Of course its a vote of no confidence. Of course BN “may” lose a 2/3rd majority. A simple majority is quite simple. If you are a gentleman, perhaps you will throw in the towel. Resign and save yourself some dignity. In fact, entire cabinet should resign…malu-lah (shy-only). But perhaps at the next UMNO general assembly, they will show you the door.

From Malaysiakini:

Pak Lah to meet King on Monday to form gov’t – 2.25am
In a live TV broadcast caretaker Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi says he will seek an audience with the Yang di Pertuan Agong on Monday to form the next federal government following BN’s simple majority win in the 12th general elections.

To a reporter’s question on whether the BN coalition would be denied its two-thirds majority in Parliament, Abdullah said: “This is what the people want if they do not want us to have a two-thirds majority.”

When asked whether the massive lost by BN was a vote of no confidence on the government, he said, “I don’t see it that way.”

What? Still not awake yet?


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  1. Laugoo says:

    Off course he don’t see it as a vote of no confidence on the government since deep inside he knew it was a vote of no confidence in he himself.

  2. Sadia says:

    Now between you and Anwar, who is more relevant? May be mamaks like Chandra Muzaffar who wants to be a Malay be default and the ilk of Nalla should join your cabinet through the backdoor since they are relevant. You have been outwitted my son. Very poor indeed.

  3. Ricky says:

    To the soon to be PM (may not stay to long).

    People say 13 is an unlucky number, but you do not believe, instead you believe in someone else.

    People want to feed you good food, but you do not want to eat, instead you prefer to eat the poisons supple by your own sil and the 4th floor smart alexes.

    People are telling you that they are suffering and hard to live nowadays, but you “tak suka dicabar”.

    People tell you that the “wind of change” or a tsunami is coming but you believe your 4th floor smart alexes, that this is not true and you will capture Kelantan and retain Penang.

    You are blind to all these things that are going to happen but the funny thng is that you does not look blind. Your two eyes are still looking good.

    The only advise I can give to you now is:

  4. wits0 says:

    The INERTIA is strong in this one….and he misses all the opportunities to reform. Besides there’s that innate entitlement factor.

  5. Ricky says:


  6. puchong says:

    Pak Lah,
    “Dacing” become “Cacing” already.
    Please wake up, listen to what Malaysians really want, dont just sleep.

  7. ximplicity says:

    since when he is awake?

    he has been sleeping through the previous cabinet, no matter where he is, isn’t it? i guess, a lot of wake up calls will be flooding his office soon, at least for the next 5 years..

  8. NewEra says:

    So now what? The 2 most developed states (Penang & Selangor) are now in the hand of the oppositions; the 3 most valuable Malay states (Kedah, Perak & Kelantan) are also in the hand of the oppositions. Federal Territory KL is 90% controlled by the oppositions! Terengganu is just a whisker away from defeat!

    If that was not a vote of no-confidence, than what is? His Information Minister is now a Mis-information casualty. His “JKR Ampu” Minister will now be scouring for Temple re-construction works from the opposition controlled States. His most beautiful Women Minister has been out-maneuvered and out-shone by the new beauty in the cabinet. His Taiping rat has also be exterminated. His chosen CM for Kelantan has also been thoroughly decimated.

    We have not had a PM that failed so miserably before. He should just step down today and blame health problems as an excuse or risk being label as the weakest PM in Malaysian history. The choice is your: PACK-Lah!

  9. taikotai says:

    This Badawi is an illegal PM if he tries to form a government. Looking at the unfair campaigning by the BN dogs, where is ‘keadilan’? No wonder the Malaysian people want ‘Keadilan’.

    This Badawi is just an deviated Islamic terrorist trying to fool the Malaysian people. Well! This deviated Islamic terrorist could fool his fellow kampong Islamic terrorist followers but not the urban knowledgeable voters.

    This deviated Islamic terrorist is preaching terrorism to his followers and this is detrimental to peace and harmony to this nation.

    This deviated Islamic terrorist must be curbed and send to Guantanamo detention camp before he ruins the whole nation.

    This deviated Islamic terrorist is a nuisance to this nation and is an obstacle stifling the peace, harmony and prosperity of the nation.

    Dey! zzzzhp-6Bodowilalahh, please pack your luggage and report to Guantanamo camp, George is waiting for you there on Monday!

    You are a real disgrace to your Hainamese ancestors and all the Malaysian Chinese.

  10. koolgeek says:

    The Emperor’s New Clothes…

  11. koolgeek says:

    khairy and his wife screwed the old man in public and he still thinks he’s wearing the robe of a king…

  12. Abdul Malek says:

    Not only he should resign, he should jump into Sg Gombak. And don’t forget, take along that monkeyed face K with him.

