I didn’ say it. Bernama did: HERE.

It quoted PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang as saying that to do so (implement hudud in Kedah) is within the ambit of the Kedah state laws. However, he said that it will need a 2/3rd majority in the state assembly to pass the law.

He also said the Kelantan state administration and management would be adopted for Kedah.

On March 8, the Opposition won 21 out 36 seats – PAS (16)/PKR (4)/ DAP (1).

Yesterday (Sunday), thousands of PAS and PKR supporters gathered at Wisma Darul Aman to welcome PAS’ Azizan Abdul Razak as new Kedah chief minister.

Bernama wasted no time in reporting the hudud thingy.

So, what now Barisan Rakyat?

This is definitely not the Rakyat Malaysia’s wishes.

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  1. koolgeek says:

    also, I hope it’s not too late to cancel this…


  2. koolgeek says:

    Ask this question to RPK. He has been telling us that such things will not happen.

  3. kittykat46 says:

    Aiyah….Bernama doing a political job for its masters again….
    I’m pretty sure PAS is going to implement some additional Islamist regulations in Kedah, but they have learned the lesson from the Terengganu debacle…

  4. GenerationBaru says:

    Another propaganda by BN daaa.
    The star reported ‘…Asked if his state government would have similar policies to that of the Kelantan PAS government, Azizan said: “We will use the Kelantan PAS government as a model but we will be different.”
    Even hudud in Kelantan did not work because Malaysia despite the ‘Islam Hadhari’ is still secular at the core’.
    As Kedahian, I view the positive change of state government is about doing the right thing and to make significant impact for the future. Yes, few changes will happen such as the emphasis on the Islamic values and so on, but such changes won’t be drastic and without consent of the Rakyat. The new MB promised to bring representative of the non-muslim representatives into the state exco to take care of their community.

  5. int says:

    “they have learned the lesson from the Terengganu debacle…”

    No offence, I seen ur comments everywhere and you very often do raise good points, but in this case I believe this is a naive perspective.

    Although it cannot be denied that there is a significant swathe of PAS that is in it for the democracy, transparency, unity, and all the other wonderful truths that we all hold to be self-evident, there remains hardcore grassroots whose primary, secondary, and tertiary inspiration and motivation is dogmatic religious interpretation. Islamic State is off the manifesto, but to conclude it is off the agenda is naive. For hardcore supporters, ideology/religion trumps political expediency (which by itself is not a bad way to live, just in this case it is not on la).

    Having said that, I believe the “double whammy” of “PAS kedah wants hudud” and “Perak MB to be a PAS guy” is meant to destabilize efforts in Perak to form an state government. However, I don’t understand the logic of a PAS-led Perak government to begin with. if there is no suitable candidate from PKR, then too bad loh, it has to be a Chinese guy from DAP and the government will have to find some other way to advise the Sultan on Islamic matters, maybe a special appointee (maybe that one from PAS wld be a good idea). To simply put a PAS guy as MB there is to ignore the will of the Perak electorate. That’s the BN’s style of doing things. It should not be ours.

    We all just have to keep doing what we’ve been doing all this time. Our team may have won… but now someone has to watch them too! I don’t think BN can watch them la, BN dunno how to do anything, duduk diam bodoh saje, so we have to watch them for the sake of the country.

  6. DewA_LavaU says:

    huhhh BERNAMA is BN puppet.

  7. Azura says:

    First..kenapa takut dengan hudud? Hudud sama sahaja dengan undang2 sivil cuma it will based on Al-Quran. Jgn takut. Islam tidak akan menganiaya umatnya dan juga sesiapa. Semua ini cuma propaganda untuk menakut2kan org islam sendiri dan bukan islam. Kalaulah Islam diteliti dengan sesungguhnya maka anda akan lihat keindahannya.

    Perak MB..Dlm undang2 dah termaktub ketua negeri mesti melayu dan islam. Kita baru dapat peluang untuk menubuhkan kerajaan di beberapa negeri. Jgn bergaduh untuk jawatan tetapi mulalah bekerja dan tunaikan harapan rakyat.

  8. whispering9 says:

    “Our team may have won… but now someone has to watch them too!”…please don’t count me in. Mine and millions other are protest votes. Come next election, if the representatives do not behave or delivered, we will not hesistate to continue with protest votes until someone get it right. Don’t forget, BN will not hesitate to call for a snap election on the slightest hint of hope. You can bet on it that a new crop of leaders with the correct vision and governance will form the next BN.

    On the other note, I have watched Hadi’s announcement on TV8. What he said was very fair and benevolent to the non-Muslims. Perhaps, he has learnt a lesson from his Trengganu episode. The implementation of Huduh is now for the Muslims in Kedah to decide amongst themselves. A clear set of rules and laws is anytime better than the religious ambiquity practised by AAB administration.

    The Oppositions better get a fast grip on the economies and the capital market, especially, Bursa. Many cronies will definitely sell down and run away with the much needed funds. I heard many are already on their way out. Now is the time for diplomacy and not squabble. DAP, so far, has made the right diplomatic moves. PS. I am chinese.

  9. Death Note says:

    kenapa takut?
    kena rogol pun perlu 4 saksi lelaki.
    tak takut ke?

    but anyway, yeah, this news is fear mongering by the puppet of BN.

    PAS still needs 2/3 of the state assembly vote to make big cxhanges, so don’t worry, and continue doing our job as the boss of the government.

    yeah… Awang Hadi sucks nevertheless

  10. neurolept says:

    PAS (if this is true), please don’t shoot Barisan Rakyat’s feet on the first day of work.

  11. ghenjis khan says:

    please ALL Malaysians, remember even in majority Muslim State of Terengganu, the vastly majority Muslim voters gave him ONLY one chance and he blew it …

    A TRUE MUSLIM leader must do things with proper knowledge and tempered with justice and that is wisdom …

    that PM of Turkey is one fine example …. perhaps, that of Bosnia too !

    this Anwar chap is ok lah …..

    will NIK AZIZ whisper some good advice to this Hadi …..

  12. Azura says:

    4 saksi? Yea..betul. Supaya tidak ada yang teraniaya. Hudud bukan setakat itu sahaja. Ada byk lagi. PAS mesti cepat untuk menggambarkan keindahan islam. Jaga ekonomi dan jgn biarkan snake2 terlepas.

    Lagi satu, Saya bangga dgn DAP kerana sgt bertolak ansur. Saya berharap kesemua Barisan Alternative boleh bekerjasama tidak kira siapa ketuanya. Bekerja..bekerja…bekerja..jgn risau dgn propaganda BN.

  13. padambn says:

    please people, do not let the heading scare you; Hadi Awang did say implementing Islamic law, but he was quick to qualified his statement that minority (non-muslim) right will be respected (from the straits times);

    I suggest what need to be done now to address this issue once in for all is that how are we going to ensure two sets of law (common law & islamic law) going to co-exist side by side?

    for example:

    1. islamic law only apply to muslim?

    2. what about if the dispute is between a muslim & a non-muslim?, which law should prevail?

  14. ching chong koi says:

    Hudud law compulsory only for Muslim. It not compulsory for non-muslim. Hindu, buddha, christian can use sivil law. So, why fear.

  15. Sooth says:

    I hope PAS doesn’t do anything stupid. Many of the votes were protest votes. No one expected them to win and many who voted for them weren’t voting for hudud laws. It was to give the opposition a mandate to prevent corruption and to improve transparency.

    Kenapa takut dengan hudud? “4 saksi? Yea..betul. Supaya tidak ada yang teraniaya.”?

    Dengan sains and teknologi masa kini, adakah ini masih relevan? Perlukah 4 saksi untuk memastikan tiada orang yang teraniayai? PAS boleh bertolak-ansur sekarang dengan pentadbiran yang adil dan saksama dan bukannya dengan mengadakan agenda hukum hudud di Kedah. Saya rasa undang-undang yang ada sekarang sudah lebih daripada mencukupi untuk memastikan pemerintahan dapat dijalankan dengan adil. Masalah sekarang hanyalah dengan implementasi undang-undang tersebut.

  16. Sakuragi says:

    Dear Fellow Malaysians,

    As much as many of us know by know, a majority of the mainstream electronic and print media are either directly owned or indirectly controlled by Barisan Nasional and its components. Commenting on this topic alone (from a neutral’s perspective), I would say it was a terrible move by Tok Guru Hj. Hadi Awang to suggest the implementation of hudud in Kedah the very next day after the elections. He has tons of experience in politics and that makes it even worst.

