Well, sorry, too bad… 

This is a sad story from Utusan. Perhaps,to gain sympathy from readers. What else could it be? To me, it’s a case of ‘not being able to let go’ or being a ‘sore loser’.  He’s warmed the seat so long that his butts probably burned through them. 

The story goes that former Perak MB Tajol Rosli wept (menangis) when he had to leave his office (pix above) today. He cried with his supporters as he was shocked that Perak has been seized by DAP/PKR/PAS (31 state seats as opposed to BN’s 28/ 11 Parliament seats as against BN’s 13).

He even refused to meet the media and the public who staked outside his office at about 8pm on Sunday night. By the way, the office looks like a palace, or a white elephant…

He locked himself inside the office until 6am on Monday morning. Reporters who waited for him were asked to leave. He didn’t want to speak to anyone. Before this he was so confident of retaining his seat and was almost sure that BN would emerge victorious from the 12th General Elections.

Wrong reading, sir.

Meanwhile, it has not been decided yet who among the 3 – DAP/PKR/PAS will sit on the chief minister’s post. 3 names have been handed over to the Perak Sultan via the Regent, Raja Nazrin.

As it stands, the leading candidates for the post is believed to be Pasir Panjang representative from PAS Mohamad Nizar Jamaludin and PKR’s Behrang state assembly person Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.

It is also learnt that in an agreement between the opposition parties, DAP has agreed to give PKR the menteri besar post, and in return DAP would have seven representatives in the state exco. PAS and PKR will have two each, including the menteri besar.

To me, really, it doesn’t matter who is CM, as long as he or she, will be fair and just and most of all, a Malaysian.

Can’t a woman be CM?

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  1. The official menteri besar residence is a symbol of feudalism.

    The state government should turn it into something useful: a public wedding hall, a youth complex, anything that will benefit the public.

  2. toyolbuster says:

    Wanna know what he was doing up until 6am monday morning? Was he destroying all his tell tale evidences such as “confession of the chambermaid” video, sorry that would have been appropriately the father-in-law. I think the PKR and PAS people are very forgiving and allowed him to have 12hrs to clean up his mess to avoid sending him to prison.

  3. Klaw says:

    Keep the menteri besar residence as it is. It has its significance as a piece of architecture in the city of Ipoh.

    As for the ex-CM, he’s just being a baby.
    And for the new CM, whoever he/she is, transparency and accountability should be the order of the day. One of the first things they should do is to review contracts, and sniff out any hints of corruption.

  4. kittykat46 says:

    In the office until 6 am in the morning, eh ?
    Maybe busy with the office shredder ?

    The MB and Exco offices in Selangor and Perak could contain extremely interesting documents….and nobody had expected they would be out of office by Sunday morning 9th March….

  5. […] Bumpshack: Where Celebrity News and Gossip Always Bumps! wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptPerak: Crying in the…(sorry, no) rain Posted in ELECTIONS GENERAL, MALAYSIAN MADNESS, MEDIA, NEWS, OPPOSITION POLITICS, POLITICAL on March 10, 2008 by sloone Well, sorry, too bad…  This is a sad story from Utusan. Perhaps,to gain sympathy from readers. What else could it be? To me, it’s a case of ‘not being able to let go’ or being a ’sore loser’.  He’s warmed the seat so long that his butts probably burned through them.  The story goes that former Perak MB Tajol Rosli wept (menangis) when […]

  6. NewEra says:

    When you so used to ultra luxury living and unlimited state resources, vacating the “IPOH MB palace” is like forcing the Queen of England to relocate her Buckingham Palace to Timbuktu!

    What a cry baby! Grow up and accept the inevitable. Well he could always come back and visit the palace as tourist. Maybe the new MB needs a reliable and experienced gardener who is familiar with the huge compound. Give it a shot my dear YAB. But hurry though; now you need to go through a proper job interview process to be shortlisted. Tak’da rasuah rasuah lagi.

  7. wits0 says:

    There has been an MSM report too that some opp people beseiged the DBI to prevent official documents from being shifted out of that complex.

