This interview is an insult to our intelligence: “Mahathir: We need an Opposition“.

It’s funny how Malaysiakini has labelled the interview “exclusive“, when it is really not difficult to get embittered and former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad for an interview. He’d speak to just about anyone now, even those he previously called”traitors”. So, you can just about imagine what kind of creature this is. Anyway, Today Online had done an earlier interview with Mahathir and they didn’t call it “exclusive“.

“We need an Opposition”? – then why in 1987, 107 people were thrown into the dungeons of ISA (Kamunting), and many had to escape the country? I believed they were Opposition people as well, especially DAP’s Lim Kit Siang, the Opposition leader. Many social and religious activists were herded along too, especially women activists.

Mahathir needs the Opposition today only because he regrets his decision for allowing Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to be Prime Minister. He needs an Opposition today because his on-going projects (read: who stands to benefit from these projects?) are no longer ‘on-going’ but halted (read: who stands to lose?). He needs the Opposition because he needs his favourite Najib Tun Razak to be the next Prime Minister.

But in needing the Opposition, does it also means he needs Anwar Ibrahim?


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  1. wits0 says:

    Come on ler, who needs Mahathir with his neither here nor there spins? Like the Devil quoting scriptures, his sophistry knows no bound. When was it that he does not argue for his own advantage only? His utterances today are only useful as a sort of novelty to be rapidly forgotten for the inconsistency that they invariably contain.

  2. Anarchy says:

    Sharp title Susan.

    I’ve never believe this fork tongue of his.

    Don’t believe him, don’t believe products of UMNO.

  3. bamboo river says:

    Just like throwing the container into the rubbish bin and later pick it back the next day to re use .
    Nope. sorry mahathir , we are not that container you threw the other day.
    As the saying goes : You don’t need it , you treat it as rubbish, when you need it , you treat it like GOLD”

    Just retire happily and I did prayed for your good health.

  4. g says:

    testing.. 1 2 3

  5. ikan bilis says:

    Dey, TongMamak, the people power orders you to return all the loots you and your cronies plundered from Bolehland, then all of you can jump into Kedah River.

  6. Concerned Papa says:

    I agree…it is a waste of time talking to the person who had a hand in our nation’s “wonderful” state to begin with. Please-lah…your comments do not hold water any more. It’s a wonder that there are still people who willingly go interview him.

  7. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I seconded Wits0. 🙂

    I am adding-Mahathir is the real master-devil of all. He will only be remebered for his iron-fist “Mao Zedong” style rule and for his evil double standards of domestic and foreign policies ( such as his unflinching castigation
    of Israel and the U.S. and his dubious silence for the people of East Timor, and Indonesian chinks (who were mauled, raped and murdered by the Indonesian armies and civilians sanctioned by the late Suharto, Mahathir’s close ally when both are leaders) and the sufferings and killings of the Tibetans under the Chinese illegal annexations among his days of tyranny.

  8. Christine Chan says:

    Talking with a forked-tongue is universal to all politicians-not just to
    one to two. Voters can always realise what a U.S President once said that “you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”, come tomorrow.

  9. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I seconded Wits0. 🙂

    I am adding-Mahathir is the real master-devil of all. He will only be remebered for his iron-fist “Mao Zedong” style rule and for his evil double standards of domestic and foreign policies ( such as his unflinching castigation
    of Israel and the U.S. and his dubious silence for the people of East Timor, and Indonesian chinks (who were mauled, raped and murdered by the Indonesian armies and civilians sanctioned by the late Suharto, Mahathir’s close ally when both are leaders) and the sufferings and killings of the Tibetans under the Chinese illegal annexations among his days of tyranny.

  10. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Sorry I have inadvertendly posted two comments. But it’s ok. As long as mahathir is concerned and remebered. 😀

  11. tak bolehland says:

    Mahathir u can go to hell, u talk with shit in your mouth. U r like a lalang.

  12. Satria Asia says:

    I think it was a worthwhile interview, especially at this time and there is nothing ‘stupid’ about it.

  13. paul says:

    Nothing new for former Prime Minister to talk about. Whoever reins in the BN, there would not be changes except changes in how to get dough from the piece of cake. It is always the case tyhose in power, the surrounding groups are the ahppiest – leave the poor to fan their own surivival.