    The Impact: BN controlled media will take every opportunity to scare muslims and non-muslims with THEIR concept of hudud. By right, PAS should have taken small steps by introducing and educating people first on what hudud really is. It isn’t simply ‘Kena tangkap mencuri terus potong tangan’. The idea is much more complicated than it seems. Educate first, implement later. As most of you said, learn from the Terengganu mistakes.

    Chinese, Indians and other races have every right to understand the implications of the implementation of hudud. Questions of how hudud will affect their lives must be dealt with clarity and truthfullness. I would like to use Kelantan to good example. Even with a majority of muslims residing in the state, not all hudud is implemented because of complications and contradictions with federal laws. However, it does not deter PAS-led Kelantan from quietly implementing at least a part of hudud laws in the state and by the time people realise it, it is already being used.

    If hudud law is to be implemented in Kedah, Hj. Azizan should ask advice from Tuan Guru Nik Aziz.

  17. ramzo42 says:

    Yeah.. don’t be scared when you didn’t do anything wrong. Why should you anyways. It seems that you have been influenced by the media. Name me ONE person who has had his hand cut off in Kelantan.

  18. mamanview says:

    Ha ha.. dont worry lah my friend. Hadi is always GELOJOH. He is like that, talk first then only think kind of a fella. Datuk Nik Aziz is there to watch on him.

    There is very slim chances he will do it in Kedah. In kelantan also cannot do, what else in Kedah. What he said maybe PAS will draft a HUDUD based enactment, the question of implementing, I dont think so..

  19. pablopabla says:

    Why jump into conclusion? Based on the skewed reports dished out by mainstream media and agencies like Bernama pre-elections, we can still assume that the reports post-elections may not be the accurate portrayal of what was spoken by opposition leaders. Don’t be unduly alarmed. PAS would not be so stupid to drastically change the state laws of Kedah unless they can get support from their fellow opposition parties. If they do something drastic, PKR and DAP can also pull out of their coalition with PAS in the other states, which will further cripple and isolate PAS.

    So, please think before we jump into conclusions and please be mindful of our conclusions. If they are beneficial to a multi-racial multi-religious country, by all means express your thoughts openly. If it may create divide, let us be slow to speak but quick to analyse the bigger picture.

    It has taken us much courage to break out from racial politics as expounded by BN’s policies and propaganda. We don’t need to go back to those days.

  20. Jason Tan says:

    Haiyaa..why are all of you scared of Hudud?!
    Do understand, Hudud applies ONLY FOR MUSLIMS!!
    If dispute between Non-Muslim and Muslim, proceedings will run as in civil laws. Only the punishment will follow Hudud, ONLY IF THE MUSLIM IS CONVICTED (hudud centres around punishments, not proceedings).

    We can keep on partying coz only the Malays will get the Hudud.

  21. arum0r says:


    the state constitutions of all the states except penang, malacca, sabah and sarawak provided that the MB must be a malay muslim. unless the sultan consented, then a non-malay may become the MB

  22. prettyhall says:

    what takut hudud?
    rogol pun nak 4 saksi lelaki.

    yeah,you may right so that it wont’ cause any people teraniayah

    but just think of it, do you think a rape case will done in front of 4 people so that they became saksi? berapa case rogo berlaku di tempat yang diam dan berapa yang berlaku di tempat bagi orang nampak.

    dan , satu lagi soalan , kenapa saksi mesti orang lelaki?

    saya support barisan rakyat, tetapi tak mahu the 1st day sudah menakutkan orang lain…. usaha dapat support mesti teruskan supaya next election lagi menang….y

    eah many media work for BN .Realising this, leaders really have to be much more careful with what come out from mouth…don’t give those dog catch the chances to manipulate!

  23. Another Sabahan says:

    Do not trust Bernama for their reporting. They even report ed that the new MB post of Perak will be given to Pas when negotiation is still going on betwen the opposition.

    I believe the MB post will go to PKR. Dap will compromise and support PKR.

  24. Abdullah says:

    Aiyah apa u orang takut sama itu hudud law? U ingat kita melayu tara takut ka? I’m not going to rape people, i’m going to rob/steal other peoples propety, so why afraid?

    Hudud laws are to scare peolple not to commit crime.(Unless u are planning to become a criminal). U still need to stand trial anyway, its not a catch and punish thing.


  25. 9 says:

    stop jumping to conclusions, my friends. we have to wait and see. give chance to PAS to govern Kedah and Perak, then judge them afterwards.

    Do not be afraid of the Islamic law as it is fair, just and non-discriminatory.

    Remember, under Islam there is no such thing as NEP. All are treated equally.

  26. Abdul Malek says:

    HUDUD can never be implemented for the simple reason the constitution of the country needs to be amended. With our wise vote it is pretty difficult now to amend the constitution unless we once again choose BN in the next election. So practically HUDUD is a no GO and all TALKS.

    Actually a Chinese can be an MB for Perak even though the state constitution says otherwise if it is consented by the Sultan. The provision can even be amended by the Sultan by calling for a State Senate meeting – I am surprised there is a senate in Perak.

    But now it is a good political move to have a Malay as MB. If you do not know yet, BN is actively wooing a few candidates from both DAP and PKR to join them, with rewards of course. According to sources, they have yet to approach PAS members. The need only two and I guess RM40-50 is a worthwhile investment. And they are actively spreading rumors of this new Chinese MB causing discomfort among many rural Malays.

    In the near future, I think we need do away with this provision of malay MB etc. It serves no purpose except to cause division among races. And after all, that is what PKR is all about.

  27. Dont worry..look at Kelantan for physical evidence and example okay? – come on, we just had our win and we had started already with more sentiment?

  28. Toncet Biru says:

    I did watch the interview with Hadi on TV3 last night and he never mentioned that Kedah will be implementing Hudud. I think what he said was that Hudud was a portion of the Islamic Criminal Law. Only that. I guess these MSM will never learn. Mis-information is one of the reasons why the people rejected BN.

  29. jays says:

    Now wont BN had an easier way to woo DAP candidates over by spreading the fear of a PAS MB in Perak? Opposition parties DAP, PKR and PAS need to work fast and hard to reassured Perak citizens of all their fears and queries all the hard work will go down the drain. So wat is our Barisan Rakyat leaders doing now to address this?

  30. K.Kumaravel says:

    I Hope our new opposition govt will consider and respect all the races.Today they have build the new state govt because of all the people from all the races. Rakyat have decide to build new federal govt and we all have just wait for another five years. We are almost there Please be balance and equal to everyone. Hope other opposition parties leader will advice PAS on this. BE FAIR TO EVERYONE, GOD WILL LOOK ON US IF WE TAKE CARE EVERYONE AS

  31. nmjg says:

    Is Hadi Awang out of his mind? The BN still controls every media, papers etc. They are waiting to exploit all the PAS leaders’ wordss. I think he still has not learnt his lession in Terengganu. Husam Musa Dr.Syed and Nasarudin should ask him to step down as PAS president. He does not have my respect frankly.

  32. JEFF LEE says:

    aiyoh..please everyone..this is still BN’s propaganda..Have we all forgotten that the MSM is their mouthpiece? and continues to be so..”mati mati” still want to take care of their masters. Remember the federal government is still run by them. I am a non-muslim and i can tell you that at this moment in time, i have a thousand times more respect for TG Nik Aziz than any of the MCA, Gerakan or for that matter any BN caricatures…Let’s do a great job and come next election, let’s do a complete whitewash of BN…please let us constantly remind ourselves not to be trapped by their propaganda, as we reach out to each other as Malaysians..and no longer be divided on racial lines..

  33. mekmek says:

    “I did watch the interview with Hadi on TV3 last night and he never mentioned that Kedah will be implementing Hudud.”


    Yeah …i did watch too ~~~~~
    He never meantion about want to implement Hudud in Kedah and i don’t whink DAP and PKR will tolerant with this also.

    My two colleagues from kelanan also voted for PAS. I have asked them
    before, why they don’t feel uncomfortale with that Hudud law in kelantan.

    They just replied me with ” you never been kelantan before so you won’t know what were happen there!!!! ” Don’t believe in what BN said about kelantan blah blah blah, those are craps

    Let’s us just wait and see, time will show us the reality

    P/S : We are chineses

  34. bamboo river says:

    I watched Hadi made his statement to the media. What he said must be clearly understood by all. Hadi will discuss with Tok Guru Nik Aziz about implementing Hudud Laws BUT, all non muslims need not fear as what ever religion belief and daily life of the non muslims will be considered so that multi racial tolerance is not jeopardised.
    Hadi also did mention that Islam in the Holy Quran had stated, understanding and respect of all non muslims.

