According to blogger MAHAGURU58, this insulting banner was cited along roads in Tasek Gelugor, Seberang Perai, and Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth and Penang. It is good for him to notify us of this. No peace loving Malaysians would even dare to think of the statement on the banner, which says very loudly “Islam Go to Hell” or something like that. The banner depicts a pig facing PAS spiritual leader and Kelantan menteri besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat. The pig carries a ‘cracked’ PAS symbol on its body.

I denounce anyone who would do this, and considering the timing – 12 GE and all – who else could it be? It is meant to create chaos, mayhem and distrust among Muslims and non-Muslims. But this stupid gimmick will not work anymore. Muslims and non-Muslims are united behind PKR, DAP and PAS. How about that?

Who would do this, I ask? Like Mahaguru says: Agent Provocateurs, of course!


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  1. […] Giraldus Cambrensis wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerpt… Seberang Perai, and Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth and Penang. It is good for him to notify us of this. No peace loving Malaysians would even dare to think of the statement on the banner, which says very loudly “Islam Go to […] […]

  2. Josof says:

    I’m a Muslim and I can swear to the Almighty that UMNO putras are the ones who have done that evil act. They are desperate, looking for everything under the sun to cause mayhem and tilt the elections in their favour. They are leaving nothing to chance. From (dis)election Commission to UMNO leaflets (newspapers) which unsurprisingly gave 80% to Anwar bashing today, UMNO putras are on the war path. The question is: are we ready to submit to lies, innuendos, propaganda, hate, institutional manipulation, personalised system? Or do we want to TRY something different, better, look at the horizon, see further? Well, the choice is yours. We have 3 days more. You will a total war from UMNO putras and their mamaks like Chandra Muzaffar and later you will see UMNO rallying Malays accusing the Malay opposition of “ceding too much” to foreigners (Chinese and Indians). The choice is ours. Don’t falter, don’t aver and don’t fail Vote DAP, PAS and PKR.

  3. navalan says:

    Without a Shadow of Doubt…..its Umnoputras work…..lets see for how long they can’t keep on doing this….every dog has its day

  4. Who stands to benefit from this?
    Umno of course.
    They are trying to get the non-Malays all worked up against PAS and the Malays as well.
    Three days before every election, the BN’s Department of Dirty Tricks (DDT) goes into action. The first thing they did was to prevail on the EC to do away with the ink for staining the fingers of voters? Why? They stand to benefit! They expect us to believe the fairy tale of others having purchased the ink as well to do mischief. Where’s the proof? Are they going to produce some BN members, passing themselves off as Opposition members, with ink supplied by the EC itself.

  5. kittykat46 says:

    UMNO dirty tricks department at work again.

  6. UMNO has gone nuts and desperate.

    Kindly let everybody know about this. Let them see just who UMNO really is!

  7. nadz says:

    UMNO evil deeds. UMNO jauh menyimpang. As shown in TV ustaz pirdaus comments on Datin Seri Wan Azizah showed how a prominent religious figure desperately hungered for power. Now well known as ustaz duit or ustaz commission. Shame on U BN/UMNO to have this type of cheap skate in ur organization

  8. bamboo river says:

    This is blatant disrespect and insult to Islam and embarassment to all Malaysians!
    Whoever put up this up should be dealt with seriously.
    I vehemently against this kind of action.
    Whats more by putting the photo of Tuan Guru Nik Aziz next to a pig is totally “Kurang Ajar”.
    What MORONs!

  9. Allen Tan says:

    As a christian I condemn UMNO hegemony.

  10. Umar Rentaka says:

    Sri Krishna will surely punish the rascal who insult a great spiritual leader like Tok Guru Tuan Haji Nik Aziz. Surely some very very desperate people is trying to cause mayhem and chaos just before the election. Whoever will benefit from that must be the culprit. May the Blessed Lord punish the rascals.

    sri-bhagavän uväca
    pärtha naiveha nämutra
    vinäsas tasya vidyate
    na hi kalyäna-krt kascid
    durgatim täta gacchati

    The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Sri Krishna, said: Son of Prthä, Arjuna, a transcendentalist engaged in auspicious activities does not meet with destruction either in this world or in the spiritual world; one who does good, My friend, is never overcome by evil. [Bhagavad Gita 6.40]

  11. Umar Rentaka says:

    ahamkäram balam darpam
    kämam krodham ca samsritäh
    mäm ätma-para-dehesu
    pradvisanto ’bhyasüyakäh

    Bewildered by false ego, strength, pride, lust and anger, the demons become envious of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is situated in their own bodies and in the bodies of others, and blaspheme against the real religion. [Bhagavad Gita 16.18]

    tän aham dvisatah krürän
    samsäresu narädhamän
    ksipämy ajasram asubhän
    äsurisv eva yonisu

    Those who are envious and mischievous, who are the lowest among men, I perpetually cast into the ocean of material existence, into various demoniac species of life. [Bhagavad Gita 16.19]

  12. hamzah says:

    UMNO sudah lah, dah bankrup idea and desperate, has to resort to “mat rempit” behaviours.

