The combined opposition of DAP, PKR and PAS said that they will form the new government in Perak. Collectively the three parties have won 30 seats (DAP – 18, PKR – 6, PAS – 6) out of 59 seats. One seat (Teja) is yet to be decided.However, the opposition still will have a narrow one-seat majority even if Teja goes to BN. About 50 opposition supporters are attempting to seal off the state government building in Ipoh to stop documents from being removed. (Malaysiakini).


Will Kit Siang be the new Perak chief minister? 

Of course he can’t! He contested under a parliament seat, not a state one 🙂 

The state is still too close to call. However, the opposition claimed that it has won a simple majority in the state. According to PKR state chief Dr Lee Boon Chye, the opposition was victorious 30 out of 59 seats (DAP – 18, PKR – 6, PAS – 6).

But the state Election Commission appears to have suffered a computer glitch, which has delayed the announcement of the results. (Malaysiakini).


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  1. observer B says:

    I am very very happy with what I have read so far.

  2. Klaw says:

    can he be CM if he didn’t run in a state seat?

  3. kittykat46 says:

    I don’t think Lim Kit Siang stood in a state seat.
    The Mentri Besar has to be a member of the State Assembly.
    Anyway, the smart thing for DAP to do in Perak would be to have a coalition government with PKR mentri besar.
    Its going to be very interesting next few days for parties who never expected to be in government.

  4. Loyar Buruk. says:

    It will be better to let a Malay candidate be the Menteri Besar. You don’t want to rock the boat too much. BTW I’m Chinese. Kit Siang can be the Deputy.

  5. jude says:

    i don’t think it’s a computer glitch – more a “mental” glitch up in their brains which the EC has always had, that the opposition simply can’t do well. Only the BN could. It’s time the EC is removed and replaced by something more worthy of a true democracy. By the way, the new government can take away the recent 1 year extension given to the present EC chairman. And he can take the indelible ink with him as a souvenir.

  6. POTS says:

    Come on la…

    How can Kit be chief minister if he didn’t stand for state seat?

    We better not count our eggs before they hatch.

    Perak is not confirmed down yet.

    But i agree… chief minister from PKR, deputy from DAP.

  7. alhbs says:

    Let look at power sharing….
    We move forward together as rakyat malaysia…..

    We will have a Menteri Besar that serve the people.

  8. Sadia says:

    The Menteri Pesar will come from PKR and he will be a Malay. It is unwritten rule that Perak Menteri Pesar be a Malay. You know he attends many Islamic ceremonies in the State where he is supposed to welcome, engage, lead and take part with the Sultan of Perak. So it will be difficult to have a Chineese Menteri Pesar. Moreover, Malays form the majority in the State. So Penang will be DAP, Selangor and Perak will be PKR, Kelantan and Kedah will be PAS. That’s what I think knowing some sensitiivities.

  9. Sadia says:

    But DAP will provide the Deputy Menteri Pesar and will dominate State committees in the State parliament.

  10. Abdul Malek says:

    As a Malay I don’t care .. as long as he is fair to everybody – it doesn’t matter whether he is Chinese, Indian or Sikh.

  11. A true Malaysian says:

    Well, we should not talk about Chinese, Malay to be CM of Perak. So long that the coming CM is of ‘fair play’ and ‘merit base’, every races interest will be well taken care for.

    Stop thinking ourselves as Chinese, Malay or Indian. We should think ourselves as ‘True Malaysian’. If not, we are not better that those with BN mentality.

  12. NewEra says:

    DAP, PKR and PAS should walk the talk and select the most experienced and best candidate for the job and not based on race or religion.

    On Federal level, it would be interesting to see what post KJ will hold since a large majority of the Ministers have been wiped out by the Tsunami. What will happen if he is given the Finance Minister Portfolio? Malaysian will have to brace for possible chaos and worsening of corruption. Mat Rempit is bad enough, imagine Mat Rempit with unlimited financial resources!

  13. benson says:

    what we want is a person who can take a state or our country to greater heights, and foremost of all, he should exercise true fairness to all ethnic groups of the country regardless of race. we should seriously start thinking of identifying ourselves as malaysians and not malay, chinese, indian, kadazan, iban etc..

  14. daninjap says:

    it doesnt matter whether the new cm is indian, malay or chinese… as long as he is capable to lead. we will support…. we anak bangsa malaysia, right? dont turn back to divide races!!!

  15. POTS says:

    It’s not about us only.

    We may look beyond color and religion.

    UMNO does not. BN does not.

    The opposition known as BN will create chaos and attempt to strike suspicion among the Malays.

    No point being MB for one term and then losing it back to the racist buggers we’ve been trying to expel for so long.

  16. Malaysian says:

    Since DAP win more seat than PKR, the Menteri Besar should belongs to DAP

  17. Malaysian says:

    Since DAP win more seat than PKR, the Menteri Besar should belongs to DAP

  18. Sadia says:


    That’s true. DAP won more seats than PKR and therefore should get the CM post. But should that happen, UMNO will find a reason to come back. It will say “You see, you see, we are being wiped out.” So, since Malays form the majority in the state and also the state parliament (UMNO gang), then PKR which has relation with DAP will have to take over the seat, give DAP the Deputy post (like Penang) and then DAP rules the committees as well. We want UMNO to die within few years. Don’t give them any reason. Later, we can solve it. For now, lets not go very fast.

  19. MakkalShakti says:

    i agree wit sadia. we should take the majority into the consideration…anyway
    the most imp thing is the NEW CM MUST BE NOT RACIST !!!serve the people…serve Malaysians!!!!!!!!!!