    Another matter to the a few above comments is , I thought “4 saksi” is one of the requirement needed to prosecute for “zina or khalwat” ie.adultery/close proximity of non related couple?
    On rape, well, I don’t know about that.

  35. fainessforall says:

    bERNAMA has twisted the whole thing. He has made it very clear that while they will implement islamic laws, it will only be for the muslims. The non muslims will not be affected by the law and they will be free to practice their religion, culture and traditions as that is their right. His interview was shown on Nightline on NTV7 last night.

    Bernama is just trying to scare the people and lie to them. They have a habit of telling half the story only the part that suites their agenda.

  36. Ark says:

    LOOK…someone must have recorded the interview, why not upload it to youtube, link to it and put an end to the needless speculation

  37. Ronn 97 says:

    It’s only applicable to muslims what, no fear la.. non muslims still governed by the civil law, that one one is unchanged.. i dont think PAS will do something stupid..

  38. Hey…

    Hudud Laws are only for Muslims. Our Non-Muslims should not worry about anything since Hudud Laws are not for them. Our Non-Muslims can continue with the existing Civil Laws.


  39. JEFF LEE says:

    actually, why are we fearing the hudud so much? is it becoz we dont really understand what it is all about or is it just the MSM trying to scare us non-muslims with those hand-chopping, veil-wearing stuffs..? we should just ask our non-muslim friends in Kelantan how they live their daily lives…I, for one, would like to see some form of hudud implemented..especially the chopping of hands (haha) coz at least we will know who has been helping themselves to the rakyat’s money…and “donating” the crumps to make us feel so so well “taken care” of…kinda funny (and it would be nice too) when you think about it..in parliament when a bill needs to be proposed and seconded and a show of hands is required…none of those dubious bills will ever get passed !!!

  40. Malaysian says:

    I just hope Pas will not spoilt the weak alliance by giving unnecesary speech. Rakyat need time to gain confident in PAS if not the issue on Terengganu will repeat itself. I hope BA will nominate a MALAY from PKR and the PAS state government in Kedah will not make drastic proposal to change the religion rules. Just focus on Economy and how to make the state government more efficient and clean.

  41. Saksi says:

    Betul ke perlu 4 saksi untuk kes rogol? Klau ada rakaman video, boleh ke org yg tgk video tu jd saksi? Klau ada cara/teknologi yg boleh beri bukti, boleh ke org tu jd saksi.. er, contoh mcm doktor dll.

    Byk lg org x faham pasal huduh. Pas perlu beri informasi btul2 supaya xde salah faham. Media putut diguna untuk memberi maklumat… bukan untuk takutkan rakyat. Peace.

  42. Karcy R says:

    All of these people who comment that there is nothing to worry about because hudud law applies only to Muslims are delusional. This kind of thinking falls directly into sectarian divide-and-conquer governance, only, instead of manipulating race and ethnicity, religion is manipulated.

    And in the case of Malaysia, one’s religion IS like one’s race, if one is born a Muslim. You can’t choose your race, and in the case of Malaysian Islam, you can’t choose your religion. This is because immediately upon birth, before the child is old enough to choose a religion, the child is labelled with an ‘Islam / Christian / Hindu / Buddha’ tag. And in the case of Islam, there is no way out because apostacy is punishable by death. Discussing apostacy is another can of worms entirely, and I don’t want to touch this topic.

    I confess that I know little of Islamic law, so I cannot say how harsh or benign it may be (again, Islamic law has often been interpreted differently according to differences of mazhab, anyway). I also believe that this is BN attempting to find any loophole whatsoever in the Barisan Rakyat to sway things to their side, so I’m not hot about jumping to conclusions, either.

    But people: to excuse that hudud law should be accepted because it ‘doesn’t affect the non-Muslims’ is sectarian politics and I reject it. I rejected the sectarian politics of the Barisan Nasional. If another form of it emerges in the country again, I am not afraid to reject it once more.

  43. sceptical says:

    To all those who say that hudud or syariah law applies to muslim only, what about cases involving both muslims and non-muslims? In any case, is it desirable that a person be judged differently and held to different standards in the eyes of the law just because he/she happened to hold certain beliefs or professes a certain religion? A law system that makes a first distinction based on a person’s faith, however well-meaning it may be, will always be seen as discriminatory and unfair, and can never but be a lightning rod for controversy and bitterness. The contention over the burial of muslim converts etc. are recent cases in point. Any proposal to extend islamic jurisprudence to criminal law -am i wrong to think that hudud is actually a subset of islamic criminal law -should therefore be thought out carefully. I may oppose the implementation of hudud, but this does not mean that I am bigoted or a BN partisan.

  44. kanna says:

    we all expect the new goverment to take over BN. We already suffer to much with BN & MIC drama’s. we don’t mind the new islamical law (hudud) apply in Kedah, as long it not effect the non bumiputra people.
    Hope fully the new goverment do the best for non bumiputra people.

  45. JEFF LEE says:

    aiyoh..goodness gracious..nobody (and i mean PAS here) has said anything about implementing hudud..pls read RPK’s article:


    so please…chill….

  46. Wassini says:

    Assalamualaikum wbt dan salam Sejahtera…

    Ramai yang masih tidak faham lagi tentang hudud nie dan ramai juga yang takut tentang hudud yang mereka tidak faham nie. Aku bagi contoh; ramai orang selalu berfikir kes rogol perlukan 4 orang saksi yang adil dan kalo tiada saksi maka mereka akan terlepas…. Sebenarnya media2 tunggangan UMNO nie selalu memberikan gambaran yang tidak tepat dan selalu tidak menyampaikan ilmu yang sebenarnya. Hakikatnya; jikalau kita tidak ada 4 empat orang saksi yang adil bukan bermakna perogol itu lepas begitu sahaja, mereka akan tetap didakwa mengikut undang2 yang ada. Ada saksi 4 orang kita hudud kalo tiada saksi dan ada bukti kita hukum ikut undang2 biasa.

    Sepatutnya orang2 bukan Islam tidak perlu takut dengan hudud. Tujuan hudud itu sendiri untuk menakut2kan manusia daripada melakukan kejahatan. Orang2 bukan Islam yang teraniaya akan diberi pilihan sama ada mereka mahu pesalah itu dihudud atau tidak? Kalo mereka mahu penjenayah mahu di hudud kita laksanakan hudud tetapi kalo orang bukan Islam yang teraniaya tidak mahu penjenayah itu dikenakan hudud maka kita laksanakan undang2 biasa. Jadi tiada masalah bukan?

    Hudud nie tujuannya untuk menakutkan2 orang sahaja. Pemerintahan Islam telah memerintah Negara India selama 500 tahun di mana masyarakat India majoritinya adalah beragama hindu. Tiada masalah pun….

    Wallahualam dan terima kasih….

  47. chuAla says:

    HUDUD ONLY FOR MUSLIMS. Why? it is solely based on our religion’s rules, ISLAM and stated in our holy al-Quran for thousands of year. So, how can a Christian punished with HUDUD? how can a Buddhist punished with HUDUD? They are not Islam believer. I beg you to think upon these matters as we are well educated. Every single religion in this whole wide world has its own rules. Christian, for example, sex before marriage is unacceptable and HARAM for Islam. But, we have our own way to punish the convicted; so do the Christian, correct me if I’m wrong. I hope my simple explanation answer doubt arise in cases involving both muslims and non-muslims. The convicted muslim had aware the consequences of what he/she did and can choose not to. For the non-muslim, he/she was not bind with the Islamic rules, so why punished them with HUDUD? HUDUD ONLY FOR MUSLIMS.

  48. Stanley Soo says:

    I PERSONALLY believes Hudud law to punish criminal is good. Well, dont be a bad guy if you dont want your hands or watever to be chopped off. Serves them rite.

  49. JEFF LEE says:

    Can i get everyone to read RPK’s article again please with reference to this topic…


  50. Abdullah says:


    Like i have said before, why afraid of the hudud law? Islam is not about punishing, It is to guide people. What to do and what not to do. Islam bukan mau paksa sama u. From what i see, theres no effort at all to inform/educate the public on this. That is why every body including some of the muslim is afraid of the hudud law. Dia orang macam-macam cakap, kasi lu orang suma takut. GO visit Kelantan lah friend.

