(You could really ‘tell’ who is/are behind this guy)


Who should succeed Pak Lah?

“Najib won by 26,000 votes and this is much more than in 2004 when the BN was very, very popular. On the other hand, Pak Lah – who had a majority of 18,000 before – only has a majority of 11,000 now. The fact is that he lost a number of votes. And there are not many people who have improved (their majority) since 2004.” (Mahathir Mohamad, 9 March 2008).

 I knew I couldn’t trust the results of the elections to be due to ONLY support for the Opposition. It isn’t like that at all. From very early, especially when I saw glimpses of it in pro-Umno, pro-Mahathir bloggers (some pretending to be neutral), I knew Mahathir would have a hand, a big hand in this elections –  he’ll get his supporters to throw out Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and bring in his beloved Najib Tun Razak. So, people, don’t be too happy. You did well, giving the Opposition 49 percent of the popular vote this time. But the bigger fight is still on, especially if Najib actually becomes PM. Then May the TRUTH really SAVE US all! I knew exactly what ex-PM Mahathir Mohamad will say at the aftermath of the elections:

1. He will ask badly beatened Umno President Abdullah to resign.

2. He will complain about all his projects not being carried out.

3. He will ask Najib Tun Razak to be PM.

True enough, this morning at his 11am press conference, he did exactly all the above.

He said “Najib’s resounding victory in Pekan and the performance of his homestate Pahang means that people accept the DPM”. (Rocky Bru)


As far as I know, only the people of Pekan accept him and that is also open to inquiry. A 26,000 majority? 

Please dont shove Najib down our lives. Then really, we’ll have a 100 years of UMNO!

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  1. wits0 says:

    I don’t think many wants this parting gift from MahalDeal.

  2. Pang HC says:

    Rerun of 1969 -Razak/Mahathir/Ghazali staged coup against Tunku after Alliance’s heavy loss. It’s one full circle – Mahathir/Najib staging another coup against Pak Lah – this is a sinister plot of getting rid of Pak Lah with Najib ala UMNO style and a reasserting of Mahathir’s influence. We don’t need Mahathir to teach us how to discern — Najib will be a nightmare!

  3. Vaseau says:

    Be afraid…be very afraid. A NATIONAL ALERT may be necessary.

    Mahathir wants to put a proxy in place… to take this country back to the Dark Ages of his tyranny. That must NOT be allowed to happen. If anything, Mahathir and his ilk must be forced into permanent retirement …out of sight and out of mind.

    Badawi has helped move this nation forward in his own unintended way. He must be allowed to inch us forward towards a true Malaysian Malaysia

  4. simon says:

    Let Mahathir continue to dream on!

    Should the East Malaysians DUMP BN and swing the 40 plus parliament votes to BA……… the BN is dead ……and Anwar Ibrahim will be the next PM.

    and Mahathir’s statement that Anwar is dreaming will be wrong!

    and the reason the East Malaysians are not doing that now is that they are sharpening their knives for more benefits from the Federal Government.

    Our East Malaysian brothers and sisters are actually VEYY UNHAPPY with the Federal Government!

    The “swing” may happen after Pairin retires as the last time he did that it was very painful for him. Most people dun think he has the courage to “swing” a second time.

  5. lim says:

    I don’t see how Mahatir’s rules were any better than Pak Lah. It was equally corrupt. It was Mahatir’s mastery of racial politics, playing one race based party against each other that kept him in power for so long.

    Pak Lah’s undoing is because he is not such a master in racial politics plus the people of Malaysia have also moved on from racial politics. You can only fool the people so many times .

    It has been half a century since independence and it is time to really create a united Malaysia for all races!!

  6. Timcumstimely says:

    No one from the UMNO will be a good leader. talking about Najib, U know what his father has done?

  7. simon says:

    If DSAI were to fly to KK and Kuching on monday, quite a lot of people will pee wherever they are in their pants now …….. dun matter whether the talks are successful or not!

    so PKR pls buy your adviser a plane ticket to East Malaysia!

  8. yh says:

    try shoving najib into our throats? its now proven if malaysians want, they can throw him out of office. no, we are not arrogant. we just want a honest and fair PM to run the country effectively for all malaysians and not for cronies only.

  9. Rodster says:

    As a Sabahan I struggle to accept that barisan nasianl had a virtual clean sweep. Admittedly split votes and the fear factor may have come into play, but it seems far too well wrapped up. So I expect we will hear sooner or later, stories filtering out of massive cheating. In the mean time we have to live with the reality that we have virtually no voice in the state assembly. What is that going to mean for us in the next 4-5 years. Sure hope it doent mean Sabah is going to have to endure this continueing rape and abuse…..

  10. jedyoong says:

    Dunno who is the “people”. Don’t forget this is the same guy who claims to speak for bloggers…How many members in All-Blogs to date? 😉 Susan, how’s PABS? Najib is definitely a no-no. 😉 *hugz* champagne on me 😉 for my muslim friends, there are non-alcoholic beverages 😉

  11. stenson says:

    Najib got bloody blood in his hands.He is not fit to be a prime minister given his dirty politic.Ask mahatir to go to the grave.No one miss him.I would rather have Nurul as prime minister.

  12. Abdul Malek says:

    Pls Mahathir, just shut up. Pencen lah gracefully … think of all the mess you have created – and we do not need another idiot shoved into our throat. No, not by you.

    PKR should consolidate and kick out this racist UMNO once and for all. Then charge all these people with abuses of power. Before I die I would like to see some of these scums of the earth behind bars. And thats where most of them deserve to be

  13. Harrison bin Hansome says:


    Yeah, I share your view, fully. 😛

  14. kittykat46 says:

    Nampak ular, nampak Najib, pukul Najib dulu.
    Lagi bahaya dari ular.

  15. Latios507 says:

    There will always be corruption in Any Government.
    To be Honest,comparing with Pak lah’s and Dr mahathir Leadership.

    Dr mahathir was the Most Briliant Prime Minister of Malaysia To Exist, he Took Malaysia to be “WORLD” Class Country. Without Him, I dont think we would advance.

    No matter how bad Mahathir is in his Leadership, I must admit. in the End People will Bow down to Him. His Briliant, Before Mahathir Retired he made some project to Help malaysia to live to another higher Degree of Lives.

    No wonder his Mad when pak Lah’s uses all of the Goverment Money To use it in General Election, and not using it for the project.

    Pak Lah’s Never Cares about peoples Live. All he cares is about the Development of Projects, Which will give profits to the Government, AKA THE RICH PEOPLE.

    The Rich people will become richer, The Middle-earned People will either Fall easily or Rise, And the Poor People will Suffer Badly.

    You see nowdays, Cancers, Poor people will go to Paper press,hoping for Donation/Aid. But Goverment never helps them.

    So I know you Chinese/Indians are Mad At pak lah. But This is Malaysia, No Malayland.

  16. simon says:

    I think all of you fail to see the benefits after Pak Lah falls and Najib becomes PM.

    Once Najib becomes PM …. further destruction of UMNO will be irreversible; and our East Malaysian brothers and sisters will throw their weight behind DSAI.

    Hence the ascent of Najib will be to the long term benefit of DSAI. The only worry now for PKR is ….. if and only if UMNO can kick out Najib and appoint a very credible leader. This may happen if Najib falls. Since the odds of Najib falling are very low. DSAI is on the road to be the next PM…..

    Hence things may not be what they seem…..PKR people should be very very very happy if Najib becomes PM in August 2008…….this path seems irreversible….and the destruction of UMNO is inevitable.

  17. Chloe says:

    Correct, correct, correct. Agree, agree, agree. Couldn’t agree with you more Susan on this issue. We voted opposition but it was to teach BN a lesson. I don’t understand how bloggers like Rocky can go on harping about Dr M said this and that and Abdullah should step down for Najib. Is he a true journalist or being paid by the Najib camp? Can’t he see how clear the entire plan is. I’ve done my part, now I can only pray and hope we don’t get sucked back into the dark ages.

  18. paru78 says:

    Pls dont give najib to our next PM. hancur malaysia if he is next PM

  19. simon says:

    Please stop critising Najib; Najib is tainted by his own kris kissing case ….. and is hence the enemy of UMNO.

    Please remember that “the enemy of my enemy is MY FRIEND”. Hence Najib is the “friend” of all the opposition parties right now.

    There has to be a slight storm or rather as one of you has said “a dark ages” before the sun comes out shining. Look like we have to suffer a slight dark ages for a short while…..

  20. Latios507 says:

    1 more thing.
    I would like to See what will happened when The opposition Rules.
    The opposition said BN is fully corrupted and Etc.

    We will see what Opposition looks like,Weither its the same as BN or worst..

  21. Zain says:

    Fellow Malaysians,

    How is DAP not a racial party? Just by running some Indians in the elections?

    How is BN a racial party? No doubt that it is a combination of many racial-Based parties – which dated back to pre-Merdeka period.. – but, a true & long understanding of camaraderie had long been established since then; & all parties within BN work TOGETHER for the harmony of Malaysia ALL THESE YEARS… FACT!

    (* the whatever corruption by some people were NOT that of the BN party. & Corrupted people are found in ANY political parties IN THE WORLD. Cest la vie!)

    The Perikatan (UMNO, MCA, MIC) then was accepted by moderate, cool, professional Malaysians back then where this is NOT good for the OUSTED leekuanyew. If you young Malaysians KNOW that DAP was a spin-off of leekuanyew’s party, you WILL UNDERSTAND the True moderate Malaysian’s concerns.
    Remember that singapore was voted 126-0 to be Ousted Out of Malaysia (that means by ALL Malaysians regardless of race…. They OLD Folks “really know” who & WHAT that leekuanyew is.

    OK, Back to current period.

    DAP? Their mere demands of everything chinese are those that TRIGGERED the BN coalition to have go back to the “old” race-based methods & had to correct the whatever negative “vibes” the DAP had generated just to get their Chinese “votes”, in particular.

    As a fair & multiracial-minded Malaysian, I blame the DAP for the Start of Using racial issues & sentiments eversince the 1986 election!!!…

    … The vernacular school system was dying in the ’70-’80s as ALL Malaysians were really like One Big Family with the children all mixed in the normal sekolah kebangsaan (national school).
    YES – please do refer back to your parents & they’ll tell you that Chinese schools were really NOT a popular choice back then!

    DAP had USED this as an opportunity for them to “wake” the chinese people up saying that they’ll LOSE their “chinese-ness” unless they DEMAND for the Chinese schools and…….. the rest is history!

    They realized that they cannot win with just the Ultra-Chinese votes & desperately needed the Malays’ votes & had then teamed-up with PAS!

    BOTTOMLINE = DAP can fool some of the people (new) nowadays, but not all of the people all of the time. The truth will prevail DAP’s 1 and only intention of everything chinese.



  22. savedap says:

    najib is the culprit..father & son caused BN big lost when become DPM…haha…just kidding…

  23. goldenscreen says:

    This was posted by someone, and I think it is quite important:

    This is the victory of the people who made an informed decision against long-standing corruption and tyranny in this nation. We needed a figurehead like Anwar Ibrahim to unite the parties, but it was the people who made that smart choice – a quantum leap of sorts – to vote for change. The BN’s shocking defeat is a big slap on the face for Badawi and his present tenure is shaky to say the least. Unseen forces within UMNO are bound to play it out in the next few months to unseat him from the reins of power. Meanwhile Mahathir is getting vocal.

    If Pak Lah resigns, Najib will step up and it will then be back to old-style cronyism and nepotism; and worse, Mahathir;s dictatorial era will be back again to haunt us.

    Najib is very much worse and is a cold blooded person…Tunku Razaleigh once said Najib is neither friend of Malay, nor Chinese or Indian Not even the faraway Mongols either. Altantuuya had proven that to us in broken bits and pieces.

    Remember, if Badawi is forced out, Najib will take over. This is Mahathir’s agenda, and it is the agenda of old UMNO guards who irreparably corrupted this nation in the first place. And we all know what Najib stands for…Altantuuya, multimillion (whopping $500m to be exact) defense contract fees and what not and getting away with murder for all that.

    Mahathir just held a Press Conference to push his own selfish agenda (he thinks and acts like he is still the Prime Minister in charge!!), and by proxy, to pave the ground for his son Mukhriz’s ascension to power. Standing next in line to Najib. But foremost, he would want Najib to take over from Badawi. When he does, we can forget about Altantuuya and the RCI into the heinous VK Lingam tape scandal.

    And it will be a return to strong-arm rule all over again for Bolehland citizens. We are not supposed to allow that to happen. That’s why we voted in the BR to change all that.

    It wasn’t Mahathir who stomped the country for change. It was Anwar.

    To pre empt Mahathir making a comeback the back-door way, we need to install Anwar back into Parliament. To do that Badawi must show magnanimity to his arch-foe of yore. He must befriend his old enemy to beat off a bigger threat. The tide has changed somewhat, psot-GE12, and it’s going to be tougher than it seems on the surface.

    Many will see this election’s results as a vindication for the BR, but other disgruntled Umno members like hidden-agenda Mahathir, watch-and-wait Najib (and impatient Khairy) will see this as an opportunity to grab power and the booty that comes along. The next few months will see Mahathir staging a “hidden-dragon” coup to oust Badawi from the hotseat. Najib will bide his time before his next move, smiling behind our backs now like the “crouching tiger.” Just watch and see.

    Pak Lah, to redeem himself from the GE12 debacle, now only needs to do two things foremost.

    The first thing Abdullah Badawi needs to do is to clean up the mess of a corrupt judiciary and the sycophantic media of the old guard dating back to the 80s.

    Corruption will always exist, but the judiciary and the media in any democracy acts as the first and last line of defence watchdog. Instead, we have had lapdogs barking against the voices of the people for too long. The shocking mediocrity of the mainstream media is pathetic. The corruption of the judiciary is endemic. Both already rotten to the core and beyond repair. A complete overhaul of the rot and decay is not out of place. They still have not come to grips with the new political landscape yet.

    It is important that members of the old guard from Mahathir’s era are not allowed to worm back in. We should start from a clean slate. Such a move per se will checkmate any of Mahathir’s hidden agenda plans, post-GE12. It is in the national interest that Badawi do just that.

    A saving grace in his swan song, unshackling the good citizens of this wretched country from the twenty-over odd years of Mahathir’s godforsaken reign where the integrity and sanctity of our institutions were ransacked, raped and plundered with impunity. R




  24. goldenscreen says:

    For me personally, I think the next GE will be tougher. You will see many erstwhile friends in cyberspace turn into enemies as they will show their true colors as members of UMNO’s Old Guard camp (aka Mahathir and Najib). That was why I thanked god that Khairy didn’t lose at Rembau. We still need him to fend off Najib internally inside UMNO.

    This GE may have seen the people’s awakening with help from cyberspace, but next GE will see a full scale war in cyberspace between pro-Mahathir bloggers and anti-UMNO bloggers. So be careful everyone. The biggest battle for Malaysia’s future will happen at the next GE, whether we want to return to the dark days of Mahathir and UMNO Baru or stride forward towards a bright future of freedom. Your choice.

  25. Spirit_61 says:

    >>>They realized that they cannot win with just the Ultra-Chinese votes & desperately needed the Malays’ votes & had then teamed-up with PAS!<<>>BOTTOMLINE = DAP can fool some of the people (new) nowadays, but not all of the people all of the time. The truth will prevail DAP’s 1 and only intention of everything chinese.<<<<<<<<<<

    I think DAP has moved on from the 60s/70s mentality. Most likely Tony Pua and some of his colleagues can’t even read/write chinese just like myself.

  26. Kelvin says:

    Zain, I dont understand why young and educated Malay like you fail to see past the interest of your own race. Stop victimizing yourself. The figures speak louder than words. The disappointment by the Chinese and Indians towards the goverment and to some extent the Malays is not unfounded. We are grossly under-represented in the civil service and are deprived of so many chances in tertiary education. I notice this election is not entirely about policy but about justice being upheld.