  20. hplooi says:

    Congrats to dap, pkr & pas.
    it has been a 39 years wait (remember 1969 ?).
    HOWEVER the hard work is just beginning:

    1 Plan long term
    Work quickly to establish viable policies and programmes.
    The Federal Govt will be your biggest obstacle; they will withhold funds, place obstacle etc. Learn from PAS Kelantan (who manage to survive) and PBS Sabah (who did not survivie).

  21. yes says:

    shound be dap

  22. yes says:

    dap win, yahoo

  23. hplooi says:

    My wish list (and I know) many malaysians’ too!
    1. push for local election
    2. clean up the police, push for an independent police commission
    3. push for an indenpendent and effective ACA
    4. Reinstate the indepedence and power of the EPU (all govt projects to be competitively tendered).
    5. reinstate an independent judiciary
    6. restore the role of the ‘4th estate’ (news media). this can be done by relaxing current onerous licensing conditions.
    7. push for accountabiltiy of govt GLCs particularly Petronas.
    8. repeal the UCCA
    9 immediately free the hindraf 5.
    10. repeal the isa
    11. restudy malaysia’s current strategy on globalisation & competition in the globalised environment (the current policy is seriously flawed).

    I can add more but the above are the most urgent and importabt !!!

    please every one should celebrate quitely … no ostensious display of victory etc.

    this has truly been a loooooooooooong 39 years wait.

    damansara jaya

  24. za says:

    way to go man…how to be a true malaysian? when even sekolah also got so many types?

  25. tyu says:

    what about an Indian from DAP as MB for a change? Personally I don’t really care, anyone from BA, anyone will be better than BN.

  26. zenco says:

    well, i dun rlly agree wif wat said by sadia. yes, it’s a fact that perak is a malay dominated state. however, DAP won 18 seats compared to the 12 combined seats of PKR and PAS. this means those who voted for DAP are not just chinese or indians but malays too and i will say MANY malays voted for DAP.

    anyway, it doesnt matter who the next CM is as long as he is serving the Malaysians on a MERIT basis regardless of colour, religion, race..

  27. wassup says:

    PKR should MERGE with DAP. That’s the right way to go.

  28. Alan says:

    I think PKR or DAP should volunteer an Indian to be the new Chief Minister. This is probably the best way the Barisan Rakyat can show the BN how true democracy should be. It’s true, the race doesn’t matter. What matters most is that he’s fair to all.

    We, Perakians, are very mature voters in that we do not harp on issues of the past (race and religion) anymore unlike the narrow-minded BN leaders who constantly want to fool the electorate. I’m proud to be a Perakian Chinese. I salute the Malays who also vote for Barisan Rakyat. We should let BN know that we are no longer interested in race-based politics. They can keep that for themselves.

    This is victory for all Perakians and it’s sweet because we share it equally among all races and religion. Long live Barisan Rakyat!!!

  29. A true Malaysian says:

    I hope those involved in Lingam Tape, ie TDM, Lingam, VT, Fairuz, Eusof can stand out and tell the whole truth, nothing but truth if they still love Malaysia. Our judiciary need to clean up and rebuild once and for all.

    Please, face the truth.

  30. greeneyesjelly says:

    Face it people, we are viewing things from the point of view of Internet patrons, but be reminded that majority Malaysians are not as open and broad-minded as we are. Changes should come in gradually. I’m Chinese, and I have to admit that “Melayu yang bijak” (as in Anwar’s “Sammy tak bagi kasut” speech) should be made CM in Perak and Selangor. It’s not about races, but it’s the best solution.

  31. Dr C Tan says:

    We should all rejoice on the success of BR. DAP may have won more seats but it was team work that got them there as people voted for the opposition regardless of parties or race. Hence claiming that MB should be from a particular party because it has the most seats because the rakyat had voted for the party may not be the best suggestion. The best qualified person based on merit should be chosen by BR.

  32. small boss says:

    Now let us watch how the new government going to share the state power.

    Don’t let victory obfuscate your head. Please remember the voters -the boss- who voted you in.

    You are supposed to work for the voters/residents diligently and not greedily fighting for power. Once you all are crazily fighting for power (like the previous BN) and not working for the voters/residents, be prepared to get booted out come next GE. And all the loots you plundered during the term will be confiscated and you shall be sent to jail.

  33. jughead says:

    It does not matter as China’s primier says – white or black cat as long as it catches the rat. So what is wrong of having a Chinese MB or even a Indian Prime Minister? Afterall, we are Malaysians. Peru has has a Japanese Prime Minister. But in reality at this stage, we are not ready for it after 50 years of UMNO racism and brainwashing. Just look at USA. It took them so long to have black senator or one running for President. I think Barisan Rakyat has to look in all for power sharing and cooperation not only in State Level but National Level. So maybe there will be barter trading. It has to go back to our first PM’s time. The decision made are in consideration of all races and needs and are COLLECTIVE. See Perak is shakey as it has only a very simple majority. Therefore I think forming a state government in Perak takes a longer time.

  34. keng4428 says:

    I think we should leave the question of who is to be CM or MB to the wisdom of the BR coalition leaders. What is important now is that all elected ADUNs or MPs from the BR must always remember that you got to where you are because the RAKYAT gave you that mandate and now you must live up to it. PLEASE DO NOT FAIL US !

  35. Charlotte says:

    It won’t be Kit Siang definitely but I believe DAP would make a right choice.

