Aliran Media Statement

Sad outburst by Chandra

Many people have been calling up the Aliran office to express their outrage about Dr Chandra Muzaffar’s critical comments of Anwar Ibrahim and the PKR which have been given widespread coverage in the mainstream media. These people have enquired about Aliran’s views on the matter, since Chandra was referred to as the founder of Aliran.

In this regard, we wish to clarify that Chandra has not been an active member since 1991, when he stepped down as president and later went on to establish JUST.

More importantly, we wish to state that Aliran does not share Chandra’s recent remarks vis-à-vis Anwar Ibrahim and PKR. Neither do we share his views that the BN despite its flaws is a better choice. Indeed, we are rather perturbed by his apparently emotional outburst.

In contrast to Chandra’s position, Aliran calls upon fellow Malaysians to vote in a stronger Opposition. It is important to deny the Barisan Nasional a two-thirds majority which has allowed them to amend the Constitution at will and ride roughshod over dissenting views. A stronger Opposition will help to consolidate Malaysia’s fledging democracy. Too often, we have sacrificed democracy to pursue development – and that too, a model of development which has concentrated wealth in the hands of a minority.

To reiterate, Aliran stands for sustainable people-centred development and democracy for all. We have asserted this position in the latest two issues of Aliran Monthly, which have focused on the 2008 elections.

Chandra’s remarks as reported in the mainstream media appear to emphasise that Anwar Ibrahim is not a leader who can be trusted. Apparently, money politics is also prevalent in the PKR. If this is true, it is cause for concern because the implications are that the money politics disease has spread from the BN to the PKR! From our knowledge, money politics is indeed widespread within the ruling BN parties. It is odd, therefore, that Chandra should be so concerned about the problem of money politics in PKR per se. At the same time, he has not said much of late about the money politics which has always been associated with the BN.

Chandra also has highlighted the supposedly racial scare tactics used by PKR during the Lunas by-election. For us, such dirty tricks have been resorted to by all parties especially the BN. Again, all forms of racial baiting by all parties should be condemned.

The most disturbing aspect of this episode is how Dr Chandra Muzaffar has wittingly or unwittingly lent himself to be a part of the BN propaganda machine. It is sad that a prominent intellectual and long-time activist of his standing has such a blinkered view of the issue at hand. We wonder why he did not make these alleged goings-on public earlier and follow up on them conclusively given his public stance on integrity and accountability. Why only now? 

P Ramakrishnan

Francis Loh
Hon Secretary

Mustafa K Anuar
Asst Hon Secretary

Anil Netto
Hon Treasurer

On behalf of the Aliran Executive Committee


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  1. Sheikh Housein says:

    I pick this from the JUST website. Chandra is talking about money politics in PKR. I guess he forgot that money politics began in UMNO and its still the worst disease. As for LUNAS, Chandra, dont you remember how a leading Malay Mainstream Media, did a photofit of KULI “Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah” when he was the semangat 46 President. The did a “Cross like” image on the hat he was wearing while on a visit to Sabah. And this mainstream media, eventually instill the fear in malays that KULI is supporting Christians.

    And talking about money, well why do u ask for donations for JUST, isnt this is also “money minded” and purely money.

    Think Chandra, then again you are a disgrace.

    We need your help.

    If you think ours is a worthwhile cause, please support us. Any amount, however small, is most welcome.

    Your support will help sustain the Commentary. It will enable us to organise a variety of other activities.

    Anyone wishing to send a donation to the International Movement for a Just World may do so by Postal Order or Cheque addressed to:

    International Movement for a Just World
    P.O. Box 288, Jalan Sultan 46730 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

    Or, if you prefer, direct to our bank account. The address is:

    Malayan Banking Berhad
    Current Account No. 514196331748

    Donations from outside Malaysia should be by Telegraphic Transfer or Bank Draft in USD$.

  2. Sheikh Housein says:

    By the way, Chandra how much money are u making from JUST. Who is monitoring the amount of money you get from overseas. And what kind of “money” are you getting.

  3. ktemoc says:

    maybe C.M couldn’t tahan anymore at the volte-face, which aggravated him to explode? Who knows, considering he didn’t say a single word when he left KeADILan.

  4. David.Y says:

    Media statement released by
    Wee Choo Keong.

    Chandra: An Intellectual Cheat

    Dr Chandra Muzaffar, a self-proclaimed intellectual and arm-chair critic of BN of yesteryears, suddenly saw it fit to allow himself to be manipulated by the Barang Naik party to cast malicious aspersion against Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim and to indirectly influence Malaysians not to support the opposition.