    IIRC, Tajol presided over that parking meter scandal contract of a few years ago. Seems they(he) awarded the contract to an oversea company to supply very expensive computerized parking meter system without taking into account the subsequent costs needed for maintenance. Now what we see implemented is the Coupon system and they sure extend that over quite a distance outside the City Center but then most motorists don’t seem to heed that at the outskirt which is hardly being enforced. However I suppose a hefty fine awaits those who infringe upon that and get caught. The DBI just seem to love to impose such fines at increased rates.

    Yet in some places where obviously parking is a premium, the DBI has seen fit to approve development that increases congestions. One example is the Syuen Hotel in Green Town(the Golden Mile Ipoh Biz Centre)built nearly 2 decades ago(not tajol’s time though) – it is built right next to the narrow road outside. Whenever there’re public occassions happening on a Saturday night, that becomes an opportunity to slaughter motorists for parking offences which are actually prediposed by the given situation created by covercrowding in that area. The hotels there simply don’t have enough internal parking facilities.

    That guy, by being a cry-baby, indicates to the world the shock of finding his presumed patrician position in life shattered. Do we not suspect that the dynastic entitlement attitude is strongly embedded in him? This seems to have become virtually cultural for umno politicians. The bad error of having no Local Elections leave its mark clearly for all to see everywhere, not just in Ipoh.

  8. Lim TL says:

    Shall His Highness, the Sultan of Perak unprecedentedly grant a non-Malay M.B., this will be a great bleesing to all Malaysian. We would then move a big step forward, turn a new leaf in history.

    Foreign investment will pour in, our dissipated Malaysian talents will flow back to their motherland, all Malaysian especially Perak people will raise their head high.

    Malaysia would be a unstoppable force then.

  9. Feroz Merican says:

    The Perak Sultan, like his son the Regent are the shining llights in the otherwise moribund and useless abyss that is the Royalty in this country.
    There is a chance that this Sultan will waive the Malay requirement for CM and allow the selection of a non Malay. If Penang can do it, and has done it for so long, why shouldn’t Perak pick up the torch of fair play and liberty and equality for all. I remember the Regent giving speeches warning the Federal Govt of Mismanagement and arrogance and of not listening to the people. I hope the Regent and The Sultan can back up their words with concrete action and tangible results. DAP won 18, more than 10 ahead of their Coalition partners. The people have spoken. Let the Sultan speak now, or forever hold his peace.

  10. NoktahHitam says:

    Oh boy.. they sure have a lot of ‘spring cleaning’ to do, stay up until 6am… bah!

  11. cuddlyfamily says:

    from what I understand, isn’t the MB (of a state with a Sultan) supposed to be one who can conduct religious ceremonies also (or something)? that is why they’ve had the Malay (or Muslim) leader? I think this would be another way to show that we can work out a workable solution right?

    I have high hopes for Tan Sri Khalid anyway 🙂 Now is the time for BR to show they can do things!

  12. Simon Heng says:

    I don’t mind a muslim or non muslim or man or woman as the MB of Perak as long as he/she is an honest, fair, just, intelligent, hardworking person. But practically, the person preferably should be a muslim ‘cos there are lots of istiadat istana which a non muslim do not know. Muhibah – so DAP should accept that it is better to give the MB post to PAS.

  13. caravanserai says:

    The white elephant in Ipoh
    The symbol of decades of abuse
    The arrogance and lies on its pavement
    Now we heard the crying of a big baby
    Echoing in its slumber

    The years had gone
    The line of deceits a darkened wall
    The distance it makes to the people
    A palatial home lording at the people

    Now the wind of change
    His lordship found it hard to let go
    Burning rubber smoke in the air
    People thought he was crying
    Nay I think he is burning away
    The secrets he will bring with him

    The new government should learn his lesson
    It is for the people servicing to their needs
    A government for the people by the people
    It isn’t other way around

    The white elephant can happen
    If any leader misunderstood
    The needs of the people and nation
    The tide will turn come next election

    So make it right
    All time every time
    Don’t forget the people are watching
    Every step you walk the streets

  14. Alvin Tang says:

    i hope the DAP canditate will be the next Menteri Besar of Perak since the party holds the highest number of seats among the opposition parties and represent the majority of Perak people. It’s logic and make sense.

