That’s Parti Sosialis Malaysia’s Arutchelvam already making his round around Semenyih (in Paling Jaya).

A human rights activist, a worker’s champion – you can count on Arutchelvan.

Despite all the tension, he is always smilling.

4 responses »

  1. limpeh says:

    Definately NO

  2. ktemoc says:

    pink! my type of person

  3. The thing about PSM is that, IMHO, they are not socialist per se. OK, the way Aru dressed in those photos may be indicative but I barely heard them echoing the same tune as other modern socialist leaders like Chavez or Morales, not even anything like the China leaders. Just not sure how socialist is a Malaysian socialist political party is like.

  4. siewhwa says:

    whether your want to brand yourself as socialist or non socialist, that not an issue. Important is what is your actions? are u serving the poor and society with true hearth? I think am 100% believe this candidate is the best person able to serve rakyat .

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