  36. Dayak says:

    Speaking as a Sarawakian, I have always been a Sarawakian first and a Malaysian second because of the prejudice that the Peninsular BN has with us eastern folks but if DAP, PKR and PAS can show that they can truly govern those five states without prejudices to race and religion, then I will be the true Malaysian in mind, body and spirit and not just the “dan lain lain” in governemnt form.
    The indians have showed their loyalty to the opposition, so my opinion is they should hold the CM post in Perak. Chinese in Penang, Malay in Kedah, Kelantan & Selangor and indian in Perak. Next election, come over and help us have a Dayak CM for Sarawak and a Kadazan CM for Sabah.

  37. Sam says:

    The cm must come from the br party with the most seats. Otherwise there will be no difference with bn. The people have spoken

  38. small devil says:

    Aiya! All politicians are bastards or bitches. Now they are all fighting for power. They all should go to hellllllll!


  39. simon ung says:

    Bravo BR! It is great to hear BR managed to deny 2/3 parliament and win 5 state governments. However, now it is crucial time for BR leaders to value their long term mission, vision and relation.

    Do not forget the main objective of the partnership which is to check and balance the government. Thus, chief minister and mentri besar of the states should be reserved for Chinese and Malay ethnic group respectively.

    We want to see stronger BR in next election.


  40. simon ung says:

    Ideally, it is not matter who is the CM or MB as long as he/she is the best candidate. But bear in mind, “the best” is always subjective. Let’s remain current arrangement and explore the opportunity in future election. DO NOT even suggest a new deputy MB in Perak for DAP also.

    Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup. Same thing applies for changes.

  41. PeaceMsia says:

    Best person should rule!
    If we keep harping on Chinese, Malay, Indian or Dan lain-lain, and forget to work on the economy and security to bring on a better life, BR can be just ONE TERM WONDER!
    Let the wisest and most economical sound person be the CM!

  42. KH says:

    I agree Perak Menteri Besar has to be a Malay..that’s for sure eventhough no law on this I believe. But I still think PKR is a better choice, PAS strong staunch on Islam is still questionable for Chinese (some Islamic admin in Kelantan for eg.). PKR still looks to be a more multi-racial representation. But having said that, I think it is now important for PKR + DAP + PAS to work together for a compromise on how to rule the cannot be like Kelantan for sure. Anyway, congratulations to the oppositions for this massive ‘winds of change’!

  43. CH says:

    Who is Perak’s CM is not important, whether a Malay CM, Chinese CM or an Indian CM, is not important, the most important is the next coming CM must be different from the past BN’s CM, to be able to eradicate corruption and unfairness policies in the state.

    We must stop thinking of being what race we are, instead, we should think of Malaysia as a whole.

    I love Malaysia, and I wish the coming days in the future, our county can progress with fair and equal for all people.

  44. KS says:

    ya… i agree that if we put DAP man up as menteri besar Perak— there might be some repercussion in the future —- we must not be emotional, we must think of the future as well… ….. engaging ourselves in racial based thinking, otherwise this will provide a loophole for UMNO to attack… but having said that, having PAS man as menteri besar is really unthinkable… knowing such a substantial number of non muslims in Perak and too drastic la.. imagine PAS change the weekends from Saturday and Sunday to Friday and Saturday and having all major shops closed on 1.00 pm – 2.00 pm on Fridays for sembahyang jumaat …. or having men and women line up in separate queues in shopping complexes … these are some things happening in Kelantan.. UNTHINKABLE… ILLOGICAL!!!!!!!!

  45. Perakian says:

    Headline from The New Strait Times online

    ‘Perak coalition Govt nominates Pas representative as Menteri Besar’

  46. wits0 says:

    Good, enough of seeing that Tojol, son of Ghazali Jawi’s mugshot everywhere, and for so long! Dynastic entitlement gets trashed, as is fitting.

    Bring back the Local Elections!

  47. KH says:

    It wil all depend on whether the PAS menteri besar could be a MB for all races in Perak, which I believe he would, and have to. Given this state govn is a PKR+DAP+PAS coaliation govn, it will for sure be different from the Kelantan PAS govn I is perhaps time for us to move away from race or party based politics and move to an agenda of creating a transparent, fair, efficient, democratic and competitive government, which BN has failed us.

  48. Khoo says:

    Personally, eventhough DAP won big, politically wise, it is still better for PKR to take the BM while DAP take the DMB. We should be looking long term. As DAP and PKR is multinational, i don’t think that there is much difference. The most important issue is to build up on what happened on 8/3/08 and preservation. I don’t want to see a Chinese dominated DAP scaring off the Malays or being used as a tool by BN to capture back the state.

  49. Even though DAP Perak has more seats in Perak, they are kind enough to let PAS lead Perak’s new government.

    As a Muslim and a Malay, I am deeply touched by their kind gesture. Thank you, DAP Perak!

  50. Ipoh Mali says:

    Lets work together as a one team… as per Perlembagaan Sultan Perak – Menteri Besar of Perak must a Malay & Islam.. dont worry about new MB. I believe that new state administration in SUK Perak lead by DAP,PKR & PAS are excellent team .. challenge !!!