    I have been to Saudi Arabia recently, u know what? Its so peaceful that no policeman bother to jaga the kedai mas, no security at all, u can easily slap the shop keeper. Do u thing its possible to do that here? Mati ooh.

  51. micon says:

    One must read the contents of the articles
    Who is the wrtiter? What’s his motive?
    Read, understand & analyze
    There are agenda behind behind the propaganda
    The technics (20 years ago) used by them are no longer relevant at all.
    It’s real craps

  52. mangut says:

    Last time I checked, we still have a secular legal system as the foundation of the country.

    >> But people: to excuse that hudud law should be accepted because it ‘doesn’t affect the non-Muslims’ is sectarian politics and I reject it.

    Yep, and it’s even more delusional to have the “if don’t want your hands cut off, just don’t do bad things” approach. When the world is moving towards progressive social systems, advocating amputations and corporal punishments and even moral snooping are a huge step backwards.

  53. ronlek says:

    Go to Malaysia Today and read YM RPK’s latest posting under “No holds Barred”, RPK has cleared whatever doubts anyone may have, whether you have recieved this piece of news from the air or media. It is obviously somebody’s doing, after all it’s free to utter a few words but the consequenses may be disastrous. I believe each and everyone of us is matured enough to have the wisdom to see thru’ this.

  54. Syed says:

    I didn’t read the whole lot of comments but here’s my perspective.
    There’s nothing to be afraid of Hudud or Qisas if you have done nothing wrong.
    These laws are not barbaric laws. You guys who think so do not understand the laws and are without knowledge of the law. You just make generalization of the law based on the media spin-offs from the UMNO-racist goons and fake Ulama’s.
    At least try to see into the laws before making judgments.
    Madinah under prophet Muhammad was a multi racial and religious state that used these laws and everyone at that time lived comfortably and freely practice their beliefs.

    And these laws only apply to Muslims. Nothing to do with non-Muslims.

  55. jeffery says:

    Azura, dimane letak keindahan nye kalau kes rogol kena ada 4 saksi lelaki? Orang merogol sorang2 je mana nak cari saksi?kalau macam tu jawab nya bertambah lah kes rogol di malaysia. Tak faham lah

  56. wakdol says:

    i think this is a propaganda from bn…just like closing tabika in sungai petani this morning….if u recall back the tabika closing cas in terengganu right after PAS winning over in 1999 ( i think) the MB Idris Jusoh ADMITTED the UMNO did it on purpose to give a bad image over PAS….check in Internet if u dont beleive me…..so i think this is all BULLSHIT from BN….like JEFF LEE said why non Muslims support PAS in K’TAN if PAS is all that bad….
    Moreover HADI AWANG just announced in HARAKAH that PAS will give two EXCO seats to non Muslim ( one to DAP) in order to hear and bring their ideas and responds to the front….go to K’TAN if u wanna know what PAS Government is all about

  57. wakdol says:


    only if all requirements like 4 saksi are there, then the hudud will be implemented…
    if not the hukuman will be given by the pemerintah….
    what it means by 4 saksi is the case is very concrete and no other way to get out by the pesalah and there are even criterias for the saksi…its not simple….
    if not the judges will be in another court

  58. Change or be Change says:

    Hi guys n gals. Please go to have a glass of teh tarik and roti canai and pretend u have never heard such comments. It take a fools to believe such thing can happen in Malaysia.

  59. sceptical says:

    “Hudud applies to Muslims only, nothing to do with non-Muslims” may sound reassuring, but remember, Muslims and non-Muslims do not live in separate worlds. What if the criminal and the victim are from different religions? For example, say, a Muslim rapist and a non-Muslim victim. Which legal system applies then? Obviously, the rapist will stand to gain if he be judged under hudud. Is this fair then to the non-Muslim? For another example, suppose both attacker and victim are Muslims, but the only witnesses are non-Muslim. Since non-Muslim witnesses are not admissible under hudud, what then? Many of the posts here claim that opposition to hudud can only be from ignorance of the hudud laws, and that once we understand more, we will accept it. This is not true. I, for one, have looked at them closely, and I am firmly convinced that they are unsuitable for a society like ours where many different faiths are practiced. I strongly urge everyone to find out as much as possible about hudud, to think carefully about the consequences, and then make up your own mind. Whatever the chances of hudud being passed or implemented in this country may be -and a law once passed will be very difficult to repeal -there should not be any complacency or flippancy about a matter as serious as this.

  60. Joseph says:

    Most of here supports the opposition yet from the discussion treat, this issue is divisive. PAS should not forget its election promise of a social government and not Islamic governance. The social contract should be respected. This is creating huge anxiety among non muslims. Even education ( like what BN tried to do) will prob not work.

    Am against the hudud law in a secular country.

  61. takmausentimenkarut says:

    ini semua bernama yg dikuasai oleh BN punye crap la..
    they always buat2 tunjuk the opposition say sumthing but they cut the whole lot of it and makes it sound totally different..
    u guys should know that by now..

  62. kanica08 says:

    i didnt read all of the comments but the ones i did read was good

  63. Helmi_miera says:

    Untuk Makluman semua,Hudud is only for Muslim. Non Muslim don’t fear,u still can do anything.

    (Azura, dimane letak keindahan nye kalau kes rogol kena ada 4 saksi lelaki? Orang merogol sorang2 je mana nak cari saksi?kalau macam tu jawab nya bertambah lah kes rogol di malaysia. Tak faham lah)

    Menjawab soalan ini,jika kita tidak mencari 4 org saksi yg adil,hakim akan memutuskan bahawasanya penjenayah itu akan dikenakan TAKZIR.

    TAKZIR adalah hukuman yg dibuat oleh pemerintah seperti mana contoh gantung sampai mati penjara 20 tahun dan sebagainya.

    Jika memenuhi sume syarat dengan membawa 4 org saksi yg adil barulah dikenakan hudud.

    Hukum yg dibuat oleh Allah adalah sempurna,Tuhan Cina Tuhan Hindu Jesus juga melarang kaumnya membuat benda yg elok.

    Disini saya sertakan sekali artikel tentang HUDUD,harap anda boleh paham ..

    Hujjah yang mengatakan bahawa Hudud tidak lagi sesuai dengan perkembangan zaman moden adalah hujjah yang dangkal. Sekiranya Hudud ketinggalan zaman, maka begitu jugalah halnya dengan semua hukum syariat yang lain seperti hukum solat, puasa, haji, nikah kahwin, dan jual beli. Kesemua hukum-hukum ini juga dinyatakan secara jelas oleh Al-Quran dan Sunnah.

    Contohnya, lelaki yang adil bukan hanya perlu sebagai saksi-saksi dalam pengendalian kes-kes jenayah Hudud, tetapi juga sebagai wali nikah dan imam solat. Maka itu, andaian yang mengatakan bahawa amat sukar untuk mendapatkan saksi yang adil untuk menjadi saksi kes Hudud sebenarnya juga seolah-olah mengandaikan bahawa hukum nikah kahwin dan solat berjemaah tidak lagi perlu dipraktikkan oleh umat Islam sekarang. Tentunya ini merupakan andaian yang liar dan tidak benar.

    Sekiranya Hudud mahu dilabelkan sebagai agenda golongan ekstrimis Islam, maka apakah semua orang yang bernikah kahwin mengikut syariat dan bersolat jamaah juga perlu dilabelkan sebagai ekstrimis Islam? Maka, siapa lagi sebenarnya di kalangan umat Islam yang bukan ekstrimis melainkan kesemua muslim yang baik akan digelar ekstrimis Islam belaka.

    Salah faham seterusnya ialah apabila kita melihat hukum Hudud dalam bentuknya yang juz’i (stand alone) yang terpisah dari sistem jenayah syariah Islam secara keseluruhan. Islam adalah sistem yang lengkap dan saling melengkapi (kamil wa mutakamil). Setiap elemen dari ajaran Islam tidak boleh diceraikan dari keseluruhan batang tubuh Islam itu sendiri, dan begitu jugalah halnya dengan hukum Hudud. Hukum Hudud dalam bentuknya yang juz’i (stand alone) tidak akan mampu melahirkan keadilan, dan keadaan ini telah dipergunakan sepenuhnya oleh golongan penentang Hudud untuk menggambarkan bahawa Hudud adalah zalim. Mereka menilai Hudud dalam bentuknya yang terpisah dari keseluruhan sistem kehakiman dan perundangan Islam, dan sememangnya Hudud yang diambil secara juz’i ini boleh disifatkan sebagai tidak adil atau zalim.