    And I have never heard of the term Ultra Chinese. We have never asked for anything that we do not deserve or anything that would hurt the interest of other race. It’s the Bumis who have been pushing the line. DAP merely serves as an outlet for the weak and under-represented to voice their disgruntlement and dissatisfaction. I am sure when there comes a day where Malay right is being jeopardized DAP will do something about it and the voters will right the wrong. But for now, if theres anyone that should be crying foul or if theres anyone whos right is in desperate need of being defended by a party like DAP, it can only be us Chinese and Indians.

  27. simon says:

    To Spririt_61

    There is NO NEED to rebut things that IS VERY OBVIOUS FOR EVERYBODY to have moved on. You need to move on.


    its happening as we speak…Mukhriz …the son is calling for Pak Lah’s resignation…..

    but according RPK’s Khairy Chronicles ….. Mahathir is not depending on Najib but is instead using another person. Hence there is a worry for the Opposition parties that a new credible leader may emerge from the ranks and save UMNO from destruction.

  28. Spirit_61 says:

    Goldenscreen , I totally agree with your 2#point for Badawi – if only his political strategist read this cue. I mean he still holds the power — how hard would it be to weed out all the poisonous elements now that the election has cleansed a few of the deeply rooted ones for him. Get it done quick before the dark clouds gather to flush him away.

  29. maria says:

    The vernacular school system was dying in the ‘70-’80s as ALL Malaysians were really like One Big Family with the children all mixed in the normal sekolah kebangsaan (national school).
    YES – please do refer back to your parents & they’ll tell you that Chinese schools were really NOT a popular choice back then!

    Zain, u r right. I even went to sekolah kebangsaan. But I make sure my children do not go to national school. We tried to blend into national school but too bad, we non-malays have been discriminated. We are not allowed to wear shorts during PE, too much islamization. We are forced to accept all these nonsence. DO NOT BLAME THE DAP!! It’s the making of UMNO to divide the race, and not listening to the rakyats!

  30. Zain says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    The Malays are disappointed too with current BN leadership. But we, at least us at the grassroots level, have never ever demanded anything more than what we had agreed upon as outlined, since Merdeka – but DAP looks like their fighting that out of us. Why? To “save” leekuanyew’s face & UNPOPULARITY back then??

    If you’re open & sincere to the regular Malays (not those HP6 Malays & NON-Malays), we’re cool.

    Bottomline, please fulfill all your “promises” (reduce oil prices, etc., etc., etc.) during your election campaigns in the states & the MANY areas with MANY Malay majorities, for MANY Malays had decided to “try” you out for the so-called “change”.


  31. simon says:

    To Maria and Spirit_61

    Please move on and STOP wasting time on UMNO members.

    Always remember that the Torturer or person who is inflicting pain feels none himself and is always under the illusion that the tortured are enjoying themselves.


  32. steven says:

    Let’s cut all this crap…..on what platform have we all supported for the BR? It’s just barely less than 24 hours and here we are all beginning to doubt or attempt to cast apprehensions on what we have voted for….fickle-minded

  33. Zain says:

    Dear Maria,

    Yes, & YOUR children’s time is what?.. ’90s/’00s? By THIS time, everything’s screwep up ALREADY as I would think, the “hurt” Muslim teachers might acted out that way due to …..?….. Well, like I stated before, the rest is HISTORY…… Yep! DAP started BACK all these race-race thingy. Just check back their late ’80s election campaigns back then.

    Anyway, I grew up in the ’70s & yes, I honestly regarded all my friends as MALAYSIANS…. It was truly a good feel period for ALL True, Moderate, Educated Malaysians back then (ie. after the kecoh2 in ’69).


  34. wits0 says:

    “DO NOT BLAME THE DAP!! It’s the making of UMNO to divide the race, and not listening to the rakyats!”

    When the then, education minister, Abdul Rahman Yaakob, signed away the English medium in circa’ 67, the MCA’s Chinese Educationists didn’t make a single squeak of protest, thinking that they won’t ever be molested. When events proved to be otherwise the clamour began. Why blame just the DAP? It’s true to say the old guard members remnant with socailistic leaning have long disappeared.

    In any case it was the English Medium schools that had the least friction on racial basis and produced the best relatively color-blind products. Admit it now that Bahasa per se have not contributed much to racial integration despite being the Holy Grail of UMNO chauvinistic ideology among others. the result of which is visible and undeniable all-round mediocrity in school education.

  35. Najib!?

    No way, Hose. He’s not better than Pak Lah. This nation can do fine without them.

    As for the huge majority he won recently, well… He was our Defence Minister… So, how about this equation:

    Postal votes+Najib=Victory

  36. jedyoong says:

    ha ha ha ha…good one malay women…ha ha ha ha….ha ha ha ha…;)

  37. darshan says:

    Yes,, now wht got to do with mahathir,,

    His dirty trick,, will he leave us alone now,,

    Najib has his arrogant nazri, hishamudidin and khairy..

    Now the Opposition has to quickly consolidated the will not happen..

    Dont quite understand This old man mahathir,, yesterday he said Opposition is be good to have balance govt.
    Today he say, badawi destroy BN. So what is so surprising. Everyone knows its comings..

    Why is not happy to have a balance govt now,, wht is up to. He is dirty cow..

  38. Zain says:


    Yes, I totally agree with the English medium. That’s the reason why TDM wanted us go back to English medium – with the Maths & Science – first.

    But, eversince “the rest is history”, the ultra-Chinese & Malays were hard to convince that it is for the betterment & UNITY of our country & her peoples.

  39. wits0 says:

    Hehe, Rocky is fudging and spinning it but I think most (astute)Netizens here know he’s UMNO at heart, judging from what he has blogged over time.

    What’s so mitigating and compelling that Najib must be PM??? Has he got (good) reputation, exceptional qualities or really the people’s credibility? We see only dark baggages.

  40. Spirit_61 says:

    So true Wits0.. i still remember being part of the Malay kutu-gang who would ponteng school & go watch chinese kungFu movies. Would this kind of social phenomenon exists today? Probably not. The chinese kid would go to his swimming or Piano club whilst the malay kid would be at his football matches. LOL. Little or no real social interaction between malay and other races.

    Agree – English schools offer some semblance of a multi-culture society. What other brige is there as there is almost NO social interaction at grass-root level. Chinese kids are all nerds locked up in piano or computer clubs whilst malay kids probably play football or cycle around the block. LOL.

  41. simon says:

    To ALL,

    Lets not dig up the past.

    We are ALL different animals today.

    DAP is different.

    PKR is different.

    DSAI is different.

    People change…grow up…become more mature……learn how to cooperate together…

    people however being people we tend to cling onto OLD THOUGHTS and OLD HURTS. and rewrite his_story

    incidentally also….. thats the problem with Chandra Muzaffar….he cannot move on from his old hurts… he sees the old DSAI everywhere he goes even in his sleep. The problem is that the old DSAI does not exist ….anymore than the old DAP or the old UMNO otherwise the semangat 46 or the old whatchamacaalit…..

  42. kittykat46 says:

    We really need to stop fighting the arguments of the 1960’s and 70’s. That’s ancient history and it won’t help Malaysia move forward.

    The DAP is a very different organisation today. Yes, much of its support base is still the Chinese community, but its leaders and MPs are well-educated and very moderate professionals.

    No one is trying to renegotiate the 1957 constitution.
    The Chinese community to a large extent accepted the NEP in its original concept – the need to redress the imbalance in economic participation of the different communities. Not happy about it, but accepted it.

    What is Not accepted , and is a source of much unhappiness, is the way the NEP has mutated into primarily a machine to move mega millions and even billions to enrich UMNO cronies.
    You don’t need to be an economist to understand it is damaging the country’s economy, too.

  43. simon says:

    #We really need to stop fighting the arguments of the 1960’s and 70’s. That’s ancient history and it won’t help Malaysia move forward#

    Thats is the best thing since sliced bread.

    Thats why GOD gave us eyes in front of the head to help us move forwards.

    If we needed to move backwards our eyes will be on our backside where the shit comes out….

  44. simon says:

    If we needed to move backwards our eyes will be on our backside where the shit comes out.

    but GOD placed our eyes in front. unless some biologist claims that the front is actually our back and our back is actually the front.

  45. simon says:

    If we needed to move backwards our eyes will be on our backside where the WASTE comes out.

    but GOD placed our eyes in front. unless some biologist claims that the front is actually our back and our back is actually the front.

  46. simon says:

    #You don’t need to be an economist to understand it is damaging the country’s economy, too.#


    Even the most stupid person understands that RM4 Billion will pave all the streets with brand new tarmacadam for Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya and some say Subang Jaya too…. black.

    Incidentally RM4 Billion is what the Port Klang…. elephant costs…

    Incidentally also the streets of Singapore are ALL BLACK and you can see it immediately after you get your passport stamped.

  47. seantang says:

    Zain said: “The Malays are disappointed too with current BN leadership. But we, at least us at the grassroots level, have never ever demanded anything more than what we had agreed upon as outlined, since Merdeka – but DAP looks like their fighting that out of us. Why? To “save” leekuanyew’s face & UNPOPULARITY back then??

    If you’re open & sincere to the regular Malays (not those HP6 Malays & NON-Malays), we’re cool.”


    With regards to what was ‘agreed’ since ‘Merdeka’, I’ve 2 comments.

    1. What exactly was agreed? The original federal constitution or the one now which has been changed by UMNO hundreds of times?

    2. This is a modern world. Everybody’s had some education and have had to compete globally. There really isn’t any place for a ‘special’ class of citizens and an underclass. I’m not sure what you consider as fair, but to me, there is no place in the concept of basic human rights and simple common decency for anyone to be regarded as superior or privileged simply because of the accident of birth, rather than virtue of deed.

    The way forward for Malaysia is simple.

    Those in need and those in distress will be aided, protected and succoured. Those who are not in need, simple fend for themselves. The colour of their skin and the religion in their hearts makes not one bit of difference. That is true unity.

    If you have not yet understood that… then the new dawn aside, you and I have a problem.

    As for the ‘merdeka agreement’… that is the past my friend. Just like you cannot in this day and age, morally and legally lynch a Japanese person whose grandfather chopped your father’s head off – the younger generations of Malaysia cannot be forever bound, without limit, by the unfair agreements of their forefathers which run counter to basic justice and common decency.

    You teach me how do I explain to my children that they are lesser citizens compared to some of their classmates and friends, simply because they were born the wrong race? I cannot. And I will not curse my children with having to explain the same thing to my grandchildren.

  48. jaffar says:

    In response to comments by:[Zain Says: March 9, 2008 at 5:42 pm ]

    Dear Saudara Zain,
    1) In this unprecedented moment of our nation’s history you seem to be content digging for “skeletons” in the proverbial closet… I think DAP has moved on… and have successfully attracted many young intellectuals that want to look beyond race based politics. I think they realise that if they are to be relevant as a political party in today’s climate – high on the agenda would be the eradication of corruption practices, better transparency in the govt, and a fairer lot for all Malaysians – not just for the chinese…

    In any case, after PKR’s scathing success in PRU12, I believe the multiracial party model is here to stay. Therefore DAP will do well to take cognizance of this as they can no longer depend solely on the racial card – should they ignore this they will do so at their own peril!

    2) …And since you did raise the issue on DAP being the instigator of racially motivated politics “back in the 70s and 80s”- I feel you are giving a one sided perspective to what is really a multi-dimensional issue.

    Ask yourself – wasn’t the issue of vernacular schools raised against a landscape of “nationalism” in the region; namely in Indonesia? There was certainly a fear amongst the older chinese generations that this would lead to their culture being “diluted” or losing their identity… which I suppose is a natural reaction especially when a large number were 1st generation immigrants from the “homeland” (China).
    While there is some merit in what you infer, I however find it hard to accept your rhetorics on “… ALL Malaysians were really like One Big FAMILY with the children all mixed in the normal sekolah kebangsaan (national school)…”. Were they really one big family?? How then could one son be given scholarship when he scored an aggregate of 30, whilst another not receive one when he scored 10 for SPM (or MCE in the 70s)?? Put yourself in his shoes… how would you feel? I did, and I didn’t like how it felt…

    I think that this factor in itself is where the the fundamental flaw of the NEP lays… while it certainly did its job to improve the lot of the then largely impoverished rural malays; it has now been abused to a degree that no decent Malaysian can tolerate. (E.G: Buying a new home: I can understand the NEP benefiting “working class” malay buyers – but how do you justify it if that home was a luxury home costing millions? Doe the affluent malay need such benefits from the NEP? Wouldn’t it be better that such benefits were extended to other impoverished non-malay Malaysians?). This is but one of many other examples that I can readily think of.
    So to respond to your comments that DAP is largely responsible for racial based politics – I have to differ on my opinion. What you have identified is merely the symptom – the root cause is more likely the callous way that the NEP has been managed by the ruling coalition; plain and simple.

    I’m trying to steer clear of accusing any one party for a “hidden racial agenda” – I guess the message today is that the Rakyat will no longer tolerate poor governance. So Saudara Zain, if DAP so much as plays the racial card again, rest assured a the Rakyat will rise again. But for now the Rakyat has voiced its intent – please move on as well – the racial card should not have a prominent place in Malaysian society anymore. The Hawks and Doves will always exist, but it is up to responsible Malaysian like you and me to ensure that we continue to voice our concerns as one common “Rakyat” – Power to the plebians!!!

    I remain, a true, peaceful Malaysian.

  49. new Sarawak BR says:

    SOS. Please inform the BR juggernaut to Sarawak and inform those coward MPs controlled by our corrupted CM (Taib) to dump him on Monday. If that’s enough to command the 2/3 majority after the switch, thane Malaysia will have the new dawn. The tide is turning.

  50. Carrie says:

    True. Very true.

    I believe that the mistake was done when we gained Independence. No, I’m not against it. It’s just that a Chinese politician should have been given a chance to be PM for a term. That way, we (the people) will be able to choose carefully. Hah! I agree with Spirit_61 a hundred percent.

    P.S. If Mahathir said that, why didn’t he elect Najib (instead of our current PM) before he retired??

  51. simon says:

    seantang you make it so complicated…

    Its so simple really….

    Those who work extra hard must be rewarded.

    Those who work MUST be able to earn a living and should not starve.

    Those who are unable to work must be ASSISTED.

    This is not socialism. This is capitalism as even dogs know how to share food what more since we humans believe in a GOD


  52. jaffar says:

    2/33 majority for the BR??? Belum lagi kut…? Got to prove itself first lah. The rakyat must be discerning – lets not get sucked into the euphoria of this recent elections.
    You have a forum going here… build ideas for our future that can be measured against pervasive socio-economic and cultural growth and equity.
    Now that Rakyat got “suara” – lets use our head, not our heart… or else back to square one d… 🙂

  53. Spirit_61 says:

    ::P.S. If Mahathir said that, why didn’t he elect Najib (instead of our current PM) before he retired?? ::::

    aiseh.. The Good Dr thought if he annoint a weak man – then dia bolih main dari belaKang. (not anwar’s idea or hobby 🙂

    Then the weak man developed a brain & said ‘no’ to a few of his projects. So he was shocked. tHence the Vendetta. Now the dr also main dari belakang but from a much further distance,,, jolok2 everynow & then to stoke the fire of the already burning ambre.

  54. taishan says:

    So soon after the PRU and the BR monyets are already aping their BN masters. They’re all agreed that only a Malay should be the next Perak MB. “Regardless of race, color or religion ” Ha.. ha.. in your fat dreams. Druggies will be druggies. Still dazed from Ketuanan Melayu. Something for you BN clowns to get back at your nemesis !

  55. simon says:

    Full human rights for everyone in Malaysia…thats the aim.

    Some shiver at this thought. Some oppose awarding full human rights to certain races in Malaysia. Some people shiver at the implications for Malaysia.

    Thats why the BN gomen has never signed any UN or international human rights treaties. What they dun realise is that once human rights is not awarded to everyone, there is a social and economic penalty.

    People in Malaysia has not been allowed to achieve their full creative potential.

    And that is very sad. very sad indeed.

    This again reminds me of Sudirman…. many years my senior in Universiti Malaya. I was not there at that time but the incident was still very fresh when I was there and the story was much talked about. What happened was that there was one day Sudirman got onto a stage inside UM and scolded his teacher/lecturer sitting in front of him in the front row. He said that singing was what he really wanted to do and he never wanted to become a lawyer or rather a Bumiputra lawyer. Now scolding your teacher is a very great sin….at least in those days. (now students beat their teachers..thats a subchapter)

    Why was he pressured to become a lawyer?