  51. Setelah diberi peluang oleh rakyat malaysia yang mahu perubahan dalam pilihanraya ke 2 ini, kesemua parti pembangkang yang diberi mandat tidak kira mereka cina, melayu atau india perlu bijak berkongsi kuasa. Rakyat sekanrang sedang memerhati mereka dan mereka tidak mungkin akan mendapat peluang sebegini lagi sekiranya mereka gagal berkongsi kuasa sehingga ada pihak pihak atau kaun yang ditindas. Bercakap tentang pemilihan calon MB atau KM, satu cadangan yang mungkin boleh dan wajar difikir-fikirkan ialah bagi P. Pinang, KM nya diberi kepada DAP (calon Cina) manakala Kelantan Dan Kedah pula kepada Pas. Selangor dan Perak bolehlah dberi kepada PKR walaupun kalau kita lihat PKR memang bukan parti yang mendapat kemenangan kerusi yang majoriti kalau dibanding dengan DAP. Inilah dinamakan perkongsian kuasa yang boleh membawa keamanan dan kesejahteraan serta keadilan. In return, PRK boleh lah memberi peluang kepada Lim Kit Siang menjadi Ketua Pembangkang di Parlimen walaupun PRK mendapat kerusi yang lebih kalau dibandingkan dengan DAP. Dengan semangat sedemikian maka ini boleh menjadi titik pemulaan mewujudkan satu perkongsian kuasa yang jujur dan suatu hari nanti dapat menggantikan pakatan BN yang dapat mewakili semua kaum di malaysia tanpa meminggir mana-mana kaum dan dapat menjadi alternatif kepada pakatan BN.

  52. Setelah diberi peluang oleh rakyat malaysia yang mahu perubahan dalam pilihanraya ke 12 ini, kesemua parti pembangkang yang diberi mandat tidak kira mereka cina, melayu atau india perlu bijak berkongsi kuasa. Rakyat sekanrang sedang memerhati mereka dan mereka tidak mungkin akan mendapat peluang sebegini lagi sekiranya mereka gagal berkongsi kuasa sehingga ada pihak pihak atau kaun yang ditindas. Bercakap tentang pemilihan calon MB atau KM, satu cadangan yang mungkin boleh dan wajar difikir-fikirkan ialah bagi P. Pinang, KM nya diberi kepada DAP (calon Cina) manakala Kelantan Dan Kedah pula kepada Pas. Selangor dan Perak bolehlah dberi kepada PKR walaupun kalau kita lihat PKR memang bukan parti yang mendapat kemenangan kerusi yang majoriti kalau dibanding dengan DAP. Inilah dinamakan perkongsian kuasa yang boleh membawa keamanan dan kesejahteraan serta keadilan. In return, PRK boleh lah memberi peluang kepada Lim Kit Siang menjadi Ketua Pembangkang di Parlimen walaupun PRK mendapat kerusi yang lebih kalau dibandingkan dengan DAP. Dengan semangat sedemikian maka ini boleh menjadi titik pemulaan mewujudkan satu perkongsian kuasa yang jujur dan suatu hari nanti dapat menggantikan pakatan BN yang dapat mewakili semua kaum di malaysia tanpa meminggir mana-mana kaum dan dapat menjadi alternatif kepada pakatan BN.

  53. abah Zacky al-Atsary says:

    Selamat kepada partai pembangkang terhadap BN.

  54. Ipohan says:

    Check Malaysiakini for the latest news. I personally do no trust other news sources like NST and Bernama.

  55. NewVoter says:

    it’s not important if DAP or PKR member is the chosen one. more imprt is he needs to b fair to every race n understand their needs respectively. i dun think the menteri besar must always come from the party who won the most seats…bear in mind that they r in a alliance…do u think DAP can win so many seats if PKR or PAS ppl compete with them in same territory?

    I’m a chinese and i just want a MB who can bring developement to the state without looking at the skin colours.

  56. chaneen says:

    This is a very sweettt victory…just hope that the BR will not fail us, they have 4-5 years to show it. And we should support BR’s decision to put PAS’ rep as Perak’s MB, they may have a very good reason for it, as long as they will perform well and put the Rakyat, the people interest as their priority. And while it’s true that DAP won the most seat, we should bear in mind that people in Perak (and all other voters in all other states) vote for the Opposition, means that we vote those not from BN. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s DAP, PKR or PAS, we vote them because we didn’t want to vote for BN; it’s a teamwork. Therefore the number of seats won should not be the hindrance factor for us to reach a unified satisfaction. Remember people, this is only the first step towards racial harmony, there are lots and lots of work that have to be done to ensure that this victory will not be lost. Let’s watch how our BR will fulfill their manifesto of racial harmony, fair rights and justice regardless of skin colour

  57. Carrie says:

    Personally, it should be the other way round, although I agree with NewVoter.

    I believe that whoever is the MB, he should not put his personal interests first AND he must NOT be corrupted.

  58. boobiebob says:

    vote me!!

  59. simon ung says:

    As far as I know, BR has proposed 2 candidates as Perak MB. No name was given until it is confirmed by Sultan tomorrow.
    PAS candidate Mohammad Nizar however denied the rumours.

    Personally, I will vote for PKR Malay candidate to be Perak MB.

  60. IpohYan says:

    Hi All,

    I am from Ipoh and here’s statistic for Perak’s population: Majority Malay 45% and follow by Chinese 44%, meanwhile it’s whopping 65% Chinese and 13% Malays in Ipoh. Sorry to left out our Indian friends coz I can’t find a trustworthy source for Indians % and others so I better not speculate. Makkal Sakthi!!

    My few suggestions on this MB issue:

    1. If it’s stated in Perlembagaan Sultan of Perak that the MB must be a Malay, then let’s give it to the Malay candidate(the best of the best la of coz), coz no point arguing. It’s the Ruler of Perak’s Law.

