Update: Will PKR YBs cross over to BN? Read this – Malaysiakini, 11 March. 

With 31 parliament and 40 state seats to boast, yet humility is the key: 

“Our representatives will be constantly reminded that the mandate is given by all Malaysians and not any specific race,” said Anwar Ibrahim at PKR’s first party meeting in Segambut.

I like the sound of that very much.

“There will be no new cars or huge budgets for renovating offices and so forth. Those are the excesses of the past that we must not adopt.” He said again.

Great words. Some sense at last.

Malaysiakini at last, said it quite well, too:

On Saturday, Malaysia went through a historic moment more important than sending a man into space.

It was momentous not because it had given the opposition its biggest mandate. It was significant not because it denied Barisan Nasional its routine two-thirds majority. It was meaningful not because it was a peaceful transition.

But it was historic because Malaysians have come of age and broke away from their communal fears to vote away from racial lines.

The rakyat are used to promises to end corruption, provide transparency and to help the poor regardless of race before. Hopefully, PKR will keep theirs.

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  1. Abdul Malek says:

    Yeah, I used to despise Anwar for many things. But now he is the country’s saviour. Whatever misdeeds of his in the past – we should forgive him. Maybe after so many years in a dark dungeon he has seen the light and that multiculturalism is the way forward.

    I cannot wait to see Mahathir eat his words. Anwar is relevant – and come GE13 if the coalition of DAP, PKR and PAS doesn’t break – Anwar will be the new PM. Even now if Anwar is clever and decide to bait that MPs from East Malaysia – BN will be finished. And once it goes down, it could never resurrect itself.

  2. The False Prophet says:

    Long live Anwar. I beleive Susan did contribute to this election success as well because of this unmoderated free speech. Anwar should thank blogger. Anwar should also thank me for imparting the evil misdeeds of mahathir and the power hungry DPM Najib who is never the lesser of 2 evils of Mahathir.

  3. Ahmad Najib says:

    Waiting 4 oil price down,consumer goods and cost of living down under BA, also RM 6000 for housewife and no more tol for selangor…

  4. KH says:

    Yea..I’m glad this blog is a good space for free speech. Najib has to eat this words that PKR is “Parti Kurang Relevan” because of having only 1 seat, which he claimed is also a “Kerusi Pusaka”..it is just so shameful for him now..PKR has increased from 1 seat to 31 seats now! Anyway, Anwar may have a totally opposite past of being a strong Malay nationalist/Islamist, but I do believe that people can change..and he has to for his political advance now. I personally have faith and confidence in his new agenda, and he is no doubt, the best candidate for the next PM for our new Malaysia, if it were ever to happen. As far as Anwar is concerned, it is just a matter of whether all Malaysians from all races, is able to trust him with his current multi-racial reform agenda for a new dawn for Malaysia. I am sure many have trusted..judging from PKR votes on 8/3.. but time will prove more things.

  5. Selvaraja Somiah says:

    Well done Sheikh Anwar. You make me a proud Penangite. Make sure you dont let us down when you ride with the power and please dont become lke the UMNO guys. We have put in a lot of hope in you to change Malaysia for the better and I hope you will. Well done again!

  6. k119 says:

    If the new PAS MB’s announcement that Hudud Laws are to be applied to Kedah is anything to go by ….then ….old habits die hard……the new war front is the economy….that is the priority….be a Dubai not Afghanistan…..this victory is hard-earned and significant numbers of non Muslims made it come through. PAS should focus on the priority which is the economy.Dont be led off the track lest you want to loose again like Trengganu. It’s the ECONOMY ECONNOMY ECONOMY !!!!

  7. ivansim says:

    Do not bait the EM MPs.
    They are all corrupted useless morons and will never change.
    They do not represent the rakyat – they are only for themselves and will be the downfall of BR if they jump as the frogs they are famous to be. We do not need or want them.

  8. Grindreaper says:

    Anwar Ibrahim,

    This is the guy who is about to sell the country to IMF in 1997.
    This is the guy who supposedly led 100,000 of his supporters to march in Dataran Merdeka in 1997.
    This is the guy who is really good in talking.

    God Bless our country lah….

