These short clips by Youth4Change are hilarious. I first spotted it in Arifadull’s blog. Here’s some examples  – seems they are being used for election campaigning. Enjoy!


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  1. tisso says:

    Dear Susah…

    Please Check this website :

    Refer to page : latest list

    The best song for your blog… hehehe tapi jgn ketawa kuat2 tau

    let BN sing this song, it good for them …I think 😛

  2. tisso says:

    ops sorry no Ms Susah but Ms Susan…..nak cepat tadi…sorry ye

  3. yatim says:

    I would recommend to the opposition parties run these short clips in big screen during their political ceramahs. These videos are hilarious and simple but carries the real punch that carries alot of meaning to the ordinary man on the street.
    People who are effected by the issues highlighted will understand. They carry alot of meaning.

  4. dylsee says:

    Well done and very inspiring indeed!

  5. siew eng says:

    like the second and third – simple and powerful messages that go right to the point. the first one only had brian yap going for it 😀

  6. jasonm says:

    waitaminnit. motorbike where got toll one?

  7. brandon4858 says:

    yo dog if you want to hear funny go to youtube and type in Bad O’holy night. its the first one. its not bad or anything. but this guy really thinks he can sing. it made me cry. b-dog out. =-]

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