    2. If it’s not like what it is claimed, then it’s best to give it to the DAP’s Kit Siang. Reason? This old Uncle gave his lifetime for what we asked for today. Spent hard times in ISA twice, destroy his own future where he can’t even leave Malaysia due to his ex-convict IC, and even drag his son Guan Eng into similar fate because of what he believe in. During the Emergency, all the Top Guns of DAP ran away and into exile, then called Uncle Lim not to come back to Peninsular(he was in Sarawak then) because of the crackdown on DAP members. DAP members were threaten to be thrown into ISA or even assassinated(make it look like they are violent and then pop them). Then what did this lone Uncle Lim did? He was supposed to go to Singapore to meet and stay with those DAP Top Guns, but instead Uncle Lim took a flight back to Peninsular on his own. On board the plane he wrote his last letter to his wife and four kids..telling her to take care of the childrens and apologise to her and ending the letter with “I rather die for democracy than to die doing nothing for my beloved country, if no will..I will”. Thank god he only ended up in ISA. Without this courageous move of him..DAP would have given in to the then BN threat and disbanded the party and we are not suppose to hear democracy and equality of now! You guys may want to Google Uncle Lim background a bit, it’s there for you all to read.

    3. If Uncle Lim not eligible to take up the MB position becouse he did not fight for the state, then leave it to the the brighter and younger generations. Whether Malay or Indian or Chinese, it doens’t matter but if it’s given to the Indian, it helps to pull all of us together becoz that shows that we are really multi-racial and we have each races’ rep in these states as the top person. And pls don’t forget, the Indians started the call for discrimination first before the Chinese therefore they should also be rewarded. Hindraff is not a political party but that doesn’t mean we can’t reward them something nice, right?

    4. Malay as Menteri Besar: Personally I would prefer PKR’s Malay because PAS so far it’s not very convincing in abolishing their Islamic State mindset. Pls don’t forget the population’s majority of Malay and Chinese is not much of difference and we Chinese always afraid of hard-core Islamic governance. Sorry to say this but I am sure our Islam brothers will not like to be ruled under Buddha’s teaching too. Until PAS can prove in Kedah that this time round(they just made u-turn to their ideology in this election, remember?) they really changed their mindset and rule like a democratic government, we are not ready for PAS. PKR is what we IpohYan want if we can’t get DAP on it.

    5. One more thing please support me: Uncle Lim is at his retirement age. Can we not make him as the Opposition Leader in Parliament? Let this Uncle rest abit la…every Tuesday I watch him on youtube for the Dewan Rakyat session, I afraid he might have heart attack! Can’t we give this position to the more charismatic and another hard-talker Datuk seri Anwar Ibrahim? They won the most seats also. Wait a bit until mid April then send Anwar into Parliament ok ok? Uncle Lim is worn off and he really deserves to lessen just a little bit burden on his shoulder.

    6. My choice for Indian MB is DAP M.Gula or PKR Prof. Ramasamy (the one who kicked Sammy’s butt).


    *I am a Bangsa Malaysia Cina.

  61. perakian says:

    it is unfair to pick a menteri besar that is not from dap when dap won the most seats in perak.believe me that most perakians will be angered by this if the perak menteri besar is not a dap member. many of us came from all over to support dap.if a non dap member becomes the menteri besar of perak, be assured dap will fall in perak in the next general elections!

  62. perakian says:

    it is unfair for a non dap member to become the next menteri besar of perak when dap won the most seats in perak.if there is a rule preventing a chinese or an indian from becoming a menteri besar then that’s plain racist and needs to be changed.

  63. Ipoh Zhai (budak Ipoh) says:

    I second Ipoh Yan’s opinion. If BN had allowed Anwar Ibrahim to take a stand , we would truly want to see him as our MB.
    Anyway, as long as the new PAS MB is not going to implement any funny Hudud( he can’t anyway 😉 ), i will personally give him my fullest support as long as we treats everyone of us Cina,Melayu,India,Singh,Asli,Serani etc as equal.

    Hidup Malaysia!!

  64. pacak says:

    malay or chinese ? must malay.even if there is no written law for malay to become mb . why? we as malaysia cannot be emotional.If chinese become cm, it just 1 term only , why ?through out malay histories , malay will walk hand by hand when they feel threated . Next general election no malay will vote for DAP even MCA will not survive in malay dominan places.Why? Pas and malay PKR will be blame by the malay voters no mater they are UMNO or Pas members . they will not vote for Pas or Pkr , mca or dap next election .they will joint force under umno flag. and ..furthermore .. it will create ultra malay personalities in umno . which its no good for our country. we must be realiastic , be gentleman as umno be for gerakan when umno have more seats in penang. pkr or Pas …? Pas , why .. we have to teach pas how to be mb to all races . until now they only know how to be mb to malay. give teach them , guide them and give them experience … so they know how hard to lead a multi races country .He will share these experience with his colleage . they then will realise their dream cannot be implemented in malaysia….

  65. leephingphing says:

    Menteri Besar of Perak should be selected from DAP as it wins majority seats. If DAP supporters would have known that the MB position is not giving to its contestants, there could be a different result.