  14. atas pagar says:

    I think what mahathir said about badawi is true.. even though I dont support any party, but the comment from the ex-pm is logicall and based on fact. Why did Badawi cancel the johor-singapore project as he claims the govern did not have any money, but at the same time he was able to make new project , example-the new penang bridge. really do not make sense. besides that, badawi said anwar did not continue his plans when badawi left the position as education minister. badawi said anwar did not care about the teachers welfare. but what about him(badawi), he also did not continue whta mahathir left behind him- the project for the rakyat-the bakun and the johor-singapore bridge.

  15. bamboo river says:

    HBH, its okay to submit the same comment twice.
    One for each ear mah !

  16. JeyS says:

    Whats he trying to do? Well we all know his dirty tricks.

    His best mate Najib…no better fella..

    Well all i know, i never trusted Mahathir or any of his likes from day one i started to vote. Truly a bunch of monkeys given peanuts..and mind you bloody expensive nuts by us the rakyat.

    Our sleepyhead PM is going to express his feelings today. I am not going to waste my time to hear another sickening speech and his slur!

    When i see BN ads…i just turn the channel. thank god for HBO, E! and Star World!!!!

  17. wits0 says:

    I’m more please with Astro today because now, upon switching on, it does not direct you to local RTM as if forcing you to see ’em. Otherwise I’m offended to inadvertently catch even a brief wiff of the sight and sound bit from them local TVs. 🙂

  18. ikan yu says:

    Aiya! Why are you all like that? This old man is going soon! Lets him voice his opinion. Isn’t this a democratic country? Some more his idea is also correct and not detrimental to the rakyat now.

    Give him a chance, other wise when he has gone, we can only know when we join him! Whether up or down it’s all depend on zero-sum of our doings.

    Please continue Tun…….

    Aiya Susan! Please lah give this old man a chance! You have also a volition I supposed!

  19. ikan tenggeri says:

    What ikan yu saying is right. Tun Mahathir wants to alleviate his past mistakes/sins and now wants to pay back! Hopefully he can rectify all the problems which were created by him.

    A Chinese proverb also says that ‘to remove a bell, you need the person who tied it’.

    So give Tun Mahathir a chance to unscrew the nation which he had screwed for 22 years.

    Insyaalah, who knows, when we wake up tomorrow, it’s a complete esthetic new dawn at the horizon…..

  20. jedyoong says:

    dunno exclusively stupid maybe? ya-lah. the guy will talk to every tom, dick and harry. three parts some more. why dun malaysiakini ask about his past, lingam especially, how his project ic has actually caused the phantom voters problem, his idea to make anwar dpm and allow firerbrand to do what he did, whether hishamudin is really bi and what’s the najib connection to the mongolian murder mystery, if any.

    susan, bila you gonna EXCLUSIVELY bantai mahathir?

  21. wits0 says:

    How can Tun Mahathir unscrew the nation when he has screwed it to the core in 22 years? No one would needs to or really wants to stop him from speaking but what M’siakini has done is to sensationalize its title and tone without asking him the hard questions. There was a time in recent history, e.g., when it was hard to find a single daily issue of theStar without an image of Mahathir embedded within somewhere!

    Instead, it has elevated his views like as if they still carry such impact as during his period of ‘dictatorship’. We realize that M’siakini also wants to sell its Net publication too but it can also do that without promoting Mahathir’s known obfuscations too much.

  22. geronemo says:

    I always support for Tun Dr.Mahathir.

  23. wits0 says:

    After 50 men hauled up a heavy 18th century cannon up the steep slope of a hill, it is physically impossible for the same 50 men to lower it down again along the same slope again*.

    Similar is the position of Mahathir. He cannot undo what he has wrought.

    *Demonstrated in, e.g., in the old Hollywood Classic “The Pride and the Passion”

  24. TonyZa says:

    I am of the opposition. Not an umno man. What I have read comments against Mahathir are rubbish. They may be foreigners. They dont live in the country, and they Dont see or read the happenings & make sense. What he has made for Malaysia. To many original malaysian we feel that he is very outspoken, too brave to condemn anyone in the world, who’s a bully, and against progress. He has a cabinet to disallow him to decide alone. No way he is dictator or ‘kukubesi’ . There’s an umno assembly for him to answer. The delegates are tough and rough. He’s NOT scared to say what he feels. On the whole things were OK during his reign.

