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Doesn’t it make you proud to be a Penangnite?

My friends who were there told me that it was the first time that they witnessed so many Chinese Malaysians (apart from those attending concerts!) coming out together for a political talk or ceramah
They said that DAP’s Lim Guan Eng was obviously moved by the crowd, he had an unbelievable look on his face :). They said they had goose bumps looking at the enthusiasm of the crowd. Wow, I am having goosebumps myself!
However, contrary to some bloggers information, their estimation of the crowd was between 20,000-30,000. 30k at its peak. They said that seriously it did not reach as many as 60k. (Another words, don’t believe everything that ALL bloggers say, including this one, always check).
No matter 30 or 60k, it has bloody well shook the ground beneath UMNO’s feet. Coz this figure is compared to about only 3 thousand-strong crowd at a BN function the night before –  and the function was graced by BN TOP Guns!!! BN/UMNO had to spent money to pull in performers from China and singers to draw the crowd. A very big joke.
What more this crowd at the Opposition event forked out RM123,000 to the politicians. Hope their money will be put in good use.
However, my excited friends did express their concerns that the large numbers would actually translate to REAL votes. Politicians are also not so naive to think that it would, even the most starry-eyed ones. Whatever it is, I wish all the best of Luck. Let the best women/men win and win BIG.
To me, I just hope the time for change has come. I hope BN/UMNO will be wiped out soon, coz I simply can’t stand the sight of them.


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  1. wits0 says:

    Koh Tsu Koon, how well art thou sleeping these days? 😀

  2. stenson says:

    The chief minister of Penang is badly shaken.He desesves it for being the running dog for almno.Salute to you,people of Penang.

  3. wits0 says:

    Instead of counting sheeps, the Gerakan head should be counting kereta gelek.

  4. Island Miss says:

    Damn proud to be a Penangite as well. 🙂
    We’ll teach the Gomen a lesson.

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  6. lucia says:

    i echo you, susan. i’m a proud penangite too!

    i was there at both ceramah – the BN one at rifle range on wednesday and the DAP biggie one at han chiang school. what a contrast it made between these 2 ceramah. BN only 5000 and that was partly because of the concert show! whereas DAP 30,000 or so. the BN crowd so quiet and passive, while the DAP crowd noisy, active and keep cheering, shouting, whistling all the time.

    indeed it is time for a change! i hope all those thousands who turned up will vote opposition! deny BN the 2/3 majority!

  7. Crankshaft says:

    I’m so jeles. The Penang mali have become politically aware now.

  8. yh says:

    now i know why he cross the bridge to stand. the ever lapdog for UMNO has failed the islanders miserably. and i sincerely hope that professor gives him a good kick in the butt too although I know that lapdog has still some good diehard fans in the mainland.

  9. Alvin says:

    Though I left penang when I was just a teen, I am always a proud penangite.

    Most Importantly, I do hope the huge support of every ceramah will REALLY translate into a vote on tomorrow for a better tomorrow of Malaysia

    We have to WAKE UP , people. The future of Malaysia is truly at our hands.

  10. wyee says:

    i am so proud of you, dear penangites, and i am proud to be 1 too! now, don’t fail us all now, let’s translate all these into votes!

  11. Jaclyn says:

    This crowd is fantastic man. Way to go Penangites. Way to go Malaysian.

  12. wong says:

    Let’s do it and give the BN a big bashing that they never forget in the
    rest of their life
    Vote For Change

  13. bamboo river says:

    Last night about 500 metres from my house, MCA and MIC organised a ceramah.
    Yep, there was a few chinese singers and an Indian dance troup.
    Asked my neighbour, how was the ceramah?
    He said the traffic was at stand still, the crowd was acceptably big, but once they started the ceramah, the traffic was smooth flowing and the crowd, well, he can only see a handful of people with BN T-shirt.
    I asked him, why then he stayed back?
    The food is free he replied.

  14. jughead says:

    Let walk the talk tomorrow. Do it . Just Change in order to feel the Wind of Change

  15. leech says:

    I to hope for a change, from the scenerio seems there, but from the past it did not reflex. I have a Penanite other half and have move from KL last two years. Hope the Penang ppl have woke up and stick on to the warm receptive shown during this short 13 days.
    Lets walk the talk-JUST DO IT for the WIND OF CHAGE for a better tomorrow and after.

  16. wits0 says:

    Go, Penang, go, redeem your bad error of selecting Koh instead of LKS some 20years ago!!

  17. Tim says:

    I was there; it was electric. I agree with the 30k estimate – but even that puts BN’s ceramahs to shame. I heard that most of the time, the residents come out to gawk at whatever artistes are performing at BN ceramahs, and after that, they leave or go “next door” :).

  18. wong says:

    Come on,let’s the chinese unite and vote for change for the better.
    For the our future generation.

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  20. sandy says:

    Dear Penangites, create history tomorrow!!! Change for the better…Makkal Sakti!

  21. ZzzzziZzzu says:

    Just coming back from Anwar & Penang opposition candidates ceramah at Sg. Ara… wowww…chinese, indian & malay all together dengar ceramah from Anwar & others…fantastic man!!!!…… I hope BA will win 2molo.. I am Malay & I will vote for DAP 2molo…Relau mari…

  22. POTS says:

    Ipoh not any less.

    Crowd size? 20, 000? 30,000?

    As far as my eye can see.

  23. buzzingbee says:

    Yes proud to be a penangite!!

    I have voted for a CHANGE and hope it will prevail through the results.
    But many elder citizens are still fooled to thinking their future is secure if the continue voting for the party who has been governing for the past 50 years!!

    However there is definitely a ‘wind of change’ this time around. Go Penangites!!!!

  24. kin lee says:

    wipe out all party would be better..then go back to where our fore fathers comes from.i too would love to go back to a country where people with same background and culture.go considerate to others.

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