  66. rose says:

    leephingphing: while it’s true that DAP won the most seat in Perak, u must remember that it’s an alliance, a teamwork.If DAP has to compete with PKR&PAS in the same area, do u think that DAP, or even Barisan Rakyat, will won this huge? BR (or DAP/PKR/PAS) won because the people are tired with BN, so we vote for anything as long as it’s not BN.
    And about the MB position in Perak, hopefully u may have known that states with Sultans require a Muslim as the MB, for the obvious reason that the MB has to lead/represent the Sultan in palace functions, traditional/cultural events and of course, the many Islamic functions. I guess it might be hard for a non-Muslim to have the main role in that, right? It is stated in the current constitution, so currently there’s not much choice for BR, obviously they can’t be so arrogant as to dismiss all the current constitution especially in this early stage of victory. And perhaps, the one candidate they nominated as MB is the most academically qualified DUN candidate, as he is an Engineer (if indeed he is the MB; they say it’s not finalised yet). Other more professional/experienced candidate might have been representing Parliament instead rather than DUN.
    Hopefully all the parties supporter do not fight over ourselves in this issue, which is something the BN and main media might count on (thus might be the explanation why the main media never inform us officially on WHY the reason that BR chosen a Muslim-Malay as Perak’s MB)

  67. TC says:

    Perak MB has to be Muslim?

    well, i wonder who runs the state, the MB or the sultans? why waste so much time on unnecessary ceremonies? why cant the sultans attend/lead the islamic ceremonies and be the religious head of the state instead and let the MB do what he is supposed to do > to run the city!

    by the way, can someone tells me if sultans actually take any wages fr the federal government? if so, how much ? and this should be made known openly. let’s see if the sultans is worth wht he is being paid for.

    Also, BN lost because of the PKR/DAP/PAS alliance, whoever is elected has to be merit based and not on which party won the most seats, there has to be some sort of gentleman’s agreement between all 3 parties prior to GE. I say let them decide, we voted for them and we should have some confidence in their decision making ability.

    Also, I disagree tht some commented on the reluctancy on changing the constitution at this early stage. If rakyat gave you the power, use them wisely and use them now while the wind of change is still blowing strongly. Set an example to the rest of the country.. we have been deprived long enough.

  68. TC says:

    oh yes, pls don talk abt races… the alliance has been pushing for a non-racist Malaysia. You are only playing into the hands of BN once you start making policies based on the religion and this make you NO difference than BN.

    so come on guys and girls.. u r all wiser than this, right?


  69. azlan ma says:

    i second TC’s notion that we need to abstain ourselves of discussing the racial sentiments.

    regardless which parties the CM of perak comes from, i hope for the transparent state governments (inc penang, kedah & selangor of course) and be sensitive to people’s grievances.

    liberté, égalité, fraternité

  70. Jojo says:

    There shouldn’t be an issue if the menteri besar is a PAS member. I also understand that he is a professor with engineering background. The state exco of Perak will consist of 23 non-Malays out of the total 31 state assembly persons. As long there is fairness and equality in the administration, we should accept the decision made. Being a non-muslim i can accept it. But then, we will have to see what is the decision of Raja Nazrin Shah.

  71. kenneth says:

    today 10/3 newspaper write pas will be perak minister. i hope perak sultan can approve DAP can be minister at perak.

  72. Chow Li Sze says:

    I’m a chinese but i understand the law and rule of State in Malaysia.

    All of you here must understand the law before to judge. Sultan is the leader of Islam in our country. MB is the adviser for sultan. Then? The MB should be from Islam people. It’s not discrimination. It’s perlembagaan in rukun negara which is everybody read and obey. (Ketaatan kepada raja dan negara, kedaulatan undang-undang).

    But they need together when they lead Perak state. MB cannot make any decision by himself without agreement or support by all DUN. When lead the state, all DUN’s are one. No PAS, no DAP and no PKR.

    DAP cannot only combine with PKR. BN win 28. If DAP combine only with PKR, then they get 25 (18 DAP + 7 PKR). They need PAS to get 31 (PAS 6).

    Then, it’s no problem or issue. If the racist still make a problem or issue, please remember about the history of nationality which it is so expensive thing that malay people willing to sacrifice to make malaysia peace and prosperities. It’s must and have to remember to all malaysian. (i’m very apperciate this history)

    Now the important, we are together to work hard. Although it doesn’t matter who is the MB (as long as from BA) but we also need to obey with the perlembagaan and rule. It doesn’t said that the MB must malay people but the rule said MB must get permission from Sultan. Of course Sultan want MB from Muslim to advise he related with islam and now we only have muslim from Malay people.

    Together we success.

  73. perakian says:

    i totally disagree wit today’s paper saying that PAS will be perak MB. cum on how they can co-op with chinese as u know most of the perakian are chinese. if PAS bring out their culture in practice how people of other races exspecially chinese and indian going to face it. as we know majority seat won by DAP why dont the MB perak given to a DAP leader n deputy to an indian leader where we can show tat we are from a democracy state. it will go very fine with the people from perak. hope raja nazrin will go through this matter before any decision taken……

  74. Yeop says:

    Agree that MB must has the capacity to advice the Sultan in things related to Islam. It’s for the sake of the administration. Since PKR and DAP have yet to cater for non-Malay muslims candidates than the practical side now is to give the post to Malay muslim. But the coorperation within the coalition matters most.

  75. ht says:

    I’m a Chinese myself and I’m a true Malaysian. It’s not really a big matter whoever holds the MB post , be it from DAP ,PKR or PAS. The people of Perak decided that the opposition be gievn the mandate and therefore the next MB of Perak should be working for the people of Perak and not for their respective parties. Traditionally , I assume that Chinese people doesn’t really bother who their leaders are as long as they are fair , proactive , and progressive. All we want is to have a good living and good governance.

    DAP can be Deputy …. we don’t mind !

  76. Ian says:

    DAP+PKR+PAS is a new fomula to Malaysia democrasy system. Great team work for them. I hope they will grow BIGGER in the years ahead with candidate for all 13 states.

  77. IpohYan says:

    Just in. Almost confirm that PKR will take up the Menteri Besar post in Perak, a Muslim and Malay.