    Contoh yang selalu dikemukakan adalah persoalan rogol. Dalam hukum Hudud, jenayah rogol adalah disamakan dengan jenayah zina. Tahap kesaksian dan hukumannya juga sama. Dalam Hudud juga, menuduh seseorang yang dikenali sebagai orang baik melakukan zina tanpa mendatangkan saksi yang berwibawa merupakan suatu kesalahan Qazaf yang boleh membawa hukuman sebanyak 80 rotan. Lalu diambil peruntukan-peruntukan hudud ini secara terpisah oleh penentang Hudud untuk menggambar betapa mangsa rogol akan dizalimi.Mereka mengandaikan bahawa seorang mangsa rogol perlu mendatang 4 orang saksi lelaki yang adil untuk membuat pengaduan atau menghadapi risiko kesalahan Qazaf. Ini, menurut andaian mereka, adalah menzalimi mangsa rogol dan melindungi perogol. Padahal, undang-undang yang melibatkan kes rogol perlu dirujuk kepada keseluruhan peruntukan undang-undang jenayah syariah secara lengkap (Hudud, Qisas, Takzir, Undang-undang keterangan, siasah syari’ah) dan tidak boleh dinilai dari perspektif hukum Hudud secara terhad dan terpisah.

    Seseorang yang mengadu dirinya dirogol, sepertimana kes-kes biasa, perlu membuat lapuran polis dan melakukan pemeriksaan doktor. Ini prosedur biasa. Polis atau pegawai penyiasat akan melakukan penyiasatan berdasarkan lapuran dan keterangan yang diberikan. Sekiranya terdapat bukti yang kukuh bahawa kes rogol sememangnya telah berlaku, pegawai penyiasat akan menyerahkan lapuran kepada pihak pendakwa.

    Sekiranya tahap kesaksian untuk pendakwaan dilakukan dalam hukum Hudud tidak mencukupi (tiada 4 orang saksi yang melihat kejadian tersebut), pihak pendakwa masih boleh mendakwanya di bawah undang-undang Takzir. Melalui peruntukan Takzir, beban pembuktian adalah lebih longgar dan hukumannya juga lebih ringan berbanding Hudud. Pemeriksaan doktor dan keterangan-keterangan serta bukti-bukti yang dikumpulkan oleh polis ini (DNA test, lapuran kesihatan, penilaian psychology, dll) dinamakan sebagai Qarinah. Qarinah boleh digunakan sebagai bahan bukti yang boleh mensabitkan kesalahan takzir ke atas perogol. Qarinah ini juga boleh mengelakkan mangsa rogol dari dakwaan Qazaf, kerana Qazaf merupakan kesalahan Hudud dan sebarang keraguan yang boleh ditimbulkan (melalui Qarinah) dalam kes Hudud boleh menggugurkan kes tersebut. Hukuman Hudud boleh dilakukan ke atas seseorang hanya apabila tiada sebarang keraguan langsung (beyond any shadow of doubt). Manakala untuk kesalahan yang boleh dibuktikan secara jelas oleh Qarinah, tetapi tidak mencapai tahap kesaksian yang diperlukan oleh Hudud, hukum Takzir boleh dikenakan terhadap penjenayah tersebut.

    Mengaitkan Qazaf dengan kes rogol secara mutlak adalah suatu andaian yang liar dan tidak adil. Hukum Qazaf berfungsi untuk melindungi maruah seseorang individu yang baik dari sebarang tuduhan melulu yang boleh menjatuhkan maruah diri dan keluarganya. Sekiranya, seseorang itu menuduh dirinya dirogol oleh seseorang, sedangkan bukti dan keterangan (Qarinah) yang dibawa menunjukkan sebaliknya, barulah ia boleh didakwa di bawah Qazaf. Contohnya, Minah menuduh Ali merogolnya sehingga mengandung, tetapi ujian DNA menunjukkan bahawa anak tersebut bukanlah dari benih Ali, maka Minah akan menghadapi risiko dakwaan Qazaf melainkan ada 4 orang saksi yang berwibawa yang melihat kejadian rogol tersebut, ataupun dapat dibuktikan secara Qarinah bahawa dia dirogol oleh ramai orang dan Ali adalah salah seorang daripada mereka. Tetapi, sekiranya ujian DNA mengesahkan bahawa anak tersebut memang jelas dari benih Ali, maka Ali boleh didakwa di bawah peruntukan Takzir, manakala Minah tidak akan dihukum di bawah Qazaf. Dalam kes ini, Ali tidak didakwa di bawah Hudud kerana tahap kesaksian tidak menepati kehendak hukum Hudud, sebaliknya beliau akan dihukum di bawah undang-undang Takzir.

    Dalam kata lain, sekiranya perkara ini dirujuk kepada keseluruhan rang undang-undang Hudud, Qisas, Takzir, Undang-Undang Keterangan, dan ditambah dengan kefahaman terhadap konsep Siasah Syariah, maka segala keraguan dan andaian liar terhadap Hudud atau mana-mana peruntukan dalam hukum Jenayah Syariah tidak sepatutnya berlaku.

    Ibarat kata Tun Salleh Abbas, bekas Ketua Hakim Negara, yang juga salah seorang ahli panel Jawatankuasa Penyediaan Rang Undang-Undang Hudud dan Qisas, ” Sekiranya undang-undang ini dilaksanakan dengan mendapatkan kerjasama semua pihak, kebanyakan masalah yang melibatkan sistem Perundangan dan Kehakiman negara dapat diselesaikan, di samping mencapai matlamat mengurangkan kadar jenayah dan kerosakan akhlak.”

    Kesilapan melihat peruntukan hukum jenayah syariah dalam bentuknya yang stand alone (juz’i) ini juga berlaku kepada pengkritik hukum Qisas. Mengikut peruntukan hukum Qisas, seorang pembunuh itu wajib dibalas bunuh melainkan beliau mendapat persetujuan dari waris mangsa untuk membayar diyat (gantirugi), ataupun pengampunan terus dari waris mangsa. Andaian yang sering dibuat oleh penentang Qisas ialah bahawa seorang pembunuh yang kejam dan merbahaya akan terlepas dari hukuman sekiranya waris mangsa bersetuju mendapat bayaran ganti rugi atau mengampunkan pembunuh tersebut. Sekiranya ini berlaku, pembunuh itu boleh terus membunuh mangsa-mangsa yang lain.

    Sekiranya kita membaca peruntukan tersebut secara lengkap dan bersama dengan peruntukan-peruntukan yang lain, sebenarnya Hakim masih boleh menjatuhkan hukuman Takzir ke atas pembunuh itu, di samping hukum Qisas sekiranya pihak Mahkamah bersetuju bahawa pembunuh tersebut perlu dihukum bagi menjamin ketenteraman awam. Dalam kata lain, walaupun pembunuh tersebut mendapat pengampunan dari waris mangsa dari dijatuhkan hukuman bunuh balas (Qisas), beliau masih boleh dihukum penjara atau hukuman-hukuman lain yang setimpal dengan kesalahannya. Jadi, tidak timbul persoalan samada seseorang penjenayah itu dengan mudah boleh melepaskan diri dengan memberi rasuah kepada waris mangsa.

    Seperkara lagi yang sering diabaikan dalam perbahasan berkenaan Hudud ialah peri pentingnya kefahaman terhadap Siasah Syar’iah di dalam perlaksanaan Undang-Undang Jenayah Syariah. Kebanyakan mereka yang menentang Undang-Undang Hudud dan Qisas adalah terdiri dari kalangan mereka yang mempunyai kefahaman yang sangat terhad terhadap Siasah Syari’ah. Siasah Syar’iah amat penting bagi menghadapi kes-kes yang rumit dan spesifik. Para Hakim dan Peguam Syari’ah adalah mereka yang terlatih di dalam ilmu Siasah Syari’ah. Ini penting agar keadilan sistem perundangan Islam dapat dilaksanakan.