    Who pressured him?

    Why did he feel that he has to oblige?

    Why is there a blind need to create ratios and quotas just to make sure that there are Bumiputra lawyers? This are the questions we need to ask.

    Why was he not left alone so as to achieve his full potential and not waste his best years wasting away in UM?

    Who says that lawyers are better than singers… a think tank? a foundation?

    Who determines the fate of a race?

    Can an individual determine his own fate?

    Of course those heady days are over and …. or are they? If indeed then that those days are over then…. why did the gomen NOT sign any Human Rights Treaties and award full human rights to all Malaysians?

  56. Spirit_61 says:

    Nothing wrong with a Malay as Perak MB

    Penang CM/ViceCM: DAP/PKR

    Perak MB/Naib: PAS/DAP

    Selangor MB/Naib: PKR/DAP

    … pass the power (powder) around & share the stuff,,,, use it sparingly & wisely.

  57. EddieTheHead says:

    I always wondered, why is it when Melayu kalah mesti gaduh? In ’69, Melayu kalah, so gaduh. Takkan orang menang nak gaduh? Kan?

    Then I realised its not orang Melayu yang nak Gaduh: Its UMNO! UMNO tak tahan malu kalau kalah. Even now, I am afraid, there are forces working to stir trouble, and its from UMNO!

    Meanwhile for the Melayu, winning or losing is part of life, no problems – “menang kalah adat pertandingan”. You ask any Melayu, and he/she will say:

    “Menang jadi arang, kalah jadi abu”

    So if anything happens, look towards UMNO and please don’t blame the Melayu you meet on the streets!

  58. gracec says:

    Zheesh …… can someone just start investigating on that old megalomaniac’s financial affairs as out of 50 years of absolute BN power, 25 of which were unrivalled corruption and plundering of the nation’s wealth, he has the cheek to ask Badawi to now resign & to take responsibility for BN’s implosion ? The seeds of such implosion were not only planted but watered and fertilized by that old tyrant !! He viewed the legal profession with utter contempt, emasculated the judiciary and set himself up as the legislator, executive & judge !! Anwar Ibrahim will savour this “dendam” for a few life-times – hahhahahahahhahahahha !!

  59. maria says:

    Jaafar, well said! I support you unlike the saudara zain!

  60. Timcumstimely says:

    I beleive Bodowi’s administration is incompetence but at least he’s a gentleman to step down without creating chaos. I fthis would have been Najib Tun Razak or his late father (remember May13th, when the Malays are exonerated and given the punishment of a shoplifter for murdering the Chinese).

    Now, don’t anyone, I mean anyone, humans or animals, who even cums as early before any entry, tells me Najib Tun Razak who once waves the keris in the air threatening to bath it in Chinese blood is not a racist.

  61. EddieTheHead says:

    “Pesuruhjaya PAS Ahmad Awang memberitahu Malaysiakini … calon menteri besar itu mestilah seorang berbangsa Melayu dan boleh dipilih daripada sembilan wakil rakyat PAS dan PKR.”

    Aiyo! What crap is this lah? Bring in bangsa2 pulak!

  62. simon says:

    #“Pesuruhjaya PAS Ahmad Awang memberitahu Malaysiakini … calon menteri besar itu mestilah seorang berbangsa Melayu dan boleh dipilih daripada sembilan wakil rakyat PAS dan PKR.”

    Aiyo! What crap is this lah? Bring in bangsa2 pulak!#

    Maybe thats an old model 286 computer with ROM memory that cannot be reprogrammed anymore?

    Maybe its time to upgrade to a better model computer?

  63. Faris says:

    All said and done. Najib is not the factor is he is move-up as the PM. He’ll be made a tool conspicuous only to TDM to help the latter to redo what Bodohwi has undone. Can u c the ubiquity present of TDM? If for the good cause, are qualms necessary!

  64. loony says:

    Hmm Mahathir has been in power since Tunku Abdul Rahman’s time and is still in power now. During the Tunku’s time, Mahathir orchestrated the movement to push him out of power and four prime ministers and decades later, Mahathir is still in power trying to push Paklah out. The only PM he didn’t manage to push out was Tun Razak, who beat him to it by passing away before he could make any move. Then of course Tun Hussein got pushed out by Mahathir as well. Mahathir pushed himself out in 2003. He really outdid himself.

  65. zizan says:

    for Eddiethehead, it might be a big controversial to have a DAP as mentri besar. UMNO will use this as a big weapon to get back perak state in the next GE while pas and PKR malays will suffer some seats. then there will be racial problem in the state. but it good to have DAP as first timbalan mentri besar in perak

  66. Drachen says:

    Remember that RAHMAN prophesy?

  67. lawrence says:

    Hi Sabah Rodster, you will find out soon that you people there would be stripped more th

  68. zizan says:

    najib has a big support from UMNO member to be new PM as people say he is strong enough compare to pak lah which is so influenced by his menantu khairy. but they do not realize how people especially from opposition supporter hate najib so much.
    for me i rather like pak lah than najib as a pm

  69. truth12 says:

    Well to all rakyat Malaysia well done guess our complaints and disgruntled voices finally being heard throughout the nation well thanks to the govt. media for giving us this opportunity.?!?!? Hey when our voices is not being heard then we are forced to cast the ballots : ) In this historical swing in votes also see Malaysians are finally getting smarter and educated hey i’m not saying all BN is bad as you know running a country has always been the leadership if you know what i mean.

    This also see a stepping stone to a more mature Malaysia and as a develop nation there is no such emphasis in race, religion or differences so a nation can work as one can as this will be the only way to advance. Look at the election we can change a government if we work as a rakyat. Well lets hope we are moving to another level as a nation.

    And pls stop all this bickering of politics as we are not politicians who cares as soon as they don’t perform well just vote them out of office as simple as that so go Barisan Rakyat…power to the ppl.

  70. lawrence says:

    sorry Rodster, I am trying to say that you people there will soon be stripped more than naked, all the land will go to the Lingam gangs and you people will become SABARhan

  71. Spirit_61 says:

    Najib as PM – becareful what you wish for. Looks like Badawi ‘s durian tree is being shaken very hard. Najib is going to catch that durian runtuh. I ‘d personally like to see Pak Lah retain his durian & THEN catch those 18 ikan Jerung B-E-S-A-R. Anyone still remember.. he was going to come in fresh & clean up the najis. never happened. sh1t. now all those sh1t will come back.

    Now if he can clean up & vacuum the place kkow koww he would also be doing himself a favour but with that c4 guy holding all the ace cards – i think the durian is only hanging on by a thread.

  72. sm says:

    “Azizan, 64, said he was expected to take his oath of office before the Sultan of Kedah, Tuanku Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah, at about 3pm.
    The selection of the Kedah PAS commissioner as the Menteri Besar is in view of his position as leader of the party that has the majority in the State Legislative Assembly in the 12th general election yesterday.” – NST Online 9/3/2008

    Double standards?!

  73. sm says:

    Even if the MB for Perak is not from DAP, why should it be from PAS? Consider this, PAS won the least number of state seats in Perak compared to both PKR and DAP.

  74. jaffar says:

    cheers Maria, good to hear from like minded ppl… kita semua sama2 membentukan mayarakat “berpikir”… jgn emo sgt, problem nanti…

  75. The False Prophet says:

    Badawi may be a bad leader, but Najib is another devil awaiting. Those who have no problem with Mahathir’s rule with probably have no problem with Najib. Both are ‘syaitan’ dan ‘iblis’.

  76. zizan says:

    it might be there is no suitable candidate from PKR to be the new MB. some strong pkr candidate lost by slim majority in the election like mustafa kamil ayub who is fomerly director of majlis perbandaran manjung

  77. simon says:

    aiyah sm…..

    dun u know that reporting is always distorted?

    DAP and PKR are no fools. They will not give away a state for nothing. With their limited resources their plan is as follows:-

    DAP will concentrate on Penang
    PKR will concentrate on Selangor

    PAS can take Perak.

    If you study Management Theory, you will know that you need to focus and concentrate your resources. The Rakyat is ONLY giving them this ONE chance to perform and if they screw this up …next election will be payback time.

    As somebody has already said and everybody knows DAP and PKR are stuffed with professionals and graduates and as such they know what they are doing….

    Once they succeed then more people will join the parties and they can handle more states.

    Thats how it goes man….

    share and share alike mah!

    everyone get one and they will cooperate again next election….

  78. seantang says:

    share and share alike?

    You mean DAP is going to be MB for Kedah or Kelantan? Or are those 2 states not eligible for ‘sharing’?


  79. sm says:

    I agree share and share alike. However, bear in mind PAS already holds Kedah and Kelantan MB posts. This form of sharing is questionable. Plus, DAP might have a lot of explaining to do to their non-Malay voters. But just my opinion…

  80. otbb says:

    I hope Mahathir will shut up and get ready to fight Anwar in Permatang Pauh in the coming by-election to prove that he is more popular than Anwar. The loss suffered by BN is partly due to the so-called legacy of Mahathir.

  81. sm says:

    Exactly seantang! With Perak given over to PAS, that would mean PAS 3, DAP 1 & PKR 1. I think the term “Share and share alike” should be addressed to PAS.

  82. Charlize says:

    Jaffar I salute your view and responds to Zain. I’ve been wondering for so long why some Malaysian are given privileges over others eg: quota on students attending local university, cheaper house price and etc. If this thing keeps going I dont see there will be a one Malaysian for Malaysia and the racial thing will never stop.

  83. zizan says:

    as i know, Perak Pas Liaison Secretary Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin which is says to be new perak mb is a also a professional in engineering. may be this is the reason why he be chosen and not from any pkr candidate

  84. simon says:


    in terms of economic activity i.e. state GDP, Kedah and Perak combined is just a fraction of Penang today. Though Perak is expected to grow in the future.

    On this basis, IMHO PAS is not getting a good deal.

    Also DAP felt that they have a higher chance of retaining Penang come next election if they dun screw up thats why they can pass Selangor to PKR

    and PKR is more than happy as 60% of economic activity in Malaysia is in Selangor though of course that percentage is expected to fall.

  85. ahmad says:

    Yes, i agree, Najib, has been involved in major purchase of arms, whereby his cronies and him have cheated the government together with the BN goons, dont forget the C4, case, Mahathir could be up to no good, trying to bring in Najib, to cover his tracks,,, Malaysians of all races,, the war is just begining to not rest,, we need to get rid of all these corrupt politicians,,,scum of the earth,,,,,,

  86. sm says:

    Here we practise special privileges for the majority. Until we start practising a true meritocracy system, there will always be in-fighting among ourselves instead of competing as one globally, and thus continue to fall behind globally.

  87. Zain says:

    Maria, continue thinking just on the surface/one-side.

    Simon, what’s so wrong with PAS’ saying that? If you’re a Malaysian, you’d definitely understand all the adats, etc. that we have with our Sultan.
    Oh… forgot!..
    It’s either you’re too young to understand & respect for the others’ ways & traditions, or,
    you’re not really a Malaysian at heart & just don’t give a damn to even try to understand & think unselfishly about the locals.

    Btw, why can’t the ultra-chinese DAP put some Malays in the election if they’re so advance & so forget the past & so forward looking, etc.?

    Goodnight Malaysians.

  88. jaffar says:

    haha, spot on seantang… bollocks indeed! As sm also mentioned, DAP will have a heck of a time explaining to their voters who gave unstinting support in perak!
    As a neutral observer – I’d summise that its poor strategy to give up the high ground… especially when the terms of reference amongst the BR parties are not even clear on this particular matter…
    sorry simon, a bit of naivete going on there…

  89. zizan says:

    the situation in perak now is the people especially malays are still in big suprise for the change of the state goverment and many malays mp will in opposition seat in the state assambely. i think PKR and pas shoud win more seats if the people already know that they will have new goverment formation. PKR and pas also lost in certain seat that they had won in 1999.

  90. seantang says:

    Zain said:”you’re not really a Malaysian at heart & just don’t give a damn to even try to understand & think unselfishly about the locals.”


    Sigh… I have to ask… what locals? And by extension, who are you implying as being ‘not local’ then?

    Adats etc aside, this is a democracy, is it not?

    Your arguments are beginning to stink of more and more ketuanan as you dig deeper and deeper into this pit you’ve dug for yourself.

  91. Spirit_61 says:

    ::: Btw, why can’t the ultra-chinese DAP put some Malays in the election if they’re so advance & so forget the past & so forward looking, etc.?
    Goodnight Malaysians. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    The answer is very simply this – the DAP has an alliance with PKR. So if you ( a malay) want to vote for the opposition – you vote for PKR lah.
    In the past DAP rocket brand is not very useful in Malay population areas & few MALAYS want to join DAP (for fear of being labelled `traitors`) although there were several notable exceptions in past elections.

  92. simon says:

    Actually I adnire DAP’s decision.

    Penang is not all rosy after 18 years of Gerakan otherwise there would be no need to give RM1 Billion and get back RM350 Million.

    As I stated earlier DAP is in no position to manage Perak.

    Even PKR may have felt that they have a handful with Selangor already.

    I disagree with you Jaafar,,,, you are thinking of POLITICS only. We are talking state management of resources.

    Whether the Rakyat eats grass or not will depend on how the state is managed by the political party.

  93. Zain says:


    Yeah, like everyone is so perfect!..

    C’est la vie – there’s no politician or government in the world that is perfect. We need someone who’re supported by the majorities & could bring the country up in many aspects (economics, harmony, peace, spiritual, etc.).

    Life in more than just mere politics!

    Whoever can bring Malaysia good, & ALSO in the face of the world, respect & confidence in all aspects (including south-south, oic, islamic & non-islamic countries), like our Dr. M, that’s GREAT!

    You can bicker & talk/write bad about him BUT, Like it or not, leaders worldwide acknowledged him as a True World Leader.

    Hope Malaysians will really Wake up & think positive of other people, & not keep on bickering like Anwar Ibrahim always wanting revenge or whathaveyous on Dr. M.

    Just grow up, be objective & think of the Country, for once.

    Life is more than mere politics!! Ciao.

  94. jaffar says:

    simon says “in terms of economic activity i.e. state GDP, Kedah and Perak combined is just a fraction of Penang today. Though Perak is expected to grow in the future.”

    …I somewhat agree with simon’s take on economic indicators for perak – due to its geopraphical location (i.e. smack between Pen and sgor) I believe it has always been the govt’s intention to bring dev Perak by feeding off the industrial/ techno hubs of Penang and S’gor – though I think there’s little to show for it…so maybe this could be an opportunity for the BR to earn some feathers in their cap…. However to achieve this BR needs to be able to collaborate closely!!! Awal2 sudah in-fighting, susah lah…

  95. Spirit_61 says:

    HAHA i think kelam kabut chaos reigns now in Perak because they never envisaged they will win this big let alone forming state government.

    Maybe they have to draw lots. or flip a coin.

    DAP – focus Penang
    PKR – Perak / Selangor
    PAS – kelantan & new franchise in Kedah. Put some resource into Terengganu & Perlis.

    Johor – wtf happen there eh? even with the chua soi lek saga – nothing moved. Not in urban areas like segamat/kluang/muar/tampoi/JB/mersing
    wtf wtf wtf. surprise Johor Kia Sway Siaou bor lam par to stomach winds of change.

  96. simon says:

    Furthermore PAS has got off to a flying start.

    Either increase revenue or cut costs.

    Being realists PAS has already announced the first cost cutting measure ahem ahem ahem. but I think it will be well received by the Perak’s beloved Sultan as evident by the recent Royal wedding. ahem ahem ahem.