  9. yesus says:

    my son is considering buying a property in Penang this next few months and the new ruling party will play a big role in his decision making. hopefully i can piggy back on his decision.

    Thanks for giving a non moderated comment in your blog.

  10. r_venugopal says:

    Keep the fire burning till the nation is ruled by Barisan Rakyat. All must now work towards the 13th GE. Thank the almighty god for helping us to dethrone the evil and corrupted leaders. Let us show you are relevant to the nation and the needy people

    There is talk that PKR shall be invited to join BN without any pre-condition and this shall be discussed at the UMNO supreme council meeting. Do not fall into the trap and do not fail us

  11. mamanview says:

    ha ha ha.. PKR Joining BN, I dont think so laa… What we can do at state level is limited. Federal Govt decides on most national policies. So, dont expect the moon yet.

    When we win the next GE then form a federal govt, then we can do a lot of thing.

  12. NewEra says:

    Anwar is doing and saying all the right things; before, during and after the election. He proved his quality and finesse of a true Malaysian leader. Leadership quality is hard to come-by in Malaysian politics especially since the retirement of TDM. TDM had his own flaws but that is another story.

    Anwar engineered the almost “Perfect Storm” of the Malaysian Political Renewal that saw DAP, PAS & PKR working in unison. This factor was starkly absent in the previous elections.

    Going forward, Anwar is not only going to be very relevant in Malaysian Political Scene, he will be seen as the savior and guiding light for Malaysian who have long suffered in silence and grown tired of all the political rhetorics of BN. The burden is now on BN to prove that they could take the loss at face value and work hard to mend the damages done in the last 4 years. Be humble and serve your people like there is no tomorrow.

    Humility is the key to victory. Money can buy you plane and bungalows but money can’t buy you the respect of your people. BN can only have themselves to blame if they could not stop the Anwar Tsunami in the coming GE13.

    If that happened, BN will not only be irrelevant, it will be wiped off the face of the earth. Until then, we can only dream of having YAB DSAI as our Prime Minister.

  13. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// Grindreaper Says:
    March 10, 2008 at 12:03 pm
    Anwar Ibrahim,
    This is the guy who is about to sell the country to IMF in 1997. ///

    Selling the country? What are you smoking? If Malaysia has taken the bitter IMF medicine, it would have recovered much faster and the country will be in a better shape today. Korea, Thailand and Indonesia took the IMF medicine and see where they are now. (ok, allow for the fiasco and setback done the Generals in staging the coup).

    It was TDM who sold the country by imposing capital control to bail out his cronies and family…

  14. nchanted_CAT says:

    I hope BARISAN RAKYAT will address real people issues rather than concerned with the ever so popular “MALAYSIA BOLEH” ideas. I mean, we have real people issues here in the country – cost of living etc. I hope when BARISAN RAKYAT goes into Parliament, they will speak for the people. I think we have been little annoyed with the ‘politically correct answers’ given to questions asked on the price hikes, the exorbitant procurement of ‘assets’, the excessive spending etc. Maybe now you can try to be different and be one of us – I dont think we enjoy the hours and hours of fireworks display knowing it was our money going up in smoke. Or even when we see people holding up big mock cheques when they have fund raisers knowing very well they were spending equally as much to hold such events.

    I hope BARISAN RAKYAT will be the real deal – you are one of us. You know what we really need. We want answers – the REAL answers to all that has been happening in the country. Like, why am I paying so much for toll? Why does it take a lot more money now to fill up my fuel tank? Why is the country intent on trying to make the world think we have the biggest,largest, tallest everything instead of trying to make the country a more pleasant home for its own people? Why are questions asked on the scandals (mind you, I am not talking about sex scandals) never answered? And oh yes, why are the cases in court beginning to look like episodes from a soap opera series?

    BARISAN RAKYAT – do something. Don’t disappoint the people.

  15. JEFF LEE says:

    grindreaper..please listen to thewrathofgrapes…unless you want to continue to let the BN fellas pool the wool over your eyes and constantly tell you what an excellent government it is and how well off you are (when you really truly dont feel that well-off deep down inside and somehow in your gut, you have this nagging sensation that somebody is pulling the rug right underneath you with your eyes wide open) until you step out of the country and see what is happening elsewhere…

  16. wits0 says:

    The right start begins with the right words. One has heard little of such from the BN for almost half a century.