    Malaysians will NOT fall for UMNOputra tricks anymore!

  13. alex says:


  14. krislia says:

    Ini la kerja kerja orang yang tidak mengenali maruah,sanggup melakukan apa saja demi kepentingan diri.

  15. mijie says:

    it would be ashamed if Muslim did that…
    kinda stupid act…

  16. nick chan abdullah says:

    im a muslim, and I’m no BN supporter. Personally I think, no matter how corrupted or dirty an umno-putra is, he wouldn’t dare to associate the word “Islam” and “Jahanam”.

    Anyway I wouldn’t be surprised if they did anyway

    I’m contradicting myself now

  17. vi says:

    If a muslim did that…….he is not a muslim anymore!!!!!

  18. ktemoc says:

    It’s a despicable act, regardless of whatever political or religiously disrespectful stunt it was intended to be. But there is a silver lining – most who have been become aware of this act of utter disrespect have asked “Cui bono?”

  19. sofiairdina says:

    One look at the poster and any muslim would get emotional, sad and angry. However, that is exactly what “they” want muslims to feel and I, for one, would not fall for that. I hope someone would just take down the banner. Its just too painful to look at.

  20. Only UMNO, only UMNO.

    DAP are too busy to do anything like this. They have enough in their hands around the country.

    Only UMNO and their Mat Rempits…

  21. e-jump says:

    Rage this faggotry. Campaigning with insulting Islam is beyond forgivable. I dont give a damn If people want to campaign all they want, but this is too far. MUST…BURN… NAO!!!

  22. owen says:

    It’s called free speech. Make your own signs against them and their philosophies. Have debates. Pass out your own leaflets. In the long run allowing everyone to have their say is better than violence.

  23. Raven says:

    I am a Chinese and I find this disgusting! Really feel sad for the person who put this up…..can’t believe anybody would stoop so low……

    I’ll be voting for PAS this election.

  24. I am Muslim, and I respect everyone’s religion. Hatred of Islam is becoming more and more widespread, it is sad to see things like this happen.

  25. chrishellz says:

    No comment! LOL~ But whoever did this is daring. Omigosh! Hahaha~ God is looking… Jangan layan whatever is written on the banner! Wink!

  26. thanaif says:

    Di dalam Islam roh yang menghidupkan jiwa adalah kerajinan untuk berbuat baik berpesan dengan kebenaran dan menasihati yang berbuat khilaf supaya sentiasa terbuka dan tersingkap pintu kemuliaan diri agar setiap manusia tanpa mengira warna kulit berpeluang membuktikan bahawa di dalam diri biarpun di sudut dhammir yang dalam wujud rasa kasih dan suka kepada kebaikan kebenaran sebagai bukti ia fitrah bahawa manusia tercipta dari sumber yang sama (kita berkesempatan membezakan hipokrasi Barat khasnya US merubah etika perdagangan sebagai falsafah perjuangan hingga mengimpakkan soal etika dan integriti yang dianuti oleh Timur kini).
    Kita perlu beramanah jika mahu berkongsi tanggungjawab.

  27. Atiqah says:

    Those thugs. We need to teach them a sore lesson. It’s high time those BN be brought down.

  28. TrueRakyat says:

    At one glance at the poster at this “Ask for Change” situation will let us know that this is the job of UMNOPUTRA because PAS; KEADIALAN and DAP are the Alliances of BARISAN HARAPAN RAKYAT. Their motive now is to create hatred to Muslims and Non-Muslim (divide and rule) and this strategy is outdated in this 20th century where internet is easily available and the 2nd. generation Malaysians are smarter now.

  29. Hopeless says:

    it’s a very very childish act…even primary school children know how to respect other races and religion…why dun this people do the same…if u win by this way…u wont be respected either !!!

  30. anak malaysia says:

    The poster contradicts itself. First, it condemns Islam, then it says Long Live Malays. Islam is the religion of Malays. Whoever is responsible for this poster is a nuthead out to create trouble.

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