  97. kc says:

    I’m chinese but i can see why MB of Perak has to be Malay.
    First of all Perak population majority is Malay.
    Although DAP won more seats they know most Malay of Perak will not be able to accept a chinese MB.
    So the best thing is to pick a PAS or PKR man as MB.
    This is a compromise between all three parties.
    Lest they want the malays to vote for BN the next election.
    They are thinking of the future.
    Although we have been independent for 50 years,its still to hard for many Malaysian to accept a leader without looking at his race.
    Look at America, Obama is the first black with a chance at the presidency, a scenario which is unthinkable even 30 – 40 years ago although America is independent for hundreds of years.
    I truly hope one day we will come to this stage but for now I understand its not possible yet.The wind of change does not happen over night.
    It takes so many years of sacrifice,understanding and education for America to progress to this stage. We too are on this journey and it may take many generations for this to happen.
    So for now we compromise for the interest of stability of Perak and the Barisan Rakyat.

  98. Johnny says:


    “Btw, why can’t the ultra-chinese DAP put some Malays in the election if they’re so advance & so forget the past & so forward looking, etc.?”

    I think you’ve got it wrong. DAP did field Malay candidates in the election. Maybe you were too emo by your chauvinism to think otherwise. Now why don’t we see that happening in UMNO? Please get your facts right, bro.

  99. simon says:

    To Spirit_61,

    You will need to understand the Johor and Pahang Chinese well and the Chinese Clan system and the history of the Chinese in Pahang and Johor

    The Johor and Pahang Chinese will only move if MCA is really really really stupid. So far MCA while not that smart is not that stupid either.

    As such let me tell you and assure you that Pahang and Johor Chinese is not expected to move even for the next few elections. You can forget about it. We can bet 10 sen on it.

  100. Alvin says:

    This is a piece of sheet accummulated and about to burst for his appointed successsor to clean.

  101. kittykat46 says:

    I hope/wish someday Malaysians can look at a leader for what he/she is and stands for, and not worry about race and religion.

    I believe the results of the March 8 elections have helped to start to move the country in such a direction, but it will be a long journey.

    Whether DAP/ PKR / PAS can carve out workable solution in Perak will have a big bearing on this….both Perak voters and the rest of the country will be watching.

  102. jaffar says:

    kc wrote:”I’m chinese but i can see why MB of Perak has to be Malay.
    First of all Perak population majority is Malay”…

    finally, some words of sound reason… good on you mate!…
    To be a bit ideological … I think the whole idea is finding a fine balance – democracy is a process of evolution; you can’t change things overnight. If BR get it right then there should be place for all idealogies to exist within its eco system. The fact that there’ll be conflicts and debates is expected… that’s proof that democracy is alive. So I guess the really BIG question is – are WE, the Rakyat matured enough as a society to understand the underlying issues and dealing with it?

    BTW, hate to rasie this… but I get the feeling that some contributors (chinese/ malay pun sama saje) in this blog ARE downright racial… too much “kutuk mengutuk” going on lah… this, being a predominantly chinese site, I’ll tell you what’ll happen – malay contributors will get fedup with the “stick” they’re getting and move onto friendly sites (who knows maybe with a PAS moderator) – naturally they’ll then pour out their frustration on this”chinese” site… blah, blah, blah and you find yourselves in this vicious cycle of racism over and over again!! if you guys really want a change in Malaysia then this ain’t the way to move fwd dude… challenge the idea, not the person!

  103. david says:

    it is time to change the gov….let us look at the USA, they change gov if they lost the election. There is no such thing that Malaysia will only progress if BN stay in power. Other party may do a better job. I am not supporter of BN or any other party.

  104. david says:

    who care abt the position of MB as long as he can bring developemnt to the state/country. If the malays want a malays MB…let it be. what we want is a capable leader to help all the race and bring developement to improve our country.

  105. david says:

    I dont think Najib is the solution to malaysian politic, just look at the scandals surrounding him….better appoint Tan Sri Khalid. I think he can do a better job

  106. Negarakuku says:

    Najib Mongolia not only plays with his guns.

    Don’t ever forget, Najib is the person who wanted to slay all chinese with his keris… do you remember? This is the man who is quietly promoting racism through proper education for the poor.

    Please bring him down in the next election.

    Menteri Kebenaran

  107. Justice 4 Altantuya says:

    Totally agree with some of the comments here.
    Until Najib come clean about the Altantuya heinous murder,the Rakyat of Malaysia must be afraid, be very very afraid of this womanising umnoputra.
    Yes the election result has given us hope that we are on our way to achieving a united Bangsa Malaysia.
    Reformasi is the word & sound so sweet this morning in Malaysia!
    Hidup Rakyat !

  108. dany says:

    i’m agree with david. as long as the person can be a good MB for all people, just let it to be no matter what party he standing for. btw, I belieive DAP still can play the bigest role for the new form govment

  109. simon says:

    I got this bit from DSAI on Malaysiakini “Forming a state government is not a small matter”

    hence I think the current arrangement looks good with DAP in Penang.

    PKR looking into the premier state of Selangor with Khalid in charge looks promising.

    PAS will be good for Kedah and Perak as they are very good in cost cutting as that is what is needed in this 2 states now. With the Malaysian and Global economy being forecast to be bad for the next 18 months PAS will do wonders in this 2 Malay heartland states.

    Again everytime there is a recession Taiping goes into a massive decline and PAS can handle this very well. I am sure DAP is very aware of PAS’s abilities in this area.

  110. Kim says:

    Tun, please don’t help us choose the next PM. You choice had always been so wrong. How could it be right this time?

    Had it been that all our politicians are having Pinocchio DNA, then TUN could choose for us. Because when they lie, their noses would grow. Ultimately, their conscience would grow also.

  111. greeneyesjelly says:

    I don’t like AAB, TDM and NTR, but be frank I doubt the history we made in GE12 will be possible if we were under TDM and NTR’s reign.

    That makes AAB a gentleman in this case, at least for the time being.

    Let’s no forget BN is still ruling and we all know who will be at the helm if AAB steps down. For one who treats Mongolian so bad I really can’t imagine what is going to happen to our country.

    May be it’s time for the leaders of the opposition coalition, despite busying forming their new state governments, to take a break to analyze/forecast the coming storm in UMNO and may be they can do something to influence the outcome of the storm.

  112. Lostgenerations says:

    Hehehehe….HAHAHAHA Tun must be playing a joke. Tun, rest Tun….need proper rest. Yes, we can listen what you say. You have freedom of speech with us, tell us about the old times and what not. Unlike your own party who treats you like pariah. Tun, we kenang your jasa. We remember Tun, we remembers a lot. Just rest. Good ideas and tips for some topic to consult with Tun also. You have leave a lot a legacy, good ones bad one…we all remember. We would invite Tun to give more wisdoms and advice, we will listen, pick what is good, or completely ignore it too. Tun, we can think now for ourselves Tun, thanks.

  113. Makkal Sakti says:

    Its a simple solution, we MUST overthrow Najib in the next GE, the same way how we did to Samy Vello in Sg. Siput. Its a God sent miracle. Hidup Malaysia

  114. Jimmy says:

    Yes, Susan, I am with you on this totally, including those who are seeing comparisons to what happened in 1969 that had paved the way to the kind of race-based politics until the new dawn that began just now. Indeed, bloggers should be vigilant on this from now on…it is the next major stage of the struggle… Lots of Mahathir cronies and sycophants are coming out now to manipulate and take advantage of BN’s lost, attributing it solely to Abdullah Badawi’s failure as a leader and denying yet again the true voice of the people saying they were fed up with BN race-based politics, not just Abdullab Badawi. And these cronies and sycophants include bloggers, some of whom are clearly itching to get back on the Mahathir gravy train that was derailed in the last four years under Abdullah Badawi. While we now want the opposition elected to office to do the right thing and work to keep the promises they made to the public in the run up to the election that just concluded, we should also be vigilant to make sure that the poisonous kind of Mahathir politics should never be allowed to pollute the malaysian landscape again. What happened yesterday is a first major step towards getting rid of all that Mahathir crap. But we should not rest our laurel. And bloggers should now take up this next round of challenge… onward with the struggle…

  115. haha says:

    You people DAP lovers and chinese extremists now already full of air in your head huh? You people think you now can dictate who is going to be PM huh?

    I think you are dreaming, your winning was due to Malays are fed up with UMNO/Pak Lah/SIL and vote for opposition but they will not abandon UMNO oe NEP. I will fight for this and it’s in the constitution. Believe me on this.

    Before you rejoice and basking yourself in glory of winning please do yourself a favor, asses the situation carefully.

  116. vincent says:

    Tun Dr Mahathir,
    I do not agree with you this time. Please do not decide for us, THE RAKYAT, on the next PM. No bigot is gonna win our hearts. Why can’t we have somebody like TAR again. The problem is, I can’t spot one in UMNO so far. Someone please throw me a cue.

  117. simon says:

    to haha,

    Actually some of your enemies want the NEP to be extended for ten thousand years or more maybe a million years.

    Quite a lot of people conclude that the ONLY reason the Chinese in Malaysia can be so successful is that they are spurred to compete and to compete and to compete and to compete… ad infinitum.

    This same people who are your enemies want to prevent the Malays from ever having the chance to compete at all…….

    Hence Malays WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO COMPETE… this are your enemies talking.

    and hence the Chinese are slowly being refined to become better and better and has become globally capable. A Chinese who can survive in Malaysia can survive in any part of the World.

    Currently we are your ONLY friends. You may not realise it until it is too late for you.

    Ask any biologist in University Malaya and provided you can accept the truth from them you will learn the truth to your horror.

  118. simon says:

    to haha,

    I forgot to add….. DSAI is your ONLY friend coz he dare to tell you the scientific facts on competition…….

    Other people want to suppress the Malays……

  119. kc says:

    Please don’t look at the race and colour of the MB.
    The MB does not function fully as the state government.
    He has the state exco committee which is like the federal cabinet.
    So whether its in kedah,penang,perak or selangor,
    the parties in the coalition will be represented in the exco committee
    so the notion of power being monopolised by the MB’s party is false.
    The MB is like the captain of a football team and remember there are 10 other players in the team.
    So now regardless of who is the captain, we have to see whether this team can play as a team and whether they can stand against the opposing team (state opposition and federal gov.)

  120. tuakee says:

    my two cents worth…
    I think that whether directly or indirectly Pak lah has made a choice of screwing the people in the face to wake us all up.

    We must remember that this is the man who wanted to jump ship in 1986 to the ” Spirit of 46″ but decided last minute not to. He is best described as a man who believes in the principles of the party and not the man at the helm.

    Being a malaysian of chinese origins, I too sympathize with him. He may be deemed useless by most of us or to put it more diplomatically “less effective” but personally…. if the status quo remains, he will go down in history as the man who opened up the political lanscape of our country.

    Why can’t we as Malaysians look beyond what has been god given since the day we were born? We cannot choose what race or religion we want to be… we come into this world without any choice and by the time we can decide we have already had more than 10 years of hard core phycological bombartment on our core beliefs.

    So start taking all this results in good stide. Maybe we as Malaysians can rise to the occasion and be matured not only in age but politically as well… for now all I can say is…


  121. daniel chan says:

    “Pang HC Says:
    March 9, 2008 at 4:22 pm” <- AGREED.

  122. jenn says:

    its less than 48hrs after the GE and already, the stripes are showing. how about not taking sides? at this stage, bloggers are becoming increasingly important as watchdogs to keep the government accountable ( be it BR or BN ). our job is far from done– this is fresh start is our chance to establish a civil society that is colour-blind, just and fair. best way forward for the cyber community is to remain non-partisan, continue our work in opening more cans of worms, getting the real news out and serve our society that way.

    i’m from perak and honestly, i don’t mind a member of PAS as the MB. all i really care is whether this coalition can run smoothly and prosper the state. if it fails, then we know BR is just a poor counterfeit of BN.

    also, say if PAS isn’t successful in ensuring the welfare of perakians of all races, then DAP which won most of the seat would likely be in the forefront next GE for a larger haul although that ultimately depends on how they manage penang as well. can it attract non-malay votes? DAP can watch and learn from PAS as it enters unchartered waters. its all too early to speculate how BR will hold their fort but we should keep our fingers crossed and hope for the very best.

    as for AAB, for our sake, he can still turn things around and undo some of the damage he wreaked and restore some of our confidence in him before he retires gracefully/get booted out.

    as for Dr M, with all respect, i think he should stick to bread-making and call it a day. give us a chance to determine our own future!

  123. A.N.Tihypocrisy says:

    Mahathir may or may not realise that it all started when he went against Tunku Abdul Rahman (who was until then by his own admission “the happiest Prime Minister in the world”). This was the real start of money politics in UMNO – and not very long after the implementation of the NEP, the first victim of UMNO’s greed was the very bank set up to “help” Bumiputras, Bank Bumiputra.

    Mahathir and his UMNO (& MCA & MIC) cronies who got rich from all the money which they siphoned out of the system through sheer abuse of the NEP – and which was partly used to place him in power to take over as PM and keep him there for 23 years, as well as the BN in power for so long under UMNO – is largely to blame for all these abuses.

    Abdullah and Najib have followed that lead and as inheritors of that systemic abuse are also responsible as serial abusers themselves.

    It really does not matter whether Abdullah stays on or is replaced by Najib. If they have not learned their lesson and continue to abuse their positions, that will certainly be the death knell of UMNO and the BN with it.

    If UMNO and the BN and their leadership and members do not undertake the necessary self-reforms at the Federal level, they can expect to be overthrown in the next general elections.

    If Sabah and Sarawak desert the BN, which they should, the people will not have to wait for the next general elections for at least some hope of reform to begin.

  124. simon says:

    Jenn makes the most sense.

    We should take example from commercial world where the CEO is changed by the owners to suit the prevailing economic conditions.

    In boom time a CEO good in marketing is hired and in doom times a CEO who is good in cost cutting is hired.

    Today Perak needs a cost cutter as economy is forecast to be bad and the very best in Malaysia is still PAS and no one doubts this.

  125. vincent says:

    On the issue of a PAS fler being the MB of Perak despite DAP’s dominance, I don’t think i’ts gonna be a problem if he is not too much of religious fanatic. I haven’t done much reseach on this candidate but I certainly hope that he is nominated & eventually selected based on merits & attributes. My friends & me, like many flers, spent time & money to travel a long way back to Ipoh to vote. We really hope it’s going to be wothwhile.

  126. […] Loone tanya, Who says the people accept Najib? – Jawabannya, Mahathir seorang […]

  127. Lostgenerations says:

    Hehehehe…HAHAHAHAHHAA. I read some comments here and find it funny. We are playing mind games here. Tun is very clever playing mind games, a lot of people are very clever mind games. But playing mind games, put near to your heart and listen….it will tell you the truth of the games. 8th March 2008 is history of Malaysia..remember it in Sejarah!!! I see some pro Tun here, pro AAB here, pro SIL “beruk”, pro corruption here, pro socialist here…hehehehehe….we are watching…the truth is out there……look deep inside your heart…..you will know the answer…hihihihihih

  128. lannyboy says:

    please guys, no more color of the race. we are malaysian, we are united right? stop argueing what was, what we want is now and future. i believe all of you are about the same as i am. i just want a clean government, that’s all.

  129. JK says:

    After reading all the comments here, I must say I’m very happy that people are discussing their fears and hopes with passion. Regardless of what happens, my hope is that this multilayered dialogue will continue, hopefully in the spirit of openness, and a genuine desire for achieving equality, justice and prosperity for all. Voicing out our opinions matter. The people have cast their vote. Whether it was caused by vote of no confidence for the BN or giving BR a chance, it’s clear: we want change. The next five years all of us should exploit this. We should remember what happened on 8 March, the day BN was denied 2/3 majority, that the people of this country are the ones in charge, not BN’s cast of cronies, nor BR’s ragtag of unknowns, no matter what they tell you. Make your elected representatives accountable for what they promised in their manifestos. Confront them. Cast off the culture of paranoia and apathy that’s been inculcated since and because of 1969. Embrace democratic ideals. Fight for what’s right: press freedom, women’s rights, religious freedom, free and fair elections, better welfare, etc. Tackle the issues. This is what is important and vital. Politicians are politicians. They come and go. Just because you voted for BN or BR doesn’t mean you should take whatever they say lying down. They are not indestructible godheads. The country belongs to the people. What Malaysia is should not be left up to Najib or Pak Lah, or Anwar or Nurul, or Mahathir or Samy, or whichever politician who you think is in or out. The process that shapes Malaysia should begin with us, all of us. What country do we want? Voice it. And make sure your representatives listen and act on it!