  17. The False Prophet says:

    Grindreaper Says:
    March 10, 2008 at 12:03 pm

    Anwar Ibrahim,

    This is the guy who is about to sell the country to IMF in 1997.
    The False Prophet: (Can You substantiate your allegations?)

    This is the guy who supposedly led 100,000 of his supporters to march in
    Dataran Merdeka in 1997.

    The False Prophet: (That’s good. I encourage more).

    This is the guy who is really good in talking.

    The False Prophet:(If he’s not good in oratory, how could one leads? U want a blokehead like Pak Lah who says “dunno” to critical and obligatory questions like the PKFZ scandal when prodded?)

    God Bless our country lah….
    The False Prophet: (Yeas, from the moment of the upheaval election results, YES. GOD is blessing this country).

  18. The False Prophet says:

    Susan may needs a good commenter like Wits0, but I am just here whenever Mahathir’s name is mentioned. I simply can’t refrain myself even to the “danger zone” sometimes when I was castigated by the fascist and sychopantic pro-Mahathir/blogger. I see most of my comments (dialectics in nature) deleted and theirs approve.

  19. The False Prophet says:

    I beleive eminent and calible people like Karpal Singh to be appointed as Chief Justice. He has the courage and experience to head the judiaciary not forgetting couragegeous judges like Tun Salleh abbs and Judge Idid (the one who writes poison pen letters oertaining to judges corruption)

  20. Awaited Soul Rao says:

    Yes, this is what the entire nation is looking forward!!!!!!!!!….. We want peace , We want Multiracial Culture, We want the Malaysians to be united & respect each other regardless of Language & Race.

    Your mandates are promising ANWAR!!!!!!…..

    Lets grow together “Malaysia for All”

  21. bamboo river says:

    I wished that in order to comply to the manifesto of BR on transparency and fairness to all Malaysians, the first thing is to telecast LIVE or delayed (with no censorship) all Parliament proceedings so that the rakyat can see/hear the elected MPs by the Rakyat (BR or BN) is doing their job.

    Sorry, Susan, I missed the euphoria of GE results and hotnews in your blog. I had downloaded all your postings on GE into my thumbdrive to read later at home.
    You see, I had a very embarassing accident on Sunday morning, I mistepped my footing and fell into a 4 feet deep drain.(Leg first) Aiyo , luckily just a few bruises and a painful ankle .
    So spent the whole day in Sunway Med for X-ray bla,bla.
    The doctor even asked is it because of the election results that I am so happy that I fell into the drain? LOL! I am okay . 🙂
    Anyway, the pain will not outdo the joy I am savouring now.
    You are doing a wonderful job in your blog.

  22. Vincent says:

    People change and Anwar changed a lot. Anyway, he was the best in UMNO even when was there. At least, he neither said the Chinese blood should be drunk like Najib which Mahatir wants to impose him on us neither did he do the modern day anticks of Kerismuddin and other samsengs like KJ.

    6 years in solitary confinement breaks the spirit of any human being and Anwar can’t be conquered. He has changed and is a better man today. Even if he were bad yesterday, is there any religion, ideology, ideal or good that doesn’t encourage people to change for the better? So Anwar is new. His wife is a Bangsa Malaysia and his daughter speaks fluent Mandarin and she is a Bangsa Malaysia. They are the ideal Malay people wh should lead. Lets unite and build a new Malaysia. Hurrah!

  23. Yes…

    With this kind of leadership that Anwar is showing, Barisan Nasional will definitely face natural death in 2012! Yahoo!!

  24. sofiairdina says:

    I am not expecting much. Let me just savour the victory while it lasts. I am not expecting much from Anwar either. To those who thinks that Oppositions won due to Anwar and he would bring miracle, be very careful. Not necessarily. Lotsa voters went to vote last saturday just to protest. They voted anything or anyone other then BN. It is not necessarily an endorsement to anyone. Not yet. You have to earn it. Good luck.

