I hope malaysiakini will pick this up soon. So that the signatures will roll in…coz UMNO has started oiling it!

There’s a online petition going around asking the DAP, specifically Secretary General Lim Guan Eng to allow four women to participate in elections. They are Fong Po Kuan (for Batu Gajah), Elizabeth Wong (Batu Lanjan), Chritine Liew (Kota Kinabalu) and Gan Pei Nai (Rawang).

From previous and personal experiences, I know how difficult the seats negotiations are with DAP. They are often the taikos here but I hope that in time, they would soon realise that the Opposition will not have the time of day – whether to deny BN 2/3rd or simply add more seats – if they were to continue with their taiko-ness.

This is not to say that PKR is completely “innocent”. They just have to be more firm during seat negotiations and improve their negotiating skills!!!

See the online petition here and sign it if you will: 

Dear Saudara Guan Eng,

We, the undersigned Malaysians, appeal to you and the leadership of DAP to ensure the candidacy of Fong Po Kuan in Batu Gajah parliamentary seat, and to give way to Parti Keadilan Rakyat to allow Christina Liew, Elizabeth Wong and Gan Pei Nei to contest for the parliamentary seat of Kota Kinabalu, and state seats of Batu Lanjan and Rawang, respectively.

We believe that Malaysia needs more capable, dedicated and aspiring women lawmakers. Appreciating DAP’s commitment to fielding 30% of women candidates in the elections, we appeal to your wisdom and love for Malaysia’s democracy to ensure the candidacy of Po Kuan, Christina, Elizabeth and Pei Nei.

Po Kuan had made a mark for the good of the party and all Opposition, with her spectacular win in 1999 and 2004, and is a symbol of young women power in the politics of the Opposition. Given the sexist remarks made by male-chauvinist parliamentarians in the old parliament, the re-election of Po Kuan is even of greater significance.

We are therefore extremely sorry that apparently some leaders within DAP fail to appreciate this, leading to Po Kuan’s painful decision to quit the contest. As she is well-loved by her constituents, there should not be any suggestion for Po Kuan to move to other constituencies either in Perak or Johor.
We are confident that Po Kuan will change her mind should there be undivided and genuine support at the top leadership for her candidacy.

We believe that DAP, as a magnanimous party which can put the nation’s interest before its own, should also ensure the candidacy of other good women candidates, even from other parties, to run. In particular, we support the candidacy of Christina Liew for Kota Kinabalu parliamentary seat, Elizabeth Wong (civil rights activist) for Batu Lanjan state seat and Gan Pei Nei for Rawang state seat.

To deny BN’s two third at both the federal and state levels as Saudara Kit Siang has called for, having serious candidates fighting serious battles is fundamental. In 2004, the nomination of DAP candidates for both Batu Lanjan and Rawang were struck off because one candidate did not have the deposit with him while the other did not complete the nomination form, resulting in BN’ walkover in Rawang.

Unlike BN, DAP is a party that pay attentions to and respects the people’s aspiration. We are therefore confident that, if the people show strong support for Po Kuan, Christine, Elizabeth and Pei Nei, DAP under your leadership will ensure and support their candidacy so that the opposition will win four more seats.

The undersigned,


The Undersigned

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  1. Damocles says:

    I’ll be darned!
    Is it true that Po Kuan has been dropped?
    What is the reason for that?
    Not in my worst nightmares will I ever imagine that she’ll be dropped!
    Something must be seriously wrong with the DAP leasership somewhere!

  2. bamboo river says:

    I heard some talks that the SPR might split the Parliament and state candidates polling venue.
    That is a voter have to go to two different polling venue to vote!
    Anyone can confirm this?

  3. limpeh says:

    this petition is pathetic, IMHO there’s nothing wrong for DAP to offer Fong po kuan to contest in another parliamentary seat, you guys talks about denying BN 2/3 majority, doesn’t it mean you guys needs to win alot more seats than 2004? batu gajah is a safe seast after 2 terms under po kuan, she can go and conquer another seat for the opposition, i think its very easy for her given her good reputation, its sad that she had to make a hoo haa out of it, but if she decided not to contest than fine, lifes goes on, the preparation must go on.
    Keadilan girls pls don’t try to hijack this issue to lobby for your chance to get a seat, of the names mentioned in the petition, none of you have the calibre or the reputation of Po kuan, so work harder until GE13, can?

