I tell you, ah…this comedy court is a genius-la…damn farny one.

Enjoy, have some fun, BN 2/3rds already denied what…

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  1. x, michael says:

    […] per game the Badgers allow ?? best in the nation. Key Numbers: RPI: 12 SOS: 42www.bracketography.com???Goodbye Sam??? from Comedy Court???Goodbye Sam??? from Comedy Court Posted in ELECTIONS GENERAL on March 10, 2008 by sloone I tell […]

  2. clearwater says:

    I enjoyed that one, man. Samy is only one of several who deservedly got the boot in the GE, wonder if the creator of this will deign to do the honours on the ex Info Mminister, bocor MPs and the like.

  3. mahadev says:

    Setinggi-tinggi tupai melompat,akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga.From Dust you came,on dust you fall.He should dust of and move on.As all this Dust settles down,all others in POWER should realise and never under value PEOPLE POWER(MAKKAL SAKTHI).
    My only wish is that PKR,DAP and PAS form as quickly as possible a coaliation called as BARISAN RAKYAT(BR) so that they will be under one umbrella with ONE MIND,ONE VISION and ONE MISSION for the nation.

  4. brave citizen says:

    DAP rocket potent-lah.. Angkasawan SVelu also can reach outer space! we need more rockets! 🙂

  5. Joshua says:

    Bwaahhaa haa! Sholids laa!

  6. marcia quek says:

    Great, this lyric makes my day. More please. Good for a Monday morning blues.

  7. tc lin says:

    good tsunami, where it’s wash away some dirt and dust on our country. wishing all the new comer do their best to fulfill the rakyat request, if NOT next won,t be them anymore.

  8. Joe1marley says:

    “Emancipate your mental slavery …non other than ourselvs can free of our mind””

    Let the dead burried the dead…!! SAM: — You should take care your own family issue first , rather than the comunity!!You should held a press statement like other leaders too.. They told you are not affarid of any atomic bom,, guess you alergi to press!! BE BRAVE,NOT LIKE DOLLS!!!

  9. youngvoter74 says:

    In response to Mahadev (dated March 10 ).
    Bravo and well said about all the dust and dirt ! Your wish is also my wish and i believe many others too ! Let’s us pray hard for a righteous ruling under BR.

  10. francis says:

    1: hope that the barisan rakyat can organize a state level celebration for this.
    2: remove penang bridge toll collection
    3: improve and widen streets in penang (they are too narrow)
    4: increase foreign investment
    5: make penang a cleaner place
    6: built more houses
    7: speed up construction of monorail
    8: better sign board and tourist friendly places
    9: reduce crimes (petty and serious)
    lastly : good management and listen to RAKYAT’s grouses

    DAP-PKR-PAS ( the reliable new alternative)

    and kick out the old rotten samy

  11. DesertRose says:

    Absolutely BRILLIANT and oh so true !! Keep it coming comedy court ! :p

  12. nusian says:

    hope klse up again soon

  13. sandang says:

    Hie creator… It was great.. but i dont enjoyed it this morning as i was actually thinking… Will the winners really fullfill the promises………!

  14. Patrick says:

    Very happy to see that most malaysians Know their right. MP not just looking after petty issues.Most important he or she most be atrust worthy and honest.willing to sacrify time for voter not personal gain. Hope the opposition(barisan rayat) will able to adhere to. Cheer

  15. Justabloke says:

    Had me in stitches. Well done guys! You are really creative in the lyrics.

  16. christina says:

    fantastic and brilliant

  17. anti-uncle SAM's gang says:

    ~~~~Its a auspicious day for all indians(8TH MAC 2008) , bcoz it was considered 2 b “A HAPPY DEEPAVALI DAY” 2all indians in malaysian,where the lost of UNCLE SAM–IN THE ELECTION,considered 2 b the death of malaysian ‘NARAGASURA–THE DEVIL’~~~~~~from now on there will b 2 day of deepavali celebration in a year!!! HAPPY DEEPAVALI TO ALL INDIANS!!!

  18. mahadevan says:


  19. AnaCondA says:

    Cool Dude! Nice Song…looking forward for the Rap version soon! Hope Pertronas will come up with nice ad for the upcoming Deepavali featuring the fall of Naragasuran! Celebrate 8MAR as our New Malaysian Deepavali Day by the side! We can have Deepavali ONE and Deepavali TWO every year….hahahahaha.