    The wise and open minded Sultan of Perak may grant the DAP canditate chance to become MB. If this happen, it will not only create history in Malaysia but also showed that a non Malay and non Muslim can also lead and serve the people as long as he or she is honest, reliable, hard working, responsible, humble, smart, fair and concern towards the need of people.

    i’m sick with the idea of special privilege and quota given to certain group of people related to the gender, race, religion or background. Most of the time it did not achieve its purpose and only create chaos and corruption. South Africa change, USA people can accept a minority black to become the canditate of President or maybe a future President, Phillipine and New Zealand can have woman president, Australia even alllow a lesbian Chinese previously born in Malaysia to become the Minister! Time for Malaysian to think about it.

  15. foo says:

    it doesn’t matter who take the post MB , what we vote is for a better management of our money. No corruption anymore, No confidential highway contract , No buying RM 46.00 ball pen for office use.
    We want those who really care about the ” Rakyat “.

  16. jays says:

    I hold the highest respect for the Perak Monarchy. The Perak Sultan is the wisest and most caring for his rakyat among other Sultan of this generation. I believe His Exellency will make the right choice as seen fit. Waiving the requirement to allow a DAP MB is not surprising as a work around for Religious duties can be made. WHen there is a will, there is a way. Anyhow, what ever the decision, hope the new MB will do his rightful duty as expected from the Perak citizens to ensure the BR trust is taken care of with results.

  17. C K Lee says:

    The people in Perak State has suffered for too long. It is time for the State to rise again. Bring in FDIs and increase job opportunities to bring back the people to work in the State.

    Forget about the old machinery who has done nothing at all and it is clear that people in Perak want a change.

  18. LIm says:

    Thank you for all bloggers that contribute to trasperency, fredom of speach and a forum for diccusion.

  19. La Cha Mau says:

    Whether it is a Muslim Malay or non-Muslim, male or female is irrelevant as you have to read the provisions in the Perak State Constitution. It is not for His Royal Highness to wave such requirements. Pulau Pinang is different as it is not in their State Constitution. The people of Perak especially the Chinese should be aware of this BEFORE they go to the polls and voted the DAP. You simply cannot say that the DAP has played you out and are now a worried lot having fears that all 4D betting shops, Massage Parlours, Niteclubs, Bars etc etc including horror of all horrors, THE PERAK TURF CLUB will be banned by the PAS Menteri Besar in the State. In any case, they i.e. the DAP-PKR-DAP do not repeat DO NOT have a 2/3 Majority in the Perak State Assembly. So why is there a concern? What is most important is that the people KICKED out the Arrogant and Corrupted pieces of shit.

  20. malayu says:

    The official menteri besar residence is a symbol of feudalism.

    The state government should turn it into something useful: a public wedding hall, a youth complex, anything that will benefit the public.


  21. Tajol locked himself in the office crying?

    Are you sure or not? Crying or shredding shady documents from being found by our oppositions?


  22. Chong says:

    The election outcome has clearly shown that the people are not happy with the national and state economic and related development. The rakyat of Perak desperately need professional and responsible political representative of Rakyat i.e “MPs or SAs” to be able to develop the state in social economy internationally, increase job opportunities, racial integration and welfare for the people.
    The “Malaysia Boleh” spirit should begin with the Politicians. We vote to change now. Starts your mission engine now and do the best with the interest of all Rakyat of Perak and Malaysia.

  23. Whether or not there’s true democracy
    We still have to wait and with eyes see
    If the best choice is chosen for the post
    Or there are other factors that matter most

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110308
    Tue. 11th Mar. 2008.

  24. john says:

    So what’s going to happen to the Perak Mufti? Is he going to hang around like before?

  25. bird says:

    Tuesday March 11, 2008
    MYT 3:59:10 PM

    Perak MB post: Three names submitted


    IPOH: The newly-elected Perak coalition government has submitted three names to the Regent of Perak Raja Nazrin Shah for consideration as the new Mentri Besar.

    They are state DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham, state PKR treasurer Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and state PAS secretary Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin.

    The Regent gave his consent to the DAP-PKR-PAS coalition to form the state government on Monday.

    He also asked for the list of Mentri Besar candidates and executive councillors to be submitted Tuesday.

    In Saturday’s polls, the DAP won six parliamentary and 18 state seats, PKR won three parliamentary and seven state seats while PAS won two parliamentary and six state seats.