    Umpamanya penentang Hudud mempersoalkan tentang keperluan saksi lelaki di dalam kes-kes Hudud, dan bagaimana sekiranya kejadian rogol dilakukan di asrama wanita. Kes seperti ini boleh dirujuk kembali kepada perbicaraan terhadap pembunuhan Osman bin Affan, salah seorang Khalifah Islam. Saksi kepada pembunuhan tersebut ialah isteri Osman sendiri, dan tiada saksi lelaki. Hakim, menggunakan kaedah Siasah Syari’ah bagi membenarkan kesaksian dari kaum wanita kerana kes-kes tersebut memerlukan kesaksian mereka. Oleh kerana kesaksian beliau cukup kukuh dan tidak dapat dicabar di mahkamah, maka kesaksian tersebut diterima di dalam perbicaraan itu.

    Begitulah juga dengan peristiwa yang berlaku di zaman pemerintahan Islam di mana terdapat seorang gadis yang mengandung lalu dibawa ke muka pengadilan. Gadis itu mempertahankan dirinya menyatakan bahawa beliau tidak tahu sesiapa yang merogolnya, tetapi menyebut bahawa beliau adalah seorang yang terlalu kuat tidur sehingga tidak sedar jika diperlakukan sesuatu yang tidak baik ke atasnya. Memandangkan kes ini jarang berlaku, hakim telah membenarkan tertuduh mengemukakan beberapa saksi yang boleh mengesahkan dakwaannya bahawa beliau adalah seorang yang terlalu kuat tidur. Setelah hakim berpuas hati dengan kesaksian bahawa gadis tersebut memang dikenali sebagai seorang wanita yang taat beragama serta berakhlak baik, dan kesaksian bahawa beliau memang seorang yang terlalu kuat tidur sehingga tidak sedar diperlakukan sesuatu ke atasnya ketika sedang tidur, maka hakim telah menggugurkan kes tersebut kerana terdapat keraguan yang munasabah bahawa gadis tersebut telah berzina secara sukarela.

    Bagi mereka yang memahami persoalan Siasah Syar’iah secara mendalam, Hukum Hudud merupakan suatu sistem perundangan yang adil dan dinamik yang mampu menangani persoalan semasa selari dengan kemajuan saintifik dan perkembangan sosio-ekonomi masyarakat. Sebenarnya, terlalu banyak kes-kes penghakiman di dalam sistem perundangan Islam yang mempu membuktikan bahawa sistem ini merupakan sistem yang adil dan dinamik, di samping menepati kehendak syara’ seperti yang telah digariskan oleh Al-Quran dan Sunnah.

    Umpamanya, kes rogol mungkin tidak berlaku paksaan secara fizikal semata-mata. Ia juga boleh berlaku melalui tipu muslihat lain seperti kaedah tekanan mental, perasaan, dan lain-lain. Seorang mangsa rogol umpamanya mungkin terpaksa menyerahkan dirinya kepada seseorang yang dianggap lebih berkuasa dan berpengaruh serta boleh menjejaskan kehidupan keluarganya dalam pelbagai sudut. Pembuktian kes-kes seperti tentunya lebih rumit dan memerlukan pendekatan Siasah Syari’ah yang lebih mendalam. Bagaimanapun, tentulah dangkal dan tidak benar untuk mengatakan bahawa hukum Islam telah ketinggalan zaman sedangkan ianya telah terbukti mampu menjadi tunggak kehakiman ummah selama lebih seribu tahun sejak terdirinya kerajaan Islam di Madinah sehinggalah kepada kejatuhan Khalifah Othmaniah pada tahun 1924.

    Apa yang menjadi masalah ialah ramai umat Islam hari ini yang sudah terpisah dengan pengamalan syariat Islam sehingga merasa cukup asing dan melihat hukum syariah dengan penuh prejudis dan kecurigaan, sedangkan mereka tidak mempunyai kefahaman yang mendalam berkenaan ilmu tersebut. Apatah lagi apabila masyarakat bukan Islam yang juga cuba menilai hukum ini dengan keilmuan sifar, secara tidak beradab mencela dan menghina hukum Islam. –

  64. Hilmi says:

    Susan, haven’t we learned enough? Please don’t quote anything from something even worse than BN, i.e. the BN-controlled media. We won thanks to the effort, in no small measure, of the alternative media such as yours. Therefore, do not fall into BN’s trap of putting us a loggerheads.

    We have a practical, real life example of how well an opposing party is governing a state – the PAS-led Kelantan. It’s been around for 18 (+ another 5) years. Even the non Muslims on the West Coast are talking about Nik Aziz’s fair & exemplary leadership.

    Pls do not waste valuable space and time writing about what BN says. Let’s move on forward and contribute positive things towards a just and corruption-free Malaysia.

  65. kfchan says:

    Any one can point to the right path?

    Why we are afraid of Hudud? A friend of mine voted for PAS over BN. Then we told me he felt guilty. What if they came in power and somehow implemented Hudud? I answered him with what Raja Petra always says.. aiya.. you pencuri ke? Why afraid your hand kena chop. You are not a thief.

    His answer does merit consideration. Just look at Anwar. He got framed and go to prison. But suffer though he has, but came out of prison in one piece.

    But if you kena framed and hand got chopped, too late already. Even if later found out to be innocent also no use. Sorry also too late. No more hands. How???

  66. minah says:

    Terlebih dahulu pengadilan dan pengendalian ke atas pendiskriminasian masa terhadap kes yang tertangguh melibatkan wang dan Mahkamah Syariah memerlukan pengaturan yang sistematik untuk ditingkatkan keprofesionalannya setanding dengan Mahkamah Sivil dalam menangani masalah nikah dan perceraian, isteri dan anak-anak yang ditinggalkan tanpa penanggungan nafkah (masalah ibu tunggal) dan tuntutan harta sepencarian.

    Warga bukan Islam tidak tertakluk kepada enakmen dan bidang kuasa Mahkamah syariah dan saat ini kita tidak wajar melemahkan kekuatan persepaduan yang telah terbentuk hingga kita berjaya berreformasi dan berislah.

    Usah kita miliki persamaan ciri dengan meletakkan isu agama sebagai ganti isu perkauman kerana kita mahu mengubah dan tidak memisahkan unit setiap anggota masyarakat dengan kekeliruan oleh ketidakjelasan maklumat dan berpengetahuan kerana ia tidak membangunkan kesejahteraan yang ingin warga Makaysia wujudkan.
    Kita mesti miliki perbezaan sikap minda dan jiwa dari sebarang persamaan dengan BN.

    Jika masih mahu memikirkan Hudud kita juga wajar mengetahui bahawa orang-orang bukan Islam diberi pilihan untuk tidak menyertai perkhidmatan ketenteraan jika berlaku peperangan di antara pihak Islam dan harap ia menjadikan kita upaya bersikap adil dan saksama dalam memahami prinsip-prinsip kebenaran dan keadilan di dalam Islam yang selama ini tidak terzahir.

  67. minah says:

    Miss Susan
    Saya membantah pengambilan pandangan secara tidak jujur ini.

  68. Crankshaft says:

    Actually, I’m not all that freaked about the hudud issue. I haven’t heard of too many people with their hands chopped off. It appears to be a bizarre law, but what the heck – even the Kelantanese aren’t afraid of it..

  69. Abdullah says:

    Hi people,

    Have u seen/do you know the crime rate in the United States for example or any other so called well developed country? How many policemen died trying to keep peace in these country.(Including MALAYSIA). THE LAW IS TO LINIENT or should we call it CIVILISED.

    These criminal dont have the fear to go against anything. Why not inflict fear to them.(including us). We should take all the necessery steps to protect ourselve, NOT THEM. UNDERSTAND? A STERN WARNING TO INFILCT FEAR TO COMMIT CRIME. THATS WHAT HUDUD IS ALL ABOUT. FEAR TO COMMIT CRIME.

    You can say the hudud law is out of date/barbaric etc. TRY CHECKING OUT THE CRIME IN THE SAUDI ARABIA? it will be suprising.

  70. freewave says:

    I think it is inhumane. Allow me to give you a scenario. With a little common sense, rich people don’t steal, the poors do. Have you asked yourselves why? Of course there are a number of bad thiefs, who steal eventhough they don’t need to. I’m not talking about robin hood, I’m talking about those who steal out of no choice, poverty in the family. If the people steals because they are poor and the state government cannot reduce the cost of living in the state, why are you chopping people’s hand off? By the way, if he is first timer, will you give him a chance to correct himself?