    Pak Lah, you still dont get the message? I am beginning to pity you. What is that “big ears” for? The rakyat had spoken! Yup, they are “pantang dicabar” too…

  25. Vincent says:

    Look at this idiot threatening people for not voting for him. Zam.


  26. Vincent says:

    Yahoo in Somali means “curse be upon you”. My Somali friend taught me that.

  27. Spirit_61 says:

    one more thing – we the chinese want MCA gone. This irrelevant party of covenient businessmen and mobsters should be disposed off.
    (pls read)


  28. JEFF LEE says:

    But…but..me and my friends really voted for DAP/PKR/PAS coz we’ve heard them and they had heard us…..we did not NOT vote BN out of protest. We voted for a much much better alternative, i believe. We were just too too afraid on previous occasions to let go (coz we were so frightened by them [BN] and we did not have any togetherness then to overcome such fears..)…

    is ok sofiairdina, none of the current BN cabinet members are listening (SV still offering to serve and refuses to go away). Let them continue to believe in their ways. They will never get it…even after 50 years..Just makes it much much easier for us to make a clean sweep in the next GE..

  29. Vincent says:

    Hadi Awang never said Hudud Laws will be implemented…


  30. geminiUK says:

    I watched with great interest the 12th elelction in Malaysia. Being a ‘Anak Malaysia’ and of the Indian origin I have and lived throuhg the era of being offered the crumbs on job, education businneses etc. It was a great relief to see the concerted efforts of the coalition of opposition win the day!
    I have always followed talks on Head to Head byYB Anuar Ibrahim on the BBC and have been very impressed with his ideals.

    With a more open minded force at the helm, I look forward to retiring back to the country of my birth.

    Well done and may the force be with you

  31. Henry Lee says:

    I had a chance to view Anwar Ibrahim’s videos on the Net. Seeing as how he also walked his talk, I am impressed. I think this man will be the future PM of Malaysia.

  32. alrawa says:

    Wonder what the GE12 results would be if Bro. Anwar’s allowed to contest. Hmmm….

  33. Change or be Change says:

    Let not urgue who is bad or good at this point of time as the Malaysian have decided – The Barisan Alternative. Lets all of us, regardsless of races or religions put our effort together to help our new elected representatives to put things right so they can continue to make further inroad in the next general election – Be the Federal Goverment.
    Let the by past be rested in peace as the future is upmost important.
    May the force be with you – Barisan Alternative.
    Lets sing the song – Rakyat Malaysia bersatu, Teguh berhadapan Barisan Nasional, Gagah, Berani dan Perkasa. — if you still can remember.
    Welcome to the New Malaysia, it will never be the same again. For the good – of course.

  34. […] ini akan hilang begitu saja. Aku juga bukan peminat Anwar, tapi beliau telah membuktikan bahawa satu fajar baru adalah mungkin untuk semua rakyat […]

  35. ghenjis khan says:


    don’t forget Altanutuya and keep reminding the people.

    BTW could somebody go tell YB Nik Aziz and Anwar Ibrahim to say a few words to that Hadi Awang ……

    please speak with WISDOM and don’t go on TV and blurt some remarks unbecoming of a Muslim leader …ie. a true and authentic one [I for one don’t he is anyway] in a Multi-religion society.

    Kedah should not start like what Hadi did in Terengganu more of “FORM” rather than “substance” ….

    the essential “substance ” is Justice ie to govern with Justice …. they say bringing down from Heaven’s Justice to earth ….. plants and animals are living in a just order of things but human beings cause havoc, pollute, and create injustices all around …

    so “put things in their proper places” that’s justice in short!

    otherwise, you , Susan go speak to him [Hadi Awang ] nicely.

  36. Tsunami Joe says:

    Although I am happy to see the courage of Malaysians to fight for change in an otherwise stale and corrupt system, I can’t help but temper my enthusiasm for a “new Malaysian dawn”.

    Anwar may or may not be our new saviour. He was once a part of the cog and wheel that we have just discarded. If what UMNO said earlier was true that Anwar wanted to return initially, it wouldn’t be too difficult to have those doors reopened for him to return to UMNO now that they realized perhaps it was better to have left it ajar.

