RM54,000 marriage proposal? See story here. I’d give my boyfriend a tight slap if he ever tried that on me. A very stupid publicity stunt. Love is not an advertisement. Nor can a “yes” to a marriage proposal be bought with money. Ah, well. That’s only me. And my detractors would most probably call me “sour grapes”.

But then again, if my boyfriend had that kind of money to splurge on me on Valentine’s Day, I’d ask him to bank that amount of money into my bank account so I can donate it to one or two of my favourite women candidate(s), for their election campaigns.

Not that I want to politicise even my love life, but we need these women in Parliament, or don’t we? By the way, if any of you sleepy heads don’t know it already, the big eRection day is on March 8 (same day as International Women’s Day), so why don’t we give these women a chance?

If I could only have that RM54,000, I probably splurge it on….

It could be this one – follow her campaign here:

or this – follow her brilliant blog:

But this is my all time favourite, only that she will not be contesting anywhere – what a waste! Latheefa Koya, when can we see you in action? There is a nice story on Latheefa here:

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  1. KerinchiGuy says:

    this is a nice read

  2. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    That’s great to know that you have a boyfriend, Susan.
    I had gfs’ and I always being showered by gifts even if I have repeatedly told them “Please don’t buy this”.

    Sorry to be irrelevant, but votr off the BN regime.

    Respect women and more women MPs in Malaysia from the opposition.

    Are you a supporter of Hilary Clinton, my dear?

  3. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooo says:

    I remember once “someone” wants to shower you with monies. Hahahahahhaha. I have never meet you in person, but you certainly have some sex appeal when u writes. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  4. Jack Said says:

    I am voting for a woman candidate for my constituency!

    Chong Eng for Bkt Mertajam


  5. bamboo river says:

    Seriously, if I had done the same thing , my wife would have given me two tight slap!
    Nahhhhhh, that is too overrated for me and RM 54K ?
    Aiyo, my favourite butter spread jumped up from RM7.20 to RM 12 in one month!
    Guess I have to start rearing cows and goats to make my own butter spread!

    It is a very good idea and I am for it if more women are elected to be in the August House.
    Women knows better than men on day to day issues. Daily expenses,cost of living,childrens’ education and lots more. Besides women are more sensitive and have seventh sense on what to expect. I know this, thanks to my wife.

  6. Philip Lau says:

    Hi Susan,

    Why don’t you be a candidate for March 2008? You will make a TOP Member of Parliament.

  7. zorro says:

    ssusan, I have met your trio and your choice is spot on. I pledge to campaign for any when nominated. You OK? take care.

  8. Sagaladoola says:

    Hi there Susan,

    You are really a practical and realistic gal. That is cool …..

    54,000 can change a lot of things. Even when it is not for fielding nominees, it will be better used for investment, marriage, for the future, charity etc. etc. ….


  9. lucia says:

    i agree with you, susan. it’s a waste of money to spent so much on a marriage proposal.

    yes we should give our support to women these days, as for sure they are as capable, if not more, than men!

  10. elizabethwong says:

    Hiya Susan,
    Wow – thanks for the vote of confidence 🙂
    We shall see what transpires in the coming days!


  11. jc says:

    well … the guy’s dad owns those billboard business anyway … so it ends up where it came from !

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