  71. wan says:

    Bro and sis…dont judge a book by its cover….so if you know nothing about something,…dont jump into conclusion…

  72. Rock says:

    For the implementation of Khalifah system and hudud law is a compulsory for all muslim to achieve it. it’s the purpose of life. melalui firman Allah s.a.w “tidak ku jadikan manusia dan jin melainkan untuk beribadah kepadaku” but it has to be educate to all muslim and non muslim, the law is very flexible and fair. for example if oneself is caught for stealing, it doesn’t mean that the hand will be cut. Find out the reasons first, the judge it. hmm..but for me to support DAP, not at all. same goes to PKR. they the one that create the problem dan menghasut isu-isu perkauman.

  73. micon says:

    How do i FEEL

    We have to respect ppls around u regardless of their race, religion & status. Everyone of us has the right to be treated as human being. What separate one form the others is “CHARACTER”.
    Humble, honesty, integrity & many others falls into good character that one must practice in daily life.

    As a Muslim, u should lead by example, one must also learn & respect other ppls culture, understanding one another better so as to live in harmony.


    Spoken words may be forgotten after sometimes, but written words here can be saved & will be remembered forever. Spoken or written words here are indeed came out from your inner heart that could identify one character.

    My adivce to Muslims here, “Please lead by good example” to other communities.

  74. Ally McBeal says:

    wei korang ni…..ni sume kes tak faham tapi tak nak baca. I really feel that Kedah Gov MUST issue complete manual about Islamic Law IN ALL languages for better understanding untuk sesape yg tak berapa faham tu.

    Please wake up… all this while malaysian have been poisoned by the BN as to make us afraid of Islamic Law. Hudud is only Law relating to cRIME la wei.

    And even in iSLAM is not that easy to establish the requirements laid down in the Quran, and therefore we shall resort to ta’zir i.e imprisonment.

    Why takut? After all it is only APPLICABLE TO MUSLIM ONLY…so ? Even in other religion also actually the true teachings is x boleh minum arak, fornication , bunuh orang , theft…..is there any religion in the world which legalise bad deeds.?

    Can u all look at it this way…one of the intention of the Legislator (Allah) is to set the law as Deterrent Effect…so that people takut nak buat jahat. e.g takut mencuri nanti kena potong tangan, takut berzina nanti kena rejam degn batu… So less moral corruption in the society.


    After all, kalau Muslim yg takut sgat denagn hukum islam yg Allah dah laid down in Quran tu nape? Sebab korang dah tak leh buat dosa?

    Oii takutlah kepada Allah. Tgk lah Pak Lah tu Mahathir…deny hukum Allah , dah dapat BALA.

  75. justme says:

    jeffery Says:
    March 10, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Azura, dimane letak keindahan nye kalau kes rogol kena ada 4 saksi lelaki? Orang merogol sorang2 je mana nak cari saksi?kalau macam tu jawab nya bertambah lah kes rogol di malaysia. Tak faham lah

    kalau seseorang pesalah tak cukup syarat untuk dihukum ikut hudud ( macam contoh di atas, rogol berlaku tapi tak dapat 4 saksi ), maka hukum takzir akan digunapakai. hukum takzir ialah hukum yang macam common law yang dah ada sekarang ni spt penjara, sebat dsbnya.
    kalau cukup syarat, maka pesalah akan dihukum ikut hudud.
    siasatan kes rogol tetap dibuat sebagaimana yang diamalkan sekarang, cuma jika syarat hudud dipenuhi, maka kenalah diberi hukuman yang sesuai dgn hukum hudud. kalau tak, kena penjara atau sebat je lah.
    so, tak nampak pulak mengapa akan bertambah kes rogol.
    utk tahu lebih lanjut, sila merujuk kpd yang lebih arif.

  76. justme says:

    Rock Says:
    March 11, 2008 at 10:59 am

    …..hmm..but for me to support DAP, not at all. same goes to PKR. they the one that create the problem dan menghasut isu-isu perkauman.


    I went to few PKR ceramahs, read their newsletter, read their blogs ( which maintained by malay, indian, chinese ) but did not find any thing as per what you mentioned. may be, you can share with us on this.

  77. Abdullah says:

    Aiyah, u all tak habis-habis lah. One after another. This thing will go on forever. Penat mau baca.

    Dont waste your time lah. Find something beneficial to do la ah!

    If u still want to know about hudud get in touch with someone who is expert on it. Jangan tak tau, tapi mau cakap juga macam DR. M.

  78. micon says:

    Kebanyakan pemimpin pemimpin UMNO kurang pengethuan dalam agama Islam, (on the surface only)
    Di lahirkan Islam sahaja tetapi tidak practice, kalau sembaying hanya hendak menunjukkan kepada ra’ayat umum, nothing more that. Ini adalah kelemahan yang besar (menunjol) ada pada mereka
    Mereka hanya mementingkan diri sendiri, keluarga dan juga sahabat handai (cronies)
    Mereka berkaga antara satu sama lain di belakang tabir untok pangkat, kedudukan dan harta
    Masih banyak masharakat Melayu mundur & dan lagi miskin di Malaysia,
    Apa itu bumi putra yang di laungkan oleh UMNO – NON-EXISTANCE

    Tengoklah tengkah laku mereka yang “ANGKOH” di kaca mata TV dengan fitnah dan propaganda mereka terhadap PAS dan mana mana parti pembanking. SUNGGUH MEMALUKAN

    BN tidak relevant at all. Sudah sampai masa nya parti pembangkang yang berwibawa untuk megabit alih memoranda Malaysia untok kesejahteraan, kemakmuran dan bersih semata-mata untok rakyat MalOrang Melayu yang menyokong BN telah di perbodoh bodohkan olen UMNO bangsa Melayu sendiri
    Sungguh menyedihkan

  79. Ally McBeal says:


    Betul2x Mcm Dr M, tak tau, jahil tapi mcm tahu. Pastu dia lah yg actually the real culprit yg menghasut rakyat Malaysia betapa teruknya Hukum islam. So, as Muslim, it is our duty to explain at least the basic things to our kengkawan yg non muslim and our felloe Muslim fren yg bengong ….so that they all tak de la salah faham

    Wajib atas kita tu ….jgn lupa. B4 they can procedd to dig more knowledge, try to give some in put la…

  80. jongos says:

    I can’t see the different between BN and BR, all the politicians are the same. Don’t say that all guys in PAS, PKR and DAP are an angel and the saviour of the country. Don’t say that no cronysm in DAP and PKR. Who is Guan Eng and Kit Siang, who is Jagdeep and Karpal, who is Nurrul Izzah, Azizah and Anwar, The DYNASTY is there – jangan sampai 7 keturunan dah la! Face the truth guys, just wait and see when they are in full power. Its easy to promise – nak turun harga minyak la, nak turun harga barang la, nak hapuskan tol lah – ( Can’t wait to see, what are they going to do when Crude Oil are reaching USD 200 per barrel at 2010 – BOLEH KE nak TURUN harga minyak ? ) Alangkan hari ni pun Crude Oil dah trade kat USD 104 – 106 per barrel? Tak tau ke minyak Malaysia dah nak habis ? Tak tau ke by 2020 minyak satu dunia pun akan habis kalau production rate for crude oil macam sekarang? Tengok-tengok la kat China – berapa banyak diorang consume minyak?
    Maybe we can ask Guan Eng to declare how much money in his saving now, so that we can ask him to declare how much money he got 4 tahun lagi, I mean before PRU 13? Chiow……

  81. Rubin says:

    Don’t worry lah about hudud law. The best law in the world is syariah law which covered everything including hudud law. No punishment being punishment to innocent people. All punishment must be supported with concreat evidents. Therefore with the implementation of this law, the country will become safe and harmony. All races will be treated fair in all areas.

  82. micon says:

    BN scare tactics are the same as Bush Fear Monger “War on terror”
    So, there are alike = 2 x 5
    Boycot BERNAMA & others that spread lies, way to punish them

  83. Fasthand says:

    Think out of the box. People waste too much time debating over religions. Religions preach good morals and human dignity. All religions are good and they promote spiritual faith and mental strength: so why the fuss? It’s humans who spread the fear of religions. If people keep the faith they can can deal and co-exist with people of other religions, and spend more time working together for the common good, then we can easily make BN redudant. I am sure many oppressed people made their various prayers of thanks at the March 9 weekend. THANKSGIVING: isn’t that what everybody shares?

  84. Abdullah says:

    Hi En. JONGOS

    Betul u cakap. Politician from DAP,PKR & PAS they are not angel. People do make mistake/error. But as rakyat, we can voice or opinion if they do any wrong.

