Unofficially the opposition parties – DAP, PKR and PAS have managed to deny the BN its two-thirds majority in the Parliament. At the last count, DAP won 27, PKR 25 and PAS 24, bringing a total of 76 seats, one more than the magical number of 75 needed to deny the 2/3. Meanwhile the BN has won 108 seats. There are a total of 222 seats

DAP victorious, PAS is redeemed, PKR ‘tumpang’ happy with many seats as well.

MIC shamed, Gerakan loses pants, Umno loses face – Najib Tun Razak and Mukriz Mahathir did well (doesn’t it tell you something???), MCA…better join the Opposition?

3 states in the arms of the Opposition – Penang, Kedah, Kelantan. How is Selangor faring?

BN can’t form a government – even by now – after midnight – such a rare sight. 2008 is indeed a magical year. And a wonderful one.

People are advised to stay calm. Dont go out and celebrate, dont!  Just be happy! 

Police are around town, checking mobiles to see if any “seditious” messages have been transmitted.

Congratulations to all the winners, especially those endorsed by Rakyat Malaysia. It’s been a long day but a worthwhile one.

I remember sitting in a coffee shop in the mainland in 2004, with PKR Gooi Hock Seng and Cheah Kah Peng, watching the TV for election results.

It was a bleak, very bleak night. PKR lost all seats except one – Permatang Pauh – and Wan Azizah had a hard time there – counting and recounting votes. She emerged finally as the winner, with a very slim majority of 500-odd votes.

DAP didn’t do badly but not amazingly. But the party had more reasons to be happy because some new comers had won state seats.

PAS was a flop and lost many seats in Kelantan. Most people thought they would lose Kelantan all the more this time.

But it seems, the Opposition has not only jump back on track but beyond imagination.



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  1. Concerned Papa says:

    This is indeed a time of reckoning. I thanked God Almightly last night that the results are showing significant change despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges. I look forward to the opposition front to do what they promised; needs-based policies versus the current NEP, significantly reduce crime and inflation; and project one Malaysian race through meaningful and really beneficial projects. Of course, we should resolve the matter of independence of the judiciary so that the wrongdoers could be judged accordingly. Enoughsaid, good job to the opposition front and to the opposition supporters, please do not celebrate openly or be spiteful; but rather take this time to reflect and be thankful and hopeful that we will finally see change for the better. God bless Malaysia!

  2. Sadia says:

    Khir Toyo lost his State seat.

  3. Sadia says:


    DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng will be the next chief minister of Penang while PKR which won 6 seats in Penang will provide the Deputy.

    PAS will rule Kedah while PKR will provide the Deputy.

    Nik Aziz to continue for now..

  4. tikki says:

    Selangor fell! Is this true???

  5. cj says:

    We must extend our most sincere gratitude to none other than our Pak Lah. Without him, our political scene would have never matured overnight. Thank you Pak Lah!

  6. Sadia says:

    Yes, Selangor fell. PKR will name Tan Sri Khalid as the Chief Minister.

  7. malaysiancares says:

    Betulkah Sadia?

  8. Sadia says:

    Yes, betul.

    Check Malaysiakini here:

  9. timoot says:

    Hey Sadia thanks for the Malaysiakini index tried so many times to access their websites but failed. With your comments here I am able to access. cheers.

  10. Su Ann says:

    opposition wins selangor!!

  11. lawrence says:

    Happiest time in life!

  12. Sadia says:

    Tian Chua of PKR wins Batu ending Gerekan’s life.

  13. timoot says:

    yay out goes Toyol & his cronies..

  14. kittykat46 says:

    This was a campaign for BN to lose, not the Opposition to win.
    There were many things Bedol could have said and done months ago, even weeks ago to mitigate the situation.

    A sharp reprimand to the Kris-wielding guy, a firm promise to repeal or amend the offending Constitution Article 121, a firm promise to take the NEP away from its race-basis.

    He did none of this. He is paying the price tonight.
    Ah yes, and all the MCA, Gerakan, MIC Yes-Men.

  15. alhbs says:

    The people have spoken…..
    BR – let start BN spring cleaning process in Parliment……

    Hidup Rakyat Bangsa Malaysia

  16. Powerman says:

    I heard that Perak might also fall to opposition:)

  17. NewEra says:

    Looks like most of the top guns of “Barisan Nenek” have fallen like drunken flies. The Rakyat have spoken!

    Hopefully the Sleeping Beauty would have woken from his moronic slumber and took notice of the revolution on hand. Not sure whether his heart is strong enough to take the disappointment though? Otherwise SPR would have to call for a express by-election tomorrow.

  18. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    I am thinking of migrating to Penang. Whew, good news for the opposition, but not good enough to deny the BN a 2/3, but almost there. The best give for Bodowi and his underlings.

    The freedom of expression in the internet works in assisting readers to access
    the truth under wraps by the rogue BN. Feedom of expression such as Free speech Zone has been the greatest venue to a…Scuse me…Did I just mention FSZ? 😉

  19. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    Corrective to my previous post,

    Not yet, the Bn have not win 2/3 majority, and I am prayin that they won’t.

  20. yes says:

    yes, yahoo. 2/3 majority

  21. limkamput says:

    I attended Chinese school in Kg. Attap. I would like more allocations be made to Chinese schools. It is time PKR who controls my area live up to its promise or the residents of Kg. Attap will kick it out next election!

    It is time PKR put its money where its mouth is.

  22. Antares says:

    Tikki said: “Selangor fell! Is this true???”

    Excuse me, Tikki! What do you mean… “fell”? I live in Selangor (Ulu Selangor actually) and on Sunday morning I felt the entire state RISE UP and bow to the Rakyat for FINALLY freeing it from the greedy grubby clutches of jingoistic baboons and botoxfaced pirates.

    As for you, Mr Lim Kam Put, who said: “It is time PKR who controls my area live up to its promise or the residents of Kg. Attap will kick it out next election!” What kind of kiasu samseng talk is that? PKR has been floundering for 4 years in the political wilderness, with smart-assed cynics dismissing their de facto leader as “irrelevant” and “untrustworthy” – now they finally make a breakthrough and within 12 hours you’re demanding what… more money for Chinese schools. Fuck your Chinese schools, brother. Think bigger than Jiu Na Li and Ni Jiang Semok? You’re first of all a HUMAN, then a MALAYSIAN…. achieve those two conditions, then talk about being CHINESE! Kacau saje.

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