    This is, for all intent and purpose, an affront to basic freedom and democracy.

    For a start, Chandra is just an intellectual fraud. He only pays lip-service to words like freedom and democracy.

    In 1998/99 I was sacked from the DAP under strange circumstances and many other DAP leaders throughout the nation resigned from the DAP. At the same time, we were thinking of joining PKR in order to carry on our struggles against injustices, corruptions and abuses of power. During that period, Chandra was the Deputy President of PKR and he, as unreasonable as it was, saw it fit to make a unilateral declaration that all former DAP leaders were banned from joining PKR.

    To say the least, this behaviour of his was absolutely bizarre and mind-boggling.

    We were extremely shocked and disappointed with Chandra, whom we thought was a real democrat and a great defender of freedom and injustice. After the said infamous declaration of his putting a blanket-ban on former DAP leaders from joining PKR, we knew then that Chandra was merely an arm-chair critic and intellectual fraud when it comes to freedom and democracy.

    Whatever Chandra had uttered last night at the forum organised by The Star was not unexpected given his past record. And those utterances should be consigned to the foul-smelling garbage bins much like his mouth at the time surely.

    Moreover, Chandran’s vile gibberish of last night was also verbiage and an obvious act of sabotage against the people of this country.

    We call upon Chandra to carry on being an arm-chair critic in his academic ‘prison’ and to immediately stop insulting the intelligence of the public.

    Chandra would also do well to go back to school to re-learn the basic principles of freedom and democracy.

  5. wits0 says:

    Why is it that almost every time Chandra makes a statement, it sounds like an angry outburst? Has he never learned to be calm over time but must sound even like Zam now? But of course whichever delivery mode he uses for his latest statement, we know that he is fudging for the side that he once so passionately condemns? Has the departure of Mahathir really change things that much? Or is it that his differences with Anwar and PKR couldn’t find any other time to be exposed? Worse of all, he is telling us that only BN can rule. This is the real Jurassic and heartless part.

  6. Let him says whatever he wants folks. Very few is listening to him right now. The good Dr. is a mercenary nowadays, toting guns for those who are willing to pay him.

    Malaysians are not that stupid, my dear Dr.

  7. Noor Aza Othman says:

    This guy’s JUST’s Ngo should be exposed for what it is! For a just world my foot! He’s deluded; maybe he’s trying to champion on behalf of Indian Muslims to get the “bumiputera” status which they’ve been demanding from UMNO for so long! For someone who supposedly fights for a just world, playing the racial-religious card is not on Chandra! Anwar is spot on for a truly just Malaysia in the future! You should learn something from him Chandra as all brainwashed Malays like I was before too in believing that “Ketuanan Melayu” crap; education is a life-learning process; doesn’t stop just because you got that ‘Dr’ title! Be humble; truthful – those are fundamental basic aspects of a just world!

  8. believe says:

    Resorting to use of unprincipled people like chandra muzaffar and nallakaruppan shows just how desperate and panicky the bn is. Anuar’s message is getting through. Keep tightening the screws on the bn’s coffin !!

    What clout has the Indians and Chinese all this while anyway?????
    The got nothing, EVERYTHING is in umno’s hands.
    If they want more clout, they have to change the government as soon as possible.

    [u][b]Tail of Snaky Candra Mustafar[/b][/u]

    While in the political wilderness, candra founded a social justice organisation (sjo). It was a full time job and people actually worried if he could earn enough. His noble answer was that if he “….earned less, just spend less”.
    He soon rose to fame on the backs of the people’s indignation at the governments corruption, injustices and evil.
    Then his daughters grew up and one of them applied for a Universiti place. Anuar gave his daughter a scholarship and that bought candra to Anuar’s side. He resigned from the sjo saying that he needed money for his daughter’s education. He became Anuar’s think tank and well paid for it, even got a job as professor at MU. He was so happy that he even organised a human rights seminar and invited mahatew to officiate its opening.
    When Anuar was sacked by mahatew, candra’s loyalty to Anuar didn’t wavered initially. He joined Adilan and fought for Anuar’s case.
    Then something happened along the way. Anuar’ funds dried up after the 1999 GE, and candra severed all ties with Anuar and left in a huff because he couldn’t get his hands on the party’s funds. No more money, what some more.
    Now suddenly he has surfaced, looking and talking very prosperous. He has new masters now. And like all people without principles and after being bought over, now condemns their old friends who once help them when they were down. He believes bn will win again, so he is in for a long lucrative friendship with them. He had compromised himself time and time again. But this time he has exposed himself to be a turncoat. JUST has become just him alone, everyone of worth has deserted him.Just like nallakaruppan.