  20. SecretBoy says:

    Nalla venum Samy Vellu ku….

  21. abangbud says:

    agree with mahadev. the tripatite should form the coalition as fast as possible.

  22. Bee Gees says:

    It is now time for PKR/DAP/PAS to open all of Sam’s files and let Justice prevail. The world must see and the rakyat must be compensated for all the illegal financial gain that this gangster and his clan has amassed during his tenure as the Works Minister!

  23. Rajan says:

    What more can I say other then Thank You.
    I enjoyed it. Thanks again.

  24. sandang says:

    dont worry guys…. Uncle Sam will somehow try any other ways in getting something… Mybe Senatorship…. don’t be surprised if that happens as i heard the work is going on now…… What a bullshit……

  25. MAHAGURU58 says:


    Damn smart lah Comedy Court!

    Mahaguru58 is a fan!

    How about another one for Paklalalalala and Zam Zam Ala Kazam?

    Great job Malaysia!

    We can do better in the next GE!

    Make the BN be called Pakatan Pembangkang!

    Any seconders?

  26. jenny says:

    Oh! it’s damm good lyric song. someone should record it and throw the CD infront of his door. Let him listen and dance with the wonderful melody. He should be pround that someone actually take so much effort to write a song about him. I really hope it is THE END. He and his gang behave the same, talk the same. All should be demolished from the country. All are INFESTED UGLY PEST!

  27. sandang says:

    Dont b surprised guys… if uncle samy dapat senatorship as i heard the work s going on…. Bullshit!

  28. Sad Hairdresser says:

    We’ll all really miss the hair-do….

  29. mike says:

    Ah neh neh……he should have seen it coming. What a downfall being kick out of office. Three cheers to all Indians.!

  30. Foxie says:

    Wah… Best song i ever heard ….

  31. wits0 says:

    It’ll be top of the chart for a long time.

  32. nasser says:

    ha ha ha..!!!
    I can’t stop laughing..!!! HELP…!!!!
    ha ha ha..!!!

  33. kanna says:

    Vechaigala AAAPPPHHHEEEEE!!!!!!!!

    Ithuvum vendumada uneke innemum vendumada
    Ithuvum vendumada uneke innemum vendumada

  34. Women'sDay8Mar says:

    One of the Sexist MP’s down…………one more from Kinabatangan to go!

    Witty fellas these Comedycourtiers! We love you!!
    Hope that the BR govt in the 4 states will do what we vote them in for………THey need some time to take over the reins,., BUT NOT TOO LONG, ok?

  35. cookiecrumble says:

    It was funny and I laughed!

  36. Yvonne Yam W.C says:

    Finally! There is a God up there!

    So long Mr. Sam!

    Let’s party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Lossi says:

    haha…what a great song! dunno what that sam feel when he listen to this! haha, song! song! song!

  38. gina says:

    ayo..yoo…samy!!! beh tahan la, soo…damn funny la, kept me laughing till my tears rolled down my cheeks! Keep the jokes coming mann..

  39. Kay Kastum says:

    Hey, I’m jiving to the tune man. Lol!

  40. kumar says:


  41. V J R says:

    Ayo Ayo.. Samy….. Sekarang u kena bayar Tol Sendiri lah……
    and its Darm good song Man !!!

  42. Nutty says:

    Wah! What a genius of a song writer. It captures all that needs to be said and all that we want to hear. Good voals too….and in parts too. Congratulations to the PEOPLE.

  43. alex goh says:

    someone should e-mail the song to Sir Cliff Richard, to show him and the world that how talented Malaysian on lyric writing.
    I do support Mahadev’s idea of BR formation ASAP.

  44. NESAN says:

    Despite losing 2/3, I don’t understand why the BN leaders can’t see what went wrong. I don’t deny that BN has brought major development and improvement to the country and yet they failed this election. The BN is the cause for BN’s failure. Leaders can learn from mistakes and mistakes can be forgiven. But leaders cannot learn if they don’t want to admit their mistakes but keep pointing fingers to others and causing more damges to the people and country.