    U cakap about DYNASTY, TU tengok PAK LAH tu apaaaa. DR. M tu apaaaa. Kalau itu bukan DYNASTY, then apaaaaa. Yang dia buat selama ni apaaaa.

    BA baru naiiiiiik, kasi chan dia proof themselse laaah. Baru tau boleh buat kerja atau tidak. Niiiih belum apa-apa lagi, u dah tuduh macam-macam. Mana school u mari aah?

  85. hazel says:

    In order to implement Hudud laws, we do need a really fair, clean and bribe-free government. think our leaders ready to be that?

  86. jongos says:

    Salam Pak Abdullah ( Bukan Pak Lah ye! )

    Dinasti dalam BN tak payah nak cakap la…bukan setakat 7 keturunan…kalau boleh semua diorang nak NGAP…kita ni setakat dapat serdak je le……lagi sapa tu ? yang dok kat kementerian pelajaran tuh? itu pun dah generasi ke 3…

    Ana bukan apa…nak mengingatkan je…Ana ni anak Selangor, pasal tu la ana kasi BR menang kat Selangor…ok lah…gua kasi chan so they can proof that they can manage gua punya negeri tercinta…lagi pun Khalid tu banyak corporate experience…gua pikir dia pun memang ada capacity to carry MB post.


  87. Rock says:

    Orang2 Melayu yang menyokong DAP dan PKR – ingat bahawa mereka tentang penubuhan negara Islam. terang2 mereka tentang penubuhan negara islam tapi masih nak mengundi DAP dan PKR. Ingat PKR tu pendokong kepada DAP. dan DAP tu adalah pecahan PAP. Cukuplah orang melayu kehilangan Singapura. Sekarang ni Pulau Pinang dan Perak diambang pergaduhan. Jangan ingat suara yang banyak bercakap tu kuat- suara yang diam tu lagi kuat. Jangan ingat orang melayu tak sensitif pada cabaran Hak-hak ketuanan melayu. Ingat-jangan bermain dengan api. Apa salah hishamuddin memegang keris-orang melayu tak pernah pertikaikan orang cina pasal tarian singa atau orang india bawa kavadi. Ingat jangan bermain dengan API!!!!

  88. COOL says:

    Oi Rock, Relek la bradder – hang ni pasai marah gini pulok. Yang si cerita ‘keris’ tu, depa marah sebab Bang Sham(Hishamudin) buat komen nak ngalir daroh cino dengan kerih dia tu… bukan sebab dia bawak keluaq kerih dia – halamak Rock.

  89. melayutulen says:

    Ya la Rock,

    Pasal hang bising bising ni. Cerita pun tak betul-usah pakai cakap je, buat malu Melayu la hang ni. Betoi cakap COOL. Jangan terlalu ikut perasaan. Sabar babe. Kesabaran itu sebahagian daripada Iman. Ha Ingat tu!

  90. peace in hope says:

    I doubt its the intention of the Hudud law to discriminate. It has many good aspects. We had read about a chinese family(one of our bloggers here) who lives in Kelantan saying he’s never been marginalized being the minority Chinese-Malaysian. I had also heard from another person assigned to work in Kelantan and had been there for 8 years, being an Indian-Malaysian, saying that Kelantan has seen so much of advancement and he is very touched by the locals living in harminy looking out for each other. Kota Bharu is a safe place to be so i am hearing. Well my friends-all these comments from Non-Muslims in a PAS-led Kelantan. Nevertheless, the MBs from both these states (Perak & Kedah) had said they will put the interest of its rakyat above everything – so let them. Its immature to speculate these things or even too soon in fact. Let the new Government work with the support from its locals please.

  91. cyphuell says:

    my dear friends, in islam, the punishment for crimes was devided into 3 categories. first is qisas and diyat (retaliation & blood money) which exclusively applicable to murder and causing hurts cases. here, the heirs were given the right to ask for retaliation, or they may choose to forgive the murderer and/or ask for blood money as compensation for the loss.(you see, how beautiful islam is). second category is hudud which covers 7 types of offences (theft, adultery, false accusation, dacoity & robbery, wine drinking & apostasy). the evidential aspect of these 7 offences is very strict and detail. be reminded that nobody shall be convicted for hudud punishment if there was a doubt in the evidence. third category is ta’zir, which mean descretionary punishment, the government has the power to determine the appropriate punishment which may include death penalty and other lesser/ severe punishment. it is more or less similar to the current system in the penal code. any crimes which does not falls under the previous two categories (qisas/hudud) shall fall under ta’zir. hudud offences which lack in evidence also can be punish with ta’zir punishment. for example, unmarried muslim commit adultery, but the prosecution only able to produce 1 witness (for adultery there must be 4 witnesses). however, the testimony by that sole witness is solid and unshakable. the judge can punish them with ta’zir. for theft, the witness must be two male, sane and muslim. if the prosecutor unable to produce them as witnesses, but CCTV recording shows without doubt that the accused commit the theft, he can be punish with ta’zir. his hand will not be cut but he might be jailed or subject to other punishment as legislated by the ta’zir law. for rape, it is rare that we can produce 4 competent witnesses and the culprit may not be convicted for hudud punishment but if there are other evidence that the rape was commited, which can include the testimony of the victim herself, we may punish the culprit with severe punishment under ta’zir, which may include death penalty. some scholars further viewed that rape does not fall under hudud, therefore, the burden of proof is easier than the burden of proof in adultery. ta’zir law also must be codified like our current law for uniformity. we can adopt whatever appropriate in the current penal code. apart from punishment, islamic law also took into serious consideration on the evidential aspect. believe me, it is far better than our current evidence law. you can read further on this matter in the book by prof dr. anwarullah, the criminal law of islam. the book is easy to understand.

    we dont have to be afraid with islamic law, it is a devine law made by god, meant to protect the right, dignity and well being of the human regardless of races and religion. islamic law is flexible and fair. non muslim has their rights in islamic law. they were protected. at the end of the day, who will get the benefit of the Islamic law? the peace and tranquility, less crimes, better protection etc? sure, we are the one. dont be fooled by the comments made by politicians who knows very little about islamic law. they only have the word ‘POLITICAL POWER’ in their mind. it was their utmost goal. so, ask the expert and knowlegable people in this matter. read the books written by the reliable author. thank you

  92. Anonymous says:

    Hudud or no hudud is just a law…. Although I dont think that it will be implemented, even if it is implemented, it will be very difficuly for people to be trial in a hudud court, since the standard of requirement for hudud is very hard to comply… Not any Tom, Dick and Harry can be witness in the hudud court… Let alone being able to caught a man red handed doing the crime… But hey, Hudud is meant for criminal, it is not a law to punish law abiding citizen, it is not a law to punish the people, it is only for criminals and people who commited crime… If we are good people and we do not involve in criminal activities, why we need to be afraid even if it is hudud law… But, again, as like Kelantan, I think the PAS approach will be more on improving the society and the standard of living… They need to address these issues first before they want to think about the hudud…

  93. malisa says:

    hudud must be implemented…its a law by God.

  94. cyphuell says:

    anonymous says “I think the PAS approach will be more on improving the society and the standard of living… They need to address these issues first before they want to think about the hudud…”

    i would sumarised like this: implement islamic administration system = lesser crimes = better security = fair, transparent & honest society = more investment will come in = better economic growth = more jobs = living standard will be increased = kita semua akan hidup dengan senang dan bahagia….

  95. political-analyst says:

    to have islamic administration country probably a dream that won’t come true if PAS has to work together with party represented by non-muslim such as DAP and party with multiracial and multireligious ideology such as PKR. What they don’t realise is their biggest enemy who is UMNO might be able to make their dream come true. Perception of islam is widely distorted among the non-muslim all over the world. Islam promotes peace and harmony without discrimination towards the others including non-muslim. The faults lie within the muslim leaders of malaysia who failed to convince thier non-muslim counterparts what true Islam. What they do is to use religion for their own gain.

  96. […] PAS plans to implement hudud in Kedah? (Susan Loone) […]

  97. star says:

    try to understand what is hudud laws,
    how it been done, dont just said ,4 saksi ke, 10 ke,
    talk when u really know not just your assumption,

  98. tidak akan melayu hilang didunia

  99. perli says:

    hudud is law of islamic and it`s can make a justice for all people in the world?so,why malaysian people cannot accept hudud? did they don`t know what about hudud?

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