    As for Mahathir, please don’t be stupid and take his comments seriously. The man is a strategist par excellence. He is all about political manoeuvring. He was fantastic at it during his administration. We were all fooled. But please remember the lessons we learned. He was the one who continued UMNO’s work on dividing the races. He was the Khairy of his generation. Read Kua Kia Soong’s book about the declassified documents of the May 13 riots of 1969, and you’ll realise it was UMNO that started it to “punish” the people for denying BN 2/3 majority. He is part of that legacy. Remember how he dismantled the country’s judiciary arm when it challenged the legitimacy of UMNO’s founding. Remember Ops Lalang of 1987 when he used the ISA with impunity. Remember when he sacked and punished Anwar when his own deputy challenged him. And how he ignored and quashed the people’s call for Reformasi because of his greed to stay in power. Mahathir does not care about the people. He is a true dictator. Cut from the same cloth as Suharto, Marcos, Mao, Stalin, Mussolini, and Hitler. Suffering from the same delusions of grandeur. Playing the same cronyist, nepotist, corrupt game he’s played all these years. Now he wants to establish his own dynasty like Kuan Yew, within UMNO and over Malaysia’s history. All Malaysians of all creed and colour should just reject him and everything he says.

    And when someone says “Think for yourselves” don’t be a selfish bastard like Mahathir who thinks the universe revolves around him. Think for others too. Say it, make it, do it right!


  130. Mahamamak says:

    22 years of Mahathir is ENOUGH.

    Must we pray for his death before we can be free of this asshole?

  131. kc says:

    Between now and the future,
    we can only hope.
    All changes start from hope.
    The mind is a very powerful force.
    “Great is the conqueror of his own mind than a conqueror of thousand
    men” said an ancient holy sage.

    As Obama’s campaign says “Yes We Can”
    Vote for a CHANGE

  132. Sadia says:

    If Abdullah Badawi is indeed ousted as prime minister and head of the United Malays National Organisation, his replacement is likely to be Najib Tun Razak, the scandal-scarred deputy prime minister, who has been UMNO’s most energetic powerbroker in recent years.


  133. Samsul says:

    I think Pak Lah should still become the PM tomorrow. He is incompetent but he is not incompetent and evil, like George Bush. If Pak Lah is really sincere (and I believe that, deep down, he is), if Pak Lah really learns from the people’s voice on Saturday, this is what he should do.

    First, within the next few months, he should use all the power and influence he still has, and I think that influence is still considerable, within BN and UMNO to radically reform the government, BN and the UMNO parti to become more responsible, accountable and democratic. He should do what Barisan Rakyat had earlier promised to do if they became the government.

    Then, three to four months before the UMNO party elections, he should announce he would not stand for re-election. With the influence he had left, he should have already reformed UMNO so that every seat, even the Party President, can be contested. I am not sure who will win that seat, it might probably be Najib, it might even be Khairy or some other important UMNO member, but at least they will have to fight for the position, and he will later have to be more accountable. This should be Pak Lah’s long-lasting legacy.

    That is the only way for UMNO to reinvent itself in order to compete against Barisan Rakyat. And this is the only way for BR to have a worthy opponent. This is the only way to reform the government because, sadly, BR did not win with more than a half majority of the seats.

    Maybe UMNO and BN will fail and Anwar will become the next PM in 4-5 years. Good for him, then. Maybe he will not.

    What I am sure, with the democracy, is that the only true winner will be the Malaysian people.

  134. Siong Wai says:

    Dear Bloggers,

    Beware of the greatest plot happening now. Look at this for a moment, where are all the phantom votes gone to….. East Malaysia I think. Maybe Terengganu, NS too.

    If the plot works Pak Lah will be going out soon. Najib takes over. This is to create enough trouble for PL to leave BN and gets other(s) to replace him together wif Umno.


  135. Mat Keris says:

    You guys, sorry, should be you Bosses have saidf it all … U ROCK!

  136. Samy says:

    I recently found out that votes from working for the Malaysian Army or the police will go 100% to the ruling govt. Hence postal votes…is this true?
    can someone shed some light on this matter.

    If this is true it cannot be fair and not democratic! What do you say??

  137. Celsior says:

    None of those UMNO blood sucker asshole is good to b PM.

  138. Feroz Merican says:

    Dr. M said no to the IMF and the World Bank. He said no to the USA and turned the country around because what he did worked. If he listened to the IMF the country would really be in the Dark Ages. You people that hate him have no clue about simple Economics and no memory of recent history. 1997 Asian Economic Crisis, anyone?

  139. wits0 says:

    Dr. M also was also responsible for creating the perilous situation that M’sia was in before the Asian Financial Crash. So if he indeed “saved” M’sia, it was just his duty and by no means meant that he should be overly applauded for what was his duty. A common man in the street performing his daily duty does not get commendation for his daily grind.

  140. trademark says:

    I agree with Stenson. =)

  141. Feroz Merican says:

    He was responsible for 8 % growth for several years. He was smart enough to peg the currency, following HK and China. Anwar wanted the opposite. That is a plain fact. Anwar wanted the World Bank and the IMF to control Malaysia’s economic future. That is the difference between the two, and any freedom-loving Malaysian can see that. The man in the street did not have a saboteur or a traitor to deal with, willing to sell out the country to the US. Remember History before you change History. I voted for PKR by the way, both State and Parliament.

  142. wits0 says:

    Mahathir may have presided over the period of 8% growth at the time when big companies were reaping megaprofits which was then greatly flaunted by the MSM. For the common man in the street then who usually did not really felt any benefit from that in any meaningful way, they may have wondered why must companies have to be making megaprofits to be called successful.

    It was Mahathir who brought Anwar and known baggage in then and therefore was a also problem of his own making. In the lack of the feeling of freedom under the STFU M’sia under Malaysia, the term of “selling out to the US” was more of a partisan concern and expression. Nope, I don’t trust the IMF either. I have often wonder then why Anwar’s corruption never included fiscal matters, only misuse of power. I also voted for PKR.

  143. Sadia says:

    Feroz Merican,

    You can take your new discovery to the villages not here. And who told you to tell us whether you voted for PKR, DAP or PAS? Do you think people can’t read between the lines of the bunkum you wrote? We Know Tun, we know Najib, we know Anwar, we know Pak lah and we know KJ and we know others as well. Concerning your Anwar rants here, I will suggest that you share it with toddlers in the village. They may get excited at it rather than us. And definately you didn’t vote for Barisan Rakyat (PKR< DAP&PAS). Your ilk can’t do it.

  144. Vincent says:

    Feroz Merican,

    How comes you say no one in this blog knows economics and what happened in 1997/8? Were you taught that barking at others will scare them and buy your hogwash? Like conspiracies and foreign saboteurs? Oh, my baby, you think we were born in 2002 or what? Stop being sentimental and emotional here. We know what happened, how did it happen, what was fabricated, the lies that were created, the purported conspiracies that were hewn and many more things. We lived through it.

  145. Anand says:


    People like you with a very narrow mindset is the one who destroys multicultural Malaysia.
    You(especially Malaysians) have no rights to speak about Lee Kuan Yew. Where are Singapore now … probably 20 ..30 .. years ahead of Malaysia.
    Small tiny island with no any natural resources can be one of the vibrant, powerful and rich city. Where are we now … C4,Syariah,Hadhari,Keris,Discrimination,Teargas,ISA … and list goes on.
    You must salute Lee Kuan Yew, not to condemn him. Do you know how many thousands of Malaysian families rice bowl are filled every day by those working in Singapore. Singapore knows very well how to treat non Malays in their country rather than our own Malaysian Govt.
    Give DAP a chance … they also can bring Penang as next Singapore.

  146. Feroz Merican says:

    All I hear is “we know, we know , we know”.
    If you know so much why worry about me?
    Relaxs, lah. I am not your father, why do you
    care what I think. And why would I lie to you,
    Sadia? “My ilk” cannot do it? Well I did it, all my
    friends know that I did it, and they know why
    because they know me. And they voted for PKR
    and DAP, too.

  147. Feroz Merican says:

    Thanks Witso for your considerate and reasoned reply, I hope to debate with you more often in the future. I completely agree with you that Mahathir brought Anwar in and was so busy with his own manouvres and dealings that he did not see the problems Anwar was causing, viv a vis education. And the case brought against Anwar was a sham and a total joke. May we never have that type of justice again, and judges like that again. I hope we bring back the jury system as soon as possible. Cheers.

  148. kc says:

    Perhaps its interesting to note during the economic crisis countries that
    accepted the IMF bailout includes Thailand and South Korea.
    Let us look at South Korea particularly, it has grown stronger in the
    aftermath of the crisis. Now you hear Korean global brand names such
    as Samsung, LG and Hyundai.
    Did the IMF enslave the Korean?
    Have anyone of you been to South Korea?
    Look also at Thailand. Are the Thais enslaved by IMF?
    Citizens of both countries suffered but they recovered very much stronger.
    Now look at Malaysia. TDM refused the IMF package because he knows that will be the end for BN. Why is that so? Look at South Korea and Thailand again. The people suffered and they voted out the government.
    So now the question is whether TDM was looking after the interest of the rakyat or his seat?
    What was the effect of refusing the IMF package and going it the TDM’s way? Slow growth followed. Just look at our share market and you can see the effect. Look at Malaysian companies competitiveness. Do we have a world champion company?
    For the people on the street, did their standard of living increases if you compare now and 1998?
    Go back to Thailand and South Korea, compare now and 1998.
    What do you see?

  149. Loh Meng Kow says:

    It might not be his intention, but PM AAB has done a small step for the demise of UMNO, but a big step for the progress of the nation. AAB was too weak to carry out what he promised when he took over in 2003. He had to retreat from being a PM for all Malaysians by extending NEP to 2020, to suit the need of his son-in-law in the mould of TDM, and of course he was forced in to it when TDM claimed that AAB did not do enough for Malays. From then on, AAB was not able to make a stand on dead body snatching for muslims burial and other overzealous religious extremism conducted by the religious department.

    AAB thought that the UMNO leaders who surrounded him had done the thinking that so long as the non-Malays were suppressed, he would get the support of Malays, and rule on with only UMNO representatives. Hence he ISAed Hindraf leaders and used chemical laced water cannons to whose who presented him flowers. The Malacca MB said that UMNO does not need Indian votes, and AAB though it proper to rally behind the MB, and acted to prove the statement. AAB thought that Malay voters would do his bidding, believing that the Malays bought the story that NEP is being continued for the benefit of rural poor. But the Malays of 2008 are different from those in 1969. They use the ballot papers to send their message. They believe that the government is elected to serve, and that every citizens is entitled to the resources the nation is availed of, equally. The practice that the people in power do the distribution in three tiers is no longer acceptable. The Malays public know now that if the people in power do not use the name of the Malays to enrich themselves, they have more share than being given, when sharing equally for all races. The government practise creates problems for the malays to teach their children how to lead a fair and just life when the government actions go against the teaching of Islam in terms of justice and empathy. Malays now tell UMNO enough is enough.

    It is ironical that the sleeping PM AAB had actually done something good for the country in losing 2/3 majority. He can now tell his ministers that whet he said he wanted to do in 2003 would be the way to retain power for UMNO. Arrogance and racist approach will bring a demise to UMNO. TDM had killed off the hope of non-Malays in his 22 years rule, resulting in an exchange of about 2 million persons, those that are acceptable to the developed nations from Malaysia, and two million who got in here through M-projects in Sabah. The country has become purer in terms of religious assimilation. But it is clearly losing in the strength in diversity.

    Would UMNO stick to the old ways by choosing leaders who are more capable in playing the old divide and rule, and enrich the well connected families, or should it mend its way, for the benefit of the nation? Fifty years is never too early to allow
    Malaysia to be governed without racial divide.

  150. Drachen says:

    Hey Susan, the topic here is not who should be MB for Perak. Is it possible to move all the non-relevant messages somewhere else? If this gets too long, nobody is going to read it. And maybe that is the intention of some.

    Coming back to the original topic, I think M didn’t choose N to replace him simply because he couldn’t trust N! Now that AAB has shown that he will not do M’s bidding M wants to push AAB out and bring in N – hoping that N will keep his word for once!

    I think we should be grateful for AAB. If M as PM had sensed that BN will lose 2/3rds majority, he would have cancelled the elections and locked up half the Opposition under the ISA!

  151. Harish Mathanan says:

    Many Malaysians are so pleased with themselves with the results of this GE. Change has happened they proudly declare. Standing with pride and looking to the sky for hope of a new begining.

    HA!!! Now back down to reality, hope for change hope for a new begining….hope this and hope that. This has been happening for 3 generations. And still Malaysians live on hope, wake up. Shake yourselves out of this silliness. The fact is, BN still won and will rule. And they will rule as always by seperating the races into UMNO, MIC & MCA. They will rule again by playing politics among one another. While Malaysian, still hope and wait.

    Dont go jumping for any joy as yet. The storm after the calm is nearing the horizon. DAP, PKR etc etc all politics. Why can’t for once the people look at themselves with spine and courage and support each other? What have you got by supporting politicians? Be warned Malaysia, this so call change is not the change you have been wanting. It is small, irrelavant to UMNO and all within UMNO.

    Malaysia will continue to live underpriviliged, will continue to pursuing sub standard education, will continue to receive poor medical assistance, will continue to pay more for daily goods, will continue to live in fear of crime, will continue to be surrounded in corruption and corrupt people. You can argue and say that a small change is still a change, or we are making a difference or things will get better in time. Well, dont say I did not warn you Malaysia, be afraid………be very afraid.

    And to goldenscreen, quoting ” That was why I thanked god that Khairy didn’t lose at Rembau. We still need him to fend off Najib internally inside UMNO.” …………………hahahahaha I laugh in frustration and deep sadness. You actually thanked God for bestowing you a demon over another demon. Well then, I do hope all your prayers go answered. God Bless, for ignorant Malaysians and bless this country.

  152. Julie t says:

    TDM, you have had your time. You are out, retiired. Stay that way, we don’t need you. Take the millions you conned from us and shut up. Let the new people in to do their job efficiently – we the Raayat is watching. Anwar can be PM but we are also watching him. We have not forgotten what he was like when he was DPM. WE DO NOT WANT NAJIB AND ANOTHER REIGN OF TERROR LIKE YOURS! GET NAJIB THE KILLER OUT! The Raayat of Malaysia do not want RACISTS and YOUR CRONIES to helm the country. Let the EC do a thorough check in Pekan – smells of rotten fish!

  153. Spirit_61 says:

    :::::And to goldenscreen, quoting ” That was why I thanked god that Khairy didn’t lose at Rembau. We still need him to fend off Najib internally inside UMNO.” …………………hahahahaha I laugh in frustration and deep sadness. You actually thanked God for bestowing you a demon over another demon. Well then, I do hope all your prayers go answered. God Bless, for ignorant Malaysians and bless this country.:::::::::::::::::::::::::

    hahaha maybe the 2 devils can even form an alliance.

  154. james says:

    i don’t what to say.it’s very clumsy somehow.

  155. m.k. larry says:

    I would like to tell Mr.Zain that I am also in my 50’s.Back then in the 60’s & 70’s the National schools were all in English,I have my children in the National schools in the late 80’s,90’s & even now.The Standards in Teaching has dropped tremendously that is why in the late 90’s Chinesse Schools are so popular now.Would U like to do well in ur Studies yet when u apply for Local U even if u do qualify for a place u do not get ur preference.Come on be real,look at the standard of English today even the Teachers can’t even speak.Remember the Amah’s,nyonya’s,machiks with 6 years education could speak better then.U r not the only one who studied in the 60’s & 70’s.Why? even the wealthy Malays r sending their children to Privte schools,international schools even chinese primary schools.Wake up man!

  156. mtrader says:

    Oh please not Najib!!!!!!!! That would be like replacing one kind of evil for another… Dr M who have admitted that he is a terrible judge of people, should not compound his mistake by trying to put another of his “hand picked successor” in place! Aiseh, Dr M please lah… Malaysia TAK BOLEH tahan another of your “wrong choice” lah!