  4. ktemoc says:

    I am always in support of more ladies in Parliament, but I am annoyed that the letter of petition supporting this (1 DAP and 3 PKR candidates) have been addressed to DAP sec-gen, LGE. What the hell has a DAP leader got to do with 3 PKR candidates of whatever gender. That’s the responsibility of the (de facto) leader of PKR. Why hasn’t Anwar put a fine person like Eli Wong in Lembah Pantai instead of his own daughter?

    To insinuate that LGE will be responsible for not looking after the 3 lady candidates from PKR reminds me of a story. I have an irresponsible cousin who is married with 2 young children but jobless (could never hold on to a job). We cousins gave him money to look after his family but he squandered all of that on dirnking and gambling, not once but each & everytime we provided him with cash. We ended up looking after the welfare of his wife and kids. OK, we are family!

    But the DAP is not the family umbrella for PKR members. The de facto PKR leader should look after his ‘family’ instead of expecting LGE to look after his family members (that is, if he even considers them as his ‘family’). Anwar should spent less time trying trying to project his own image (especially when he can’t be a candidate) and focus on good people like Eli Wong, not just his wife, daughter and inner group of ex UMNO people. Give Lembah Pantai to Eli. It’s Anwar’s responsibility to look after the 3 PKR ladies, not Lim Guan Eng’s.

    And no doubt I can guess who had organized that letter.

  5. Damocles says:

    So, if Po Guan don’t contest in Batu Gajah, is there anyone in the DAP with similar status to her to replace her?
    If the replacement is not as chilli padi as her, there is every chance that DAP may lose it!
    Is it a risk worth taking?

  6. Crankshaft says:

    This infighting with DAP is such a shame. There is so much they could achieve, especially now. Fong Po Kuan should not leave.

    I’ve signed the online petition.

  7. Harrison bin Hansome says:

    I strongly beleive for the re-instatement pf Poh Kuan to her MPship and contest at Batu Gajah.

    According to LKS, he has been urging Mdm. Fong to contest at Batu Gajah.
    (or was this an internal crisis, power-struggle?)

    And of course Elizabeth Wong, a face that needs no introduction. The Malaysian Barrack Obama (Eli’s a lady).

    And Susan Loone too, hi dear, I heard 1 time u wana contest somewhere. What happened?

    Brother KTemoc,

    I love it whenever anything concerns Anwar Ibrahim, u will be there for him. Hey, I never say that u r biased against him (Anwar),(so others pls do not misintepret my words) but have an affinity towards him. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. 😉

  8. ktemoc says:

    😉 it’s OK buddy, Malaysia needs me to remind them what a terrible draconian UMNO minister he was – he still shows that regrettable UMNO behaviour in his PKR party – eg. claiming for himself de facto leadership (basically dictatorship), interfering with party polls, instructing Nalla not to contests as a VP, boasting he could get a number of PKR MPs (aiyah, only MP if elected lah) to step down for him post April (no consideration for those MPs – what the hell did he think they are? Toilet paper to be used and cast aside for His Almightiness?), etc.

    Voting or supporting him would be tantamount to voting and supporting UMNO!

  9. Marduk says:

    limpeh, I totally share your opinion. She has forgotten WHY she joined DAP and HOW she was elected in 1999.

  10. Anti-Cross River Burn Bridges says:

    FPK, you will have your day!

    What comes around goes around. For the damage you have done to others, at least you need to be remorseful

  11. taksin says:

    Why not petition LKE to give Bukit Gelugor, Bagan, Bukit Bintang, Ipoh Timur, Ipoh Barat, Cheras, Kepong to the PKR ladies?

  12. elizabethwong says:

    Thanks Susan 🙂

    Just a clarification. The seat that I was likely to contest was not a problem until 48 hours ago, it was in fact reconfirmed on Sunday night until it was brought up by the other party for negotiations the next day. So Saudara Anwar has nothing to do with this. Whatever happens, we live to fight the good fight another day.

    Limpeh and co,
    I am humbled by your comments about the KeADILan girls. We have much to learn from Hon. Fong Po Kuan, whom I admire immensely – that is, never to be a ‘yes’ man/woman and to have the courage of conviction to stand up for what is right.

  13. ktemoc says:

    Eli, thanks for your info 😉 just attribute my ravings to my suspicious nature – ha ha ha!

  14. Kaveas says:

    Adey… vote PPP la…

  15. Sagaladoola says:

    Alamak !!!!

    Please please allow Elizabeth Wong ……. She has done a lot. I vouch for her …..


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