    If BN leaders wants to do a post mortem, it would be wise to ask the following basic fundamental questions among themselves:-

    1. Do all BN leaders have integrity?
    2. Were all the citizens (Malays, Chinese, Indians, etc) treated fairly at all
    3. Why so much of corruption?
    4. Why no proper check and balance within the administration?
    5. How can one with fixed income live in luxury which is much beyond
    what he can afford?
    6. Is there a fair balance of muti racial employment in the public sector
    and are positions or promotions given based on favouritism?
    7. How professionally do some BN leaders carry themselves while being in
    the Parliament?
    8. Is the media controlled by the ruling government?
    9. Who is responsible for the birth of racial discrimination in the country
    and even among children in schools?
    10.Was ISA applied fairly?
    11.Was the law applied fairly to everyone?
    12.Was the taxpayers’ money spent wisely for the people of the country
    or for unnecessary projects for the sake of international recognition or
    for the benefit of certain specific VIP?.
    13. Were deserving students deprived from pursuing tertiary education?
    14. Did the benefits given by the government reach the hardcore
    15. Were “BERSIH” and “HINDRAF” a threat to the people, country or to
    16. Do the HINDRAF HEROES deserve ISA?
    17. Does BN realise what technology can do today to educate and awaken
    18. Did BN pretend or deliberately ignored the cries and pleas of the
    19. Were the voters actually so stupid to vote for the OPPOSITIONS?
    20. Are we living in a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY?

    If the BN can answer question No. 20, the rest of the questions are deemd answered.

  45. tamiliam says:

    I doubt we’ve seen the last of Criminal Vellu. He has so much at stake. Surely, he’d do everything in his power to try to rule by proxy. And, our bird-brained Dollah Badawi may yet again fall for his ploy … Hmm.

  46. Stevie says:

    Hehehe…. Great song! Anyone know how to download this? I want burn into CD for my car listening pleasure…..!!! lol

  47. boy says:

    congralutaion to all indians! victory. we have won after 50 years but dont be happy! we have to b united, the indians must not betray other indian. b united all the time. say “HELLO” to whoever indians, start from now. we will start a new dynamic INDIAN.

  48. boy says:

    yeh hooray!!!!!!!


  49. asogan says:

    The person who lost five state to the opposition is more responsible to step a side . Why harp on one who himself is begging from others to deliver.
    The message is clear now the needs of the voters not met shall have its repercusions.
    Lets now see on how the simple majority shall try to fish despite the denial of 2/3 majority.
    I understand that out of the total MPs available, 51% present for the day in parliment is good to pass the bills.
    So what great is the denial of 2/3 majority under this situation?
    Uitm Law faculty Prof. interview info.

  50. hopeful says:

    Pakatan Rakyat has a mammoth task ahead. let us give them time and trust to do what is best. One of the most important thing is to have transparent governance, cos if we dont, it is an insult to our intellect.

    The people are more educated now and demand the respect that they have the right to know and judge how and where our money htru taxes are spent! Pls no more bull****ing us ..

  51. Soo_Kalamar says:

    The end to Samy! Let him feel the what we felt all this years, he should be deprted form this country.

  52. prentena says:

    good bye sam,..wat a great song…Valge makkal sakthi

  53. Bryan Chua says:

    this is what we call entertainment !!!! If Lat can do the cartoon , I believed you guys still a lot of song on the way . Keep it up guys !!! you guys are the best !!! Looking forward to more of your songs. Hey… why not get the whole set together and burn into CD and sell it and raise fund for the less fortunate people .

  54. Velu says:

    “Even an army cannot stop me”. Ha, ha, ha, What a fool…We don’t need an army to stop you. Just normal peace loving citizens, the poor, helpless, deprived is enough. Eat your words!!

  55. kala says:

    Fantastic song, Well samy….. unaku nalla venum.
    Get your butts out of Malaysia.
    Satu bangsa, satu negara.

  56. Razz says:

    hahaha… this is damn god man!!!!
    “We have to move in the direction where the wind is blowing and we hope a day will come when the new wave will be with us,”
    u have to move on with the wind & forget about the new wave being with u!!!! u r history semi value!!!

  57. Perimala says:

    Great song! Hidup makkal shakti!!!!! Good bye sam……….

  58. wits0 says:

    If Samy don’t prefer to eat his words, there’s mountain of crows on the plate waiting!

    LOL! His face is thicker than the frontal composite armor of an Abram M1A2 main battle tank.

