Actually heard from a journalist that Khairy Jamaluddin is losing in Rembau – and wants a recount! Boooooooooo!!! Welcome Chegu Bard! 

Wow! Yay! Yay! Yay!

It’s confirmed!!!!

Congrats to Penang People – Opposition has taken over Penang (confirmed by Malaysiakini)

Am so very, very proud to be Penang-lang!!! We need only four more seats for a complete take over. Yahoo!

Heard that many hot seats in Perak and Selangor won by Opposition too.

And of course, congratulations to the People of Kelantan – PAS retains the state.

Really, well done to Rakyat Malaysia.

Even my 8 year old niece says she wants to vote  🙂


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  1. sadia says:

    Prof P Ramasamy has defeated outgoing Penang chief minister Koh Tsu Koon by a majority of 3,000 votes. Koh is the most senior BN leader to have lost so far.

  2. siew hwa says:

    this is “karma”- buddhist said. haha. The seed u planted. the fruit u got!. for those pretended that they do good for rakyat, cannot run away from the seed that they planted. what a truth!

  3. brave citizen says:

    Go Go rocket Go! To infinity & beyond! yeah…

  4. richardpoon says:

    hip, hip, hooray! congras to all you penangnites! you’ve done IT!

  5. sadia says:

    Don’t me make cry. I can’t eat, can’t sleep. Simply shouting. O Allah, praise be to you.

  6. wits0 says:

    I’m absolutely thrilled for Penang! (I was a Penangnite for 20 years) Penang voters have redeemed themselves this day and shown the way to go!

  7. sadia says:

    Nik Nazmi of PKR wins Seri Setia seat.

  8. zhmi says:

    This is almost surreal. Bravo to the savvy voters in Kelantan for retaining PAS leadership and congratulations to the learned voters in Penang for sending a crystal clear message to AAB & BN: enough is enough!

  9. K E Ong says:

    Congratulations, Penang, you show guts and we are so proud of you. Let us now hope and pray that the new state government will not betray the people of Penang but will set a standard of good and clean governace for other states to follow.

  10. Loh says:

    Yes. Good go go go. Now they know people are getting angry already. Send “Visitor” to space and say we are having our space project. Fark.. Wasting all our money. Teach them a lesson. Reveal more of their corruption. Sammy Vellu go down down.. Go down…

  11. Lam Weng Chong says:

    My faith in the people of Penang has been restored. This is great. May the oppressed throw off the shackles that hold us down.
    We can’t do worse than them, even trying hard, right?

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  13. steren says:

    i m proud to be a penang-kia ^_^
    i m more happy than my birthday tonight!

  14. BK says:

    Thats the way!!! PENANG WILL HAVE A NEW GOVERNMENT TOMMOROW!! Thats the spirit of Penang-ites… never EVER underestimate the power of Penang-lang… today onwards.. the term MALAYSIA BOLEH is worthy once more! REJOICE!!

  15. eiko says:

    i can’t sleep 2 nite…, so excited, so happy! ya hoo!!1

  16. victor says:

    not penang kia…but very happy all the same!!!

    yea yea yea yea yea!!!

    yip yip hooooray!!!

  17. vkeong says:

    KJ wins by recounts? Majority of 6k votes.. anyone can confirm?

  18. Lam says:

    DAP+PKR are no longer opposition in Penang, they Barisan Rakyat. BN is the opposition!!

  19. brave citizen says:

    the DAP rocket so strong, the payloads of angkasawan KSK & his 3 mates ( SVelu also) were sent into outer space. Lets get back to the drawing board for a ROKET Besar, there are more payloads….

  20. francis says:

    That’s the spirit. Keep it overflowing to the other states, liberate them from the iron claws of the BN. Help the other states to escape the cruthces of the OLD SICK TIGER. ROCKET all the way!!!!!!!!! DAP for MALAYSIAN.
    Do not let them “ubah gaya hidup” we must “ubah kerajaan”!!!!!!

    (Barang Naik, Bila Naik? Baru Naik. naik berapa? Baru Naik)

  21. francis says:

    1: hope that the barisan rakyat can organize a state level celevration for this.
    2: remove penang bridge toll collection
    3: improve and widen streets in penang (they are too narrow)
    4: increase foreign investment
    5: make penang a cleaner place
    6: built more houses
    7: speed up construction of monorail
    8: better sign board and tourist friendly places
    9: reduce crimes (petty and serious)
    lastly : good management and listen to RAKYAT’s grouses

    DAP-PKR-PAS ( the reliable new alternative)

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