    Collectively, they edged out Barisan’s 13 parliamentary and 28 state seats.

    Nothing has been decided yet as of now. Ignore Utusan or Bernama news.

  26. IpohYan says:

    The Star and NST worst…

    I prefer SinChew actually. 🙂

  27. andy6000 says:

    When we will know who be the MB of Perak? Hope the new MB will bring more business opportunity for PERAK. Personaly wish that DAP can be PERAK MB. Just want to see is it DAP really can make Perak famous.

  28. Damocles says:

    During the reign of the BN, most big wigs are increasing hogging the chociest real estate for their residences and equally choice ones for their offices.
    Frankly, their offices are no less palaces than their residences!
    Perhaps an oversight committee, whose members include members of the public, be set up to oversee such matters.

  29. sonark. says:

    wow.. til 6am? bet the former mb and his goons must be working hard overnight trying to get rid of all the evidence.

    shred.. shred.. shred..

  30. IpohMali says:

    The feeling on the ground among the non-Malay communities in Perak and perhaps also in other parts of Malaysia, is that the new Perak MB should be from the DAP. The non-Malays comprises more than 54% of the polulation of Perak (Chinese 43%, Indian 11%, others 0.5%) and so it is perfectly acceptable for the DAP to take up the seat.
    The Sultan has to be fair to all or has to be seen to be fair as he is the Sultan for all Perakians. The Perak constitution may seem unfair but it is actually a fair one as it does allow the Sultan to waive the Malay Muslim requirement to allow a non-Malay to take up the seat if a non-Malay party/coalition is in the majority.
    The non-Malays have rejected the BN mainly because of its discriminatory policies in education, jobs, promotions, housing, religion etc…. you name it. A non-Bumi citizenship is effectively a second class citizenship. The BN has divided us into Bumis and non-Bumis and this is what the rakyat have rejected in the last elections, together with the other ills of the BN govt.
    We hope that the Sultan will at least grant us a symbolic fairness by allowing a non-Malay from the DAP to take up the MB seat. We have voted to reject the present unfair system. We want full equality and we want it now. We hope the Sultan will listen to the Rakyat.

  31. IpohYan says:

    Hi IpohMali,

    I second your opinion. Let DAP take up the post, even if it’s given to an Indian.

    On the side note, please be reminded that the population percentage you gave is incorrect, because you actually based it on the registered voters instead of the actual population. Many have not voted and are not eligible to vote. Last I checked, the latest population report available was from year 2001. The Malay and Chinese only have a gap of less than 5%.

    The Chinese are mainly concentrated in the center areas of Perak while the Malays are surrounding us, just like an inner ring and outer ring. In Ipoh itself the Chinese population is 67% compares to Malay’s 13%. Ipoh city has the highest population concentration.

    This time round, I would say due to the brave Makkal Sakthi(the slogan) from Hindraff, our Indian brothers, we, DAP won! Meanwhile the Malays support were only a mere 6%(defected from BN) nationwide. The Indians and Chinese votes are the actual push in Perak for this victory. The DAP won the most seats and we all know that the vote swing from our Indian brothers are mostly to DAP.

    So it’s only fair that DAP hold this post of MB, be it Chinese or Indian.

    *I am a Ipoh Chinese, Cantonese myself.

  32. jj says:

    to avoid future problem, selection must be from DAP (malay,cninese or indian or lain-lain). so since DAP now don’t have Malay. must get some1 else, from DAP also. coz DAP win largest seat, universal democracy should apply and should not be restricted by law. coz any decision will set a precedent as referral under the law in future. i also dont hope to see future as a mess as a result of a bad decision.

  33. Bren says:

    State PAS secretary made Perak Mentri Besar

    PETALING JAYA: Pasir Panjang assemblyman from PAS, Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, has been appointed as Perak Mentri Besar.

    Mohammad Nizar is the state PAS secretary.

    Perak DAP chief Ngeh Koo Ham, who is the assemblyman for Setiawan, will be one of two Deputy Mentris Besar for the state.

    The second Deputy Mentri Besar has yet to be named.