    Of course, people can change and Anwar, after being subjected to the cruelty of the party that made him may truly not want to return to the morally bankrupt and corrupt past. Politics is a dirty business, but someone has got to do it. My question is, how long before the kingdom is once more laid in front of Anwar’s eyes?

  37. vanaja panickar says:

    Somehow I always had faith in Anwar and feel he is a very changed man now. Jail sentence gives one time to reflect on past deeds and misdeeds. One glaring fact when Anwar was kicked out and thrown into prison is because he dared to be different, for which he paid a heavy price.

    I have been to his ceramahs and he speaks well, articulates gramatically correct sentences and fires one imagination to think positive for Malaysia. He seems extremely sincere to have a bangsa Malaysia and I am fully in support of him. As a anak Malaysia I pray that all the promises will come true. To start with he has told all PKR YBs that the the cars of all outgoing morons will be retained and put to good use. A very good start indeed.

  38. Spirit_61 says:

    I don’t know where to post this – so i post it here.

    Some ‘famous’ bloggers are urging people to go protest against Pak Lah or pressure him to step aside. This is dangerous. This is going to lead to something sinister if not dangerous. If you’re non-malay – stay out of it naturally. you have already exercised your democratic rights. If you are Malay – i urge you not to go. This is part of the wayang kulit still being feverishly tayang from the master snake charmer who refused to stick to bread making.

    bloggers also have their hidden agendas.

  39. JEFF LEE says:

    yo genjhis khan…Hadi never said what he was purported to have said..switch to ASTRO..disable your RTM1/2/NTV7/8/whatever…please…for your own peace of mind. Let us not continuously get trapped by all these spin-makers…

  40. electrocutioner says:

    maybe I am old man here, I personally didn’t find DSAI much different in substance then and now. ‘Then’ means pre reformasi days of 1997. I followed his rise from Agri Minister to Edu Minister and eventually DPM. I heard him presented the Anti Corruption Bill in parliament when Tun was away on 1 month vacation in Andes. I really believe that was the moment when his peers realized that he cant be trusted to keep the national coffers open for them to feast. I was there when he made the fateful appearance in Kg Bahru mosque after his sacking and the mistreatment he received thereafter.

  41. Change or be Change says:

    Dear Brothers and Sisters. Please let us all stop bickering or trying to create unnecessary statements or comments. Message from the rakyat have been delivered through the ballot box. Now we have put our hopes in our new savior – The Barisan Alternative. Do what you all normally do in your routine lifes and please let nature now run it course.
    Now is to pray, wait and see for changes to happen.

  42. yemani says:

    mabrokk 4 anuar ibrahim…all the best….


  43. limkamput says:

    Don’t be too clever by half, WrathOfGrapes! Had the IMF been allowed to dictate its terms to Malaysia, the consequences would have been dramatic and nothing was certain. The IMF itself, with the benefit of hindsight, acknowledged that capital controls did work for Malaysia in this case given the circumstances but would have to be carefully looked at because of the long term consequences.

  44. karim says:

    Terima kasih, Dick-tator! You did the country proud!! By whacking up AI and framing him with the most stupid sex charge you created an enemy who is charismatic and committed enough to destroy your corrupted UMNO. Yes you deserve to live long enough to witness AI won big. Thank you Dick-doctor for admitting during mosque sermon that you threw AI into jail for not taking your instructions. Moral of story: don’t take people to be so stupid, what trash you throw up the ceiling will come back on your face.

  45. Andrew says:

    According to Chandra Mustaffa, it will be an unmitigated disaster if Anwar becomes PM. Yes it will, for Mahathir.

  46. matkri says:

    Sorry, I don’t buy that. Anwar is just being Anwar, the opportunist.

