First we have DAP Fong Po Kuan back in Batu Gajah. Good sense prevails. It must be a relief for her constituency, who  must still be wondering “What the hell happenned?”

Then we hear PKR’s Nurul Izzah will be contesting in Lembah Pantai, against Sharizat Abdul Jalil, supposedly Women Minister. I’d very much prefer woman activist Zaitun Kasim here. How the party comes up with the line up baffles me.

Earlier in the morning, we saw Sports Minister Azalina Othman Said blasting bloggers (of all people) for “rumour-mongering”, being “cowards and a nuisance”. I suspect its a reaction to a particular blog on her alleged life style. Alahai, Aza. That blog isn’t convincing at all. And we think that exposing your little girl in that blog is so TASTELESS!

And to top it all, women are not allowed to wear nail polish on election day! Of course the Election Commission forgets or are too narrow minded to think that guys wear nail polish too. The polish may be stripped off by officials. nails must be clean so that ballot workers can apply indelible ink on the right index finger to indicate a vote has been cast.

I am indeed looking forward to this election!

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  1. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    Good for DAP with the re-instatement of Poh Kuan.

    In regards to Azalina Othman, she has right reasons to rebuke that blog (have you seen it? Azalinalesbian) but if she’s slamming all bloggers, maybe she is a real dyke after all, is she? Don’t forget she’s once your friend Susan. Hahaha.

    I hope Nurul Izzah will triumph over Shazirat.

  2. wits0 says:

    Harrison, I remember Susan mentioned that she was her friend, well sorta. I also remember getting goose pimples. 😉

  3. bamboo river says:

    Happy to know FPK is returning to Batu Gajah. I guess the stone elephant is too difficult to move away.
    I wish her all the best in carrying out her duty as a MP.

    On Azalina’s rebuke towards bloggers. How else is she going to react? But to go deep into the personal details of a person…tak payah lah.
    Everyone regardless of man/woman on the street or prominent politicians have their own privacy.
    Just concentrate on issues designated by their job descriptions.

  4. Siew Eng says:

    Hey Suz.

    Yeah I think Toni would be great for Lembah Pantai (or anywhere else) and obliterate Shahrizat by the sheer force of her ability to empower the people rather than talk down to them. But contesting against another woman (even one who has been found severely wanting as an MP) would have been against WCI’s main agenda – to promote women’s participation in politics.

    Principled or not…that’s why I LOVE her.

  5. Siew Eng says:

    correction: should be “principled or not, eh?”

    punctuation (or the lack of one) can severely distort meaning!

  6. ktemoc says:

    “… How the party comes up with the line up baffles me …”

    I wasn’t baffled, but I guess you posed a rhetorical question 😉

    And I am against any talk or even insinuation against a person’s private lifestyle.

  7. wits0 says:

    Politicians like Umnoputra Azalina and lapdog Chew Mei Fun(she invoked the intimidating 513 monster)don’t deserved to be voted in.

    Susan, is the first still your friend? 😉 Whom I call friends I need to be proud of their integrity and worth.

  8. sloone says:

    With friends like Aza, who needs enemies?

    I think WCI needs to reinvent itself. Better to fight a woman who perpetuates patriarchy than to condone her just because she is a woman. In elections, I am afraid they dont represent themselves, but the party and the party is male dominant. So to fight Sharizat is to fight male dominance. I am afraid taking that principle: “promoting women’s participation in politics”…it looks like WCI may be supporting male dominance in politics via their chosen women, than actually supporting women participation in politics. Sharizat = Umno, not women. I am sorry.

  9. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    “Harrison, I remember Susan mentioned that she was her friend, well sorta. I also remember getting goose pimples”-WITS 0,

    U got me wits. Hahahahahhaa, I was thinking of “that” as well. No lah. Cannot be lah.

  10. Siew Eng says:

    Yes, I had thought WCI must have standards as well and not merely support anyone with an XY chromosome. But I was told that Sharizat and her BN women colleagues have internal battles pf their own to survive in their patriarchal parties, as you correctly noted. How ever they choose to fight it, whether by playing floozy or sacrificing other principles, we should not be another enemy on their plate.

    And just because WCI chose not to fight any woman candidate does not mean she is our chosen one! Toni was to have contested against any male candidate. That’s how we fight male dominance – head-on, and by promoting our manifesto and getting public support for it.

    But even so, regardless of sex, WCI would support any candidate that supports its 10-point manifesto, which includes no discrimination (by gender, too ;-).

  11. wits0 says:

    We all know that fingernail polish is stripped off by Acetone solvent but the EC is talking rubbish to say that Indian Ink is indelible for 2 weeks. I t can be removed in 2 minutes!

    The price of Indian Ink per bottle comes up quoted as RM42+ each. What size bottle? Why so darn expensive?

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