Unconfirmed: Samy is out – 9.43pm (Malaysiakini)
Unofficial: MIC chief S Samy Vellu has suffered a shock defeat in the hands of PSM’s Dr D Jeyakumar in the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat which he has held for nine terms. Today is Samy Vellu’s 72nd birthday.
Recount in Rembau – 9.41pm
A recount is underway in the Rembau parliamentary seat which saw Khairy Jamaluddin taking on PKR’s Badrul Hisham Shaharin.
Kayveas loses at Taiping – 9.40pm
Another BN big gun, PPP’s M Kayveas, who is a deputy minister, has lost his Taiping parliament seat. Winner DAP’s Nga Hon Ming has told his supporters to have ‘zero celebration’.
PAS bags 15 seats in Kedah – 9.29pm
According to PAS organ Harakah, the opposition party has won 15 of the 36 state seats in Kedah, including seats that were considered Umno strongholds. It needs four more seats to win government.
Unofficial: Nurul creates upset in Lembah Pantai – 9.29pm
According to polling agents, Nurul Izzah looks sets to unseat Shahrizat Abdul Jalil in the Lembah Pantai seat.
PKR candidates leading in KL – 9.25pm
Unofficial result: PKR’s Zuraida Kamaruddin defeated BN’s Azman Wahid in the Ampang parliamentary constituency.

Heard that this old, arrogant idiot is down too – defeated by none other than Dr Jeyakumar of PSM, under PKR’s ticket. The first socialist to be in Parliament. Woowwwwwww!

Sammy Velu, the MIC so called leader, is losing his pants and underwear too.

If anyone can confirm this, I’d give them a kiss!

Kudos to Rakyat Malaysia in Sungai Siput (If PSM wins).


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  1. whispering9 says:

    Before he is confirmed out or otherwise, I like to wish him “Happy Birthday”. I will always remember your wise words “This is not my fault. This is the acts of God”. Cheer. Have a beer on me. Even if you win, you will be the prime scapegoat for the bad BN’s poll showing. Probably, no more ministerial post for you lah.

  2. Sadia says:

    No happy birthday to Samy Vellu. He has been misusing women. Shit.

  3. Ximplicity says:

    according to a phonecall from neighbour’s frien from SS, he’s confirmed out !

  4. richardpoon says:

    samy out!….act of God!

  5. wits0 says:

    It seems like a brilliant surgery by Dr Jeya – in removing the long festering malignant tumour from Perak. Let’s see it get confirmed, soon enough.

  6. LalAMuI says:

    Gong Xi F chAi…

  7. Ah Kow says:

    ayoyo samy,Malaysia Boleh!

  8. max says:

    God exists in this country; well done my fellow Malaysian

  9. kittykat46 says:

    In a strange way, I’m going miss him…for the comic value I mean..

  10. sky says:

    coolllllloooooooooooooooolllll!!!at last those are kicked out!!!

  11. MakkalShakti says:


  12. taikotai says:

    It’s time for Malaysia to do a thorough cleaned up of all the mess in the entire country caused by the BN shits led by Umno as soon as possible.

  13. Mahatma Ghango says:

    Dey! Dhamby! Since you have no power, please dismantle all the tolls together with you when you are leaving. If not, every toll driver would want to shaft a toll-post against your and tongMamak asshole.

  14. Norm Dixon says:

    Hi people,

    Links – International Journal of socialist renewal – has good background articles on the Socialist Party of Malaysia. See http://links.org.au/taxonomy/term/43

    You can sign up for regular alertd of new content at Links by going to http://www.feedblitz.com/f/?Sub=343373

  15. Change or be Change says:

    Now he can join the Hall of Shame. The most oldest stubborn and hopeless politician.
    God have answered to our prayers.

  16. wits0 says:

    All his most expensive ceremomial pujas from the best rogue gurus of India could not save him this time. Or did he used to go to India just to buy elephant glue? When Karma dictates it’s time to go, the Klingon could cling no more. Things go unglued.

  17. TAMILAN says:

    samy velu sunni has neve done gud things for the indian community and he rules own gangster team and he seperates the indians but finally hindraf show the way to the indians!!! HINDRAF VALGE…. SUNNI SAMYVELU OLIGE

  18. Sammy Velu says:

    Hello Malaysian Indians,

    I am the cocky bastard U will all like to hate and see me in hell. To tell you the truth, I know I will be going to hell just as you all wished because I screwed all the Indians and took their cash and struck a stick in their arses. Am I not clever.

  19. Sammy Velu says:

    I cheated all the Indians – so what?

  20. sammy vellu says:

    Hi, I am Sammy Vellu the con man.

    Me and Bodawi the PM have join forces and plan

    the cheat the citezens of Malaysia. Afterall

    these citezens are studpid people. We have been

    cheating the whole nation for the past 50 yrs

    and intend to continue.

    What can U do?

    The legal system is in our pockets, so is the

    Police including IGP and even the Malay rulers

    support us to rob the malaysia citzens.

    Anybody opposing us will be put in prison

    under ISA law.

    So you studpid citezens can’t do a thing about

    it, can you

  21. Sami Vau says:

    Samy Oh Samy!
    Indeed you are cocky
    Your leadership has made MIC crappy
    For all you think of is to make more money!

    Samy Oh Samy!
    Everyone knows you’re a corrupted daddy
    Hope the ACA will move in boldly
    Or will it just be history!

    Samy Oh Samy!
    Why are you so greedy?
    All these years haven’t you made enough money?
    Damn! Your mouth is already frothy!

    Samy Oh Samy!
    When I think of you it makes me angry
    Why….you might ask of me
    Cos you’re only good at stealing money and

    other hanky panky!

    Samy Oh Samy!
    Heaven’s eye is on you dummy,
    In this life you can get off easily
    But in the life to come, you won’t get off


    Samy Oh Samy!
    Repent or you’ll pay for it dearly,
    Well, now you might think it’s funny
    Standing before your maker, it’s going to be


  22. Sami Vau says:

    Sammy vellu says:

    I am smarter than most indians in Malaysia. Although my father was a rubber tapper, I learned the hard facts of life.

    I devised this plan to join MIC, ttake the leadership position and cheat the whole indian nation. U were stupid to vote for me for the last 25 yrs.

    I even gave my daughters to Perak sultan Azlan Shah for screwing and he supports me.

    What a woderful life to have at the expanse of Malaysia Indians.

  23. Sammy Velu says:

    screw the country called malaysia. What do I care?

    I know I am going to Hell for the things I have done.

    Screw the BN and PM Bodawi

  24. sauron says:

    According to Malaysiakini, when asked at a coroner’s inquest “if he had ever engaged in a romantic relationship with Sujatha as alleged,” Vell Paari denied it. He is reported to have said, “I had no (romantic) relationship with her. I only cared for her as an employer” and apparently also ‘cared for her as a friend.’

    Reading about Vell’s generosity and graciousness as an employer, got me thinking that why couldn’t more employers be like him? Wouldn’t the world be a much better place? Indeed, I wondered if only I could be so lucky. How nice it would be to have Vell make a RM200,000 down payment on a condominium and be a guarantor for a loan on a Mazda RX8 sports car for me.

  25. Sammy Vellu says:

    The word “ALLAH’ is a common word for God. Thus all religion and anybody can use the word ‘allah’ when refering to god.

    It is the stupid uneducated UMNO Malays who don’t even know the meaning of the word – keep telling us that we can’t use the word to call.

    You stupid UMNO youths – go and bury yours heads in shit.

  26. Benz says:

    Read about sammy vellu in the following site:


    Good to know the facts

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