  59. Mona says:

    Wonderful lagu and inspirational kepada kita semua who believe in democracy and that to berkerja together will certainly triumph over any form of Nargasuran’s in the 21st Century, to recreate the old Malaysia of all races living together in complete balance, harmony and with no resentment that one of us is getting better treatment because of his race or colour. Saya sangat proud to be a Malaysian lah and could not call myself one if not for all my thoughts and action are jumbled up in Malay, Indian and Chinese (ha I am hungry for kway teow lah!!!!) Sai loh mah kerana I di London dan kway teow di sini bukan rasa the same lah like di balik kampung!!!

  60. Dass says:

    I am a Singaporean and as such I do not have an indepth knowledge of Malaysian politics. What has Samy done to invite your insults ? Surely he must have done something good over the years. The highways,that I use for my vacation trips to KL, can be considered world-claas… any thing else ?

    Great song, guys !

  61. KumaranK says:

    Excellent,man. Bravo 2 the lyric writer, compuser & singers. Bigger slap 4 Samy. Hope he gets the hint from the people & resign from all political affairs. Bye- bye Sam

  62. Abg Ram says:

    Very nice and catchy song….. I like it… no offence eh….

    Congrats to all winners….. This is awake up call to all parties involved..

    A gentle reminders to all bumiputras…..

    A new beginning has begun…




  63. Mona says:

    Hi Dass from Singapore – the Malaysian highways are of course first class because of the toil of the poor Chinese, Indian and Malay “coolies” building them in the hot sun and throughout the night lah and getting a pittance compared to what Samy made and not forgetting how much toll we had to fork out again. Samy was probably enjoying himself having a hair weave to get his toupee right in Australia or his “sinna veedu” in Ipoh. I was born not far from Sungei Siput so we know how the poor still live in this consistuency! Furthermore, have you heard of the “Maika Shares” – if you had invested in it like I did or all the poor rubber tappers – it was pure daylight robbery – Samy should be responsible for it and put on trial, his assets sold to pay back at least the capital taken from Indians to feed MIC & Samy brain wave of the so called enterprising innovative ideas which came to nought!!! Would you like me to continue or shall I stop here???

  64. Real People Speaks Like This says:

    Jalan baik baik Barisan Alternatif.Jangan lalai.Terus maju.Menang banyak dalam Council Negeri Sarawak akan datang.Mari tolong Sarawak untuk bangun dari tidur.
    Lima negeri itu cukup banyak setakat ini.

    Sem Kiong Angin,

  65. EK says:

    Happy that rocket send Samy out

  66. Real People Speaks Like This says:

    Tanah Sarawak cukup luas.Tapi Rakyat hidup menderita cari tanah untuk diam.Status Tanah tak jelas.Semua kawasan disebut “tanah Kerajaan.”Rakyat tunggu sang penebus tanah untuk rakyat.Sawit lebih penting dari rakyat.
    Sokong BN sama saja sokong sawit ambil tanah rakyat.

    Rakyat Sarawak terus lena tidur.Siapa bangun mereka????

  67. vico says:

    its a super duper mamamita song bros, now you see what you get when the government messes with Malaysians. we have open our eyes and we got this time you good for nothing politicians.

  68. Ice says:

    hope that the new government can start reducing the country air pollution by setting up smoking room like what that have in Japan, thats a brilliant move which could increase public health and help reduce pollution. Please Consider

  69. kas says:

    Great lyrics..Thumbs up to the writer, composer and singer.
    A new beginning has begun…Treat all races fairly.

  70. Switha says:

    I hope now they realise how frustrated we are when we are pushed aside. I hope the oppositions will do otherwise to better improve the situation and the community. Sorry uncle Sam for your defeat which was coming your way. Lets see whether a new broom now can keep clean always.

  71. Samantha says:

    Sandang, it’s only fair that we give time and the opportunity to Opposition to prove themselves. Let’s not doubt their abilities to work miracles at such an early stage. Give them a chance just like we had hope for that ‘golden opportunity’ when we seek our frist job (remember?). We all have to start somewhere 🙂 Don’t fall into the old mentality that only and only BN can rule.

  72. ganesh says:

    Finally I’m proud to be a malaysian and an indian.Samy AND HIS SIDE KICKS destroyed both indian and m’sian values by using his indian heritage to screw his own people and create distrust amongst other m’sians against indians in m’sia.
    He used indians in m’sia to vote for him and created a platform for himself to screw m’sia of it’s wealth and left nothing for us indians except to be 3rd class indians and not even part of NEGARA KU !!

    I hope this will not be the end of his and his side kick’s punishment and the law will investigate them !!