  47. Hassan says:

    BEtter an opprtunist than pendiam tapi diam diam lepu .5 tahun jadi perdana menteri anak jadi billionaire menantu jadi millionaire. Ada timbalan pula sanggup berurusan dengan company yang sedia bagi komisyen 6oo juta. Apa kata dia duit itu bukan kerajaan bagi. Hanya orang yang bodoh saja tak bolih berfikir. Allamdulillah, rakyaat Malaysia dah tunjuk perubahan. teruskan perjuangan mu for abetter Malaysia. Jangan dok baca UM dan BH saja. Mereka yang zalim, perasuah dan buruk akhlak tidak seharusnya dijadikan pemimpan. Kalau tidak diubah , sekarang susah, masa akan datang akan lebih susah. Tidakkah anih graduan menganggur beribu ribu, tapi pemimpin UMNO berebut rebut menubuhkan proksi agensi membawa masuk pekerja asing. Ingat ingatlah rakyaat Malaysia tak ada gunanya kilang disana kilang disini kalau pekerjanya orang asing. Gigit jari dan telan air liur saja

  48. Feroz Merican says:

    Yes his suits will be made in Masjid India instead or Armani and Canali. I’ll believe it when I see it, and even when I see it, I still won’t believe it.
    Every Mr. Clean I’ve ever heard of in Asia has been busted for Corruption
    Thaksin and Badawi being the latest examples.I’ll take a corrupt dictator over a lying hypocrite anyday. The people will be watching you, Mr. Anwar.

  49. Roxanne says:

    You stupid, stupid people! By now all of you should know that Anwar will say anything to become PM. Don’t you EVER forget, the former DPM was cut down by Mahathir because he was impatient and could not wait his turn to be PM!

    When he wanted to get into the warmth of Umno again, they excluded him and now he’s trying for the backdoor with the Opposition to regain power. This is a man who thinks only about himself and his only goal is becoming PM and revenge – to get at Mahathir who said he’ll never become PM. He’ll probably achieve his ambition because he knows how easy he can fool all of you!

    What do you say to a cunning man with absolutely no redemption qualities but with money stashed away abroad (guess who is financing PKR) and who’s trying to buy himself East Malaysia?

    Make him PM? Have you all gone nuts?

  50. Andrew says:

    Ever wonder why the best they could come up with against Anwar were allegations of sexual misconduct, which apparently took place in a non existent building at the time? He has also been accused of being: an American CIA agent, IMF agent, anti-Chinese, traitor ad nauseum. Aren’t you tired of having your intelligence insulted?

  51. This is the leader that Malaysian is looking for! Full of Credible

  52. frmad says:

    Conglatulation! both of your blog, and this post are high ranked in
    “The top blogs of the day” report

  53. Rock says:

    it is nevertheless that anwar is an American CIA Agent, ever wonder how he alone running the party? where did the money come from? ever asked how much he took the rakyat money during his rule? RM10B…. he is indeed a very dangerous person. sorry to say that i hate him so much. more that i hate BN.

  54. Andrew says:

    Ever heard of Robin Hood, Rock?

  55. malayu says:

    On requests for Hindraf’s legal advisor M Manoharan be made a deputy Menteri Besar in Selangor, Anwar said that it was not the right time to discuss that now.

    “We respect their demands. But what is important now is the kind of policies we can formulate to help the marginalised Indians and not the matter of positions they can get.”

    malaysiakini cutting

    any indian saying anything? or only malay and chinese are allowed freely to become CM???

  56. Andrew says:

    By the way, will the Indian man seen dancing in the waterclogged roads of KL in the CNN video “Malaysia’s Indians angry” please stand up? Laughter is the best medicine.

  57. Andrew says:

    Also, Rock, ever heard of annonymous donations from the Malaysian public?

  58. The False Prophet says:

    Dears friends,

    Allow this commenter “Rock” the freedom to speak here.

    Dear Rock,

    If you say you hate Anwar more than UMNO, can you please articulate? I beleive many can engage in the framework of civilized debate. There must be a reason/s or you just say that for fun. To hate a person is bad without any rationale reasons, but to hate their policies, that’s a different matter.

    Ktemoc is a critic of Anwar Ibrahim and cynical of his intention, but he substantiante his point although to contention of many.

  59. Rock says:

    sorry that i cannot say much due to OSA. But Anwar nevertherless is a good orator. When he met the indian he would saya differently, he met the chinese he would saya differently and the malays too. Let us all be frank, the chinese wants all to be equal, same goes to the indians but the malays does not want to loose hak-hak ketuanan melayu. So where does it goes? Majority of malays definately want PAS to rule i.e: Negara Islam, but what does the chinese and indians say? and what Anwar say? he create problem with all the riot..let me ask anwar ibrahim-if he were the PM and i want to riot in the middle of KL would he allows it?
    Stupid Anwar….