  34. jj says:

    things is like a mess now. ppl that hit on LKS blog must be BN ppl. dont trust too much of them. sure some information that amissed to us. if not why raja petra aslo so suprised with the PAS as mb? palace conservativeness? i hope DAP all member will go behind electing DAP member as mb? non-bumi also dont so stupid hitting out before u all understand much. ITs not bout race. its bout righteous. AS long as DAp it will be ok irrespective of race. The king must waive the mb condition in this case. clear cut. since the 3 party say before election tat majority will lead and choose mb. dont tell me they havent think bout this rule of malay and muslim as mb requirement. so all must honour. submitting 3 name is just actually to show a easier way for the palace and coalition to gone down well with malay voter especially the BN. this is to shut them up when decision is make fr king. the palace should not take the goodwill of DAP that mean to save the peace, and turn the palace themself to hero.

  35. jj says:

    by the way for some of the aove. check some of ur fact. perak population of non malay is higher if u want to talk about race. so shut up bout race. its about a righteous decision not race

  36. hantutelur says:

    Technically, not a single party can form a government in Perak. To recap, BN won 28 seats, DAP 18, PKR 7 and PAS 6. Any two or more parties can form a mixed government now. For non BN parties, the 3 of them have to join forces, neither two make up enough number of seats. So, if the non BN parties have any dream of governing the state, they have to find an solution to work together, and maintain the bond until the next election.

    On the contrary, now they can’t even agree to who is to be made the MB. Come on, you so-called Barisan Rakyat, BN needs 2 seats from you people to tip the scale (no pun intended). Anything can happen along the way, ADUNs crossing over, deaths or other natural causes that can force by-elections. Suddenly you find you are on the other side again.

    See how power can do to people? Talking about Malaysian Malaysia sweet dreams. To DAP, this is my message: your win is not because of people’s support. It’s only because some voters are being rebellious. Some are already regretting it. If so happens that there will be a stalemate and Perak need to go for a separate State Election, you will know that you racists are not really wanted. But that is not the surprise. The surprise is what we are going to hear tomorrow evening. There’ll be a big news.

  37. hantutelur says:

    Now let’s talk about BN. BN is a tested unity formula for all races. It goes into election as a single party, using only one symbol and single manifesto. Barisan Rakyat on the other hand is just a nickname for a loose bunch of parties who can’t agree to each other and fighting different causes. It very revealing in Perak as we are witnessing now, they keep contradicting each other, especially DAP and PAS. It’s only one state, what happens if they win Federal as well? My guess, chaos.

    Now why everyone is accepting Anwar as leader of the opposition when he is not even an elected leader of his own party? He’s only a person who sleeps with PKR’s President.

    Is this some kind of cult? Like the Sky Kingdom?

  38. wits0 says:

    “BN is a tested unity formula for all races.”

    That’s like saying the people chose wrongly because they’re really not bright enough to understand any better. Hahahaa!

  39. peace in hope says:

    I understand the predicaments IpohYan and Ipoh Mali have on DAP rep being MB for Perak. While it is all true and fair that this is how it ‘should’ be, there are the other factors where only ‘politics’ can answer. Like i had mentioned in some of the other comments, I urge all Perakians to stand by the current results and decisions and focus on the bigger issue – our aim in Perak is to build a strong Barisan RAKYAT to deny BN for good. While many may snigger at this thought,please remember that many(the Perak ex-MB included) had sniggered at the thought of Perak being a non-BN ruled state at one time. So my fellow Perakians….it will take us a long time to accept this, dont blame yourselves…its the ideology of BN to see things in a racist-based point. As a Perakian myself, i had also been enduring the Malay-state constitutions that had been limiting us rights as rakyat. We are all in the same MISSION my friends and it needs to be tackled with wisdom. Do encourage yourselves to place some trust in the system to make a step by step improvement. Well,even the Tsunami-hit areas took some time to re-gain… 🙂 Give it time my friends and stay on the MISSION. I am proud to say that some of your comments are very mature-thinking comments-keep it up IPOHs!!

  40. […] In every competition, there will be winners, and there will be losers. The character of a person can sometimes be predicted when the person loses. For example, when Koh Tsu Koon lost in the elections, he graciously conceded defeat and ensured that Penangites got a smooth power transfer. However, there are others, like former Menteri Besar of Perak, Tajol Rosli Ghazali who preferred to go ‘drama queen’ on us and cry about his loss. […]

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