The Election Commission’s requirement to have the full details of polling agents by this Friday is indeed scandalous! Another bully tactic by the BN government to ensure that the Opposition fails in all accounts. (Read this in Eli Wong’s)

I remember being a polling agent for the Opposition (PRM under PKR ticket) in Sungai Ara (Penang) in the 1999 general elections. All our details were only to be given on the eve of polling day. And until that time, the Opposition will be scrambling to look for agents. It was quite a pitiful sight.

I hope the Opposition will have better luck this time.

I have always voted the Opposition and have given my time and energy for their cause in two elections – 1999 and 2004. I believe that no Parliament should be dominated by a single power – a racist one at that. I have never voted BN because it is a grouping of racist politicians with the determination to enforce racist policies. No matter what their manifesto can be, no matter what their threat is – I believe that denying them 2/3rd is NOT enough. They should be ousted altogether.

But during the time when I indulged myself in active politics (even almost being a candidate in the 2004 elections –  I declined in protest as I could not stomach nor accept the manner and method in which PKR and DAP were negotiating seats) – supporters for the Opposition was hard to come by.

When we started campaigning with PKR and PAS in 1999 (there was the Barisan Alternatif then), PRM members like us often felt uneasy. We often did things voluntarily, with no hope nor request for allowances, monetary or otherwise. We spent our own money, time and energy to volunteer for party or election activities. Our reward: the satisfaction of giving racist BN a tough fight, if not a good one.

And so when PKR and PAS volunteers ask if there were allowances for campaigners or polling agents, we laughed to ourselves. There were others demands, requests as well.  My Muslim friend was told ‘diplomatically’ that she had to wear the tudung (head scarf) if she wanted to campaign in the kampungs. This friend was elderly, and a fierce socialist at that. She was also a women’s libber. When she did finally contest in the 2004 elections, well…she had to wear the tudung. So much for socialism and women’s lib.

Anyway, it was no fun being a polling agent though we enjoyed it immensely. Just to be there meant everything. But it was tedious as Opposition polling agents had only one shift – the whole day. We had to double up as counting agents as well, which meant that ur duties will continue until after polling time. We had to try our best to control nature’s call, until by some divine intervention, we get a replacement.

Unlike the BN polling agents who had two or three shifts. The BN polling agent who sat beside me said he was paid RM40 for a shift, which did not include lunch and drinks. There were separate agents for counting so a BN polling agent’s job finishes at 5pm on the dot.  A very lucky lot, indeed!

I hope the Opposition can come up with their list of polling agents by Friday. I fear for them, though. But I have faith that supporters for change are a lot more these days.

If you have time, do sacrifice one day to make sure that the BN won’t get away easily if they have ghosts or phantom voters up their sleeves!

They have gotten away too easily for 50 years. Do you want to give them another 50 years?

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  1. bamboo river says:

    As I had expected earlier, SPR have lots of tricks up in their sleeve. (or under their ‘ketiak’) This will go on till the dhour they are counting the ballots.
    I am saying this because I already kena from them. Out of no reason , I was re located 30 km away to vote from my existing residence. Though I had voted at my present place in 2004.Nothing is lost though, it is my birthplace and will make sure my support for BR is obvious.

  2. wits0 says:

    Bamboo, after taking the trouble to do the COA(change of address) and keeping watch constantly to see whether it has been effected for months, I find that I’m supposed to vote at a place some some kilometres away instead of an expected place near by. To add to this insult, the two parties are Hobson’s choice. How can I therefore vote? @$#!?

  3. Mohd Faizal says:

    Ha Ha Ha, I am sure there will be trouble during this elections.

  4. sophia says:

    Bias SPR…
    Boooo for them…

  5. Allen Tan says:

    When you work for BN, it is RM100 a day. When you work for oppositions, you donate the money. But BN money came from people’s taxes. So make sure we oust the BN this time.

  6. Bob K says:

    Ahh .. the good old days of PRM campaigning. Thanks for the memories.

  7. yh says:

    the shit from this ra-shit will not end here. the barriers created are responses to the rumblings from the ground that are getting stronger by the day and therefore expect more shit from the EC. this is the job entrusted to ra-shit by BN to ensure that BN wins with a big majority.

  8. nellute says:

    Malaysia can never advance with these racist hypocrites in power

  9. hasilox says:

    Rumour has it that very soon Erection Commotion is going to announce that only phantom voters and ghosts are allowed to vote.

  10. wits0 says:

    The EC is thoroughly scandalous. Their call for voters to vote itself, every time, is insincere and actually meant for pro-establishment voters. Anyone can sense that hidden meaning.

    The gerrymandering it wrought for decades is one of its core deceit that causes the most assured harm.

  11. matterofchoice2008 says:

    Time to vote for Jeff Ooi and the Opposition. Exercise your right now!!

    TAK NAK TO ………….

    We need the check and balance for good governance.
    Please do your part. Please call upon all friends and relatives to vote for the Opposition.
    We need to send the right candidates to parliment to voice up for us.
    Penang and Jelutong voters, we need more supports to reject BN parasites going into the Parliment.

  12. lein says:

    Mdm, BN as you said is racist, i’m sure DAP is equally racist. DAP detest agaist Malay, or whatever to do with Malay. This is unuttered DAP manifesto. All political parties and politicians are racist. Same does to you.

  13. hasilox says:

    lein, welcome to earth. You must have been in pluto or hamilan place all this while.

    There is hell lots of different between racism legalized, propagated through legislation and racism by idiotic individuals.

    Have a nice stay on earth!

  14. lein says:

    Hasilox, your oxy is too low and dissapearing fast.

    DAP tacit policies known have always been on malay xenophobic . Vote for them is to vote for chinese apartheid.

    It’s time to ascent to surface, you’d been deep down to long.

  15. whispering9 says:

    Hahaha…if DAP is for the Chinese, so is MCA. If PAS is for Malay Muslims, so is UMNO. Now the tricky part is MIC…hahaha….I think Indian Malaysians are now more non-racist than the rest of us. Most do not believe in race based party anymore. They probably vote for just anyone except MIC. Ah yes, PKR is supposedly for all races and we have Gerakan. LOL, it is an exemplification of Sir Isaac Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion (psssh not Enstein). For the political correctness, we should just call them Barisan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional for now.

  16. hasilox says:

    lein, the South African’s National Party said something similar, about their opponents MIGHT do apartheid on them, when they’re implementing apartheid themselves. That justified their act, no?

    So, smearing on what DAP is or might do justify everything, no?

    Talk sense, don’t whimper dude.

  17. stenson says:

    I agree with susan that we should vote the BN out this time.From feedback the BN is in big trouble provided they play dirty which I think they would.

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