  60. Rock says:

    P/S: I want to live in peace and harmony. I have good friends in all races, used to hang out together. But what happened now? and the future? i agreed if you all say that AAB is not capable of running a country but does that make Anwar a better leader? Remember he once in a rulling govt. I do not remember any good story bout him then…

  61. Rock says:

    andrews says : Ever heard of Robin Hood, Rock? Also, Rock, ever heard of annonymous donations from the Malaysian public?

    Rock replied : ever received anything from Anwar?

  62. Rock says:

    RM10B is not a small amount…i could change Malaysian life with that. Remember that he want to joined UMNO but was rejected. He cannot joined PAS others would reject him.

  63. Kulo says:

    comment on HINDRAF’s request and what “malayu” commented

    we had an indian minister in cabinet .. did it help ? NO.. we had indian excos and councillors at state & local governments .. did it help ? NO .. they were just good at getting contracts for their cronies .. nothing more

    i think it doesn’t matter whether an indian is made an MB or deputy MB or minister .. what matters is the voice, issues and concerns of people are heard and acted upon

  64. Kuahmad says:

    I felt sorry for Rock. He hated Anwar so much so much so that whatever good things people said about Anwar, he just wont accept it. He kept on bragging about the so called “no-action” by Anwar during his term as DPM. What he failed to realise that on the ocassion when Mahathir was out of the country, Anwar pushed for a law to be pass to punish corrupt people even after they retires. You really think anybody can do anything when TDM is around? You really think people dare to be humiliated, harrased, blackmail and eventually incarcerated under the draconian ISA. Think again! Rock must have been reading news from mainstream media and listening to one side of the story. Pity you!

  65. Andrew says:

    Rock: ever received anything from Anwar?

    Yes. His prison sentence, his reputation, his family’s suffering. Everybody and anybody has taken a swipe at him. It’s made to seem he is the Devil himself. As Kuahmad correctly points out, corruption for Anwar is not a new issue. He tried to do something then. There was an article years ago in Aliran on a student dialogue with Anwar. Rather than lie, he just kept quiet, something about what he thought of the Bakun dam project. I knew then there was something different about him.

  66. Rock says:

    Ingat Semua. DAP dan PKR memainkan isu-isu perkauman lebih dahulu. Jangan bermain dengan api. DAP (Mostly chinese & indians) said tha we should work as one and speak as one. itu semu pembohong. Ramai orang cina dan india nak cakap bahasa kebangsaan-bahasa melayu pun tak reti. Hanya orang melayu sahaja nak integrasi tapi kaun cina dan india tak mau. Kerajaan perkenalkan sekolah wawasan-untuk integrasi-tapi orang cina dan india nak kekalkan sekolah jenis kebangsaan. So dimana rasional nya. Orang cina nak minta orang melayu hapuskan hak2 istimewa tapi orang cina dan orang india tak nak hapuskan identiti perkauman. Ingat orang cina dan orang india- jangan bermain dengan API.

  67. Rock says:

    Orang cina cakap-kami nak ternak babi- ingat orang islam tak mau babi. Mana rasionalnya? Orang india nak bina kuil-tapi bina di merata-rata tempat tanpa mengira seisitiviti islam. Ingat mana rasional nya?
    Orang cina & india cakap kejadian jenayah meningkat… ingat penjual DVD haram, pelacuran, dadah, rompakan emas dan bunuh, kedai mesin judi haram semua dilakukan oleh orang cina-mana rasional nya?
    Ingat jangan bermain dengan API dan jangan mencabar kredibiliti dan seisitiviti kaum. Ketegangan sedang memuncak-jangan mencabar orang melayu!!!

  68. Rock says:

    Semua bercakap pasal kroni- ingat AZIZAH dan IZZAH tu kroni ANWAR, Guang Eng tu kroni Kit Siang dan Gobing Singh tu kroni Karpal Singh.. Ingat Jangan bermain dengan API. Ramai orang melayu yang sanggup mati!!!