    But for now it’s Diwali again,so lets celebrate !!

  73. jess says:

    Very good song Thumbs up I like it, hope he resign from all his political affairs.

  74. prettyhall says:

    I always like the song by comedy,
    but It can’t jam at ‘sothinathan’part,
    and can not proceed anymore
    Any one know how to solved it?

  75. nina says:

    we failed to send the signal to the BN in sabah. Hopefully with no 2/3 majority the BN cannot do its bulldozing job. The elected Representatives must remember that being elected comes with commitment and hard work. Not to think of building istana for themselves.

  76. Sarawak says:

    These 12th election really told our ruling government that the rakyat are very unhappy with the leaders. Some are sleeping, some are having sweet time with girlfriends, some are contract holders and at the sametime contractors. These group shold have listen to Dr. M, get out before you are caught. Now, we still have a few here in Sarawak. The people of Malaysia will see more jokes in time to come.

    We need more oppo supporters to flush out these dirts.

  77. Voter says:

    I got this piece of info from MIC insider. Samy has formed a new party call FBI, which stands for FUCKED BY INDIAN.

  78. Mohan says:

    wonderfull gerative, marbless..keep the good work…work minister down, toll fees will be down??? work minister down coruption will down? master mind down, will BN down…happy to see more miracle in malaysia, atleast after 50 years…

    Thanks to makkal sakthi, now our main concern is Keadilan will be ADIL to Indian??? and will the 3 party will joint together forever, No udang di sebalik batu ha??? OR ALL POLITICIAN WILL BE SAME LIKE “SAMY”. Let the time answer all Q and its very short time to say Happy or Hurrey as we do not know where are we yet now.

    My dear brother and Sister, pls hand together for whatsever posiblity which will come in future, make the chain of Indian strong and we will together for ever. This is our life, our country, we born here, live her will die here, no matter sTunami Velu or Bodoh Awe come with any more master plan to take over the 2/3 parliment seat.

    indian life in our hand…Thx

  79. Anonymous says:

    United we stand, divided we fall. We should all work for the good of the nation. BN has grown sooooo arrogant. What a shame. Don’t ever give them a chance to be proud again.

    Keep up the witty songs (and so profoundly true). Good singing too!

  80. addy says:

    i am sure samy also will enjoy this song since he got nothing to do nowadays

  81. kim says:

    ayooo…..i am happy la no more respected apek and mamak to represent them in parliment……yohooooo tq keadilan…..and pas and DAP….tks very much……

  82. mottei fan says:

    pity mottei la

  83. Airport Pte Ltd says:

    Finally Airport disposed !!! Phew ! But wat eva its is, every politician vil remain de same..none gonna serve well to their ppl…Lets experience it 2gather guys :p

  84. cwchang says:

    Finally, PEACE TO MALAYSIA , sekarang baru MALAYSIA BOLEH !!!

  85. karen says:

    One of the best dedicated songs I’ve ever heard….you should have gone down graciously before-lah…Good-bye & so long Sam…!
    To DAP, PKR & PAS : You guys have done a great job. I cherished you as my heroes! Remember….you all must unite strongly, do not let us down, ok!

  86. southern view says:

    malaysia boleh well sung
    beautiful good punchy lyrics,hisory was made,wish the southern era can cue on blessings all-round

  87. Balvinder says:

    the key word in the satire is “hopefully”

  88. monica says:

    Well done!! Good lyrics and singing. Keep up the good work!!

  89. salem says:


  90. RAAJ says:

    Dam good voice & a befitting song to the KING of toll plazas. Thought of realeasing the song .Who knows u will make some money at the expense of sammy & the gang.

  91. saro says:


  92. surinder says:

    damn good one keep up the good work

  93. Vijey says:

    Great song…..kudoo for the creator……. Sammmmm wow…

  94. malaysian says:

    Guys… help me out how to listen to the song… thank you


  95. JefZX-14 says:

    Go to hell to Samy not Good Bye

  96. thelastcry says:

    so long… sucker!

  97. ShAnAz says:

    damn good one keep up the good work…..gooooddddd byeeeee sammmmm!!!!

  98. Marcus Mok says:

    Samy Velu, who construct nothing but ‘semi-value’ buildings, deserves nothing from the people but the votes for his leaving.

    Cheers! My bro and sis.

  99. NQ says:

    hahaha.. can’t believe they use Cliff Richard’s song… XD

  100. dharshu says:

    damn nicelah….