    All those who sleep with umno are NOT Chinese !!!
    They are TRAITORS !

    Let us not fail ourselves this time.
    Let us not fail ourselves big time.

    Hisapmodin (spit) drinks beer.
    Hisapmodin (spit) unfit to be education minister for threatening to kill the Chinese with the keris.
    Hisapmodin (spit) takes commission from school bookstores 25% of gross sales.
    Hisapmodin (spit) impotent to solve school children heavy school bag problem.
    VOTE HISAPMODIN (spit) OUT !!!!!
    This Elections should decide whether God or Satan is in charge of Malaysia.

    umno (spit) is the colonialist of Malaysia.
    umno (spit) is plundering Malaysia without mercy.
    umno (spit) is a four-letter word that rhymes with luck.
    umno /mic/mca/grkn (spit) = AXIS of EVIL

  9. Several years ago, when I first met Dr Chandra, my immediate feeling was one of certain unease. Then, I chanced to see him on the stage with PKR leaders and again I felt unsettled seeing him. Today I can openly admit that my hunch was right all along – only I did not have any expereince with him nor solid evidence. Thank God this man has himself made his own revelation to all Malaysians. Does he not realize that it is not about just he stating things about DSAI but it appears more like he pulling the rug under the feet of millions of Malaysians. But time will tell that the one who finaly fell was not the rakyat but the self-glorifying Dr himself.

  10. A.N.Tihypocrisy says:

    Once upon a time I was a Keadilan Supreme Council member when Chandra Muzaffar was the Deputy President, and I witnessed many things which he did and said which led me to the inevitable conclusion that for all his academic credentials and purported intellectualism Chandra was nothing more than a manipulating hypocrite. I therefore completely lost all respect for him.

    Decisions made at Keadilan Supreme Council meetings were reversed by him in connivance with the then Secretary-General of Keadilan and minutes produced at the next meetings were doctored accordingly notwithstanding the protests of the Supreme Council members.

    The Supreme Council of Keadilan was ridden roughshod over by Chandra and expected to rubber-stamp contradictions of its own decisions which had been reversed by him without any previous or further discussion with the other members.

    He had a way of “emotional blackmail” against Azizah to keep her quiet about his blatant manipulations behind the scenes, so no matter the complaints against him, he was practically the de facto head of Keadilan at the time.

    Sometimes I wondered whether he was not put into Keadilan to sabotage it, such were the divisions created in Keadilan because of his manipulations and lies. He was one major reason that there was no “justice” in Keadilan in those days.

    I am therefore not surprised by his volte face. What can one expect of a political hypocrite?

    Who’s singing a different tune now?

    As far as I am concerned only a hypocrite like him would say the things he is now saying without looking at what he himself has said and done in the past. He is not just a “willing tool of a corrupt, arrogant and racist regime” as another writer has said (in Malaysiakini), but a degenerate hypocrite who should not be allowed to deceive anyone anymore.

    You can shut up now Chandra and slink back into the hole you just came out of!


  11. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I am really smelling a “rat” in Dr. Chandra Muzaffar. Why his ‘volcanic’ outburst comes just days before the election? I had a high respect for Dr. Chandra in his days of social-activisms but I am not sure now. Anwar has threatened to sue Chandra an KJ and that’s pretty cool.

  12. amb says:

    My vote is for Barisan Rakyat. However, I have no illusions abt Anwar Ibrahim. He is out of the ruling party now so he will pander to the mood of the moment till he can show his colours again; if the opportunity arises. My vote for Barisan Rakyat has nothing to do with him – to me he is not a good man.

  13. salleh says:

    Hired goons of the ilk of Chandra are a thing of the past. You know as a Malay, one thing that I came to learn was that mamaks are very brutal and greedy. This they purposely do to get Malay favouritism so that they can be accepted into Malay heartland. We are not ready for such unprincipled people. Even some of them are saying they should be called “Malays” Hehehe. It is an Islamic to do so because different races and languages are God’s creation, so why do they want to leave their identity? Can’t be you be an Indian and a free Muslim?

  14. bamboo river says:

    His outburst is akin to the Klang River water flowing from “Hilir” ke “Hulu” .
    Now we know who is the ‘person’ with many personallities with different faces.

