While government controlled media are trumpeting the ‘glory’ of BN parties and why we should vote them in again this 12 General Elections, I see Samy here, samy there, and samy everywhere in Malaysiakini.

It’s gets boring lah. Or is Malaysiakini getting lazy?

Every bloody news about the elections are about personalities.

Who wants to contest here, who wants to contest there? Which party wants who where and how?

I thought elections are about people’s choices. I don’t think the BN cares about people’s choices. I don’t see the Opposition – whether DAP, PKR, PAS or whatever – caring as well. But Malaysiakini should care.

Lucky for us there is a rival or complimentary online about elections now, from 3 well known journalists – I just got wind of it this morning. Hopefully we get more interesting new and varied ones here:

Introducing: Malaysiavotes.com

Says my friend from WAMI: Wong Chin Huat:

“In 1999, the elections saw the entry of Malaysiakini, with a news team of 4 led by senior journalist Steven Gan. In 2008, the elections will see the entry of Malaysianews.com, with three senior journalists  – Jacqueline Ann Surin and Cindy Tham (formerly the Sun and the Edge) and Danny Lim (formerly Off-The-Edge). They will cover election news on mobile basis in battleground states like Penang, Perak, Kelantan and Klang Valley.
We should thank Vincent Tan for giving the final push of journalists into  this new venture. Guest writers include this blogger. It will be up in the next minute!  Watch it!”

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