  25. wits0 says:

    “On the whole things were OK during his reign.”

    Obviously someone called POL has this to say in Soc. Culture Malaysia:
    POL wrote:
    Mahathir created Anwar Ibrahim
    Mahathir also created Ahmad Badawi
    Mahathir had created the corrupted judiciary
    Mahathir had also corrupted and create incompetency in the Police
    Mahathir had created the so call umbrella industry with insatiable croynists
    Mahathir is the creator of the division of the races in Malaysia
    Mahathir had created illigal immigrant as voter, phamton voter, double
    voting by service men, dead voter and secure constituency







    We don’t know what’s POL’s affiliation and some of the above points may be subjected to certain caveats but Mahathir’s hand was everywhere and his STFU demands were palpable during the 22 years. Things were not okay because he made the people lose 22 years through repression because he insisted on being the only final authority on everything. He has been sorely overhyped.

  26. haji 2002 says:

    Saya rasa orang2 yang condemn Mahathir ni bukan rakyat tulin Malaysia. They compare him to MauTziToong, mereka kata dia rosakkan negara, dia buat itu ini, semua yang tak baik? Tapi saya tak baca pun sesuatu yang mereka kata mahathir buat yang tak baik??? Mereka hanya hear say saja. But facts they dont have? Please state all the wrong doings of Mahathir!!! We like to know. As far as we anak Malaysia Jati feel, Malaysia is governed by a party that was chosen by the rakyat. And the government practices democracy. NO WAY one PM can decide alone like the comm. country. The three nationals Chinese, Indian & Malays share the administration. The world
    praise Malaysia for its harmony and peace among the different races.

  27. wits0 says:

    “In Australia, which has compulsory voting, and Malta, participation reaches 95%.”

    We have a Guinness World Record here even without compulsory voting!!!
    Mukhriz won with a 99.85% turnout! Should everyone buy that? The EC sure would and expect all to do so.

    From the Election Commission (SPR) website:

    P.5 – JERLUN


    JUMLAH PEMILIH : 37,297
    MAJORITI : 2,205

  28. momok says:

    no matter how bad mahathir ( juz talk without prove) are..he still the one who bring development for us..malaysians…

    how abt paklah… well we can see ….all of u can see what development he bring to us…hahahaha…

  29. Observer says:

    “So, you can just about imagine what kind of creature this is”

    Susan, you may not like Dr M, but I think this is pretty low-brow to insult and call him a “creature”. For God’s sake, he was our PM for 22 years, and overall a pretty good one, albeit authoritarian. Please have some respect. No one was hurt in the end. Name one person who died under Mahathir? Everyone he ISAed seems to be doing fine, even prospering, isn’t it?

    To group him with the likes of murderers like Mugabe, is a real insult and a crime. Even Lee Kuan Yew is even more vicious than Mahathir, LKY did destroyed Chia Thye Poh.

  30. anna chin says:

    mahathir is dictactor!!!

    but i really love mahathir

    he is really genius and a great bussinesman in the world

  31. resha says:

    nightmare to you susan..
    not for me …
    he make me angry sometimes …… he always have a good point…he is so powerful and kebal …he have a vision.. so u also can be a blogger today isn’ also..
    mahathir..mahathir.. mahathir..i like to hear mahathir news everyday.. miss him so much
    mahathir.. mahathir… mahathir…
    mahathir the best

  32. ray77light says:

    so much emo

    no convincing argument

  33. single face says:

    mahathir the evil who preys on weak
    feeds the rich and the might for peek
    says he have not completed the dividing bridge that,s a beak
    still talking very very big
    consolidating his gang as a cligue
    for a final national wreak
    you are a hero for the cowards who are a meek
    left behind a nation that had been licked
    for the next one to be milked
    pray this my beloved nation be saved from this Devils
    that will give freedom and love for the land my ancestors built

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