  15. Jeffrey Chew says:

    I met Chandra in early 80s when I was just a form 6 student. In fact, we invited him to talk about democracy and how important one should speak if he/she feels strongly about an issue. I am sorry to say that he has lost all my good opinion about what he stands for. He has gone beyond and I wish him all the best. I think he knows what Anwar will do when he speaks. Let him defend himself in the court of law. I think for us, we will leave him as he is – a forgotten man of Aliran

  16. phuongnana says:

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  17. kittykat46 says:

    The give-away line for Chandra Muzaffar was saying “there’s no alternative to BN”.

    He was just acting in a paid-up Barisan Najis advertisement.

  18. wits0 says:

    Yes, Kittykat46, that’s the straight give-away part that will forever associate the odium to his own name. He can’t possibly get crummier than that, as an “intellectual”.

  19. Sheikh Housein says:

    Chandra Muzaffar @ Chandrasegaran Pillai..will bark…if he is said. He is a true hypocrite. And most surprising, our PM ( he hardly uses his brain) said, I agree with Chandra Muzaffar on what he mentioned about Anwar Ibrahim.

    This PM of ours hardly knows the “real” Chandra Muzaffar, and he blindly agrees to this real hypocrite, who will do whatever if he is paid.

    This guy is born as and indian, but converted and today he acts as the “Mahaguru” of justice and as an authoritive person in Islamic civilisation.

    I know him since the days he was in Aliran, and he was also “talking different tune” those days.

    He is a well learned man, however its all no use, and it is a waste, Chandra Muzaffar @ Chandrasegaran Pillai… a forgotten man…..and a man with no honour or pride.

    Only God will bless u……..and I hope you can look yourself in the “mirror” once in a while. your past and what u r now.

  20. Q.Wong says:

    The frantic smear campaign by the Barisan leaders against Anwar, repeated and amplified by the UMNO controlled TV stations, is evidence of the effectiveness of his campaign.

    They deny him an opportunity to refute their allegations and have resurrected the failed, egoistic and discredited politician “scholar” Chandra Muzaffar and hired scribes to defame Anwar in the media.

    Chandra now claims that if Anwar, who is now out of power, becomes Prime Minister it would be an unmitigated disaster for Malaysia but he was singing a different tune when Anwar was in power as Deputy Prime Minister.

    He was, then, promoting Anwar as the successor to Dr Mahathir. In a piece he wrote in The Star he eulogized Anwar as the leader who is concerned about, and looking after, the welfare of the poor and the lower income group. With a forked tongue, he now accuses Anwar of dishonesty and singing a different tune from when he was in government.

    I f we examine Chandra’s history of political involvement we can see his disillusionment with trying to become a self proclaimed reformer and a desire to attach himself to those in power. He was once a bitter critic of Dr Mahathir and an ardent supporter of Tengku Razaleigh and his Semangat 46. His object was to weaken UMNO but when it became clear that Tengku had no chance of assuming power Chandra abandoned him and Semangat 46.

    He was then jobless when Anwar picked him up and gave him a job in the University Science Malaysia. Then he became a confidante and trusted adviser of Anwar. Using Anwar he managed to get close to Mahathir. He organized an international human rights conference and got Mahathir to declare it open. Many human rights groups criticized him for inviting Mahathir who they considered responsible for the destruction of the independence of our judiciary and violation of human rights. Chandra was seen by them as an opportunist sucking up to power instead of speaking truth to power.

    After Mahathir sacked Anwar, Chandra became the de facto leader of Keadilan and contested the elections and lost. Also Anwar was convicted by the courts on criminal charges and there was no hope of him coming out of prison for more than 10 years if Mahathir continued to be in power. With a lot of infighting in Keadilan and Anwar in prison, Keadilan had no hope of denting Mahathir’s power.

    It is at this stage that he decided to abandon Anwar and Keadilan which he regarded as a sinking ship. He then cultivated the friendship of Khairy Jamaluddin and got close to his father-in-law Datuk Abdullah Badawi, the then Deputy Prime Minister. He started praising Mahathir, who had been the target of his venomous attacks just months ago, including labelling him Mahafiraun. To curry favour with the government he began attacking Anwar.

    He is now very comfortable running an NGO with the support of those in power and preaching morality and ethics to the world at large. His morality includes supporting a party that has an uninterrupted record of violation human rights, abuse of power, and corruption.

    Whether Anwar will be an unmitigated disaster to Malaysia is academic and has yet to be seen. But Chandra has proved to be an unmitigated disaster to Keadilan, Anwar, and those who are seduced by his rhetoric without substance.

    Mahfuz Omar
    PAS, Information Chief

  21. brandy says:

    He is not an armchair critic, but a “Wheelchair Critic”. GOD put him there for a purpose (ie: knowing how dangerous he will be). If only he would realise! He also forgot his roots eh.

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