Aliran is NOT alone in their thoughts on this: 

“Typically commendable for critical journalism in accreditation to its independent status, Malaysiakini’s “MIC evolving to meet rising expectations” left much to be desired. The main problem with the piece—or perhaps it was the choice of headline—is that at no point were readers informed on how the MIC plans to bring this statement to fruition. Despite “an exclusive interview” with MIC candidate S. Murugesan in his car, the candidate is allowed to offer vague musings on the way in which the MIC will remain relevant to voters. The report stated that S. Murugesan “chose his words carefully when posed with sensitive questions”; however, as he could not possibly walk away from an undesirable question, the car-ride interview was a perfect opportunity to scratch beneath the surface.

Yet, S. Murugesan got away with blanket statements, such as: “MIC will rise to the occasion and remain relevant to the Indian community” and “new ideas and new way of thinking have to come up…and it is coming up” [sic]. While stressing that he wants to “[inject] new ideas and strategies” into the party, S. Murugesan was not pressured to offer or outline any of these ideas or strategies (or if he was, Malaysiakini did not provide a ‘refuse to comment’ notice). The grittiest the interview got was when S. Murugesan agreed that “the problems confronting the Indian community were far more complex [than Tamil schools and temples]”; but rather than getting into the complex issues, S. Murugesan blurted out that “Tamil schools and temples are also important”. Thanks, Captain Obvious.


The interview ventured into a discussion on youth concerns, providing more blanket statements, such as: “we must look at employment and business opportunities. We have to make sure that the Indians, especially the youths, must learn how to be self reliant”. S. Murugesan added that Indian youth must “think out of the box and venture into the business sector”.

Here, a multitude of questions could have been addressed: how does the MIC plan to tackle the problem of illegal foreign workers? What strategies will MIC employ to help Indian youth become more self-reliant? Will they sponsor workshops? Provide scholarships? Oversee training and apprenticeships? How can one possibly “venture into the business sector” without adequate knowledge, training and access to loans and other resources needed to start a personal business?

But alas, these questions went unasked, and thus, unanswered. The reader is left with little more critical insight than if they had been perusing a mainstream publication. For the party’s sake, I hope the 40-year-old candidate has more ideas up his sleeve than Malaysiakini could unfold; if not, the only thing he’ll be injecting into the MIC’s veins is air.”

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  1. wits0 says:

    I think M’siakini slowly started losing it when people like Susan Loone left! 😉 😀

  2. Pathy says:

    Absolutely, Susan. The story stinks of mainstream all the way. Coming from Malaysiakini, it’s disgraceful. Especially with Murugesan sounding like a Mini-Me of Samy Velu.

  3. ktemoc says:

    MKINI has been accused of being excessively pro PKR, so I think it’s trying to be ‘fair’ by according space to both sides of the political fence.

    While MKINI has been magnificent in providing a conduit for the opposition parties (but observable that the lion’s share has thus far gone to PKR), it may lose its credibility and degenerate into a PKR newsletter if it denies equal space to the ruling party, regardless of the quality of such an interview.

    I believe MKINI has to be careful in this respect. It’s an irrelevant argument that the MSM have excluded the oppositon viewpoints. MKINI must conduct itself independently without the silly bugger tit-for-tat argument that it’s doing nothing more than what the MSM have been doing. 2 wrongs don’t make 1 right! Nor should MKINI vacate its high morale grounds and independent credibility.

  4. mahagraha says:

    I suppose the underlying issue is what kind of journalism ethics and standards does Mkini subscribes to.

    Perhaps the problem lies with the journalist who had conducted that particular story.

    In this regard, I think those that had worked there or were involved in one way or the other with Mkini may be in the best position to explain more.

    But in my opinion, you can’t really blame the journalists for not being critical enough… I suppose Malaysiakini is not like the New York Times. I mean even if they (Mkini) do want to be critical… the pool of potential journalists may not be up to standard – I suppose you get this from the state of education which does not exactly encourage ‘critical thinking’…

    Hey! …the New York Times has too …been criticised for “not being critical enough” with its story about the McCain alleged affair….

  5. wits0 says:

    When Susan was in M’siakini, I’ve never recalled her writings resembling any of those by her boss, Steven Gan, in his editorials, revealing those sorts of persistent leftist liberals’ derangement (skew )syndrome on American politics, e.g.. Therefore I would put its editorial policy on some doubt before I would turn to suspect its writers’ own lack or overdone slant.

  6. zaidi abdullah says:

    Susan alone!!
    My hear goes to you. Having left Malaysiakini so unceremoniously, I can understand your grudge. Don’t blame Murugesan. Perhaps the reporter didn’t do justice to the content of the answers.
    Yes, Murugesan lost the elections. The results were not because he was lacking of Indian voters support. Please do employ your journalistic sagacity to verify the electoral results. If there is anyone in MIC who deserves our support, it’s Murugesan. Lets not like Lonely Susan do battle for the sake of battle. If we do that, we risk running ourselves and our fellow supporters aground. Don’t loose the plot just for the sake of wanting to sound controversial.

    Coming back to Mr. Murugesan, I for one am a keen supporter of Mr. Murugesan. I have been following his political career with interest way before the elections even. The guy’s got gumption to fight from within. To make a change where it is most apparent and effective.

    Lets not all be like lonely Susan, guided by personal motivation, destroying who ever in our wake. Even if it’s someone who CAN, only because WE CANNOT stand to be proven wrong.

  7. sloone says:

    Left malaysiakini “unceremoniously”?.
    You may criticise as you like but don’t tell lies.
    And of course, looking at your IP address, I know who you are.

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