  69. Rock says:

    Celaka DAP- tak hormat langsung pada sultan Melayu- celaka la mereka pulaukan perlantikan menteri besar dan tak hormat akta tubuh kerajaan negeri- ingat !!!

  70. peace in hope says:

    Dear Rock,
    Frankly, i dont blame you for re-acting in such a manner.In fact YOU represent thousands. These my friends are the RE-action of a rakyat who had been in the captive for 50 years, of course he will think this way! He is not wrong – its a fair statement to make BUT this is exactly what that will give way to the BN to use against our MISSION to free Malaysia ‘dari belenggu penjajah’. So Rock, please accept my humble request to place some trust in yourself to give Msia a chance to grow to become a true democratic country. Banyak yang akan dipertikaikan oleh ramai antara kita tapi ingatlah wahai Rock(dan yang diwakili beliau) – FOCUS rakyat Msia adalah untuk mara ke era yang mempunyai wakil rakyat yang benar-benar MEWAKILI rakyat – give them and yourself a chance k…:) Janganlah dalam menagani ‘musuh’ yang sebenar, kita pula menjadikan diri sebagai umpan musuh! Memang marah kalau dicabar begini tapi please…demi MALAYSIA – lets learn to let go. Peace saudaraku…. 🙂

  71. KuRf says:

    well…first of all…congratulation to BR for winning one third of the election. Remember…Anwar Ibrahim have always been voicing his idea to form a non-racial government…but at that time people of Malaysia are still blinded by the corrupted government idea of races based party….at that time social economy doesn’t even exist in the mind of Malaysian…but not Anwar…remembered that he was once President of the multi-ethnic National Youth Council..that was in as early as 1969….way way long since he became a vice Prime Minister….

    anyway….i believe the toll prices can be reduce back to the old days…when prices are around RM1….because if you think logically…the number of cars in Malaysia is not reducing…but instead its the other way around….so say if a price of a toll is raised by RM0.30 each year….and the number of cars is up by at least 10,000 unit per year…how much money does the government raking in???a lot isn’t it???plus…the prices of oil keep raising as well…and the government said they putting subsidize on the oil to help the “people” of Malaysia…well if you want to help us…way don’t you raise our wages for god sake…prices of things increasing but our wages are still the same….and whatever happens to the inflation figures???in the year 2006 the government said it was 3% – 4%….hmmm seems low enough doesn’t it??but if its that low…how come does the price of things keeps going up….odd doesn’t it…and what I keep thinking is….why other things keep related to the oil…if the oil prices are up…roti canai pun naik kaa???milo ais pun naik kaa???beras pun boleh naik???odd….the government said…use public transportation….thats cool and dandy…but…at least be relevant…you want to encourage the public to use the public transportation but the public transportation is lacking…something….oh yeah…ITS LACKING the transport it self….i don’t want to wait for an hour for a bus…i want to wait at least 15mins tops…..

    well I can rant for hours and hours…but im gonna end it here….anyway…I hope BR will stand by the people for the people…all the best…

  72. political-analyst says:

    we all should think about what happen to anwar few years ago? what is that makes of him? the man that should lead the country today? Remember “50 dalil kenapa anwar tidak patut jadi perdana menteri”? have you read it or know about it before you fancy this guy so much? For the non-malay and non-muslim out there, do you think anwar is the one who cares you regardless of race and religion or he just used this approach to gain your trust but he did’nt really meant it? anyway he is just a man who happened to be BN leader once upon a time.

  73. KuRf says:

    and we should also thinks is malaysia a democracy with a constitution or not….if its a democratic country…why is the media in the tele and all the papers always sided to the government…never once did they show an opposition debating or when they launch a manifesto for the election never…unlike the ruling party…there’s even a LIVE telecast for their general meeting or manifesto…democratic?????

  74. RKP says:

    We have no doubts now that: Anwar should be the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
    Why all this unneccessary alarm to the public if they aren’t afraid of Anwar Ibrahim.They are afraid that the rakyat are behind him and Pakatan Rakyat more than any other party in Malaysia.

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