  157. sabariah says:

    dear all,
    i dont understand how politics work but for me and a few like me. the reason we wannted the change are: we are feddddddup with BN who thinks they are the landlord and the have all the right to commit and do what they are doing this few years. they dosnt seem to have any poral values that all religion and any races believe in. we should stop thinking of our self after all all religion believe in doing good to others regardless of colours and religion

  158. Sean E says:

    Sabahan can delivered a few more seats to the opposition if PKR and DAP have not compete against each other in the same constituent. The votes obtained by the two parties combined is more than that obtained by the BN candidate.

    Another fact which most West Malaysian may not know is the Sabah voters list (especially in the rural areas) has been inflated with thousand of voters who a few years back were non-Malaysians. And this is done with the tacit help/encouragement of the federal (UMNO) government.

    It is still not too late to set up a Royal Commission to get to the root of the issue. Arrest and deport those who obtained their Malaysian citizenship illegally. Most of these people also became instant Bumiputras overnight.

    Don’t say this is not your problem. Look at the number of seats delivered by Sabah to BN in the parliament.

  159. Feroz Merican says:

    Replying to my friend KC with regards to South Korea and Thailand. This is what I see. Thailand had 3 elections in ONE year. Thaksin RAN way with Millions, the ARMY took over and staqed a coup d’etat. Now Thaksin is back
    trying to get his money back. You can talk business all you want, KC, but their political system is a joke with tv stations and papers being closed just like that. What world Class company or product does Thailand have? They are the biggest exporters of rice in the world. Their traffic is so bad they have to pee in their cars. Let’s compare pollution and filth and gangsters with guns and drugs and prostitutes while we are at it. You can have Bangkok, I’ll take KL any day. I do agree with you with South Korea though, but they were advanced enough and big enough to weather the storm. A large country can bounce back quickly, just look at Indonesia. I would, however remind you that we followed China and HK, and look at those two countries now, business wise. Size matters, KC but your point is well taken.

  160. Walla says:

    Here are a few comments I have from observering the election and its outcome from abroad. I hope the country will take advantage of the new dawn in politics and move towards a mature democracy. The carrots are a progressive society and an advanced economy for the next 50 years.

    1) The opposition alliance have to form credible state governments and start dishing out Just Economic Plan/Policy. The people are the customers, just like running any corporation. Do what you can to make the majority of your customers happy and they will return. Do not show them the apathy and indifferent attitue at govt. counters. Your are not the boss. You are the servant. The weak and the handicapped have to be helped. The competitive ones must be given a level playing field, at least at the state level, regardless of what federal govt. does.
    2) Constitutionally make it a crime to differentiate (read: discriminate) whom the state does business with by the color of their skin. Race information can be collected, but it is for compiling statistics only. Define the needy in terms of income level and capabilities, not the colour of their skin nor the God in their hearts.
    3) Most importantly, election commission must stop realignment of consitutuents by the preconception of having X% A, Y% B and Z% C population mix. No racial profile is allowed in the EC business. Each MP seat must also closely reflect proportional representation. For example, for 10.9M elligibe voters, each of the 222 Parliamentary seat should be approx. 49k voters. Currently some large urban seats are 70k to 80k.
    4) Give the constitutional rights of voting for those living abroad back. It is ridiculous to have to travel thousands of miles just to exercise your birth right. Do what is productive. Even people who live locally can send in postal votes days before the election. You encourage more civil participation by making it easy for each citizen to have their one voice in determing who their leaders are.
    5) Disclose and scrutinize fundings for elections. The opaque system in place now encourages the govt. of the day to send contracts to cronies and in return for the recipients to fund their war chest come party and general election time.
    6) Don’t waste the historic opportunity to continue to foster a competive two to three party rivary political system. Come election time, the country should only show up as blue state, red state, blue seat, red seat, etc. No prosperous country in the world has a dictatorial ruled system, short of tiny city states likg SG.
    7) Regarding national schools/vernacular schools debate: the crux of the issue is quality. Chinese schools are perceived to be better in educating the kids. Hence, in a free market place, parents send their kids there. National schools ought to be where the majority of kids receive quality instructions. For the amount of state funding they receive, there is no excuse that they are that much worse off. If this is a business, it would have closed doors. Start learning and importing the key elements of what make Chinese schools so desirable, including delicated teachers etc. Entertain radical ideas where the locals are given more control/say on the running of these schools, hiring of teachers at market rate, receiving local tax dollars for new constructions, etc. There should be no surprise that national schools can be in hot demand in 10 years, just like they were 30 years ago.
    8) Take care of your own people first and make it hard, very hard for new immigrants from ‘seberang’ to raid the systems just because they are the right colour and religion. Quality matters for the future survival of the country. Target talents: Malaysians abroad and foreigners who want to contribute to the nation building. Simply importing more workers and naturalize them quickly is a sure way to make the boat sink, though as a homogeneous caste.

  161. aqua60 says:

    Maha dan Pak Lah sama sahaja. Tinggal dalam sebuah rumah yang sudah kotor. Dua tiga hari ini ada suara-suara di kedai kopi yang cuba mengajak Melayu supaya bersatu dan membersihkan rumah umno. Malangnya, kalau rumah umno dah kotor macam tong tahi, adakah anda hendak masuk ke dalamnya untuk cuba membersihkannya? Adalah lebih baik dibina rumah baru dan jaganya jangan sampai kotor.

  162. multidimensions says:

    Nagib – No. He can go play with his keris at home.

    Dr. M – Still wants to be influential in politics – reasons? Could it be monetary motivated? That is the question.

    No doubt in the past that Dr. M has brought Msia to where it is now, but the past is the past. I cant stop but to think that IMF’s interference may actually do some good, at least it can beat MANY snakes out from the bush.

    Zain – Your views are bias.

    Just my 2 cents.

  163. shag says:

    horse trading, back stabbing, its good to live in a democracy.
    Long may the back biting & infighting in UMNO continue.

    As for the DAP/PKR/PAS, I;m prepared to give them so time to sort out how they are going to run these states that they have unexpectedly won. Penang may hit the ground running but the other states expecially Kedah & Perak may take time to return to some semblance of normalcy. This uncertainty & my rapidly declining holding in KLSE are the price worth paying if it means we never return to the bad old days of business as usual BN style.

  164. Ah fatt says:

    I just do not know how the press or public can seek the opinion let alone the advices from mahatiar. He has the gall to say a lot of things about everything and anything in the country except his tenure as premiership, which, if one takes a hard look at, is really, not worth boosting about and I believe he was just more arrogant and worst still, dictatorial.
    He is typical of the mentality of grandiose, with all the projects to show case to the world we are just as good.
    How does one think of a leader, who apart from being a doctor, let alone a father come to tell you that all his hand picked ‘deputies’ are ‘useless’. We, at times, we fail to make correct decisions, but to repeat making the same mistakes four times on ‘all four deputies’ is a little bit too much. I wondered if he made repeated mistakes in his clinical diagnosis as a medical doctor, so sorry for his patients. I think its best we hear less of him, he is nothing but negative influence, what more he chooses to remember what you want to hear and conveniently ‘forgets’ what you need not hear.

  165. thank's to malays says:

    1st of all…i would like to thx to all people…especially d malays who voted for d opposition in selangor and nationwide in general. because of these people…finally there’s a possibility that an indian will become timb. menteri besar in selangor. Sure’s alot of illegal temple can be turned into legal this time. Bet u that alot of pas supporters and malay pkr will love this very much. Thx again for your support.

  166. Long live DAP! says:

    Yesss, the moment has come. DAP has conquered Penang and Perak. What next? Selangor maybe?There will be alot of business opportunities opening i.e. liquor, entertainment, gambling, diseases for all malaysians (chinese). The malays/muslims who voted for them (opposition) will thank them sincerely for this. Long live DAP!

  167. globalmalau says:

    globalmalau FWD

  168. C Student says:

    Q = “Dr mahathir was the Most Briliant Prime Minister of Malaysia To Exist, he Took Malaysia to be “WORLD” Class Country. Without Him, I dont think we would advance.”
    A = Says who? I think Malaysia would be a world class country TODAY if it was governed by some capable person like LEE Kuan Yew.

    Q = “No matter how bad Mahathir is in his Leadership, I must admit. in the End People will Bow down to Him. His Briliant, Before Mahathir Retired he made some project to Help malaysia to live to another higher Degree of Lives.”
    A = Nobody gives a damn if he dies and goes to grave tomorrow. He is the one that caused Indian, Chinese, Malay and others to divide.

    Q = “The opposition said BN is fully corrupted and Etc.
    We will see what Opposition looks like,Weither its the same as BN or worst.”
    A = Any party, regardless of race-based or religion-based, in Malaysia will be a better party than UMNO-BN, period.

    Q = “Remember that singapore was voted 126-0 to be Ousted Out of Malaysia (that means by ALL Malaysians regardless of race…. They OLD Folks “really know” who & WHAT that leekuanyew is.”
    A = Thanks to the 126 – 0 vote. Singapore is now truly a WORLD CLASS country while Malaysia is playing catching up!!!

    Q = “How is DAP not a racial party? Just by running some Indians in the elections?”
    A = Wake up, you are not new in Malaysia. DAP is = Chinese (majority) as UMNO is = Malay (almost 100%).

    Q = “As a fair & multiracial-minded Malaysian, I blame the DAP for the Start of Using racial issues & sentiments eversince the 1986 election!!!…”
    A = Don’t start the blaming game. You did not vote for DAP.

    C Student only-mah

  169. Harish Mathanan says:

    To: =-=-=-= There will be alot of business opportunities opening i.e. liquor, entertainment, gambling, diseases for all malaysians (chinese). The malays/muslims who voted for them (opposition) will thank them sincerely for this. Long live DAP! =-=-=-= Oh yes, I forgot about the diseases, how could I? The very diseases that has plagued Singapore towards a better society, a succesful economy, a tip-top education system, execellent medical, transportation etc etc……believe me I can go on. I rather chose a healtier life living with blood sucking, small minded corrupt clowns like you anyday. Dont worry, I am sure your UMNO has a magic pill to make a clown like you immune towards the disease of success, properity and harmony. So you don’t fear, cause UMNO is here.

  170. Ah Chong says:

    I definitely agree to shag…d oppo needs our support. Maybe now is the time we should support for a true United Malaysians. I think we’ll start in Selangor since the malays are divided there and no more malay champion (Umno) to support them. PKR wont be their champion coz of indian influance, Pas has less than DAP and PKR combined and let alone there wont be PAS + PKR for the malays, so they are nobody. We’ll start by abolishing maritokrasi in uni’s since alot of unis are in Selangor and non-malays should be allowed to enter UiTM since their HQ is in Shah Alam. There should be increase allocation from MARA for non-malays. This would be great for us. Hopefully Selangor will be the new Singapore for everyone to prosper.

  171. Harish Mathanan says:

    and To (another anonymous): =-=-=-= Sure’s alot of illegal temple can be turned into legal this time. Bet u that alot of pas supporters and malay pkr will love this very much. Thx again for your support. I agree, say NO to places of worship and peace. How could they? Indians and Chinese should be happy to have a surau in every street in every taman. How can they claim for more? How dare they make these things happend? Who gave them the cheek to stand up to their rights? After all what are they? Sub-standards humans? You’re an utter moron, and if there was a title for being the bigest M’sian imbecile you’ll win it hands-down. But enough, we have to start demolishing more temples, we have to. Maybe you should start a party, sub-wing of UMNO maybe? I’ll join you for sure, anything for a constructive peaceful cause. Three cheers to you Moron !!!!! =-=-=-=

  172. Long live DAP! says:

    Dear Harish Mathanan, IMHO, you misunderstood my words. The disease is not social disease…its disease = disease, like J.E., Bird flu and all those pig related stuff. You’ll get what i mean. Peace.

  173. Anthonysay says:

    Mahathir is the reason why all arms and institutions of government are corrupted. Just look at all the bailouts, including for his son’s MISC stake, his choices of corrupt judges proven by the VK Lingam tribunal, his cronies who are still enjoying their ill earned benefits and escaped litigations. None of the mess we see now belongs to AA Badawi. Mahatir has beed the reason for UMNO malays voting against BN this time. He and his boys have planned it well and they have started to move against Badawi & try put in Najib in place so that the mongolian trial can be deposed of and the mahathir mega projects can be re-implemented via mahathir cronies. I say the Malaysian people and UMNO itself should respect AA Badawi for holding a reletively fair election that enabled a good opposition in parliament and prevent mahathir & his boys in & out of govt from achieving rhier eveil objectives, wich if they succeed will wipe out UMNO malay majority in Parlaiment come 2012. This is for sure. Only the mahathir boys will benefit and they will disappear as did mahathir’s eldest boy. Where is he, by the way?

  174. Feroz Merican says:

    Mahathir is the Reason UMNO and Barisan lost 82 Seats in Parliament?
    Silly Me, I thought it was because of the murderer Najib Razak and the fool Samy Vellu and the Former CM of Penang Koh Tsu Koon talking rubbish everyday for the last 6 months. Oh and the ink debacle at the last minute was the straw that broke the Camel’s back. Badawi hiding behind the Police and the EC Comissioner and not having the guts to say it was his idea to pull the ink from the Elections. Yes, It was all Mahathir’s fault.

  175. Bongso says:

    BN’s “defeat” is as much the open sabotage engineered by Dr Mahathia in the mass media continually against his once-handpicked successor. Don’t forget the kris brandishing incident as well.

    Can’t blame Dr M also. When Dr M was the PM, his then No 2s all tried to rid him. He’s now doing likewise.

    By championing Najib to usurp he’s in fact supporting the in-fighting within the inner circle of UMNO and at the same time making Najib feel indebted to him so that paves the way for his son, Mukhriz, to move up when Najib becomes the next PM.

    Not a bad move.

  176. ~Jo~ says:

    I feel that Najib is not good for the future of Malaysia, I have strong support for BN but not Najib in particular…Vote Najib and you vote for the downfall of Malaysia….Pak Lah i feel should be responsible for this years outcome and i think his first visible step to take the people’s heart is to bar his Son-in-Law into politics…who is this Khairi Jamaludinwhatsisname anyways?

  177. Feroz Merican says:

    I agree with Bongo. Good call by you, except that Mukhriz will never be PM
    In my opinion, Dr. M knows that the people will go berserk if Najib becomes Prime Minister, and the protests that follow will lead to his loss in the Umno elections later this year. Now the race in on for the top two spots. Badawi, Najib and Khairy are History, finished. I think Hishamuddin is the guy, and I think Mahathir will be pushing him forward because he has the best chance to be PM. Remember, Education Minister, then Prime Minister is the way it works in Malaysia. Put your 5 rm on Hishamuddin for now. Najib is OUT. If he tries to become PM, guess which story will come out in the press? Mahathir pretends to push for Najib but is actually cleaning out UMNO.

  178. Harish Mathanan says:

    =-=-=-= Dear Harish Mathanan, IMHO, you misunderstood my words. The disease is not social disease…its disease = disease, like J.E., Bird flu and all those pig related stuff. You’ll get what i mean. Peace. =-=-=-= You concern is truly suprising considering the fact Malaysia was in dumps anyway. Wake up and take a look around, Malaysians all around suffer and die from numerous disease as we speak. Poor medical help only makes it more agnonising and painful for them and all around. IMHO you should try make a difference and not whinge about something that you assume. Look at reality and stop with fancy assumptions.

  179. prettyhall says:

    mahadeal is really nyanok lah ….I believe his purpose is after the profit of mega project to turn for his son….but yet , i also grateful for his confesson ‘panggil polis tangkap dia’,’diatak buat apa salah pun’…..anyway, you are right we have to be careful with this old fellow’s tyranny dream

    How can najib be good choice? pls don’t forget the poor mongolia lady dead-bombed case! the most violent(compatible with mahadeal) menteri in our history.

    Yeah, Anwar will be the best choice for PM!

    I really happy to hear that east malaysia 40 seat will swing to Barisan Rakyat(B-R?), is it really? can any one update of it? this will be a wise choice for those 40 seat….but would that happens if next next election they swing here and swing there seeing how the wind turn….that is really scareful thought too……

  180. The False Prophet says:

    Most of the commenters here do not feel Mahathir is needed. Most felt that they had enough of his evil regime. I personally feel he reminicise me of the late Suharto of Indonesia who get-off scot free from the evil regime the once dictated.