  13. […] Malaysia’s Abdullah should resign in shame| sloone […]

  14. Damocles says:

    Malaysians started with AAB by having almost complete faith in him.
    It’s absolutely amazing that he turns out to be diabolically different from the creature who bluffed them into giving him the biggest mandate in Malaysian history!
    If he has lived up to the expectations of the voters, this country would be on par with the best in the world.
    Alas, that turns out to be a mirage!
    While spewing out all the right things, he was doing all the wrong things!
    Time to shove him out at the next GE!

  15. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    The first mistake AAB and the UMNO made was to ask Mukhriz to turn against his father, Tun Mahathir. Never ask anyone to become a traitor, especially his own father. For goodness sake, Tun Mahathir is his father! Tun’s comments were for the benefit of the nation. It shows the culture of a society. The second mistake was that the malays have dumped UMNO for slowly destroying the Malay culture and their way of life with quick fixes. Historically, the malays have a very polite and humble culture. They also respect other cultures and we all love to live side by side. Having them slowly destroyed have had led to the current defeats. AAB should realize that he does not represent the Malaysians anymore. In fact, the BN does not represent the Malaysians. As a citizen of Malaysia, I can only ask, as humbly as I could, please respect the cultures belonging to others as if it were your own. Or, in Kevin Conrad’s words, “If you cannot lead, leave it to the rest of us, get out of the way”

  16. Voter in Selangor says:

    Now The question is – not whether Abdullah should resign But WHO will be taking over as PM? God help us, don’t tell me it’s Najib. Then this entire election process would appear to be one grand scheme to restore Mahathir’s right hand man and cronies back into power???!!! When I woke up this morning, the sky was clear and the sun was shining. Renewed hope was in the air. Now, the clouds are gathering ….

  17. Andrew Das Arulsamy says:

    That’s the whole point. I am unable to put it explicitly here for reasons I cannot reveal. It’s BN’s turn to make a move, or UMNO to be precise and when they move, I have calculated all their moves, so when they move…that would be interesting! trust me. You guys just keep on blogging and stop worrying about the clouds. Rain with thunder is good.

  18. Huey says:

    Hooray! Oppositions has denied 2/3 BN majority; most of us rejoiced over the GE results. This GE has delivered the voice of the nation. PM is pressured to step down and blamed for the letdown of the coalition. Obviously he is a handicapped PM who is stupid to be manipulated by that monyet SIL.

  19. White Angel says:

    Well folks the show is over! I hope all of you enjoyed the GE election coverage. But remember this, a politician is always a politician. Their job is to manipulate and remain in power as long as the Rakyat wants. You kick them out, another will follow suit. The fact remains, a politician is always a politician. They are entertainers, they give stories that the Rakyat love to listen. Change is healthy as it keeps our life more interesting! This is part of life’s drama. Let us not condemn others as we are not perfect ourselves. For those who have excercise their rights as voters, you are the real leader!!! For those who have failed to vote, remember your life will also be affected. So vote in the next GE!! Imagine having 4 million eligible voters who have not registered! I only wish for a safe prosperous country for all to live in. Hidup Malaysia!!!

  20. kekhei says:

    Before the election, i read news that Abdullah was predicting a landslide victory even in Kelantan. He was seen showing off his work and portfolio and claiming he did a brillaint job. When the results were out, this shameless guy could turn around and say otherwise – people do not want to give 2/3 majority. i mean hello?? Are you for real? Though a win is a win. If i were him, i would feel my time is up. Surely someone with dignity would feel that too, no? Considering 2004 election, he won 199 seats. Obviously he has different ideas.

    In UK, if conservative party can be replaced by Labour party. Why can’t this be applied to Malaysian politics? The opposition just needs to be given a chance and we will know if they have a much better model of governance. You will never know if you do not give them a chance. 4 years from now, I guess we will know if it proves to be a better model. If so, BN will be completely detroyed without a doubt.

    Before BN is completely destroyed in the next election, UMNO should get someone to replace him. Needless to say, MIC and MCA represent no one. They deserve their fruits. Though I am not a big fan of the oppositions, you just never know.

  21. all along he has ignored the minorities and also marginalized them(chinese and Indians). BN needs to reform all leaders and components party dont have confidence in his administration therefore has ask not to take up any cabinet seats and remain in their same position as it is going to be worst in the near future. Leaders are just making way to newer young and ignorant faces. Meritocracy system is still the best not marginalizing the chinese , indian and other minorities where equal rights is not seen here in Malaysia since 1969.

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