Another beauty by Comedy Court:

It’s Friday, 48 hours before nomination, so come laugh along with me!

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  1. […] to Susan Loone for her highlight. This comedy really cheer me up in this morning. This Sunday is nomination day […]

  2. billauchris says:

    Susan and Friends

    I think we need a snap election very very badly.

    The 41% overnight increase has certainly caught many if not most people
    by storm. Many of my associates I talked to had the impression that that the increase would be initiated sometime in August 2008.

    The increase is going to have a far and very serious reaching impact on the people in the streets, lower and middle level income employees. They may have to tighten their belts.

    What I am most surprised was Petronas was trying to paint a very pathetic picture to the country by revealiing that since the inception of Petronas, it had paid the Malaysian Government about RM336 Billion or an average probably about RM4.0 billion yearly – a big big deal!

    I am most disappointed that until today, the Government and Petronas have not been too transparent and sensitive to the people of Malaysia who have now to squeeze blood out of their marrow to pay for the ill-afforded gasoline price.

    The petroleum extracted belong to the nation. We do export our high grade petroleum and import lower grade petroleum for our consumption.
    According to Tan Sri Mohd Hassan, President & CEO of Petronas, he got the cheek to publicise the last year profit made by Exxom Mobil – around RM40 Billion. But he was too bloody shy to tell the nation how much Petronas made last year.

    I am sure Petronas made nothing less than RM80 Billion for the finacnial year ending 2007. The irony is that Petronas is own by the Government and it is allowed to milk the country dry rather than to allow and accord the people a modicum of privilege to enjoy the profit and products of the country. You profit needs not have to make that of foreign companies.

    If only the Government caps Petronas profit by 50%, I am sure our people need not have to suffer the effect of the spiralling oil price.

    The Government’s statement that it subsidised to the tune of RM18 Billion on gassoline and diesel despite the various measures taken to control the oil price hike. Please, my maths is very very poor. Show us how the RM18 Billion is incurred in terms of subsidy. Tell us how much Petronas made last year. Then I will tell you how we can reduce the price of gasoline and diesel.

    We do not need accountants to tell us how to benefit the country. If you cannot benefit the Rakyat, then you fellows have to step down and call for a snap eleciton.

    Shame on you BN. I expected you can do better.

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