    Pak Lah is too lame and imcompetent. This general election his resultant. But don’t tell me Mahathir is any better.

  181. k119 says:

    That’s how Mahathir is….willing to support a murderer just so he can continue to rule thru proxy and ransack the country even further….. it’s Tun Ali in Malacca’s court isnt it……pure selfisheness above country….that’s Mahathir…..this country is cursed with the likes of him…..the damage he has done is nothing compared to all the murderers and thieves out in Sungai Buloh prison…..

  182. Malaysian says:

    There is no right or wrong in politics. The wrong things that people does is similar in a family, to give every good things to your child that will only make them lazy and worst instead of letting them work for it. Only then they will appreciate things. This happen in all races and that does not make the Chinese any better.

    If you think that some of the young business man is great, they are not, it’s because of their father who has the money or power that make them what they are today and soon they will lose everything. Everyone knows that wealth normally is difficult to last 3 generations.

    During the boom time, every company makes money, you can put an idiot up there and he still makes money, but during the 1997 turmoils, even the top people cannot make decision unless you happen to be lucky one that is exporting to the right countries and collecting USD instead of importing and owing foreign currencies like UK Pound, USD and etc.

    So the questions is do you think that by getting the sons of good leader is good for the companies or country? Do you think that they can performs like their father? Is most of the country becoming a family owned country or the country would look for more capable people who might have been from a poor family and understand how people suffered and what the people need and one who know what is hunger and suffering means.

    I am sure not many of our leader have gone through suffering, maybe some leaders might have and understand what is every dollar means than to waste it on unnecessary things.

    People are suffering now and is not making good money, many people have lost their jobs and the unemployment rate is going up or new company is being set up because they could work anymore for companies who demand higher profit when the market situation is bad.

    If only those who are political connected share their wealth with the local people instead of killing the local people by taking over the local distributorship because they are given the projects instead of supporting them by buying from them.

    The fall of BN is because the people is suffering without them realizing and they ignore the fact that some of their peoples is making tons of money whereas other is suffering.

    If only there is an equal distribution of wealth, then everyone will be happy. Malaysian are smart people and they know what is going on. Unfortunately, there did not come up with solution to solve the smuggling of fuel, instead they increase the price and blame it on the raising oil price and claim that the government is subsidising when the country is producing oil. How much is oil in Brunei or Middle East?

    All this issue has been brought up long time ago and the BN does not listen and address it. If only they have listen, they won’t face such bad defect in history.

    Changing leader does not help the country but getting the leader to wake up can care for their people well being, understand the poor, do not get their families involved in mega projects which would only become talks of a corrupted country.

    There is always question posted on how long a person need to be a billionaire and how many young billionaires whe have in our country, did they make their billion by themselves or given to them because they are some one sons?

    Hope the newly elected people will make Malaysia a more united and better place for all the people and that everyone live in harmony and makes Malaysia No. 1 in the world for others to invest, visit and to stay.

    What the peoples would one is someone who is fair, care for their people, do the right things and listen to the people instead of their own personal interest.

    For a start, it would be nice to see the following:-

    1. Reduce Petrol Price for the Malaysian. They can use our IC to purchase petrol at lower pricing and they can monitor the amount of petrol that one used.

    2. Reduce Toll (without compensation to toll concession who is making tons of money) or abolish Road Tax

    3. Ensure that Government Link companies should not be given the privilege on projects and should be evaluate in a fair manner.

    4. Should remove the Bumiputra status and let eveyone compete, this is the only ways to build up the Malays. A soldier is only a good soldier if they were to go out to a war. By doing this, there will be one one nation and everyone will call themself MALAYSIAN and be proud to be a MALAYSIAN.

  183. kapsiaoloong says:

    Send him to Mongolia I say !! They’ll love him more than we do !!!

  184. xiaoyao2 says:

    Men-zi, who advised all rulers to conduct Just Government (”仁政”) , whose idea is still as valid today as it was more than 2000 years ago. He noted that for any one aspire to rule, he/she needs to win the minds and hearts of the people. ( ”得天下有道:得其民,斯得天下矣;得其民有道:得其心,斯得民矣。”).

    To receive blessings from the people over time, any ruler only needs to satisfy just 12 Chinese characters :

    “风调雨顺,国泰民安, 安居乐业”, i.e. “Harmoniuos environment, Peace and Stability, a Decent Livelihood”.

    In the near term, these 12 words will be as evasive as they ever be.

  185. TheWrathOfGrapes says:

    /// as for Dr M, with all respect, i think he should stick to bread-making and call it a day. give us a chance to determine our own future! ///

    Jenn – spot on! Give us this day our daily bread …

  186. C Student says:

    First time in the history of Malaysia Stock Market. KLSE drops more than 100 points and people are actually cheering. This shows that the people want REFORMASI!

    Mahathir era is gone; take the son with him. Najib can be arranged to be the ambassador of Mongolia. Hishamuddin will be the captain of Silat Club, Malaysia.

    The best person to be PM might not necessarily be Anwar but I still like this guy. He has the charisma to make things happen.

    I think Mahathir was stupid enough to peg the currency in 1998. If he had listened to Anwar, Malaysia will be a better country today, just like Korea, Thailand and Indonesia, when the World Bank and IMF helped out.

    Let the best be the PM; change the God damn constitution so that Singh Deo, Teresa or Nurul will, one day, has fair chance to be PM.

  187. ocy says:

    Fellow malaysians, let move on, forget about BN, DAP, PKR or PAS. We want to become Asia champions not Kampung champions, let all races work together and move on!!! We already lagging far far behind in Asia, no time for us to waste anymore!!!!

  188. Mira says:

    It’s just time for DAP to prove themselves. After winning so many west coast states. Rather HUGE responsiblity. Hope they are ready to lead Msia well. Competition and a fair balance of parties is quite a good thing.

  189. yum says:

    So, I guess we know which constituency the undi hantu went to.

    I’m not beyond believing that there was some conniving on the part of some Umno people to make the PM look bad, trading off losing one’s majority in one election with the removal of the PM.

    Interesting times ahead.

  190. Spirit_61 says:

    AND very IMPORTANTLY – get rid of MCA which is now an infested den of thieves. The MCA has held back the forward thinking chinese.

    (pls read)


  191. C Student says:

    KLSE stops trading. Circuit broke; Hallelujah!!! Keadilan is going to take over KLSE!

  192. freewave says:

    For goodness sake, please not Najib. Please don’t fall into Mahathir’s trap.

    He is worst than Pak Lah. Although Pak Lah do take naps sometimes (who doesn’t especially when you are tired?), he never said any racist remarks. At least he tried to clean up the country’s corruption. You all know Najib’s profile.. I don’t have elaborate.

    But the flaw of this country is how the leader is selected and it is by Umno. That’s the problem. We all have no say. All Mahathir has to do is convince the people in Umno.

  193. suara hati says:

    Fellow malaysians….the time for bickering is over! Now what we need to do is to find the solution of how to make ourselves MALYSIANS…not malay, not chinese, not indians and not these and that! So…pour your minds content ..pool it in a collective catchment…..and conclude a RECIPE for truly MALAYSIANS…is that impossible????

  194. Awangngah says:

    Hey guys, why are you bothered about the internal problems within UMNO and BN? Why are you even bothered about whether Dollah stays or Najib ascends to PMship? Afterall, it’s only going to be for just one term. Have some patience & some confidence in our BR la…Next election, BA will not only retain the Northern States, but will conquer the Southern States + East Malaysia. At that time, the PM will be from BA. We have endured the inequalities for 50 years. Can’t we just wait for another term before we wipe the entire BN goons out of office? Meantime, let’s concentrate on offering our services to BA in whatever way we can to ensure that they could live up to their promises and show us all that they could potentially run a better federal government.

  195. Change or be Change says:

    Still bickering who should be the next prime minister. I will be.— eh if you all can accept me lah.
    Dear rakyat, the election is over n done. Malaysia now needs you to be productive in your work lah. If not we may have another crisis – economic crisis because the rakyat cannot stop bickering n become unproductive.

    Cheers my Malaysian Saudara and Saudari.
    Welcome to the new Malaysia. Aah! can someone please tell MAS to use this slogan in greeting the arrival of the tourists!

  196. david says:

    I agreed with Awangngah….let us see how the PKR,DAP and PAS handle Penang,Kedah,Selangor and Perak. If there are good…we continue to kick BN out of Pahang and Johor. DSAI should try to convince sabah and sarawak to join force with BA to get rid of BN so that everyone have fair share of the country wealth rather than only scomi or KJ and gangs. Anybody agree with me?

  197. Angkee says:

    The Tun talks as if his 22 yrs of rule were exemplary, beyond reproach. In fact he single-handedly brought the nation to the brink of destruction. The judiciary is severely impaired; the enforcement agencies nothing but lackeys of the govt; our once proud, top-notch civil service now a bungling single-language, single-outlook, intolerant, blinkered bunch; and our lawmakers, at least those from a particular party, seem to be nothing but clowns and sexists. We once has proud, respected educational institutions, now not a single one is ranked in even the top 1,000 in Asia. We slided in the global rankings, and while our ministers brag in international fora we are a model for multiracial, multi religious harmony we all know at home that’s bulllshit.
    And who says Pak Lah will destroy UMNO? He can’t possibly. UMNO was destroyed like 20 years ago by the Tun in his constant tussles with his deputies …. there is no “UMNO” today. It was deregistered years ago!

  198. Angkee says:

    What Pah Lah must never do is to name a successor. If he has to go, he must let it be a free-for-all at the UMNO elections, for only in this way will all the forces of moderation and enlightment within the party emerge to forge change.
    Najib as the next UMNO president and PM? Well, why not? We can then have more submarine deals, more more costly fighter jets, and more men in space – perhaps this time the teh tarik thing can take place.
    Sheesh… Isn’t he the pioneer kris waver?

  199. david says:

    more C4 ?

  200. Angkee says:

    The Tun talks as if his 22yrs were exemplary ones. We all know they weren’t; they were terrible ones except for those who didn’t care for anything else but having a good life, lots of money – and it doesn’t matter if they have to lick boots and their neighbours starve. And what’s happened to our impartial judiciary? Our top rated civil service? Now our enforcement agencies need enforcement themselves, and our lawmakers – at least some of them – are clowns, sexists and seem interested in anything but the the serious matter of good laws, the protection of citizens’ rights and advancement of democratic rights. And how can Pak Lah destroy UMNO, as the Tun fears? The Tun himself has already done that when his endless tussles with his deputies resulted in UMNO, as we know it then, being de-registered. There is no “UMNO”.

  201. rinako says:

    i seriously agree with what freewave said. i don’t think there is anything more for me to say anymore, its so obvious. besides, the comments here have already informed all of us about the reason why Najib shouldn’t be next PM. but if Mahathir really wants it to be this way, then sooner or later Najib’ll be the next PM. We’ve got no say.

  202. Hanz says:

    Hope they solve the mat rempit stuff

  203. Hanz says:

    My wish after the election :
    1.More Pondok Polis in every residential area.
    2.Red I.C resident that lives in country for more than 10 years to obtain Blue I.C.
    3.More Chinese/Indian school (if they cant do it, implement chinese/tamil as sub subject in every “SRK” school.
    4.Anyone from Parliment can be nominate as PM regardless of race (Obama a good example)
    5.Malaysiakini to publish their own newspaper.
    6.Last wish..hope my Wish does not offend anyone ! Btw i salute for the Malays for their bravery to JOM UBAH trend !!!! Peace ya all Malaysian !

  204. Hanz says:

    My wish after the election 2008 :
    1.More Pondok Polis in every residential area.
    2.Red I.C resident that lives in country for more than 10 years to obtain Blue I.C.
    3.More Chinese/Indian school (if they cant do it, implement chinese/tamil as sub subject in every “SRK” school.
    4.Anyone from Parliment can be nominate as PM regardless of race (Obama a good example)
    5.Malaysiakini to publish their own newspaper.
    6.Last wish..hope my Wish does not offend anyone ! Btw i salute for the Malays for their bravery to JOM UBAH trend !!!! Peace ya all Malaysian !

  205. Hanz says:

    For : C Student
    1.Let the best be the PM; change the God damn constitution so that Singh Deo, Teresa or Nurul will, one day, has fair chance to be PM.
    Comment : Agree(indeed a good one from you)
    2.Q = “Remember that singapore was voted 126-0 to be Ousted Out of Malaysia (that means by ALL Malaysians regardless of race…. They OLD Folks “really know” who & WHAT that leekuanyew is.”
    A = Thanks to the 126 – 0 vote. Singapore is now truly a WORLD CLASS country while Malaysia is playing catching up!!!
    COmment : Good answer ; u spell my words.

  206. Hanz says:

    1.Corrupt or not corrupt on LeeKuanYew(even if he EAT or not he do share the meal) he manage to bring up Singapore(Singapore were recognised as the most advance in development/technology/infrastructure country in SEA)
    2.Remember that singapore was voted 126-0 to be Ousted Out of Malaysia (that means by ALL Malaysians regardless of race…. They OLD Folks “really know” who & WHAT that leekuanyew is.”
    Comment : Maybe the on time goverment was too afraid of the briliant minded LeeKuanYew(who knows there might be an arrangement to OUST him out)

  207. Dr.Dare says:

    It’s all very well to think that Najib will be the next PM in the near future and that is what Mahathir wants. The question is for how long? With all the rumours flying around with the ongoing case with his personal political advisor, it will be a temporary fix for UMNO and the Barisan National.

    People think that DSAI and PKR have a good chance and indeed DSAI may become the next PM if Najib were to fall. BUT IS THIS WHAT IS BEST FOR THE COUNTRY AND ITS PEOPLE?

    Let’s look at this with less emotion and more reason. DSAI was the former DPM and part of Mahathir’s government. During his tenure as DPM, we were all subjected to policies that he implemented that did not benefit the rakyat but helped his cronies ( Anwar’s Camp). He used to sing a very different tune then. During the 1997 economic crisis, the decisions made by him as the Finance minister then guided by the IMF made things more difficult and unbearable for all Malaysians and if it were not for Dr.Mahathir we would have have ended up like Indonesia and Thailand. So given his track record, is he going to be any better than Najib, Pak Lah etc.

    Furthermore if a respected impartial man like Chandra Muzaffar who was previously deputy president of the PKR being an advocate of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS FOR ALL is now criticising Anwar, any rational mind would not doubt what he said. What PKR is supposed to stand for is JUSTICE FOR ALL and NOT JUSTICE FOR ANWAR IBRAHIM ALONE.

    Here we are all happy with the winds of change sweeping through our nation. We have shown our displeasure and voted out individuals. We want accountability for all actions of our elected representatives not lip service when it comes to elections alone.My fellow Malaysians, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

    So what are our options as per the constitution? Let’s look at this objectively. In the current ruling government headed by UMNO, if there is going to be a push within UMNO for the replacement of Pak Lah, Najib is clearly not the people’s choice as we all know that things will not be any different under him or may be worse. He is without a doubt Mahathir’s choice as Dr. M is indebted to Tun Razak for bringing him back into UMNO.They say that the fruit does not fall far from the tree. Looking at the tree where Najib comes from, I am sure Malaysians would not want to go down that path for a second time and for history to repeat.

    Let’s look at the ONLY OTHER capable and frank individual within UMNO who will be a much better candidate for the post of PM of Malaysia. His grandfather was the founder of UMNO who was a great man with an even greater vision of a Bangsa Malaysia who was unceremoniously booted out when he wanted to open the doors of UMNO to all Malaysians, the late Dato Onn Jaafar, a man of deep integrity. Finally in our 50th year of independence, we have acknowledged and given him his long overdue recognition of his contributions to our nation. He is definitely a TOKOH BANGSA MALAYSIA for his ideals of what our nation should have been; one country, one people, one nation

    His son, Tun Hussein Onn, our third Prime Minister was also an honest man whose tenure as PM endeared him to the people. He was truly the PM that was closest to all Malaysians’ hearts. We, Malaysians enjoyed our democratic rights and freedom without fear of persecution during his tenure as PM.

    Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, a man of such great pedigree is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate in the present government to take on the mantle of Prime Minister. A man with good family values and holding the portfolio of the Education Minister which is a stepping stone to becoming a PM. He is capable and ready and with this winds of change in our current political environment, he would definitely be a breath of fresh and CLEAN air. There have been no rumours of misconduct or misappropriation of any kind to his name. He has always lived to the name and values of his grandfather and father.

    As for the keris wielding episode that angered many Malaysians, let’s be frank that the act was wrongly interpreted as it was a symbol of loyalty to his traditions and culture. If it were Najib or Anwar, we can be rest assured that they would very well be giving us lip service while stabbing us in the back.

    What this election has done is to send a message loud and clear to whoever who governs this country(whether present or future) that we Malaysians are sick and tired of corruption in all forms, levels and the non existence of accountability for all corrupt acts and practices.


    So let it be known that the time has come where we Malaysians are not going to tow the line of any politician from any PARTY WHETHER GOVERNMENT OR OPPOSITION. WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE OUR DESTINY AND THEIRS.

    For every democracy is a government of the people, by the people for the people. The message to whoever is PM, MINISTERS, PARTY PRESIDENTS, EXCO MEMBERS AND ALL THOSE IN PUBLIC OFFICE, TOW THE LINE OF THE PEOPLE.

  208. 1978 says:

    In 80’s my uneducated mother is so afraid to vote for PAS in KL and if there is no DAP she will rather go for BN. Yet now I seen an old Malay macik about her late 60′ or 70’s helping up to promote DAP in their stand in voting days. Why this happening, I ask myself. I do agree under BN, other race such as Chinese and Indian have been marginalized badly in 80’s and 90’s. Forgive our older parents, part of them are not educated, media is well control by our T.MahalDeal too, “as what he use as bullet to slap our Bodohwi”. They are living in such a fear with the experience of 1969, ISA retention and believe there are no freedom of speech like we’re having nowadays in internet.
    With the question of is Racism Serious matter in Malaysia? I think no. If not, is UMNO the culprit behind this? My answer is yes. Let us look back the history before MERDEKA form those true living Pahlawan now at their 80’s or 90’s first tier history. You can see this in You tube at 10 Tahun Sebelum Merdeka at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNZzZlVgWxY
    Tanah Melayu is a multi races country but love and take care of each other like brothers, sad to believe infact UMNO is the betrayal of our nation in British colonist time. But they the UMNO has enjoyed all the ripen fruit after Merdeka. Hi anak bangsawan anak Mahaldeal, who are you to claim that the heir of UNMO is a tradition to be the PM of M’sia which he is supporting Najis and condemn Bodohwi no in line of the concept of your heir throne. Don’t be mistaken TAR is not from UMNO either.
    Hishamstupid and Najis pls play your keris at home. Fundamental Question, pls answer to your own poor Malay. Have you taken good care of your own Malay well; as you claim this is your party fundamental objective of formation. Let us see the video clip from You tube again titled “We have the Best Agung But the Worst Ever PM” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lgDxzobREA
    MCA our brother pls be awake to be Minister is to serve the nation but not your slogan in chinese ‘sing kun fatt choy’ means getting rich from being a minister.
    All the best to you BN may god bless you with your 50yrs of ill threating and mis used of power in Tanah Melayu

  209. Drachen says:

    Regarding DSAI, I think people do change. My impression of him during his younger days is like the proverbial Katak di Bawah Tempurung – frog under a coconut shell. His time in prison showed him who his real friends were – the Opposition parties, the NGOs, some lawyers, ordinary people of all races – who fought hard for him with no expectation of reward.

    Let’s see what he’ll do in the next 5 years and make up our minds then.

  210. C Student says:

    “AND very IMPORTANTLY – get rid of MCA which is now an infested den of thieves. The MCA has held back the forward thinking chinese.”

    A = Totally agree with the above. MCA is truly a bunch of dick heads running around with loose canons. The only persons that are working and contributing to the society in the entire party are 1) ONG Tee Kiat, 2) CHUA Sok Lek (too bad he is gone now) and 3) Liow Tiong Lai.

    Ong Ka Ting (read 11/03/08’s paper) is a sore loser and I think MCA should force him to quit immediately. He is a DISGRACE not only to Chinese community but also the entire Malaysia population.

  211. nick chan abdullah says:


    BN MPs who must Toe the Line, Jails people without court order even in parliament ground, sends people to ISA prison, demolishes temples, *apparently* good economy growth, Pollution, robbing of natives’ land, racists remarks of UMNO leaders (such as Noh’s remarks after election results), more power to RELA, abuse of migrant workers by RELA, Public funds wasted to pay RELA officers (lol, not really volunteers), ever increasing toll charges, unclean ACA, PEKIDA,Mat Rempits with BN Flags, super-rich Khairy, Yackob gambling, Road Blocks, Mercedes, AIRBUS, luxurious lifestyle, building of BIG LUXURIOUS mosques, etc…

    _________________ VERSUS ___________________

    DSAI + DSAI’s Weaknesses + DSAI’s rotten past (apparently) + DSAI love for IMF/US (apparently), NGOs, Human Rights Activists, Civil Rights Activist, Reputable Lawyers, Doctors, BERSIH, IPCMC, Sivarasa, Bloggers,Karpal Singh, Freedom of media, promise of council elections, PAS’ support, Nik Aziz’s appreciation towards non-malays, PAS’ fielding of Hindu Woman as candidate, Parti sosialis Malaysia protecting the oppressed, TEGANITA, Kelantan not building more mosques than it needs, etc..


    *** Credits to RPK

  212. Ringo Indera says:

    Anuar Ibrahim as PM??? Hahahahaha….be wise…be wise….be wise like Malaysian said!

  213. Nordin bin pan says:

    I am now at my Chinese friend’s house and the rakyat have my full support for voting out the cronies. For the last 30 years or more our national income has been pocket by those in power not the least benefiting
    the lower income Malays. The poor Malay contractors can’t even tender
    for the job in the Government Departments because they are reserved for
    those with connections. It is time we the common rakyat, Malays, Chinese Indians and whatever denominatin throw out corrupt practises and put in
    responsible leader who will use the country’s wealth for the benefit of all concern irrespective of race or religion. United we stand to make our Malaysia a great nation. Let no barrier separate us for this mission as Allah is on our side.

  214. david says:

    Forget abt Hishamudin…….I dont think chinese will accept him as PM. Musa Hitam is better

  215. sonark. says:

    While delusions are fun simon, I’d rather go with an incompetent phak lah than a ruthless najis cos sooner than later, that old luncai is gonna self-implode.

    The reason che dead wants najis up there is to cover-up the lingam-gate and other scandals that would further implicates him. He’s also pissed that his gang of thieves are not getting a bigger slice of the pie under the current admin.

    Anyway, why should we all be dragged into this to do the senile old man’s bidding? This is umno’s mess. Let them sort their own shit out!

  216. Drachen says:

    You know what the Elections results have had on me? Suddenly I don’t feel so selfish anymore. Do you realise that BN actually makes people selfish? Why should I share with other races when the government don’t look after me? Now I feel hopeful and Malaysian again after a long long time. If we unite, we have a chance to reach our full potential and compete against other countries. If we don’t unite, we die standing.

    Singapore has been scrambling feverishly to compete with countries like India and China. We have done next to nothing. My impression is the people in China are actually working longer hours than the Japanese! We’d better get our act together if we don’t want to be totally overwhelmed.

  217. Janet says:

    R. Petra K. for PM.

  218. Feroz Merican says:

    C -Student , even the IMF THEMSELVES admitted 3 years later that Mahathir did the right thing by pegging the currency. They did not have to say it, but they did. Obviously you do not remember it. Maybe because you were too young, or maybe because you really are a C-Student.

  219. nick chan abdullah says:

    even if IMF admitted it is right, does it neccessarily mean it should be right?

  220. prettyhall says:

    it is really difficult to judge on singapore case…

    1. for sure, they are really brilliant in economy(technology and trading part) that they can even distribute their profit with their citizen in the form of bonus, it just happens one month ago.

    2. although they are typical Strong-Single-parti nation(cause the opposition is too weak), but they have very minimal corruption, very high quality of proffesional in government. This is a very amazing credit.

    3. But yet, We can’t put the above achievement for ‘chinese ruling’ as reason. Why? just look at China and Taiwan.

    4. well, Singapore is very unique case. It might be prove to us that some times even sacrifice the democratic, people can still enjoy good life material level…..and that’s why some Taiwanese think now….

    5.Is there a question about democratic value???
    As example , Taiwanese now vote for one parti(the Blue parti) for them to get majority win, because they think they want to chase up with singapore…sometimes I can heard some taiwanese people sign: what’s the use with democratic,media is bombasted chaos everyday with useless news, the politician critic each other in rude way, and ecomonic is down….. but , it is because they dissapointed with the Green for the past few years, so pleaseeee, BR, you have to really prove that, you are good, you won’t be corrupted with money and power!

    6.But for singapore Single-parti-full-power case, let us see what had they sacrifice…
    – they have very few cultural-literature job in market, if you are a writter of literature, want to write better article in newspaper or megazine, it is poor hope.
    – their literature achievemt can’t compete with Malaysian
    – their child born and bring up in one shape….artist or writer could be very few chances to live on in this country,because technology and bussiness is every thing
    – very little vaioustiy of space in the city.

    I don’t think we want our country be in this way.

  221. piper cub says:

    don’t forget that Najib nearly lost during last last EC, under MahalDeal hand, that’s why MahalDeal take Pak Lah, Pak Lah Pick Najib as 2nd man, thats how Najib get more votes for 2004 EC, now he say he pick wrong man, he forget at that time Najib only get about 400+ majority…………….. how to choose him?

  222. Blade Runner says:

    even if IMF said mahathir was right that doesn’t make him HOLY and can be excused by the tyranny that he has done over this country. I think that is just like TV3, Utusan, RTM and other BN media trying to do to all its BN members by saying one good deed and cover up thousands bad deeds. Enough is enough the Rakyat is not stupid anymore, in fact that they were not stupid before the only thing is they don’t realized that all this BN snakes’ propaganda would effect them as whole in the community but now times are different people wants transparency and honesty from any government, no bull shit please.

  223. C Student says:

    To Feroz Merican. Just open your eyes and see Korea, Thailand and Indonesia’s economies. Do your homework before you attacked somebody. Whether IMF admit right or wrong is irrelevant in this case, GROW UP, don’t behave like a Kampung boy!

    Some people always compare their grades to C students and avoid looking up to A students! In the case of Malaysia, DO NOT compare with Singapore (student ?) but compare with African countries (students ?).

    That is precisely the reason why Malaysia is always playing the catching up game.

  224. butterman says:

    Just a few comments:

    1. Why were pencils used for the elections and not permanent markers?
    2. There are so many comments about races – malays, chinese, indians – not a single mention about the Others aka dll (dan lain-lain) such as portugese and eurasians that make up a very minute percentage but nevertheless Malaysians who are not represented at all nor have a voice or say in any matter!

  225. Feroz Merican says:

    C-Student: Your logic is as good as your English.

  226. KC Goh says:

    I have written an e-mail to Pak Lah saying that there are many issues in question and those issues like the Judiciary are inherited from Mahathir’s era. Agree?

  227. david says:

    no point of writting to him…he slept already…dont know when to wake up

  228. peace in hope says:

    KC Goh, david is right (though his version is direct and to-the-point..nice one david), you need to understand the fact that the reason we, the majority rakyat is keen on denying BN is simply because we have had ENOUGH of its games and insults to our intelligence. So whether or not the issues are inherited, he(Pak Lah) had sufficient time in his term to make changes or at least tried. So KC Goh, it IS POINTLESS to harp on someone for answers and excuses now. All we need to do is to move FORWARD from here to grow into a truly democratic Nation, and that my friend may seem impossible if the rakyat does NOT understand what we are fighting for and who are able to help us.
    I do suggest that for your benefit, do go through some articles by RPK and some good articles/opinions/reseach by some Univercity professors. They have done some good work there. Read them and you will have a clearer view to influnce yourself of the TRUE reason for this ‘RALLY’ by the rakyat.
    Peace my friend.

  229. Ken Leow says:


    MY sincere opinion and thoughts for all MALAYSIAN:

    It really doesn’t matter you are a white cat or a black cat; if the cat can catch rat, thats the good cat….by EX-CHINA RIP Premier Teng Xie Ping.

    So the long waited Malaysians just wanted a peaceful living, boleh cari makan sudah la, but apa nak bising bising and being 007 gold finger poking this person and that person fault.

    If failed of serving the malaysian then let others party a chance to serve, may be they can be better. Overall, we are human beings, no one is perfect……

    BN and Opposition parties are human also; as a multinational country, we have grown up to understand the meaning of life called “APPRECIATION, HARMONY and DRIVE for SUCCESS.”

    My belief, whether you are BN or PKR or DAP or PAS supporters, we are still Malaysian, but apalah nak gaduh gaduh sangat, kalau sudah menang kerja la kuat kuat to fulfill all nation wishes. I am sure, we are the children of this motherland….Kalau sudah kalah , tak apalah, knowing sekarang you might have a better working team to work with from our children voices for a better life, thats all.

    SO I believe party should work toward our goal as an advance nation living in harmony and being the multi idols for foreigners to admires and envy.

    Don’t you agree ???

  230. shah says:

    i agree with that

  231. KC Sime says:

    There is no better and more suitable candidate to be the PM of Malaysia other than HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. It is definitely not Najib. If there is an award for cowardice, I would give it to Ong Ka Ting and Hishamuddin. They stood in Johor. If they are really people’s choice, try out Seputih, Bukit Bintang, Cheras, Bandar Tun Razak or Pantai.

  232. david says:

    badawi still dont want let go the position of finance minister and so is najib still holding defence minister….so many scandal involving both th ministery. They should let other MP to take charge of the Finance and also defence ministry unless what the DAP and also PKR claim abt the scandal involving finance and defence misnistry is true…..they are still holding their position to continue making money out of it…… Badawi and Najib should be happy to hold the position of PM and DPM…cukup la

  233. david says:

    what is your rating for Pak Lah as Finance Minister? from 1 – 10, 1=poor…10=good

  234. KC Sime says:

    Big mistake for Pak Lah this time. Some of the controversial ministers are still there, Nazri Aziz, Hishamuddin, Tengku Adnan and Johari Baharom. And the baddest move of all is he brought back MT as the head of Selangor BN. But he did the right thing to remove Rafidah Aziz and Radzi.

    I think Pak Lah will be challenged in the coming UMNO election by Ku Li and KJ too will be challenged by Mukriz Mahathir. Najib will be gone if Ku Li wins.

    Perhaps some of the Opposition MPs should have been appointed to replace these controversial ministers. That would definitely improve the popularity of Pak Lah and redeemed his battered image.

  235. david says:

    ask DSAI to offer 20 BN to cross over to PKR…kick away our Sleeping Beauty Pak Lah and also Mongolian guy

  236. EYEE says:

    Did all of us notice that the English language to be used for Maths and Science was ‘ordered’ to be used back just before TDM step down as PM? Why didn’t he do it while in office during his long tenure? Hmmmmmm…..

  237. US says:

    Some of the comments left here are baffling. The majority isno doubt against the idea of Najib or Pak Lah being PM and BN being in power generally. But the unifying factor is the naivety in the views. Surely you cannot ignore the main fact that AI was previously in BN. He was the DPM and he only sought to fight only when he was charged and jailed for corruption. Before that he was more than willing to follow Mahathir’s whims or BN’s alleged corruption practices…heck he even tried to lead BN by staging his coup d’etat which as we know failed miserably. How can you believe that he will in any way be any better??? In fact his political judgement are suspect as well. When he was Education Minister the whole scrapping of English and teaching everything in Malay not only caused a whole generation to suffer educationally and helped contributed to the low quality of graduates. This is a man that only cares for his own polictical interests.
    I will take my chances with BN any day despite the fact that I do agree there is a lot of cleaning up to do. AI is that wolf in sheep clothing.

  238. david says:

    OK then….may be it is better not to have AI or Najib or Bodohwi as PM….let’s support Lim Guan Eng as PM

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