhriz has the ability to influence the “postal votes” when it would be most likely that PL and his son-in-law KJ that would have more say over where the postal votes are needed to save which candidates. even more so when it would be better for PL and KJ to have Mukhriz out. i really doubt if mukhriz has cheated, purely based on these numbers.

  115. Anonymous says:

    soon DAP will also become corrupt it is the law of nature

  116. kj says:

    bastsrd la u fuvk man

  117. hasnuddin says:

    Dear Susan,

    You did your homework very well..but dont you think PAS people are further equip, clever,political thinking more than you..if that accusation is true definitely they will go to court…..so dont make story if it is base from that kind of statistic.

    BUT i salute you for making stories so that people drop by in your blog…hahahah

  118. hasnuddin says:

    MATTER = PAS vs UMNO. Where did you come from? SUN YAT SEN PARTY KA!!!!??YOU MACAM BATU API…

    And other readers….dont simply say ya..kah..aaa….oooiii..like that one….kah…like father like son….blah…think and look for other info as well…


  119. hasnuddin says:


  120. Harry says:

    well this could be down to the incompetency of SPR staffers. No way I can believe the voters turnout figure.

    On Mukhriz, just like his father nothing is beyond them even to cheat to win. Just follow his blog the venom he spruces whenever it is convenient to his political goals.

  121. shitface says:


  122. Great article and it is worth mentioning that Mini blinds are notorious for collecting dust. Their horizontal position creates a flat surface for dust to land on. In addition, theyre almost always next to an open window, bringing in extra dust by means of the breezes.

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