    In return DAP will have at least 7 EXCOs(including maybe a Chinese from DAP for Datuk Bandar post due to the majority Chinese in Ipoh), meanwhile PKR will have another EXCO and 2 EXCO for PAS.

    From reliable source.

    EXCO: Executive Councilor, the people who make decision for the state.

  78. J.DING says:

    Im really happy how we Malay ,Chinese ,Indian cooperate to overthrow BN in 4 states + KL …there has never a time where we Malaysians unite as one to fight for justice and economy growth ….since aslo happy tht DAP was willing to give in the Mentri Besar seat to a Malay ..even though im chinese…this should be the way us Malaysians should behave ,giving in to each other for political stability among the opposition.

  79. IpohYan says:

    I believe this is the best decision they can come up with and I personally think it’s a good call. What DAP trying to do here is since they have no reps to be MB, they send in PKR’s. Please don’t get offended our dear PAS supporters but the Chinese and Malay majority in Perak is not much of diffence and we Perakin Chinese and some Perakian Malays are not ready for PAS just yet, until proven to live up to their agenda they claimed this election.

    Infact, it’s the newspapers BERNAMA playing us out by spreading false rumours. DAP, PKR and PAS has never agreed or announced that the MB will be from PAS before this latest news came in. It’s just BERNAMA selling more papers and spread racial issue for discontentment. Publicity stunt.

  80. azmi says:

    If we still thinking what BN think, we better give the perak government to BN. If not we must give and take between of us. The Perak MB should be from Malays because the majority of Perak people are Malays. We are malaysian not malays, chinese or indians. We must joint together to make malaysian harmony and peacefull.

  81. kaiz says:

    I’m very happy with the progress of democracy in our country, I’m malay and of coz giving my support to the rocket party during the election. For me to be a truely malaysian, a tolerancy is the most, stability is must strong developement and economy is compulsory, don’t let us drag down by racist sentiment and religion otherwise we are just like BN, a lot of thing need to be done rather than we quarrel about who should be the MB for me I will support the person who is giving fairness and dedicated to rakyat no matter his indian,chinese or malay, we need a strong malaysian in this globalization era

  82. abuhuzaifah says:

    Dear Chinese friend,
    Please open up your mind. Don’t think so negative on PAS.

    I am PAS member and PAS activist. In this election, we “won” because we united. PAS helped PKR/DAP and even BEBAS as if they are a single party. During the election, I work at multi racial area where the state seat is for BEBAS (India) and parliment seat if for PKR. I can tell you that >90% of the workers are from PAS members and leaders. We drove the campaign to Malay, India and Chinese with the help of India and Chinese friend. All polling and counting agent are from PAS members. We wait until 2am until the announcement made by SPR that our BEBAS and PKR friend win the election.

    Remember this, majority of Malay community on grass root level or rakyat biasa are split between PAS and UMNO. Some on PKR. PAS has no gap with Indian community anymore. They now understand PAS. PKR and PAS just like brothers. We need to close a gap with Chinese friend.

    Chinese do not need to afraid of PAS. Look at our manifesto, look at Kelantan, tell which portion you did not agree. If you don’t agree with Islamic agenda that PAS try to bring into Muslim, tell us why. Islam is not force to others. As a Malaysian, you guys should have understand all these after 50years we live in this county. Please ask your self before create a negative perception on PAS.

    I have many Chinese friends who not even know to speak Bahasa Malaysia. Come on! We have to be realistic and improve ourself if we really want to be Malaysia and be trusted by the Malay community.

    If you guys still afraid of PAS, the wind is not guaranteed continue in near future. We don’t want to go back to yesterday where PAS did not get support from Chinese and DAP not get support from Malay.

    Thank You.

  83. ediman says:

    The way I see it, if a Chinese were bo be elected as MB, this issue will be exploited by UMNO in the next GE in order to gain support. If UMNO manage to convince the Malays in this issue, then it’s the end of the road for BR. Now, why not let this team to work things out for the best of the people.

  84. IpohYan says:

    Just read from SUARAM request for the rakyat to BR. One of its demand/reminder to the newly formed BR states is to abolish the NEP(New Economic Policy) introduced in 1970 to help Bumiputras economically.

    As a Malaysian Chinese myself, I find this attractive yet saddened. Yes, if it’s really abolished, we Chinese, Indians, Orang Asli, Kadazan and Iban should be happy and excited because we are finally moving towards democracy and equality.

    Why saddened? I am thinking…instead of abolishing the NEP, why can’t they renew/update/revise it? Add us Indian, Chinese, Orang Asli, Kadazan and Iban INTO IT! After all the money comes from the government and it’s ours! Break it up, this means that Chinese help Malays, Malays help Indians and so forth and vice versa. I am sure if the corruption of government can be reduced or even stopped, then there are plenty to share. They more money we make the more we contribute to taxes. The more money the government has then more can be allocated to help us economically back, right?

    The best part is, you don’t even need to change the name (NEP) because it stands for New Economic Policy without mentioning Malays or Bumis.

  85. Abu says:

    Hi there,

    Untuk rakan-rakan non-muslim,

    Pertama sekali , apa-apa perkara negatif mengenai PAS telah di sebar dan di besar-besarkan oleh pihak mainstream media yang berniat buruk…please reset all perceived perspective matter on this…open up new input…

    Mengenai Kelantan , ada baiknya anda cuba melayari website Jed Yoong

    Beliau telah pergi ke Kelantan untuk mengetahui perkara sebenar dan mengetahui sesuatu yang baru…

    Don`t fall to the old story…

    If you go to Lim Kit Siang blogspot , try to find an article by Richard Teo regarding Chinese who lives in Kelantan.

