I think Dollah can now be easily called “THE MOST CRUEL PM”!

And the police, the “WORST RUNNING DOGS”!

Read this!But they can also be known as the biggest cowards. Afraid of women and children with roses? What harm can they do?

Roses are for love, peace, unity, forgiveness.

Has anyone offered roses when they go to war?

Perhaps only in the most cruel PM’s world.

And in the world of the worst running dogs, all that matters is ego and pride and the next pay cheque.

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  1. observer B says:

    That childish old git is getting very ridiculous most recently. Shame.. he is running our country..

  2. whispering9 says:

    I think cruel and heartless man usually smile a lot without laughing.

  3. Ganesan says:

    Who is this so called Prime Minister,is he a god , Hindraf supportes proves to malaysian that he is not fit to be given flowers,he is a coward who stand behind the police force and says there were no permit given.The true factor is he can’t face the children and tell lies .Please dont vote the bunch of lies from BN.I hope opposition will win this time and put this liars and their family in ISA for corruptuion and pump this entire people with tear gas.I HATE PM AND BN.

  4. lucia says:

    i am stumped and shocked! it was just a peaceful march, and they were not armed with weapons but flowers and yet the police acted rough on them. nobody in his sane mind would think that, hindraf, after it’s massive rally on 25 nov, would want to cause disturbance again with another rally, thus we all know it is going to be a peaceful rally… but our PM/police…. yes you are right, susan, damn CRUEL!!

  5. ktemoc says:

    He has surrounded himself with low brow kempetai apes who make a living by feeding their boss with bad draconian advice. The more fear they can incite, the more heavy handedness recommendations (‘ajar tu Hindu’)AAB approves, the more these low life scumbags (kutus) thrive. But AAB is not to be excused either. Whenever he accepts such Gestapo advice, he must accept the consequential responsibility.

  6. loads of thing need to be done to encourage people especially the so-called bumi’s in this country to use the INTERNET (other than porn, music and movies). they only read rubbish from the star. not even a single report about the rally yesterday. education is the only way to cure this beloved country.

    they do not realise about yesterday (whole history of this country) a man once said – a great man can be made, but offsprings of a man is always not as great.

  7. karuppan says:

    Most cruel PM? who r u to say that he’s so cruel…pls prove to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!+and then to that ‘verypoliteunreggroup’ so called hindraf whom wanna sue british…heheheheh…so big arrrr wanna sue the queen….to be honest…do all of u want the people who threw bottles and stone to policeman be our leaders….think again man…..be afraid man… be very afraid…got stone maaa…

  8. I agree , roses are for love, peace, unity and forgiveness, but it is not pratice widely in Malaysia yet.

    By the way, I did’t see any roses offer by Hindraf because it seems that Hindraf is going to war with Pak Lah.

    For the interest of public, what is your suggestion to overcome the massive rally ? What is the intension making use of the children to participate the rally? Human right in the name of the children is by far the most cruel thing in the world?

  9. Alex.M says:

    It is a pity that the ROSE was so insulted.All over the world rose is associated with peace and love. Offerings to deities are made offering roses as sign of peace and love.Where are we malaysians heading to …..have we all lost our feelings. It is most ridiculous for a leader not to accept rose as a gift.

    How to respect people like this and hope for them to lead us to prosperity.

    30 years back we were all so happy …….long for those times of such happiness among all malaysians

  10. bamboo river says:

    He is not cruel….he is cynically ignorant!

  11. sofiairdina says:


    Initially, I prefer stupid but lately, he looks more and more like a smiling assassin. A cold-blooded liar too.

    Jeanne oh jeanne… you changed the man. He is getting better and better at it each day. The whole family must be so proud of you.

    Malaysians oh malaysians … so sorry. Four years down and another five years to go.

  12. whispering9 says:

    From Wikipedia

    Cruelty can be described as indifference to suffering and even positive pleasure in inflicting it. Cruel ways of inflicting suffering may involve violence, but violence is not necessary for an act to be cruel. For example, if another person is drowning and begging for help, and another person is able to help, but merely watches with disinterest or amusement, that person is being cruel — not violent. Cruelty usually carries connotations of supremacy over a submissive or weaker force.

  13. Timeforchange says:

    I think its time for a change.. when one have too much power one tends to be arrogant and too proud of itself. its time for a new revolution.

  14. wits0 says:

    Bamboo river:
    “He is not cruel. he is cynically ignorant!”

    I’d call him indulgently cynical, weak and lazy.

    Under him are lots of Schadenfreude umno guys.
    And he trusts them implicitly.

  15. shen says:

    You bark for peace, yet it’s all about the law.

    Bringing roses, handling them doesn’t make Hindraf all saints, and angels.

    You have taken one side, but forgot the are two sides of a coin.

    If I enter your house with the intention of robbing you, but I did not bring any gun, or knife, instead I use roses, and orchids. Would you still have me arrested? ask yourself this question.

    Have you forgotten what happened to some polices who handle Hindraf “nonviolently” before? What happened to them? getting their head smashed with bricks, thrown with stones, and even beaten to pulp?

    You should have seen all angels before making a biased comment on the issue. Yes, the police is wrong, but what made them do so? You should check with both side instead of just one side. Please, people are really tired of PR with being biased and to be “all right” and the opponent is all “wrong”.

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