  101. selkum um says:

    i support u guys…….
    gud bye to sam…. 4ever…………………………………………….

  102. tonitan says:

    Good news ! Khairy J not in the cabinet line-up !

  103. tonitan says:

    Ong Kah Ting. I salute you !

  104. princess says:

    haha..can some one 4wd this to mr sam?????reali cooll

  105. rockarena says:

    Love the song …..very approp…….so now wht samy………

  106. the whalers inn says:

    Love the song …..very approp…….so now wht samy………

  107. the whalers inn says:

    how apt abt tht samy……….he has amass his wealth and run…..

  108. lols this rocks says:

    u guys rocksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ^^

  109. Roland Chu says:

    l2th GE was the best of all GE. the malaysian public have become wiser and very knowledgeable with the help of the electronic media. Oh yes, we need to see much, much changes in the country of very,very high corruption activities going on right infront of our eyes and taxes keep going up to cater this losses. Anyway, we wish good luck and may God bless the 5 states under the BR to move forward with great success.

  110. mwah says:


    what a funny clip!!!

  111. proud Indian says:

    We did it… ha haha.. to SAm kwak kwak kwak!!!!!

  112. Dik Haron says:

    Aiyo yo! Now we do not have a King of bodek Samy Velooooo anymore. Shiok man!
    Good song, make sure you are allowed to sing without paying royalties to Tony Orlando. But if Tony asks for it; go to Samy, he has MILLIONS from our N-S ROAD TOLLS! Hee! Hee! Hee!

  113. Freedom says:

    Really good man. It’s really funny.

  114. water fall says:

    we like to farewell to u my dearest..uncle sam..ops…no uncle-ah..
    but un-fortunally the mortury van driver…go for tea break..at the moment..but its there any problem to tow your body…toll truck…
    good by sam….

  115. water fall says:

    i..behind you NESAN…..
    are they do anything for malaysian…even they(nowday politican never admid that we are malaysian) every speech..bangsa melayu.bangsa melayu..why..at least they do for them..but our sam…hmmm..now only want to do…shameless for the cucu and cicit..couse in future sams cucu,cicit friends will be mat salleh,vietnams,ausies or any foreign country..its realy shame for sam on what he do so far (make money)and never do good relationship.wt ppls…

    so sorry sam….we just want to say good bye to u…for the mistake what u done so far..and realy shame on u that your are realy fail to do some thing for your own ppl sg siput till they choose new man and the best thing the u cannot do champaign at ur own area….shamless…shamless…shamless..

    talking about hindraf…..only u never said these ppl (g8 5star) is terrorism and extremism…why..if we compare…u r in range of IDI AMIN..cause..there is some thing will happen if they not create the silent gatering…just allowed it…atleast u can stop them to water and gas..why..
    u know how many ppl suffer from that….keep watching..keep watching…keep watching..

    when you r in india..ur not allowed to visit tamil naadu CM…why..then u r visit the giant PM of india…problem wt tamil makkal..not orissa,muslim,karnadakaa,kashmir,gujaraat or bollywood….u should respect the tamil president…why they dont want see u….i think enough for them to entertain…

    when they said…we are minority…why keep silent….
    mean while…the loose of gov couse of u too…the gov should blame u and u only not indians….
    now u r g8..cuase..u r not involve in any gov contact but u r dare to point gov to realiese the g8 5stars….he..he..he…what a drama-la..cheer-up sam…clap ur self…and wt 25 NGO who support u after the 25/11.

    the gov see u like a ball only-lah…couse..only u can get mega contract to our country..like telecom,highway wt toll…even ur edu profile very low..but we appiciate on ur up-grading ur edu status till u can achived so many award from worl level…good indian…sam boleh…

    but now..everything u have..money..property…fun…leadershit..(uek)..can enjoy wt family lah….

    finally what waste of 26 years..

    bye sam….

  116. josephine lee says:

    At last I could open the song with a new speaker with bass and all. To my surprised this was forwarded to me by my darling sis. It’s been ages since I
    laugh and dance sitting down on the chair. Your song made my day!

  117. gggggg says:


  118. mahas says:

    the old fool did not school
    now you tell he in hell
    but his stooges never tell
    he is HIS TORY.

  119. lord says:

    hhehehe…..pak samy didn’t on on his seat belt…..and got “unseated” hehehehe

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