    Please be reminded that rural perakians do not have access to alternative media so thet are blind in this case…DAP Perak and PAS Perak must work together first to open up eyes of these people….but please , no backstabbing , power grabbing in front or back of the Perak`s people…..or you will turn up just like BN….use BUDI BICARA BERHEMAH….

    Masuk kandang kambing mengembek , masuk kandang ayam berkokok…

    A walk of a thousand miles start with one step ( did i get it right ?)

    Thank You

  86. TC says:

    perlembagaan and rule?

    whoever said it can’t be rewrittened and amended. we live in the 21st century now, it is inevitable some of the rules will be outdated and inappropriate in the eyes of the rakyat. The queen of the Britain was made to contribute for the Buckingham palace maintenance, so, who said it cant be done.?

    Regarding sultans/islamic issues, the sultans can take advice from the islamic scholars, mind you, whoever the MB, may he be fr PAS/PKR?DAP, he can’t possibly turn into a saint overnight and blessed with the knowledge of the Quaran.

    be transparent, let him be judged by his achievement after 5 years and not by his religion. The opposition has been given a playing ground to prove to the nation that they mean business, they hav 5 yrs to do tht.. dont waste it. if they r good and bring benefit to the 5 states…. there will be more after 5 years.!!


  87. jughead says:

    See who says DAP is a racist party? By allowing a Malay to become MB of Perak, it shows its slogan – Malaysian Malaysia and Malaysian First. But of course the party has most seats will have more of its members on the board just like a company. If you have more shares, you want to have more says but decisons can be collective

  88. dd says:

    next time encourage melay to join DAP… no need to headache… he sure can be MB

  89. Aron says:

    dd..I fully agree with you. Parties such as PKR, DAP or even PAS are not race based parties and have never intended to be. Only PAS has a religious based ideology which to me is fine, because as a human you can choose your religion but not what race you’re born into. With the heralding of possibly what will become a new future for the Malaysian political landscape, racial party politics is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and we should expect to see more Malays contesting and leading DAP, or Chinese/ Indian doing the same for PKR. If they happen to be Muslim, no matter what race, then they can join PAS. We won’t get to a 2-party system so quickly, although Im sure it is the end game outcome which will eventually shape up, so in the interim years, DAP should embrace more Malays and support them fully as leaders! It was mentioned above…Who cares whether Malay, Chinese or Indian? Most important is, a leader who is honest, dignified, with integrity, the right skills and capability, and will uphold the rule of Law in his administering the country. That should be the main and only criteria for any party selecting its leaders, or appointing future PMs, Menteri Besars and so on…

  90. Jerry Wong says:

    Despite supporting you people in DAP, please DO NOT let PAS be the ruling Menteri in Perak! DAP guys are traitors! How can we trust you? You guys are worst than BN. Should had voted for BN! We are fools indeed to trust you!

  91. political-analyst says:

    DAP only won majority in opposition alliance with 18 seats, PKR 7 seats, PAS 6 seats. BN won 28 seats, mostly by UMNO as most MCA and MIC candidates lost to DAP or PKR. In 2008 election, Perak has 59 state seats with 39 malay majority( facts, please refer SPR) eventhough chinese population is nearly as Malay but mainly concentrated in big cities. Only 20 state seats are chinese majority. DAP could not have won the state government without PKR and PAS especialy if PAS annouced non-alliance.(DAP+PKR=25). If PAS does, then Perak will be governed by UMNO dominated BN. UMNO will definitely become strong opposition and use racial issues against new BR.( as they accusse DAP will favor chinese in many instances even many DAP leaders will deny). Possiblity of malay will vote for UMNO in next election given current situation is high if DAP favor chinese interest at the expense of malay. If it does, Perak will be governed by UMNO dominated BN as chinese continue to vote for DAP against MCA in chinese majority seats which will never make a government if they win it all. In conclusion, politics in malaysia is still racially based rather then religion.

  92. Hassan says:

    Hey, stop talking about I!m Malay, I!m Chinese, I!m Indian. Think as a Malaysian . Adhere to law. Choose the best and fairminded and country at heart.

  93. dd says:

    They all not talking about which race of the perak MB will be..
    Now they look for party ideology..
    what do u think if no more TOTO, KUDA or magnum in perak?? like kelantan.. How chinese in perak can be FA COI??

  94. Perak says:

    If think as a Malaysian, dap won more seats than other parties in Perak but y dap candidate cant be MB??? It’s not fair, so please dont say about racial equallity.

  95. political- analyst says:

    politic in perak is getting twisted and confusing
    DAP+PKR+PAS won 31 seats with 18,7 and 6 respectively
    BN won 28 state seats with UMNO 27 and MIC 1 respectively.
    question is who won more seats in perak. furthermore, DAP+PKR
    +PAS is not a registered alliance whereas BN is lawfully registered.
    Bear in mind, Sultan Azlan Syah was a lawyer and his Son Raja Nazrin has PhD from Harvard University in Political Economy and Government. they must have got something in mind!

  96. yop kejor says:

    Dear leng lui ahhh!! today 4-feb-09 BN is taking over back perak. By the way I cant say I know, but I think Anwar is a CIA agent friend with jews and the world bank. To protect malaysia diplomatic with the US and the rest of the world, saying anndwar’s like ass more than pussycat is the best thing. Yop! forever… like it or not the king favors BN and i hate to see penang turn up to be like singapore (us-machai / kuli-us) their culture and heritage worth 50 billion only. Our true culture representative (kings) r priceless loh. Porrah Cit! Muttek Rendek! Teh Tarik One!

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